Mya Harrison vs. Britney Spears by New

After Mya got the news that her long time tag team partner and only friend Aaliyah was tragically killed in a accident she was deeply saddened as one would expect. After recovering from the first shock, she decided she would quit the catfighting business forever. She had only gotten into it in the first place because of her friend Aaliyah and now, with her tragic death, there was no longer any point to continue.

Mya ran up over to the "Kim and Ginny Inc." office on the top floor of a dirty, dingy, run-down mid-town walk-up office building to tell them in person of her decision. She didn't let the middle aged female security guard stop her from barging into Kim and Ginny's private conference room which, when it wasn't used for meetings, warehoused the boxed up records of previous matches.

Mya threw open the door, burst in and slammed her contract down on the metal table, screaming that she demanded to be let out of her contract. Kim leaped up, enraged that anyone would disrespect her so, but when Kim found out that Mya had just heard about Aaliyah, she tried to comfort her and talk her into staying with them.

As Kim consoled Mya, Britney Spears - who was the reason for the private meeting - stood up in a rage, knocking over Ginny who was kneeling between Britney's legs under the table. As Britney pulled up and zipped her pants, Ginny sheepishly stood up wiping her lips.

Britney glared into Mya's crying face and screamed, "Who the hell do you think you are interrupting me? I was just about to get me some pussy if it wasn't for you and your problems. Get over it! You're finished anyway, you're a nobody without your damn lesbian lover," sneered Britney as she threw Mya's contract on the floor.

"Hey calm down Brit, we can talk about this later....," demanded Kim as she began to push Ms. Spears toward the door.

Britney pulled away from Kim and sneered at Mya, "Tell me Mya, how do you ever have the guts to stay in this business? I mean, you've only been in 5 matches and won just one against your friend Aaliyah. I even got the pleasure of kicking your fat ass around the block at least twice."

Kim grabbed Britney and pushed her out the door.

Mya broke away from Ginny's grasp and confronted the stuck up blonde. She was inches away from sending a hard right hook to the side of Britney's head when Ginny caught her arm and restrained her.

"Ya see Kim and Ginny," Britney purred as she reached over Mya's shoulder, wiped something from Ginny's lip and put it in her mouth, rolling her tongue lasciviously. "See the garbage you have in your organization. This is a perfect example of a jobber who can't pull her own weight...she's always crying about something like her friend..."

Britney didn't get to finish before Kim slammed the door shut right in her smiling face.

Mya fell to her knee's and wept in Ginny's arms as Kim heaved a sigh and took out the pink release form. She began to fill out the contract buy-out form but when she was about halfway through, Mya arose from on top of Ginny, crawled over to the table and grabbed Kim's arm and pulled it away from the paper.

Mya shook her head, "Wait. Give me one last match against that bitch. I'll kick her ass this time, I promise."

"Mya, no offense, but Britney's one of the best in the business. She fights dirty and I don't want to see you go out in a bad way, just take your slip and leave please," said Ginny as she grabbed Mya by the hips and pulled her back down on the floor next to her. Kim peered over the edge of the table and saw that her partners dress was up around her waist and her panties were down at her ankles.

"Typical," Kim thought to herself. "The old slut always figures out some way to get a naïve young girl to go down on her."

"NO! Please, let me do this for myself - let me do it for Aaliyah," demanded Mya as she pushed Ginny away, grabbed the termination papers and ripped them up, scattering the shredded document over Ginny's frustrated body.

Kim and Ginny looked at each other and then nodded. They signed Mya for a match against Britney for the coming weekend's card. After Mya walked out with a determined look on her face, Kim made Ginny clean up the mess she had made with first Britney and then Mya while Kim looked over Mya's and Britney's records trying to find some angle she could spin in the publicity.

"Hey Kim what'd ya think of Britney today?" asked Ginny as she knelt beside the leather chair Britney had been sitting in and licked the upholstery clean.

"Not good at all. Aaliyah was a very beautiful person, she should never had to be brought into something like this."

"Exactly," Ginny said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as she crawled over to the spot on the floor where she had been 'consoling' Mya earlier. "What say we bend the rules a little to ensure Mya wins so she stays in the business for a while longer?" suggested Ginny.

"What do you mean?" Kim asked, looking at her lusty partner and wondering how much of this was about Mya's happiness and how much about Ginny's own lust.

"I mean, I thought of a replacement for Aaliyah who Mya could team with. I bet she'd be happy to give her a little helping hand in the match," said Ginny.

"Sure go for it. I sure don't want to see Mya quit at such a young age. She's got the potential to make us a lot of money and besides, that bitch Spears needs to learn respect. Imagine, her thinking she would get sex from of us - well, not from ME anyway," sneered Kim as she smiled towards Ginny who began to dial someone's number.

Once the match was set, word spread quickly about the little confrontation in Kim and Ginny's office and thousands of Mya and Britney fans stormed to the arena. Kim and Ginny even attended the match, taking time from their busy schedule to use their private box seats at ringside as they watched thousands of people who had been drawn to this confrontation.

Britney's music hit the screen as, "Not yet a girl but not yet a Women" played and the stuck up diva pranced out in a very skimpy out-fit. Thousands of her fans cheered the sexy blonde singer as she strutted her stuff to the ring. She had on a very low cut blue denim bell-bottoms jeans obviously two sizes too small; her plump ass and thick thighs stretched her jeans nearly to the splitting point. She also had on a revealing top with a deep cleavage that exposed the huge space between her firm, full breasts.

Britney waved to her fans and teased the crowd by bending over and oiling up her leg while the crack of her ass winked from the top of her jeans. Britney was easily winning the crowd over by her looks as Mya's music played and the ebony beauty came out in front of millions of people with a tribute to Aaliyah, playing her song 'Rock The Boat.'

The crowd almost forgot about Mya as usually her former partner Aaliyah would get all the air time covering up this young sensation. Mya came out wearing a simple, but sexy suit; with very tiny blue shorts that crept up her plump ass cheeks and a white tank top with Aaliyah's picture on it. She quickly won the crowd over by her innocence.

Mya ran to the ring, jumped over the ropes and tackled the oiled up Britney before she knew what was happening. They began to roll around the floor trying to gain position, but Mya's sudden outburst easily won that battle as she pinned Britney to the mat and locked her legs around her waist. Britney groaned as Mya began to squeeze the life out of her mid-section.

The blonde princess began to see stars but, to her relief, Britney managed to roll Mya on her side which gave Britney time to jump back on her feet. But as Britney turned around she was shocked to see the quickness with which Mya was moving! Mya performed a single leg take down that knocked Britney straight on her back. Mya gripped both of Britney's thick legs in her hands and parted them as she glared into Britney's wide eyes.

"This is how Moses parted the red sea," sneered Mya as she split Britney's heavy legs and slammed her foot down across the crotch area of Britney's denim jeans.

"OOOWWWWWW!" howled Britney as she desperately tried to close her thighs.

Mya sent another stomp down onto Britney's puffy cunt lips before hiking her arms higher on her legs and flipping the blonde princess over onto her belly. Britney lifted her head in pain as little purple veins began to pop on her face when Mya planted her small, rock hard ass on Britney's lower back, locking her in a painful Boston Crab.

Britney banged her clenched fist on the mat and shook her head in pain trying to unseat Mya from her bruised back but just as she felt her spine was about to be shattered into pieces, Mya dropped her legs and got off the blonde. Britney reached her hands around to her lower back still screaming in pain but that didn't stop Mya from causing more damage.

The dark singer pounced on Britney once again and began to rake the point of her elbow up and down the blondes spine. Britney kicked wildly as she knew that by the end of this match no matter who won, she was going to have to cancel some of her dance routine and might even be forced to actually sing!! As Mya straddled the sweaty Britney, the blonde managed to roll onto her back stopping the elbow attack which took some pain from her face.

But Mya clobbered Britney again - two years of being beaten on was being exorcised at this moment. Mya, like a savage animal, began to rake her nails across Britney's face like she was nothing more than a nail file. Blinded by her rage, Mya didn't notice Britney bring her legs up behind her and lock them around her waist, a display of Britney's sensational flexible body.

Mya groaned as she locked her hands around Britney's ankles as they were tightly snuggled against her stomach squeezing all the air out of her. In a matter of seconds, Britney's strong sexy legs pulled Mya back and flung her over into a pinning combination. But instead of hooking Mya's legs, Britney took the palms of her hands and began to beat Mya's exposed ass like a pair of bongo drums.


"That's the same sound I heard while I was fucking Aaliyah up in our last match," teased Britney as the crowd let out a loud roar of boos.

Mya kicked her thin legs in the air, feeling the sharp pain in her soft ass as Britney took a little time to practice her drumming skills. Britney gave one last, hard slap into the dark round ass before she pushed her away and let Mya tumble onto her back. Britney climbed to her feet with Mya as they locked eye's and began to charge. But instead of exchanging fists, Britney wisely waited for Mya to come close before dropping to her knee's letting the ebony-hued girl sail over her head and sail headfirst out of the ring.

Mya landed hard on the cold cement as the crowd got a huge laugh until Britney shocked everybody in the crowd by launching herself in a suicide dive, crashing headfirst down onto Mya's body. Mya was knocked over the guard rail into the first row of seats where Ginny helped the Black woman stagger back on her feet as Mya tried to make an exit, heading up toward the top level of the arena.

Mya walked through the crowd as men and women got a chance to touch the sweaty women but that ended abruptly when Britney grabbed a chair from the side and charged into Mya from behind almost knocking her head off. Mya dropped like a tree landing on the cold steel steps as Britney ravished the poor girl with the chair slamming it into the small of her back.

Britney was getting revenge for Mya's earlier attack as she sent waves of pain through out Mya's body until Mya was knocked out cold. Then Britney dropped the chair, wrapped her oily fingers in Mya's hair and began to drag her up the stairs to the lobby of the stadium.

There were crowds surrounding them as Britney flung Mya onto a near by beer stand and laid the thin women face down over the wooden table. Britney picked up several glass jugs and smashed them over Mya's head breaking at least 6 cups before she poured beer over Mya's out cold body. As the cold beer drizzled down her body, Britney slapped Mya awake and took a grip at the back of her head and began to slam it into the table. Mya screamed at the top of her lungs as her head bounced up and down like a basketball.

When Britney stopped, it was only to let the poor girl cry uncontrollably as she lay draped across the table pleading for Britney to stop torturing her. The crowd cheered for Britney to strip Mya since both women were still fully clothed after several minutes of fighting, a rarity in one of Kim and Ginny's fights!

Britney, showing why she was the fan favorite, grabbed the back of Mya's shorts and pulled them down, exposing her bare red butt. Then Britney reached over the counter, grabbed a empty cup and the beer hose. She placed the cup at the mouth of Mya's spread open legs and jammed the nozzle of the hose in Mya's sore ass.

"Who wants a drink?" asked Britney.

Thousands of guy and women cheered their approval as Mya's small petite body was pressed up against the cold table gasping for air. Britney turned on the beer nozzle at the highest setting and sprayed beer into Mya's pale pussy, splattering it all over the place including some dripping into the cup Britney had placed firmly up against her rock hard ass. The alcohol streamed out of Mya's hairy pussy and into the cup. When it was full, Britney passed it to a girl standing behind her to serve the drinks.

Britney pushed the tip of the hose deeper into Mya's pussy and kept the beer fountain going as beer gushed from Mya's crotch like a exploding volcano. Mya gripped the sides of the table as she lifted her head, fighting against the sensation in her loins as she tried to push the tip of the head out. But it was no use.

Next, Britney jumped on the table and put Mya in a headlock. Britney pressed the point of her knuckles deep into the center of her head as Mya squinted her eyes trying to absorb the pain but pretty soon her vision became blurry. Fans where still trying to cop a feel on Britney and the place was getting out of control but from the corner of her eye Britney caught a glimpse of a dark women with a steel chair approaching. Before Britney could figure out what was going on, the dark haired lady slammed the chair into her face, knocking the blonde pop princess out cold. Britney's body collapsed on top of Mya's pain filled body.

The mystery women dragged Britney off Mya and threw her to the floor where her body splatted on the cement. By now the crowd broke up to give this new player some space. They were all shocked by this until one loyal fan screamed ....

"LOOK its the girl from City's 'er name.....Claudette Ortiz!"

The women looked up and gave the boy a huge smile as she walked over to Mya who was still crying as she lay over the table with beer still shooting out of her cunt. To Mya's immense relief, Claudette grabbed the hose and slowly pulled the tip out making sure she wouldn't hurt Mya's already battered crotch. Mya's crotch was bright red from pain as the alcohol made it very sticky. Her pink pussy lips were slowly wrinkling to a close but Mya let out a huge sigh of relief that this women she didn't even know had come to save her.

"Now remember Mya, keep your legs closed at all times," Claudette said as she pulled Mya's legs together, ending the crowds view of her soiled cunt. "Especially when you're around that slut Ginny. She'll do you in a second if you're not careful."

Mya looked up, she was falling in love again as she smiled at Claudette grabbing her hand and shaking it.

"Well, Mya," Claudette asked gesturing at Britney's body. "What do you think we should do with this piece of shit?"

Claudette put her hand on Mya's right shoulder and tilted her head to the side questioningly.

"Lets get rid of her," whispered Mya as she struggled to her feet and bounced up and down a couple of times to let the rest of the beer run out of her ass.

Mya limped to Britney and kicked the blonde while she was down, landing a few solid blows to Britney's firm ass before Claudette stepped in to calm her down.

"What are y'all going to do? Who are you? Why'd you hit me?" mumbled the confused Britney as she regained consciousness.

"Well first, we're gonna tear your fat ass apart," Claudette said. "Second, my identity isn't important right now, although I'm sure you'll remember it, and third I'm a friend of one of Mya's close friends - someone I made a promise too before she passed." Mya looked at Claudette, shocked to hear that.

"Hey Mya make a wish," giggled Claudette as she picked up Britney's right leg and pointed to the left. Mya grabbed Britney's left ankle as Claudette did the right, then all at one they forcefully pulled Britney into a very awkward split. Despite her flexibility as a dancer, Britney's body jerked up as her hands grabbed her stretched groin muscles.

"AAAAAOOOOOOOOO," screamed the blonde as her legs where being split apart.

Britney grabbed at her sore crotch but while her muscles held, the tension was to much for her jeans; they ripped straight down the center seam exposing her bright pink thong.

"Hey Mya, what did you wish for?" asked Claudette.

"I wished that cunt's pussy would be torn to shreds," screamed Mya as she stared down at Britney pink thong showing through the hole in her crotch.

"Anyway, those pants were too tight on you; your ass crack was showing dearie," laughed Claudette as she ripped the rest of the clothing away and threw it into the crowd.

Britney was left in just a pink thong as her jiggley white ass cheeks spilled out of the sides and pressed onto the cold cement. She let out a small groan as Claudette took hold of the bottom of her white tank top and pulled it over her head, baring her breasts. Mya got her wish when she pulled Britney's pink thong aside exposing her heaving crotch and brutally shoved her fingers inside the warm sex slit. Britney licked her lips as she arched her back in pain while Mya probed her with her index finger. Mya stared at Britney's face as she slowly began to pinch the blondes hard clitoris until she moaned.

Claudette kneeled over Britney's chest and parted her huge jugs, leaving a wide open field of pink flesh between her mountains. Britney's tits sagged to the side under her arms as Claudette sent open palm slaps straight into her sensitive chest making red hand prints ingrained on her pale skin.

The crowd counted along with Claudette slaps and gave out cheers of excitement while Mya was fingering the blonde toward a huge orgasm. Britney pinched her erect nipple - she didn't know if she enjoyed being in pain or if it was just the excitement that was getting her aroused. In the end, Britney was too emotional to do anything but weep as Claudette whipped her breasts with her fingertips while Mya shredded her pussy with her finger.

Britney let out a small cry followed by a stream of white juice that squirted over Mya's fingers and drizzled down her cunt lips into the crack of her ass and out onto the floor in a puddle. Britney closed her eyes as she humped Mya's fingers and screamed as Mya rammed her finger in and out of the sore hole till she herself had enough and pulled out.

Britney's cunt heaved for more as her pussy lips glowed with oil and jizz until Mya clamped Britney's lips shut with her two fingers and sent a punch straight into her belly. Britney was shocked at the change from pleasure to this surprise pain. It was to much for her, Britney bit her lip as Mya released her cunt lips and watched the shriveled lips dry up and die as Claudette sent one last slap into Britney bright red chest before pulling Mya away from her obsession with Britney's pussy. Claudette told Mya their job was done as they stood over Britney while fans took humiliating pictures of the blonde princess covered in her own juices as she began stroke her cunt trying to ease the burning sensation.

Mya slid off Britney's bright pink thong and put it on covering her own still tense cunt as she posed for publicity pictures with her new tag team partner and told reporters..."Meet my tag team partner Claudette Ortiz!"

Kim and Ginny cheered and gave each other a quick kiss before Ginny grabbed Mya and kissed her long and hard. While Ginny helped Mya get cleaned up, and congratulated her on her win, Kim began discussing Claudette's new contract as Mya's partner.

The End.