Model Fight: Adriana Karembeu vs. Molly Sims by TNT

"And they say you're a model. A model for what, that's what I'd like to know! You're a has-been! You need to get off the runway for good!" the tall slender drop-dead gorgeous Adriana Karembeu stroked her long silky blonde hair and shook her head as she moved towards her rival.

"You'd better get out of here now; just who the hell do you think you are? And WHAT if anything do you know about modeling? Get out of here before I throw you out, NOW!" Molly Sims was furious, she picked up a hairbrush and threw it at Adriana.

“YEOWWWW!” the angry blonde yelped as it smacked into her beautiful tender thigh.

"Girls, oh girls, is everything OKAY in there?" a concerned high-pitched voice shouted.

"Fine, everything’s fine, just fine," Molly shouted as she jumped up off of her elegant makeup bench and stepped out to "greet" the rude angry blonde who had blasted into her dressing room, uninvited and ready to kick some butt(really beautiful butt).

Everything was not fine; far from it; the last minute fashion show was prompted by some very rich movers and shakers in the fashion industry; the models were all at each others throats; because the show had been a last minute event the models had little time to prepare; the demands of this fashion event were much tougher than usual and the requester of the event offered a fantastic cash prize for his pick of the top model. Rumors flew and indicated that Molly and Adriana were the top contenders.

Despising each other from the first day they met, the two beauties exchanged insults and verbal taunts the whole evening. Molly had sneaked into her blonde rivals dressing room and sabotaged some of her clothes and makeup. Adriana had done the same. Both had been embarrassed. Modeling a beautiful bikini, Molly’s top came off as she executed an otherwise flawless performance. The lucky onlookers didn't seem to mind nearly as much as Molly.

Adriana was in the middle of her routine, modeling a beautiful short skirt, elegant blouse and jacket combo when her admirers gave a united gasp as her skirt dropped to her ankles displaying her beautiful "below the waist" treasures and thong. Realizing her unexpected "downfall" a few seconds two late, the leggy blonde beauties' legs tangled in the skirt and down she went sprawling her long lithe luscious body out before her peers, admirers and the many flashing cameras. Both women knew who was behind the nastiness and decided payback would be more than sweet. Now it was time to settle the score.

"Just stay away, even if you hear a little noise," Adriana shouted at the concerned voice. She wanted no interference as she stared at Molly who was already taking up a defensive stance. She smiled knowing she had caught her rival off guard and at a slight disadvantage. Molly was clad only in her bra and a half-slip and sheer pantyhose. Adriana was still wearing a beautiful gown, very expensive, silky, very revealing up front and the long slit from the waist down allowed her good movement and displayed her gorgeous leg.

"I'm gonna tear you apart," Adriana snarled.

"Correction! You meant to say, you're gonna try," Molly corrected her rival.

"AIEEEEEE!!” “Uhhhhhhh!" The two beauties slammed into each other, screamed and groaned as they buried their fingers in each others hair, pulling and yanking viciously as they tried to gain control. Wham. Bang. Crash. Adriana's forward charge, her strong legs gave her a slight advantage as she slammed Molly into her makeup table; Molly screamed as she lost her balance; both women tumbled to the floor courtesy the mutual hairpull.

“UMPFFF! Get off me you stupid blonde bitch," Molly screamed as she began to tear at Adriana’s gown. RIPPPPPP!! The gown tore easily and one luscious breast found freedom. Being one to seize opportunity Molly latched onto the firm peach size mound and squeezed hard; "Aren't we feeling horny tonight," she teased as she felt the blondes nipple stiffen instantly.

“OWWWWW!” BAM! "You stupid cunt, I'll kill you!" Adriana shouted as she fired a punch to Molly’s chin snapping her head back. Her arm shot upward and she grabbed her rival around the neck. A hard fast struggle; the two were soon in an intense wrestling match. Long, muscular, luscious, perfect legs entwined as the two rolled around pulling hair, scratching, pinching, punching and cussing.

"Like I said, you're a has-been, Miss Molly," Adriana rasped as she finally gained control, her legs scissoring her rivals. Molly struggled furiously as Adriana leaned forward pressing her breasts against Molly’s back. Molly tried to break her opponents hold on her throat. Molly tried futilely to kick her legs free from the blondes leggy trap. She caught her reflection in a nearby full-length mirror. "Gosh I haven't looked this bad since high school," she thought.

Like Adriana, her beautiful silky hair was a mess, makeup smeared made her gorgeous face look a bit less beautiful; her left bra strap was broken, the cup was halfway off and the top of her auerolae was in sight. Her lip was cut; her half-slip was torn and had begun a downward slide, her pantyhose shredded. She had however a few victories; her rivals gown was hanging at her waist, her beautiful breasts fully exposed; she could feel Adriana’s erect nipples drilling into her shoulder blades. She had landed a few good solid blows to the blondes face, ribs and yes her pretty breasts. She was now becoming winded and getting more angry by the minute. She was surprised by the blondes strength.

“Argggggh! Uhhhhhhumpppfh!”

"Good golly, Miss Molly! You do put up quite a struggle," Adriana snipped as she tugged at her rivals bras right shoulder strap. She squeezed Molly’s throat hard then slipped her hand up and clamped it over her mouth, jerked her head back. Molly groaned as she felt her captor pull her bra strap off her shoulder and yank down tugging. She watched in horror in the mirror as her bra slowly slipped downward and her beautiful breasts were revealed.

"Such nice tits," Adriana taunted as she cupped her right breast, squeezed it firmly then pinched the stiffening nipple until it was rock hard and fully extended. Molly squirmed in pain and a bit of embarrassment realizing Adriana’s nipples seemed to be getting harder as they pressed into her back.

"Do you like this, My dear Miss Molly," Adriana taunted. "I think you do, but you just aren't saying much, huh bitch?" she laughed. "From the looks of things, I guess you don't need this anymore, huh girl?" she snickered as she suddenly unsnapped Molly’s bra and with a vicious pull yanked it away. "Gosh if the fashion folks could see you now, maybe you would get first prize," she cackled as she reintroduced her fingers to Molly’s breast and pinched the erect nipple hard. Molly winced and squirmed.

“Yieeeechhh!” Pain like that of a hot poker on tender flesh erupted on Adriana’s tender thigh as Molly put all her anger, strength and revenge into her pinch. Wham! Molly’s elbow slammed backwards finding its target, the blondes left breast. Angry fingers, (ten of them) dug into twin tender thighs; Molly’s face turned into an angry smile as she heard her rival's bloodcurdling scream. THUNK. The back of her head slammed into the wailing blondes forehead. Whoosh. Molly was finally free and jumped to her feet after grabbing her captives legs and forcing them outward.

“Argggggh!” Adriana grunted an angry but pained protest as she felt her scalp explode courtesy Molly’s fingers burrowing into her blonde silk and yanking upward bringing her screaming opponent to her full length. THUNK. A vicious hairpull and one devilishly hard yank found Adriana slamming face and chest-first into an incredibly hard wall.

"Think I'm a has-been? Better look in the mirror when we're done with this conversation, blondie" Molly snarled as she reached for a new target.

RIPPPPPP! The sound of her beautiful expensive gown torn from her gorgeous body was not what Adriana wanted to hear. A hard, twisting hairpull spun the blonde around; her breasts exploded in pain as Molly executed an upward forearm smash.

"Nice twin peaks, firm but small and I think…”


“Well now, and quite sensitive…”


The extreme sensitivity of Adriana’s breasts, areola and nipples were confirmed and verified by Molly’s long strong twisting, pinching fingers as she did her own erotic testing while repeatedly slamming her knee into her rivals groin.

"Nice boobs yeah, but I think you have better assets," Molly cackled as she delivered three hard slaps; backhand, forehand, backhand to the now whimpering blondes lovely face. Another hairpull and hard shove sent Adriana flying across the dressing room towards a sofa; she hit the back full force, fell face first over the front. An angry Molly was right behind her, dropping low she grabbed the two long legs at the calves and with a mighty upward heave she sent the leggy blonde head-over-heels over the couch. THUD!


Molly clapped her hands and chirped out a catcall as she watched her rival sprawl to the floor spread-eagled.

"If the modeling game closes, you always got gymnastics, you clumsy blonde bimbo," Molly chirped.

She watched the dazed half-naked beauty try and regain her senses, make it to her hands and knees and start to get up. In a flash Molly charged, jumping over and onto the couch then in a running tackle, her beautiful breasts bouncing, her silky hair flowing, she brought down Adriana.

"Nooooo, uhhhhh, please, pleaseeee stop, help somebody," the frantic blondes raspy desperate pleas for help went unanswered as Molly worked her over, slapping her face, pulling her hair, squeezing, twisting mauling her breasts and nipples and shredded her pantyhose before finally ripping them clean off.

"Go ahead kick, struggle, squirm; kick those long beautiful strong legs, you can escape can't you, Adriana, dearie?" Molly taunted as she wrapped her legs around the blondes waist. She laughed, giggled and cackled as her leggy blonde opponent flailed her long luscious legs frantically, but futilely to escape. "Who's the has-been now, hon?" Molly teased as she pinched and clawed at her blonde captives beautiful muscular tender thighs and legs. Soon Adriana was winded, gasping for breath.

BAM! BAM! BAM! The loud raps on the door caught Molly’s attention instantly.

"Who is it? Go away?" she shouted.

"Sorry I can't; got a big announcement; may we come in?" the voice spoke with authority.

"Yeah in a minute," Molly said feeling quite miffed. She gave her gasping rival one last hard squeeze and felt the blondes muscles tighten then relax; a hard double nipple pinch, Adriana gasped then was quiet.

"Don't ya wanna know who won, Adriana sweetie?" Molly whispered in her unconscious rivals ear as she gently laid her defeated rival down on the plush carpet.

"Yeah, what is it?" Molly asked as she opened the door. A very dignified well-dressed gentleman and the gorgeous Heidi Klum smiled and said, “Congratulations Miss Molly, here's the check, you're the winner."

“Uhhhhh…umppppfh…ahhhhh…” Moans and groans alerted the two visitors to Adriana's plight.

"Gee thanks,this is great, but as you can see I…"

"Yeah I can see you already scored a victory," Heidi interrupted. "So you got her huh? Darn, I wanted to teach her some manners myself. Think I could…um, well, you know…maybe have a ‘talk’ with her too?"

Molly smiled,"Yeah go right ahead. And sir, would you like to experience a victory celebration too?" The man’s eyes widened and his head bobbed up and down like one of those dogs you see in the back window of a car. Molly grinned and nudged Adriana’s limp body with her toe, "Oh Adriana honey; guess what?"