Jessica Simpson vs. Mandy Moore (I) by Michael

As Jessica Simpson lay under Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore and Britney Spears stood staring, furious at how easily Jessica had been beaten by the tinier Aguilera.

Mandy was about to jump Christina but Britney held her back, "Wait... lets see how things work out for a second. This could be a better opportunity for us."

Mandy asked, "Whadda you mean? We have to finish this NOW!"

Britney said, "SHHHH, watch."

Christina stood rubbing her feet on Jessica's face for a few seconds, then said, " Maybe you should grow up a little bit before you try this again. I'd hate to ruin your career before it really got going good. Not to mention, sending you back to your boyfriend again after you get your ass kicked."

Then Christina got up, went over and put her shoes back on.

On her way out of the room, she turned and said, "Maybe you should try taking on that little Mandy girl... you may have better luck with her."

She walked out of the room as Jessica was starting to get to her feet, not believing she'd just gotten her ass kicked so quickly from someone smaller than her. With Jessica sitting there holding her head in her hands in total disbelief, Britney and Mandy came in.

Mandy popped off and said, "WHAT THE HELL? I thought you could handle yourself better than that!!! I should've been the one to kick that scrawny bitch's ass!! It's obvious you couldn't! Oh, and I heard that little remark about you taking me on. Believe me, you definitely need to work on your fighting skills before trying that."

Jessica responded, "Fuck YOU!! I KNOW I could kick your little ass. The only reason I don't is I can't risk going to jail for beating up a child."

The two were closing in on each other, while Britney was just kind of sitting back, watching the whole thing unfold in front of her.

Mandy responded, " Well, if you really think you can, I tell ya what..."

She looked at Britney, then back at Jessica.

"Brit here will be our witness. Just so that it's legal, I'll make the first move. That way, you can say it was self-defense if anything comes of it. Although, I don't think you'll do a good job of defending yourself from what I saw."

Britney spoke up, "Girls, if you want to do this, that's fine with me. I'll be the witness but, I really think we should take it out on Christina instead of fighting among ourselves."

Mandy suddenly slapped Jessica across the face, knocking her back a step or two. Jessica let out a nice moan being that she hadn't expected it to start that soon but she returned the slap. Mandy ducked to avoid the incoming hand and threw another slap to the other side of Jessica's face, reddening the other cheek. This time Jessica had been expecting it and instead of setting up for a slap, she just backhanded Mandy and knocked her stumbling backward, her arms windmilling for balance as she let out a nice little, "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

Britney quickly backed up and took a seat on one side of the room as Jessica dove directly into Mandy, catching her with a spear, totally knocking her to the ground. Landing on top of her, Jessica straddled Mandy and began slapping her face, rocking her head from side to side with each ringing slap.

Mandy was bucking and kicking wildly beneath her, trying to unseat Jessica who was riding Mandy expertly as she bucked. When Jessica finally stopped slapping Mandy, she struggled for balance as she was nearly knocked off several times. When Jessica eventually stopped slapping, Mandy bucked one or two more times, then threw a punch directly up under Jessica's jaw that did knock her off. She fell to the side and lay holding her jaw, shocked that Mandy had throw that effective a punch from flat on her back.

Mandy jumped on Jessica and, as she landed, both girls helped themselves to a handful of the other's hair. They began pulling and yanking each other's head from side to side, rolling around on the floor each gaining, and then losing, the advantage of the top position. As they rolled back and forth, the bumped into furniture and at one point Britney had to leap over the sofa at one point to avoid becoming entangled by the two hellcats. When they finally rolled to a stop against the wall, Mandy was on top of Jessica straddling her waist.

Mandy pinned Jessica's arms above her head as both girls were tiring badly, especially Jessica who'd just been in an earlier fight, however brief. Mandy admitted later she was actually surprised that Jessica still had that much fight left in her.

Mandy glared down at Jessica, saying, " Had enough bitch? Or do I have to totally kick your scrawny ass?"

Jessica, between deep breaths, answered, "FUCK YOU BITCH! This isn't over, you haven't won yet!!!!!!"

Shrugging, Mandy bounced a couple of times, knocking more air from the older girl as Jessica began to grunt and groan each time Mandy's butt slammed into her belly. Then Mandy began to scoot higher on Jessica's body as the blonde's eyes grew wider and wider. As she moved above Jessica's tits and was about to put her knees over Jessica's shoulders in a school girl pin, Jessica suddenly planted her feet on the floor and pushed her hips up as she twisted her left shoulder up. Mandy let out a startled yelp as she tumbled off of Jessica's chest onto the floor beside her. Again, both girls grabbed hair and they began rolling around, slapping, kicking and yanking hair once more. They ended up wit both laying on their sides, staring into the other's face, screaming obscenities.

Suddenly, Jessica rammed her knee up between Mandy's legs, hitting her square in the crotch and bouncing her ass back a good foot. Mandy let out a scream of pain and totally lost her hold on Jessica who immediately started punching her in the stomach as she sat up on her knees beside Mandy.

Jessica drove punch after punch into Mandy's stomach, then her face, and then back to her bell again. Mandy was bleeding from the nose and was starting to bleed from her mouth when Britney pulled Jessica off of her and shoved back against the wall.

Britney had seen enough and yelled, "YOU'VE proved your point, Jess. I think she's had enough!"

Jessica, realizing who it was who grabbed her, was starting to come back to her senses some and nodded, "Yeah, you're right! I'm sorry... take care of her. Things sorta got outta hand."

Mandy just lay there on the floor, bleeding as she curled up in a ball. Britney approached her to comfort her and asked, "You OK?" as she gently caressed her messy hair.

Mandy muttered, "Sure, I'm great. Just go away and leave me the hell alone." Then, after a short pause to catch her breath, she added, "....if that bitch hadn't kneed me in the pussy, things would've been different!"

Britney nodded and sat holding Mandy's head in her lap as she comforted her until she regained her breath.

Jessica walked over a few minutes later, and said, "I'm sorry, Mandy. We shouldn't have done this. I really want us to stay friends. I don't like fighting you and I don't ever want to fight you again. You're a lot tougher than I thought. Truth is, I haven't really been in many fights."

Mandy, still upset, purred, "Oh, we can stay friends, but first I want a rematch." Then winking at Britney who started to grin, Mandy added ominously, "I think I can take you next time."
Mandy Moore vs. Jessica Simpson (II-boxing) by John J.

With Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera clearly in the forefront as the two young queens of pop rock, the question of who was the heir apparent inevitably came up whenever a few of the girls got together. There was considerable debate and many people said Jessica Simpson was clearly the next queen, while others were equally sure Mandy Moore was 'the one.' During an interview of with Jessica Simpson about her status as the 'new princess of pop' the subject of her main rival Mandy Moore naturally came up.

The reporter asked, "So Jessica, what's your opinion of Mandy's singing?"

And Jessica answered, "Well, she's got a pretty good voice for being only 16. I bet when she matures a little, she'll have a great voice."

"So, you don't think Mandy has a great voice yet?"

Jessica responded, "Oh yes, she does have a great voice - for a 16 year old - she just needs more maturing."

But the reporter pressed on, "So, you don't feel she's a threat to you in terms of her singing right now?"

Jessica said, "Ummmm, those are your words, not mine. But, if you're asking if I think she's a serious threat to me being crowned as the new 'Princess of Pop' ….no way. I don't consider her a threat at all."

The reporter continued, still unconvinced, "She's got a pretty nice voice. You sure you want to say that?"

Jessica hissed, "Damn right I do! I'm 21, she's just 16. She's no threat to me in any way. I'm a woman; she's still just a girl," she added with an outburst, that concluded the interview.

A few days later, when it was published in a sleazy tabloid, Mandy Moore saw it and fumed to her agent, "I want that bitch! Right now!"

Mandy explained about the interview and how she wanted a fight against Jessica. Within a few days, everything was arranged. Mandy and Jessica agreed to a bare-knuckle boxing match to settle their differences. They also agreed to a referee, but only to count the loser out. There would be no rounds, no rest periods, no technical knockout and no stopping the fight until it was over; i.e., they'd fight until one was out cold. Other than counting that one out, the referee couldn't interfere or have any role.

Two weeks later they met in front of a small crowd of influential music producers and executives, with their agents and other prominent music people in a warehouse where a ring had been set up for the fight. Mandy entered first wearing a red string bikini and matching high heels. She waved and smiled at the crowds as she climbed in and as soon as Mandy got settled, Jessica was introduced. She wore a white string bikini and matching heels and, like Mandy, she also waved and smiled at the crowd on her way to the ring. Once introduced, both settled into their corner to concentrate on each other, leaving the crowd for after the fight. The referee they’d agreed upon was Shania Twain, and it was a role the brunette country diver gladly accepted.

Shania called for the DING! familiar to all fight fans and Jessica and Mandy each sprang out of their respective corners and closed in with each other, their fists raised and ready to fight. The two gorgeous blondes quickly closed to fighting distance as they circled, fists raised.

Mandy fired a jab at Jessica's head, but she easily blocked the punch, then countered with a shot to the ribs that Mandy elbowed aside with no difficulty. Mandy threw another punch at Jessica, but she again avoided the punch. Jessica fired back with a punch toward Mandy's head but as the younger blonde moved to avoid the punch she realized too late it was simply a fake.

Jessica hammered her in the ribs with a hard left and Mandy gasped as she backpedaled after Jessica's fist sunk in. Jessica fired a big hook that just barely missed Mandy's head as she backed up. Mandy quickly composed herself after that and stopped and moved forward again as Jessica moved in.

Jessica was caught off guard by Mandy's sudden reversal and she walked right into a big left that hammered her jaw. Her head snapped to the side and she wobbled as she lost her footing momentarily. Mandy chased after her slightly wounded adversary and pounded a punch into Jessica’s lower back as she bent forward. Jessica instantly retaliated as she reared up and backfisted Mandy in the mouth, again backing Mandy off a little while Jessica reset her defenses and prepared for the next exchange.

The two blondes closed the distance again as they set themselves to continue their fight. Mandy shot a quick hook at Jessica's head, but Jessica ducked and countered with a solid left that crushed Mandy’s boob into her ribs. Mandy pulled back and recocked her fists defensively as the mature Jessica charged in after her retreating rival. Again, Jessica got careless and walked into a hard hook to the ribs that had her stumbling back gasping to regroup.

Mandy stepped forward, firing a hook to the head that just missed as Jessica leaned back out of range. Both blonde beauties took a moment to settle down, then closed in on each other again. Mandy tried a straight power punch to Jessica's chin, but it was blocked as Jessica countered by hammering a left under Mandy's elbow into gut, then a short right to the jaw that put a wobble in Mandy’s firm young butt. She again backed up to set her defense as Jessica gave chase, throwing punches at Mandy to keep her ducking and covering up defensively.

Mandy soon ran out of room as she became trapped in the corner with her back against the turnbuckle. Jessica kept her pinned as she hammered the young blonde with a flurry of punches to her face, tits, ribs and belly. After one particularly hard shot to the jaw, Mandy moaned and slid along the ropes sideways as she slumped to the canvas. Shania moved in fast and backed Jessica away as she started to count, 1... 2... 3...." By the time she reached ‘three’ Mandy already had pulled herself up and was ready to continue, so Shania stepped back and said, "Fight!"

Mandy angrily charged out of the corner and slammed a huge left to the side of Jessica's head, staggering her. She followed that with a big right that turned Jessica's head to the side. As Jessica straightened up, Mandy snapped her head back the other way with a wild left. The older blonde did a half turn, dazed, then corkscrewed to the canvas as Shania jumped in and wrapped her arms around Mandy to pull her away and start the count on Jessica.

"1... 2...." as Jessica rolled over and got to one knee, clearing her head with a shake before she stood up. Shania peered into her eyes and then, satisfied, moved back again and told the girls to continue. Jessica and Mandy were both a little more wary of the other now and not quite so eager to rush in with fists flying. Defense had become a more attractive alternative as Mandy faked with a left to the jaw that Jessica quickly tried to block only to leave herself wide open for Mandy's real punch to her ribs. Jessica gasped in pain as she quickly backed off, her ribs throbbing from repeated blows they’d taken.

Mandy rashly gave chase until Jessica stopped and stood her ground as Mandy came into range. Jessica caught the young blonde with a left-right combination, first to the ribs, then her tits. Mandy stopped in her tracks with a gasp, her nubile body suddenly starting to feel the effects of the many punches she’d taken as well.

Jessica kept moving in toward Mandy and as she closed in she fired a left at Mandy's jaw. Mandy raised her right arm to block, only to get hammered in the ribs from the other side. Mandy gasped and gagged as she backed into the ropes. Realizing she’d be in trouble if she allowed herself to be trapped against the ropes again, Mandy bounced off and charged into Jessica, clinching with her.

Their close hug left them no room to throw punches. Jessica tried to shove Mandy away, but Mandy held her tight by the hips as she suddenly snapped her head upward to headbutt her older rival. Jessica staggered, seeing stars and Mandy landed a barrage of punches to Jessica's bra, flattening her once perfect boobs against her chest as Jessica stumbled backward, dazed!

Even through her sheer bikini top, Jessica’s bruising and swelling were clearly visible, especially with the white cloth soaked with both girl’s sweat! Mandy began a dogged pursuit, hammering Jessica with punches across the ring until Jessica backed into the corner where she crouched with her gloves in front of her face. She knew she had to do something and quickly to avoid being knocked out so when Mandy wound up for another punch, Jessica brought a punch up from her knees into the younger girl's flat abs.

Mandy never saw it coming and it caught her off guard. The air rushed out of the teen's lungs as she backed up, her fists low protecting her aching belly. Jessica was also in pain, but she HAD to take advantage of this opportunity or she'd be in serious jeopardy of losing. She willed herself to go on as she stepped out and rocked Mandy's head with a continuous stream of punches that had the younger singer dazed. Two more unanswered blows to the face and the corner of Mandy's mouth started to trickle blood as was her nose already!

The taste of her own blood in her mouth seemed to charge up Mandy, and she suddenly charged back on the offensive. Jessica couldn’t adjust fast enough when Mandy suddenly stopped retreating and rushed at her. Mandy drilled a solid right to Jessica's mouth, starting a trickle of blood from her mouth too. But when Mandy went for a follow-up shot to the nose, Jessica blocked it and countered with a straight jab to Mandy's nose, flattening it and making the small trickle of blood flow faster. They traded ineffective shots before the two beauties separated to rearranged their defenses, catch their breath and rest briefly.

In unison, the two beautiful blonde singers raised their fists again and again circled. Mandy charged in with a wild punch at Jessica's head that she dodged easily and immediately countered with a solid thumping punch to Mandy’s belly. Mandy felt the air rush from her lungs as Jessica's fist drove deep into her mid-section. She gulped down air as she backed up quickly with Jessica in pursuit. Jessica chased down the teen and swung another big right hand at her bruised and battered ribs.

Mandy turned to the side to evade the punch and as she turned back, she fired off a counter that landed right just below the waist of Jessica's bikini bottom. She hadn’t tried to hit Jessica so low, but she was clearly pleased with the effect of the illegal shot as Jessica’s eyes grew wide as she slowly dropped to a knee as the waves of pain rushed over her from the low blow. The older blonde would have screamed in anger or in pain if she had any air in her lungs but as she didn’t she held it in and tried to fight through the pain while Shania moved in to shove Mandy away and start to count.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6...." by six, Jessica had the pain enough under control and pulled herself up to her feet with some help from the ropes, but with the knowledge that one more low shot might well finish her. Shania checked her and then stepped out of the way.

Mandy smelled blood, both literally and figuratively, and she wanted the knockout as she rushed at Jessica. No longer worried about low blows, she fired another punch at the same spot but this time Jessica was ready and blocked Mandy's fist. Mandy got careless as she charged recklessly forward and Jessica put a solid left hook to her jaw that rocked the young blonde. Mandy backed up dazed with her fists at her face. Figuring payback was justified, Jessica rushed in and hammered a low blow to Mandy's bikini bottom that unhinged Mandy's knees and she went down hard on her ass, clutching her groin.

Shania moved in again and backed the smug Jessica off, then turned to begin her count, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7...." by the time she reached six Mandy was almost upright and by seven, Mandy had herself on her feet, though still wobbly. Shania looked at both young singers, shrugged and backed away.

Mandy was still rather unsteady but she tried her best to set herself; but Jessica took full advantage and nailed her in the jaw with a hard right that staggered the teen back as her head twisted sharply to the side. Mandy clutched the ropes to keep herself from going down but it just left her exposed as Jessica drilled a left into her middle. Mandy grunted as the punch landed, then doubled over still holding the ropes to prevent herself from falling. Jessica straightened Mandy up with an uppercut and Mandy’s knees took a BIG dip. She knew she was in trouble and had to do something so as Jessica moved in again, Mandy pivoted off the ropes and swung her right fist into Jessica’s bikini bottom, nailing her with yet another low blow.

The pain overwhelmed Jessica and her legs buckled. She sat down hard a Mandy pulled away from the ropes that had helped her keep her balance and she slumped to the canvas on top of Jessica. Fortunately for Jessica, Mandy's aim was off, and this low blow didn't have the power of the earlier one. Had Mandy struck a little more to the right and lower, or her punch been a little harder, Jessica would have been finished and she knew it.

The audience looked confused as did Shania for a moment but then Shania recalled the rules and explained to the fans, "One of ‘em has to get up before I start to count. They both agreed, no double count-out and no draw."

After over a minute of the two laying side by side, Jessica stirred first. She rolled over to the ropes and used them to pull herself up. Mandy saw Jessica's movement, and willed herself to get moving as well. She rolled the opposite way and started to pull herself up too. Jessica made it to her feet first, but not by enough for Shania to even start counting.

The two beautiful blondes stumbled toward each other once more, both a lot shakier on her feet than they had been earlier; both clearly feeling the effects of the battering to their sweet young bodies, both with many bruises, bloody mouths and noses; both tiring rapidly. Still, while neither was sure how many more punches she could throw, let alone take, before getting too exhausted to fight, both still burned with the desire to not only win, but to knock out the other woman. Their desire drove them to continue as they closed, fists raised, to fight again.

The two blondes circled warily, watching and waiting for an opening. They’d both learned patience, no longer willing to expend energy on punches that had no chance of causing harm. Mandy fired a right at Jessica's tits, but the older blonde took the punch and retaliated with a punch to Mandy's face that would add a black eye to her damage. Mandy staggered back to the ropes, with Jessica in slow, resolute pursuit. Jessica lunged, but Mandy dodged aside at the last second, leaving Jessica draped in the ropes after hitting nothing but air. Mandy pivoted into Jessica and hammered her lower back with several hard kidney punches. Jessica moaned as the blows landed, forcing her to hold the ropes to stay up. Mandy kept at Jessica, concentrating on her lower back until Jessica suddenly spun and back-fisted Mandy in the mouth.

Mandy staggered away, barely keeping her balance as Jessica also wobbled as her momentum took her away from the support of the ropes. She fell and sat on her haunches with both hands holding her lower back which was in a lot of pain from Mandy's kidney punching.

Shania moved in and started to count, “1.. 2... 3... 4... 5...." but at five Jessica pulled herself up, took a deep breath, winced and steadied herself. Shania moved out of the way just in time as Mandy charged right in and hammered Jessica in the jaw with a right hook that dropped her flat on her back.

This time when Shania moved in and counted, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8...." it took Jessica much longer to get herself together, but she got up and said she was ready after the eight. Shania was grinning broadly as she backed off this time and again, Mandy rushed in and went for that same hook to the jaw. Jessica ducked under the wild punch and slammed a big left hook to Mandy's jaw that staggered the teenager. She followed up with a straight right between the eyes that sent Mandy sprawling to the canvas with her arms and legs spread-eagled!

Shania moved in again and started to count, this time over Mandy, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5...." But when Shania reached five, Mandy was back on her feet and getting steady. Chuckling at the young women’s tenacity, Shania backed off again shaking her head.

Mandy still wasn’t fully steadied when Jessica rushed in and hammered in the gut with a right. Mandy gasped as the air rushed out of her lungs and she doubled over in pain. Jessica pounded the teen again, this time with an uppercut to the chin. Mandy's eyes went glassy as she wobbled but didn’t fall, so Jessica drilled a left hook to Mandy's jaw that did sent the younger singer to the canvas.

Shania moved back in for another count, slapping her open palm on the canvas next to Mandy’s ear as she counted out loud, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9...." until Mandy just barely pulled herself to her feet before Shania reached ten.

Swaying on her feet, Mandy was wobbly-kneed and glassy eyed; clearly not really capable of continuing the fight. Shania looked at the crowd and thought about stopping the match despite her instructions for both she and Jessica knew that it was just a formality as Jessica pushed her aside and moved in to plowed her best left hook of the fight into the side of Mandy's unguarded jaw. The teen flopped to the canvas, glassy eyed, out.

Shania moved in and did a perfunctory count, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10...," then waved her arms, "You're OUT!"

She raised Jessica's arm and held it high as she announced, "The winner of the grudge boxing match is Jessica Simpson!"

Jessica clasped her hands over her head as she danced around her fallen opponent to celebrate her victory. Then, showing excellent sportsmanship, she went over to Mandy, helped the teen diva to her feet and gave her a good, solid spank! The two blondes hugged to prove any hard feelings had been forgotten as Jessica admitted, "You've a helluva punch for a little girl."

Mandy smiled and replied, "You're fists aren't bad either....for an old lady."

They laughed, smiled and hugged, then Jessica suddenly leaned over and kissed Mandy on the cheek. After Mandy got herself together, she left the ring quietly to allow Jessica to enjoy her victory celebration.

A week after the fight, the same group was back together at the same warehouse, this time for a concert. Mandy was the opening act and did a couple of songs before Jessica came out as the headliner and taking up the majority of the evening. Afterward, Mandy and Jessica stayed on to talk late into the night and they seem to have started down the road toward a real friendship, at least for now...