Kathleen Turner vs. Demi Moore by Khalid 7/2/01

Kathleen heard the banging at her hotel door and knew it was Demi. They'd literally collided in the lobby that afternoon and a rare china action figure of Demi as "GI Jane" that the actress had just purchased had been broken. Demi was furious and demanded payment but Kathleen refused, saying they were both at fault. Kathleen knew how unpopular Demi was in Hollywood, always demanding and threatening she'd sue somebody just for being alive.

Kathleen wanted to ignore the knocking, but finally sighed, "Oh, what the hell, this could be amusing."

She opened the door and Demi barged right in. Demi started pulling out receipts and threatening to sue Kathleen. Demi had on tight spandex shorts and a spandex bra that Demi had worn purposely to show the rippling muscles that she worked on maintaining daily.

Demi was in awesome shape and as Kathleen looked her up and down she thought to herself, "What the hell? Is this bimbo making a sequel, 'GI Jane II: Straight to Video' that I haven't heard about?"

Kathleen was wearing a red silk nightshirt with matching underwear. She sat on the couch and folded her long legs beneath her and smiled indulgently at her guest. Demi couldn't help noticing Kathleen's long, toned legs, but she figured if anything were to break out, she'd still kick the older woman's ass. All Demi wanted was her money. Kathleen calmly sat on the couch as she explained to Demi there would be no money without a lawsuit and that she was certain if there were one, she'd win. With that, Demi then took out the broken figurine and receipt and threw them at her hostess. The figurine hit Kathleen in the face as she recoiled, raising her hands just a beat too late to ward off the flying china.

Demi screamed, "Well, that's what YOU get!"

Kathleen remained surprisingly calm. She stared at Demi a moment, then reached out to give Demi back her receipt. When Demi leaned over to take it, however, Kathleen grabbed Demi's wrist, pulled her onto the couch and wrapped her long legs around the wriggling brunette's torso. Demi went wild, but Kathleen tightened her legs until the irate Demi was forced to be still. She knew Kathleen's powerful legs could break a rib so she didn't want to push things too far.

"Get your legs off of me right now," yelled Demi.

"Are you gonna stop acting like a child and leave peacefully?" asked the smirking Kathleen.

"OK. Yes," murmured the cowed Demi.

Kathleen opened her legs and released Demi who slid off the couch onto the floor on her firm, round bottom. Demi rubbed her ribs while Kathleen got up and turned to face her.

Demi slowly got up and pouted when Kathleen waved her arm toward the door and said quietly, "You can leave the same way you came in."

Both women started walking toward the door, when Demi suddenly leaped up and grabbed Kathleen in a headlock. Kathleen was instantly in terrible pain; Demi's work outs were paying off, she was incredibly strong! The two struggling women fell to the floor where Kathleen was again able to get her legs wrapped around Demi. But while Kathleen had been twisting her body around, Demi's headlock had turned into a choke and Kathleen soon was forced to submit to save herself from rapidly approaching unconsciousness.

"OK! OK, I can't breath," gasped Kathleen. "I'll give you your damn money!"

Demi wouldn't totally release Kathleen though. She managed to turn around and crawl up until she was perched on Kathleen's chest, then slid up to her neck and closed her own formidable thighs on Kathleen's head. By then, Kathleen was pretty much done, but Demi kept taunting her and wouldn't get off. Kathleen knew she had to go nuts, because Demi wouldn't let her go so she swung her legs up trying to catch Demi.

Demi just laughed, "Hah, no way!" as she easily caught Kathleen's legs.

Demi thought she could roll Kathleen's body up like a ball, but Turner's legs were too strong. Kathleen started to pull Demi off, so she was forced to let go. Kathleen was now in a tizzy and kept swinging her legs, actually kicking Demi in the head. Demi needed to lock up Kathleen's legs so she tried to turn around and sit on Kathleen's stomach. But when she started to turn, Kathleen pushed her off.

Kathleen's only chance was to use her legs and she trapped Demi's head in between them. Demi was quick, though, and while she was being trapped herself, Demi caught Kathleen in a body scissors of her own. As they writhed on the floor, Kathleen was able to turn her body and get on top of Demi. Kathleen slid down, wedging Demi's head deep between her thighs with her ass pretty much on top of Demi's face. Demi still had her legs around Kathleen's middle, but had no leverage so she couldn't get any real power into her scissors. Still it was Demi doing all the talking.

"If you don't let go, you old whore, I'll crack your ribs"

"Lets see what you got then, bitch," replied Kathleen.

Demi squeezed with all she had and soon Kathleen gasped and grimaced, but she took all Demi dished out. Kathleen knew Demi wouldn't break anything in this position although her breathing was becoming labored.

When Demi stopped squeezing to rest her legs, Kathleen looked back and smiled, "Is that all there is?"

Then she clamped down on Demi's head with her thighs until Demi's face turned bright crimson and she tried unsuccessfully to pry Kathleen's legs apart. But, there was no way.

"Aaarrgh I give," gasped Demi.

But Kathleen kept pouring on the pressure until she was able to break the weakened Demi's scissors and wrap Demi's legs in her arms. Now Demi was wrapped like ball with her head being crushed under Kathleen's ass which was close to a smother position. Demi struggled and writhed until she was exhausted but there would be no escape.

Kathleen released some pressure and told Demi, "If I put you out now, it won't be any fun. I want you to kiss my ass for a while first."

"Uuugghh!" was all Demi could groan.

After ten minutes of being unable to move, Demi's resistance was broken. She started to cry and beg Kathleen to let her go.

"You started it," Kathleen said. "Now we're going to talk about what I need, namely the best night of ass kissing I've ever had. Pucker up, pussycat."

"Fuck you," gasped the recalcitrant Demi.

Kathleen shrugged as she positioned Demi's head even further into her scissors, using her round bottom to muffle Demi's cries.

"What's that?" teased Kathleen. "I can't hear you. "By the way," giggled the brunette, "Are you still with Bruce? If you are, you might wanna call him and tell him you won't be back tonight. Tell him your big mouth got you into a bind and you just can't get out of it."

Kathleen threw back her head and laughed as Demi moaned and mumbled, "Muuummfff!"

It was several hours later before Demi was finally freed. It's safe to say she won't attack Kathleen again anytime soon.

As a beaten and battered Demi wobbled unsteadily out of the room, Kathleen caressed her lipstick smeared ass and yelled down the hall, "I'm really sorry we couldn't reach an agreement tonight, Dimmy. But when you're feeling brave again, please feel free to stop by. I can't wait for us to resume this discussion again."

After spending many horrific hours in Kathleen Turner's clutches it was clear Demi wouldn't want to have no further discussions with the lusty actress anytime soon.