How The Rivalry All Began: Demi Moore vs. Sharon Stone by Tank

Recently, the movie ‘Bobby’ brought Demi Moore and Sharon Stone together on the big screen for the first time. The two superstar actresses are also doing photo shoots together in their evening gowns and high heels and both look quite attractive in their mid/late forties. Sharon looks 3-4 inches taller and has her arm wrapped around Demi's waist, cuddling the buff brunette close. Both, especially Sharon, are smiling broadly as they pose for the cameras, things couldn't appear peachier!

However, Demi did make sure it was known she turned down ‘Basic Instinct’ before it was offered to Sharon which recalled in the minds of some Hollywood insiders the story of the first fight between the two. This all-out catfight happened way back in 1996 when Demi possessed the well-muscled physique she displayed in 'Striptease' and Sharon was still in (or close to) her prime; a few years removed from ‘Basic Instinct’ and ‘Total Recall.’

The tale begins when Demi went public with, "Yes, I turned down 'Basic Instinct'; it was a ‘cheap’ role; beneath my dignity as a highly paid superstar!"

Sharon, understandably insulted by Demi's snobby attitude responded, "The role was too deep for Demi. The film would’ve flopped if she’d been cast in that part!"

A heated public rivalry ensues with Demi appearing on the Letterman Show where, egged on by her host, she boasts, "The 'Striptease' role demanded a REAL WOMAN! Someone like Stone wouldn’t have been physical enough to make it work! For one thing, her breasts just aren't quite big enough!" Demi laughs. "I mean, despite her age, she's REALLY...shall we say... GIRLISH! Don't you agree?" she asked, turning to the cameras as if asking Dave’s nation-wide audience!

Irate, Sharon responded a few nights later on ‘Leno’. "I think the public would find me the sexier stripteaser, don't you think?" she asks as she solicits loud applause from the audience. "But I thought that role was so superficial I couldn't lower myself that far! I mean it was a part for BEGINNERS...perfect for Moore!" she laughed.

One evening at home, Demi told her then husband, Bruce Willis, "If I ever get that cheap, blond whore alone, so help me Bruce, I'll beat the crap out of her!"

Bruce suggested he could set something up with his buddies Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty as he watched Demi finish her last abdominal crunch, sweat saturating her tight black shorts and bra. Bruce wondered just how his sexy wife would do against the sultry blond! Demi turned down his suggestion for publically humiliating Stone, but said she wouldn’t mind settling matters in private. Bruce made it his mission to get them together in a private forum where they could settle the issue once and for all!

A week later, his wife's words still on his mind, Willis heard from a mutual friend that Sharon would be in Hollywood at the same time as he and Demi. When the opportunity presented itself, he displaying the gall of a burglar by visiting Sharon at her hotel resort! Finding the blond beauty stretching by the pool in a gold bikini, Willis approached her. He was impressed with Sharon's well-toned, athletic, body and deep tan. He was also surprised that, after explaining his arrangement to the lovely blond, how quickly Sharon accepted!

Willis may have fudged a little, making it seem Demi had challenged her but the blonde's immediate response was, "I accept Demi's challenge. She needs to be humbled!” Then added with a sly grin, “I take it you’ll be there to witness it?"

Bruce confirmed he would. "Good! I hope your big, bad wife doesn't hurt me, Bruce!" Sharon joked with a foxy grin on her face as she provocatively touched his arm!

Willis departed and headed back to their hotel room where Demi was waiting. "SHE WHAT?" shouted the fit brunette upon hearing from Willis that Sharon had challenged HER to a fight! "I didn't think she was woman enough to challenge ME! Make the arrangements!" she ordered him!
Arrangements were made! The fight would take place in room 628 at the hotel where Demi and Bruce were staying. It was a separate room from their third floor room, one that would be used only for the fight. Demi loosened up in her room as Bruce took the elevator to the newly rented suite to ensure his request for furniture arrangements had been complied with.

Demi's strong body flexed and stretched as she anxiously prepared for the arrival of her despised foe. She had given her husband strict orders to remain in the living room until a winner was decided while she and Sharon contested matters in the bedroom. There were several CCTV cameras installed in this suite as it was often used for ‘private fights’. Demi and Bruce would get a copy to view when the fight was over. Bruce's birthday celebration was set to commence at midnight and Demi couldn't think of a better birthday present to give him than a crushing victory over a "sleazy blond."

Satisfied with her light warm-up, the shapely brunette put on a robe and confidently made her way up to the 6th floor with beads of sweat glistening on her large, firm, full breasts.

Sharon peeled her red sports car into the parking lot of the hotel. She’d been informed of the 'no interference' agreement and wasn’t worried about Demi's husband butting in. She too was eagerly looking forward to this fight and, like Demi, was in top shape with every reason to be confident. Sharon was the bigger woman and for her role in ‘Total Recall’ she’d gotten some valuable kick-boxing experience.

Also like Demi, Sharon was a fierce competitor who hated to lose - at anything. The fact that Demi’s husband would be present was added motivation for the athletic blond since her hated rival's humiliation after losing in front of him would be that much greater. Parking her car, Sharon opened the door and stretched her lovely, sensuous legs before strutting confidently into the hotel and taking the elevator to the sixth floor.

The bitter humiliation of one of these confident and arrogant beauties was about to begin!
Sharon knocked on the door of suite 628 which was opened by Bruce. As she walked in she saw Demi sitting on the living room sofa, looking far more relaxed than Sharon would have liked.

"Hi, Honey!" Demi smiled. "Would you like a drink, baby girl?"

Sharon declined and snarled, "Let's get down to business!"

While Bruce stayed in the living room, Demi led Sharon to the bedroom and shut the door behind them. The room was carpeted and empty of all furniture except a queen size bed which was pushed into one corner. The women undressed for their showdown; Demi stripping down to a skimpy black bra and thong while Sharon unbuttoned her dress to reveal a pink and white striped bikini bra and panty combination.

The combatants sized each other up for a moment, then Sharon took a deep breath - and attacked! She threw caution to the wind and her furious onslaught quickly backed Demi up with a flurry of punches. But Sharon’s blows were wild and most got blocked by Demi’s raised forearms or missed their mark entirely.

Demi quickly put an end to Sharon's aggressiveness for the time being with a hard punch which grazed Sharon's jaw and then a sharp left hook to the ribs that buckled the blondes knees. Now it was Demi moving forward, but as she advanced Sharon grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. Sharon looked like she was going to get the upper hand as she moved forward for a better grip but then Demi shot out a powerful kick to her belly which sent Sharon reeling backward.

Demi rushed angrily toward Sharon as the blond put up her hands and began flashing her nails. Like a wildcat, Sharon scratched and clawed at Demi's face until the brunette slammed an even stronger kick into Sharon’s belly which dropped the wheezing blond to her knees! Demi threw herself on Sharon and knocked her down on her back, mounting her.

Raining punches down on the blonde's lovely face, the brunette beauty began to take command of the fight. Sharon, fighting for her life, grabbed Demi's large breasts which were hanging down in her skimpy black bra, digging her freshly manicured fingernails deep in the smooth, hard, silicone filled mounds.

Demi let out a scream as Sharon was able push the tough brunette off of her and both women got to their feet.

As she rushed the blond, Demi screamed, "Stone, you bitch; you fight like a girl!"

They began punching and kicking with Demi landing the more telling blows. A right cross to Sharon's jaw sent the blond back into a corner with the shorter brunette grunting with every blow. Sharon, trapped in the corner, was getting pummeled by her aggressive opponent. Hurt by Demi's savage punches, Sharon desperately snapped her knee forward up into Demi's groin!

The brunette doubled over as she staggered back, allowing Sharon to move out of the corner. Taking her kick-boxing stance, Sharon began snapping crisp front and side kicks aiming for Demi's belly and head. But Demi either blocked the kicks toward her face and many others missed the mark as she nimbly danced away while Sharon advanced.

Demi waited for the right moment to counter and when Sharon tried another sweeping side kick, Demi stepped inside the arc of her leg, caught her leg and pulled Sharon off balance, tilting her into her. Still holding onto Sharon's calf, Demi gave it a twist, sending the battling blond sprawling to the carpet on her back.

Sharon got to her knees as Demi stood over her and calmly stripped off her bra, then tossed it on the carpet while the struggling Sharon to get to her feet. As the topless brunette stalked her, the blond instinctively began to back away, flashing her nails again. This made Demi smile as she continued to stalk Sharon as they circled. Demi rushed the blond and swept her off her feet as she put her in a bearhug!

Sharon scratched and yanked the brunette's hair but Demi's bearhug grew tighter and tighter as her arms muscular arms wrapped tight around Sharon's lower back as the blond felt Demi's larger breasts driving into hers. Suddenly, Demi lifted Sharon onto her toes with a grunt; Demi’s harder, bigger, breasts crushing Sharon's smaller pair. Demi began carrying the hurting blond back across the room to the bed. Still maintaining her bearhug, Demi pulled Sharon into her more tightly then lifted her and dumped her onto the bed.

A weakened Sharon landed on her back and before she could react Demi pounced and ripped away Sharon's bra. Demi grabbed her wrists as she grapevined her legs, forcing the blonde's body spread-eagled beneath her on the bed. Demi, her breasts again pressing hard down onto Sharon's, grinned as she felt the blond struggling and heard her groan.

Sharon began bucking her hips up and down - all to no avail! Each time Sharon thrust her pelvis into the air in an attempt to dislodge the brunette, Demi would simply drive her groin down harder, slamming her womanhood into Sharon's. Sharon lay on her back; her breasts forced flat; Demi's hard nipples spearing hers; her arms controlled and Demi’s legs overpowering hers.

Sharon had little recourse. Her only option - and Demi's only vulnerability - was her face. The brunette's lips were touching hers as Sharon lifted her head and bit down on Demi's earlobe with her flashing teeth! Demi gave a scream and quickly pulled back before Sharon could get a tight grip on her earlobe. As the blond struggled, Demi released her arms and began punching Sharon in the face with vicious lefts and rights.

"Who are YOU supposed to be...Mike Tyson?" Demi screamed as she continued to batter the now semi-conscious Stone.

The angry brunette then grabbed the hurting blond by the hair and slowly pulled her up to her knees. Manueuvering behind her weakened foe, Demi pulled Sharon back and sat her on her lap, wrapping her in a half nelson. Using her right hand, Demi reached up and violently yanked Sharon's long blond hair, twisting her head backward. The haughty blond beauty - minutes before supremely confident facing the shorter brunette - felt overwhelmed by the athletic hardbody. But Demi was just getting started!

Wrapping her left arm around Sharon's bare breasts, Demi rippled her bicep and forearm into the blond's nipples. Sharon was showing signs of submission as her head lolled back and she looked into Demi's eyes as if to plead with her to stop. Demi's angry look just frightened her all the more.

"Demi....please…” Sharon whimpered. “Pleeeeeeeze sssstop!"

But the brunette's only response was to wrap her tawny, muscular thighs around Sharon’s shapely, silky thighs as she resumed her full nelson, Demi whipped Sharon's head back with greater force; flexing her Gold's Gym firm thighs around Sharon. Tears streamed down the blond's flushed cheeks as her mouth gaped open. Spit dribbled from the corners of her mouth until Demi finally relented and eased up on the dominating submission hold.

Sharon burst out sobbing, "Please Demi...I…I guh…give up!" Instead of releasing her helpless prey, Demi held her loosely as she smiled at Sharon. "PLEASE DEMI,” Sharon gasped. “YOU WIN!"

"What’s wrong Sharon? Hope I’m not hurting you!” Demi chuckled sarcastically; the victorious brunette making sure to speak loud enough for Bruce to hear. "Do you take back all those snide comments you made about me?"

Before Sharon could answer, Demi released her arms and, SMACK, slapped the blondes face.

"YESSSSSSSSSS! Just don't hit me again, Demi.....PLEASE!” Sharon screamed. Looking frantically toward Bruce, she screamed, “BRUCE, FOR GOD’S SAKE, HELP ME!" Willis, standing at the door, hurried into the room!

"Get the fuck outta here Bruce or you're next!" growled Demi.

"Please BruUUUUUce,” Sharon moaned as Demi tightened her grip. “Puh…leeeze…get your wife off me…pppplease?"

"THIS is your birthday present, Brucie!" snickered Demi as she clamped both arms around Sharon's breasts in a powerful reverse bearhug and squeezed; her forearms bisecting Sharon’s bulging flesh, flattening the soft flesh until the weeping blonde’s face went pale.

"OOOOHHHH!” Sharon groaned, looking like she’d pass out any second.

Bruce moved forward, stepping behind Demi and putting his hands on her flexing biceps as he leaned over her shoulder to watch intently as Demi’s slowly constricting arms crushed Sharon’s breasts flat; leaving her breathless.

"She's had enough Demi! You proved your point!" Bruce sighed, a trace of disappointment in his tone denoting is displeasure at the brevity of the fight.

"Alright, birthday boy!" chuckled Demi.

She opened her arms and released Sharon who dropped panting to all fours. Demi sat down, grabbed Sharon by the hair and pulled her up onto her knees, then dragged her back over her lap. She jerked Sharon’s panties halfway down her thighs, looked up and winked at Bruce.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Demi started spanking Sharon; her open hand slamming into her bouncing butt cheeks once for each year of Bruce's life; the powerful clapping hand sending shockwaves rippling through Sharon’s overwhelmed butt cheeks and down her jiggling thighs.

When she’d finished, Demi rolled Sharon off the bed onto the floor. She got up, grabbed Sharon’s hair and pulled the squealing blond to her feet. Bending her knees, Demi drove her shoulder forward into Sharon’s belly, doubling the beaten, weeping, blonde forward over her shoulder. Then Demi straightened up with Sharon draped over her shoulder like a sack of flour. The whole time, Sharon never stopped bawling!

Demi carried Sharon out of the bedroom into the living room, opened the suite door and unceremoniously dumped Sharon into the hallway; dropping her on her rosy red ass. She rolled onto her side and lay there with her pink and white striped panties loose around her knees, curled up in a ball, sobbing pitifully. The lovely blond had gotten the beating of her life!

Demi went back inside where Bruce swept her into an embrace. "You really beat the crap out of her, Demi; just like you said you would!"

"I hope you never doubted me, Brucie!" snickered the victorious brunette. "Now, let’s order some champagne! I can’t wait to see the reaction of the room service gal when she finds the ‘great’ Sharon Stone on her ass in the hall!"

Bruce quickly picked up the phone and started punching buttons. Sharon was found in the corridor and (you may recall) a picture of her topless with her panties around her ankles was all the rage on the Internet for a while. But Stone managed to overcome that embarrassment and she and Demi fought quite a few more times, with each emerging victorious more than once. Still, it's a rivalry that has not run it's course and (since several of those fights were "private" or "semi-private") the full story is yet to be told.

(Demi won a lop-sided fan vote 25-3!!)