Sorority Queen Catfight: Kara Monaco vs. Heather Spytek by kit

(Knock, knock) "Come in, it's open." Kara poked her head inside the door and quickly glanced around to see if Heather was alone and rolled her eyes at the sight of her rival.

“What did you want?”

"I've got a proposition for ya," said Kara, closing the door behind her.

Heather got up from her bed and laid her pen and notebook on the nightstand, "What?"

Kara and Heather were college seniors and members of the same sorority. As freshmen they had pledged together and had been jealous rivals ever since. They'd never fought physically or verbally, but they had made catty comments and insults behind each other's back almost from day one.

"Well it looks like this election is gonna go down to the wire, and I know you want to be president as much as me, right?"

Heather nodded abruptly, "And you're point is?"

"Well since it's gonna be really close, and since we both want this pretty bad, I thought...well I was thinkin' maybe we could take matters into our own hands and settle it," Kara spat out, folding her arms under her chest.

Heather looked at her curiously for a moment, "Are you implying that we fight?"

Kara nodded, and then Heather crossed her arms over her chest as they both silently stood looking at each other. "Well?" she asked, anxious for an answer.

"You think we should fight over it, huh?" asked Heather, with just a beam in her eyes.

Kara nodded again, "I think so. I mean it's not like there's gonna be any love lost."

"That's fer sure," said Heather, cracking a wary smile as she cast her eyes up and down Kara's body as she thought about it.

"Well, bitch? Yes or no? Or do you not have the nerve for it?" asked Kara.

Heather locked eyes, quickly responding, "Bitch, I've got the nerve for it. I'm just wonderin' if you do."

Kara dropped her hands to her hips, "Bitch, I wouldn't be here if I didn't."

"Then I guess it's time we have at it, bitch," snapped Heather, cocking her hands on her hips as she moved forward. Kara stepped nose-to-nose with her as they stood glaring in defiance of each other. Neither one blinked as they tilted back their heads and shot flames down their noses at each other.

"You fuckin' bitch," growled Heather. "I've always hoped it would come to this."

"Fuck you, slut," Kara snarled. "I've wanted to catfight you from the start."

"Took ya that long to work up the nerve, huh, bitch," said Heather as they slowly started to circle.

"No, I just wanted a good reason to kick your ass."

"Girls like us don't need a good reason, bitch," snapped Heather.

Kara raised a brow, "You're right, bitch. I guess we don't." Heather reached up and grabbed a handful of Kara's hair in the back. Kara winced but took a handful of Heather's hair from the side. Heather grimaced, and they both stretched the other's head back with two fists of hair. "Ouch," muttered Kara, her hair firmly pulled. Heather groaned in her throat as Kara tightened her grip on her tresses. Both twisted their hips into each other as they dropped over at the waist and then straightened back up. "Ooww," moaned Kara.

"Aaahh," Heather gasped as Kara's nails grazed across her scalp. They turned back into each other, and their breasts interlocked as they stretched back on the other's hair again. They both moaned and looked down their noses at each other.

"Bitch, not in here, ouch," muttered Kara.

Heather also realized that they couldn't get caught catfighting each other, and her roommate was due back any moment. "Where?" she asked, relaxing her grip.

Kara loosed her hold as they straightened up and locked eyes, "I already talked to my boyfriend and he said we could use his apartment."

"What 'bout my boyfriend, bitch?" asked Heather, slowly letting Kara go.

"Bring him, bitch," said Kara, pulling her hands out also. The two sorority babes stepped back and combed the knots out of their hair with their fingers.

"Alright, bitch. When do you wanna fight?" asked Heather.

"Before Monday. I was thinkin' Saturday afternoon."

Heather nodded, "That's fine with me, bitch. And the loser withdraws from the election."

"Yeah, that's right, bitch. I'll find out what time an' let ya know," said Kara.

"One more thing, bitch."

"What?" asked Kara.

"Loser leaves the sorority too," challenged Heather.

Kara took a second to let that sink in. It was a risky gamble, but definitely worth it to get Heather out of her life. "Alight, bitch, agreed. Loser leaves the house."

Kara and Heather had a lot to be jealous about and fight over. They were both bright, bubbly and beautifully matched to a 'T'. Both blond bombshells stood 5’6” and weighed 110 pounds of pure perfection. Heather had long, kinky-curly hair and a sweet, soft face. Her body racked out at 36C-22-32. Kara had nice, long, wispy-straight hair and a pretty, beaming face. Physically she measured 34C-24-34.

The fight was set for 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Both had a couple of days to think about it and wonder how it would go. Secretly they had thought about this before, but until now it had never been nothing more than wishful thinking. And now that they were about to have the biggest catfight of their lives, each was nervous, anxious and ready to get it over with. Heather knew that Kara would be no pushover. She'd seen her fight once outside of a bar and didn't have too much trouble beating a girl of similar size. Kara also knew that she'd have her hands full with Heather. She'd never seen Heather fight, but remembered hearing some of the sorority sisters who had seen her in a fight when it happened last year. Kara had spent the night with her boyfriend and they had worked on making the dining room part of his apartment fightable. It wasn't a big area, but big enough as long as they didn't spill out of it.

Shortly after 3 p.m. Heather and her boyfriend, Steve, showed up. Kara's boyfriend, Tom, answered the door and showed Heather where to go as he went to get Kara from the bedroom.

"Well it's 'bout time, bitch," said Kara, coming into view.

"Fuck you, bitch," fired Heather. "You anxious to get your ass kicked?"

"Fuckin' slut," snarled Kara, going right after Heather.

"Bring it, bitch!" shouted Heather as they lunged together.

After four years of hate, envy and cat-chat, Heather and Kara needed no more time or words to get into it with each other. Blocking Kara's arms, Heather spun in from behind and quickly wrapped her rival in a headlock. Closing her fist, Heather punched Kara in the cheek and then grabbed the front of her yellow v-neck short-sleeve top. The boys heard some tearing and then Heather cried out in pain and let go as obviously Kara had put her teeth into one of Heather's boobs. Heather stumbled back against the wall as Kara lunged in grabbing for her.

"Bitch!" shouted Kara, grabbing Heather's arm and hooking an arm around her neck. Heather tried to pull back but the wall stopped her, and Kara hip-tossed her down to the floor. Heather rolled over on her back as Kara came down on top and straddled her.

SLAP! Went Kara's palm across Heather's cheek.

"How'd that feel, bitch?" asked Kara, bouncing Heather's head against the carpet by her hair as she squeezed on a handful of right tittie. There was a grim look of fear on Heather's face as her head bounced off the floor and her breast squished in Kara's hand. Bucking and shoving, Heather was able to dislodge Kara before she took too much abuse and be forced into a submission.

"Fuckin' bitch," said Kara, from her ass but getting to her knees and reaching for Heather's hair. Heather sat up just as Kara took her by the hair. Heather squealed out, but buried her hands in Kara's tresses and yanked her down to the floor next to her. Steve and Tom now cheered them on as the two blondes locked up and battled on the floor. Back and forth they rolled, trying desperately to mount each other as they pulled hair and started tearing tops.

"Bitch!" grumbled Heather, on her back, but yanking on a fist of hair and ripping Kara's top further down the middle. With a good tear having already been started, Kara's yellow top easy opened up to her naval as she managed to get a good rip going down Heather's black tank top.

"You slut!" huffed Kara, jerked over on her back as Heather used her legs and hair pulling to get on top.

"Whore!" responded Heather, twisting on a handful of ripe, round bra-filled tit and trying to pull out a fist of black roots. Kara threw her legs around Heather's hips and pulled back on her hair, forcing Heather to bark out and fall next to her. Both girls were wearing short, tight denim shorts, and all this hard, close-quarter wrestling was making their hot asses drip out. Steve and Tom were getting boners as they cheered and watched their girlfriends catfight each other.

"Ooww...fuckin' cunt," swore Heather, legs tangled and hair pulled by both.

"Uuunngg," Kara grunted, trying to yank Heather off of her again. The two blondes rolled up against the wall with Kara being the one pinned against it.

"Uuumm, you fuckin' bitch," grunted Kara, pulling back on Heather's hair as their thighs were hooked together and flexing.

"Fuck you, uuuunnggg," Heather groaned, slipping her hand between their bodies and finding Kara's left tit.

"Oooohh, mmyy t-i-t!" winced Kara loudly as her bra slipped down and let her nipple get pinched. Kara grabbed Heather by the arm and pulled her hand off her tit.

"Fuuuck!" cried Heather as the side of her hand was pulled in Kara's mouth.

"Oooww! Ssshhhit!" Kara bawled out as Heather dragged out several strands of long blond hair. Kara yanked back hard on Heather's hair, forcing a roll as they now wallowed towards the center of the dining room, cussing, squealing and catfighting.

"Uumm, fuckin' slut," swore Heather, on top but getting pulled off by the hair.

"Cheap whore," said Kara, tearing Heather's tank top further down the middle. Heather grabbed Kara's left tit and gave it a firm squeezing as Kara slide her hand under Heather's right cup and dug her nails into solid flesh.

"Oooww ggaawd," winced Heather thru her teeth as they rolled over each other pulling hair and squeezing tits.

"Uuunnggg," gritted Kara, her left areola pinched and stretched.

Steve and Tom were slack-jawed as they watched their blond girlfriends trade tittie twisters and stretch out a handful of hair. Side-by-side Kara and Heather lay with their legs locked as they tested each other tolerance level. Their tummies were tight and rippling. Their thighs and calves hard, firm and braced. Their faces flushed and twisted as their neck veins jumped like rails on a track. Eyes squinted and closed while their teeth gnawed on compacting jaws.

"Uuunnggg...give, bitch, give," demanded Heather, pinching.

"Ooommmggg...give it up, bitch," Kara ordered, pinching.

"Uuumm, fuckin' fuckin' bitch," swore Heather, letting go and jerking back on Kara's hair and trying to roll on top.

"Uuunngghh, you s-l-u-t," Kara cussed right back, going for Heather's hair with both hands and yanking her back off.

"Ooowww! Bitch!" cried Heather, pulled over on her back with Kara trying to hook a leg around her.

"Damn you girlfriend (Kara) is hot."

"Fuck man, so's your's (Heather)."

With two fists of each other's tangled tresses, Kara and Heather didn't let up one bit as they turned up the tempo and really started going back and forth on each other. It was girl fighting at it's best as two sexy babes, filled with years of blond jealousy, worked their hot bodies into a tight grind while they violently pulled hair and catfought it out on top of each other.

"You fuckin' slut!"

"I fuckin' hate you, bitch!"

"Fuckin' piece of shit!"

"Fuckin' blonde wanna-be!"

"I wonder if they're gettin' wet," said Steve, watching their hot denim crotches gyrating together as the two owners rolled back and forth together.

"Shit, I don't know, but I sure am," said Tom.

"Who'd ya thinks gonna win?" asked Steve, not really caring.

"We are!"

"Ooowwww!" cried Heather, losing a nice wad of long locks from the back.

"Oohhh sshhhit!" Kara swore out seconds later as another group of dark roots left her head. "Bitch!" she shouted, wildly shaking Heather like a fuckin' rag doll. "Fuckin' hate you!"

"Gaawwdd mmyy h-a-i-r! Leegggoo!" wailed Heather, letting go of Kara's hair and trying to claw her hands out.

Kara winced as Heather scratched at her hands, wrists and forearms, but she refused to let go. After several seconds of trying in vain, Heather grabbed Kara's hair and the fight was back on. No longer rolling, Heather and Kara lay with their legs scissored again as they simply stretched back very, very hard on each other's hair. Tears were running down their cheeks now as these two blondes had crossed the line and were determined to see this to a clear and definite finish. Other than some held back sobs and quick, high-pitched yelps, Kara and Heather breathed heavily thru clinched teeth and snot bubbling nostrils. Their faces lay open and up at the ceiling as their necks stretched past what should have been a snapping point. Their red breasts lifted high and fell hard as their tummies remained rippled and quivering. Their hips hardly moved, but each slowly worked a tan, tone inner thigh with her rival as their toes lay curled in their white tennis shoes.

"C'mon, Heather. Stay with her, babe. You can do it."

"Get her, Kara. Hang in there. You've almost got her."

Their girlfriends never heard them. Their ears were roaring and they were lost in their own zone together. Suddenly Heather let go and rolled semi on top of Kara. Kara went to her back not knowing that Heather was going for her crotch until it was too late.

"Oohh! Aahh fuuuck!" yelped Kara, more in fear than anything else. Heather squeezed Kara's snatch as hard as she could, but the denim protected her from any real serious damage. But the real blow was quick to follow as Kara let go of Heather's hair to free her snatch, and when she did, Heather was just able to lean down and suck Kara's left areola between her teeth.

"Aaaaaarrrrrggggg!" screamed Kara at the top of her lungs as her soft, pink flesh was chomped between Heather's pearly-white teeth. Kara went nuts on Heather as she pulled her off by the hair and then scratched her down the right tit. Heather wasn't without fighting back as she took it right back at her with some hair pulling and tit mauling of her own.

"Fuck man," said Tom in awe. "You ever seen chicks fight like this?"

"Never," said Steve, shaking his head in wonder.

"We better stop 'em. They're gonna kill each other."

Steve grabbed his arm and stopped him, "Let's let 'em finish it."

"That's easy for you to say, man. You're girl didn't just get the shit bitten out of her."

"A little longer. We'll make sure they don't really get hurt." Tom agreed as he saw Kara cup Heather's crotch.

"How's it feel, slut?" asked a teary Kara, squeezing.

"Oooww, bitch," groaned Heather, pulling at Kara's hand.

Kara jerked free and grabbed her crotch again. "You squeezed me, now I squeeze you."

Flames jumped from Heather's eyes as she snarled, "Alright bitch. Let's just get outta these fuckin' shorts an' see who can squeeze the most."

It was as though Steve and Tom weren't even in the room as the two blondes had no inhibitions about stripping down their thongs and showing their pussies to the world. From on their knees, Kara and Heather grabbed a handful of hair for control and a handful of ass to maul. With their shorts and thongs pushed down to the knees they stood on, Steve and Tom watched with disbelief as their girlfriends turned their sharp, clear-coated false nails on each other. Both blondes had nice, juicy lips with a strip of thin, blond hair running above.

"Aaaaaarrrrrggggg!" cried Kara as Heather's nails stabbed into her vulva.

"Eeeeoowweee!" Heather screamed as Kara's nails pierced her vagina.

They instantly fell over with Heather on her back and Kara on top but still on her knees with her ass jacked up. Tom watched as Heather's fingernails flashed back and forth between Kara's pink bunghole and hot pussy. Her womanly flesh shook like jello and quickly turned red as Heather's fingernails rapidly slashed back and forth. Steve watched his girlfriend's pussy take a clawing from her cunt lips up to the top of her blond trim as Kara's nails quickly raked up and down. Heather's hips bounced up and down on the floor as Kara's hips bucked uncontrollably back and forth.

"Fuuuuuuck!" cried Heather as Kara pinched on her right pussy lip.

"Weeeooowweeeoowwweee!!!" screamed Kara as two of Heather's fingers speared high and hard up inside of her. In the blink of an eye, Kara had gone over on her back, flopping and flipping like a fish out of water as she cupped her pussy with both hands and clamped her thighs tightly across them. It was a good thing that Tom let Kara move into his apartment.