Queen of the Ring: Cori Nadine vs. Jenny McCarthy (boxing) by SamDog (1-21-01)

Jenny McCarthy entered the ring, relishing the cheers of the crowd. Stripping slowly out of her robe into a blue string bikini, Jenny worked the crowd, enjoying their support. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her opponent entering the ring. Staring across the ring, she watched Cori Nadine step out of her corner. Cori slipped out of her robe into a black string bikini, her own large fan base rallying to support her as they watched their goddess strip to almost nothing. Fuming at the attention the brunette was getting, Jenny untied her top and let it fall to the canvas.

Cupping her tits and shaking them, Jenny taunted, "Take your top off and face me topless, bitch, or are you afraid your tits can't compare to mine?"

Undaunted, Cori pulled her top off and showed off her tits in full view, the decibel level reaching extreme levels as her fans cheered her on.

Turning back toward Jenny, Cori replied, "I'll let the whole world take a look at your cow tits before I beat the shit out them, slut!"

Jenny and Cori had been itching to fight each other for a long time. Both had heard of the other's fighting prowess, and were eager to take the other down a few notches. However, to make things interesting, they agreed to settle their differences in a boxing match. There would be no set number of rounds. Instead, they would continue fighting until one woman won by KO. Jenny was a skilled boxer, having a lot of experience fighting and beating other women.

However, Cori was much bigger and her strength surpassed any of her previous opponents, and almost certainly was no stranger to fights.

Round One
The two women approached each other cautiously as the bell rang for Round 1, throwing a few light jabs to test the other's defenses. Suddenly, Cori slammed a powerful right hand into Jenny's face, stunning her. She then smashed a left hook into Jenny's face, snapping her head back as she hurt the blonde. Hitting her with a pair of uppercuts that slipped through her defense, Cori began working on Jenny's belly with lefts and rights, sending the blonde stumbling backwards as she struggled to defend herself. Getting pushed back to the ropes, Jenny fought back, hitting Cori in the face with lefts and rights. She then began pounding on the brunette's belly, but only got minimal success as her blows to Cori's belly only caused her to groan slightly.

Grinning at Jenny's ineffective punches, Cori cocked her fist back and slammed an uppercut into her chin, stunning her as the blonde gasped in pain. Cori then unloaded on the blonde with a left cross and a right hook to her face, sending Jenny stumbling backwards into the ropes. Trapping her against the ropes, Cori sent punch after punch crashing into Jenny's huge tits as the blonde screamed in agony. Desperate, the blonde tried to fight back, struggling to weather the storm as the brunette rained more blows on her. Suddenly, Cori smashed her jaw with an uppercut, the ropes all that saved Jenny from the mat. In pain, Jenny was hurt as Cori began to punch her in her stomach, moaning with each blow. Jenny clinched with the brunette, struggling to protect herself from Cori's blows. Finally pushing her away, Cori unloaded a volley of blows to her face, sending Jenny back into a corner just as the bell rang. Cori relished her foe's agony as Jenny steadied herself on the ropes, trying to recover.

Round Two
The two women went at each other, not wasting any time. Knowing she would lose fighting toe to toe, Jenny decided to rely on her speed rather than her strength. Coming close, Jenny hit Cori with two punches to her tits and another to her belly. While she was hurt by two powerful hooks to her face, Jenny managed to avoid the rest of the brunette's barrage, dancing out of the way. Cori went after the blonde, throwing bombs at the blonde and connecting with a few. Suddenly, Jenny ducked one of her punches and smashed an uppercut into Cori's jaw, stunning her. Grinning, Jenny began pounding on Cori's tits, flattening them under her gloves as the brunette cried out in pain. Suddenly, Jenny was stumbled backwards in pain, dazed by a powerful right to her face from Cori. Right on her, Cori followed up with two jabs to the face and a left to the body, sending Jenny stumbling backwards into the ropes. As Jenny came off the ropes, Cori nailed her with a punch to her right tit. As Jenny cried out in agony, the brunette silenced her with a right that smashed into her left cheek, hurting her. The brunette then slammed a right to her belly, watching as Jenny dropped to all fours.

Jenny shook her head as she struggled to regain her senses, hurt by the blow. Pushing herself up at the count of 6, the blonde was upset with her poor performance and was determined to make Cori pay before the fight was over. However, the brunette had other ideas as a pair of hooks hammered into Jenny's jaw, stunning her. Bending Jenny over with two hard blows to the midsection, Cori unleashed a right uppercut to her chin, straightening Jenny out and sending her crashing into the ropes. As the blonde hung helplessly from the ropes, Cori began to pound on her belly with her fists, Jenny groaning with each blow. The brunette redirected her awesome strength, rocking Jenny's world with punch after punch to her face. Cori then landed a punch squarely to the nose, snapping Jenny's head back as blood sprayed everywhere.

Grinning, Cori slammed an uppercut into Jenny's tit, knocking it upwards as the blonde groaned in pain. The brunette threw more at her breasts, sending them flying up and down as Jenny screamed aloud. Jenny was in pure agony as Cori's hooks crashed into her tits, knocking them left and right. Her breasts getting pounded, Jenny desperately came of the ropes and clinched with the brunette, hanging on Cori as she tried to stem the flow of punches. Pushing Jenny away, Cori suddenly gasped in pain as her head was snapped back by a left hook from the blonde. As the brunette stumbled backwards, Jenny closed in, punching her belly until the bell rang to end the round.

Round Three
They came out of the corners looking for an opening. Cori came forward and landed a left hook to the temple, stunning the blonde. Raining blows on Jenny's face, the brunette was suddenly stunned by a powerful haymaker, sending Cori stumbling backwards. Jenny slammed her right hand into Cori's belly, bending her over as she was driven back against the ropes. Jenny went to work, driving her fists like pistons into Cori's hard abs, working them over as she tried to weaken the brunette. Cori came forward to clinch and walked straight into a pair of uppercuts to the jaw. As the brunette stumbled backwards, Jenny punched Cori's left tit, driving it in and crushing it as a moan escaped her lips. The blonde then threw a left uppercut that plowed into Cori's right tit and sent it careening upwards, twisting the brunette's face in agony. Driving her into a corner, Jenny tagged Cori's breasts again and again, battering them as tears welled up in the brunette's eyes. The blonde then sent a left hook crashing into Cori's face, knocking her into the ropes before the brunette slipped and fell to the canvas.

Cori groaned in pain as she lay on the canvas. Dazed, her head was ringing and a trickle of blood began to flow from her nose. Looking up, Cori saw the blonde standing over her, taunting her before she made her way to a neutral corner, posing victoriously for the crowd as she believed that the brunette was done for. The world was still hazy as Cori faintly heard the referee begin the count. Desperate, Cori summoned all of her strength and flailed wildly for the ropes, managing to grab on. Pulling herself up, the brunette's legs were wobbly, but she managed come around. Jenny looked not at all dismayed at her foe getting up, but rather eagerly anticipated hurting her even more.

Struggling to stay in the fight, Cori threw a left to Jenny's belly. The blonde grimaced slightly in pain, but shrugged off the blow and responded with a powerful right to the face, hurting the brunette. Bending her over with a left to the body, Jenny began to hammer Cori's chin with uppercuts, sending the brunette stumbling backwards. Landing a left jab to Cori's chest, Jenny slammed a right to Cori's face. As Cori's guard dropped, the blonde sent a left hook crashing into Cori's jaw. The brunette's mouthpiece was knocked out in a shower of sweat and blood as she flew backwards, draped on the ropes as she hung helplessly. Grinning, Jenny began unloading bombs on the brunette's face, knocking her head back and forth as Cori could only groan in pain. Lowering her sights, Jenny began to work over Cori's tits, pounding on them jealously. Incoherent, the brunette was brought back to reality as the blonde punched her breasts like they were speed bags, screaming in agony as her prize possessions were battered mercilessly. Finally, Jenny slammed a powerful right into Cori's belly, knocking her to the canvas as the bell rang, saving her from any more punishment.

Cori was lying on the canvas, barely conscious as she held her belly and one of her tits in her hands. Jubilant, Jenny made her way back to her corner with her arms raised, confident of her victory. Meanwhile, the brunette's corner men had helped her back to her corner as they faced the daunting task of reviving her. Breaking out the smell salts, Cori's head snapped back as she came to. Working frantically, her corner feverishly struggled to get Cori back into shape. Slumped on her stool, Cori's nose and mouth were bloody, one of her eyes was puffed up and her tits were beaten and bruised. However, she did manage to pull herself together and was ready for the next round, though nowhere near full offensive strength. Meanwhile, all was calm in Jenny's corner. Sitting upright, the blonde was confident. Cori would be no match for her.

Round Four
The bell rang ands they slowly came forward warily circling each other as they jabbed and probed for an opening. Jenny faked a right and staggered the brunette with an uppercut to the chin that had her seeing stars. Cori backed off, keeping the blonde back with jabs to her chest that her foe was forced to block. Suddenly, Jenny devastated Cori with another uppercut, dropping her guard and sending her stumbling back into a corner. The blonde went after her, snapping her head back and forth with a pair of hooks and knocking her into the corner as Cori hung precariously onto the ropes. Determined to put the brunette away, Jenny began to wear Cori down, pounding gleefully on her midsection. Cori's eyes glazed over as the blonde's punches dug into her ribs, moaning as Jenny wrecked her once well-defined abs. The blonde then began pumping uppercuts into Cori's battered breasts, knocking them up and down as the brunette cried aloud, totally helpless. Out on her feet, Cori refused to go down despite the beating she was taking from Jenny's endless barrage of haymakers. Jenny threw lefts and rights, hammering Cori's head back and forth with every blow as she refused to go down. Finally, Jenny pulled Cori out of the corner and slammed an uppercut into her chin, putting her flat on her back.

Cori never looked more beaten in her life. Lying spread-eagled on her back, there was barely a hint of movement in her beaten and battered body. Jenny was in a neutral corner, posing victoriously for the crowd as she waited for the brunette to be counted out. The overhead lights danced around in Cori's eyes as she slowly began to come to. Her entire body was numb. Slowly realizing that she was going to lose if she did nothing, Cori struggled to move, but her body just lay there. Struggling to turn on her side, Cori managed to get her arms underneath her as she pushed herself up at the count of nine. In the corner, Jenny was shocked and angered that Cori was still up. She was now determined to beat her and humiliate her at the same time.

Coming toward the brunette, Jenny began to punch her. Punch-drunk and defenseless, Cori was getting knocked around by the blonde. Backed up against the ropes by her foe, Cori struggled to fight back, but her punches had little effect. Jenny landed a left and a right, dropping Cori's arms to her sides. The blonde nailed her with another pair of punches to the face, stunning the brunette as she was out on her feet. Grinning, Jenny wound up for a match-ending blow. Suddenly, Jenny was stunned by a punch to the face, as Cori had managed to pull all of her strength and beat her to the punch. Not needing an invitation, the brunette went after her and landed one punch after another to Jenny's face. Knocking the blonde backwards into the ropes, Cori began to vengefully pound on Jenny's midsection, hammering her fists into her belly and then her breasts as Jenny cried out in pain. Cori landed one last punch to her jaw, as Jenny collapsed like a ton of bricks on the canvas.

Dazed and on her back, Jenny struggled to regain her senses as she groaned in pain. The blonde couldn't believe that Cori had been able to turn the tables on her like that, and that she was now in danger of losing. Rolling over, Jenny crawled desperately towards the ropes, hoping that she could pull herself up and beat the count. Managing to pull herself over at the count of 4, the blonde grabbed one of the middle ropes and began to pull herself up, trying to get one knee underneath her. Suddenly, Jenny slipped and collapsed back on the canvas, moaning incoherently. Watching from a neutral corner, Cori relished the sight of Jenny battered and beaten on the canvas. Just as the count reached 8 and she was about to raise her arms in victory the bell rang, saving Jenny from defeat. Disappointed, Cori was still ecstatic that she had managed to turn the tide in her favor, watching from her corner as Jenny's handlers struggled frantically to revive her.

Round Five
Now, their roles were reversed as Cori was now trying to put the blonde away, while Jenny was trying to survive the brunette's onslaught. Cori lunged at Jenny, barreling past her defenses, landing punch after punch as the blonde desperately tried to cover up. Blocking a right from the brunette, Jenny left herself open as Cori hammered her with a left, snapping her head back as she opened a cut above her right eye. Jenny cried out in pain as the brunette began peppering her breasts with punches, frenziedly pounding on the blonde's arms as she struggled to cover her tits. Desperate, Jenny slammed a blow to Cori's belly, digging into her ribs as the brunette cried out in pain. The blonde continued to punch her belly, sending Cori stumbling backwards. Suddenly, Cori brought her fist up in an instant and slammed an uppercut into Jenny's chin, stunning her. Punching Jenny's breasts with a pair of uppercuts, Cori began punching the blonde's body, hoping to drop her guard. Bringing down her arms with a sharp body shot, Jenny's upper body was completely open. The brunette slammed a beautifully executed right hook to the blonde's jaw, spinning her around before Jenny crashed to the canvas.

Jenny was devastated as she lay face down on the canvas. The blonde was swimming in pain as every muscle in her body felt powerless. Struggling to get her arms underneath her, Jenny managed to push herself to hands and knees before rising, just barely beating the count. Though she was determined to finish the fight, it was clear that Jenny was a mere shell of her former self. Approaching her, Cori hurt the blonde with a cruel shot to the body, bending her over and dropping her guard as she moaned in pain. The brunette then began punching Jenny's tits, her gloves digging hard and deep into the swollen and bruised flesh as Jenny screamed in agony. Cori then landed two left jabs and a right cross to Jenny's face, sending her stumbling backwards. Totally defenseless as her legs began to buckle, the blonde's head was snapped back by a right hook to the jaw. Jenny fell to her knees before collapsing forward, slumped against Cori's legs.

Pushing forward with her leg, Cori sent Jenny onto her back, sprawled out and spread-eagled. Cori held her arms high in triumph as she waltzed over to the neutral corner. Watching from the corner, the brunette reveled in the sight of her foe, now little more than human wreckage, lying defeated and completely senseless as the referee counted her out. Posing triumphantly as the referee raised her arm in victory, Cori looked terrible from the beating she'd taken, while Jenny looked just as bad. However, Cori was happy, having finally destroyed Jenny and defeated her soundly.