Reese Witherspoon as Ivy Miller ("Overnight Delivery") vs. Brittany Murphy as Nikki ("Spun") by Oberon

The nightclub was named ‘London Calling’, after the Clash album of the same title. A dark blue neon light situated over the front entrance announced this with a low, steady buzzing. The cimmerian atmosphere produced by this complemented an imposing exterior that left no room for questions as to the club’s target patrons. The outer walls were done up like a gothic - medieval mansion, classy in appearance but suggesting something otherworldly and menacing lurking inside, the doors leading in resembling those of an ancient castle with just enough of the interior visible to arouse curiosity. The effect had turned out to be better than the designers planned it out. The club had been deigned to attract the kind of patrons it was built to accommodate, and this accomplished its aims well.

It was drawing close to midnight, the moon overhead was a bright silver disc. The club was only open for a few hours this Saturday night, but where only a handful of automobiles occupied the vast lot overlooked by the entrance just a few hours ago, it was now almost impossible to find a space among the silent vehicles and the occasional car filled with customers preparing to head in soon with Goth, punk or metal blaring from the interiors as still others had left their cars and headed for the entrance. It was the end of autumn; the winds of winter were approaching from beyond the horizon suggesting that much colder weather was coming. A few bare, leafless trees lined the rows of parking spaces, almost appearing as dark tombstones as they reached toward the night sky silhouetted by the light posts behind them. No one appeared to notice the impending changes in weather; the chill permeating the air seemed secondary to what was expected inside.

Located on the edge of suburbia, the nightclub seemed to project an escape from everyday life for those locals who had nowhere else to go for the weekend, not desirous of attending the local sports bars and other clubs advertised as being “high class” where the hip crowd could go to be seen, with strict dress codes which would bar the patrons who were here from attending. It was originally opened for this purpose, but after word of this place got around it ended up attracting the attention of people from neighboring towns and before long business was thriving, allowing the nightclub to remain open giving people a place to fraternize on the weekend when they were unwilling to go anywhere else. The club managed to remain open for a long time thanks to the business it attracted every weekend, primarily from first, second and third year college students with the occasional high school student arriving with crowds of friends to see something different.

One car that arrived early parked closer to the front entrance than the others, swinging around the turn to the parking lot to seek a space from where it wouldn’t be far to walk. its engine idled for a few moments and shut off. A diminutive figure opened the door on the driver’s side and stepped out of the seat bucket, swinging first one leg and then another from the interior to pavement made as frigid as the air around her. The slender limbs were encased in tight black bellbottoms that hugged her thighs like a second skin and offered a view of her leg muscles to anyone who looked closely enough, boots hitting the pavement with audible clicking sounds as she turned around to reach into the back seat to retrieve her bag of accouterments. Pulling a duffel bag from the back that appeared oddly out of proportion for her petite frame, the young woman straightened and hoisted it over her shoulder before setting the driver’s seat back in place and shutting the door.

Wordlessly, Ivy Miller made her way across the short distance between her car and the front entrance, the big duffel bag in her possession draping her back from the left shoulder, moving past the crowd gathered outside who barely noticed her in the dark. She was a permanent fixture at the nightclub, but now that she was out of uniform few people if anyone would know who she was until she got inside and changed. Which was how she preferred it, as much as she enjoyed being the center of attention while she was working here it was just a job by which she could pay her college tuition. She staved off advances from drunken art and music majors on a regular basis while working here each weekend as an exotic dancer, but still she secretly loved the idea of men drooling over her squirming, half-naked body as she danced, tantalizingly out of reach, as they pined away for a chance to touch her, which was after all the reason she’d gotten this job to begin with.

Spotting movement off to the side, Ivy turned to her left and noticed there was apparently something special planned for this evening; this was evident from the film crew exiting the van parked in another space a fair distance from the entrance. Business at the club had been going so well lately that Entertainment Tonight decided to include live footage from here as part of a segment on alternative lifestyles. The reporter, sound man and film crew were busily setting up the equipment for taping later that night. She didn’t mind the thought of being taped in full dress uniform while dancing for the patrons, but in keeping with her customary demeanor she didn’t let her interest reveal itself through her hard exterior. Looking ahead as if she hadn’t seen anything, she walked right past the film crew without saying a word. She was a loner who preferred doing things on her own, and besides paying the bills for college she had an obligation to herself to demonstrate that fact. But in her thoughts she welcomed an opportunity to show off her body as long as it was through a different persona.

Ivy paid this no further mind as she walked past the film crew and through the doors leading into the club. The interior of the nightclub was even more imposing than its outward appearance was. Inside it was almost all dark except for a series of long vertical black lights situated along each wall, surrounding the large rectangular mirror that hung on the wall behind the bar and a similar mirror behind the DJ booth and finally numerous black lights placed vertically and horizontally all around the ceiling. All of them cast an outlandish glow in the environs of the establishment, bathing the enormous room in a sinister, mysterious luminosity that provided the dance floor and the surrounding area with an atmosphere that seemed as if the patrons had entered another world. The walls were painted black, with odd designs superimposed over the paint job with the occasional band flier hither and thither. The bar, DJ booth, the tables and lounge arrangements close to the back were illuminated with red spotlights that were simultaneously soft and piercing. This effect added profoundly to the chilling vibes of the room.

The space in the club’s interior was virtually overflowing with wall-to-wall regulars who all seemed oblivious to the outside world as they enjoyed its ambiance. A diversified crowd of people were in attendance, clad in clothing and hairstyles you didn’t see on those who frequented clubs that would be considered more chic by mainstream media. At the moment “Dominion/Mother Russia” by the Sisters of Mercy was resounding over the PA system, completing the unearthly aura created by the lights, the paint job on the walls and finally the quasi gothic/futuristic facade of the place. Many of those who had come here tonight congregated in various groups at tables, lounge areas or in separate locations around the dance floor or the DJ booth. It was in this direction that Ivy walked now, eager to get changed and return. The path toward the entranceway downstairs was relatively clear notwithstanding the number of attendees here.

Many of the customers who had turned up tonight had come for the first time, having gotten wind that the Entertainment Tonight crew planned to be present. Since this was their introductory arrival, they were for the most part caught up in the setting. For Ivy this experience was all too familiar, as she had encountered the same scenery every weekend she worked here and had grown comfortably accustomed to it. This excluded one scene she hadn’t seen before that she suddenly laid eyes on as she headed across the outer circumference of the dance floor to the dressing rooms. Ivy had been heading to the staircase heading downstairs to change into the garments in which she desired to get dressed this evening when she paused for an instant or two before continuing on. Ivy spotted what appeared to be an additional fixture in this otherwise familiar scenario. The sight was a young woman who had been standing on a platform alongside the DJ booth.

From Ivy’s line of sight the woman appeared about the same height as she, with the same colored hair and a similar build. The stranger was presumably an employee new to the job, appointed by the owners to join Ivy and the other dancers in employment at this juncture. At first she thought it may have been because the women were so prominently comparable in their outward appearance, or possibly it was because the woman stood in the same area where Ivy danced more often than not. When their eyes met across the short distance between them, she and the newcomer shared a brief, fleeting glance among each other, giving an impression of mutual dislike that seemed it had emerged out of thin air. Ivy’s eyes narrowed just slightly as they exchanged this momentary look, then abruptly averted her eyes and looked away. She resumed her walk to the stairway leading below as if the woman wasn’t there.

Downstairs was somewhat alike to the space above, but more compact with hallways leading to different rooms. It was a little brighter down here, but not by much. Entering the locker area and changing rooms, Ivy wondered if the woman she saw upstairs was hired recently or if she’d been on the waiting list for a new opening until another student’s schedule grew too demanding to keep working. The transitory glimpse Ivy and the new arrival disclosed was fresh in her memory, as if they were a pair of tigresses who stumbled across each other’s company for the first time out in the jungle and would eventually have to fight over which of them would have dominion over the territory where their first encounter happened. From the vibes that had traveled from woman to woman that was as close as Ivy could describe their first acquaintance. Their reciprocal aversion was obvious, and she had the feeling some kind of confrontation involving them would happen for some reason. Looking back on the events of just a few minutes ago, Ivy thought the newcomer seemed to recognize her in spite of the fact that no one else had while she was on her way inside.

“Whose the new player?” Ivy greeted the DJ, whom she was likewise acquaintances with, as he headed down the hall to head back upstairs to his booth, having gone beneath for a second to retrieve a compact disc from his locker. She spoke with mock belligerence, eyebrows raised in a simulated curiosity to show her infectious humor.

“The girl by the booth?” the DJ returned, chuckling as he caught the wave of her wittiness. “That’s Nikki. She just started here tonight. I think you’ve got some competition now,” he added, jokingly, with a wink. “You two till be sharing the stage tonight.”

“Are we, now?” Ivy continued the bogus verbal antagonism, although the connection suddenly clicked in her head and she knew, which surprised her more than the schedule suddenly changing. “Then I’ll have to work harder, I suppose.”

“You can do it,” the DJ called back as he ascended the stairs back to the dance floor, sounding a little apologetic for the way she’d just found out. “We were going to let you know earlier, but couldn’t get around to calling you up at home.”

“No problem,” Ivy called back as a matter of course, keeping her voice even as she headed down the stairs. “I know you have to rearrange the shifts… occasionally.”

Ivy’s voice sustained its customary cheerful confidence as she spoke, but once she was out of sight her lips pursed just slightly. Ivy was right that another female student must have left work recently to concentrate solely on her education. Each time this happened, there was a schedule shift between the women providing entertainment for the club as to who’d be working where and on what nights. However, this was not the only revelation on her mind at the moment. She had figured out who the woman was, and the reason for the brief acrimonious exchange between them. For as long as she had gone to her college she and the woman had run into each other intermittently on campus, their only greeting being an icy silence with common undercurrents of reciprocated unfriendliness that steadily increased in the three years they attended the same university together. Now this same woman was working the same club to pay her tuition!

They had known each other since their first year of college, when they were both freshmen. Under different circumstances they might have been friends, but for some reason they consistently found themselves on opposing ends of the arena. In the time since they attended the same classes, they always ended up in competition, no matter if it was for the finest term paper written or who was selected for which campus activity. Now Ivy imagined from the glance of momentary dislike that she and Nikki would be in competition together again. She figured that Nikki must have been offered a spot right in conjunction with her own, which she accepted willingly enough, it seemed. Ivy was a favorite here for a long time, and Saturday nights were usually her shift, which she had grown accustomed to. She also had an idea Nikki heard about Ivy’s reputation as one of the dancers whose company the patrons most enjoyed, and must have been wondering whether or not she had what it took to rival her in that department. Ivy paid attention to this thought as she headed for the changing room, placing her duffel bag onto a nearby bench before reaching into it to extract the evening’s chosen attire.

The outfit picked out for tonight consisted of calf-high leather boots, tight fishnet stockings and a black vinyl ensemble of bicep-high gloves, thong bikini bottoms, hot pants and a bustier. Removing her street clothes, she stuffed them into her bag, laying it aside to furnish herself with adequate space to throw on her apparel for the evening. This was the wear she most often was seen clad in upstairs; the fishnet and vinyl felt quite comfortable to her as she slid it along her bare skin. As she slid on each component of her outfit, it seemed to change her, to transform her into another person. When she’d put everything on and shifted it into place where she needed to, around her arms, breasts and thighs, she looked into a nearby mirror, impressed not just with how she looked but with how the tight fitting material altered her appearance. She had tailored the clothes to fit every contour of her shapely body. The result turned out to be better than she imagined as they always made her feel comfortable while dancing for the patrons.

Adjusting her bustier and performing a seductive movement in front of the mirror, Ivy decided she liked what she saw in the reflection. Placing her bag in the locker, she headed upstairs, ready for any competition Nikki could offer. Climbing the flight of steps from the lower level, Ivy emerged from the stairwell back into the dance floor, coolly looking the place over as the patrons milled around. When the Sisters of Mercy’s “Dominion/Mother Russia” was reverberating in the hall when she went downstairs, the song was now replaced by the track that followed it from the same album, “Flood I.” This composition’s slow, spellbinding quality further augmented the club’s gloomy climate. The skin-tight vinyl and snug fishnet hugging Ivy’s rounded hips, bust and legs undulated and stretched with each step she took. It fueled her inner fire, making her feel very sexy as she strolled by the small stage flanking the DJ booth where she customarily danced her routine.

She briefly looked up as she passed by the podium; catching a glimpse of the action there she observed Nikki still kept her position on the dais. Again making eye contact with Ivy as she passed by, she stared at her intently. Her gaze seemed to say she had every right to be there. As Nikki presented Ivy with a disdainful sneer, Ivy sent a stare back that told her Ivy knew who she was now, just before Nikki looked away and resuming her sexually suggestive writhing. Scoffing then at her evident superciliousness, Ivy sharply turned away as if she had seen nothing herself, taking her position alongside Nikki on the opposite end of the stage as if marking her territory. Once more they traded a momentary look full of bête-noir, the wavelength mutely related to each other that they’d be competing for notice from the company gathered tonight seeming to become understandable to them both. And then there was the film crew from Entertainment Tonight who had finished setting up their equipment and already entered to begin taping the activities of the patrons and employees alike.

Now that she was relatively close to her college rival, Ivy could get a better view of what Nikki was wearing. Nikki, who stood only about an inch or two taller than Ivy, was clad in a skimpy two-piece ensemble somewhat similar to hers, except it was made of latex, and adorned with bright purple stars and flimsy material covering her crotch, also purple.Seeing Ivy peering at her outfit, comparing it to her own, Nikki gave her a small, mocking smile as her fingers glided along her naked stomach before fixing her attention out to the dance floor and returning to her seductive movements.

They spent the rest of the Sisters of Mercy song battling for a greater amount of attention between them as they swayed and gyrated to the slow, hypnotic song, channeling their energy into their undulating bodies. In time, those in the general vicinity of the two dancers were divided over which of them was outdoing the other; by this time it had become obvious to the onlookers that this is what they were trying to do; but Ivy was first to notice the Entertainment Tonight film crew in the immediate area, heading toward them as if they’d gotten a glimpse of their action. Struck with a sudden idea then, as the cameraman closed in on she and Nikki, Ivy thought of another way to outdo her college rival. Turning to face her, she walked over to the spot where Nikki was dancing, her attention fixed on the approaching camera, and offered to embrace Nikki with one vinyl-clad arm while moving in close from behind. Having not seen her approaching, Nikki released a brief gasp of shock when Ivy’s arm snaked around her waist; then, seeming to get her wavelength, she made another turn to give the camera a sidelong look while leaning back into Ivy’s chest.

The two women started a mock bump and grind with the camera trained on them, performing for the audience who would be watching them at home. Ivy’s arm was wrapped around Jody’s waist, her other hand reached down and massaged her fishnet-wrapped thigh for all to see as Nikki leaned back farther into her rival, her back rubbing and then grinding itself into Ivy’s bustier and bare stomach. Offering a mischievous, sly smile to the camera as Nikki did this, Ivy leaned forward, bending the other woman at the waist and rearing back to deliver a few slaps to her rival’s backside. They weren’t hard enough to cause pain, but both women seemed aware that they were symbolic all the same. But still the seductive smiles never left their faces as the cameraman filmed everything, probably knowing he’d have to do more than a little selective editing if the sexy display of the women continued for much longer.

Again Ivy took this as a matter of course, having given “performances” like this one as part of the show, but she suddenly started thinking of a chance for she and Nikki to meet somewhere a bit less crowded to settle their differences, wishing all of a sudden there were fewer people present to witness this competition so it might take a turn toward something more competitive and less acted out between them. As for Nikki, she found herself caught up in this display more than she’d expected in spite of her feelings of animosity toward Ivy. With their bodies rubbing together, their bare skin touching in any place it could, and then the sharp slaps of Ivy’s palm striking her backside through her latex and fishnet, she found herself growing lost in the moment, possibly imagining herself somewhere other than this club, with a male hand striking her ass instead of a female hand. She was shocked to learn her breathing had grown heavier, but another part of her wanted this to go on, for just a little while longer.

She was snapped back to reality when she sensed the cameraman moving off into the crowd, and felt Ivy’s hands giving her a little shove away from her, but not enough to cause her to lose her balance and stumble. Jody spun, staring into the face of her rival which for now was unreadable as Ivy stood almost within striking distance of her. For a few moments neither of them spoke to one another, just continued staring each other down, with the sensations of Ivy’s compromising advantage still fresh in Nikki’s mind. Then, perhaps emboldened by the close physical contact between them, Nikki moved closer to verbally address the other woman standing on the podium. Before opening a dialogue, they took a few moments to look each other up and down, taking in the sight of their half-naked bodies until Nikki’s eyes met Ivy’s.

Nikki appeared royally pissed that her deep thought had been rudely interrupted after she’d been getting into the experience a lot more than she had thought she would, but at the sight of Ivy’s expectant posture standing there waiting for what Nikki might do next, she remembered the rivalry that had stood between them for so long. For a few moments they remained frozen in their positions as their eyes locked, seeming to mirror the same idea the other had in mind as their mutual gaze pierced the air between them and the tension of the moment settled in over the general area and all in the vicinity. Well, if both of them were to be working at the same place to pay their way through college, they may as well give their audience a little something extra, their eyes seemed to decide without either of them having to speak out loud.

Returning the favor for being shoved away, Nikki walked forward and bumped her chest into Ivy’s, knocking her back a step. The sensation of latex compressing vinyl would have sent chills up their spines, that is if something less competitive was on their minds, but it wasn’t and it didn’t. Regaining her composure, Ivy stepped toward Nikki and bumped harder, her breasts pushing forward and flattening her rival’s against her chest just slightly as Jody pushed back with her own chest, rubbing her latex top into Ivy’s vinyl bustier. Ivy came back, bumping Nikki’s chest yet again as they stared hard into each other’s eyes, but Nikki had figured out this intermittent rhythm and was ready to push back, using more of her body weight and casing Ivy to fall back again. Annoyed at Ivy’s responses, Nikki moved forward and pushed Ivy with her hands as the patrons watched raptly. Ivy responded by shoving back, and THAT started the melee!

The shoving match that broke out escalated into hair-pulling and kicking as the disc changed to Nine Inch Nails’s “Wish,” much to the delight on the males who had gathered to watch their sexually-themed performance as their legs entwined and both women stumbled off the small dais into the audience around it. Colliding with a couple bodies on their way down, they struggled to stand, stumbled over their entangled legs again and crashed to the floor where they proceeded to roll around end over end, raining sharp slaps and punches onto each other’s faces and chests. The DJ, who’d been watching up to the point where they started to fight, hurried to get a couple of bouncers onto the scene where they came on the double to pull the battling, glaring females off each other, hustling them gently but firmly to the owner’s office where they told her what had just happened out there as the DJ followed them inside, feeling at least a bit responsible that he’d set the events in motion.

A veteran of the punk scene in California, the owner knew quite well how things should run in any establishment from the many fights that had broken out between female employees who had a problem with one another. After reading the two young ladies the “I talk, you listen” riot act, she appeared surprisingly sympathetic to the women’s financial need to work here, if not to their dislike for each other, probably having seen similar occurrences happen many times before. She finally presented them with an interesting proposal: if they wanted to release their bad feelings toward each other that badly they could settle the matter among themselves in a private setting. Aware they’d probably be tearing each other apart soon after they established that setting, she said the winner of the fight would be “awarded” $300.00 and whoever lost would be suspended for the next month, as a lesion to both that such behavior could not be tolerated here. All that was needed was proof of who lost, an article of the loser’s clothing or something like that. Sitting back then, she waited to hear what they had to say about the proposal.

“You know,” Nikki began carefully, turning to Ivy and choosing her words so she’d make no mistake as to her meaning, “we’ve been competing for a long time, one way or another. Why not take her up on it and compete how we’d like to?”

As Nikki said this, there was an odd gleam in her eyes that Ivy had not seen before, but seemed to understand just a bit as it sank in. Ivy was just slightly taken aback, but not extremely amazed that Nikki elected to break the ice about it this soon. After all, she knew that any kind of a confrontation between them was inevitable; she just considered it unusual that Nikki would take the initiative in this way. All the same, Ivy had to make a decision on the spot. She stepped closer to give Nikki her answer, her eyes radiating eagerness to settle their problem while conveying the idea she caught her rival’s unspoken wavelength.

“Well,” she intoned softly. “We both knew it was unavoidable all along,” adding weight to her words by imperceptibly running her hands along her sides. She grinned then, her expression resembling that of a black widow spider sensing prey nearby as she remembered her earlier analogy of two tigresses. She knew such a comparison was appropriate at the moment as she could feel the tension rising around them. “Hey, there’s break time we can take for maybe an hour, and I’m sure these guys’ll give us the extra slack. If you’re up to a tiny diversion downstairs, let me know, okay?”

That helped Nikki come to a decision. “Oh,” she started, her eyes contracting indistinctly as their prolonged staredown between them remained unbroken. “I believe you and I wouldn’t be missed for very long.”

“After you, then?” Ivy invited Nikki to lead the way, her discourse dripping with good-natured venom, gesturing with one arm toward the stairway. “Don’t worry; I’ll be right behind you, promise!” she gibed, her smile expanding noticeably.

Scoffing at Ivy’s ersatz accommodation, Nikki brusquely turned away without saying another word, pausing by the door to the owner’s office and waiting for Ivy to follow her. She did follow, without skipping a beat, and while the owner signaled the DJ that their “break” was about to commence and called for two other dancers to take their place temporarily, the two women walked together across the dance floor to the entrance leading to the stairway. The black lights on either side of the staircase reflected with dazzling gloominess off their shiny vinyl and latex vestments as they proceeded down the stairs, with no further need to articulate themselves for the moment. Nikki led Ivy down the hall to the VIP room which was empty for tonight, turning as her rival caught up with her and extended one arm inside invitingly, bidding Ivy to enter first in much the same way Ivy called Nikki to join her back in the office.

Smiling wryly, Ivy accepted Nikki’s offer as Nikki closed the door behind her, signifying that this would be taking place just between the two of them, and faced Ivy. The VIP room appeared different from the club upstairs. For one, there were regular lights here that were on instead of the black lights and crimson spotlights that were built into the walls Nikki mused to herself, shifting her attention away from the lights and looking around the room, taking in the sights of a few couches, the carpet that covered the entire floor from wall to wall, and the austere gothic furniture decorating their surroundings. The tension they established fast approached a fever pitch as both women knew there wasn’t a lot of time to settle their long-standing differences. Besides, by now they were both quite enthused to get into what they came for.

“For the record, we’re here to have it out, right?” Nikki inquired, watching Ivy carefully, trying to keep her voice from breaking from her excitement at the impending fight as they stood there.

“Well, we ain’t here to fuck,” Ivy scowled, adding suggestively as she stepped forward, “…’less, of course you prefer fucking to fighting…”

“In your dreams, bitch,” Nikki snarled, still trying to mask the rising excitement in her voice as Ivy moved forward. Despite the sexual undercurrent both women elected to remain unspoken, they were tingling with anticipation to tear into each other.

In the last moments before their impromptu fight commenced, they approached each other cautiously, as the mutual expressions on both their faces suggested there were geysers of extreme dislike lurking underneath the innocent looking features and partially formal behavior of the two women. That veneer soon diminished, leaving the abhorrence beneath to surface and take charge of them. It wasn’t long before their rancor boiled over and glove-clad fingers were buried in dark hair, yanking down to the roots as if both women were trying to wrench clumps of it from each other’s follicles. Their bodies converged in their physical exertions with a loud slap of vinyl and skin striking latex, their gripping fingers tightening reflexively while entangled in each other’s tresses. Their breathing grew heavy as they struggled, resonating in the empty room as their legs began to shift position on the carpet, their boots slamming down so as to prevent them from losing balance.

They collided a second time, a little harder, breasts and stomachs mashing together through their black clothing to cause a pair of started grunts to emerge from the pit of both women’s guts. Redoubling their efforts to attack one another’s hair, they shifted and replanted their boot-clad legs on the carpet again to remain standing. When they rammed together a third time, their fishnet clad thighs momentarily brushed, adding a new sensation to the dual impacts of their breasts and bellies assailing each other. This gave Nikki an idea to interrupt the mounting impasse as, while keeping her fingers entangled in Ivy’s dark hair, she lifted her knee, aiming it at her rival’s groin to distract attention from her own hair. The first knee shot missed, crashing into Ivy’s outer leg as she grunted again, getting a stronger fix on Nikki’s hair, the second brushed the smooth thigh as skin and fishnet rubbed together, then the third found its target somewhere in the vicinity of Ivy’s groin.

UNGH! another grunt came from between Ivy’s lips as Nikki’s kneecap plowed into the sensitive folds she’d set her sights on. One leg trembled somewhat on the carpet, and Nikki pressed her advantage trying to bend Ivy’s shapely figure backward, but this was hastily impeded when Ivy released Nikki’s hair with one hand, balled it into a fist and threw a solid thump in between Nikki’s fishnet clad thighs, directly to her crotch. A shaken huff of breath was discharged from Nikki’s lungs as she felt Ivy’s fist thudding violently into her crotch; the sudden shockwaves of the blow traveled upward along her spine as her concentration was busted apart. In the flash of a split second after the harsh jolt of Ivy’s fist swept over her, Ivy reached between her legs, her vinyl glove sliding below Nikki’s latex bikini bottoms, and lifted her from her footing just enough to force Nikki to lose her footing, her leg curling in protest as she collapsed to the carpet.

“UNHHHHHHHH!” Nikki felt the wind knocked out of her as her back pounded the carpet-covered flooring below her. In a second after that came the additional force of Ivy’s figure landing on her curvy body with an echoing PLOP Her breasts were crushed underneath Ivy’s balloons mashing into her chest. Ivy let loose another low-pitched, “UHH!” as her exposed belly walloped into Nikki’s bare stomach. Gasping for a lungful of air in light of the impact of her back ramming into the floor, Nikki felt both of Ivy’s hands buried themselves deep in her dark tresses, lifting her head off the floor and banging it down again! Nikki’s head continually struck the carpet with the glossy smoothness of Ivy’s gloves gripping her dark mane tightly, with stiff fingers, her own hands only barely able to retain their grip on Ivy’s tresses.

THOCKK! Nikki’s skull connected with the floor of the VIP room with a hollow sound. THOCKK! Another impact came when ivy lifted her head again, bringing it down harder. THOCKK! Still another impact contributed to Nikki’s growing state of confounded shock, almost wondering how she found herself in this position.

“Bitch!” Ivy snapped, lifting Nikki’s head to drive it downward yet again. “Knee me downstairs, will ya? I’ll teach you how to…OOOOOUUUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!”

Ivy’s words were abruptly cut short by the swift knee shot Nikki heaved at her unwary crotch, a knee shot that was very unexpected since all Ivy’s focus was on the clusters of hair fixed in her clasping fingers. Now it was Ivy’s turn to suck in as much breath as she could, since it was her covered snatch that was the origin of inexorable waves of throbbing pain sailing along her spine and bursting open in her brain. Her louder grunt diminished into a long expulsion of air, but her hands dug deeper into Nikki’s tresses as her bare waist and vinyl covered bust bore down harder onto Nikki’s chest. Ivy’s flitting eyes danced intermittently around the VIP room and were just starting to come to rest on Nikki’s flushed face when the trapped dancer glared up at her captor. Discharging her fingers from Ivy’s hair, Nikki curled them and jammed the knuckles of both forefingers hard into Ivy’s eyes just as she cleared her head and fixed her gaze on the downed woman!

“So that wasn’t enough to get you off me?” Nikki demanded as Ivy stubbornly refused to budge from her perch, her own eyes flashing. “Well, how ‘bout THIS?!”

Ivy hadn’t expected this retaliation, but she was too shocked to scream as Nikki’s knuckles burrowed into her eyes a second time! Her vision blinded, she didn’t see Nikki lift her legs to get her knees on both sides of Ivy’s bare midriff, undermining her perch astride Nikki and propelling her down to the floor, grabbing twofold handfuls of hair to add bonus impulsion. Ivy landed on her arm as Nikki rolled over, trying for an advantage and attempting to turn them over completely so she would be in a better position to mount her own offensive. But Ivy, fighting to clear her eyesight, regained her bearings and vigorously kneed Nikki in the gut, her fishnet-clad kneecap smashing into Nikki’s bare stomach before seizing a tight hold of Nikki’s hair with both hands and bringing their foreheads together with a forceful, THUCKKKKK!

The headbutt was driven with more force than Ivy intended, dazing both women to enough of an extent that they flopped away from each other. Their grasps lessened and then petered out as they lolled on the floor, fighting to recuperate and regain their bearings first. Nikki was first to shake the cobwebs from her head and fight her way into a sitting position, struggling desperately through the haze she’d been knocked into by her rival’s headbutt, glaring at Ivy openly while she propped herself up on her ass and elbows. A split second later and Ivy correspondingly was on her backside, glowering back at Nikki as they shifted their bodies to engage each other again. Their fixed stare never wavered as they rose to their knees. Gloved hands fingers entwined themselves in clumps of hair as they were painfully dragged to their feet. In a second they were blasting each other with their fists, throwing vicious clouts to any parts of their bodies in range.

Before they knew it, the women were standing toe to toe with each other, fists pounding into vinyl, latex and flesh in equal quantities as each woman let loose with low grunts every time a shot connected with the other’s body. Nikki suddenly slammed a fist to Ivy’s cheek, leaving a red mark as she went to work lower down, bending low and slamming punches into her naked stomach, the latex gloved stinging the bare skin of Ivy’s midriff before she aimed lower and tried to drive a fist into Ivy’s groin. Ivy twisted her body at the last instant; the knee shot missed its intended target, thudding against her muscular inner thigh. Still angered by the attempted low blow, Ivy balled her hand into a fist again, throwing an uppercut that caught Jody in the lower groin and then another punch that clipped her chin with a piercing, CRAAAAAACK!

Feeling the waves of the crotch shot washing over her voluptuous body, Nikki was dazed by the uppercut, but wasn’t dazed enough to throw another punch that caught Ivy on the other cheek before Ivy surged forward, wrapping her arms around Nikki’s midsection to subdue the wild punches being hurled at her. Her hands still clenched into fists, Ivy bent down to apply the strongest pressure she could as Nikki shifted her assault, shots thudding onto Ivy’s bare back until she threw her head back gasping as Ivy’s arms compressed her curved trunk, forcing air from her body.

“UUUNNNHHHHHHHH!” went Nikki as the first constriction closed in tight around her; she squirmed uncomfortably as she felt the oxygen thrust out from her lungs, then slammed two more fists down onto her rival’s uncovered flesh, the smack of flesh against flesh resounding through the room. As if in answer, Ivy compacted the tight limbs that encircled her waist, forcing another exhalation from Nikki’s sleek body as she leaned rearward again, casting her head back to let out another groan.

“UUUUNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!” Her leg brushed against Ivy’s thigh as she labored to escape Ivy’s arms somehow, fishnet covered skin grinding as the caught college student writhed feverishly to extricate herself from the tight bearhug.

“UNGHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Ivy grunted as Nikki’s bare stomach ground into her, giving Nikki an idea!

Almost frantic to disentangle herself from Ivy’s contracting limbs, Nikki pushed herself forward, abrading her stomach hard into her rival’s body. The grinding of skin on skin sent shivers along her spine as Nikki dragged her belly along Ivy’s, extracting a long discharge of wind from her gut as she bent lower to direct more pressure onto the caught waist in her grasp. Ivy’s bearhug tightened in an automatic movement as waves of the grinding against her body was overtaking her little by little. Experiencing an additional ejection of breath from her wedged midsection, Nikki slammed a new series of punches on Ivy’s back as Ivy unexpectedly gave her a boost. Gasping as Ivy’s arms tightened, Nikki was hoisted off her feet and violently thrust down, her crotch slamming against the thigh of Ivy’s bent leg!

Nikki’s mouth sprang wide open in a soundless scream as Ivy gave her no respite, her fists repeatedly plowing into her rival’s chest and stomach, her knees seeking the area between Nikki’s shapely thighs to inflict more pain on her prostrated body. One punch clipped Nikki’s chin again, which diverted the focus from her throbbing crotch and back to the enraged woman on top of her. Her eyes burning with vengeance, she lifted one fishnet-clad leg, slamming her knee into Ivy’s back over and over again, grunting with satisfaction every time her knee blasted her back, her leg working like a piston as she reached up, snatching a hold of a cluster of Ivy’s dark hair from behind and fiercely yanking backward. The inertia arched Ivy’s body, allowing Nikki to sit up with Ivy’s legs splayed on either side of her waist, facing her head on.

Holding onto Ivy’s hair with one hand, Nikki propelled a fist upside her head a couple of times before pushing herself to her knees, wincing from the throbbing of her vagina, pulling Ivy’s head back farther as Ivy gasped through clenched teeth. Leaning in from her kneeling position, she trapped Ivy’s face between her heaving, latex-covered breasts while delivering more shots to the side and back of her head, flexing her bicep to subdue the gradually increasing thrashing of Ivy’s curvy body as her trapped rival voiced her protest from underneath her bust.


Lifting up slightly, Nikki quickly undid the front of her bustier, pulling it down to reveal a greater portion of her breasts before pushing them back into Ivy’s blushing visage, grinding her chest into Ivy’s face while sustaining the punches to her head.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” An instantaneous shriek ripped from Nikki’s windpipe as Ivy’s teeth sank deep into her breast, jaws converging on the distended nipple and clamping down vigorously! Her legs dragging along on the carpet to alter their position, Ivy followed up on her counterstrike by crossing her ankles behind the small of Nikki’s back, thighs pressing together with Nikki’s waist stuck between them as Ivy pulled her feet inward, concentrating all her energy into squashing Nikki’s midsection into a more tightly compacted space, her contracting limbs reducing the opening between them as her teeth assailed the inflamed nipple. Another cry started in Nikki’s throat as Ivy’s teeth plunged deeper, but it was cut off by the constraints of Ivy’s legs as Ivy capitalized on her reprisal by throwing fists into Nikki’s sides and ribs.

Nikki buried her gloved hands in Ivy’s hair, pulling and twisting to force the clamping jaws to leave her breast, but with an outward thrust of her scissoring legs she heaved Jody from her sitting position and back down to the floor. She had been preparing to make use of the situation when a brutal smash of Nikki’s fist rammed her temple, knocking her head back and forcing her to remove her teeth from Nikki’s pained breast. Before Ivy could react to this a pair of thick fishnet-clad legs suppressed any retaliation she had in mind. Ivy found herself violently thrust prostrate on the floor with Nikki’s legs kicking outward to narrow the space between them, harshly choking off her breathing.

“GAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCK!” Ivy gasped in shock at having been robbed of her previous position, gagging as the legs around her throat tightened with a fierce kick.

Enjoying the moment as she held her there, Nikki squeezed the scissors indefinitely, then gave Ivy’s windpipe one last kick of her thighs around her throat for good measure and released her; leaving her on the floor trying to get her wind back. Rolling to her feet Nikki circled Ivy carefully, watching close as Ivy struggled to her knees, glowering at her rival as she remained on her feet. The sudden forceful momentum caused by Nikki’s legs wrapping around her neck, pushing Ivy down and inducing her to extract her teeth from Nikki’s breast had caused the front of her bustier to come undone, revealing full breasts that were glazed with a light sheen of her sweat from the intensity of their fight. Returning her glare, Nikki approached Ivy as she started to rise to her feet, grabbing her hair and attempting to pull her the rest of the way. This was interrupted when a leg shot out between Nikki’s shifting limbs, tripping her to the carpet as her head connected with the floor with a THUPP! The inertia Ivy caused from tripping Nikki to the floor caused her body to descend on top of her, their exposed skin smashing together with a THWAPP! of flesh against flesh.

“Did I hear an echo inside your head when it connected with the floor?” Ivy taunted. Rolling aside and taking Nikki with her, she snaked an arm around Nikki’s neck and pulling in tight, her other hand hammering Nikki’s uncovered stomach.

“You enjoy…uhh! biting my… uhh tits… UNGHH dontcha?” Nikki sneered through the grunts produced by Ivy’s blows, ignoring Ivy’s taunt. “You… ungh enjoy… UNGHH having them... in your mouth… ungh! huh... unhhhh!... bitch?!”

“Want me to bite you there again, sleaze?” Ivy suggested, her voice like poisonous syrup, beginning to emit low-pitched grunts herself as Nikki turned a bit and proceeded to knee her hard in the stomach, thigh and groin.

They whirled and twisted top to bottom on the plush carpet, breaking the kiss and then establishing another one as they punched, kicked and kneed each other in as many strategic portions of their bodies as they could reach. Ivy twisted her fingers into claws and gripped both of Nikki’s breasts, mouth and tongue enveloping her rival’s, thwarting the yelp from escaping Nikki’s lips as both hands twisted this way and that as if threatening to wrench them from her chest. Nikki’s legs found their way around Ivy’s unclothed waist in their struggles, winding around her midsection and closing ankles in one harsh jerk, causing Ivy to break another kiss as she threw her head back a little, allowing Nikki time to catch her breath while flipping them over again so that she straddled Ivy, pressing her ass down on her crotch.

Ivy’s bustier somehow loosened in the motion as Nikki’s legs uncoiled themselves from her midriff, hanging halfway off of her breasts as she ended up underneath her curvy rival. Nikki ripped the material the rest of the way off, tossing it unceremoniously aside and gripping Ivy’s pert breasts, mimicking the same brutal twisting movements that Ivy used, their howls competing for the volume they could achieve. In a matter of seconds their dual assault had graduated from pinching and twisting each other’s tits to raining fierce slaps on them SMACK! SMACK! as their fishnet-clad knees sought out opportune marks to attack. After a few moments of this both women’s hands clamped harder on their respective rivals’ sore, clawed and bitten breasts as Ivy found herself on top, leaning in to plant another kiss on Nikki’s lips!

“UUUUNNNNNFFFFFFFFFFFF!” came the cry from Nikki’s throat, straining to be heard through Ivy’s lips as Ivy returned to pulling and twisting mercilessly at her sore breasts. Her fishnet-dressed legs reflexively shot upward and slammed around the curves of Ivy’s midriff, trying to topple Ivy from her perch. Ivy leaned forward, planting her knees on the carpet on either side of Jody as she intensified the kiss. Returning it as passionately as ever, Nikki twisted at Ivy’s breasts harder; their cries of pleasure grew progressively louder until their naked torsos came together. Their gripping hands left their goals, arms encircling to slap and punch bare sides and backs as they mashed their breasts together. Nikki’s legs continued their squeezing of Ivy’s waist as hard nipples poked into tormented skin, parted briefly and poked again. Their breathing was coming in terse, serrated pants through their shared kiss as their tits poked and then ground in unison.

“Get… off me!” Ivy growled, forcing the words through the tight compression her waist was receiving from Nikki’s legs. “Can’t… breathe… bitch…” she protested, her pretty, sweat-covered face twisted into a feral snarl.

Cutting off Ivy’s words with another contraction of her legs, Nikki flippantly taunted, exhaling deeply from the friction of their nipples grinding together. “I thought ya were tougher than that, whore. Can’t take a little squeezing, bitch?”

“I’ll… separate your legs… from your body… skank,” Ivy rumbled gravely, her arms encircling Nikki’s waist tighter. “Let… GO!” With that, she cinched a wrist with her other hand, yanking Nikki to her ass and pulling inward!

“AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!” Nikki uttered a long howl as Ivy’s bearhug pressed their uncovered upper bodies together, legs tightening convulsively as she was compressed from all sides and more air was pushed from her lungs.

“You like it, dontcha, bitch?” Ivy taunted Nikki as her distended nipples unrelentingly brushed against hers. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” she added with a groan as Nikki’s shapely legs pressed tighter against her sides in retaliation.

As if giving a response to yet another tight compression of the strong arms cinched on her midsection, Nikki squeezed her legs as tightly as she could around Ivy’s midriff, breaking another kiss to run her mouth alongside the soft skin of Ivy’s neck, seeking out the sensitive region close to her lower ear. Extending her tongue, Nikki glided it teasingly along the smooth flesh; at the sound of Ivy’s deep exhalation she proceeded to lightly nibble that area, alternating between that and sinking her teeth in whenever Ivy’s arms tightened around her. “How’s that feel, bitch?” she retorted in between a lick and a bite as Ivy shuddered and squeezed tighter, trying to propel as much wind as possible from Nikki’s lungs. The constant grinding of their chests sent waves of pain through their bodies, but nonetheless increased their mutual pleasure as Nikki persisted in giving Ivy pleasure and pain along the skin of her neck and both women began breathing heavier.

All of a sudden a sharp shriek flowed from deep within Ivy’s lungs as Nikki’s teeth clamped on her earlobe! The bite sent shivers of agony rocketing toward her brain as the fishnet stocking dressed legs contracted powerfully around her shapely waist. Returning the favor by pulsing her bearhug, Ivy whipped her head back and forth in a convulsive shake as Nikki’s teeth left her ear. Ivy groaned from the compressions of Nikki’s thighs and from the strain of maintaining her own grasp as she wrenched the bearhug even tighter, pressing their naked chests harder together. As a shocked Nikki turned her head, she served another fierce headbutt to her forehead before squashing her waist with another ardent tapering of her arms that spontaneously wrung an extensive wail from Nikki. Releasing her crushing clench, Ivy battered her rival’s encircling legs, hammering her thighs until they sprang apart. Just for good measure as Nikki tried to roll away, Ivy grabbed the back of her latex ensemble, pulling viciously and forcing the material in the crack of her ass!

Wincing from the pain of this maneuver, Nikki slashed her fists across Ivy’s face, biff-baffing her on one cheek, then the other as she could wrench herself from Ivy’s clutches. They struggled to their feet, breathing heavily, warily staring at each other’s topless, sweat-slick bodies as they slowly began to circle. Nikki kept reaching behind her, apparently to adjust the part of her latex ensemble that had ridden up between her ass cheeks, Watching this, Ivy was now struck with an idea. In the course of the fight things had gone relatively even between them with nothing ending decisively for either of them. Their fight also seemed to go beyond - far beyond - making an extra two hundred bucks this week while sending the other bitch packing for a month, starting with the intimacy they’d exchanged with each other. She and Nikki had just done things to each other that usually were reserved for more intimate, less violent, encounters. Watching Nikki carefully, Ivy could tell that the same idea was on her mind as well, but would not pay lip service to it unless Ivy did first.

Considering what the fight was gradually becoming - a contest to decide which of them was the better woman - Ivy came to the conclusion that they both wanted to finish the same way, and had hinted so to each other without saying it outright.

Bending, Ivy eased her hot pants down her legs and past her boots. Drawing herself back up, she tossed them aside, looked Nikki eye to eye and said, “Why don’t we finish this like women? I can see how turned on you are, after all.”

The glint in Nikki’s eyes matched that in Ivy’s in the moments after she had spoken. As it turned out, Ivy and Nikki did have the same idea on their minds despite their claims to the contrary. Eager enough to follow Ivy’s suggestion, Nikki likewise bent down to remove the remnants of her latex outfit from her curvaceous body.

“Tell you what,” Nikki snapped, as her own excitement had been stirred by the lez show she and Ivy had given upstairs. When she entered the VIP room alone with Ivy she was ready to fight. Now she had grown restless from the constant physical contact between them and had found herself wondering what might happen if the fight took a bit of a different turn. Gathering herself, she intoned, “I didn’t want to tell you before, but you were right, to an extent, anyway,” she said, referring to Ivy’s pre-fight comment about them fucking their brains out, “If you don’t tell anyone, we could take this dance to the next level.” Her sweaty face breaking into a smile, she added, “That is, if you think you can handle me.”

Then, using the element of surprise, she gathered herself, leaned over and kissed Ivy hard on the lips, then leaned back to watch her reaction. After her first shocked moments, Ivy appeared to be seriously considering Nikki’s proposition. Then, her own sweaty face setting in decision, she intoned, “I might as well level with you too; I wanted this as much as you did, if that wasn’t obvious by now,” as she moved in close and returned Nikki’s kiss, her lips brushing against her rival’s more forcefully as she held for a few seconds. As she broke the kiss, she took a breath and crooned in a tempting tone of voice, “So it’s settled: from here on in we include sex-fighting in this. But,” she was quick to add, “I’m afraid that now you’re outta your league, sweetie, waaaaaaaaaaaaay outta your league.”

When Ivy drew back, they looked each other up and down, now almost completely naked except for their boots and the vinyl gloves Ivy wore. They continued their staredown, hard-faced, sweat glistening on their bodies as they walked carefully forward, circling around in case either of them made some unprecedented move. When they finally tired of the game, the women agreed through their locked gaze they would be sex-fighting as well as catfighting, asking Nikki with her eyes whether she agreed to these terms.

“First to cum loses?” Ivy asked, breaking the silence.

Nikki nodded slowly, her eyes burning with excitement. “Yeah, first to cum loses.”

“In that case, I’m walking away from this the winner,” Ivy said, grinning seductively.

“We’ll see about that, bitch,” Nikki had bare seconds to breathe out before they came together and Ivy reached around to seize hold of her hair, twisting the tresses with her vinyl-gloved fingers as she rained punches onto Nikki’s stomach and breasts. WHAP! WHAP!! WHAPP!!! went the blows as Ivy leaned in, suppressing the pained groans from Nikki’s lips by kissing her hard, plunging her tongue deep into Nikki’s esophagus.

Confident as she was that she could handle Ivy, Nikki was unprepared for the kiss that planted itself on her lips and in her mouth, much less the fists to her belly, as it robbed her of her breath almost instantly. The only sounds in the VIP room were the impacts of skin striking skin, the sharp grunts and the longer drawn out groans they elicited through the long kiss. Nikki had asked for a sexfight when the energy already expended during their fight seemed to have taken its toll on them both, from the lustful manner in which Ivy was kissing Nikki. She found that combined with the consistent colliding and grinding of their semi-nude bodies, the kiss turned her on far more than she’d counted on upon accepting Ivy’s challenge in waiting and posed her own challenge to incorporate sex-fighting into their fight. Nikki returned the kiss as enthusiastically as Ivy had given it to her, and that was when the dam broke and they started to tear into each other!

They came together in a flurry of punches and kicks before their bodies collided with a resounding, sweaty SLAP! of bare flesh on bare flesh, the impact knocking the wind out of both their bodies. The feverish punching and kicking they exchanged continued, and was joined by more knee shots and attempts to grab locks of hair as Ivy’s breasts meshed with Nikki’s, with hard nipples poking into damp titflesh. The sensation of this mingled with that of their crotches slamming together with as much force as their breasts did, sending a simultaneous shudder of combined pain and pleasure through their curved torsos and shapely legs. The latter parts entangled and they fell over each other back to the lavish carpet where their fists and knees took to thudding and slamming exposed flesh. The louder grunts and more drawn out groans that escaped their throats indicated their steadily growing arousal as they fought for a position of control.

Nikki imagined she found one when she straddled Ivy, somehow managing to pin her arms above her head. Grinning, she ground her chest and stomach against her rival’s, sighing as their bare skin rubbed together. Ivy twisted her wrists free of their confinement, flipped over and mounted Nikki. Nikki’s eyes bugged open as Ivy slammed herself into Nikki’s chest, dazing her for long enough that Ivy could lean forward and plant another kiss on her lips, her tongue working its way past Nikki’s lips. Working her lips in tandem with Ivy’s, Nikki threw hard shots to Ivy’s sides and ribs while cutting off the agonized gasps emanating from Ivy’s throat with her own tongue. Kissing Nikki harder, Ivy reached down to her sides and applied a series of hard shots of her own, shifting her aim from her ribs to the more sensitive areas lower down and in back of her.

These were the only punches either of them could throw as they were positioned as close as they were to one another. At the moment their primary focus was on their liplock and the occasional rubbing of their breasts that became more zealous, their breathing deepening as the friction of Nikki’s crotch rubbing and stroking Ivy’s crotch swelled with each stroke. Ivy released a lingering sigh as Nikki’s pussy ground harder into her, getting a sense that wetness was spreading in her as their bodies showed the faintest stirrings of their responses, built and fueled over time by the unswerving contact that had occurred between their bodies during the length of their brawl. Ivy struggled to collect herself, part of her still remembering the terms of their scuffle even with everything going on, and not caring for the thought of losing the scrap. Twisting around while still underneath her rival she fought to reverse their positions, obligingly pressing her own snatch into Nikki’s.

“Think that’s the end of me?” Ivy asked with mock sweetness as their bodies undulated on the floor, writhing for the upper hand as they fought to restrain the other, landing occasional blows on specific areas of their bodies.

“I can see how excited you’re getting,” Nikki snarled, aware that Ivy was growing wet as well but yelping out loud as a fist smacked her ribcage harder than the previous blow did. “I think pretty soon, you’ll be out of a job for awhile.”

“Don’t count on it,” promised Ivy, sensing the dampness in Nikki’s pussy as she rolled them around again in an effort to secure Nikki underneath her. “I notice that you’re getting rather excited yourself, there,” she breathed thickly as another rubbing of their moistening crotches resulted from their persistent struggles.

They spoke no more as they channeled all their energy into rubbing their bodies together, their fishnet-clad legs gliding in the same fluid motions as their breasts and crotches. Sharing another extended kiss that spoke both of their mounting lust and their determination to win as they unleashed more barrages of punches and knee shots upon each other, they bucked and squirmed again as their semi-nude bodies ground together harder, and Ivy suddenly found herself on top of Nikki, who kicked her thick, flailing legs upward at once, trying to wrap them around Ivy and topple her to the carpet. But Ivy had managed to catch a firm hold on both her ankles as they sought purchase around her. Rising from her sitting position, she held the kicking legs in place as Nikki fought to free them from her grip.

“Bad move, honey,” Ivy hummed as she descended upon Nikki, who was still trying to pull herself from Ivy’s clutches. “Now let’s see who can out-fuck who.”

With that, Ivy sat down on Nikki’s crotch and the mutual grinding of their pussies resumed in earnest. Nikki was finally successful in kicking her limbs free, slamming them vertically around her in her efforts to grind herself into Ivy’s wet snatch as the dual grinding of both women carried on unceasingly. Connecting at the ankles above Ivy’s shoulder as she pressed down on her crotch, Nikki’s legs thrust downward, slamming Ivy to the carpet as the previously downed young lady took immediate charge of the situation, grinding her pussy into Ivy’s with recharged vitality.

“I’m gonna… out-fuck… you… Ivy…” Nikki was panting in spite of herself as she pressed their snatches tighter. “Out-fuck you… ‘til you… cum… harder... than... you ever have… bitch!”

“I… doubt… that… whore... I… really… do…!” Ivy panted back.

It was all she could find the breath to utter, as their breathing became laced with steadily increasing moans of pleasure. But Ivy could feel her pleasure growing with each passing second and knew there was still a chance she’d lose this contest unless she took charge of things once and for all. Their hands flailed for position and eventually clasped together, flexing closed as their moist snatches ground harder against each other, the outer folds of their pussies merging and chafing in the throes of their owners’ passion. Nikki had started moaning louder, her tightly fishnet-clad limbs shifted and rubbed against Ivy’s thighs as her back arched in pleasure.

Looking down across their entwined legs and into her face, Ivy could make out Nikki’s rising excitement as well as sense her own, and decided to take a chance with the possibility of being pushed to the brink of orgasm and beyond. Her legs rippling with her movements, Ivy bent and curled until she was atop her rival, surging forward to rain slaps on her breasts while rubbing her pussy against Nikki’s pussy in long, calculated strokes, grinding herself against the moistening snatch underneath her and reveling in the cries of pleasure this wrung forth.

Nikki released another series of curtly exhaled yelps as the combined pain and pleasure overtook her body that soon degenerated to cries of pleasure as the slow, deep strokes from Ivy’s pussy served to re-establish the burning desire that had been building inside her since their first encounter by the DJ booth. She leaned upward, hungry to kiss Ivy’s lips; grinning knowingly, she dipped her head lower to oblige her with lustful precision in her lips and flitting tongue. In a brief surge of animal desire Nikki almost forgot herself as she thrust her hips into Ivy’s crotch, almost wanting to assist her rival in bringing her to orgasm, but then she recalled from somewhere in back of her mind that there was an objective to be reached here. Forcing herself to sit up, Nikki slammed her arms around Ivy’s waist, squeezing her powerfully and mashing their aching tits, watching their breasts fight to balloon and engulf each other before she pushed herself to fall atop her, twisting around into a sixty-nine position.

Nikki lowered her head between Ivy’s legs, panting heavily as if longing for a taste of the succulent pussy that had been giving her so much pleasure as much as she longed to win. She caught the scent of Ivy’s juices, her head lowering itself more in yearning anticipation. The woman on the bottom, sensing victory and determined not to have the tables turned on her, deftly hooked her fishnet covered legs underneath Nikki’s armpits so that her sex would be out of reach of Nikki’s probing tongue, turning them both over so she was again astride her rival.

“Nothing doing, bitch,” Ivy growled as her fingers caressed the outer rim of Nikki’s snatch. “You’re NOT making me cum first. Just enjoy the ride, honey. And I may have a little surprise for you afterward.”

Bearing down with all her weight, her legs firmly situated under Nikki’s armpits to hindering the movement in her arms so that Nikki would be unable reach her pussy in retaliation, Ivy’s head dipped down, down, down between Nikki’s thighs, in a swift movement hooking them with her arms so she couldn’t get them around her head. Upon finding her objective, she looked back and smiled into Nikki’s eyes as she began to lap hungrily at her burning labia and clitoris. Drawing in breath from the feeling of her tongue exploring her snatch, Nikki vehemently bucked her torso back and forth. In her fervent desperation to extricate herself before Ivy brought her to climax and end the fight, Nikki tried pulling he arms free. She had the idea of using her fingernails to rake, scrape and scratch at the slender, shapely thighs subduing her, even through her gloved hands, so she might be able to reach Ivy’s musty snatch and after all. But any attempt to mount her offensive and even the odds between them was more or less hopeless as Ivy’s legs were clamped down on her arms nice and tight.

Nikki’s breathing grew increasingly labored, her moans of pleasure fast becoming screams of pleasure. All the same she fought on in unwavering resolve to break loose from her fleshy bonds and launch a counter-aggression. But to her dismay, Nikki found her every effort frustrated by her attentive rival, which made her summarily frustrated by her own inability to extract any of her limbs from Ivy’s grasp in order to pleasure Ivy and at least try and turn the match around. Each time she attempted pulling her limbs free, Ivy flexed the muscles in her arms and legs to obstruct her movement. All the while she sensed her eventual release looming over the far horizon, threatening to overtake her little by little, as Ivy made sure she prolonged the pleasure she gave to her rival. Nikki squirmed feverishly, as much as from the pleasure that her body felt as her determination to unbind herself before she was defeated in this contest. Again she tried pulling her arms and legs free, and again she was foiled from doing so as Ivy continued working her ever-moistening labia and clit.

Nikki’s breathing grew more pronounced, her moans growing louder by the second. Her body began to buckle and move as if it on autopilot rather than by her own volition. Ivy seemed to be aware she had Nikki on the verge of orgasm, and their fight in the bag as she redoubled her efforts to push her beyond the brink. Nikki desperately tried to pull her limbs free to mount that counter-offensive, but she was suddenly struck by the revelation that it was all over as the first waves of her orgasm gathered in her loins, building and building until, finally, they exploded with an eruption of heated breath and Ivy plunged her tongue deeper into Nikki’s pussy. Nikki screamed with pleasure as the orgasm rocked her body, the breaths coming in faster and faster gasps until without warning she hyperventilated and passed out!

When Nikki came to a few minutes later, she found herself unable to move for several seconds. For a time, she didn’t recall where she was or how she’d gotten here. Her entire body was on fire from the combined agony and ecstasy she’d been subjected to at the hands of her lusty rival. Slowly, she began to remember the events from the past half hour or so. Looking around groggily, she forced herself to a sitting position with much effort, only barely aware of her near-nakedness as she forced herself to look around, her vision coming to rest on a pair of black vinyl boots, then the fishnet clad legs, the black vinyl hot pants, the bustier and finally Ivy’s disdainful smirk. Ivy had been lounging nearby waiting for Nikki to wake up, one leg bent with her hands clasped around the knee, the other laying flat out.

Ivy was looking down at Nikki’s prostrated body, her face a mixture of desire and contempt, the latter winning out in the end as she opened her mouth to speak to her defeated rival. “Have a good sleep?” she taunted sarcastically. “I thought I’d have to bring the bouncers down here to revive you.”

Through the pain that racked her body, not to mention the cramps caused by the explosive orgasm, Nikki narrowed her eyes and glared at Ivy as she fought to sit up. She was in no mood for jokes at this point. Pushing herself up to her ass and the palms of her hands behind her, she mumbled something so incoherent that Ivy had to ask her to speak up.

“I’m sorry, hon?” she asked good-naturedly. “I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I said,” Nikki repeated, “I wish I had been the one to knock YOU out instead. Then YOU would be out for a month.”

“Well,” Ivy retorted, “wish away, sweetie, but next week I’ll still be here, and two hundred bucks richer. But,” she added as an afterthought. “I wouldn’t worry about it too much, if I were you..”

Despite the profoundly pained, energy-depleted state of Nikki’s body, there was something about the manner in which Ivy said this last that aroused her curiosity. “Oh? And why is that?” she asked her sharply, the old dislike returning to her memory regardless of the profound discomfort in her body.

“Because I plan on putting in a good word to the owners about you,” she answered cheerily, holding Nikki’s top in her hand as she twirled it around her finger, prompting Nikki to lift her hand to her chest as if to confirm it was absent. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna need this, of course,” Ivy continued with the same cheerful tone of voice, indicating she had the proof that she’d won the fight tonight. “But while you’re gone, you may want to expect me to come teach you the moves I had in mind for the show.”

“What show? What in hell does that mean?” Nikki snapped at Ivy, making no effort to hide her perplexity now.

“I mean the show we’ll be putting on together when you come back,” Ivy answered good-naturedly. “That’s what I’m gonna suggest to the owner, and after ET airs that footage of us, I have a feeling that she’ll just love the idea!”

On the heels of that was when it dawned on Nikki what Ivy meant by what she was saying, and all the ramifications of her revelation to come after her words sank in. They would together be a sort of an attraction at the club each weekend if Ivy managed to convince the manager to allow this, and it would be a chance to act out their rivalry on a regular basis as they were working at the club. She wasn’t sure exactly what Ivy meant about meeting in private to practice, but imagined from the look on Ivy’s face that they would possibly arrange more meetings like the one that had been arranged tonight. Ivy looked as if she had enjoyed their catfighting/sex-fighting session more than she was admitting, and for that matter, there was a part of Nikki that was gratified that it had happened as well.

Nikki carefully considered all this for a long while. Then, her own face broke out into a smile, one every bit as sarcastic and derisive as Ivy’s. The thought of everything such opportunities entailed appealed to her greatly, she discovered.

“I’m certain of that too,” she intoned, her voice resonating with lascivious promise. “And whenever you want us to have a ‘rematch,’ so to speak, just remember that I’ll be amenable to one whenever you are.”

“Great! Then it’s settled,” Ivy beamed with more of that good cheer, sharply turning her back to Nikki to exit the VIP room. “See ya in a month!” she called back as she opened the door and departed, leaving Nikki alone with her thoughts. As Nikki sat there, she discovered she found the visions dancing in her head more and more intriguing, and exciting.

“I can’t wait, bitch,” she growled. “I’ll show you a thing or two about making a woman come.”

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