Dominique Moceanu+Britney Spears vs. Venus/Serena Williams by tiger 03-Aug-99

These four girls are meeting after the Williams sisters interrupted a private gymnastics lesson that Dominique Moceanu was giving to Britney Spears. Spears been in gymnastics as a young girl and wanted to incorporate more difficult moves into her music videos. The Williams sisters had heard about this private lesson and wanted to have a little fun with the two girls because they hated Spears' "bubble gum" pop music and thought Dominique got way too much attention from the 96 Olympics.

After laughing and insulting the two white girls, the Williams sisters coaxed the them into having a tag team match with no rules and no referee the next night.

The next night came and Dominique and Britney made their way to the ring. Dominique entered wearing a black sleeveless mini-skirt that rode up her upper thighs revealing her panties whenever she bent over just a fraction. Her smooth muscular leg were covered with light brown pantyhose and she wore no shoes. As she entered the ring, she bent over, exposing her nice little ass, and gently massaged her tight little calves and upper thighs and hamstring, trying to get ready for this fight. Britney was dressed only in a pink bra and some very tight shorts, actually the same type clothing she had for some "Rolling Stone" pictures. She didn't have pantyhose, but her legs were very tanned and sexy and she was also barefoot.

The Williams sisters appeared next. Both wore a tight white T-shirt that was tied near the belly, revealing their muscular stomachs and black biking shorts. As they enter the ring, they both go right up to the smaller girls and give them their best "boxing staredown". The white girls seem tense and turn away as the Williams sisters turn toward their corner and begin giggling to each other.

The match starts.

Dominique and Serena start out first for their respective teams. Serena asks for a test of strength, but knowing that the black girl has the height advantage, Dominique declines and slowly looks for any opening. Serena decides to make the first move and both girls lock up, each trying to push the other backwards or look for some type of offensive move. The struggle is surprisingly even, with Dominique showing some unusual power. But, eventually Serena does power the white girl's back into the ropes. The tennis player maneuvers her strong hands toward Dominique's chest and grabs a hold of the gymnast's teenage tits! "OOHH, damn it", squeals the white girl as Serena pulls the gymnasts breasts up, squeezing them at the same time. Dominique tries to relieve the pain by pulling at the black girl's wrists, but her pretty face shows the punishment she is taking.

"Gouge her eyes", yells Britney, as Dominique searches for an escape.

After 1 minute of the tit torture, Dominique manages to drive her knee into Serena's groin area, forcing the tennis player to release the hold and back up a couple of steps. Dominique looks down at her chest, and adjusts her bra, making sure her "puppies" are not exposed.

"Now you gonna get it, white girl", screams Serena, as she leaps at the smaller girl and starts pounding her sweet face with punch after punch, chopping the gymnast down to her knees.

Britney starts to come in to help out her partner, but Venus intimidates her back to her corner. Dominique doesn't even get one shot in as she just tries to block the big fists that are being thrown at her. A look of fear comes upon the white girl as Serena halts the punches and grabs her left arm, pulling Dominique to the middle of the ring on her knees.

She pulls the gymnast to her feet and applies a wristlock, as Dominique tries to wipe away some blood from her lower lip. Every once in awhile the tennis player jabs her fingers into Dominique's exposed armpit.

"You think I'm gonna let you get away with kneeing me in the crotch, little girl?", hollers Serena right into Dominique's face.

At that moment, Venus sneaks in the ring, drops to her knees right behind the gymnast, and delivers an excruciating forearm up between the white girl's smooth legs, pummeling her tender crotch!

"UUGGHH", yells the brunette, as she never saw the blow coming.

The low blow actually sends Dominique a couple of inches in the air before she crumbles to the canvas. Serena lets her fall to the canvas, rubbing her young, but injured crotch!

"That's evil" yells Britney.

"That's what you get for hitting my sis below the belt," Venus says as she runs out of the ring.

Serena rolls the white girl onto her back and lays her knee right over Dominique's neck. She lifts her arms in triumph as Dominique's brown nylon pantyhose covered muscular legs, swing wildly from this strangulation. Again, Britney has a notion to interfere, but Venus is watching her like a hawk.

Serena eventually takes her knee off of Dominique's windpipe after one minute and goes around the beaten gymnast, grabbing her by the ankles. She calls for Venus to re-enter the ring and promptly gives her one of the white girl's ankles. Dominique looks up just about the time that both women make a wishbone with her smooth and muscular legs, stretching her inner thighs beyond belief. The white girl screams in absolute horror as white panties split open a little along her pubic mound, as she desperately tries to cover up with both hands.

"Help Britney, Help!", pleads the white girl as her pantyhose rip which sounds like muscles ripping.

However, Britney seems scared of the two sisters as Venus taunts her, "Come get some, bitch."

The black girls hold the gymnast's legs in this position for two minutes before they let go. Dominique rolls into a ball, trying to close her legs as tight as possible, but it's pretty obvious she has ligament damage around her groin area.

Venus stays in the ring and pulls Dominique up to her feet by the hair. The white girl can hardly stand from the beating she is enduring. Venus brings the smaller athlete's arms back, giving her sister a clear shot at any part of Dominique's anatomy.

At first, Serena rubs Dominique's pubic bush gently saying, "What's the matter? Does it hurt?"

Dominique grimaces in pain, thinking her crotch will get punished again, but Serena surprises the gymnast and instead rams a big fist into her left breast, flattening it like a pancake, as a loud moan comes from the white girl's mouth. Venus changes her hold to a full-nelson, really stretching out Dominique's arms over her head and forcing her chin into her chest. The pain in the back of the Dominique's neck is excruciating and she is close to passing out as perspiration drips down her face into her bra and moisture appears on her smooth underarms.

Serena tenderly rubs her fingers across the white girl's underarms and says, "You think these are sexy, right? Well, I've got something for them."

She decides to mess up Dominique's lovely underarms, first by dragging her sharp fingernails across the area then by digging her fingers into the nerve muscles. Serena's fingers dig deep into the armpit region, making it seem that they will come out of the white girl's shoulders. Again, Dominique pleads for help from Britney.

Dominique's cries for help are finally answered as Britney runs into the ring with a chair and bashes Venus in the back, breaking the full-nelson. Serena releases her underarm claw and backs away herself. Britney grabs Dominique's wrists and literally pulls her to the corner for safety and approaches Venus, who is just getting to her knees from the chair shot.

Just as Britney reaches her, Venus wraps her long arms around the white singer's trim waist and rises to her feet, bringing Britney up off her feet. She then runs to the corner and slams Britney's exposed and sexy back into the turnbuckle. Britney starts to crumble to the mat, but Venus grabs her wrist and armwhips her into the opposite turnbuckle. Again, the white girl's back rams hard into the corner. Britney falls to her knees reaching for her back as the black tennis player pulls her up around the waist and squeezes, applying a devastating bearhug. Britney howls in pain as her arms swing wildly, trying to breakout of this amazon's clutches. Venus holds the bearhug about 30 seconds before turning Britney around and clamping on an erotic abdominal stretch.

"Give up, Britney", yells Venus as she increases the pressure and taps on the singer's already sore ribs to get horrible moans from Britney.

At that moment, Serena runs into the ring and 'punts' Britney between the legs with such force that both Venus and Britney fall to the mat on their backs. The impact was so vicious that the sound could be heard outside of the arena! Britney goes into the fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably. Venus gets to her feet and uses all her strength to pry Britney's legs apart. She is able to split them enough to get her body between them and kneels down.

From this position, she slides her hands through the white girl's leg holes of her tight shorts clamping on a claw to Britney's inner thighs, trying to injure them just like her and her sister did to Dominique. Britney howls in agony and sits up in tremendous pain as Venus manages to jab her thumbs into the white girl's pussy while still applying the inner thigh claw! Britney screams from this violation and looks for her partner, who is just getting to her feet in the corner.

Dominique runs into the ring to try to save her partner from this inhuman treatment. Venus notices her and releases the claw beginning to rise to her feet, but just as she does Dominique hits her with a flying sidekick to the belly, sending her down to the mat. Dominique tries to lead the sobbing singer to the corner, but Serena enters the ring with a chair and promptly bashes it over Dominique's back, sending the gymnast through the ropes. Serena recoils with the chair and smashes Britney's injured back with the chair, putting her face first on the mat. She then slides the chair out of the ring and leaves the ring at about the same time that Venus recovers from her stomach shot.

Venus is fuming as she pulls off Britney's shorts, revealing her pink flowered panties. She proceeds to administer a claw to Britney's plump butt cheeks! The singer raises her head and opens her mouth, but nothing comes out of it as the black woman digs and twists her fingers into Britney's fine little ass. Dominique slowly gets back in the ring and pulls Venus off of Britney by her braids, breaking the "butt tenderizer".

Britney's luck is short lived as Serena re-enters the ring and puts her in a one-leg Boston Crab. Britney's back is taking a pounding and it feels that it will snap at any second. Unfortunately for Britney, the one-leg Boston Crab puts her groin in a vulnerable position and after Venus puts Dominique on the mat with a punch to the face, she lets loose with an incredible kick to the middle of Britney's panties, pummeling her already molested crotch. Venus raises her arms in absolute glee, but Dominique gains a little revenge by nailing the bigger woman with a well-placed superkick to the chin. Venus falls as if shot and it looks like the tables are beginning to turn.

However, Serena lets the beaten Britney crawl to the safety of her corner and turns her attention to the gymnast. With Dominique's back turned to her, Serena reaches around the unaware white gymnast and obtains her young breasts again. This time Dominique manages to pull away before Serena gets a good grip and is able to break away. However, the black girl looks at her hands which are holding Dominique's bra.

Both girls focus their eyes towards the white girl's chest, which shows a partially torn dress allowing Dominique's left breast to dangle out of. Before the gymnast can re-focus her eyes on her opponent, Serena catches her with another dirty kick between the legs! The white girl crumbles to the mat in a state of shock on her face. She tries to rub her pussy for comfort, but Serena goes around her and wraps Dominique's own bra around her neck, pulling back for all she's worth. It isn't long before the white girl's other tit spills out of her dress as she struggles to get out of this strangulation.

After a long two minute struggle, Serena releases the choke and lets the gymnast fall on her back to the mat. She uses the bra to tie Dominique's arms over her head and then ties them to the bottom rope. At this time Venus enters the action and takes a seat on Dominique's belly. With the white girl in a compromising position, Venus first rakes her fingers across the gymnast's underarms again then turns her attention to Dominique's exposed breasts. Grabbing both gloves of flesh in the palm of her hand, she uses her index and thumb to cruelly pinch her nipples, drawing extreme screams from the pretty brunette.

While this is going on, Serena is able to apply a brutal figure-four leglock to the gymnast.

"I give, I give, I give", yells out Dominique.

Venus just laughs and leans forward, laying her big breasts over the white girl's mouth and nose.

"Did you hear something sis? I didn't", Venus says as she continues to molest Dominique's nipples.

Finally, after another minute and a half, both girls get off the gymnast, but not before stuffing her bra in her mouth. They look around for Britney, but just catch a glimpse of her as she heads limps to the lockers.

"She'll get hers soon enough", promises Venus.