Julianne Moore vs. Susan Sarandon by TNT

"You really love to shoot off that big fat mouth, don't you?" Julianne Moore said with a sneering smile.

Julianne looked at Susan Sarandon's' beautiful reflection in the mirror as the lovely redhead stood behind her. Susan's smug, smirky expression irritated the crap out of beautiful Julianne who was applying a fresh coat of tantalizing lipstick to her luscious lips. She looked so very, very beautiful - and actually quite calm, despite of the rage boiling and churning like a cauldron inside. She brushed her luxurious long red hair, adjusted her tight, beautiful dress, then took a long approving look at her gorgeous reflection - all the while with a wary eye on Susan's reflection.

"I'm gonna kill that haughty, self-centered, outspoken, red-haired, mealy-mouthed bitch, someday - maybe even tonight!" Julianne thought.

"Listen, Miss Julianne," Susan purred. "Just because you're so dense that you don't agree with ME, and too stupid to express yourself, don't get smart with me....OR I'll rip out that long ugly red hair, you slut!"

Susan moved closer as Julianne stood up and turned to face her; her face flushed with anger, her blood boiling. She'd put up with Susan's' haughty, obnoxious behavior most of the evening, listening to her irritating 'spiel' or 'bodacious babble' as some guests at the small, elite party called it behind her back. About forty of Hollywood's top actors, actresses and socialites were at a ritzy hotel where they'd given speeches, accepted compliments and praise for their latest endeavors while they indulged themselves with fine hors d'ouvres as expensive wine, Champagne and spirits flowed freely. After the 'social hour' they'd taken a much needed break before they were to go to a huge beautiful private banquet room. The two lovely redheads were alone in the plush ladies room lounge having their discussion courtesy the chance meeting.

"Don't you dare insult me or try to push me around, you thick-headed old bat!" Julianne snarled as she glared at Susan who really wasn't such an "old" bat - maybe thickheaded but definitely not a bat. In fact, Susan was quite attractive with her red hair perfectly done (ripe for pulling and yanking, Julianne noted). Susan's eyes sparkled in spite of the booze she'd guzzled and her face was perfectly made up (ready to be scratched, eh Julianne?). Her expensive, silk designer gown was just loose enough that it wouldn't hinder her movements (in case she got into a skirmish) but was tight enough in the right places to accent her full, still-firm breasts and her erect nipples.

"She's still doesn't even need a bra," Julianne smiled as she imagined herself ripping the gown - at least the top half - and mauling the mouthy redhead's legendary big breasts.

"Well, whatcha gonna' do about it, if I DO, honey," Susan snarled as she moved close and jabbed a finger in Julianne's face. Julianne could smell the sickening sweet alcohol breath as she stared into her rivals' eyes. "I'll say or do anything I want, you ditz!" Susan said, moving closer as she stabbed the sharp nail of her left index finger down into Julianne's firm right breast.


Julianne yelped as the hard sharp nail poked through her gown, sheer bra and dug into the sensitive areola. Her nipple stiffened instantly in response to the rough stimulation and Susan smiled a wicked smile as she felt the nipple hardening at her touch. Then, suddenly, Julianne's beautiful face morphed into an angry, threatening, furious look as she slammed her open hand into Susan's wrist, knocking the invading digit away. The slap was so hard Susan thought her shoulder was dislocated.

"AIEEEEEE!" she screamed. WHAM! Julianne delivered a perfect backhand to Susan's ruddy beautiful face.

"I'm gonna kill you - uh-oh...LATER!" Julianne said because just as she moved in for the kill, the door opened and two women walked in; obviously drunk, but sober enough to see what was happening.

"Hey, what's going on?" one of the women asked, casting a leering glance at her friend and winking.

"Nothing! We were just leaving!" the redheads chimed together; both seething, trying hard to restrain themselves from going at it full bore without thought or hesitation; their faces flushed and red from anger - and frustration!

"I am gonna slap, slug, strip AND strangle her!" Julianne thought, a simple strategy although she probably couldn't guess the same thoughts were throbbing in Susan's brain for her. "Crap, now it's dinner time. I hope it's delish because I gotta have some energy to clobber that stupid redhead," the same nasty thought danced in both lovely redhead's mind as they headed to the banquet room.

The angry red-haired beauties stalked out of the restroom to the crowded banquet room. Susan's' beautiful red cheek still stinging from Julianne's' painful slap and as she walked behind Julianne she gritted her teeth and tried hard to keep calm; fighting the urge to grab her by the hair and beat the daylights out of her right there in the hallway.

"OK ladies, follow me," a waitress said politely as she motioned them toward the long banquet table.

"Ha! She must be drunk, called you a lady," Julianne hissed with a sneer. "But, then that's much more polite than calling you what you really are - an obnoxious bitch!" Julianne said in a low menacing tone.

"What the hell? This's gotta be a mistake," Susan objected loudly when the waitress showed them to seats next to each other. "I 'd like to speak to the manager-now! I must have a different seat," Susan protested loudly.

"I am so sorry Ma'am, but as you can see everyone has taken their seats. The room is full. Would you like a drink?" the waitress continued, obviously annoyed at the two beautiful brats she was dealing with.

"Yes, she'd love some wine. In fact, bring the bottle; better yet, bring all of your house stock. She'll guzzle it all," Julianne mocked, mimicking her voice as she slid into her seat.

Bristling with anger, Susan reached over and put a hand on Julianne's soft shoulder as she took her seat, then dug her nails into the pale flesh painfully.

"Ouch! That hurt, slut!" Julianne whined.

"Quiet, everyone, may I have your attention, please..." the host said from the head of the table, adding a few remarks.

Susan released her hand quickly when Julianne made a grab for it, then leaned in to Julianne and whispered threateningly in a low tone, "Later, dearie."

The meal was delicious but the two redheads didn't notice as they exchanged snips, dirty looks and insults throughout until Julianne finally had enough and turned her back to Susan to chat with Charlize Theron on the other side of her. With her back to Susan she tried hard to ignore her rival but everyone else around them noticed the bickering and secretly hoped for a skirmish; or even better, a catfight! The wine flowed freely, especially after the meal when the guests gave speeches, toasts and informal honors. Both Julianne and Susan were honored and each gave a little acceptance speech.

"You really are a blubbering idiot," Julianne hissed when Susan returned to her seat after her speech. They traded insults and demeaning comments until the lights dimmed for a video presentation. "Oh look, they're going to show pictures. Now you should be able to follow most of this Susan; just pictures - no big complex words!" Julianne smirked as she turned toward the screen.

Susan bit her lip; "Now! NOW is the time!" she thought as she reached for her already chosen weapon with a devilish grin.

WHOOSH! "Aughhhh!" Julianne screamed as she was totally drenched with a pitcher of ice water. The unexpected torrent of frigid liquid soaked her hair, face and the front of her dress, molding the wet cloth to her bosom The shock of the cold water took her breath away so her agonized shout didn't come out full force. The video was loud and it was dark, so only a handful of people saw what happened.

"I gotcha' now, you bitch!" Susan yelled.

Before her shivering, soaked rival could get out of her chair, Susan had a handful of Julianne's lustrous wet red hair and used it to pull her over backward chair and all. Susan's free hand reached around Julianne's front, grabbed the top of her dress and pulled it down to expose her sheer bra. In just enough light to allow their lucky neighbors to see the erotic spectacle, Susan's left hand clamped over Julianne's mouth, muffling her screams as her right tore at her dress and bra.

"I'm gonna strip you naked!" Susan snarled in Julianne's ear as he tore at her bra until she broke the left bra strap, pulled the cup down and sank her fingernails into the redheads firm left breast while pinching the hard thick nipple.

"Gawd, you squirm good," Susan laughed.

"Here, in case you need more," Charlize said as she handed another water pitcher to Susan.

When Susan reached for it, she released her hold on Julianne's mouth and... "AIEEEEE!" Julianne screamed as loud as she could, swinging her arm back and knocking the pitcher out of Susan's hand. Julianne reared up and fired a punch at her jaw CRASH! "YEOWWWW!"

The pitcher fell to the floor with a crash as Julianne's wild punch connected with Susan's face, but just grazing it. In desperation Julianne grabbed Susan's hair and pulled hard, sending Susan forward. Julianne's chair shifted and both lovelies were on the floor! "You bitch!" "Slut!" "Cunt!" Were some of the milder names they screamed as they rolled on the floor pulling hair, scratching, punching, slapping and, oh yeah, cussing! Arms flailed, legs kicked and those sitting close by, especially Charlize, moved their chairs out of the way to make room. At the second or third scream, someone turned on the lights, the video stopped and people rubbed their eyes to adjust to the light as they became aware of what was happening.

"Call security!" some blooming idiot yelled.

"NO DON'T! Let 'em fight!"

Almost everyone preferred this to the boring video and speeches. Catfights were great fun for a "Hollywood" bunch like this-two beautiful redheads.

"Get her Julianne-pull her hair-slap her-punch her!"

It seemed most were for Julianne and only a few were supporting Susan. Some stood on chairs to get a better view and others formed a circle around the battlers. Julianne's dress was already hanging at her waist and she was sopping wet. Her bra was torn, her gorgeous left breast completely exposed; her sheer pantyhose full of runners and holes courtesy Susan's sharp nails and her smudged, runny makeup looked like sexy war paint on her beautiful face. Julianne slowly gained control of Susan, or at least was getting ready to break free.

Julianne had done some damage to her screaming, cursing, older opponent too. Susan's hair was a mess; her makeup smudged, her expensive gown full of rips and as they grappled her breasts would occasionally come into view courtesy a big tear in the front of her gown. She was swinging wildly at Julianne; missing a lot more than connecting and she was getting winded. All the booze probably didn't help either but unfortunately for Julianne - and the onlookers - Susan's sturdy well-made gown wasn't tearing easily although Julianne was certainly doing her best to change that! She grabbed the front of Susan's gown, gave a mighty tug and a kick...the gown hung together but Susan went flying backward with a crash, rolling into a chair. Julianne jumped to her feet and leaned on the banquet table trying to catch her breath as she watched Susan slowly getting up.

"Here," Charlize said, tapping Julianne on the shoulder and offered her a full water pitcher.

She smiled as she took the pitcher and turned back to... WHAM! "UHHHHHH!"

Julianne grimaced and grunted in agony when Susan drove her fist deep into her stomach. She dropped the pitcher and her knees buckled. ARGHHHHH! Susan leaped at her rival, claws bared and grabbed Julianne by the breasts and wrestled her back onto the table. Her fingers sunk deep in Julianne's breasts, squeezing hard, then twisting the right one out of its cup.

"UHHHHHH! OHHHHH! AHHHHH!" Julianne moaned with each thumping blow to her groin by Susan's knee.

"Now, who's the smartest; the best? Huh, bitch?" Susan rasped. "You give up, sweetie?" she sneered as she pressed her face down onto Julianne whose beautiful eyes were filled with tears of pain; her breasts and groin on fire.

“This empty-headed bitch is winning, I can’t let her!" she thought through the pain.

"Now, here’s my last little present to you, sweetie," Susan snarled, releasing Julianne’s breasts and standing up, her fist cocked.

BAM! CRUNCH! Susan's face registered both sheer shock and pain simultaneously as her head snapped back. Strong fingers buried into her hair as she felt herself flying sideways.

"What the hell happened? How can this be happening….to ME?" Susan’s expression showed these emotions as lovely Julianne lifted her to her feet by the front of her gown.

"Tear dammit!" she muttered. Then RIPPPPPPP! It finally did this time! Susan’s expensive designer gown finally gave way - at least enough to be embarrassing - and to expose her left breast. Sadly, Susan had no time for embarrassment or shame; she was too busy desperately trying to block Julianne's fast punches and slaps.

SLAP! "Uhhh!" SLAP!! "Ohhh!" SLAP!!! "Ahhhh!"

With each slap the redhead reeled back another step; her gown slipping a little lower with every step until both beautiful breasts were bare - two new targets for Julianne's slapping hands. Susan's nipples visibly stiffened and grew thicker with each slap as she moaned and squealed. The women cheered each time Julianne gave the erect pink nubs a pinch or pull.

"Strip her, Julianne! Strip the bitch!" Charlize screamed, her pleading tone echoed by a dozen others.

Julianne was enjoying every minute as was everyone else; especially the guys. Julianne's own bare breasts bounced and jiggled as she joyfully toyed with Susan, slapping her around.

"Please stop! Don't….I give up!" Susan whined; which only made Julianne laugh.

Then, suddenly, Susan's face changed from fear to rage and she lunged. Julianne side-stepped and tripped the older actress, sending her sprawling. When she got up, Susan charged again, this time swinging her fists. Julianne ducked the first punch, blocked the second and as Susan wound up for a third, Julianne drilled a hard one of her own to Susan's chin, snapping her head and dazing her.

"Strip her dammit!" Charlize shouted impatiently.

"Why not?" Julianne laughed as she danced in and gave Susan a beautifully hard bitch-slap that spun the staggering redhead around. Julianne wrestled Susan back over the table and as Susan screamed and struggled, she grabbed her gown and yanked.


Charlize and the rest jeered as Julianne slowly peeled Susan like a banana.

"Fantastic! How hot! How sexy!" the onlookers commented and Susan did indeed look hot in just her torn panty-hose and heels. How those stayed on nobody knew, but the heels made her look incredibly hot and aided in the erotic battle as she wobbled and reeled unsteadily, in no small part due to all the alcohol in her in addition to the fusillade of unwanted blows.

"Here Julianne, I don't think she dessert yet," Charlize said, handing Julianne a plate with a gooey whipped dessert.

"Yeah, she's watching her figure," Julianne giggled.

As Susan rose swaying on wobbly legs, Julianne smashed the sweet goop in her face, pushing her back down on the table.

Susan squirmed, her beautiful legs kicking wildly as Julianne took her time; one hand on Susan’s shoulder to pin her as Charlize passed her two more desserts from a nearby dessert cart which she dutifully ground into her rivals face.

"Enjoying your makeover, hon?" Charlize laughed, clapping Julianne on the backside in congratulations.

Seeing Susan's beautiful naked, heaving, breasts, Julianne couldn't resist cupping them and squeezing her rivals firm pleasure mounds and pinching the sensitive nipples slowly as Susan squealed and spit sweet goo.

"Turnabout is soooooo much fun!" Julianne howled. "And you are sooooo messy, my dear," she giggled. "But I know a solution!"

She took the pitcher of ice water from Charlize and….. FLOOSH! A torrent of ice water washed most of the gooey dessert from Susan’s red face, soaked her hair and running in rivulets down the deep valley of her breasts, over her belly and disappearing into her now nearly transparent panties!

"ARGGGGGH!" Susan yelled as the remainder of the water drenched her beautiful breasts, bringing more life to her already stiff nipples.

"Any more speeches, dear? Anything more to say?" Julianne sneered as she grabbed her topless, soaking, whimpering rival by her luscious red hair and hauled her to her feet. "You sure are a pretty wench, but still not very big, even soaking wet," Julianne teased as she pinched and pulled Susan's nips. "This’s been fun, hon - real fun, but before I say goodbye, I want to introduce you to some of your new friends," she said, pointing to several women standing very close wearing devilish grins. "Well, good-bye dear - for now," Julianne laughed as she took Susan by the hair, pulled her close and gave her a hard, unwanted passionate kiss as her free hand slid into her pantyhose.

"UghhhmPFFFFHHH!" Susan's face turned beet-red as she squirmed. This surprise only lasted a minute - but it was a longgggg minute for Susan.

"Well, bye-bye, Susan dear," Julianne laughed," Enjoy the rest of the night!"

She gave the shocked redhead a hard push, sending her backward into the small group of leering women. Eager hands clutched at her hair, her arms, her waist as they led her - no, more like pulled her - through a door into a side room.

“Now that sounds like fun,” Charlize laughed as they listened to yells, screams, moaning and groaning.

Julianne smiled at the onlookers, most of whom couldn’t take their lusting eyes off her beautiful body. She winked at Charlize, shook her beautiful breasts and strutted proudly topless out of the room.