Cori Nadine-Nadia Bjorlin vs. Stacy Keibler-Torrie Wilson by Sir Arthur Dashwood/TommyB

NOTE: Each round was (more/less) penned by one writer; the other did the next and so the finished piece can be considered a 50-50 collaboration.
The fight features ten rounds.
For each round points are awarded by the judges.
Team with the most points after ten rounds wins.
There are tag team rounds; a "4 in simultaneously" round and 1-on-1 rounds (no interference.)

The two brunettes are first to be introduced by the announcer. They enter wildy applauded by their fans who are outnumbered nevertheless by the decisively more popular wrestling blondes.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce you the first team of the night. The woman to my left is considered to be one of the most successful celebrity fighters of her time. Fighting since the mid-1990s and experienced in more than a hundred fights... standing 5’7’’ and weighing 138 pounds… Cori Nadine…Nadine!!

“Her partner…still relatively unknown to catfight audiences having made her pro debut just five years ago. She’s learned her stuff on the ambition-fueled circuits of America’s soap fighting world as part of the cast of ‘Days of Our Lives. Standing 5’8’’ and tipping the scales at 136 pounds, the beautiful Nadia Bjorlin…Bjorlin!”

The athletic Cori wears a skimpy wrestling attire in fiery red, and waves to the rows of her fans. Strong looking and muscularly built, her legs are feared as the most dangerous weapon of hers. She flexes her biceps that looks rather impressing but not overwhelmingly so.

Cori’s fights this year include a tag-team match in which she was dominated by the underrated Molly Sims, and wins over Peta ‘Nikita’ Wilson and tennis player Ana Ivanovic (who towered over her at 6’1’’ and 160 lbs. (Ivanovic made a rookie mistake for which she paid brutally). At 38, Cori is nearing the end of her ‘best years’.

The second brunette, Nadia, also looks convincly athletic and fit, although by comparison to her partner, less bulked and toned, although her abs seem to overshadow her partner’. Broad-shouldered and thick-legged Nadia’s regarded as one of the most promising new fighters of her generation. Nadia was dramatically taken apart by Charisma Carpenter earlier this year but she upset Amazon Kristanna Loken and handily defeated both Ali Landry and Mandy Moore last summer. She’s also been boxing champ in the welter class in the FCBA although she lost the title to today’s opponent, Stacy Keibler, who knocked her out in the first round. Like Nadia, Cori has also faced one of today’s opponents before, having fought Torrie Wilson two years ago.

When the cheers died down from the brunette team being introduced, the announcer started up again as Cori and Nadia’s opponents entered the arena to very loud cheers, the two blondes receiving much louder cheers than the two brunettes received.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, here are their opponents. On the left, we have a fitness model and multiple time World Wrestling Women’s Champion. She has been wrestling for the past decade and has amassed a very impressive record over fitness competitors and held the WWE Championship in the professional wrestling world. At 32 years of age, standing 5’7” and weighing in at 134 lbs…here is Torrie Wilson…Wilson!!

“And her partner, a former NFL cheerleader, dancer, and WWE champion. She has less catfighting experience than her parner, but she’s a multiple NFL Cheerfight Champion and she currently holds the Celebrity Dance Wrestling Championship….at 27 years old, she stands 5’11” and weighs 128 lbs…Stacy Keibler…Keibler!!”

Both blondes smile at their athletic brunette opponents in the ring, making their way down the aisle, slapping hands confidently. They’re dressed in matching black sports bra/panties outfits with the WWE logo on their crotches.

Torrie is built solid and is a pounder despite her technical expertise from her WWE matches. She shows her strong muscled arms, firm, toned midsection, and solid legs as she gets into the ring and stretches for the fans. It’s obviously Torrie is in top condition heading into this fight. Torrie recently pounded Kristanna Loken into oblivion in a boxing bout, but she’s happy to be wrestling tonight as well. She’s also beaten former fitness queen and wrestling champ Trish Stratus recently and lost a close fall to Candice Michelle for the WWE Women’s Title. Torrie definitely looks ready to go for this bout, eyes boring holes in both brunettes, but especially Nadine, a long term rival! Wilson smiles and nods at her remembering her victory in their previous solo bout.

Keibler looks less muscular and more sleek and toned than her partner; her arms aren’t the strongest and she’s toned if a little thin through the midsection, but her real weapons are her 42” legs with sinewy muscle that are able to scissor or kick the two brunettes all over the ring. Stacy looks Nadia over, nodding as if admitting her slight weight advantage - something Keibler is used to in her fights. Stacy knows how to use her height to counteract opponents weight because it comes up often in matches. Stacy recently nearly beat Rachel Hunter into retirement in a rough brawl and she scored a big win over supermodel Gisele Bundchen in a recent big money match. But Keibs was stung a few months ago by a beatdown at the hands of 6’2” tennis Amazon Maria Sharapova although she’s had a string of wins since; saying the loss motivated her to sharpen her game.


The two blondes meet in their corner knowing round 1 is a tag in and out round. As the unofficial team captain, Torrie Wilson elects to start and comes out to face the brunette team’s choice to begin this marathon test of strength, brutality, and endurance.

Cori Nadine, the opposing captain, decides against any early confrontation and sends her younger partner into the ring first. Nadia and Cori have been fighting together for just a few weeks, considering Cori’s usual partner Karen McDougal declined an offer to appear here and Nadia’s friend Jessica Biel was busy doing filmwork. Cori knows of her partner’s abilities but they don’t have the experience in fighting as a team, while their enemies have known each other for years.

Nadia’s eager to prove herself against big names, although she’s seeing herself as greatly superior over Stacy, as she told an interviewer before the fight. The women, Torrie and Nadia, circle each other apprehensively. Torrie takes it to her foe first, attacking quickly, hitting Nadia with a wonderfully technical kick into the stomach that catches her off-guard. Nadia stumbles and Torrie takes control over her. Grabbing the thick and beautiful brown mane, she knocks her foe’s head into an uprising knee, twists her enemy’s hair to a loud screeching reply, grabs around Nadia’s waist and, as if it were the easiest thing to do, lifts the heavy actress up. Displaying aggressiveness and strength, Nadia’s chanceless and gets thrown to the ground. Shaking her head in protest, but not really resisting, Nadia’s unable to prevent Torrie from landing on top of her. Neatly pinning her arms to the side Torrie smiles and waits for the count, collecting the first points of the duel for an easy pin.

Getting up, and less thrilled by the early signal Torrie has given, Nadia tags in Cori who doesn’t even want to go in just a third of the first round being over. Torrie checks with her partner who approves of going against Cori now. The opponents have changed now: the blonde Stacy arrogantly looks down on the considerably smaller brunette Cori sneering over the age lines around Cori’s eyes. The fitness model doesn’t know what Stacy finds so funny but she knows it’s got something to do with her and she attacks out of blind raging anger that arose within two seconds of being looked over.

Stacy sees an arm coming early, ducks prettily and catches it, trying to control it. Brutally and angered, Cori twists it free and reacts with a little knee kick that connects with but doesn’t hurt Stacy. The blonde retreats, Cori stalking, and within an instant, Cori charges. She fakes a fist attack, pushes Stacy almost gently into the ropes and not so gently swings her around, kneeing her in the back. The pretty blonde stumbles only to find Cori moving through her like a knife through butter. Grabbing under Stacy’s arms, she hoists her up and rolls her over. Sitting firmly on Stacy’s sexy stomach, Cori reverses the situation Torrie and Nadia displayed earlier, Cori grabbing her points for the pinning this time as Stacy’s biceps budges but doesn’t stand a chance at overpowering Cori.

Equal action, equal points, 50-50 as Cori and Stacy meet for the last minute of the round seemingly wanting to continue their pairing.

Stacy climbs back to her feet, shaking it out deciding to continue against Cori, sizing up the muscled brunette as the first round enters its final minute. She sees Cori smiling at her and fights the urge to charge her, instead moving in carefully, locking up with Cori instantly knowing it was a bad idea, getting backed into the ropes and taking another punching knee lurching her forward. Cori works quickly and presses her advantage, grabbing Keibler by the arm and tossing her from the ropes almost to mid ring, the leggy blonde landing hard on her back, crying out in pain from the throw.

Stacy rolls to her side and eyes Cori approaching her, lashing out quickly with Nadine in range, using her long legs to sweep Cori’s from underneath her, sending Cori crashing to the ground. Both women reach their feet about the same time, Stacy barely getting the drop on Cori, shoving her with considerable effort into a neutral corner, coming in fast with a kick into Nadine’s formed abs. Then Keibler goes for her infamous corner foot choke, leaning on the top rope for support, foot firmly against Cori’s throat. Nadine coughs and gasps as Stacy chokes her from out of range, only breaking right at the Referee’s 5 count. Keibler sends a few more stomps into Cori’s torso, trying to keep the big brunette trapped in the corner.

Just as Keibler goes for a second foot choke, Cori’s had enough. She pushes out of the corner extending an arm and takes Keibler down with a clothesline across the chest. Cori pulls Stacy up and grasps a wrist, Irish Whipping her into the brunette corner, walking in and driving a kick home into Stacy’s narrower midsection, then slapping her across the mouth with authority. Cori moves away to argue with the ref about the corner choke, allowing her sneaky partner, Nadia, to slip Stacy into an forearm chokehold while still in their corner for the final few second of the round. Hearing the bell, Nadia releases and the ref move quickly to their corner to make sure Stacy can get back to her own corner safely. Keibler looks a little roughed up from the double team, but she’s still got plenty in the tank. She glares back at Nadia rubbing her neck coughing, “I’ll be seeing you again soon Bjorlin...” to which Nadia just laughs and starts strategy with Cori.

Stacy reaches her corner and meets with Torrie who will face Nadine 1-on-1 in Round 2. “Don’t worry Stacy, Cori spent most of the round fighting, so I can take her. You rest up for Nadia in Round 3 where you’ll get your payback...”

The judges decide it was a draw, with each team having 1 pin so the score is 8-8 at the end of one round.



Breathing rather heavily, considering we’re one round into the fight, the lovely Cori Nadine meets the equally lovely Torrie Wilson in the middle of the ring. Aggressively, Torrie pushes her foe away with her hands, looking like a bodybuilder easily squatting an average person she merely sees as a fly. Out of step, Cori backs off, Torrie tying her up in the corner. The blonde goes for Cori’s black hair, and succeeds.

Yelling and shaking, Cori aims her knee at Torrie but in an elegant and rather unusual manoeuvre Torrie ducks that hit not by ducking down but more or less jumping up. On her way down, the blonde hits Cori straight across the face, twisting the skin around Cori’s eyes, scratching it harshly. Seeing her momentum the wrestling blonde drags Cori towards her, buries the brunette’s head in her ample cleavage, going for a bearhug.

That move, considered to be Cori’s prime aggression measure, is rarely used against her, possibly out of fear for the dozens of upcomers who tried it and failed miserably. But look! The crowd surprised at what happens. The brunette doesn’t stand a chance. Not the slightest bit. She twists, and yells, she weeps and cries, she scratches, she wiggles and wiggles and wiggles but no, it ain’t working. Torrie’s body looks superior in this duel, she looks better trained, fitter, bigger, engulfing her angered opponent’s proud frame in her own, bigger one.

There’s nothing to be feared in the broad-shouldered brunette, at this point at least. Torrie gradually breaks her foe’s wiggles to a dying end and dominates her with muscularity and beef. Before the fight, standing head to head, the height and weight proportions had been similar with Cori looking equally buff as her blonde enemy. But because of the strange position, fully enclosed by Torrie’s muscular frame, that equality is nowhere to be seen. Torrie waits, feeling the breaking point, a momentary one but still, creeping and coming closer.

Cori doesn’t know what to do, well, she knows what, but not how because her position is so bad. Torrie’s not even lifting her foe up, because she doesn’t have to, she’s stronger anyway. She shoots her friend a glorious smile, Stacy responding.

In a gigantic strength display, Torrie now lifts her wiggly and wobbly foe up in the air. So tightly in her grip, so beautifully rendered helpless, so marvellously disarmed, Cori fails to answer by anything more than a weeping yelp. And there’s so much time, and so much fun, and so much more time she can keep her in the air. Feeling proud, royal and superior, Torrie senses no weakness in her biceps, no fading power in her legs that firmly stand on the ground allowing the air-work of the move to work.

Anything has to end and knowing that the point of the contest is not to show off foes but actually pin them, Torrie lets the brunette slide down to the ground.

Remaining still, unmoving, unresisting, Cori feels Torrie creeping on top of her, oh what display of power. And then: help, help, help, help. Sudden change of momentum? No, no. Torrie’s gone the cheap route but who gives a damn anyway. Crotch-clawing the proud, but now less proud, fitness model Torrie sees no point in ending the torture when Cori howls a submission. The ref sees it on the other hand and signals Torrie to end at a submission. She does, getting verrry close to Cori’s face when she jumps up in a nice showing of athleticism. Stroking Cori’s hair from her eyes, all sweaty and wet, she whispers ‘ Your days are over, honey. You can’t compete any more. Give it up b###h.’

There’s nothing Cori can do to answer that humiliation. She slowly gets up and almost panics when she sees the giant TWO on the scoreboard. Second round? It feels like much more, she groans silently. Nadia’s shocked, a little intimidated and afraid that she should have probably been more convincing when she had tried to get Jessica Biel as her partner tonight.

There are about 45 seconds left in the round, and Torrie wants another slice of the Cori pie. Cori’s still wobbly-butt and trembling, the pain in her crotch not having faded away yet. Torrie has her way with the girl, prouncing, mocking, dominating her. When Cori fails to put up her arms or anything in protest, Torrie lifts her up like a ragdoll around the waist, she’s not able to get her off the ground though. Disappointed but not giving Cori a chance to get back into the round, she turns to an alternative.

That involves knee kicks, mostly. Cori backs off, shakes it off, not giving up but never reacting when Torrie pulls her uneasy leg and she falters, gets hit square in the back and falls down mightily. Torrie flexes her biceps before devoting attention back to the catfighting legend she has at her feet right now. 15 seconds left, submission or pin? Torrie feels like she has already got enough points for the round and takes the pin choice. Sitting firmly on her, tightly gripping Cori’s arms away from doing anything she gets what she wants and a hug by Stacy who feels ready to take out Nadia the way Torrie took out Cori.

The judges don’t have to argue at all, a submission (3) and a pin (2) and the round (3), making for a dramatic 10-2, that may have consequences as Cori doesn’t look too good crawling on all fours back to her corner before slowly rising, climbing out and falling onto the rest area for her team.



Torrie and Stacy exchange a smile in their corner, looking over at Cori collapse into the rest area. “Go get her Stacy. Let’s put this one in the bag early!” Torrie encourages the 5’11” leggy WWE Diva as she climbs through the ropes all smiles. Nadia enters the ring looking nervously over at Cori who is obviously hurting, but then she calms herself as she focuses her attention on her opponent.

Stacy approaches her confidently to start the round, all smiles. “Hey, your partner looks all used up. Hope you’re ready to join her!” Keibler taunts, charging in and locking up, bodying in and leaning into Nadia trying to drive her back to start the round. Bjorlin grunts and pushes back hard on Stacy breaking the lockup shoving Keibler back a few steps. Undeterred, Stacy charges back in and locks up again, succeeding in backing Nadia up a step before the sturdier Nadia reverses momentum and backs Stacy up into the ropes bending her thinner frame back over them a little and then delivers a stinging chop down onto Stacy’s smaller chest.

Keibs hunches wincing allowing Nadia to grab a wrist and jerk Stacy forward, right into a thick thigh planting in her midsection. “Oof...” Stacy whooshes out, lurching forward more shaking her head hair whipping around. Still pressing her advantage, Nadia presses Stacy’s back firmly into the ropes and flings her across the ring, Keibler hitting the opposing ropes and flying back, unable to avoid in time, catching Nadia’s firm forearm across her chest dropping her flat to her back on the mat rubbing her chest.

“C’mon Stacy! Get up!” Torrie yells at her partner, wondering if she should’ve picked Candice Michelle instead. Nadia picks Stacy up and hoists her, the crowd “Ooh”ing in amazement as Bjorlin sets and plants Stacy to the mat in a bodyslam. With Keibs on her back looking up at the moment, Bjorlin bounces against the ropes and hops out, laying out and splashing Stacy across the chest with her torso, knocking her wind out of her. Nadia reaches back to hook a leg, getting a 3 count pin on Stacy just over a minute into the round.

Nadia pops back upright and eyes Stacy, moving to charge at her as she gets up slower rubbing her chest still. Keibs however was feinting a little, ducking under a second clothesline and sending Nadia stumbling into the ropes, bouncing back at her. Keibler was surprisingly resilient and sets her left leg, spinning and arcing her right leg through the air, clipping Bjorlin perfectly on the chin with her trademark spinning leg kick, sending Nadia to the mat in a heap rolling to her side holding her head.

Keibler moves quickly, dropping to the mat and securing her amazing legs around Nadia’s head in a headscissors, stretching her legs out down Nadia’s torso, ankles locked past Nadia’s waist. Stacy feels Nadia pulling on her legs, so she grabs her arms and continues squeezing. She holds Nadia’s hands, pulsing her strong thighs till Nadia has to tap out starting to get light headed. “Yeah that’s right bitch; I can wrestle too!” Stacy yells at her getting up.

With over half the round over, both ladies get up a little slower this time. They look at each other with some respect but also a real desire to dominate the other one and charge simultaneously. They lock up, and again Stacy is driven back toward a neutral corner, backed up tightly against it, pressed back over the top buckle. This time, Nadia smiles and drives a knee up into Stacy’s midsection, feeling Stacy pitch forward into her. She shoves Keibler back up against the buckle and hunches down, driving first one, then another shoulder into Stacy’s midriff, knocking some air out of her. Then she grabs Stacy’s wrist and whips her across the ring, smacking her spine off the opposite corner with authority.

Keibler drops to her knees holding her back in pain from the brutal whip as Nadia approaches just under a minute left in the round. Nadia pulls her up and seizes her around the waist, gripping tightly and driving her into the mat with a hard belly to belly suplex, using her strength to toss the thinner wrestler down with authority. Nadia gets down and pins Stacy easily to score with about 45 seconds left in the round.

Nadia’s up more quickly, Stacy getting up still favoring her back. Nadia runs in dipping, catching Stacy just turning toward her and nailing her with a big spear, taking her right back down in a heap on the mat. Nadia smiles seeing Stacy writhing holding her belly from the spear, still rubbing her back. She moves Stacy around putting her on her back and locks her in a grapevine pin, stretching her long legs out painfully, smiling through her exertion when Stacy cries out in pain, purposefully keeping her shoulders up off the mat for a few moments before allowing yet another pin to be counted.

Nadia’s up quickly again, Stacy getting up slower starting to get worn from the pounding this round. Knowing there’s only a few seconds left in the round, Stacy tries to keep her distance, but Nadia charges forward and grabs Stacy, dragging her to the ropes and with a grip on her arm and on her shorts, she tosses Keibler through the ropes out to the arena floor just as the bell rings to end the round. Keibler’s back was done no favors by the fall, Torrie coming over and helping her up to get her spine iced down in their corner before the 2 on 2 round coming up next.

The judges award Stacy 1 submission but Nadia 3 pins and 2 pts for control, giving Nadia’s team the round, 7-2.



Back to tag team action this round. And Cori’s standing, yes. But not walking. Although the pain is now slowly replaced by hatred and anger, lust for revenge, Cori doesn’t feel steady enough to see action at the beginning of the round. With Torrie fearing the brunette Nadia may be able to build a momentum over the hurt Stacy if they continued now, decides to fight Nadia herself. She knows Nadia may be able to keep having an advantage over the slimmer Stacy, but not if she was broken before. Which was exactly what the blonde intended to do now. Nadia a little uneasy, knowing Cori’s slowly coming back to life but still the possibility of a tag seemed uncertain, at least for the first part of the upcoming round.

Nadia and Torrie lock up in a test of strength that sees the brunette helplessly dominated by Torrie’s rock-hard biceps and muscularity. Shoving her into the corner, Torrie squarely hits her in the face, then stomach, Nadia doubling over. Grabbing under her arms, pulling leg, Nadia crashing, Torrie on top. Struggling against the blonde pressing and keeping her on the ground, Nadia doesn’t get herself pinned but sees no strength option to power out. Torrie comfortably but sensing more resistance than expected. Rolling Nadia on her back, her head pushed aggressively into the mat, Torrie is quicker and has Nadia in a sideway leg scissors around the face before the athletic brunette is up and free.

Squirming like an insect in a spider’s web, Nadia lashes out at Torrie’s face, rather uncoordinatedly with her both arms. Taking a good piece of her foe’s shiny brunette hair, Torrie humiliates and hurts her at the same time. Grasping Torrie’s legs, desperately scratching her fingernails into the tender flesh, Nadia wants to get out of the hold. To everybody’s surprise, Torrie’s grip loosens in response to the nails cutting her. Nadia crawls for the corner, but Torrie catches her brutally with a kick in the back of her head. Down and her head buried in the mats, Nadia feels pain arising in her arm, twisted by Torrie. The blonde lets go, wins another strength duel with Nadia’s arms. On her belly now, there’s nothing Nadia can do when Torrie wraps her glistering thighs around her beautiful foe’s head. Panicking, Nadia submits and only barely regains her composure when they get up to attack again.

Casting a fearful look over to her friend sideways, Nadia has to interpret Cori’s frequent head-shaking as a pretty obvious signal not to tag her in. Unhappy but bowing to her experienced partner’s decision, Nadia attempts to push Torrie but the strong and heavy wrestler will not budge an inch, but simply puts everything she has into resisting the attack. Firmly implanted on the ground on her legs, Torrie almost comically enjoys the actress’s attempts to make her move. When Nadia changes goal and knees the blonde in the stomach however, Torrie loses her comical state of mind.

But she’s got everything in control. When Nadia aims out with her right fist to connect with Torrie’s brilliant abs, the blonde tightly interconnects and interrupts that swing by forcing her will onto Nadia’s arms. In a tightly grip, Nadia cannot free her arm and lashes out with the other. Unsteady, losing balance, Nadia never has a chance when Torrie’s other hand violently hits her cleavage. Having hit so hard that Nadia’s actually out of breath, Torrie sees her chance to break Nadia’s upstart will. Putting her arm around Nadia’s head in a lock, she engulfs the similarly tall brunette with her full weight, and just like she did with Cori before, buries her head in her own mighty upper body.

Frantic and lacking free breath, Nadia weakly and feebly tries to use her legs someway usefully to kick Torrie, but she’s only losing further balance because of it. Shoving Nadia into the corner, Torrie yanks a pieceful of her foe’s hair and makes the beauty scream in helplessness. Nadia tries to change momentum by starting what looks like a bearhug but she’s already weakened and the muscular blonde has no problems in turning Nadia into the losing part of that hug. Realising her mistake, and squirming just as helplessly and weakly in Torrie’s python-strength grip and hug, Nadia actually submits because she knows deep inside, that she’s not going to defeat Torrie, at least not this round. Torrie, having expected to actually mount another attack after the bearhug to get that submission shrugs her shoulders and mumbles loudly enough, ‘I didn’t even start hurting you, baby.’

Nadia knows she’ll have to enter the second part of the round too, last minute just ten seconds away. The two collide, Nadia stalked by the up-tempo Torrie who almost has to run after her. Booed for her supposed chickenness and greenness, Nadia gets caught dead in the corner, Torrie hitting her in the chest, then face. Again helplessly battered into the corner, fetal position on the ground, Nadia unable to defend herself against Torrie who kicks her in the ribs. She’s barefoot but it hurts devastatingly nevertheless. Crying and wincing the proud Nadia doesn’t know what’s happening to her. Torrie is having a blast of a time and as tears well up in Nadia’s eyes, she tags in Stacy to take action and get another submission. Before Nadia can do anything, Stacy has her tightly wrapped in a body scissors by the best legs in the business, as Stacy thinks and then loudly proclaims. Screaming a forced submission, the brunettes look down and out even before the half point of the fight.

With 50 seconds to go, Nadia tags in Cori despite her partner’s unwillingness.

Stacy dancing and cocky. The blonde enjoys her game, driving the defensive Cori into the corner. Cori all victim now, but remains up and standing and doesn’t get herself pinned or dominated. Attempts by Stacy to take control fail. Cori, experienced but tired, blocks the holds and kicks but there’s no initiative by her. Stacy angry, never having expected defensive qualities in a brawler like Cori. Then one punch gets through, Cori lying on her back. Stacy quickly on top of her, slamming the beauty’s head into the mat by a tearing yank of hair. But Cori’s not a plaything for blonde wrestlers, she grabs Stacy’s arm, twists it comfortably, enjoying her first action of the round. Wrapping her legs around the on-top Stacy mightily, making her yelp. Stacy rises, with Cori tightly around her waist. Shakes don’t get her off. With incredible power Cori actually forces the blonde to get back on the ground because she lacks the strength to carry all of the brunette’s weight.

Down there Cori dominatingly rolls her to the side, Stacy weeping and not getting any chance to free herself. Cori opens the scissors, jumps her enemy like a tiger, driving her full-force into the mats. The brunette drops her mightly cleavage into one of wrestling’s prettiest faces and simply lets it stay there.

Stacy in breath problem, twists at Cori’s backside flesh, but the brunette won’t notice. Grapevining her foe’s legs, Cori secures her position with every pounds of her body, Stacy’s legs immobilized and her upper body too weak to move Cori’s larger frame. Fully buried by the brunette’s breasts, Stacy submits and only after the ref calls out for it twice, Cori is willing to get up. Smiling at Nadia, and arrogantly flexing her biceps then putting her hands on her hips, Cori has regained a fighting spirit. The two wrestlers meet for a continuation but just after Cori has shoved Stacy into the corner and goes for a headlock, the bell rings and ends the round.

The round is awarded to the blondes but just by one winning point because of Cori’s late success. The blondes scored 2 submissions for a whopping 6 points while only giving up 3 to Cori at the end making the score 7-3.



Torrie and Stacy prep in their corner between rounds. Stacy’s a little shop worn from the end of the tag round, and Torrie wishes should could take Cori this round, not liking what she saw at all with Cori picking up momentum at Stacy’s expense at the end of the tag round. Still, Stacy’s in good shape and ready to go, spine still sore from Nadia’s earlier work but not hampering her competitive spirit.

Across the ring, Cori’s talking with Nadia looking to build on her late round success vs Stacy, both of them happy Stacy has to fight the next round right away. The bell rings to begin round five and both ladies are ready to fight and talking trash.

“Ready for more pain beanpole?” Cori taunts Stacy looking for her opening.

Stacy’s undaunted. “Bring it grandma...You don’t scare me musclehead...” licking her chops, both ladies ready to go for more action. Keibs spends the first thirty seconds playing matador, dodging and weaving on Nadine not wanting to get into a straight up physical fight with the bigger brunette. Stacy’s dodging is getting Cori tired but very angry too, not a place you want to be with her - as Stacy soon learns.

Cori finally catches Stacy in a tie up body on body and bullies her back onto the ropes with ease, having a superior upper body strength that shows. Before the ref can order a break, Cori slams a stiff knee up into Stacy’s wide open midsection, making her eyes bulge and doubling the taller blond in pain. Cori’s quick to take advantage, wrapping an arm around Stacy’s neck, twisting at her violently, drawing a cry from the surprised wrestler as Cori picks back up in the move she ended last round using.

Nadine walks Keibler out from the ropes continuing to crush her head into Cori’s firm side, really working that headlock in tight, making Keibs yelp out in pain from the pressure. Then Cori takes a step forward and checks Stacy right across her firm flank, twisting and tossing, sending Stacy down hard to the mat right on her firm ass, drawing a grimace from the pro wrestler.

Cori smiles approaching from behind, lashing her foot into Stacy’s spine, grinning at the cry it draws in response. Stacy’s back arches in pain as her hands rub the kicked area, leaving her head wide open, Cori taking advantage twisting Stacy’s head to the side painfully standing over her from the rear, Cori keeping pressure on the neck following up on the headlock trying to open a new front.

Stacy howls but won’t submit, so Cori abandons the move and nails Stacy in the spine again with another big boot when she moves her arms to rub her neck, no points taken from other side through the first minute of the round. Cori laughs and hauls Stacy back up, pressing the sore blond to her chest, wrapping her arms around her, and lifting, then driving her down into the mat with a nasty belly to belly suplex.

Keibler hits hard on her back and moans in pain, unable to dislodge Cori who landed on top of her and held her down for a simplistic three count to score a pin.

Cori’s up quickly, trash talking Stacy who rises slower favoring her back. When the ref calls them together, Keibler tries to keep out of range, but Cori keeps coming. Cori’s able to body into her and twist as they hit the ropes, pressing Stacy into the cables facing out, allowing Nadine to continue on her back with two stiff forearm shots. Keibler arches into them face showing her pain as Cori won’t let up. It seems like she’s growing stronger with each move she does.

Cori seizes hair and drags Stacy off the ropes very unwillingly, twisting her around and easily hoisting the taller blond up in her arms, setting and dropping to a knee, driving Stacy’s back into her thick thigh with a backbreaker. Showing amazing strength, Cori stands from the kneeling position picking Stacy back up in her arms and drives her down for a second one, this time bending Stacy around her knee in a cruel “C” shape backwards, her head and feet touching the mat.

Stacy howls out her submission almost immediately when Cori presses down on the backbreaker, Stacy feeling like Cori was trying to snap her in two. It’s 3 points for a submission to the brunettes as we reach the halfway mark of the round, Stacy really wanting to tag, but she knows she can’t.

Cori’s up easily standing over Keibs trash talking her, kicking at her playfully as the hurt blond tries to rise. Nadine ignores the ref and hauls Stacy up by her hair when she doesn’t rise as fast as she wants, easily moving her into a full nelson, stretching the blond’s back and neck before jerking her up off her feet and slamming her to the mat flat on her back with a big full nelson slam.

Stacy rolls to her side rubbing her back, her spine feeling like it’s on fire right now, rolling back to shoulders flat to the mat, back still arched in pain, eyes almost squeezed shut in pain. Cori smiles seeing Stacy in serious trouble and hops laying out and crushing into Keibs with a body splash across her chest, knocking the wind out of her and easily leading to a pin. Cori gets up all smiles seeing just under a minute remaining in the round, knowing she’s really pounding the less muscular blond, continuing to trash talk and taunt Keibs without mercy.

The ref gets between them so Stacy’s at least guaranteed to be able to get up as Cori waits impatiently, then charging Stacy when she’s barely upright, favoring her back and looking worn from the round.

“You’re mine barbie...” Cori hisses in her ear getting her up against the ropes, bullying Keibs easily, twisting her around, grabbing shorts, and throwing her through the ropes to the outside again, Keibler smacking the thin mats on her already burning back and rolling to a stop near Nadia.

Bjorlin’s all smiles shouting at Stacy, “Yeah, miss Welter Champ’s not so tough now. Maybe I’ll ask for my rematch tonight if you’re still able to stand after Round 10 babe...” as Cori makes her way to the outside, hauling Stacy up and driving forward, continuing to abuse her back smacking it up against the ring apron.

Keibs groans and pitches forward face down on the mat, seemingly almost used up. With 30 seconds to go in the round, Cori grabs Stacy’s left leg, flips her roughly to look up at the lights, then hoists and flips her over in a nasty single leg boston crab. Stacy screams out in pain tapping the outside mats feverishly signaling a submission, but the two nasty brunettes laugh and keep trash talking her. Torrie looks on in extreme concern as Cori tries to finish Stacy off on the outside, trapping her in a hold where she can’t submit.

Finally, mercifully, the round draws to a close, the ref hopping from the ring and pulling Cori off Stacy, Nadine not willing to let go without a tug of war. The official helps Stacy wearily to her feet and back to her corner to be attended by Torrie and the doctor. The brunettes are quite pleased, having in their minds taken Stacy’s spine apart leaving Torrie to face them all alone. Stacy’s in a lot of pain over in her corner, but she’s vowing to be ready to help in the next team round.

The Judges score the round 2 pins, 1 submission, and a 3 point decision for Cori, giving the brunettes a 10-0 whitewash as they leapfrog ahead by 30-27 after five rounds.



The non-tag team rounds lacked just one opposing par now who had not yet clashed in such a woman-vs-woman battle, the blonde Torrie and the brunette Nadia. Having met in some of the tag rounds before, Torrie’s seen as a huge favourite for her muscularity that Nadia has not yet found a way to defy gives her everything she needs. Cocky and ready, Torrie smiles and waves to her fans, concentrating on the upcoming minutes but not afraid of whom she’ll face. Torrie has repeatedly shown that actresses and models did not meet the physical demands necessary to fight her and does not think Nadia could make an exception. As her previous contact in rounds 1 and 4 seemed to prove.

Nadia is more than content with her showing against the slimmer Stacy but she’s almost a bit afraid of the bigger blonde Torrie. Intimidated by the strength and muscles she backs off immediately when the blonde aggressor charges. Bullied into the corner, Nadia feels Torrie taking control again. Torrie pushes her into the ropes, then hard-hittingly to the ground. Sitting tight and firm on Nadia’s proud waist, Torrie keeps the actress’s arms struggling in vain. But when Nadia buckles wildly with all of her weight, Torrie is surprisingly unsteady and she almost falls off.

Seizing the moment of insecurity on her attacker’s part Nadia is able to rock Torrie forwards by shoving fiercely with her hips. Strong enough to do it, Torrie crashes with her upper body onto Nadia’s face. The brunette wraps her legs around the blonde’s now available waist and rolls her, rather impressively, over to the side. Torrie’s shocked and furious and strains every muscle in her body to break open the scissors. Strong and thick, Nadia’s legs seem more than able to imprison her enemy’s large and muscled waist. But the vision is lying. Nadia feels the strength running out of her legs with every second.

The pressure becomes too high, the hold is opened. Torrie’s angry, feeling hurt in her pride and she kicks Nadia in the mid-section with her knee, forcing her to the side. The brunette howls when Torrie fights her onto her back. Taking her foe’s legs the blonde bends them pretzel-esque towards the brunette’s upper body. Holding the struggling beauty controlled Torrie leaves Nadia in terror. But to everyone’s surprise the brunette won’t submit. Seeing she won’t get points, Torrie ends the hold apruptly and Nadia crawls away to a corner.

Torrie tears her up by her hair, one foot mean and dirtily shoved into Nadia’s out-stretched ass. She smashes her to the floor, head-first, dizzying her. Nadia’s rocked and shook up pretty badly, tries to crawl away yet again. Torrie prevents any movement of hers by starting a brutal camel clutch from behind. Tears in her eyes, screaming in horror, Nadia shakes her body in a frenzy of pain and fear. Torrie’s hands slips off her chin, the sweat on her foe’s face handicapping her. Nadia lashes out with her hand, connecting nowhere. The actress rises up only to be hit by Torrie’s complete body weight. The blonde is dizzied a bit by the full body jump attack but Nadia remains motionless.

Shaking herself and regaining composure, Torrie takes her time to plan her next manoeuvre. She sexily slips under the groaning brunette’s body and mounts a ceiling hold from below. That hold is incredibly effective but only when the victim has already been immobilized and is unable to resist properly. Trembling and weeping Nadia’s close to a submission and Torrie knows that. But again, Torrie’s strength leaves her untimely, she’s not able to command the pressure long enough. She simply can’t carry the woman’s whole weight.

Lying sideways, not resisting, Nadia has no chance to escape Torrie. The blonde straddles her and then encloses her thick legs and especially thighs around her opponent’s neck. Screaming for air, breath, help, Nadia shuts out everything, all she wants is not to submit. Repeating it as an inner mantra, Nadia struggles physically, because of the pain, and mentally, torn apart by survival will and thoughts concerning the future of the fight. Torrie is angry with herself and also surprised at the weaknesses that come up in her game from time to time, she feels this could become the defining moment of the round.

Torrie’s muscular thighs near her face, sweaty and strong, Nadia has now been in the hold for twenty-five long seconds, not yet giving up. Torrie’s bitter and impatient and opens the hold way too early, thoughts of quick submissions winning over long-planned actions, and kicks Nadia in the groin. Running out of time, last minute being up, Torrie’s in awe of Nadia’s mental resistance. She sends the beauty sprawled out on her back, her waist and stomach exposed, legs long and sexy. Torrie on top of her with the breast smother looming as the weapon to finally dictate her will on the brunette’s curvy body.

Lingering for a moment suspended in the air, Torrie’s breasts, revealed slightly by a sports bra sink down on the crushed Nadia’s face like a balloon landing on the ground. Coughing, or whatever sound she is trying to make, Nadia senses the power, the strength, the will that Torrie’s attempting to make her feel. Squirming with her upper body against Torrie’s top position, Nadia tries to move her hands towards the blonde’s bikini bottoms, but she won’t have it. Torrie twists the hands back but is unable to grapevine her foe’s legs. Buckling hard and strong, stronger than expected, but out of breath, Nadia realizes the danger she’s in.

Forty second to go. Torrie is barely able to hold Nadia’s body that’s desperately going up and down again, each time forcing the conqueror Torrie’s body a little higher in the air. But each time, Torrie is able to grind her back down. Ignoring the breath problem, Nadia rests a moment, struggles, squirms with her legs against Torrie’s ankles, and begins another last attack. Succeeding in lifting Torrie’s mid-section by sheer, raw power, Nadia’s still engulfed by a pair of proud breasts, but she’s freer now and Torrie, as hard as she’s trying cannot get her forced down again.

Squatting more or less on her knees to hold the smother, Torrie’s in obvious trouble because Nadia can move her legs freely now. She slaps them against, then wraps them around Torrie’s belly, as tight as she can muster the strength for that. Howling from the force inflicted on the middle of her body, Torrie lifts up her upper part and with it the smother. Gasping, groaning for air, Nadia pushes Torrie who breathes hard too over on the side, with her hands. In an awkward position, Torrie’s knocked over. The scissors are still in command. Torrie grabs for her enemy’s arms, holds them captive. Nadia struggles against the blonde’s buckles and shakes.

Torrie lunges forward to be on Nadia’s top, but still scissored. She succeeds. The actress breaks her arm free, and presses Torrie into her own upper body. Weak and unsure what to do Torrie’s shocked to find herself heaved to the side with the grip as tight as ever. Nadia opens the scissors, her legs trembling from pain and tiredness. Kicking Torrie in the stomach, Nadia overpowers Torrie’s arm, nobody knows how she does it. Frustrated, losing control despite her power, her muscles, Torrie cries out in anger.

Nadia happily tries to twist her foe’s arm to the ground but loses on the way, Torrie’s muscles overpowering her now rather easily. Nadia reacts, quickly crawling on top of her enemy’s body, smashes the surprised blonde’s head, by the hair, into the mat. Seeing her chance, Torrie buckles wildly and wildier, but can’t shake the heavy brunette actress off. Nadia, ten seconds away from the end of the round, forces Torrie to stay down and actually, the crowd gasps, pins the blonde by smothering her face and somehow securing Torrie’s shoulders. The pin is counted and ends. Torrie yells but no, she breaks free a second too late. Gasping for air, pushing Nadia away, Torrie dismayed, can’t believe she couldn’t get her shoulders up in time. Nadia all smiles, all happiness. Ends the round with a flex movement in front of Torrie’s head. The blonde’s screaming, going after her but they’re separated by the referee.

Shock result, shock judgement by the officials. Round for Nadia. One pin, one point, win, one point. 10-8 for the brunettes. Torrie protests; arguing her ring dominance should have secured her the round but the judges just shrug their shoulders. Nadia had the pin and Torrie didn’t, they argue and say that her futile dominance doesn’t give results since it’s less important than defensive qualities and actual success with a hold. Torrie mutters “Whatever,” and prepares for the next round.



Stacy’s back is still showing damage between rounds, so Torrie decides for team blond to come out fighting. She knows she might have to stay in the entire round if Stacy can’t heal quickly. Cori and Nadia are smiling, the fairly rested Cori deciding to come out in round seven while Nadia takes a break.

The two more muscular women come out for battle and Torrie knows her team is down 40-35, so she needs to start out fast. Wilson comes out and raises her arms to offer a strength test, but when Cori accepts smiling confidently, Torrie lifts a knee up into Nadine’s midsection, forcing the big brunette forward. Torrie then grabs and arm and jerks Cori into a short arm clothesline, dropping Cori to the mat on her back. Torrie smiles seeing Cori down and puts the boots to her, stomping Cori’s abs and chest several times.

“Thought you brunettes were so tough huh?” Torrie taunts before dropping an elbow right in Cori’s full chest, smashing it roughly. Cori jerks on the mat and coughs, barely kicking out of a pin attempt by Torrie. Wilson sits up a little tired but mounts Cori and rocks the brunette with punches to the head, stunning her a little. This allows Torrie enough time to lock Cori in a tight headscissors and squeeze her way to a submission from the dazed brunette.

Torrie despite winning the fall gets up a little slow, breathing hard, getting tired from the fast start this round. She eyes Cori getting up, looking like she might go for a tag, and charges, hopping and nailing Cori in the back with a dropkick, sending her through the ropes to the outside.

Torrie is a smart ring veteran, so while Cori hits the thin mats on the outside hard, she slaps Nadia and lets the ref stay busy trying to keep Nadia from entering the ring, which allows Stacy to hop down to the floor and attack Cori. Keibs is merciless wanting payback from the back injuries she sustained from Cori earlier, booting Nadine in the ribs multiple times. Then, she pulls her up and slams her head into the apron.

Stacy then sets and lets Cori stumble off the apron toward her, spinning and throwing her long right leg up to smack it home into Cori’s head, nailing her spinning kick perfectly. Nadine stumbles into the ring apron and rolls back under the bottom rope on dream street, knocked silly by Stacy’s sneak attack.

Torrie moves in fast and drops down covering Cori, scoring an easy, cheap pin. She blows off the boos in the crowd getting back up, looking more tired but deciding it’s best for her to stay in rather than risk Stacy getting eliminated from the match by taking more back punishment. The round is halfway through with Torrie dominating so far.

Torrie pants while watching Cori rise slowly, charging and tackling her right back down to the mat, easily wrestling with the still dazed brunette, twisting her into a arm choke hold shaking Cori around violently, getting a quick tapout from Nadine who looks to be in trouble right here.

Torrie rises and shakes off the aches she’s starting to get from all the exertion in the match, deciding with Cori hurt maybe it will be ok to tag in Stacy after all. Torrie makes her way over to tag in Stacy with just over a minute left in the round. Unfortunately for them, Cori had just enough left to roll to her corner and tag in a pretty fresh Nadia Bjorlin as well.

Stacy is moving a little slow still hampered by her bad back, and this allows Nadia to charge and level her to the mat with a clothesline as she enters the ring. Just to make sure Torrie doesn’t interfere, and to pay back earlier for the slap, Nadia goes over and decks Torrie off the ring apron, knocking Wilson to the floor. Then Nadia spins and throws punches to the head of Stacy who had just gotten back up, knocking her back toward the brunette corner.

Nadia bullies her in easily, shoving her into Cori’s arms and nailing Stacy in the belly with two punches then a brutal kick with the lanky blond’s arms held behind her. Nadia then jerks Stacy out toward center ring, hoisting her up and easily throwing her down spine first to the mat. She hauls the hurting blond back up and powerslams her a second time, this time covering Keibler for an easy pin.

It’s obvious Stacy is hurt when she gets up slowly clutching her back a pained look on her face, but Nadia isn’t about to let up. She charges and grabs Stacy firmly, wrestling with her and tossing her out of the ring landing in a heap her back smacking off the flooring again.

Then Nadia winks at Cori and goes over to push Torrie drawing her into the ring to fight. The ref is so busy trying to break them up, he doesn’t see Cori haul Stacy up off the floor and drive her back first into the ring apron once, twice. Then Cori grabs Keibler and forces her head between her legs, noticing there’s just a few seconds left in the round. Cori hoists Stacy up and brutally powerbombs her down onto the announce table, breaking the table in two and leaving Stacy moaning weakly on the floor in the wreckage of the table.

Cori raises her arms in triumph while Stacy’s eyes flutter almost KO’d by that awful slam. After the round ends, the official exits the ring and peels Stacy up off the arena floor, helping the dazed blond back to her corner. Stacy’s eyes are a little glassy showing how dazed she is, and her back is in a ton of pain now. Their corner isn’t even sure if Stacy should continue, but she tells them she can still fight. Whether she can or not, we’ll find out in Round 9.

The officials judge the round 7-2 for the blondes. Torrie got 2 submissions and a pin on Cori, while Nadia pinned Stacy once. The round was evenly matched on control, however and after seven rounds they’re tied at 42 apiece.



Even though the blonde had just smacked her around in the tag team round, Cori sees no problem in facing Torrie again, the woman who had so effortlessly taken her apart in an earlier round, too. The brunette wonders nevertheless, partly concerned, fearing but then quickly brushing the thought aside she may not be good enough to take a complete round from Torrie today. Cori motivates herself by remembering the destruction of Stacy just minutes ago, in preparations to do the same thing to Torrie now. She knows she can’t let Cori to reach her top form today, seeing with a frown how the brunette has been getting better with each round. Torrie intends to put an end to that once and for all and repeat her round two performance.

The two fighters meet head to head in the middle of the ring, each trying herself at some kind of a staring contest that fails to have a clear winner, neither of the two intimidated by the other’s looks. Blonde and brunette circle elegantly around each other, no-one seeing the need for an aggressive first minute. It’s Torrie who goes out from hiding first, quickly sprinting to drive Cori into the corner, her arm locked violently around Cori’s head. She smashes her, convincingly, into the ropes. Cori is slow to get up, Torrie kneeing her in the back. Torrie jumps on Cori from behind, pushing her down. The brunette winces when she feels herself lifted up by her panty bottoms.

Half-risen, Cori’s kept in the hold for a while, Torrie using her other hand to grip tightly around her foe’d neck. Heaving her up, strongly and beautifully, Cori’s taken to the mats by all of the blonde’s power. Easily sitting on the brunette’s broad and muscular shoulders, leaving the model no chance to lift her upper body up at all, Torrie puts everything she has into the pin. Cori breathes hard, collects her strength for a final attempt. Exhausted and not successful, Cori has no option left to prevent a pin. The blonde delightedly takes the first points.

Not even a minute has passed when Torrie drives Cori who simply cannot get enough power into her upper body/shoulder region today to keep firmly at a place and is yet again pushed through the ring, into the corner for another time. Arriving there, Cori shoots a leg into the rock hard back of her enemy, but the blonde won’t feel it at all. Laughing, Torrie presses her into the rope, crushing Cori’s powerful body

Cori is trying to move, to manoeuvre against the blonde’s apparently bigger upper body strength but she fails to get through the beef and flesh. Firmly trapped and overwhelmed, unable to fight back, Torrie hugs her, tightly locking her hands around Cori’s hips. She lifts her into the air, enjoying her dominance. Cori squirms like a little bug and is crushed senselessly by the blonde tormentor now. Her arms dangling without use in Torrie’s grip, Cori buckles and shakes but it only seems to make the blonde who’s carrying her, stronger and fiercer in her dominance.

Carrying Cori around the ring, Torrie makes her foe crash extremely painful into the mat. Rubbing her back, her wrists, her chest, Cori is pinned yet again, having no chance to keep the charging Torrie from leaving her upper body. Once down, Cori’s helpless. Torrie takes the second point, happily realizing that she’s still got half of the round to make Cori scream some more.

Cori knows something will have to change now. Quickly. How humiliating to see that even Nadia had been able to grab a round from the blonde, but not Cori herself. Eager to change momentum, Cori walks right into an out-stretched knee by Torrie that drops her to all fours. Pushing her by the hair, Torrie sends Cori sprawling to the floor, on her back. Right on top of the hated rival, Torrie pins Cori yet again. Third time’s the charm. Overwhelmed by the blonde’s strength and technique, Cori winces and strains her muscles below the blonde but cannot shake her off.

Recharging her batteries, Cori tries to take Torrie into the corner but Torrie removes her hands from her shoulders, forces them back and reverses the attack, driving Cori back into her own corner, punishing her with knees and leg-kicks. Cori’s unable to get any move in against Torrie as, in tears, she’s out-muscled and out-stretched on the mat; pinned in humiliating fashion for the forth consecutive time. Once the mighty blonde has her arch rival arched on her back the brunette seems helplessly out-matched. And time’s running out with less than a minute to go!

Torrie walks her girl into the ropes. Cori is flailing with her arms against Torrie’s distanced control. The blonde, in smart fashion, keeps her at bay, holding the brunette off with controlled, organized body shots that force Cori into defensiveness. The fitness model grows frustrated with every more second lost. Staging another attack to break out, she fails to overpower the blonde.

Torrie throws her to the mat. Cori’s about to be pinned for a fifth time when she finally succeeds in moving her upper body from the ground. Rolling around on the floor, the two wrestlers finally seem at equals, but it’s Torrie who remains in the top position when the rolling is over. Trying to pin her foe, she can’t prevent Cori from rising again. The brunette and the blonde wrestle for control but Cori’s able to push Torrie to the side. Vulnerable for a second, Torrie attempts to get back on track but can’t.

From the side, with a primal scream, Cori clamps her thighs around Torrie’s beautiful head, she takes the breath all out of her. The thick, muscular scissors her so hard, so forceful, that poor Torrie is running amok in her mind, knowing she had dominated the brunette, and would win the round, but felt the worst pain of the night yet. Not even able to move her head for a centimetre in Cori’s revenge attack, she cannot hold back her tears and they flow freely, wetting her face. Cori’s seeing the second run out for the round and, if that’s even possible, tightens her pressure around Torrie’s head. Moaning, crying, aimlessly kicking air with her legs, the blonde wrestler submits out of fear. Slow to open the scissors, Cori pushes Torrie onto her belly, pounding senselessly into her ribcage, but she’s stopped by the bell.

Torrie has dominated most of the action, giving her a 2-point win of the round, grabbing four 1-point pins. Cori takes a 3-submission which makes the score 7-4 for Torrie as the blondes take the lead going into the penultimate round.



Torrie’s happy with team blond taking the lead going into the 9th Round, but she’s also worried about Stacy whose back is still hurting from the beating she’s taken in previous rounds. She checks on Stacy before Round 9, and Keibs’ eyes look a little glassy. Torrie shakes Stacy around a bit and gets her ready to fight for the next round. At the sound of the bell, she comes out to face an obviously fresher Nadia. Stacy knows her team has a narrow lead and that she’s hurt, so she comes out cautiously, keeping her distance, trying to frustrate Nadia; not letting her get close. Nadia licks her lips and keeps stalking and chasing Stacy, knowing Keibler is hurt, smelling blood in the water.

After about thirty seconds, Nadia charges Stacy and bullies her into the corner, leaning on her pushing her into the corner showing off her control. Nadia smiles and grips a wrist, jerking Keibler forward and irish whipping her easily across the ring, the leggy blond striking the other buckle on her punished back, dropping to her knees head drooping already.

Nadia saunters in confidently slapping Keibler in the back of the head knocking her to all fours, then straddling Stacy’s waist and taking a rough seat, knocking Keibs to the mat chest down hurting. Standing back up, Nadia motions for Stacy to push up and then steps in, punting Keibler in the midsection just as she gets to all fours, sending her rolling to her chest moaning in pain as the clock ticks past the one minute mark.

Nadia keeps up the pressure, stomping Keibler across the back multiple times making Stacy cry out in pain, booting the fight right out of her it seems. Then Bjorlin hauls Keibler up and scoops her easily, barely drawing a protest from the battered blond, holding her up in a dominating fashion before dropping her cruelly across her knee for a backbreaker. Nadia holds the backbreaker for a few seconds then casually throws Stacy off her knee to her chest, leaving Keibler holding her aching spine howling in pain.

Nadia then plants a boot in her back and grabs her lanky arms, stretching her back for a surfboard, holding it in painfully, using up everything Stacy has left in the hold, Keibler howling defenseless while her back gets taken apart by the fresher brunette. Nadia has her bent back painfully and holds it smiling broadly till it looks like Stacy might be ready to tap. Then, she releases her long thin arms with a final hard pull back, basically sling-shotting her face first back into the mat. Nadia laughs and parades around a bit to work her fans up even louder as the round enters its final minute.

Bjorlin prances back over to Stacy with a stomp drawing a satisfying moan from the beaten blond before hauling her up slowly, parading her on a walk of shame around the ring to humiliate Keibler. Then she stops mid ring and wraps her up in a tight bearhug, wrenching and jerking Stacy’s body painfully. Keibler’s head lols back eyes squeezed shut in pain but unable to fight out of the hold. Stacy’s losing steam fast, fading, starting to weaken as Nadia punishes her in the hold.

Stacy keeps fading and falls still in Nadia’s arms even while the mean brunette keeps punishing her. The ref finally moves in to raise Stacy’s arm once, twice, but just before the final drop to signal a submission, Nadia releases the hug and throws Stacy to the mat contemptuously. Keibler rolls to her chest barely moving her strength gone.

Nadia smiles and poses again, setting and hopping knees together, driving both her knees into Stacy’s spine without mercy, bringing the leggy diva back around a little, groaning in pain. Bjorlin keeps her weight on Stacy grinding her knees in before hopping back up showing off her freshness vs Stacy’s destroyed state.

The brunette flashes a naughty smirk with her partner on the outside and then hauls Stacy up slowly, tossing her through the ropes to the outside easily. Then, Nadia distracts the referee sending a final wink over at Cori.

Nadine needs no more encouragement. She approaches Stacy who is barely moving on the floor, pulling her up and easily whipping her back first into the near ring post. Keibler’s head rolls forward and she drops to the floor in a heap, pretty much knocked out, finished off as the bell mercifully rings to end Round nine!

While no pins or submissions were scored, the brunettes definitely put their plan in action, finishing Stacy off with authority. After the round, the officials have to help Stacy away to the back to recover from the pounding her back had taken, leaving Torrie to face both brunettes alone in the final round!

Round nine was 10-7 for the brunettes - a dominant victory for Nadia over Stacy, leaving the score tied heading into round 10. Torrie’s looking nervous knowing she will face both brunettes alone!!



The round was originally planned to be a two-on-two double-length round to create further drama in the last minutes. Rather unsteadily and rather slowly, the taller blonde Stacy does indeed stand next to her partner when the action is about to get started. Not having expected to take care of her yet again the brunettes immediately plan how to send Stacy out as early as possible, the stronger Cori chosen to kick her down in the very first seconds of the round.

Stacy knows she won’t last the whole round, but any second Torrie can avoid a 2:1 is good for her team. As the bell rings, Cori immediately blocks Torrie off her partner while Nadia attacks her from the other side. Trying to push past Cori, without success, Torrie has to adjust to what the brunettes plan and focus on Nadia who pounds her fists into the blonde’s waist.

Grabbing her hair, Torrie yanks the brunette to the floor and slams her down on her back. Meanwhile Cori has left Nadia to deal with Torrie alone and settles for a Stacy destruction. Not going the chicken route but bravely resisting, Stacy puts everything into her defense hoping to give Torrie enough time to render Nadia helpless and even out the action.

Her longer reach and trained legs give Stacy enough flexibility to keep Cori at bay first. Dancing in front of her Stacy’s limbs block the aggressor’s attacks. In the other corner Nadia is lying square on her back, her chest already exposed in nakedness. Senselessly it seems Torrie is pounding her fists into the brunette’s face, chest and belly, the bare hands leaving bruises on the brunette’s sexy fit body. Buckling without reaction, the actress is in a world of pain. Pausing for a pin, Torrie stops punching and schoolgirl-pins the opponent for the first points.

Meanwhile, Stacy’s still on her feet but her energy is draining and her reserves are emptying while Cori slows down a bit for the fight has cost her too much!

Turning around to see how Nadia’s faring, Cori realizes the mistake they made in their plans. They forgot the possibility of Torrie taking out Nadia in revenge mode for their earlier round. Unable to beat down Stacy as quickly as hoped, Cori changes plans and leaves the other blonde standing in her corner surprised at being deserted.

Cori attacks Torrie from behind and pulls her off the motion-lacking Nadia. Free of pain the brunette rolls over slowly getting up with the help of the ropes. Cori has wrapped her thighs around Torrie’s head already getting the expected moans of protest and fear she yearned for. But nobody seems to think about Stacy. Quickly deciding about her target the blonde concludes that Cori’s the more important foe now, Nadia still down.

Stacy comes storming from the back and shoves her full body onto the brunette in command over Torrie. The scissors naturally opened, Cori has Stacy straddling her and keeping her down. Torrie is quick to realize the new situation and they keep Cori so engulfed in their strong arms and strong legs that the brunette can only cry out and submit, giving the blondes a considerable lead in the points.

Finally standing on her feet Nadia no longer trembles although her face shows a couple of bruises and her shirt is ripped apart. Adjusting her bra to hide her possessions Nadia is ashamed for she knows it was her fault that the plan collapsed. But Cori assures her that Stacy’s not in a better condition than before, instead even wearier although she’d be supposed to be hiding that.

The two pairs are ready for further action. In reaction to her showing against Torrie Nadia’s designated to go against Stacy this time. The blonde and her put all they still got into it. Always going for Stacy’s back the brunette is able to power her down to the ground easily doing what Cori couldn’t do last time. Wincing under the brunette’s weight Stacy’s too weak and feeble to get her shoulders up and is pinned dominatingly.

Cori has not been able to establish any sort of control over her blonde rival. The two are already on the ground but all their rolling and wrestling is going nowhere at all neither fighter succeeding in any attempts at pins or even on-top-positions for longer than a second. Grinding Torrie into the mats, Cori is shaken off her immediately.

Stacy looks worse than Torrie in her showing. Nadia has been planning everything to construct a backbreaker but Stacy’s slipping out of her hold each time. But she’s never able to control anything after that. Twisting Stacy’s arm Nadia finally has Stacy where she wants her to be. Grinning in delight Nadia slips one arm under Stacy’s legs and with the other she pushes her upper body down in an arc. Shooting up her knee from below, the blonde is put right on top of it her body awkwardly twisted and arched into the classic ‘U’ shape.

Word cannot describe the pain and suffering Stacy is going through. When Nadia increased pressure by pulling the blonde’s bikini bottom off and tightens a grip into the opponent’s private zone, there’s no going back for Stacy. Screaming in panic and hysteria she’s slithered across the mats by the dominant Nadia and remains motionless. Picking her up, Stacy not resisting, Nadia heaves her over the ropes and pushes her down. Lying in a heap down and outside the ring Stacy won’t move. Massaging her back she tries to rise but the pain is so hurtful she stops all movement.

A doctor checks her and waves off to the judges that she’s taken out for health reasons. Nadia flexes her arms and yells “Gotcha, bitch!” She climbs back into the ring. The loss of Stacy does not give the brunettes the win but it is counted as a submission, yet they’ll have to earn the win by points. With a 2:1, however, everything is easy and fun.

While Stacy said goodbye to further action (she’s now already in a stretcher and does nothing except moan) Cori and Torrie have gotten no further in their fight for control. Stomping her foot angrily into Torrie’s belly the blonde topples over and lands on her back. Cori seizes the moment but gets rocked hard by an out-stretched knee. Neither witness Stacy’s disappearance from the ring. So it’s met by a bit of surprise when Nadia suddenly pulls Torrie off Cori with her arms around Torrie’s upper body, Cori squeals in delight when she sees Stacy in her stretcher taken away.

Torrie hysterically searches for her friend but when she sees the blonde mane hanging from the stretcher and the lifeless body attached to it she’s fully aware of her bad luck. Each brunette taking one arm of the blonde they drive her into the ropes and when Torrie is coming back they double-clothesline her and send her down like a tree. Pulling her onto her back, Cori removes the bra while Nadia takes away the bottom. Cori twisting the tender nipples and breast flesh, and Nadia’s fingernails scratching her womanhood, the two brunettes torture their enemy.

Hoisting her up by her blonde mane, Torrie gets sucker-punched into the stomach by Cori. Held up by the other brunette Torrie gets kneed in the back and falters forward until she’s secured by Cori who doesn’t let her slip down. To take the win the brunettes need a pin or a submission.

While Cori effortlessly keep the struggling blonde pressed into the ground Nadia spreads her legs and shoots her foot like a rocket into the space between it. As if electricity has just went through her, Torrie’s shaking and breaking apart. Now fully naked her beautiful body a joy for all beholders, Torrie weeps and sobs and when Cori has removed her own top to rub her boobs into Torrie’s face the blonde screams a submission in the second the cleavage has landed on her pretty face.

That’s the submission they needed! The brunettes leave Torrie alone when they see the last twenty-five seconds of the round counting down and fall into each other arms; exhausted, delighted, still standing. No danger, no threat awaits them from the fallen blonde wrestler who is in no position to make trouble. With ten seconds left, Cori and Nadia hoist their victim up and toss her out of the ring.

“And that’s the way ALL blondes end up when they face superior brunettes,” Cori laughs.

It’s the judges’ final moment, too. Each team succeeded in getting one pin, but the brunettes scoring two submissions to the blondes one. The brunettes got just one winning point for the whole round - but it was enough to give them the win as the round was scored 6 to 3.


Wilson-Keibler: 59

Bjorlin-Nadine: 62


Stacy’s back was hurt but not as seriously as initially feared and she would be back in top condition after a few weeks. Torrie had to face the shameful result of having lost despite her good showing against her heated rival Cori. But Nadia Bjorlin saw that as a good sign that her partnership with Cori should continue. The blondes swore revenge - but both wanted that in one-on-one duels with no bell, no judges and no points to prevent them from proving their superiority over the brunettes. But that’s a different story...