Demi Moore vs. Sharon Stone (Striptease Match) by Tank

Demi, dressed in a pink bikini struts into a tiny, plush-carpeted, well-heated sauna where she will engage Sharon in a $1,000,000 winner-take-all catfight. Demi is 44 years old and Sharon is 47 but both still near the peak of their physical prowess. While still as sexy as she was in “Striptease” Demi also possesses the toughness she showed in “G.I.Jane.” Demi stretched her hard, sweat-glistening, muscular body in anticipation of the arrival of her blond rival.

“Sharon is one woman I’ve always dreamed of physically dominating,” the brunette admitted in her pre-fight interview. “And she’s tailor-made for me to conquer. Besides, there’s few women on the planet I’d take as much pleasure in beating.”

Demi’s thoughts raced back six weeks to when she ran into fight promoter Don King and he’d first proposed the lucrative match-up. “There’ll be more people watching you fight than ever watched Mike Tyson or Oscar De La Hoya,” he’d promised. “You two lovely ladies can sure draw attention and excitement in this....the greatest country in the world.”

“I’ll do it if Sharon will!” responded a confident Demi and when Sharon accepted the fight, they both went into training for six weeks to prepare.

Sharon kept a low profile but Demi made the rounds of the sports shows and even turned up on “The View” to hype the fight to a women’s audience. “I’m stronger, younger and tougher than Stone,” Demi purred. Then grabbing Barbara Walters hand and pulling it, without much resistance it was noted, to her bosom, Demi boasted, “My breasts are bigger; my thighs are more muscular; hell, I even had a more masculine husband!” she laughed, referring to ex-Bruce Willis. “I ask you, what don’t I have over her?”

The ‘Win by KO or submission only’ catfight was being sold to the public on Pay Per View at $39.95 and Don King was not only going to make enough to pay the costs, plus the guaranteed purse, but make a healthy profit in the bargain. Rumors had him already in discussion with Cat Bell and Charlize Theron for an apartment catfight and he admitted in an interview he wanted Salma Hayek and Jennifer Love Hewitt for a “best breast boob battle.”

Demi continued to loosen up as Sharon entered the tiny sauna - barely bigger than an elevator. Sharon was dressed in a skimpy leopard-skin bra and thong, looking every bit as toned and tough as in “Total Recall.”

The blond smiled at Demi while Michael Buffer announced the combatants from outside the sauna and informed them the bell would ring in 1 minute - right after another commercial.

Demi looked very determined as she sized up the sexy blond and began to stalk toward her in her 3” white heels. Sharon, wearing 2” black heels, kicked them off, refusing to be intimidated by Demi’s menacing stare.

“You can keep your shoes on, girlie,” Sharon hissed. “I’m just trying to be fair.” The sultry, barefooted blond said, referring to her 3” height advantage.

But the well-trained brunette wasn’t impressed. “We’ll see who the ‘girlie’ is,” snapped Demi. “Beating a tough-talking, beautiful blond will make me a legend in the mind of every man and a whole lotta women,” thought the sultry ‘Striptease’ star.

When the bell rang, both women came out fighting. Demi gained the early advantage, her hard punches grazing Sharon’s lovely face and knocking her backward against the cushioned wall. Sharon punched Demi back with straight shots to the face and belly forcing the brunette to clinch and catch her breath. Demi lost her advantage as Sharon continued to pound Demi, a savage left hook to her ribs buckled the brunette’s knees. If Sharon’s basic instincts were prevailing, Demi kept inside her discloser as to how she would vanquish her lovely blond rival.

On the verge of falling to her knees under Sharon’s vicious assault, Demi suddenly stopped Sharon in her tracks by ripping off the blond woman’s leopard skin bra with one hand while grabbing Sharon’s hair and bending her head back. Demi’s plan all along had been to overpower Sharon and then wrestle the blond beauty into submission after she had withstood the taller woman’s boxing prowess.

Now it was Demi’s turn to take control of the fight. While Sharon returned tit for tat, yanking off Demi’s bra. The brunette forced the blond to the carpet by her golden locks with Sharon, grabbing Demi’s raven locks and dragging her down to the carpet with her. Demi attempted to strike Sharon with a savage right knee to the blonde’s groin and it barely missed, leaving a dark bruise on her left thigh! The powerful brunette got what she wanted just as did millions of fans watching on PPV - a steamy bare breasted wrestling match at close quarters!

One woman soon began to take control of and dominate the other. Playing a cat and mouse game with her overwhelmed victim, the eventual winner finally decided to put an end to her defeated rival’s misery. When it was all over, it was the well muscled brunette beauty, Demi; her breasts sweaty, her thighs straining, who was on top.

Unfortunately for her, Demi was on top of the lap of the beautiful blond with Sharon dominating her even more thoroughly in wrestling than she had in boxing! As her hard, sinewy biceps flexed, her forearms digging into Demi’s breasts from behind, Sharon wraps her shapely, sensuous, steely thighs around her beaten brunette’s straining upper thighs and demands her submission

“Give up, Demi?” asked Sharon. Staring into Demi’s tear-filled eyes, Sharon flexes her strong, silky thighs a notch tighter as she screws them into a veritable vice grip, forcing Demi’s mouth open. “I asked you, ‘Give up, Demi?’” The blonde’s blue eyes met the brunette’s dark eyes.

“Yesssss!” squealed Demi in a high-pitched squeak.

“Admit I’m the better woman and I’ll release you,” Sharon offered.

“You’re the better woman! Now please…let me go,” gasped Demi forlornly.

Sharon released her conquered rival and Demi burst out crying. Sharon raised her arms victoriously, a toothy grin on her face. Leaning on her vanquished prey’s pain-racked back, Sharon whispered, “I always knew I was too much woman for you...girlie!”

Sharon stood over Demi smiling, her bare breasts and hard nipples glistening with sweat; her body undulating as she stretched her lovely thighs erotically and took a deep breath that expanded her chest before she strutted out of the steamy sauna. Behind, Sharon left Demi sprawled on the carpet, her body quivering as she bawled aloud and beat her fists on the carpet, weeping like a beaten schoolgirl. It seemed Sharon was, indeed, too much woman for Demi.