Mandy Moore vs. Britney Spears by Vypress

The countdown continues as Mandy is getting ready to put her 3rd CD on the shelves of every music store around the world. To introduce her new album, Mandy takes us on a journey through the bumps and turns of the woods while getting us familiar with her new songs. With a very systematic approach Mandy will lead us down to the final destination - a large wood deck overlooking a stream in the woods. In the middle of the deck, Mandy and Sony records has a nice little display of the cover art the finished copy of the CD. But right now Mandy is busy leading the camera to this place.

Elsewhere in the woods, Britney's crew is holding a photo session for the pop princess herself. Neither party knows the other is present, but that will soon change. When the first part of Britney's session is done, she leaves the cameras and her friends to take a break. Her security guards follow close behind. When she makes it to the top of a hill, she notices Mandy's crew set up on the deck of the cottege. Her curiosity gets the better of her and Britney darts past one of film technicians to take a closer look.


Mandy's security guards start to go after the intruder until they recognize she is the pop princess herself!

"Britney Spears? Did Mandy invite you here?"

Naturally, Britney goes along with the whole thing, nodding a quick yes as she begins to sift through the CD presentation.

"Miss Spears, we should be getting back to our own session," says one of her bodyguards.

But Britney abruptly signals for her security to leave her alone when Mandy and her other film crew arrive to make the final part of her show.

"I want to thank every at Sony and MTV who continue to support me," says Mandy, her eyes looking directly into the camera. "Without you, all this wouldn't have been possible. To all my friends and family, this CD is dedicated."

Mandy turns around to introduce the finished product to the cameras when she sees Britney with the CD in her hand!

"What the...? CUT, CUT, CUT!!!" Mandy shouts as the camera crews disperse in chaos!

"Britney, what the hell are you doing here?" Mandy asks. "Hey, get away from that display, can't you see we're filming? Get out of here. Somebody, make her leave this instant!"

Britney looks at Mandy and yells that an ex-dancer in Mandy's entourage had passed along a story about how Mandy had a poster of Britney on her wall that she defaces every day! Britney added, "I even hear you have large balloons on the chest you pop after each show. IS THAT YOUR IDEA OF SOME SICK JOKE?" screams Britney.

Mandy walks toward Britney but Spears' security guard move in to intervene. Much to their surprise, Mandy's people push him back. As Mandy reaches the much smaller Britney, she looks down on at the blonde with a smirk.

"Give me that CD right now!" demands Mandy holding out her hand!

Just then Britney backs up to the overlook and tosses it over her shoulder into the stream 100 feet below.

"I don't think you'll be needing it - WHEN I GET DONE WITH YOU!" snaps Britney!

Just then Mandy's camera crew stops in their tracks to witness two young pop stars about to have a heated catfight! Bob, one of the camera men starts his camera rollin' in anticipation of what is to come as Mandy corners Britney on the left side of the deck. The deck closely resembled a wrestling ring with wooden ropes for railings and about a eight foot entrance on one side. Britney wore a thin white blouse with navy blue jean shorts while Mandy had dressed in a pink bikini top and barely transparent black short skirt over a bikini bottom.

"You may be taller, but you're just a little girl who's gonna learn how rough the world can really get out here," Britney threatens!

Mandy sees Britney is in attack mode so before the smaller blonde can throw a punch, she straight arms Britney backward. With Mandy's hand under her chin, Britney fails to connect with her first punch. Mandy's long arm keeps her just out of striking reach. Britney, close to embarrassment, makes matters worse when she throws a second and then a third punch that also flail wildly without landing.

Mandy laughs, "I sure hope you can do a little better than that, Brit!"

Britney is unable to free herself from Mandy's straight arm and in a desperate attempt to cut Mandy down, swings up her foot in a desperate attempt to kick Mandy in the groin. Mandy is able to defuse the attack, turning her hips just enough and catching Britney's ankle with her left hand. Mandy laughs as she holds the pop princesses leg up while she pushes her right hand against Britney's jaw, forcing the smaller blond to hop on one foot back against the railing. Mandy pressures Britney's back against the hard wood, slowly lifting the older girl off the ground before driving a perfectly executed knee to Britney's crotch. Britney drops to the deck as Mandy steps back to watch her writhe in pain.

Britney looks up with venomous eyes as she gets to her feet and darts toward her antagonist. Mandy again uses her long arms to her advantage as she clotheslines Britney down to the hard surface. Britney holds her back in discomfort as she rolls around on the center of the deck.

"You may be older," sneers Mandy. "But some of us learn faster, YOU STUPID BITCH!"

Mandy shot a swift kick to Britney's side. Mandy's crew began to cheer her on, not even noticing as Bob licked his lips keeping his eye on this sudden change of events.

Mandy kicked Britney one more time in the stomach before hauling her up by the hair. Spears stumbled to her feet as Mandy drilled her in that fabulous stomach of hers with two knees before connecting with a left and then right to Britney's face. The smaller blonde flew backward against the rail again, all but out on her feet. Then Moore pulverized her with a kick to her already tender womanhood. Britney just crumbled onto the ground lying against the railing with little to no movement. Mandy went and got a large glass of water and tossed it over the pop princesses, face waking her from her slumber.

"Finally, I got a real, live Britney doll to beat on. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Maybe I'll market this to the public," Mandy says, clapping her hands excitedly.

Mandy hauls the ailing teen up by the hair and drags Britney to the corner!

"See this corner," she asks Britney. "This is where me and my boyfriend first kissed!"

She bangs Britney's face against the wooden rail. Britney's knees collapse and she melts against Mandy's long beautiful legs. Britney holds on for dear life, wrapping her arms around Mandy's legs in desperation. But Mandy easily loosens her grip as she kicks her leg against the wooden rail, crushing Britney against it.

"AWW!" taunts Mandy. "Does lil' Miss Perfect have a bloody nose?"

Britney's security guard pushes through to get to her but Mandy's people close in on him with sharp fists, neutralizing him in less than a minute. That leaves Britney on own unless the rest of her crew can catch up with her fast.

Mandy grabs Britney's legs and pulls her to the center of the deck where she puts a foot on Britney's neck and chokes her. Britney flails until Mandy rips her back up off the ground by the hair again. Mandy proceeds to latch onto Britney between the legs and over her shoulder, easily lifting the smaller girl up into the air. Mandy parades the deck, walking the perimeter once before she drops Britney on top of the rail. Britney's head hits hard and her arms just drop and lay draped over the side along with her weakened legs.

There she was with her left arm and leg hanging 100 feet above the water and rocks! A fall from this high would most definitely result in her untimely and premature DEATH! Mandy thought about ending it right there by rolling the mouthy pop princess off the deck to her doom, but then she decided against it. Instead, she began ripping off Britney's clothes, a move greeted by cheers from her partisan audience. When she finished disrobing her small blond foe, Mandy tossed Britney's clothes over the side and watched them flutter down into the stream.

"Now, to finish my daily routine," Mandy said archly. "Except this time, I have REAL BREASTS to explode at the end of the show!"

Mandy starts off by battering Britney's breast with a series of hard punches! Then she seizes the titflesh in both hands and slaps Britney's breasts together. She continues her assault on busty Britney's bodacious boobs, twisting and turning Britney's round mounds until they're scraped and bruised as they glisten under the hot sun above them.

Next, Mandy slaps her upon hand up between Britney's legs, making sure to shove a couple of fingers in the pop stars womanhood, while she grabs her around the neck with the other hand. Mandy lifts Britney off the railing and into the air. Britney's naked body hangs suspended and helplessly in Mandy's grasp before she is smashed down onto her knee. Mandy arched the ailing Britney's neck toward the ground, making sure to brutalize her rivals back in the process. While she bends Britney, Mandy's right hand continues to attack Britney's pussy! The audience is eating up the erotic sounds of Britney's moans of both helplessness and erotic pleasure at Mandy's magnificent manual manipulation.

Finally, unable to help herself, Britney explodes in an orgasm that streams down her thighs even as Mandy makes sure she keeps Britney's love juices flowing freely. With a sudden jerk, Mandy takes Spears by the hair and hauls her up on wobbly feet, throwing her into the corner.

Britney's bare back bangs against the rough textured wood as Mandy attacks one last time. The tall blonde connects with a right cross to Britney's face, then a left uppercut to the jaw. Britney crumbles, but not before Mandy seizes her hair again. Mandy takes great pleasure at seeing how broken up Britney's face is from those two last shots. She spins Britney around and bends her over the rail from the waist. Dazed, Britney looks down as her head dangles 100 feet over the rocks, her breasts seem defeated, as if trying to release themselves from her body. Britney sees her arms hang free beneath her, swaying from side to side until they come to a stop.

Mandy takes some rope from her prop man and feeds it through the railing, then around Britney's back. She grab hold of it from the other side and pulls, forcing Britney's body into a nice, neat little package. Britney's breasts are crushed against the wooden bars of the railing as Mandy ties a knot behind Britney's knees. The tall blonde pulls the rope tighter and tighter, until Britney's soft tits ooze through the bars of the railing and her knees thud violently against the other side.

Mandy gets to her feet and stands back to admire her handiwork. Britney's plump full ass is on full display with her nubile body wrapped tightly over the top of the railing. Mandy walks off the deck and onto the entrance path where she can still hear the distinct sounds of a close to unconscious Britney moaning in the background.

Mandy kneels down and pulls up a sign that was staked in the ground.

"Now," Mandy sighs. "Not only can you NOT fight, you slut; you can't READ either.!"

The tall blonde beauty proceeds back to Britney's delectable ass, takes the sign, turns it sideways and shoves the stake right up in Britney's asshole. Mandy works the slivered wood in and out as Britney screams until she passes out. Mandy gives the sign a final shove, then turns around and, head thrown back and her chest thrust out, walks proudly away.

Mandy and her crew finish their taping, then pack up and leave Britney's body still bound to the railing. In a short while a group of people from Britney's session find her on deck after their belated and half-hearted attempts to track down the haughty pop diva.

"HEY! Mick, Steve, come here! GET A LOAD OF THIS!" a voice cries out.

Britney's producer Mick and her cameraman Steve walk out onto the deck and stop in shock with their mouths gaping open. The two of them see Britney's naked body tied to the railing with a sign stuffed in her ass that says:


"Well," Mick says as he carefully pulls out the sign. "I guess the princess finally learned what 'no' means."