Cori Nadine vs. Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears by TNT

"More weight, this is supposed to be a workout, not a picnic, and you're supposed to be a trainer; now add the weight!" Cori Nadine huffed as she waited for her trainer to add another hundred pounds to the machine. Her biceps and shoulder muscles bulged as the gorgeous beauty hoisted the weight just barely breaking a sweat.

"Wow, did you see that; she's amazing; I can't believe it can you?" Jessica Simpson said to her cute blonde friend.

"Oh, I can believe it, she is tough; but wow, she's tough and beautiful; most toughies just aren't that good looking," Christina Aguilera said as she stared at Cori who was now doing a series of lifts on the machine.

The two blondes stared at the beautiful brunette, her full breasts bulged out of the front of her tight sexy muscle shirt. Her thick erect nipples seemed ready to poke through the thin material that was slightly damp with her perspiration.

"Hurry up with your machine will ya, I want it next," Christina chirped as she nudged Jessica to get moving. The two began to bicker about who was in better shape as they continued their routines. Both had recently decided to work out together in the exclusive spa and gym. They heard angry voices and both looked up towards the commotion.

"Listen, you're just not cutting it with me; as of right now, you're fired, take a hike," Cori snapped at her trainer, a tall busty redhead.

"You can't fire me," the redhead shouted.

"Uhhhhhhh! AIEEEEE!" RIPPPPPPP. "Uhmmmmpff!" THUD! Without warning Cori fired a punch into the redheads jaw. "Red" groaned then screamed as the brunette drove her knee into her crotch, grabbed her halter top and ripped it down exposing the redheads huge beautiful breasts. Cori put the redhead in a headlock, pulled her around until she was dizzy then ran towards the locker room exit and threw her through the door. She spun around and calmly returned to her workout.

"Goooollly, that was cool," Jessica chirped.

"Yeah, totally hot," Christina cooed, then they went back to their workouts and tried hard not to think about what just happened.

A few minutes and a few machines later, Jessica whispered in her friends ear, "Christina, you think we could take her?"

"Each of us by ourselves; no way but together, sure we could; at least I think so," Christina said.

They quietly planned their strategy and when they were done with their routines, they "hung out" watching Cori work out for another hour.

"Will she ever get done?" Jessica asked.

"Don't get your buns in an uproar; the longer she takes, the more tired she will be and the less teeth you will lose," Christina said as she watched Cori finish on her last machine. The two looked around; only a few people remained in the gym and they were just finishing up too. "Where should we jump her?"

"I don't know; where do you wanna jump her?"

"How about in the showers?"

"No, how about in the pool?"

"Look here she comes, act natur…"

"What the hell do you two bimbos want; why were you staring at me? What's your proble...AIEEEEEEEE!!"

Jessica, able to wait no longer, pounced on Cori’s back. Not being the agile jungle cat she thought, the blonde slipped and fell, grabbed the brunettes shirt as she tumbled and tore it wide open. Cori's beautiful left breast popped out of her torn top and Christina, seeing an instantly exposed perfect target, grabbed onto the breast and squeezed, pinching the erect nipple hard.

"Ouccchh!" Cori yelped as her reflexes took over, her fist appeared out of nowhere and she slammed her knuckles into Christina's chin snapping her neck back.

"Unggghhhh!" Christina groaned as she staggered back holding her face.

"Back for some more, blondie?" Cori snarled as Jessica lunged for her.

Cori fired a punch, Jessica sidestepped and plowed her fist into the brunettes lower stomach, just above the top of her jean shorts. Tight but sore abs due to the workout yielded a bit more pain than normal but sent Jessica's fist bouncing off. Cori grabbed a handful of blonde hair as her free hand tore the younger woman's top off.

"Next time try an athletic one, instead of lace, OK babe?" Cori snickered as she grabbed Jessica's bra and angrily pulled it up, breaking the shoulder straps and exposing her full beautiful breasts.

Latching onto the full firm mounds with her long strong fingers, the gorgeous muscular brunette lifted Jessica off the floor, slammed her into the wall, fired her knee into her crotch, then slowly released her and watched her slide down slowly into a sitting position.

“Uhhhhhhh!” Cori's lower back exploded in pain and she took several short, mincing, unsteady steps forward.

Christina, seeing Cori handle her friend so easily, had adopted a more serious approach. Trying hard to ignore her sore head, she grabbed a weight off the floor, sneaked up behind Cori and slammed it into her lower back. THUD. She dropped the weight, clasped her fists together above her head and hammered down on Cori's upper back, her ears receiving another loud groan as acknowledgment of damage done.

"Guess Miss Muscles ain't invincible, huh?" Christina rasped as she grabbed for Cori's torn shirt. A hard pull, and RIPPPPPPP the muscle shirt was history and Cori was topless her beautiful full breasts and thick rockhard dark nipples experiencing the coolness of the gym with nothing to stand in the way.

"Gonna pull me some pretty brunette hair," Christina cackled as she buried her fingers in Cori's damp hair and jerked down.

"Arggggggh!" Christina's smug face morphed into an agonizing grimace as her crotch exploded in pain, then seemed to go instantly numb; her legs felt like rubber.

"I seem to be having a bit of trouble with both redheads and blondes today," Cori said, her voice still a bit shaky but sounding quite confident. "I live with pain; no pain, no gain, ya little blonde bitch, but I bet pain damn near kills you, especially in certain spots," Cori snarled as she grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair, pulled Christina around the room slamming her into walls and machines, then dropped her onto a slanted weight bench. Cori knelt down, pressed her knee up hard against Christina's groin and cupped the blondes breasts. She squeezed the firm mounds hard through her top. "No bra like your friend today?" she laughed as she felt her captives nipples stiffen against her open palms.

"Please, noooooo, let gooooo of my boobs, ouch, please?" Christina bawled as Cori's strong fingers pinched and twisted her "pride-and-joys" slowly, painfully. RIPPPPPPPPPP. Suddenly Christina found herself topless; a momentary reprieve from the pain.

"Gonna step away from you; but you'd better stay put, understand sweetie?" Cori snarled and Christina whimpered her agreement. In a flash Cori was off of her and stepping up to reintroduce herself to Jessica. Jessica had slowly recovered to the point of trying to mount another "ferocious" assault; she had just finished rubbing her sore spots and was coming to rescue her friend.

"I'm gonna kill you, Miss Toughie Cori," Jessica shouted as she lunged.

WHUMP! "Uhhhhhhhhh!" The sound of four full lovely breasts meeting in the air in a most intimate reunion filled the air.

Jessica's face went blank, her full lips quivered as her chest felt like it had exploded, or at least slammed into a curvy brick wall.

"What were you saying Jessica sweetie?" Cori snarled as her long strong arms wrapped around the blondes back; the brunettes back, shoulder and bicep muscles bulged as she strained her beautiful body, executing a perfect bearhug on the busty blonde that was now being lifted off her feet; the arrogant little blonde bitch was soon gasping for air, her legs kicking frantically. Cori's hard dark nipples drilled into her erect pink nipples slowly pushing them back inverting them into her full breasts.

"Please, let go, I can't, can't breathe, oh gawwwwd your tits, your tits are like rocks, oh gawwwwwd, uhhhhhh..." The beautiful busty blonde's frantic struggling faded fast, her angry loud words became soft, quiet, gentle; soon she grew quiet; her shouts and screams turned to whimpers.

"Don't you dare pass out blondie, not yet!" Cori snapped. She carried her fast fading captive over to Christina who was having serious second thoughts about staying put. She desperately wanted to help her friend. She had just gotten to her feet when Cori reappeared. "Oh no you don't Chrissie girl," Cori snarled as she dropped Jessica on her wobbly legs and lunged at Christina. A handful of blonde hair, a viciously hard pull, a loud victorious shout, "Ladies, you need to talk!" Whoosh. BONK!

The meeting of the minds was quite painful, at least for Jessica and Christina as Cori jerked them towards each other; their two heads slammed together. Four beautiful eyes rolled as two gorgeous topless bodies slumped to the floor. Cori suddenly felt sore and very weak as she looked at her fallen attackers. She smiled as she felt an irresistible urge. She extended her leg, placed her barefoot on Jessica's full left breast. The unconscious blonde moaned as the brunette captured the erect nipple between her toes and pinched. Cori chuckled. She pinched once again; another moan. Cori laughed as she slid her foot back into her sandal.

"Uhhhhh!" moaned Christina.

"Feeling left out, huh sugar?" Cori chirped. Her bare foot found another long pink target. A hard "toenip" pinch. Another moan. Another laugh. "A workout to remember!" Cori laughed as she headed for a refreshing shower. "Now a quick dip in the pool, and I'm outta here," the beautiful athlete told herself.

"Cori, you weren't very nice out there. Somebody oughta teach you a good lesson," the voice said.

Cori turned towards the angry voice; "What the hell? Just who said that? Come out and show yourself, NOW!"

Cori had enough. The blowout with her trainer was tough, really tough. She had liked the woman. Actually the redhead had been one of her best trainers ever. In her intense anger she had pushed herself to the limit; her muscles ached, her strength was almost depleted. Then the two stupid little blonde "bimbos." The double assault she had handled rather easily, but the hard weights slamming into her back hurt like hell. Her back still throbbed and she was feeling a bit dizzy. Now whoever was hassling her was in for trouble. She just hoped she could pound the stuffing out of them before she lost her last bit of strength.

"All right, you've been really mean, nasty, and just plain rude, you asked for it, and now I'm gonna give it to you!" the voice sounded sickening sweet and a bit familiar, but quite serious as well.

"TA DA!" Her arms making a broad sweeping movement, with the grace of a ballerina, and a most smug but serious look on her face, Britney Spears jumped out behind the lockers. Cori rolled her tired eyes, shook her head and bit her lip, trying hard not to burst out in uncontrolled laughter. Britney looked like she'd just came in from a concert; her hair was beautiful, her makeup perfect; she wore a tight, revealing halter top and short tight, "cheek revealing" cutoffs, and sandals.

"Gosh, Miss Cori, aren't you gonna cover up your boobies before I kick you mean ass?" Britney chirped as she slowly moved towards Cori.

"Wouldn't think you'd mind if I stayed topless; you kissing Madonna and all," Cori snapped. She smiled as she watched Britney's face suddenly blush.

"You sure you wanna fight me and not kiss me?" Cori said as she moved towards Britney.

"After I'm done with you, you won't have much left for anybody to kiss," Britney snipped.

"Come-on, come get me Cori, hon," Britney motioned Cori on, as she slowly backed up.

"What are you, chicken? Quit backin' up" Cori snarled as she quickened her pace to the now hastily retreating pop singer.

"Arggggggh!" Cori screamed as she lunged. "Yeahhhhuphhhh!" But as she bolted forward, the room suddenly spun and WHAM she fell hard on her backside as her feet went airborne. "Uhhhhhhh!" Pain exploded in Cori's groin as Britney slammed a foot down on the older woman's crotch.

"Gotta watch these slick locker room floors, bitch," Britney laughed as she watched Cori writhing and moaning in agony.

Britney's sandals helped keep her upright as well as added pain to her angry foot assault. She had put a coat of slippery soap film a few feet in front of her earlier. Two more kicks to the crotch further weakened Cori; fortunately she grabbed Britney's foot, ripped the sandal from her foot and fired it at her face.

"Eeeeeeck!" Britney screamed as the hard sole smacked her in the mouth, cutting her lip. "That hurt; that was mean; now I'm gonna pound you good," Britney said. She watched Cori slip and slide as she struggled to get up; finally the brunette was out of the slick spot and moving in on Britney. "Betcha can't wait to beat me up, eh Cori?" Britney chirped confidently. "Well, lotsa ladies seem to wanna beat me up; not sure why; maybe 'cause I'm so hot looking; maybe 'cause of these," she pouted, cupping her breasts as she ran her tongue sensuously across her full lips.

Cori laughed, then leaped toward Britney. WHAM! The metal locker door flew open, slamming full into Cori's face. She screamed as she fell backwards, her head pain melting into numbness.

"OW! Oh, I bet that hurt! Even a tough girl like you, huh, Cori Miss Muscles?" Britney chuckled, holding up a small on-off switch. "I got all kinds of neat little tricks. I gave the owner of this thing a little somethin' to well, you know, help me out, with big toughies like you."

Britney tossed the switch aside and moved in close to the groaning Cori; smiling as she cocked her foot back and prepared to kick; WHOOSH! "Argggggh!" Cori caught the incoming foot, grabbed the ankle and twisted it hard; Britney screamed, grabbed frantically but too late for something, anything to hang onto. Cori soon had Britney in her clutches; Britney buried her fingers in Cori's dark hair; and the battle had begun; the two grapevined each others legs; they rolled around on the cold hard floor pulling hair, scratching, punching, as they cussed exchanged catfighting "niceties."

"So these are what the big fuss is about, huh," Cori snarled as she slipped her fingers under Britney's top, latched onto her two full firm pleasure mounds and went to work, squeezing, twisting. Britney screamed bloody murder as the brunette mauled her breasts, tore her top down and scooped the breasts out fully exposing them to her angry talons.

"My boobs, let go of my boobs, please, ouch, owwwie, help, no not my nipples, ouchhhhh!" Britney bawled. More by sheer luck, than actual intent Britney succeeded in slamming Cori's head into the metal leg of a bench. She felt Cori's leg hold weaken; and she fired a fist into her crotch. "Noggin' hurtin' Miss Cori?" Britney hissed as she lowered her face to the brunettes left breast.

"Aieeeeee!" Cori screamed as Britney fastened her pearly whites on the hard dark nipple and bit down just enough to cause excruciating pain but not yet enough to draw blood. As Cori's scream raised the ceiling Britney's fist slammed into her crotch once, twice, three times.

"I hate to say it, Miss Cori, but I think I may be winning," Britney hissed as she slipped her fingers into Cori's shorts. The brunette bucked hard, her lips pursed into a pucker that let out a bloodcurdling scream as the younger woman held up a handful of dark fluff. "Listen you TOUGH bitch," Britney sneered. "Believe it or not Madonna showed me a thing or two about winning a catfight recently." She snickered as she released the clump of fluff and delivered three blistering slaps to Cori's beautiful face, then jumped to her feet. "You seemed to enjoy this kinda thing; so I'm gonna try it, OK Cori, hon?" Britney chirped.

She slipped out of her other sandal; she flexed her foot, wiggled her toes and slipped her foot towards Cori's crotch; with a little bit of work her toes tugged at Cori's shorts; soon they and her panties were at her ankles.

"No, noooooo, nooooo please, don't!" Cori moaned as Britney used her toes to pinch and pull the brunettes erect nipples, then the blonde slowly worked her foot down and wiggled her toes in the older woman's crotch and gave her a few "pubic pulls" with her pretty toes.

"Can we help Miss Britney?" two female voices suddenly filled Britney's ears with hints of fun - and Cori's' with dread.

"Why sure, you two, you're more than welcome to enjoy the fun with Miss Toughie. Just one question, you both barefoot?"