Friday Fight: That Day by vulcannightbird

Part 1 - Noon

The sun blazes down on Winona's private beach. A whole bunch of actresses have gathered on Winona's grounds to celebrate to biggest celebrity wrestling event ever seen in Hollywood. Next to the well-known ring on the beach was standing a pro arm-wrestling table and - a little behind, directly in front Winona's house - a huge portable whirlpool was erected.

The promoters of this event were again Brooke Shields and Jessica Biel who had most of the actual planning given to their most beloved slave Winona Ryder. As was the motto of this event "Beachside Tussle" all actresses were wearing skimpy skintight bathing bras and panties. For the first time in this decade this event would feature four EuroLeague wrestlers, who had come over the Atlantic to join the fun.

The Eurofighters were Audrey Tautou, who will face Nora Zehetner for the 'Weakie Of The World' title; Vanessa Paradis, who will fight Kirsten Dunst; Italian hottie Monica Bellucci, of whom is not much known about but everybody fears will face Winona Ryder and Madonna will try to bring down Holly Hunter in the fight for the Mature Fighters world title. Many other fighters and guests are there and some non-scheduled fights and tests of strength will come forward. Among the guests are Kelly Ripa, Melinea Leon, Hilary Swank, Cori Nadine and many more. The special guest of today's event, being the honorary judge is Mickie James, who in the last event slashed four weakies at once.

It was nearing high noon and the girls gathered around the ring waiting for the fights to begin, the girls scheduled to fight in the noon slate already sitting in the whirlpool: Winona Ryder, Keira Knightley - who Winona already mocked, Hayden Panettiere - the Heroes hottie will face her first fight, Nora Zehetner and Eurofighter Audrey Tautou. Winona and Nora were clickety-click cuddling each other, Nora's bony hands soothing Winona's big soft boobs, and together they mocked Keira, who looked pissed like always and bonded with Hayden who promised Keira to make Winona suffer. Audrey sat a little aside but Winona gave her best to give the cute French actress a warm welcome.

Now, accompanied by Queen's We Are The Champions, Brooke and Jessica wearing a golden and silver bathing dress entered the ring from Winona house. When the music was over Brooke and Jessica took their microphones.

"I welcome you all to this wonderful event," said Brooke. "Hope you'll enjoy and a big thanks again to Winona who planned all this for us!"

A round of cheers and applause commenced for Winona.

"We don't wanna bother you with much talking," said Jessica. "Only a short word about the rules. First, anything is allowed. However as we're actresses and need our beauty to work, no scratches to the face. Everyone who ignores this loses automatically."

"Second," continued Brooke. "There are three ways to lose - knockout, tapping out - but we don't really wanna see that - and finally, by sexual humiliation, that is, someone is forced to orgasm."

"Next to us," said Jessica. "We have our honorary judge, WWE Diva, Mickie James!"

Mickie stood up and another round of cheers echoed over the beach.

"The first fight for today will be a hierarchy-fight within our slaves," said Brooke and smiled wickedly. "Winona Ryder who has until now for multiple times has shown her superiority over Keira Knightley will try to make Keira her slave. Girls, take the ring!"

Winona got out of the pool first, the water dripping from her perfect skin, wearing a black bra and panties that shimmered with silver in the sun. Her movements smooth she looked piping hot being petite and thin but not skinny. Her face perfect beauty as always she sported two of the most yummy big soft boobs on her petite frame. Winona was already entering the ring as Keira finally got out of the pool, wearing a light blue bra and pants her frame skinny and bony with her face even showing some traces of over-dieting. Some guest pitied her as she stepped into the ring. Winona gleamed at her skinny opponent and was eager to start.

"Okay, girls," said Brooke. "You know the rules....Fight!!!"

Winona stood confident in the ring and smiled at wimpy Keira. "OK bitch, I'm ready," she exclaimed giggling.

Intimidated by Winona's confident appearance Keira trembled for a second or two on her spot and then finally ran into Winona agitated. Winona saw Keira's primitive attack coming and stepped aside swiftly, grabbed Keira with both hands at her skinny left forearm and swirled the skinny Keira around one time, who screamed helplessly, and Winona finally crashed poor Keira hard into one corner. Keira smashed hard with her feeble back into the corner and crumbled into the sand moaning with pain. The girls applauded and Winona slowly advanced slowly on the in pain squirming Keira, Winona smiled cold and Keira looked up terrified.

"Please, stop!", whined Keira, looked fearfully up to Winona and piteously lifted her bony arms to block Winona.

"Gawd, to call you wimp would be an insult to all wimps," snarled Winona and grabbed Keira's wrists and kicked poor Keira in her unprotected belly.

Keira moaned in pain and squirmed in pain as her belly convulsed and churned with searing pain. Keira, her decisions clouded by the terrible pain, laid down on her belly to protect her burning belly. Winona smiled at this invitation to torture and twisted Keira's skinny arms into a pretzel into Keira's back, then sat down on it and finally began to open Keira's bra.

"Noooooo, please...." whined Keira weakly as she was defenseless under Winona.

Winona finally tore Keira's bra away weaving it around in one hand, securing Keira's frail wrists with the other. Keira completely humiliated has now given up all resistance. Winona's lean hot body, glistening with sweat dripping from her in the sun smiled fiendish down on her feeble prey determined to enjoy every second of Keira's humiliation. Winona threw Keira's bra into the girls and grabbed Keira's small wrists again and gave her bent arms an additional twist. Keira's beanpole arms creaked and Keira howled with pain. Winona leaned down, her big soft boobs swinging back and forth with gravity, sweat dripping from it onto Keira's neck, grabbing Keira's short hair with one hand and yanking her head violently back.

"Are you looking forward to be my slave?" Winona whispered into Keira's ear.

"Nooooooooo......." whined Keira and tried again to free herself.

Keira squirmed violently and Winona had trouble keeping on the back of Keira. Winona hissed angrily and finally rammed her pointed elbow hard between Keira's shoulderblades. Keira sobbed with searing pain, laying flat down in the sand. Winona smiled and the girls cheered her, with the only exception being Hayden Panettiere who looked worried, knowing she has to take Winona next. Winona smiled and turned Keira on her back, pinning the skinny actress in the sand hard. Keira tried to resist but her starved bony arms has no power whatsoever, Winona now trapped Keira's useless kicking spaghetti legs with her own lean but curvy legs and stretched Keira apart. Poor Keira moaned and arched her head back in pain, her ribs now clearly visible.

"Do you give?" asked Winona, glaring down on her weak opponent.

"Never," hissed Keira with a pain-stricken face.

Winona shook her head piteously and then forced her big soft boobs down onto Keira's face. Keira trembled with fear but was completely unable to change her destiny. Winona forced her chest smiling down onto Keira, her big soft boobs covering Keira's face completely in an air-tight seal. Keira squirmed uselessly for about twenty seconds but then Winona felt that all movements subsided under her. Then Winona let Keira have one or two draws of breath, then covering Keira face again and Winona continued this torture again and again, Keira drifting back and forth into unconsciousness. Then Winona looked down viciously smiling on her limb wincing opponent. Keira has now completely submitted to her fate. Winona pinned Keira's middle school-girl arms easily with one hand, her other hand searching for Keira's sex.

"Noooooooooooo....." whined Keira weakly unable to resist.

Winona smiled and rubbed Keira's clit only twice and poor Keira unwillingly came with a huge orgasm, her tiny body convulsing hard under Winona. Keira's body was stricken with pain as she was cumming hard, creaming Winona's long skinny finger. Winona then removed her finger from Keira's burning clit, Keira moaned with humiliation. Winona forced the creamed finger into Keira's face.

"Lick it up, baby! Kick it up!!!"

"Noooooo," whined Keira and squirmed weakly.

Winona rammed her knee hard into Keira's flat belly, who writhed in pain under her. Keira then closed her eyes humiliated and slowly licked Winona's finger clean of her own cream. Winona nodded and when her finger was clean she rammed her pointy elbow hard into Keira's jaw. Keira's head snapped back, her eyes glassy. Winona lowered her big soft boobs onto Keira's face again, but not lifting them in regular intervals. Winona let Keira's arms and legs go, but they didn't moved, she then lifted her breasts of Keira's face and saw her prey knocked out. Winona leaned down and smiled as she heard Keira's flat breathing. Winona now stood up and lifted one of Keira's arms up and let it slump down lifeless into the sand. The girls cheered and Brooke gave Winona a thumbs-up. Winona lifted her arms and clenched her tiny fists in the air and enjoyed the victory. Brooke and Jessica got into the ring and lifted Winona's arm giving Winona's forearm a hard squeeze. "Well done!" exclaimed Brooke.

"Thank you..." giggled Winona with sparkling eyes.

Jessica attended Keira who now slowly came around.

"What happened?" whined Keira weakly, her body spasming out of control.

"You're now Winona's slave."

Keira looked at Winona terrified who gave Keira a dark vicious smile and got back into the pool. Nora and Audrey congratulated Winona while Hayden mumbled sulking in the other corner.

"You're next!" exclaimed Winona smiling.

"We'll see about that, beanpole!" hissed Hayden.

Jessica now carried Keira back into the house and Brooke took the microphone again.

"What a great fight! So anyone who wants to have fun with Keira should now ask Winona first - and either pay or challenge her."

Some girls looked interested over to Winona, one stood up and walked slowly over to the pool. Being about the same height and stature than Winona she sported a tough lean muscled body, even quite harder than Alyssa. As she came closer Winona recognized her as stuntwoman, actress and Pamela Anderson's buddy Natalie Raitano. Natalie knelt by the pool behind Winona and gave Winona's bony shoulders a hard squeeze, Winona winced in pain.

"I'll come over soon to play with little Keira," giggled Natalie. "But I'm not planning to pay..."

"Hey..." exclaimed Winona surprised, reached back and grabbed Natalie's right wrist.

Natalie smiled down fiendish and measured Winona's thin arms and easily gave Winona's arm a hard twist, watching Winona for about ten seconds as she squirmed and moaned in pain, then she let Winona's useless arm go and got up and started to walk away. Then, she stopped, turned and when she saw Winona glaring at her and rubbing her aching shoulder, Natalie pointed at Winona and giggled, "We'll see us soon, tiny!" Then she turned back and walked away.

Nora and Audrey were still shocked by this short interlude but also envied Winona's bravery against this strong girls. Now Alyssa Milano came running from the house and jumped into the pool with a splash. Winona and Alyssa cuddled and kissed each other for the welcome.

"Just heard you owned Keira! Sadly I missed it...," said Alyssa," but I'll get you down in the evening after I finished Christina Ricci."

"We'll see about that," said Winona smiling.

"Now for our next match," Brooke's voice boomed over the loudspeaker system. "Since Winona had a run-in with Latina Melinea Leon, we agreed Melinea should send one of her pets to conquer Winona an d she appointed 18-year old Hayden Panettiere." The crowd cheered! "Hayden is 5'1" a little smaller than Winona, but she outweighs her by ten pounds. OK girls, step into the ring!"

Winona jumped out of the pool, her big soft boobs swinging and stretching her thin arms. Hayden also got out, water dripping from her fit curvy teenage body. being only half Winona's age. Winona stepped into the ring and watched the young actress as she entered. Winona got into her corner were Brooke was waiting.

"Be fast, Noni! Hayden is tough; Melinea had quite a hard time owning her."

In the other corner muscled Melinea stood behind Hayden, telling her protégé, "Be wary. The little wimp is lightning fast! No toying around, just ram her head into the sand as hard as you can!"

Winona and Hayden stepped into the middle of the ring.

"I wanna arm wrestle!" exclaimed Hayden.

"As the challenger you have that right," said Brooke. "Wrestling will commence AFTER a test of power!"

Jessica, just returned, lifted the arm wrestling table into the ring and Hayden sat right down, planted her elbow and flexed her thick bicep. Winona trembled at the big bulging bicep of Hayden's meaty arm, but she finally put her frail arm up and clasped Hayden's hand. Winona's feeble, bony, hand was dwarfed by Hayden's meaty fist and she gave Winona a good squeeze that made Winona wince. She looked shocked at the smiling teen as Brooke held their locked hands in neutral position.


Winona pressed on, grimacing and her thin arm strained, her small cute bicep trembling. Hayden just giggled as she felt Winona's light pressure on her thick arm.

"C'mon, Winona. You're twice my age, show me your power," Hayden giggled. Winona's face got red with useless effort. "Give it up!!!" Hayden teased.

Winona uselessly gave all she got, but Hayden's thick arm didn't moved one inch. Winona's upper arm was only half as thick as Hayden's and Hayden's bicep at least three times thicker. Winona moaned humiliated while her tiny bicep started to cramp painfully and her spaghetti forearm trembled like a twig. Hayden smiled, reached over with her free hand and gave Winona weak cramping bicep a terrible squeeze. Winona looked doe-eyed as she felt Hayden's hard grip on her soft convulsing muscle. Hayden smiled fiendish and let Winona's arm go and finally gave full power on her young well-trained arm. Winona winced and within one second Hayden hammered Winona's beanpole down hard. Hayden lifted her arms in victory, Winona soothed her thin aching arm.

"This was only the beginning!" hissed Hayden. "I'll crush your old pathetic frame to pieces!"

Winona looked intimidated and trembled back into her corner while the armwrestling table was removed. Winona roamed the ring nervously while Hayden smiled confidently and showed her well-defined muscles to intimidate thin Winona.

"OK girls," cried Brooke. "Fight!"

Hayden lost no time, even before Winona was knowing what happened to her Hayden came running into Winona, grabbed her hard by her shoulders and rammed her knee hard into Winona's soft unprotected belly. Winona's vision was spinning and she crumbled down to her knees, moaning and grabbing her poor convulsing belly. Hayden smiled as she looked down at pitiful Winona, she grabbed Winona's wrists and easily forced Winona's thin beanpole arms apart. Winona tried to resist but, even as her thin weak arms are no match for busty fit Hayden, she's still weakened by that terrible blow to her belly. Hayden now criss-crossed Winona's arm around Winona's neck and applied a crossed arm choke on Winona, suffocating that weak old bitch with her own skinny and useless arms. Winona coughed at fought for air as her own spaghetti arms choked her.

Hayden forced now her knee hard into Winona's feeble spine to increase the pressure and finally bent back, gritting her teeth. Winona wailed in pain, but her outcry was suffocated by her skinny arms that cut into her frail swan's neck while her spine was on fire. Hayden had big fun destroying her much older and weaker opponent so easily. Melina Leon nodded approvingly as she watched how easily young Hayden destroyed weak Winona. Hayden now let her hold go, but still securely controlling Winona's toothpick arms. Winona coughed hard as she was finally able to breath freely again. Hayden forced Winona's arms up hard and forced her knee know into Winona's shoulders - the left first, then the right - and enjoyed the creaking of Winona's bones and the weak pathetic grunts form overpowered Winona.

"Anything to say, you weak old skank???" hissed Hayden.

"Nooooo....." cried poor Winona, with her voice more trembling than she wanted to.

Hayden smiled coldly down on her poor opponent and decided to have some fun and practice some wrestling holds on poor Winona. Hayden forced Winona down, pressing her knee in Winona's spine again. As Winona finally laid face down in the sand, with her arms secured behind her back in one of Hayden's hands, Hayden used her free hand to undo Winona's bra and forcefully dragged it under her. She moaned weakly and squirmed as her bra was pulled off and tossed away.

"You stay calm, bitch!" hissed Hayden and bend Winona's arms hard in an impossible try to criss-cross them.

Winona's thin arms creaked as the bones neared breaking-pressure, Winona wailed out in terrible pain. Hayden let the pressure go a little, while Winona sobbed completely humiliated into the sand, the tears rolling over her angelic face. Hayden easily secured Winona's thin useless arms over her knees, then soothing Winona's face for a second - hotly licking Winona's tears from her fingers. Hayden then grabbed Winona's black short hair and jacked her head up on a Camel Clutch.

Winona moaned as her spine ignited with fire, she kicked uselessly into the sand. Hayden bend Winona's spine as far as she could, while Weakie Winona screamed in pain under her. Hayden now saw Winona's kicking beanpole legs and let Winona's head smack down into the sand as she suddenly let go. Poor Winona moaned weakly, while Hayden reached back and grabbed Winona's bony ankle's. Winona breathed hard and tried to resist, but even as Hayden's arms trembled, she easily overpowered Winona's spidery legs and forced Winona's feet next to her face, bending the frail woman into a pretzel. Winona wailed and whined, unable to do anything, completely dwarfed and humiliated by the young agile actress. Hayden smiled down on Winona, easily dominating her.

"So, what now, you weak old skank? I'm half your age, I could be your daughter," Hayden teases the defenseless Winona. "C'mon, defend yourself, you puny runt!"

Winona's eyes are sparkling with humiliation and defeat, finally spitting Hayden in her face. Hayden smiles amazed about the fact that tiny Winona still didn't had enough.

"Knock that beanpole out!" yelled Melina from the apron, but Hayden decided Winona must submit, no matter how long it took her!

"You will not have it easy," hisses Hayden and lets Winona's legs go.

Winona's legs sprawl uselessly spasming on the sand, moaning weakly, shaking her head to gain some power again. Hayden grabs Winona's shoulders hard and moves her feeble opponent between her wonderful thighs and starts to scissor Winona's soft waist. Winona moans and her big soft boobs shake like jelly as she's arching her feeble spine. Winona grabs Hayden's thick muscled thighs and squeezes them uselessly. Hayden grabs Winona's thin upper arms and easily squashes her soft trembling biceps, then dragging Winona's arms easily behind her head. Winona moans and tries to resist, but her little thin arms are no match for Hayden. Hayden now drags Winona's arms hard, arches her head back and scissors poor Winona mercilessly. Winona winces is pain, her vision spinning. Hayden secures Winona's little bony wrists in one hand and claws her left hand hard into Winona's skin-and-bone shoulder, moving her bones. Winona screams in pain, squirming uselessly in Hayden's devastating hold.

"I shatter you to small little pieces," hisses Hayden.

Hayden finally lets Winona go, who lays nearly lifeless in the sand, her arms and legs spasming out of control, moaning and sobbing in pain. Hayden stands up and looks down on her weak prey.

"Knock her out!!!" screams Melina.

But Hayden sits down on Winona's belly and lightly slaps Winona's cute, dazed, face. Winona looks up with glassy eyes, blinking dumbly.

"You're mine!" hisses Hayden and grabs Winona's big soft boobs and gave them a hard squeeze.

Hayden mauls Winona's soft pudding balls while poor Winona squirms and moans under her merciless opponent. Finally Hayden lets Winona's sore breasts go and rams her knees into Winona's spaghetti upper arms, moving her knees back and forth over them. Winona sobs under Hayden, who gently soothes Winona's beautiful face. Hayden now opens her bra and Winona looks up wide-eyed.

"Now you will cum for me," whispers Hayden.

Winona smiles weakly. Hayden lays down on Winona's frail body, hugging and kissing Winona. Winona accepts and the two hot naked girls roll around in the sand. Winona so dwarfed as Hayden wraps her arms tight around Winona's shoulders and her legs tight around Winona feeble waist. Winona slowly moves her left hand down Hayden's back and finally into Hayden's clit. Hayden's immediately on fire, her young body reacts, Winona moans as Hayden thrusts her body onto Winona's frail frame. Brooke now smiles widely as Winona has her way with young Hayden.

"Nooooooo! Hayden...NO!" screams Melina in disbelief.

Winona smiles fiendish while Hayden cums onto Winona skinny finger, soothing the young panting woman on top of her.

"Yes, little Hayden, let it all go...." purred Winona.

Hayden suddenly realized what had happened, trembled for a second - then slowly lift her arms and clenches her fists, trembling.

"Winona won by sexual humiliation!" declared Brooke to the delight of the crowd.

Hayden was about to smash her fists hard into Winona's face as Brooke grabbed her arms and shook her head smiling down.

"Maybe next time, sweetie!"

Hayden got up and stormed out of the ring, but Melina grabbed her left upper arm hard and squashed it in a vicious grip. Hayden winced and turned fearfully around.

"You little cunt," hissed Melina. "Couldn't control your pussy, eh? Get outta my sight before I forget myself and really hurt you!"

Hayden nodded fearfully and ran away. Winona came slowly up on her shaking legs, Brooke fitted Winona a new bra and gave Winona's big soft tits a gentle squeeze. Melina looked longingly, dreaming about the frail hot Winona as her pet slave in her forest hideaway, watching her barely naked, and once or twice away showing this steaming hot gal who's the strongest and in charge. Melina was drawn from her daydreams as Winona walked by smiling radiantly. Melina suddenly grabbed Winona's bony hands hard and squeezed them. Winona winced and her beautiful brown eyes wandered over Melina's thick flexed arms.

"You will be mine someday, honey," hissed Melina and squeezed harder.

The bones in Winona's hands creaked dangerously, her legs trembled. Now Brooke grabbed Melina's shoulder hard.

"She's mine! And if you wanna toy with her, you've to deal with me first."

Melina let Winona go and grunted disappointed, Winona smiled and slid into the pool again, were Alyssa started to soothe Winona. Melina watched Winona lusting for her. Nora and Audrey had become fast friends in the pool and not really storming to start their fight for the Weakie Of The World title. Winona came over and wrapped her left arm gently around Nora's neck and her right arm around Audrey's and skinny Audrey and Nora were lightly squeezed against Winona's big boobs and the girls cheeks met.

"Don't be shy," whispered Winona. "I'm convinced you'll make a good fight!"

Winona now released the two frail girls and looked longingly after them as they left the pool and went hand-in-hand to the ring. Alyssa slid up to Winona, grabbing her shoulders playfully from behind and forced Winona under water for a second. Winona shrieked laughing and splashed water into Alyssa's face.

"Hey," exclaimed Alyssa. "Don't make jealous of those hot skinny things!"

Winona and Alyssa locked hands and Winona tried to force Alyssa under water with her trembling thin arms. Alyssa laughed and toyed a second or two with Winona and then easily pinned Winona's beanpole trembling arms hard against the pool wall and pressed her firm body onto Winona and looked deep into her sparkling brown eyes. Winona squirmed playfully, enjoying Alyssa's superior power.

"Maybe I just like teasing you," Winona whispered smiling. Alyssa pressed her firm boobs onto Winona's big soft boobies and Winona moaned with lust and the petite actresses locked lips and shared an intimate kiss.

At the ring Brooke and the coaches wait for Audrey and Nora. Nora is welcomed by stunt-actress Spice Williams who so easily stole Nora's heart by saving her from a vicious Cori Nadine at the last Celebrity Wrestling TV show. Audrey Tautou was coolly greeted by mysterious EuroLeague fighter Monica Bellucci wearing big 'Jackie O' sunglasses and not showing an inch of emotion. The fighters with their coaches went to their corners. Spice gave the frail Nora a gentle hug and Nora cuddled herself onto Spice muscular body.

"Remember," said Spice. "No toying around; apply the holds we trained for, just beat her. You saw what happened to Hayden."

Nora nodded and slowly stepped in the center of the ring, smiling and stretching her skinny arms. In the other corner Monica was clearly agitated.

"Why have you befriended her?" hissed Monica at the intimidated Audrey. "She's your enemy for Christ sake!"

Monica was about to slap Audrey hard, but finally controlled herself and pushed Audrey hard into the ring.

"And don't dare to loose, weakling!" Monica shouted after her.

The lil' weakies got into the center of the ring were Brooke was waiting and smiled as her eyes went up and down the skinny opponents. "Okay, girls! Fight!"

Audrey and Nora were unsure what to do in the first seconds but then started circling each other, then trying to reach with their arms at each other. The girls watching this fight got more and more anxious to see more action. Nora and Audrey were still circling, trying to measure the speed and agility as no one want's to be Weakie of the World.

"If you don't fight now I'll come and ram you straight down into the sand!" screamed Monica.

"Come on Nora, beat the shit outta that Frenchie!!!" hissed Winona.

Winona's and Monica's eyes met and they glared coldly at each other, but their eyes were pulled back to the ring where Nora and Audrey finally locked hands and tried to overpower each other, their skinny arms trembling with effort. After half a minute Nora got a little on the advantage, gritting her teeth. Audrey looked in disbelief as her arms were slowly bent.

"Nooooooo......" moaned Audrey and suddenly gave Nora a hard kick into her sex.

Nora got down to her knees howling in pain and grabbed her painful throbbing clit. Audrey looked surprised at the damage her kick has inflicted on her young opponent. Seeing her chance Audrey finally jumped onto still wailing Nora like a cat, ramming her knees hard into Nora's arms that covered her body. Nora's elbow's creaked as they got hit hard by Audrey's bony knees. Nora fell sideways into the sand like a dismounted tree and grabbed her burning arms whining.

Audrey mounted poor Nora, grabbed her skinny wrists and pinned Nora down into the sand. Nora now finally resisted again, trying to break the pin. Audrey's beanpole arms trembled, but as they were stretched out Nora couldn't overpower them.

"Let me go!!!" hissed Nora and spat Audrey in her face.

Distracted by Nora's spit in her face Audrey let down her guard for a second, Nora used this second to buck and squirm wildly and finally broke free. Nora turned fast and rammed her knee hard into Audrey's kidney. Audrey howled out loud, sitting bent over in the sand wailing. Nora now got on Audrey's back, skillfully opened Audrey's bra - revealing pathetically small tits - than grabbed Audrey's wrists from behind and criss-crossed them around her neck and pulled back hard on them. Audrey was only barely aware what was going on as the blow to her kidney had nearly knocked her out. Nora tugged on Audrey's bony arms, suffocating the poor girl. Audrey tried to move but was paralyzed by Nora's sharp knee in her spine and gagged as she was choked by her own arms!

"You better start fighting..." growled Monica.

"Finish her, Nora!" yelled Winona smiling.

Nora increased the pressure on her hold, but her arms started burning, she won't be able to apply this hold much longer. Audrey's eyes were glassy and her vision spinning, but Nora couldn't apply enough pressure to knock her out. Nora finally let Audrey's arms go - exhausted and frustrated that couldn't get a win with such a hold. Audrey crumbled in the sand and breathed hard, moaning in pain and shaking her head to clear her vision. Nora also breathed hard and stretched her numb arms, glaring at Audrey. The audience demanded the continuation of the fight. Audrey slowly came up, her thin spidery legs shaking, barely able to hold herself up. Nora watched piteously as Audrey struggled slowly up and then run into her, but Audrey suddenly threw a handful of sand into Nora's eyes.

Nora screamed in pain and grabbed her eyes, staggering blind around. Audrey watched smiling and than got behind Nora and rammed her knee hard into Nora's spine. Nora screamed in pain and dropped to her knees. Audrey opened Nora's bra and yanked it away baring Nora's small but firm boobies, Audrey looked jealously down on them. Nora hammered her elbows back hard and rammed them hard into Audrey's kneecaps. Audrey fell like a dismounted tree. Nora jumped on Audrey and the two frail women rolled around in the sand, but no one was able to get the upper hand. Finally Nora stopped the rolling around and pinned Audrey hard. Audrey squirmed weakly but was totally out of power, Nora smiled down as she felt Audrey's surrender.

"Wanna give?" asked Nora wriggling her small firm ass on Audrey's soft belly.

Audrey moaned and her nipples stiffened with humiliation.

"Make her cum, she's already horny!" screamed Winona.

Nora nodded and rubbed her left knee only half a dozen times slowly over Audrey's knee, before Audrey came with a huge orgasm. Nora stood up, clenching her tiny fists in the air. Audrey gabbed her clit and now pleased herself.

"Stop it, you dirty little slut!" hissed Monica before she stormed away.

Winona ran into the ring and gave Nora a gentle hug.

Brooke attended poor humiliated Audrey and walked her into the house while Winona and Nora got back into the pool. "Well done!" said Alyssa and gave Nora a powerful hug. Nora beamed and hornily soothed Alyssa's strong arms and shoulders. Winona gave Alyssa a light punch and looked playfully pissed.

"Hey!" exclaimed Winona.

Alyssa giggled and all three started splashing each other with water. Meanwhile a group of women stepped onto the beach from Winona's house. Winona smiled and rested her head on her hands, smiling wickedly as Holly Hunter and Madonna with her slave toy Selma Blair entered. Keira looked pissed as she saw Madonna. Winona looked amused as Keira uselessly tried to hide herself from Madonna. All three were already in bikini's, Holly and Madonna showing of their fit muscular body, Selma a little taller than Winona but still a little lighter showed her bony body. Winona and Holly hugged, Winona nipples stiffened as she felt Holly's hard muscled shoulders and back under her skinny hands.

"I couldn't forget you," whispered Holly into Winona's ear and gave Winona's body a firm squeeze.

Winona winced as she felt Holly's hard hug. Then Holly let Winona go and went over to Brooke. Madonna now sat down outside the pool and put her elbows on the pool-wall and flexed her thick bulging biceps. Winona stared at Madonna's muscles and moistened her lips.

"Like these?" asked Madonna and moved her forearm so her biceps bulged hard.

"Gawd, yes...."

"Okay, we can armwrestle. After I've won I take your little slutty slave there for a ride."

"Sounds nice," said Winona and looked wickedly at Keira.

"No, no, please!!!" she begged as she tugged at Winona's left arm.

Winona glared at Keira and slapped Keira's face hard. "Know you place, slave!" she hissed, then turned to Alyssa who has watched this interlude smiling. "Be so nice and see to it that my slave doesn't run," said Winona and looked icily over to Keira.

Alyssa nodded, slid over to Keira and gripped Keira's arm hard, squashing it easily to the bones. Winona got out of the pool and followed Madonna to the arm-wrestling table. Winona's eyes wandered over Madonna's body, her tight hard legs, her round muscular ass and her broad shoulders and thickly muscled arms. They sat down, Madonna smiling piteously on Winona and Winona hornily moistening her lips, watching Madonna's hard body. Suddenly Madonna got up fast.

"I've got an idea," said Madonna and turned for Selma, who already stood by the pool, "Hey wimp, c'mere!"

Selma came over and Madonna forced her down facing Winona.

"Nice idea," giggled Winona and looked at skinny Selma opposing her.

Selma looked unsure, Winona took her hand and forced her skinny arm into an arm-wrestling position.

"Okay, girls," said Madonna. "GO!"

Winona pressed and immediately brought Selma's wimpy arm down one third before Selma could stop the downward movement of her arm. The little skinnies struggled and Madonna soothed Selma's and Winona's tiny soft biceps, each in one of her hands. Winona saw that for the first time ever her arm looked clearly thicker, Selma's arm was just skin-and-bone - her bicep pathetic. Selma struggled with her long twiggy arms but Winona hold her easily. Selma winced weakly, looking piteously at her own useless arms. Winona was too weak to ram Selma's arm down by sheer force, but with her better experience she moved her shoulder smiling coldly at struggling Selma. Selma winced and her tiny one-inch-muscle trembled hard as her arm was forced slowly down. Madonna smiled as she saw the satisfaction on Winona's face.

"You weak slave, do something!" hissed Madonna into Selma's ears.

Selma looked fearful at her strong mistress as her arm failed and her wrist knocked loud on the table. Winona cried victoriously and clenched her tiny fists in the air. Wimpy Selma rubbed her aching beanpole arm and skulked away. Madonna scolded Selma as she ran away as Holly came over.

"Well done," said Holly and gently rubbed Winona's bony shoulders. Winona arched her head back and looked up into Holly's eyes. Holly trembled as the frail beauty looked up at her.

"What were you talking about with Brooke?" asked Winona smiling.

"I'll tell you soon, now do your fight..."

Madonna sat down opposing Winona with her arm ready to wrestle. Winona put her feeble arm up, Madonna grabbed Winona's hand and gave it a terrible squeeze. Winona winced with pain as Madonna easily moved the bones inside Winona's skinny hand.

"Okay, show what you've got!"

Winona started pressing with all she's got, her tiny weak arm trembled immediately. Madonna smiled and acted bored as she felt the light pressure on her thick muscled arm. Winona's head got red with effort, but it was like pressing against massive rock, her skinny arm trembled like a twig in the wind. Winona looked from her own frail arm - her flexed bicep nearly visible - to Madonna thick arm - her bicep big and bulging, her shoulders massive and hard. Winona winced with pain and lust and she felt how weak she is.

"C'mon young thing, show me your power!" teased Madonna.

"Oooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......", winced Winona hornily as her small bicep started cramping.

"I'll show what she has," said Holly and opened Winona's bra.

Winona's big soft boobs spilled free. Madonna hesitated as she saw Winona wonderful jugs and her arm went down about half

the way, then she was able to recompose herself. Madonna stared at Winona boobs and saw them bouncing back and forth as Winona uselessly tried to wrestle her down. Now Madonna easily moved Winona's weak little arm over. Winona winced and rested her head on the table as her thin arm throbbed with pain. Madonna smiled as she saw Winona struggling weakly, she reached over and grabbed Winona's upper arm, giving Winona's bicep a hard squeeze.

"Ohhhhhh my gawd....." whined Winona, looking doe-eyed at Madonna's iron hand on her soft aching bicep, showing off her aroused nipples. Madonna let Winona's feeble arm go and rammed it easily down.

"And now I get Keira!" said Madonna smiling.

Winona rubbed her humiliated thin arm and smiled wickedly, "And teach her some manners."

Madonna got up and walked over to the pool. Holly and Winona watched as Keira tried to run but Alyssa easily hold the weak beanpole back. Madonna, from behind, grabbed Keira by her shoulders and yanked her easily out of the water. Keira's bones and she kicked uselessly into the air until Madonna slammed her skinny body hard on the sand. Keira coughed hard, Madonna's hand pressing Keira hard into the sand. Keira struggled weakly to come up but her complete efforts were useless against Madonna's hard pressure against her chest. Keira grabbed Madonna's hard forearm with her bony hands and dragged uselessly. Keira looked doe-eyes as she felt Madonna's rippling muscles, who smiled down and smiled at Keira's weak attempts, measuring Keira's trembling spaghetti arms. Madonna suddenly let Keira's chest go, fiercely grabbed Keira's upper arms and squashed them to the bones, and let herself with her left knee into Keira's soft unprotected chest. Keira's moaned and coughed hard as Madonna's full weight smashed into her small body, her forearms and hands going pale and limb from Madonna's vicious grip on her upper arms. Keira squirmed weakly, but her vision was already blurred from the terrible pain. Madonna now knelt with her full weight on Keira's convulsing belly and rocked back and forth hard, while Keira coughed her guts out.

"No big mouth now, hm? Weakie?" hissed Madonna.

"What is this about?" Winona asked Holly.

"Your little slave made some mocking remarks about Madonna's muscles at a premiere last week in London."

Winona nodded and watched with satisfaction as Madonna continued the carnage on little wimpy Keira. Madonna now pinned Keira's arms down by her upper arms, still sitting on Keira's sore stomach. Keira looked up dizzy, her eyes glassy she's only barely aware what's happening to her. Madonna now jumped and let her firm round ass smash into Keira's soft belly, planting the heels of her feet hard on Keira's arms, starting to rub them hard, destroying Keira's minuscule biceps. Poor Keira moaned as her belly and arms throbbed with terrible pain, her thin legs trembling and kicking uselessly into the sand. Madonna ripped Keira's bra away and bared Keira's small tits, after throwing Keira's bra away slapping her small tits hard backhandedly.

"Ohhhhhh....please stop," whined poor Keira unable to move.

"Not so fast you little wimp!" laughed Madonna. She reached back, grabbed Keira's small soft calves and squashed them in a terrible grip. Keira screamed in pain as Madonna crunched her calves, trying to free her legs frantically. But Madonna's thick muscled rippling arms were clearly thicker and much stronger than Keira's pathetic useless legs. Madonna easily bend Keira's legs next to Keira's head and then trying to criss-cross them in front of Keira's face. Keira could only scream and whine, her poor body so defenseless against a strong mature woman like Madonna. Madonna smiled and let her feet go from Keira's arms. As Keira tried to move her thin arms she moaned out loud as numb throbbing pain exploded inside of them. Madonna laughed at the poor crying woman under her, grabbing both Keira's ankles were Keira's legs crossed, then grabbed her left arm and dragged it and twisted it around Keira's crossed legs. Keira screamed with pain while Madonna did the same with Keira's right arm, twisting Keira's thin weak arms and legs into a tight knot. Madonna now rocked and dragged on Keira's arms and legs, making Keira's bones creak. Keira screamed and cried, her vision blurred with terrible pain.

"She'll pass out soon," observed Winona, giving Madonna a smiling thumbs up.

Madonna rocked hard back and forth on her wailing human pretzel. Keira was drifting in unconsciousness. As Madonna saw that Keira's eyes went dim she slapped Keira's face hard and bought weakly moaning Keira back. Now Madonna ripped Keira's panties apart and forcefully rammed her finger into Keira's small clit. Keira's body reacted immediately, Keira felt the orgasm even as she desperately tried to stop it, but the more she tried to control herself, the harder she came on Madonna's hard finger.

"Yes, little wimp, let it go, slut!" hissed Madonna ramming her finger into Keira's clit brutally. For minutes Keira came hard, crying, her tears flowing down her cheeks into the sand as her juices flowed from her clit into the same. As Keira's orgasm finally subsided Madonna removed her slimy finger from Keira's sex and hold it under Keira's nose. "Lick it up!"

Keira obeyed. Broken and humiliated, she licked Madonna's finger clean and Madonna grinned as Keira's laved her finger hungrily. When her finger was clean, she clenched her fist and was about to put Keira into dreamland with a hard blow to her face when she suddenly felt pity for the demolished wimp. Madonna now stood up and let Keira's arms and legs flop uselessly on the sand.

"Great fight!" cried Winona as she came over applauding.

Holly followed bare-breasted Winona and wrapped her arms around Winona, who trembled and whose nipples stiffened immediately. Winona looked hornily as Holly flexed her hard biceps against her bony shoulders.

"Wanna now what I talked about with Brooke?" whispered Holly in Winona's ear. She nodded as Holly grabbed her thin, soft, upper arms and squeezed. "I negotiated a monthly fee for her to see you once a week, beginning today."

Winona trembled with lust as Holly grabbed Winona forearm hard and turned Winona that the frail woman faced her. She grabbed Winona's hands and started playing with Winona's beanpole arms, whose big jelly boobs jiggled and swayed with gravity. Winona's weak arms trembled uselessly and Winona felt Holly's superior power, watching Holly's thickly muscled arms and shoulders working against her flabby bony arms. Holly smiled and criss-crossed Winona's spidery arms around Winona's neck. Winona's big brown eyes flickered from her own weak twisted arms to Holly's hard ripped arms. Holly now tripped Winona's girlish legs, but didn't let the frail woman fall hard, instead lowering Winona gently into the sand, sitting on her small belly, pinning Winona with criss-crossed arms into the sand. Winona looked up lusting for Holly's lean mature and muscled body.

"You're mine now, tiny..." giggled Holly.

Winona squirmed weakly, but she was vastly overmatched. Madonna watched them, wishing her own slave Selma would have at least some of the submission and fun being submitted as Winona has. Holly saw Madonna's longing look.

"Wanna join the fun?" asked Holly and Madonna's eyes sparkled.


Winona trembled with joy as she heard Holly's and Madonna's short chatter. Holly now wrapped her legs around Winona's slim waist and gave a short hard squeeze, realizing that Winona's waist was barely thicker than one of her flexed thighs. Winona moaned as pain shot thru her frail body. Holly let Winona's arms go and turned on her back, moving Winona between her lean iron thighs on top of her, twisting Winona's still numb left arm hard into Winona's back and wrapping her other tight around Winona's small swans neck. Winona squirmed and moaned as Holly scissored her feeble waist, choked her vulnerable with her hard muscled arm and twisted Winona's skinny arms till the bones creaked.

"Come, get on top of her!" said Holly to Madonna.

Winona's free hand rested on Holly's thigh and she felt the thick hard muscles that were torturing her inner organs as she saw Madonna coming down on them. Madonna sat down right below Holly's thighs on Winona's pelvis and immediately grabbed Winona's big watermelon boobs into her hands. Winona trembled with lust as she felt the hard grip on her boobies and weakly grabbed with her free arm Madonna's upper arm and felt hard muscles, she couldn't dent them one inch with her skinny fingers.

Madonna smiled as she felt the feeble pressure on her arm and gave Winona's big jugs a hard massage, they felt like soft jelly and melted like butter in her vicious grip. Winona arched her head back and Holly started kissing Winona's upper cheeks gently. Madonna continued her assault on Winona's unprotected balls. Winona hammered her tiny fist as hard as she could into Madonna side till it hurt, but Madonna only smiled as Winona's light blows were completely absorbed by Madonna's well trained body. Holly now opened her scissor and Winona had one second to take a deep breath, but then Holly trapped Winona thin trembling legs with her own and easily dragged them apart. Madonna saw it and did the same, lying down tightly on Winona, who found herself now in a sandwich of mature muscular ladies.

"What now, little thing?" asked Madonna giggling. Winona moaned and whined weakly as she tried to move her legs against the combined raw power of Holly's and Madonna's iron thighs and failed miserably. Madonna's hands still on Winona's tits she felt Winona's skinny hand on her bicep. Madonna flexed it for Winona, who winced amazed as she felt it grow under her skinny fingers. "Yes, that's a real muscle, little thing!"

Holly giggled and untwisted Winona's trapped arm and grabbed the other at Winona's little bony wrist. Holly dragged Winona's arms wide apart. "Now show us your muscle, little Noni! Come on little thing, flexxxxxx!"

Winona flexed her thin beanpole arms, feeling the hard grip on her tiny wrists. Winona's arms trembled and a barely visible bulge showed up on her upper arm. Madonna gently grabbed Winona's soft trembling bicep between two fingers, she started to lightly squeeze and turn it back and forth. Winona arched back and desperately tried to flex harder, as Madonna so easily tortured her little muscles. Madonna shakes her head and smiles as she feels Winona's soft girlish muscles, then Madonna suddenly squeezed Winona's biceps flat hard. Winona moaned and squirmed, Holly giving her feeble waist a hard squeeze. Madonna suddenly looked up and shouted to her slave, "Hey, Selma! Bring my toys!"

Winona looked hesitated but she couldn't move as Selma gave Madonna a black lace backpack. Madonna opened the backpack and finally removed a huge strap-on and showed it smiling to Winona. Winona's eyes widened panic-stricken and started to squirm hard and kicked uselessly in the sand. Holly easily hold poor Winona as Madonna donned her strap-on.

"Nooooooooooooooooo....." whined Winona with trembling voice.

Madonna smiled coldly and forcefully ripped Winona's panties apart. Winona now took her last power and tried to break free. Holly was surprised at Winona's quite powerful outburst, for a second Holly thought she couldn't control Winona's thin but quite strong arms. But after about ten seconds of struggling Winona and finally spent all her remaining fuel and completely submitted to her two strong mature captors. Madonna smiled and rammed her strap-on hard into Winona's sex. Winona arched her head back as she felt the huge hard thing inside her, Holly kissing Winona's feeble swan's neck.

Winona orgasmed hard after only three strokes of Madonna, Winona felt like flying away. Madonna and Holly squeezed in hard on Winona's soft jelly body, squashing her big soft boobies flat. Winona flailed around and moaned and hissed as Madonna moved hard and sensual inside her and Holly and her own tongues eagerly met in a deep kiss.

After about five minutes Madonna and Holly finally let Winona go, who was weakly drifting from one orgasm to the next during that time and now finally came down, sprawling her body limb on the hot sand. Madonna stood up and looked down smiling. "Gawd, she's sooo hot," admitted Madonna.

"You can bet your reputation on that," said Holly who opened her suntan lotion and started to rub it over Winona's naked body. Winona's eyelashes weakly fluttered open and she looked doe-eyed into Holly's eyes. Holly hesitated as she met Winona's gently wonderful eyes.


Part 2 - Afternoon (Ryder-Bellucci based on one of simguys boxing stories)

About one hour later, Winona sat again in the pool, Holly on her left, Alyssa on her right. By and by the other girls came back from Winona's house after a good snack. Winona not knowing whom to cuddle more, Alyssa or Holly. Now Nora and Spice came, Spice easily carrying Nora back to the pool, the frial Nora clinging to Spice' mature massive muscled body, her brown eyes hesitantly admiring spice' thick slabs of muscle. Spice then let her little plaything playfully splash into the pool, Nora giggling.

"Where's Audrey Tautou?" asked Winona looking around.

The girls shook their heads. Then suddenly Audrey came flying thru the open garden door and crashed hard in the sand. Poor Audrey whined and moaned as her mean mistress Monica Belucci strode with pride into the open. Monicca grabbed Audrey by her short dark hair and janked her violently up. Monica slapped Audrey hard with the back of her hands. Audrey's vision spinned and her thin bony legs shook violently. Monica let her frial slave go and Audrey slowly sank weakly into the sand.

"Even Winona isn't that mean," whispered Keira, who still fondly remembered Winona's gentle kiss on her cheek after she served Winona her drink. Monica enjoyed that all eyes were turned on her and kicked Audrey hard into her belly. Audrey moaned in pain and squirmed weakly in the sand.

"I won't watch this any longer," hissed Winona and jumped out of the pool facing Monica.

Winona slapped the taller curvy Monica hard. Monica looked surprised for a second but then gathered herself and looked icely down on small frial Winona, who slapped her again. Winona was about to slap Monica again, but Monica grabbed Winona's skinny forearm hard and hold it easily. Winona flexed her thin arms and tried to get free, but her arm trembled weakly while Monica smiled fiendish.

"You really don't wanna do this," hissed Monica.

"And you can't handle your obedient slave like this!"

Winona and Monica now stood nose-to-nose, Winona glaring coldly up. Monica hesitated for a second or two at Winona's cold eyes.

"OK, into the ring wimp!"

Winona jumped in the ring first but Holly grabbed her lean upper arm. "Be careful! Nobody knows anything about Monica, but everyone says she's one mean bitch!"

Winona looked a little worried but then turned to the now waiting Monica. Monica playfully stretched her arms as she waited for Winona, then Brooke entered also unable to disguise her concern for Winona's welfare.

"What kind of fight?" asked Brooke.

"Boxing?" suggested Monica icely. Winona nodded and saw Monica smile confidently. Brooke was worried when she saw Monica's smirking grin, but it was too late now and she - reluctantly - started the fight.

From the outset, Monica controls events with her sheer size and reach, smiling lasciviously at Winona while holding her mitts loose and low. Ryder, very apprehensive, steps to the left, crouching to make herself an even more difficult target. Belucci cuts off the room and flicks a snake's tongue left jab just to measure Winona. Ryder suddenly gathers herself, stepping inside, and pushes punches into the bigger girl's torso. Belucci smiles, pulling Winona to her breast, and holding her while Winona's small fists pat against Monica's belly. Finally, Monica begins to punch, holding Winona behind the neck with her left while clubbing short right hands into the mouth. Ryder is stunned by the compact blows and tries to clinch, but Monica has good hands for a woman. She pounds down on Ryder's head and shoulders, often connecting with the sides of her fists, and slapping with the palms of her hands to Winona's cheek and dropped Winona on her backside.

As Winona fell back into the sand, Monica raised her arms in victory and smiled icely at the shocked spectators, most of them worried about Monica's sheer superiority. Winona sat in the sand for a moment before struggling to sit up, shaking her tingling head.

"Keep you guard up!" screamed Alyssa, gesturing wildly with her fists in front of her face.

Winona nods and comes after Monica with wide-eyed anxiety as Monica cooly stalks. Suddenly Monica turns her broad shoulder into a single hard right hand to the middle of Ryder's forehead, causing the smaller girl's legs to buckle. Winona stumbles backward and takes a seat into the warm sand, shaking her head. Winona comes up again, her frial legs shaking. Ryder now runs for as long as she can, but finally Monica catches up to weakening Winona and she drops a right hand in a hammering motion - the side of the fist bashing off the top of Winona's head to stop Ryder in her tracks. Monica has her way with her poor defenseless opponent, molesting Ryder with little pitty pat lefts and rights to the face, setting up the occasional stiff wide left or right that knocks Ryder sideways when it connects.

Monica now stops for a few seconds watching Winona Ryder staggering weakly and disoriented, but finally Monica continues the carnage as Ryder's legs are shot. Monica has a nice way with her hands, looking very loose and proficient, snapping off combinations from her waist, then shoving the smaller girl back by her shoulders.

Winona is terrified at how the fight was going and after Monica easily knocked her down into the sand again, Winona gritted her teeth and suddenly jumped up with a sweeping left that briefly clouded Monica's vision. But Winona was already far too weak to use the opportunity and Monica recovered fast. She tasted blood and realized the lone blow from her feeble opponent had cut her lower lip.

"You'll find that this was very ill advised!" hissed Monica.

Monica rams her fists in a terrifying combination into the sides of Winona's head, whose legs finally failed and sprawled into the sand nearly lifeless. Monica tunred Winona on her back, who was about to pass out. But Monica slapped Winona's bruised face hard to wake poor Winona.

Winona Ryder finally stumbles up, clearly helpless, eyes barely focussed, hands at her waist, legs trembling. Monica bodies up on the small girl, pulling her face into the mammoth breasts, leaning on Winona, and muscling her over to her corner. Savage beat down follows as Monica pins Winona back with her left forearm or glove, and drives brutal right hands into the belly or jaw at will. Several times Ryder looks as though she will slide to the sand, but Belucci props her back up, leaning in until ryder recovers, then begins the slaughter anew. Putting Winona in a side headlock, Monica liesurely leans sideways against ryder pressing her into the ropes. Winona cries and tears were flowing down her cheeks, but no one intervenes as Monica stacks Ryder up against the ropes for more abuse. Belucci now settles into a ponderous rhythm of lefts and rights, bashing heartlessly at Winona's full breasts, pushing deep into the line of Winona's pink panties, and smashing ryder's head violently to the side with clouting blows on the jaw. ryder's eyes go dim as she drifts back and forth across the line of consciousness, but Monica won't let her fall. Putting Winona's head into the crook of her left arm, Monica slugs repeatedly with short rights to the face of ryder, beating her into a stupor.

Monica now rips Winona's panties apart and moves her left index finger hard into Winona's clit. Winona, only barely aware what's going on immediatly came with a huge orgasm as her destroyed body responds. Monica rams her other hand hard into Winona's churning belly and big bared boobs. Then Monica steps back. Winona wanders off the ropes, legs bending at the knee, lips mewling, eyes closed. Finally, ryder pitches forward to her face on the sand as Belucci plants a foot in the small of her back. Winner seems too small a word to describe Monica's victory.

Aylssa and Holly looked in disbelief as Monica stepped on lifeless Winona. Aylssa looked determined over to Holly.

"Let's teach that bitch a lesson!"

Holly nodded and they steppd into the ring while Brooke put lightweight Winona over her broad shoulder and carried her out of the ring. Winona came slowly around and moaned in pain, her whole body and head throbbing with pain. Monica looked amused as Holly and Alyssa came storming into the ring.

"So you wanna follow your wimpy friend," giggled Monica.

Monica smiled as mature toughie Holly and young athletic Alyssa came steaming close to her. Moncia stretched her arms, Holly and Alyssa spreaded out a little and tried to encircle Monica in one corner. But Monica saw her oppoents primitive strategy and suddenly slipped with amazing swiftness to the left, Aylssa tried to catch Monica's hair but missed it by mostly an inch. Holly looked hesitantly and surprised and while still thinking were to postition herself next, Monica send a high-kick with her left foot to Alyssa's jaw. Aylssa's head snapped back hard, her vision shortly clouded.

Aylssa shook her head and responded stepping one step forth ramming her elbow and tried to hit Monica's belly, but Monica has already stepped ramming her own elbow hard into Aylssa's spine. Alyssa moaned out and got down to her knees. Holly looked shocked as Monicca easily rammed fit Aylssa down. Monica now faced her smiling. Holly stepped in and grabbed Monica's hair in a vicious grip. Monica screamed and hissed as Holly forced her upper body easily down. Monica suddenly grabbed Holly's clit and pierced it with her sharp polished nails. Holly howled out, let Monica's hair go and rammed her knee into Monica's belly. Holly hold her throbbing sex and crawled away while Monica rubbed her belly.

Monica was about to slash Holly when she suddenly felt Aylssa's arm thightly from behind around her neck. Monica squirmed and grabbed Aylssa's arm but was unable to pry it away. Aylssa smiled and rammed her knee hard into Monica's lower spine. Monica moaned out in pain and Aylssa gave Monica's spine a second piercing shot. Aylssa now let her arm go and Monica got down to her knees. Aylssa smiled icely down and rammed her elbows hard into Monica's shoulders. Monica grit her teeth and rammed her elbows back hard, her left elbow missing but her right hit right into Aylssa's kneecap and dislocated it painfully. Aylssa moaned, gave Monica a light slap in the head and humped away.

Monica was slowly comming up as Holly rammed her fist right into Monica's forehead. Monica whined shortly and fell on her back. Holly slumped down with her knees into Monica's belly, who hissed in pain and gritted her teeth. Holly was about to pound Monica's head with blows when Monica grabbed two handfuls of sand and throwed it into Holly's eyes. Holly screamed, tried to clean her burning eyes with her hands and staggered away blinded.

Monica was coming up, struggling a little longer this time. Aylssa now came in and kicked Monica hard into the side of her head and she flew siedeways into the sand. Aylssa stood over Monica and stomped hard into her exposed kidney. Monica moaned in pain. Holly, who cleaned her eyes with a glass of water handed to her by Audrey, now came again into the fight.

Aylssa gave squirming and moaning Monica another blow into her churning body. Monica hissed and coughed hard and tried weakly to crawl away, but Holly grabbed her by her head and janked her up. Holly twisted Monica's arms easily, Monica tried to resist but her slender arms were no match for Holly's hard muscled arms. Holly twisted them hard, finally holding both in one hand, her other arm tightly around Monica's neck. Monica squirmed weakly.

"And now, Aylssa, pound her like this worthless bitch pounded poor Winona!"

"With pleasure!"

Monica spat in Aylssa’s face as she stepped in, but Aylssa smiled icely and started to work on Monica's body, firing right-left combinations first into Aylssa's belly, then into her big boobs and finally into the sided of her head until Monica's head bobbed from left to right. Audrey smiled satisfied as she watched how her evil mistress was destroyed. Aylssa now stripped Monica naked and pounded her boobs. Monica's eyes dimmed as Aylssa's fists and feet pounded hard into her churning body while her legs were shaking violently.

"Now what?" hissed Aylssa, "let this wreck go, Holly!"

Holly let Monica go, who staggered foreward and after a few steps was about to topple over like a dismounted tree. As Monica was falling forward Aylssa's fist hit hard into Monica jaw. Monica gurgled one last time as she was knocked out and sprawled lifeless into the sand. Holly and Aylssa grabbed Monica's lifeless frame by her arms and legs and carried her to the waterline. Monica came slowly around looking around dizzily.

"What...?" babbled Monica.

"Audrey is now free!" hissed Aylssa.

"And you will never come here again!" cried Holly.

They threw Monica into the water.

"You can swim back to Europe!" giggled Aylssa as Monica crawled away sulking and swearing revenge.


Part 3: Kournikova and Dunst join the party

As Alyssa and Holly turn back they see as Brooke and Jessica support Winona back into the whirlpool. Winona's legs still shaking, but except a good number of bruises no major damage done she slided into the pool and whinced with relief. Alyssa slid next to Winona and hugged her gently, Winona even playfully resisting.

Anna Kurnikova and Kirsten Dunst entered the ring for the next fight. Winona looked worried as the two fighters strode by behind her. Anna had her head up high and proud, her body powerful and athletic, her massive thighs bouncing with each stride. A little behind Anna frial Kirsten came, neither strong nor athletic.

"How did it come they fight?" asked Aylssa.

"Don't know excatly," answered Winona, "but I think Kirsten mocked Anna in SNL....and she said that she modelled the arrogant tennis player in one of her movies after Anna."

"Ouch!" giggled Aylssa.

Anna jumps over the ropes into the ring, roaming around in the ring while Kirsten climps thru the ropes into the ring. Anna grabs her hands behind her neck and flexes her lean hard biceps, while Kirsten stared at Anna's muscles intimmidated. Anna smiled and stepped close to Kirsten, looking pitifully down on her prey.

"Now you will finally suffer, tiny wimp!" hissed Anna.

Brooke entered and started the fight. Anna took a step back and slowly tried to grab Kirsten's head, measuring Kirsten's speed. Kirsten stepped aside fast and rammed her elbow into Anna's kidney. Anna whinced shortly, stepped out of Kirsten's reach and rubbed her side shortly. Anna slowly increased the speed of her attack and soon had Kirsten puffing heavily. Kirsten tried to avoid Anna's strong arms and to hit her fast while evading her, but Anna easily overcame Kirsten's tactic and Kirsten mostly hit Anna's forearms - when she hit her at all.

Anna smiled confidently and laughed and giggled while Kirsten tried to hit her. Kirsten got more and more frustrated as she realized how easily Anna toyed with her. "My gawd, you're such a wimp!"

Kirsten howled out angrily and now attacked Anna up front. Anna saw Kirsten's unskilled attack comming easily and grabbed Kirsten's thin soft forearms in a vicious grip. Kirsten gritted her teeth and uselessly tried to force Anna into the ropes, but Anna easily hold Kirsten's feeble pushing, toying with Kirsten's thin weak arms bending them back and forth, from side to side. Kirsten watched wide-eyed as she saw Anna's hard muscled arms easily controlling her. Anna smiled and suddenly rammed her left knee hard into Kirsten's soft belly.

Anna's knee drove deep into Kirsten's soft body and doubled her over gagging and sputtering. Anna let go of Kirsten's arms and twice more hammered her knee into Kirsten's frail body. Then she stepped back and let Kirsten crumble in the sand, wheezing and holding her churning belly with both hands.

Anna laughed as she saw poor Kirsten on her knees, stepped in again and rammed her fist into the side of Kirsten's head. She moaned and went sprawling, her bony shoulder digging a furrow in the sand; her vision spinning; her body convulsing.

"Owwwww," moaned Kirsten weakly. "Pl...pleeeeeease...stop!!!"

"I haven't even begun yet!" hissed Anna.

She mounted Kirsten and forced her firm round ass down on Kirsten's churning belly as she pinned Kirsten's thin arms in the sand. As Kirsten's vision cleared, she found herself helplessly pinned under Anna who smiled icily down at ther. Kirsten flexed her feeble arms and tried in vain to break free, but Anna just laughed at her pathetic attempt and again slammed her ass on Kirsten's belly. Poor, weak, Kirsten grunted and groaned, then stopped all resistance.

Anna smiled and criss-crossed Kirsten's arms over Kirsten's small neck and dragged on them choking her feeble opponent. Kirsten looked pitifully up as she got choked by her own flabby arms, she tried to move her arms but it was so useless.

"C'mon, weakling! Resist!" mocked Anna giggling as she dragged on Kirsten's arms till her joints creaked and Kirsten's eyes went dim due to the choking. Kirsten moaned weakly while her vision started spinning again. Finally Anna let Kirsten's pathetic arms go, who sprawled into the sand. Kirsten kicked uselessly into the sand, her arms numbly throbbing. Anna now moved her muscular legs up and wrapped her thighs around Kirsten's head and started to scissor poor Kirsten. Kirsten whined weakly and lightly grabbed Anna's lean hard thighs and felt hard muscles. Anna constricted her thighs in waves on Kirsten's head.

"I'll pop you head like a nut!" hissed Anna.

Kirsten panicked as she thought that Anna could really break her skull and raked Anna's thighs hard with her fingernails. Anna screamed and let her headscissor go, angrily ramming her fist into Kirsten's face. Kirsten moaned out as Anna's blow badly hit Kirsten's nose. Kirsten slowly got up to all fours, shaking her tingling head, drops of blood comming from her nose. Anna rubbed her burning thighs and looked pissed over to Kirsten, whose arms and legs were shaking violently. Anna stood up and kicked Kirsten hard into her head. Kirsten crumbled into the sand and whined in pain.

"Come Up!!!" yelled Anna. Kirsten stuggled weakly and Anna now rammed her elbows down hard into Kirsten's shoulders. Anna grabbed Kirsten's hair and yanked her head up. "Anything more to say?" asked Anna, smiling icely.

Anna wrapped her thighs again around Kirsten's neck while hammering compact blows into Kirsten's face. Kirsten whinced whinced weakly, beeing barely around. Anna let herself fall, badly twisting Kirsten's neck, whose spine creaked dangerously. Kirsten girlishly tapped lightly onto Anna's lean hard legs constircting around her head moaning weakly. Anna smiled while she easily toyed with Kirsten, now grabbing Kirsten's arms and dragging and twisting them hard behind Kirsten's head and again started to constrict her lethal thighs in waves onto Kirsten's head. Kirsten whinced feeble every time Anna flexed her thighs. Anna now let the headscissor go and moved her thighs down around Kirsten's waist, twisting Kirsten's arms viciously.

"No....please...." whimpered Kirsten.

Anna now applied her bodyscissor, arching back to increase the power. Kirsten wailed in terrible pain as Anna crushes Kirsten's organs. Anna also twisted Kirsten's arms till she heard Kirsten's shoulders creaking.

"I could break your pathetically weak body any second!" hissed Anna.

She let go and Kirsten lay lifeless, sobbing into the sand as Anna mounted her again, her full weight on her knees pressed on Kirsten's soft upper arms. Then Anna rocked slowly back and forth, destroying Kirsten's biceps as Kirsten sobbed and looked terrified as her thin arms were tortured.

Anna pinched Kirsten's nose and teased, "Wanna fight some more?"

Kirsten babbled undiligible while Anna shook her head and rammed her knee hard into Kirsten's face, knocking her weak opponent out. Kirsten crumbled lifeless into the sand, blood running from her nose and teeth. Anna stepped with her left foot onto Kirsten's small shoulder and lifted her arms in victory.

Winona stormed out of the pool to help poor Kirsten.

"Step away from her!" Winona hissed at Anna.

"Beware you don't end like her if you don't change your tone," replied Anna.

Winona and Anna glared at each other and Anna finally walked away. Winona kneeled down and soothed Kirsten, who finally came around. Kirsten looked around with glassy eyes.

"What happened?" babbled Kirsten weakly.

Winona hugged Kirsten gently, trying to clean Kirsten's bloody face. Suddenly a shadow dropped and Winona looked up, seeing Anna again.

"I think you need to get put into your place."

Winona nodded and glared up icely. She helped Kirsten out of the ring and handed her to Aylssa.

"Winona....don't....she'll destroy you!" whined Kirsten.

Winona got back into the ring were Anna waited. Anna lifted her lean hard arms, opening her arms in a challenge of finger lock. Winona accepted and grabbed Anna's hands and started to flex her thin flabby arms. Anna giggled and easily toyed with Winona's beanpole arms. Winona gritted her teeth but was far too weak to even slow Anna's arms movements. Anna now put full pressure on Winona's feeble thin arms, who Anna easily bend and twisted hard till Winona's joints creaked. Winona moaned as she felt the incredible pressure on her frial arms, the sirring pain increasing. Anna twisted Winona's arms till Winona's thin girlish legs trembled and finally bend at the knees. Winona whined and was forced the kneel down. Anna now twisted Winona arms around Winona's neck, chocking Winona with her own arms, putting her knee forcefully into Winona's spine. Winona resisted weakly but uselessly.

Anna send waves of pain thru Winona's feeble weak body, her big soft boobs bobbing up and down. Suddenly Anna let go and Winona crumbld coughing into the sand. Anna mounted Winona and pinned her easily smiling down on Winona.

"You are all so pathetically weak!" giggled Anna.

Winona flexed her thin arms, but Anna was far too strong. Winona hissed and gritted her teeth.

"At least you've some spirit," hissed Anna as she easily controlled Winona.

Anna trapped Winona's legs and spread with her lean muscled legs Winona's thin girlish legs easily apart. Winona trembled, but her feeble arms and legs were far too weak to do anything against it. Anna smiled, forcing her atheletic body onto Winona's soft body, squashing her big soft boobs flat with her small firm tits. Anna now kissed Winona's small soft trembling biceps, Winona's feeble muscles denting under Anna's lips. Winona trembled with joy, arching her head back, Anna felt Winona's nipples stiffen. Anna smiled and moved Winona's arms behind her head, holding both Winona's wrists in one hand.

Anna's other hand moved slowly down Winona's left arm and finally grabbed Winona's small trembling bicep. Winona looked wide-eyed as Anna squashed Winona's small muscle. Winona arched her head back and moaned as pain mingled with joy. Anna did the same with Winona's right arm.

"You really like this, don't you?" teased Anna smiling.

Winona nodded humilated. Anna let Winona's legs go and moved up, sitting on Winona's chest, Anna's firm round ass squashing Winona's big boobs flat. Anna put her knees on Winona's upper arms, putting more and more weight on them. Winona arched her head back and squirmed weakly as her arms got tortured and throbbed with pain, her forearms and hands going numb. Anna soothed Winona's angelic face. Winona smiled weakly and slowly started to lick Anna's clit. Anna not realizing what was going on immedaitly exploded with joy, ripping her own panties, grabbing Winona's head and forced it into her crotch. Winona licked eagaerly while Anna's knee's rocked hard over Winona's aching spaghetti arms.

As Winona licked her, Anna arching back, only seconds away from orgasm. Winona moaned as her arms are so badly tortured, beeing herself already badly wet, barely able to control herself. But Anna finally cummed first with a huge orgasm as Winona's toungue tingled over Anna's g-spot. Anna screamed out and creamed Winona's face completely.

Anna glared wide-eyed down, realizing that Winona had won and fell of her clawing her own clit with pure anger. Winona smiled weakly and finally soothed her own aroused clit and as Winona tried to flex her thin weak arms, felt the throbbing pain, saw her bruised trembling biceps Winona finally came, cumming into the sand.

Anna glared at Winona, but admitting that she's a vicious hot-stuff, then stood up and wlaked sulkingly away. Kirsten came running into the ring and hugged Winona's sweaty body, her thin fingers soothing Winona's big soft boobies. Winona looked hornily up moistening her lips and they shared a long intimate kiss.

"Wanna toy with me like you did with Anna?" Kirsten whispered.

"I could never hurt you," answered Winona smiling wickedly, "but I'd love to armwrestle you."

Kirsten nodded smiling and they went to the armwrestling table. Aylssa and the other girls followed, curious to see who of the two weakies would have to stronger arms. But before they could start their match they heard Anna screaming and yelling from the house. Suddenly, Serena Williams janked Anne out again holding Anna thight by her long hair. Anna dragged on Serena's massive forearms, but Serena's massive arms were far too strong for Anna.

"She had no right to fight you!" Serena explained, "she's my slave and would've needed my permission."

Winona hesitantly watched Serena's massive bulging arms and tighs.

"," babbled Winona.

"I'll take care of her punishment," Serena said smiling as she saw Winona longing looks.

Serena lifted kicking and hissing Anna up and threw her into the ring. Anna landed hard on her back, whincing in pain and rubbing her aching spine. Serena entered the ring and came towards Anna with powerful steps. Anna looked up fearfully and frantically crawled backwards. Serena smiled icely and put her left foot on Anna's belly. Anna dragged uselessly at Serena's hard calves, who increased the pressure on Anna's convulsing belly. Anna moaned in pain and hammered her fists on Serena's legs. Serena laughed at Anna weak attempts, she put for a second her whole weight on Anna's body, who yelped in pain, and then let go. Anna curled up whining, soothing her aching belly. Serena grapped Anna's hair and forced Anna's upper body up and wrapped her massive thighs around Anna's neck and increased the pressure. Anna moaned and her hands weakly clinged to Serena's iron thighs. Serena playfully moved Anna's head back and forth, increasing the pressure on Anna's neck in short painful waves. Anna moaned and whined. Serena now grabbed Anna's wrists and dragged her arms up hard, Anna's shoulders creaked.

"Stop.....ohhhhh......stop", whined Anna.

Serena laughed and let herself fall back, Anna now on top of her squirming in pain. Serena now dragged hard on Anna's arms, her massive biceps bulging as were her thighs around Anna's neck. Anna sceamed in pain and uselessly kicked into the sand. Serena now let Anna go and moved on top of Anna, sitting on Anna's belly. Anna moaned and soothed her aching shoulders and neck, then soothing Serena's thighs.

"Please, forgive me!" begged Anna.

Serena shook her head and rammed her elbow into Anna's chest, who screamed as her ribs bend dangerously. Serena grabbed Anna's arms again and bend them over her knees. Anna whined in pain while Serena bounced with her ass on Anna's belly and badly worked Anna's arms.

"I will BREAK you!" hissed Serena and Anna cried in humilation.

Serena let Anna's arms go, who sprawled into sand, spasming out of control. Serena now planted her right hand tight on Anna's neck and forced her left hard into Anna's clit. Anna moaned and within seconds cummed with a huge orgasm. While Anna was still orgasming Serena stood up and dragged Anna out of the ring by her ankles. Winona stopped Serena, looking doe-eyed and horny and the massive athlete.

"You're very strong," sighed Winona.

"Yes, and you should remember that from our fight," Serena grumbled.


Part 4: Star Trekkin' - Winona Ryder vs. Lucia Riker by vulcannightbird(?)

On the set of Star Trek. Lucia sat somewhat bored at the wooden table easily holding Winona's soft little skinny hand as the little wimpy actress tries uselessly to wrestle Lucia's hard muscled arm down. Lucia has been warned that Winona is a little lesbian slut that gets horny by challeging and getting beaten by much stronger women. But as Lucia saw that in the script she had no scene with Winona she thought she was safe. Wrong thought as it proved as winona was lingering around her for all the day and finally when they were alone after the days work has been wrapped she had challenged her. Lucia at first wanted to decline mainly becuase that tiny wimp would be no match for her - she was stronger than ten winonas. But then on the other hand Winona might prove useful in advancing her acting-career and so she agreed.

Winona was wearing thight blue jeans and a sleevless Zimmerli boys shirt. Lucia, who was still wearing her more than skimpy costume, was amazed about Winona big juicy boobies on her tiny petite frame. Winona had put her arm on the table and Lucia saw that it was so bony and skinny. So they had started, Winona arm had quite decent power for an arm as thin as Winona's but Lucia felt that even this little strength dwindled down fast.

Winona had now tried and tried again to force Lucia's arm down for nearly five minutes now. Her little frail arm and shoulder were throbbing with pain, her bicep unable to stay flexed. Winona tries again, her head red with effort, her forearm shaking like a twig, her tiny bicep aching but her nipples visisbly hard under her shirt. Lucia sees that her little slutty

opponent gets more and more horny at her own weakness. Lucia decides to end it now.

Suddenly Lucia flexed her hard bulging arms and shoulders and rams Winona's little beanpole arm down terribly hard. Winona's wristbone knocks loud on the wooden table. Winona lets out a cute yelp and then moans as she rubs the aching arm. Lucia smiles icely as Winona soothes her cramping little arm. But then Lucia sees Winona wickedly sparkling eyes and suddenly Winona jumps up, with one hand playing with her errect nipples....and with the other giving the still sitting Lucia a hard slap across her face. Lucia is so stunned she fells sideways of her stool and finds herself sprawled on the floor. Winona standing over her smiling wickedly down.

"You are so carazy," growls Lucia as she slowly comes up and sees Winona preparing to fight.

"Try me if you can!" giggles winona jumping around, her big soft boobs bouncing up and down.

Lucia looks icely not in the mood for this but finally deciding to teach this waif a lesson. Suddenly and with lightning speed Lucia rams her right fist right into Winona's forehead terribly hard. Winona is stunned, staggering back with failing legs till her uncontrolled movement is topped by the stage wall. Before Winona could crumble down Lucia came after her and forced her forearm into Winona throat holding weakly puffing Winona up this way. Winona whinces weakly and tried to move but was pinned against the wall hard by Lucia's hard forearm.

Winona grabbed the wrist and elbow of Lucia's forearm and tried to force it away, her little skinny arms trembling violently but Winona couldn't move Lucia's arm. Lucia smiled icely and suddenly with her free hand grabbed Winona's right upper arm fiercly, immediatly ripping Winona soft little bicep apart. winona howled in pain as her arm throbbed inside Lucia's iron grip, her eyes looking doe-eyed at her burning arm as Lucia's fingers continued the carnage of Winona's poor little arm. Lucia giggled as she destroyed Winona's pathetic soft arm, ripping her feeble muscles apart till she feels the bone under her fingers. Lucia is surprised that winona's nipples are even harder now than anytime before.

Winona moaned in pain but then suddenly rammed her left knee as hard as she could into Lucia's well-defined abs. Winona whinces as her kneecap gets painfully dislocated by Lucia's hard abs. Lucia felt Winona's sharp bony knee but thanks to her trained abs it hurt only a little, she let winona's arm go but still pinned her weak opponent with her forearm to the wall. Winona's right arm was badly bruised and spasming out of control.

"That was quite a decent blow," said Lucia,"but this is a real hard blow!"

On the word 'this' Lucia rammed her knee terribly hard into Winona's soft unprotected belly. Little Winona coughed and moaned hard as Lucia's knee moved deep into her guts and rearranged her organs in a very painful way. Lucia patted Winona's head and layfully rearranged Winona's short black hair as Winona had her head leaning on Lucia's broad muscled shoulder, moaning in pain. Lucia now grabbed Winona's shirt below the neck with her free hand and easily ripped it apart. Winona's big juicy boobs spilled free as she shards of her shirt fell down on the floor. Lucia now forced her forearm up inch by inch, stretching tiny winona by her chin.

Winona whinced, her arms dangling weakly by her side, unable to defend herself. Lucia now lets her forearm go down and grabs Winona's bony little wirsts, pinning them hard against the wall. winona moans and whinces weakly, her eyes fluttering over Lucia's thick arms and shoulders. Lucia moves Winona's arms over Winona's head and then pins both with one hand. Winona tries to resist, flexing her little skinny arms. Winona feels piercing pain exploding in her right bruised arm and her left arms tiny bicep flutters cutely. Lucia smiles and shakes her head and flexes her thick bulging bicep only inches from Winona's face.

"Look, tiny girl! THIS is a bicep!" Lucia hisses, letting her muscle bounce. Lucia smiles as she sees Winona's beautiful big brown eyes fixed on her bouncing bicep. "If I would really hit with this I could shatter every misirable bone inside your pathetically weak skinny body! Do you understand!"

Winona is so horny now wanting more and she suddenly spits her opponent right into her face. Lucia angrily lets Winona's arms go, her left hand grabbing Winona hair and forcing Winona's head back hard ramming it into the wall, her other hand trembling in a fist right before Winona's eyes, ready to knock this little wimp out and destroy her cute little face. But then Lucia an control herself and rams her fist into Winona's belly. Frail Winona coughing hard and crumbling onto all fours, Lucia standing next to her. Then Lucia gave Winona a hard kick into her already churning belly. Winona yelped in pain, wrapped her arms around her convulsing belly and squirmed pain-stricken on the floor.

Winona's vision was spinning with pain as Lucia handled her easily. Lucia grabbed Winona's wrists and easily turned her on her belly, then stepping with the right feet onto the small of Winona's bony back dragging Winona's little spaghetti arms back hard. Winona moaned weakly but was unable to move, her still errect nipples brushing over the rough wooden floor. Lucia hears Winona's little horny grunts and finally wriggles her toes between Winona thin girly thighs and starts rubbing her toes over Winona's clit while dragging with all her power on winona's frial arms. Winona moans, feeling Lucia's toes on her elaready wet clit and whincing as Lucia was trying to rip her poor arms off. Lucia continued, Winona shoulders and elbows creaked dangerously but then Winona came with a huge orgasm, squirting long and hard. As Winona cummed Lucia rocked hard on Winona's arms which made Winona even cum harder but suddenly with a loud CRACK Winona's left elbow gave and broke. Winona yelled out in pain and Lucia stopped immediatly. Winona held her broken arm, lying in her own puddle of cum and crying in pain looking up at Lucia.

"Hope this was a lesson for you!" Lucia hissed, turned around and let the tiny little wimp lying inside her own juices.


Part 5: Winona Ryder (5'2", 105#, 36y/o) vs. Lil Kim (4'11", 110# 32y/o) by vulcannightbird

One week after her devastating loss in a training match at the FCBA against Lil Kim, Winona was alone in the city searching for some fun during this warm night. Her buddy Christina Ricci was out in Mexico filming her new movie and Jada Pinkett- Smith was out with her husband on charity. So Winona was alone out looking into the quite dull bars in Beverly Hills. She was already bound to drive home again when she decided to check out one last bar.

As she entered, wearing a white skintight sleeveless shirt, showing off her petite figure and her surprisingly juicy breasts, she heard a shrill voice booming all over the bar. She immidiatly regognized Lil Kim's voice boasting her boxing victory over "wimpy" Winona. Winona let out an unnerving grunt and was just turning, when Lil Kim saw Winona.

"Now look whom we have here," Kim yelled and all poeple turned their heads," the little wimpy herself!"

Kim smiled icely over to Winona who trembled as her short temper was risen. Winona pointed a trembling finger at Kim.

"You should watch your mouth, you little prison-rat!" hissed Winona angrily.

Winona stood trembling waiting for Kim's response. Kim smiles widely and came slowly over to Winona, showing off her her sturdy well-tunred legs and arms, wearing a black silk shirt. She slapped Winona so hard, that Winona's spit flew from her mouth.

"Shut up, you little kleptomatic bitch!" hissed Kim. Winona rubbed her burning cheek and glowered icely down at Kim's face. "Come on, Winona," shrieked Kim provoking Winona, "I'd be glad to show you a lesson."

The two petite women circled and Winona finally flew at Kim locking her bony but strong hands in Kim's hair dragging reletnless at it. Kim yelped, a little surprised by Winona's fierce attack. Before Kim could recover Winona rammed her pointy left knee once, twice, thrice into Kim's chest. Kim coughed hard as she felt the piercing pain in her ribcage. Winona grit her teeth and used her momentum to slam Kim's back into the wooden wall off the bar. Kim is forced to exhale and breathes hard as Winona lets her go.

"Had enough?" hissed Winona quite taken by her easy headstart.

Kim stretched herself and put her hands on her hips. Winona attack was swift and hurt quite a bit but Kim was not to show it. A little intimmidated at how easily Kim took her attack Winona backed off as Kim moved slowly towards her. "We haven't really begun, haven't we?" answered Kim and took a little more caution now.

Winona moved in again, trying again to use her height-advantage to lock her hands into Kim's hair again. But this time Kim saw Winona attack comming and grabbed her bony forearms. Winona tried to outmuscle the smaller Kim and force her down, but Kim easily hold Winona's trembling arms. As Winona saw that Kim was way too strong for her she uselessly tried to free her thin trembling arms while Kim smiled icely. Kim then finally started to force Winona arms down and applied a hard twist on them. Winona whinced and felt her arms easily handled by Kim. Kim now easily controlled Winona thin beanpole arms and twisted them around each other. Winona yelped and whined weakly unable to defend herself.

"You're so pathetically weak!" hissed Kim and applied another twist to Winona's arms.

Winona moaned and was forced down to her knees. Kim smiled and now moved Winona's arms behind her back and applied a painful double hammerlock, dragging hard on Winona's forearms, making her bony shoulders creak, and forcing her knee between Winona's shoulderblades.

"Now scream, little bitch!" hissed Kim and dragged on Winona's arms as hard as she could. Winona screamed in agonizing pain, some tears trickling down her cheeks. Kim dragged gruesome on winona's arms, hearing Winona's bones creak dangerously.

"I so wanna crack your little spaghetti arms, I so wanna!" exclaimed Kim torturing Winona. "Should I do it, wimp? Should I?" Winona screamed and cried in pain, shaking her head in agony. Kim then suddenly let Winona go, who crumbled on all fours and Kim watched as winona came slowly up, her thin legs shaking, rubbing her throbbing arms. "Stand up wimp and fight!" Kim hissed, waiting for Winona. "And don't even think of giving up; I will have some fun now with you!"

Winona glared at her opponent, going on the offensive. At first Winona feigned at going at Kim's hair again, but right as Kim tried to intercept Winona's arms again, Winona swiftly got behind Kim, wrapped her right arm hard around Kim's neck and grabbed with her left hand Kim's skimpy silk dress and ripped it apart.

Wearing just underwear under this little nothing, Kim was stripped naked. Kim was stunned and Winona thightened her headlock around Kim's neck and driving her left elbow hard into Kim's left shoulder. Kim yelped and got down to her knees, totally surprised that Winona was still able to attack. As Kim sled down, Winona let her headlock go, giving both of Kim's shoulders a hard painful blow with her pointy elbows. Kim crumbled on her back before winona, who jumed onto Kim like a cat, grabbing Kim's wrists, trying for the pin.

Now finally Kim realized what was happening and finbally resisted. Winona had Kim's arms nearly pinned when Winona saw Kim's biceps and shoulders flexing, showing hard compact muscles. Winona tried, her thin girlish arms trembling but Kim easily forced Winona arms up again. Then suddenly Kim bucked and winona flew off her. The two women now rolled around on the floor, each of them bucking and kicking fiercly. Even if Kim was clearly stronger, Winona was skilled and was not liking the prospect of beeing thrashed by smaller Kim. Finally Kim had Winona under her, but Winona squirmed and bucked with all she had. Kim tried to keep on top and was finally able to ram Winona's wrist down, who knocked audibly on the wooden floor. But to achieve this she had to push up on her feet and even if Winona's arms were now firmly pressed down Winona saw her chance and rammed her knee into Kim's exposed sex. Kim's facial expression went craz and she let go a loud howl as the pain from her clit reached her. Winona was now able to free her arms and rammed her right fist into Kim's chin. Kim's upper body flew back, Winona got free and tried to mount Kim again. As Winona tried to pin Kim, Kim suddenly glared up into Winona's eyes.

"You will die now!" hissed Kim.

Kim started to buck hard and winona was unable to keep her position. As soon as Kim could move freely she wrapped her

legs around Winona's neck terribly fast and rammed Winona's head down hard into the wooden floor. Winona grabbed Kim's thighs and felt how hard Kim's muscles were. Kim now skillfully locked her legs around Winona's feeble neck and applied a crushing neckscissor. Winona yelped weakly and her thin arms dragged weakly on Kim's hard thighs and calves. Kim giggled and grabbed Winona's wrists and forced them easily behind Winona's head, giving them one or two painful twists. Winona was fighting for air as her arms and shoulders exploded with pain again, her legs kicking weakly into the air. Kim applied a little more pressure, and Winona's vision began to spin. As Kim saw Winona's eyes going dim she reduced the pressure a little. Kim didn't wanted winona knocked out, at least not now. Kim than gave Winona's neck a last pressure with her legs and then let winona go, jumping up fast, looking down on her prey.

"You're a tough little bitch!" Kim exclaimed as winona struggled up, soothing her sore neck.

Kim smiled and waited for Winona. As Winona came in slowly Kim hammered a right straight right into Winona's forehead.

Winona was nearly knocked out, she sacked down to her knees, her eyes dim and her vision spinning. Kim stepped behind

Winona and ripped her shirt apart, baring Winona's big soft boobs. Winona slowly recovered and wrapped her skinny forearms around her chest. Kim circled Winona again and then rammed her knee into Winona's head. Winona yelped helplessly as her upper body flew backwards. Winona tasted blood trickling down from her nose. Kim easily mounted Winona and pinned her arms down hard. Winona struggled and squirmed weakly, uselessly trying to break free. Kim easily controlled Winona, toying with her thin arms and ramming her big firm ass again and again into Winona's chest, squashing her boobs. Winona is every time forced to exhale. Kim then rams her knees into Winona's tiny biceps. Winona moans as pain mingles with lust as her soft muscles are squashed. Kim giggles as she sees Winona's stiffening nipples. Kim puts her full weight on Winona's thin arms as Winona moans and arches her head back.

Kim soothes Winona face gently and moves Winona's short black hair, which is wet with sweat, and brushes her ass over Winona's errect nipples. Kim continued to torture poor Winona for a minute or two and then stood up. Winona kept lying down, her arms and legs spasming every now and then. Kim, getting impatient, gave Winona a hard kick into her kidney.

"Get up, bitch! I'm still not finished with you!" hissed Kim.

Winona struggled slowly up, her knees bending as she tries and Winona falls down twice before she can barely stand. winona looked dim-eyed over to Kim, her nose bleeding, her upper arms swollen with bruises and her legs barely able to support her elfin weight. Kim circled Winona and shook her head.

"Gawd, look at you....You're pathetic!" exclaimed Kim.

Kim then stood behind poor shaking Winona and kicked hard into her left knee. Winona crumbled down to her knees. Kim then hammered her elbow hard between Winona's shoulders. Winona moaned out loud and crashed face first into the wooden floor. Kim mounted Winona's small back, forced her thin arms over her knees, twisting them till their bones creaked. Winona has seized all resistance and only moaned in pain. Kim now let Winona's beanpole arms go and grabbed with both hands Winona's chin and dragged her head back in a fierce camelclutch. Winona yelped and cried in pain, her tears flowing freely. After putting all her power into the hold Kim let Winona head slump down hard. Winona babbled unintelligible. Kim smiled and was eager to finish Winona now. Kim reached back and start to rub Winona's already wet clit, with her other hand she grabbed Winona's left hand and fiercly gripped her index finger. Kim didn't have to rub much and Winona came with a huge orgasm, squirting her juice wide. Winona whinced weakly as she realized that Kim forced her cumming in an uncontrolled orgasm.

Kim used Winona easily and as she felt that her poor defeated opponent was nearing her climax she badly twisted Winona's bony finger till it broke with a CLICK. Winona yelped in pain that ran her arm down like fire but at the same time she cummed harder than ever in her life. Kim now grabbed Winona's next finger and broke it also. winona screamed and cried and moaned and was nevertheless having the orgasm of her lifetime. Finally Winona's orgasm stopped and Kim stood up, putting her right feet on the small of Winona's back. Winona cried and hold her broken left hand gently inside her right; looking fearfully up to Kim.

"Hope you never mess with me again, lil sissy...or I'll break more than your fingers."