Barbara Moore vs. Holly Witt by Kit

The night's final fight pitted two playmates fresh off hard fought victories a week earlier, and their fight tonight would prove to be just as hard. Miss December, 1992, Barbara Moore (5-6, 110) treated her fans to a bright red string bikini that barely held in her round tits and shapely ass. Holly Witt, Miss November, 1995 (5-5, 112), was just as lovely in her powder blue bikini. The Special Referee, Miss January, 1993, Echo Johnson, called the blondes to the center of the ring for their final instructions.

Both women stood nose to nose with their tits touching as they hissed insults at each other. The crowd knew that this match was going to be very hot. Echo pushed the fighters back and signaled for the bell to sound.

Barbara and Holly went right at it like a pair of alley cats. They sunk their hands into the other's hair and threw each other to the mat very, very hard. They rolled back and forth pulling and tearing at each other's hair.

"OUCH! OUCH! FUCK!" cried Barbara as Holly yanked out two wads of her blond hair.

"Bitch!" she shouted as she drove her left fist against Holly's jaw.

Barbara pushed Holly onto her back, and then hit her hard in the eye and ripped down her bikini top.

"IIIIEEEE!!!" cried Holly as Barbara took her big pink nipples and turned them back and forth.

"I'm gonna twist these fuckers off!" threatened Barbara as she pulled and twisted.

Holly pulled her off by the wrists, but Barbara leaned down and clamped her teeth into the soft flesh of Holly's left orb. As Holly screamed in pain, Barbara broke her hands free and shoved one hand into Holly's bikini bottoms while with the other she tried to pull the bottoms off. Holly wailed as Barbara yanked out several cunt hairs. In defense, Holly freed her pussy as she forcefully bucked and rolled free, leaving her bottoms and pussy hair in Barbara's hands.

Barbara immediately went back on the attack as she hair- jerked Holly to her feet and drove her against the ropes. Holly slapped Barbara across the face as Barbara went back to work on Holly's tits. The slap pissed Barbara off, and she made Holly pay with a hard punch in the gut.

"UGH!" grunted Holly as she doubled over.

As Barbara looked to do more damage, Holly reached for her tits and jerked her bikini top off, scratching both orbs in the process. Now topless herself, Barbara threw Holly to the mat, and the two started to wrestle as Barbara clawed away at Holly's tits while Holly tried to defend them.

In a stroke of sheer luck, Holly caught Barbara's head between her legs. Quickly she clamped them around her neck and gave her a bloody nose with a pair of quick-hitting fists. Realizing her peril, Barbara twisted her head free and rolled away. As the two blondes stood to their feet, Holly lashed out with a kick and caught Barbara smack in the crotch.

"UMPH!!!" moaned Barbara as she was lifted to her toes.

When Barbara turned her back in defense, Holly forced another cry of pain by raking her nails down Barbara's tan back, leaving ten long furrows.

Barbara stumbled headlong into the corner, but had the presence of mind to turn around just as Holly was moving in. Barbara snapped Holly's head back with a straight jab, and then buried her fingers into Holly's red, swollen breasts. Holly cried in pain, but reached for Barbara's globes and twisted her nails in. For several violent moments, Barbara and Holly cried tears of pain as they both clawed and scratched at the other's breasts.

"You bitch!" cried Holly as she took Barbara by the hair and shook her head.

Barbara grabbed Holly's hair, and the two spun out of the corner and danced across the ring yanking and tearing on each other's hair. They traded wicked slaps as Holly pushed Barbara into the turnbuckle and trapped her.

"EEEEOOUUUU!!!" cried Barbara as she felt Holly's hand suddenly inside of her bikini trunks.

Holly dug her nails into Barbara's vulva, and slipped a finger inside that slashed across her clit. As Barbara doubled over in pain and defense, Holly straightened her up with an uppercut that busted her lips open. Holly then slammed a left hook across her jaw, followed by a right cross that cracked against her jaw and dropped her to the floor.

Echo Johnson quickly stepped in and started the count. Barbara fought to get up, and was on a knee before she toppled back to the mat at the count of eight.

Echo raised Holly's arm in victory. Her fans went wild as the lovely blonde now advanced to the blonde division championship with a knockout win.

Post-fight quotes: <br>

Barbara: I knew this would be hard. Holly is tough, but she's also just as lucky...I hope she does well...I don't care what that bitch Kelly Gallagher says, this division is much tougher than the brunette division.

Holly: Don't ask me how, I just found a way...I don't like Barbara, but she's a helluva catfighter...I'm looking forward to my next fight, but I'm looking forward to the break even more.