Demi Moore vs. Sharon Stone (I) by Lonewolf

The animosity between Demi Moore and Sharon Stone had been going on for years. Each was one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood and both were equally beautiful, but the jealousy between them continued. Each wanted to outdo the other no matter what the endeavor. It finally came to a head during one of those televised 'Battle of the Network Stars.'

They were on opposite teams and met in the obstacle course. At the start of the event, Demi took an early lead but Sharon came back in the final stages to win a close finish. It was so close the judges had to view an instant replay and then declared a tie. The look on each woman's face showed their disappointment at not winning. They each gave the other an icy stare as they shook hands and disappeared into the crowd.

It was about two hours later when Sharon Stone entered the washroom to fix her hair. The toilet flushed and out walked Demi Moore. She moved over to wash her hands and accidentally bumped into Sharon on purpose.

"Oh, excuse me," Demi said in a honey-soaked voice.

Sharon glared at Demi and hissed, "Why don't you watch what you're doing."

Sharon looked over Demi's bikini she was wearing for the swimming meet, barely enough to cover her gorgeous assets. "I'm glad to see you found another use for dental floss"

"Jealous?" asked Demi.

"Jealous of what? You! Listen bitch when the day comes that I'm ever jealous of you will be the day that Hell freezes over!"

"If I were you I'd watch who you're calling a bitch!" sniped Demi.

"Oh really. What are you gonna do about it.....bitch?"

Demi looked Sharon square in the eye and then walked around her and headed for the door. Sharon smiled to herself knowing that she had stared down that bitch. Suddenly from behind Sharon heard the sound of a loud click. She turned around to see Demi Moore standing beside a closed door.

"I didn't think you'd want anyone coming in and interfering with our little discussion........CUNT!"

Demi moved toward Sharon with her fists raised. Sharon responded by raising her fists as the two began to circle each other. They both threw pointless jabs which didn't connect but almost on cue the two came together and began to throw reckless punches at each other. Demi took two shots to her left cheek and one to her left breast.

Demi responded with three successive jabs to Sharon's temple. The two backed away from each other, while trying to shake the cobwebs from their heads. Demi recovered first and charged into Sharon, knocking her back into the sinks behind her. Sharon let out a cry of pain as Demi bent her backward over the counter.

"What's wrong bitch! Not use to this position!" asked Demi as she sank her hands into Sharon's blonde hair and pulled.

Sharon's back was screaming in pain almost as much as her scalp as Demi continued her assault on her hair. Sharon did what her instincts told her and she also grabbed Demi's hair.

"C'mon, pull my hair Sharon! It doesn't hurt!" said Demi as she yanked harder.

"Aaaaaa! Shit!" Sharon screamed as her blonde locks were pulled out.

Sharon realized that using this tactic wasn't getting her anywhere, so she attempted to change her tactic. She grabbed the top of Demi's bikini and ripped it from her chest baring both of her tits.

"So you want to see some great looking tits!"

Sharon latched onto both of Demi's hanging orbs and dug in as hard as she could. Demi's nipples became erect almost immediately at this attack. She released Sharon's hair and grabbed both of her wrists in an effort to free her tits. As she did, Sharon was able to reposition herself so she was sitting on the edge of the sink. She wrapped both of her strong legs around Demi's waist and squeezed.

Demi began moaning as she removed her hands from her sore tits down to Sharon's legs trying to pry them open. Demi was unsure of which was worst, Sharon's attack on her breasts or the pressure she was applying around her midsection. After about thirty seconds of this continuous assault, Demi grabbed Sharon by the waist and pulled her off the sink.

Sharon lost both of her holds as she dropped off of the edge of the sink and landed on her back on the floor. Demi stepped back to catch her breath and massage her aching breasts. She looked down at Sharon who was rubbing the back of her head where it hit the floor as she landed.

Demi angrily reached down and pulled Sharon's blouse over her head trapping her arms inside her shirt. Sharon's braless boobs bounced side to side as she struggled to get her shirt out of the way. Demi took advantage of the situation and started kicking and stomping Sharon's stomach and boobs. Sharon was finally able to remove her shirt just as Demi jumped on top of her, landing hard on her stomach.

The wind was knocked out of Sharon as Demi positioned herself on her stomach and began slapping her breasts and face. Sharon through her hands up in front of her face to block some of the slaps. She managed to block a few, but most struck home.

"I knew you were easy, but I didn't think you'd be this easy. Why don't you save yourself a beating and give up or else I'm really gonna lay into you!" said Demi.

Sharon didn't reply, just continued to grapple with Demi as she began to buck and kick in an effort to throw her opponent from her stomach.

"Alright you bitch! No more nice girl!" said Demi as she began throwing punches into Sharon's face and tits.

Sharon threw back almost as many punches as Demi but being on the bottom her punches weren't landing with the same effect as Demi's. Still, with all the bucking Sharon was doing, Demi found herself more concerned with trying to keep Sharon down beneath her than throwing her fists.

Finally, after several attempts Sharon was able to roll to her side knocking Demi off of her. They lay on their sides facing each other sending slaps and kicks to anywhere they could connect. After what seemed like an eternity, Sharon attempted to bring her knee up and hit Demi in the stomach - but at the same time Demi started to roll away and Sharon's knee connected square on Demi's crotch. She groaned out loud as she attempted to crawl away.

"Where the Hell do you think you're going!" yelled Sharon as she reached up and grabbed Demi's bikini bottom.

In one quick yank, the bikini was down around her knees and Demi's butt was visible. Sharon grabbed Demi around her hips from behind and sank her teeth into Demi's left ass cheek.

"Owwwwwww! You fucking animal! Leggo my ass!"

Sharon continued to bite as hard as she could until Demi brought up her left foot and kicked her heel into Sharon's hanging tits. She fell back rubbing her breasts while Demi rolled over to massage her aching crotch. After a minute or two they slowly got to their knees and came together in a scream. Both actresses breasts slammed together as they collided and tumbled to the floor.

Hair was pulled out from both ladies as they rolled over and over across the floor. In a tangle of legs and arms they rolled to a halt with Demi on top.

Both sank their respective hands into the others breasts and began pulling for all they were worth. Tears began to swell in each ladies eyes as their hands worked over the others tits. Demi used her fingers so that her thumb and forefinger were wrapped around both of Sharon's nipples. Her fingernails began cutting into Sharon's breasts. Sharon let go of Demi's breasts and screamed out her surrender.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! LEGGO MY TITS! You're cutting me! I GIVE! I GIVE! YOU WIN! Please, please let me go!"

Demi released her breasts gave them a slap as Sharon's hands went to her wounded tits to ease the pain. Demi sat on Sharon's belly, looking down at her as she sobbed and smiled.

"Don't think you're getting off easy, you bitch!" said Demi as she stood up and turned around still standing over Sharon. "You like my ass so much, I think you should make up for biting it with a kiss!"

Demi lowered her ass so it was hovering over Sharon's face. Through tear stained eyes Sharon placed her hands on Demi's hips and then lifted her tear-streaked face and pressed her puckered lips to her ass and kissed. Demi laughed as she collected her bikini.

"Next time I won't be so half so nice to you!"

Sharon muttered as she watched Demi walk away, "Neither will I you cunt!" She was already thinking about revenge.
Sharon Stone vs. Demi Moore (II) by Kim

Sharon sits in the rear of her limo, thinking of what she must do. If she can just get Stephen alone for a bit, she can get the part. All this work that she has put in will now payoff for her. Knowing all the other actresses that want it only makes her try harder. Thinking back to that party the other night. Stephen had stepped out to get some air, and Sharon had been watching and waiting. Now was her chance she thought. As she move closer to Stephen, smiling ready to make her pitch, she felt herself nudged from behind. off balanced she reached for a table for support as her drink splashed out on her dress and on Stephen, too.

Turning with fire in her eyes, Sharon saw a smiling Demi, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Sharon. Hope I'm not interrupting," Demi said, as she slide past the red-faced blonde and sat in Stephen's lap.

"Stephen, I've been looking all over for you, I'm so excited about the new project," Demi continued, giving him a peck on his cheek. Sharon was angered beyond words and headed for the bathroom to clean off her dress. When she returned a few minutes later, neither Stephen or Demi was to be found. Well, at least now she had her appointment, and they would not be interrupted.

She was hoping to get a head start with the party and all, but things could still work out now. Sharon looked down and straightened her new gold mini-dress that hugged her tight trim body like a glove. Knowing that it would show off her long slim legs at there best with the 4" black spiked heels. As the limo turned the corner, the blonde gave herself a final check; the red lipstick and flawless make-up, highlighted her natural sexiness perfectly. Hair had been put up, to make her look even taller than she already was. Sharon smiled knowing that Stephen would be knocked out when she met with him, and the coveted part would be hers at last. Just as she lit a cigarette, waiting in the stopped limo for the gate to open. Sharon was jolted violently from behind, causing her to rock forward into the seat divider and the slammed back against her on seat.

"God damn it, James " she shouted to her driver. Quickly she tried to straighten the damage, as she twisted to find the cause of the mishap. Behind her she saw that another limo had crashed into hers. Sharon, feeling a burst of anger rising from inside, pushed open the car door and jumped to her feet outside. Slowly the other driver came out of the offending limo, shrugging his shoulders and saying that he was very sorry. Sharon, let loose calling the other driver a fool, lout and incompetent, etc.

James jumped out to try and bring some reason to the situation, and to protect the his fellow driver from the enraged blondes wrath. Sharon had closed the distance, and was now screaming in the drivers face; as the rear door to the 2nd limo slowly opened.

As Sharon continue to scream and threaten and rave, the driver backed against the hood of his limo looking like he was in fear for his life. James looked from them to the nice female legs he saw emerging from the rear of the car. "this may be interesting" he thought. Now he could see her all, and what a sight he thought . He knew that it was Demi Moore he was looking at in the tiny tight black dress, that was cut so low he could almost see her nipples. James wondered what action he should take as he saw Demi moving towards the front of the car. Sharon had her back to Demi as the brunette yelled for her to just leave her driver alone.

Sharon recognized that voice and it caused her anger to rise several more octaves as she spun on her heels to face her rival. James saw the two of them: one blonde shaking with rage and the brunette cool hands on her hips smiling. James decided he'd see more before interfering.

Demi cooed, "I'm so sorry honey, but these things happen."

He thought that she was making a point to thrust her chest out as much as possible.

"You did this on purpose, just like at the party, you bitch," Sharon screamed. "This time I'm going to make you pay, you plastic whore."

James thought, "This is cool, think I'll wait and see where this leads."

He wouldn't mind seeing the brunette take on Sharon who was an abusive perfectionist. He'd often been the target of her verbal assaults but now, maybe Demi will put her in her place. In any case it'd be exciting to watch. The other driver was older and still trying to calm down from his first taste of Sharon Stone, live and in person. James could see that he'd not interfere. Demi smiled and said that it's all just accidents, but that she will be glad to give Sharon what she deserved in way of damages.

Sharon drew back saying that it was not going to be that easy, and that she was going to end this kind of interference once and for all. Sharon swung with her full force at the still smirking brunette, who was caught somewhat by surprise by the speed and power of the slap. Demi backed up a step and then swung at the blonde, catching her with a slap against the side of her head. James was totally engrossed as he watched these beautiful actresses exchange vicious slaps as they tried to destroy each other. He smiled as he saw Demi force the blonde back as she landed more and more blows.

Sharon now seemed to be trying to block as well as land and was getting the worst of it. As the blonde backed against her limo, arms up somewhat off balanced, the brunette threw her tight hard fist over and over into Sharon's small belly. James could tell that his boss was being hurt by the way that her knees dipped and she tried to cover her mid-section. This might be better than he expected, he thought as Demi seemed to about to take control. That blonde witch is not so tough after all, he realized as he saw her lose her footing and drop to the pavement, which a shocked and confused look on her face. Demi, not wanting to stop the battering yet, twisted her fingers into the long blonde hair and with a strained smile hauled Sharon awkwardly to her feet.

The blonde swayed and rock trying to keep her feet as Demi yanked and pulled her left and right Seeing Sharon defenseless and using her hands to try and dislodge the brunettes grip on her hair, James figured his boss was about finished, and thought of stopping it, so that he'd keep his job. Then he saw the brunette cringe and her mouth drop open in a silent scream. Her hands dropped from Sharon's hair, and went to between her shapely thighs, as she slowly bent over and staggered back. The blonde fell back catching herself on the hood of the limo, as she looked to see the damage her shape knee to Demi's pussy had inflicted. Taking a deep breath, she straightened up as she say Demi drop to one knee, head bowed, still clutching her pain.

The blonde shot a fast angry glance at James and he knew instantly that he was in for hell, and then turned her gaze to Demi. Knowing that she had taken control, Sharon sent an angry kick straight to Demi's face that was now just lower than Sharon's waist. The brunette was totally vulnerable and the foot hit full force in her mouth. Demi was knocked onto her back, blood flowing from her lips as Sharon moved over her smiling and kicking her in her pussy again. Demi curled slowly onto her side and in a ball as Sharon reached down and grabbed the thin material of her rivals dress.

Turning to James, the blonde smiled, " I know that this isn't how you envisioned this going, but there's and extra $100 in it for you, if you allow me to finish this."

He knew that he had no choice but to go along. Sharon looks back at Demi who is trying to crawl away. Licking her lips, the blonde grabs a handful of dark hair and twists as hard as she can. The brunette turns and falls to the pavement on her back as Sharon lands with a knee in her belly. All the air is forced from Demi's lungs as Sharon grabs the thin black material and comes up yanking and tearing it away form it's owner. The battered actress tried to protest, but a second shoe to her mouth shut her up. Sharon now, stops to figure what she wants to do to finish the fight and her troubles with Ms. Moore. She looked over at the two drivers, as if they might offer a suggestion, and sees James give Demi's driver a twenty.

"Never ever, bet against me again, James," she growled.

With a new surge of rage, Sharon grabs the beaten brunette, pulls her halfway to her feet and slams her face first into the side of the limo. Demi drops back on the ground, naked and knocked out.

"Hummmmm…." Sharon seem to be thinking.

She grabs the unconscious brunette by and arm and hair and pulls and tugs her body up and drapes her over the hood of the limo face down. Smiling, knowing that Demi can't resist, Sharon climbs on the hood to and proceeds to spank Demi's fine, firm, round, beaten ass while James drives the limo inside for her meeting with Stephen. Stopping in front of the house, Sharon sees the famous director coming to meet her. She pushes the naked battered brunette off the hood, letting her body slide unceremoniously down the fender onto the ground. Jumping down, smiling Sharon apologizes for being late and bringing trash with her, explaining she struggled to make it on time. Stephen laughs and hugs her, saying that he knew she was the only one for his latest movie.