"The Costume Party" (1990) Sharon Stone vs. Demi Moore (with Debra Winger) by Tank

It was early 1990 and 28 year old Demi Moore and 35 year old Debra Winger were hitting it off at a prestigious Hollywood costume party. Demi had looked forward to this Halloween event for weeks after an argument with husband Bruce caused her to go to the party alone. There was a very influential Hollywood producer (Al) Demi was longing to meet. He specialized in action films, the genre the shapely brunette was interested in. She was intent on being recognized by the public as an action heroine and saw this producer was her road to stardom. Dressed in a tight black leather bra and micro skirt under an open black robe, Demi wore her hair in pigtails with a gold crown on her head. She called herself "The Black Queen" and her then girlfriend Debra dressed as Wonder Woman and not the little sister she’d portrayed in the TV series. Though a bit short for WW, Debra relished dressing as Carter's character since she was convinced she would’ve been a better Wonder Woman than Carter.

If there was one thing both Demi and Debra shared, it was contempt for Sharon Stone. Demi saw Sharon as an outsider, someone definitely not her type to befriend - especially not with the 32 y/o Sharon flirting with Al at the bar. Demi desperately wanted to meet the producer and was seething as she watched Sharon burst out laughing while cuddling up to the producer. The glamorous blond wore her shimmering golden hair long and bushy as she had in "Total Recall" but was dressed in a tan/light gold Jungle Girl similar to Tanya Roberts' of "Sheena" fame.

Sharon referred to herself simply as "the jungle girl" and the producer couldn’t take his eyes off her. Demi and Debra also couldn’t take their eyes off Sharon - but for quite a different reason. They’d each strode to the bar several times and ordered drinks but had failed miserably at getting the producer's attention. Sharon sensed the hostility of the two women as they stood next to her - and seemed to take cruel delight in frustrating them.

Finally, Demi could not take it any longer and she “accidentally” swung her forearm back, knocking the blonde's drink into the air. The cocktail landed in her lap with most of the drink splashing on her exposed breasts and belly.

"Oops! So clumsy of me!" Demi exclaimed insincerely as she slithered her shapely body between Sharon and Al; her hazel eyes and Sharon's blue eyes meeting in a hostile stare down. Debra couldn’t help giggling.

But Sharon kept her cool and pretended to laugh it off. "I have to freshen up, Al. I’ll be right back!"

Sharon made her way to the ladies room while Demi slipped into her seat and began chatting up Al. Debra followed Sharon inside the ladies room.

Debra stood next to Sharon, pretending to freshen up herself in the mirror as the blond beauty rinsed herself off in the sink. But when Sharon, totally ignoring her, moved to leave, the brunette, buying time for Demi, stood in front of her and pushed her back with both hands.

"Not so fast, Sharon!" she scowled. "Why are you in such a hurry? Your seat at the bar is taken. Now relax before you get beat up!" Sharon took a deep breath. She was in the best shape of her life and was not going to allow the shorter Wonder Woman impersonator to bully her. Debra again pushed Sharon backward. Sharon angrily pushed back. Debra punched Sharon in her belly.

"OOOFFFFF!" As Sharon blonde doubled over, Debra grabbed her hair and pulled her forward.

Sharon stomped on Debra’s foot, then punched her in the ribs forcing her to release Sharon's hair. Both began snapping punches into the other's belly and although Sharon was taller, she willfully engaged in a body punching contest with the petite brunette. Lefts and rights by both connected and both disregarded any semblance of defense, confident she was made of sterner stuff than her opponent.

"OOOOHHHHH! OWWWWW....AGHHHHHH!" Now Sharon pinned Debra to the wall and punished her relentlessly.

Debra retaliated, but her punches were lacking the starch to slow the buff blond. She tried to tie up Sharon but the blond kept punching, hammering solid lefts and rights to Debra's belly and ribs that had the brunette wincing in pain. Sharon continued her assault and saw that Debra had left her face unguarded - but she was intent on beating Debra in a body punching contest, so the sexy blonde took a step back and drove a hard right into Debra's kidney.

"OOOOHHHHHH!" Debra groaned as the brunette fell to her knees, then toppled forward, her jaw hitting the tile floor. With her Wonder Woman butt in the air, Debra trembled as she toppled onto her side on the ladies room floor and began to sob.

Sharon dropped to her knees in front of her hurting rival and jerked her head up with a fistful of hair. She nailed the helpless brunette in her belly with a barrage of lefts and rights that left Debra gasping and begging through her tears for Sharon to stop. Finally, a right to the jaw put Debra out of her misery. She sprawled spread-eagled on her back, unconscious. Sharon dragged Debra’s body into the end stall, lifted her and dropped her butt on the toilet, then closed the door. She smirked as she checked her reflection in the mirror, ran a comb through her hair, tugged and pulled her dress back into position and strutted out the door to rejoin the party looking none the worse for the experience.

"So you like my costume, Al?" Demi purred, her hand on the producers bicep.

"You make a stunning Black Queen, Demi!" he told her. "At midnight, the best costume winner will be announced and I can tell by the way everyone’s gawking you're definitely the favorite to win it."

Demi whispered, "I'm staying in room 327 tonight. Maybe you’ll come up for a drink after the winner is announced? I’d…" she stopped in mid-proposition when Sharon came strutting past and took the seat on Al’s other side.

The blonde Jungle Woman wore a mischievously smug, smirking, grin as she leaned across the producer to tell Demi, "Oh Demi, darling; your girlfriend Debra said to tell you she's taking a nap and won’t be up ‘til morning.” Turning to the producer, Sharon ignored Demi and picked up her previous conversation. “Now, where were we, Al?"

She captured his arm in hers, pulling his elbow into the valley between her breasts as she purred sexily. Demi grabbed his other arm and gently pulled him to her. Al's head was twisting back and forth between the ‘Jungle Girl’ and the ‘Black Queen’ as the two women, not so subtly, vied for his attention.

‘Damn! This isn’t gonna work!’ Demi thought to herself. "I've got an idea, Al." Demi suggested as she glared menacingly at Sharon. "Why don't YOU relax here while I show the ‘Jungle Girl’ something in my room? We won't be long, I promise. And when I get back, I’ll have a big surprise for you!"

Sharon's questioning eyes met Demi's and the brunette’s gaze flashed a subtle dare. Sharon held her gaze as she nodded in tacit agreement of Demi’s unspoken challenge.

"Are you sure my sweet and innocent ‘Jungle Girl’ will be safe alone with a cruel ‘Black Queen’, Demi?" Al joked, having the time of his life being contested for by two beauties.

"Oh, I think I'll be fine, Al!" Sharon smiled. “This shouldn’t take long.”

"Who knows,” Demi chuckled as she reached across Al grabbed Sharon’s hand and pulled the blond to her feet. “You may be calling her ‘Slave Girl’ when we get back."

"Just be back when they announce the best costume, Demi," he replied. "Oh, and you too, Sharon," he added as an obvious afterthought.

The Jungle Girl nodded, then she gave a startled twitch when ‘The Black Queen’ bent over to plant a kiss on Al's cheek. Before Sharon could do the same, Demi pulled her away to the elevator. As they stood in the elevator, Sharon kicked off her shoes and held them in her hand as she peered down at Demi's black boots. In her bare feet, Sharon and Demi were now of equal height.

"I'm glad you were able to handle Debra," Demi lied. "She never impressed me as a fighter. Still, I’d have disposed of her a lot quicker than you. You must be getting soft in your ‘old age’."

The elevator door opened and Demi led Sharon down the hall to her room where, once inside, Demi locked the door before she steered the lovely blonde to the bedroom and closed that door as well. The dominant brunette went to the closet and took out another costume, one she’d brought as a spare. It was frilly white with pink trim, an adjustable dress that wasn't long enough to cover the wearer's panties. White knee socks completed the 'little schoolgirl' costume. Sharon wondered if Demi was going to put it on - it would be in stark contrast to her dominatrix style Black Queen costume.

"Put it on!" Demi ordered Sharon, pointing to the schoolgirl outfit.

"I beg your pardon?” Sharon harrumphed. “It’s not my style. Besides, I like what I'm wearing now."

"I said, put it on!" Demi repeated, her voice hard and flat.

"And what if I don't?" Sharon prissed, hands on hips in a defiant pose.

"Then I'll FORCE you into it…Shar my dear! Cmon, Peaches, we both know you're not the jungle girl type! You're far more convincing as a helpless schoolgirl intimidated by a naughty Black Queen like me. Al agrees and so will everyone else at the party, I bet." Demi not only looked very stern, but determined to force Sharon into the outfit.

"I see...," Sharon replied. "You’d just LOVE to appear the dominant woman with me as your meek, submissive, plaything wouldn’t you. I suppose you're planning on leading me around all evening...like a helpless child you can spank whenever you want?"

Demi reached back into the closet and produced a length of rope which she tossed it on the bed. “I even brought the leash to lead you around at the end of,” she said by way of answering Sharon’s charge. “I think I have a paddle in here too - somewhere - if I need it!” Then putting her hands on her hips and cocking one knee forward, she glared at her blond guest and again demanded, "PUT IT ON!"

"MAKE ME!" Sharon gulped.

Demi stalked toward Sharon as the blond held her ground cautiously. Suddenly, Demi launched a straight kick which caught Sharon in her belly.

"OWWWW!" Sharon fell back against the wall, her arms out to keep her balance.

Demi rushed her, put her in a Headlock and hip-tossed the struggling Sharon onto the bed. She leaped on the bed while Sharon was getting to her knees, yanked Sharon's long, thick blond hair and pulled her into a Headlock again. As the blond struggled in her grasp, Demi repeated, "PUT IT ON, SHARON!! PUT IT ON OR I'LL BREAK YOU DOWN AND DRESS YOU MYSELF, YOU DAMN BITCH!"

Sharon's answer was to pepper Demi's belly with her knees. Still, the battling brunette continued to twist Sharon's head and neck in the powerful Headlock. Sharon grunted as her knees consistently found their mark as she continued to nail her in her belly. Rearing back, the struggling blond snapped a savage knee into Demi's groin.

"AGHHHHHH!" Demi let out a loud groan and Sharon escaped from her clutches.

Both women grabbed each other's hair and began to twist and yank each other around the bed. Then scratching and clawing was followed by tearing at each other's costumes. Both bras were torn off as each tried desperately to attain balance and leverage over the other. Both women were now bare breasted on their knees, their thighs pressing into each other's thighs.

Now it was Sharon who had Demi in a Headlock as the shapely brunette drove straight punches into Sharon's ribs, weakening her. Sharon winced at the blows and had to release her grip on Demi's head. Demi huffed and puffed as she straightened up, then threw herself at the tall blond, wrapping her in a Bearhug. Demi forced Sharon onto her back but Sharon wrapped her legs around Demi's waist and locked her ankles.

Demi released the Bearhug, clenched her fists and both women began to beat the other with short, accurate punches to lovely faces. Demi, punching down, was landing the more telling blows so Sharon grabbed the fierce brunette's wrists to tie her up as she tightened her Scissors around Demi's waist. Grunting, Sharon squeezed with all her might, blocking most of Demi's punches, although several got thru to graze the blonde's jaw.

"OOOHHHHHH!" Demi groaned and Sharon realized her Scissors around the brunette's waist was doing damage.

Demi grazed Sharon's eye with a wild right as the blond still applying pressure with her legs, finally twisted the brunette beauty off of her. Both women were quick to get to their knees and recklessly hurtled their shapely bodies into each other with a thud! Demi got low on Sharon and again pushed her onto her back. As the brunette lunged at her, her fists reared back to strike, Sharon launched her legs up and wrapped them around Demi's neck. As the tawny brunette wildcat missed a hay maker to Sharon's jaw, Sharon tightened her leg scissors around her neck and began to squeeze.

"EEIIGHHHHH!" Demi was hurting as Sharon had caught her off balance, her shapely legs punishing the brunette.

Demi flailed at Sharon wildly as the blond beauty twisted her over onto her back and maneuvered behind Demi as the brunette struggled to free herself. Sharon pulled Demi back between her thighs and quickly secured them around her head. The Black Queen kicked at the Jungle Woman wildly but Sharon was able to avoid Demi's flashing heels as she reached out and yanked at Demi's black leather skirt.

RIPPPPPP! It tore completely off.

Demi wedged her hands inside Sharon's thighs, trying to pry them apart but the blonde grabbed Demi’s pigtails and yanked her head back.

"OWWWWW!" Demi shrieked as Sharon inched Demi's face higher between her thighs.

Sharon clamped down with her fleshy surrounding Demi's cheekbones. Demi bucked up and down, her muffled grunts sounding like a madwoman as Sharon yanked her head back to stare into her eyes. She couldn't help being amused as her gaze wandered to Demi's white cotton panties as the Black Queen continued to buck and punch Sharon's legs. The Jungle Woman inhaled deeply, her bare breasts and nipples undulating as her tan bottom twisted around her waist, exposing her moist womanhood.

Sharon flexed her silky, sensuous thighs around Demi's face while yanking the brunette's head back by her pig tails, her blue eyes glaring into Demi's. The blond beauty watched tears forming in Demi's hazel eyes as she methodically twisted her head back and forth with her lovely legs while holding onto her hair. When she again flexed her shapely, well muscled thighs around the brunette's face more vigorously, the beautiful blond heard the tough and sexy brunette burst out crying!

When Sharon eased the pressure of her deadly Scissors, Demi gasped and panted, then yelled, “OWWW... OWWW... OK DAMMIT... I…I GIVE UP....(sob) (sob) No more…please…NO MORE!"

"ARE YOU SURE, DEMI? IS THAT YOUR FINAL ANSWER? IF I WERE IN YOUR POSITION, I WOULDN'T GIVE UP SO EASILY!" Sharon spread her legs wide and pulled Demi by the hair up over her lap, then wrapped her silky legs around Demi's torso, criss-crossing the brunette’s bare, sweat-glistening, heaving, breasts.

"I…I…yes, I’m s…s…sure…just…l…l…let me go...BOO-HOO-HOO!" Demi gulped, her body shuddering.

"YOU STILL WANT ME IN THAT SCHOOLGIRL OUTFIT, DUMMY...I MEAN DEMI?" Sharon intended to dominate her brunette rival with her high intelligence every bit as much as the power of her silky legs.

"NO...You don’t have to...PLEASSSE…let me gooooOH!"

Sharon broke up laughing. Staring up at the ceiling, she continued her cruel mind game. "YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T GIVE UP SO EASILY, DEMI. DO YOU REALIZE HOW HUMILIATING THIS IS FOR YOU? WHAT WILL AL THINK? WHAT WILL EVERYONE AT THE PARTY THINK? I'LL GIVE YOU ANOTHER GOOD SQUEEZE AND GIVE YOU SOME TIME TO THINK IT OVER." Sharon flexed her shapely legs around Demi's breasts again.

"Awwwwwwwwwwww…P-P-PLEASE…Sharon…I…I…I thought it was over…I…I…I GIVE UP! (BOO-HOO-HOO)"

Sharon, still staring at the ceiling as if distracted, flexed her sexy calves into Demi's belly and the brunette began to drool from the corners of her mouth. "THIS MAY NOT SEEM THE TIME TO BE PHILOSOPHICAL, DEMI,” Sharon said, holding back laughter. “BUT HAVE YOU CONSIDERED WHAT YOUR GROVELING SUBMISSION COULD MEAN TO YOUR CAREER? I MEAN, IF IT WAS ME..." Sharon again rippled her shapely thighs around Demi's hurting breasts.

"Oh…oh….ooooOOOHHHHH. Muh…my breasts…Sharon….PLEASE STOP! (groan)"


Sharon yanked Demi by her pigtails and stretched her lovely legs until she had Demi bawling, gasping and drooling; then, finally, she began to beg! "I D…D…DON'T CARE! Puh…please, d…don’t squeeze any more…I can’t take it….PLEASSSSE? (whimper)"

Grinning, the dominant blond beauty released her vanquished prey, rose from the bed and put her bra back on. As Demi lay on the bed trembling and sobbing fitfully, the victorious Jungle Woman picked up Demi's gold crown from the floor.

"This matches my outfit perfectly!" Sharon exclaimed. After setting it on her head, she picked up the schoolgirl outfit and threw it on Demi's quivering body, barking, "PUT IT ON…NOW!"

A trembling Demi slowly began to slip into the demeaning costume accompanied by much slapping and taunting from her blond conqueror. Demi was able to pull the dress over her breasts, but her white cotton panties were quite conspicuous below as she bent over to pull up the white knee socks. Sharon dragged her off the bed by her pigtails and slapped her again. Demi was crumbling in her grasp. The savage Jungle Woman had destroyed the cocky ‘Black Queen’ and turned her into a frightened, helpless ‘schoolgirl.’ Demi certainly looked the part in the frilly dress and pigtails. Sharon retrieved the rope and used it to bind Demi's wrist to her own.

Pulling her over to the full length mirror, Sharon studied the effect of the big, blond Jungle Woman leading a sobbing, sniveling schoolgirl around at the end of a rope. Satisfied with the sight, Sharon thrust her nose in the air and jerked the rope, pulling her stumbling, captured victim out of the room, down the hall and into the elevator!

Sharon dragged Demi through the crowd of now very interested onlookers; often stopping to chat with one of the guests before whom she could yank Demi to an abrupt halt at the end of her rope. The blond beauty would introduce herself as "The Savage Jungle Queen" then gesture dismissively at Demi and say, “and this is my submissive schoolgirl conquest."

Usually, Sharon gave Demi a knee in the back of her thigh or would yank her head up by her pigtails to further display her dominance. Demi would play along, laughing and smiling as Sharon controlled her. Humiliated though she was, Demi's deepest fear was that guests might recognize that Sharon's dominance was REAL and not some contrived prank as she hoped (and prayed) they would.

Demi didn’t dare resist or risk making a fuss for fear her sexy blond conqueror - as she appeared to be in the sensuous Jungle Woman outfit - would reveal exactly how she FORCED Demi to submit to the demeaning role. She couldn’t afford to let what happened become public! It could ruin her chances of ever being an ‘action heroine’ and might relegate her forever to the demeaning role as ‘heroine’s best friend’ or - far worse - ‘the comic sidekick.’

So Sharon continued to lead Demi through the crowd, putting her on display, flaunting her submissiveness and - once or twice - giving a “playful” spank to Demi’s barely concealed bottom. Then Robert DeNiro came over to them and began chatting, telling Sharon how “amused” he was at the joint effort. He complimented Sharon on “your wild idea" completely ignoring Demi, her part in the award winning duo and not giving any thought that she might have had a part in coming up with it.

Demi, for her part, gave what many regard as perhaps her greatest acting performance, laughing with Sharon - and everyone else - at herself. Michael Douglas, who would star in films with both, had them pose for photos with him. Sharon sitting next to him on a bar stool, Demi over her lap with Sharon’s hand on her raised butt; both smiling broadly at the camera.

Despite the depth of her humiliation, Demi believed she would weather the storm as long as she kept playing along with Sharon however she played it - just as long as she wasn’t exposed for the weak, helpless, unwilling accomplice to Sharon's domination that she, in fact, was! Still, her prolonged domination by her fellow star became more and more difficult for Demi to accept and she couldn't wait for everyone to leave and for the party to end.

Nearly everyone of the almost 200 celebrities and movie makers gravitated to the Jungle Woman and her Schoolgirl Conquest as the night progressed. Don Rickles sat next to them and cracked jokes about them. Sharon playfully twisted Demi's arm behind her back in a half nelson as Sly Stallone urged her on. Finally, Sharon slithered back to Al the producer, who welcomed her, literally, with open arms, totally ignoring Demi who continued to smile and play along as other actresses stopped by to tease and torment her.

Suddenly, an announcement was made over the loudspeaker. "AND NOW ITS TIME TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF OUR BEST COSTUME CONTEST! THE WINNER IS...THE LOVELY AND SAVAGE JUNGLE QUEEN...MISS SHARON STONE!" Sharon smiled broadly as she dragged Demi up to the podium where she accepted her trophy and made a brief acceptance speech ending with, "...and I’d like to thank Demi for playing her Schoolgirl role so well! Wasn't she great? Take a bow, Demi!"

The crowd applauded as Demi took a bow; most marveling how humble she really was for her to act submissive to Sharon for the entire evening as she had. Sharon shoved the trophy into Demi's hands and forced her to carry it back to the bar and stand around holding it while Sharon accepted congratulations from dozens of admiring fans.

Later, as the last of the guests were departing, Demi whispered to Sharon, asking if it were alright if she went to her room now that the event was over. Sharon roughly grabbed Demi, marched into the ladies room and slammed the door behind her. There, the sultry blond slammed the shorter brunette back up against the wall, grabbed Demi’s arm and twisted until Demi was on her tip-toes wincing in pain, her bright red face twisted in a mask of discomfort.


Sharon released Demi's arm and smiled. Demi realized she'd been outfoxed. Sharon had known all along she had too much pride to make a scene and - as it turned out - it was the lovely blond who was REALLY 'playing along.' Sharon laughed in Demi's face, then unlocked the door and strutted out of the ladies room; leaving Demi even more humiliated than before!

Just as the door closed behind Sharon, a groggy Debra Winger stumbled out of the stall and staggered over holding her belly. She mumbled, "Wha…what happened Demi?" Her concern was evident in her tone, but Demi remained silent.

Demi began to gnash her teeth as she thought back over what had been the most humiliating night of her life! She began planning revenge against the woman who’d become her bitter rival; swearing, “…somehow, sometime, somewhere I WILL make Stone pay for this!”

NOTE TO READERS: This is how the long-time feud between Sharon and Demi began. I have (at least) a few friends who may be surprised (disappointed?) at how Sharon dominated Demi but keep in mind - this is 1990; Sharon was her best - and Demi hadn’t yet developed her muscular body. Sharon turns 50 this month (3-10-08) so I’ll give the sexy blond her due-once!