Jeri Ryan vs. Cori Nadine by Samdog1 (Delphi Celebrity Catfights Message Bd. 10/16/98)

Jeri Ryan was finishing her workout at the gym. She had a lot on her mind, and working out was a good way to relieve stress. Having ended her workout, Jeri decided to head back to the locker room. She was just about to open the door when she saw a beautiful brunette walk down the hall whose face she vaguely recognized. When she finally remembered the woman's name she also remembered her hatred of her. Cori Nadine and her had been after the same guy and after a long drawn out competition Cori had made off with him, and Jeri had never forgotten nor forgiven her for it.

Cori had finished her workout, enjoying it as she attracted a lot of attention. Walking down the hall, she stopped dead in her tracks when she recognized Jeri, realizing she might been in for a little more exercise this afternoon. Jeri walked over to Cori and exclaimed, "Well, bitch how about we settle that old score now? No one's here to see you humiliated!" "Me humiliated by you? When I am done you'll beg me for mercy!" With that both women strutted over to a private exercise room and walked in, locking the door behind them.

The two of them immediately came together, pulling each other's hair. After about a minute, Cori suddenly let go and started punching Jeri's tits, her sports bra holding them in place. Suddenly, Cori let loose a kick to Jeri's cunt, as the busty blonde fell to the floor in agony. Standing behind Jeri, Cori dug her knee into Jeri's back and at the same time pulled back on her bra straps. Jeri screamed in pain as her tits were crushed against her chest, bucking to free herself. Suddenly, Cori picked up the blonde and dropped her in a backbreaker, as Jeri screamed in pain.

Pulling Jeri to her feet, Cori raised her fists and landed a left to the face and a right to the body. Jeri fought back with three punches to the face, strong enough to anger Cori. Slamming Jeri into the wall, Cori ripped off Jeri's sports bra and rained punch after punch into her face and chest, as Jeri hammered her fists into Cori's tits. Cori grabbed a handful of hair and tugged Jeri into a punch to the side of her head. Using her hair as a handhold Cori pounded her again and again as she held her head in range by the hair as Jeri's teeth were rattled in her head by the powerful blows! Jeri struck out with her knee and rammed it for all it was worth into Cori's belly, a second and third strike stopping the brunette for a needed second as Jeri slammed her in the face with a forearm smash that had blood trickling down Cori's left nostril. A still dazed and stunned Jeri shook her head to clear out the cobwebs and just missed blocking a kick to her side that put her on her left knee in pain as she rubbed at her hurt kidney. Jeri narrowly ducked another kick that would have ripped her head off, but she cried out as Cori's foot slammed into her chest and sent her to the floor in agony!

Cori brought her ass down on Jeri's stomach then a few more times on her chest, as Jeri moaned in pain. Cori managed to wrap her killer legs around Jeri's waist, Jeri screaming as they crushed her sides. Groaning in pain, Jeri pulled off Cori's sports bra and dug her fingers into her mammoth breasts. Jeri moaned as Cori tightened her hold, and in sheer desperation, twisted Cori's tits left and right. Cori's breasts were getting battered badly and she reluctantly released her scissors as she tugged Jeri's hands from her ravaged chest and rolled away. As both of them rose to their feet, Jeri grabbed two handfuls of Cori's brown hair as she did to her and they tore each other around the room, screaming in pain and at each other. Finally, Jeri was pulled painfully to the ground by her hair and the two began rolling around chest to chest. Their huge tits were grinding against each other in their own little war as they continued to pull hair and add to the many strands on the ground already.

Managing to roll on top, Cori pressed her chest into Jeri's, the blonde screaming in agony as Cori's nipples dug into her flesh. Jeri slammed her knee into Cori's stomach and used it to throw her off her, massaging her aching breasts as she made it to her feet. Cori quickly pinned Jeri to the wall, as chests were thrust against each other. Since their heads and chests were pressed upon each other, the only exposed areas that could be hit were the stomach and crotch. After more punches to the belly, she smashed her knee into Jeri's cunt. Jeri screamed in agony, her arms hanging down and the pain radiated out in all directions. Cori stepped back and punched with a right-left combination to her breasts. Cruelly, she followed that combination immediately with more brutal punches again to Jeri's breasts. As Jeri raised her guard, she exposed her lower torso. Cori crouched forward and slugged a right fist to Jeri's crotch with full force, as her knuckles penetrated deep into her cunt. Jeri dropped straight down to her knees, holding her battered crotch with both hands. Cori slammed a knee to her left breast, as Jeri fell backward and landed to the floor. Completely stunned and in great pain, Jeri was unable to move momentarily. Finally, Cori stepped between her legs. Badly hurt, Jeri could not even close her wide spread legs.

After several stomps to the belly, Cori dropped to her knees. Ripping off Jeri's shorts, she repeatedly pounded her clenched fists into her traumatized crotch, the blows to the cunt paralyzing her legs. Jeri lay motionless and completely helpless, as Cori punished her with the powerful force of each cruel blow. Her body barely reacted to the agonizing blows, angering Cori. Not getting the kind of anguished reaction she expected, Cori thought that she simply had not hit hard enough. With all her strength, she buried her next shot right between Jeri's legs. Jeri cried out in pain and was blinded by uncontrollable rush of tears flowing from her eyes. The fist smashed her clitoris against the pubic bone, as Jeri felt like her cunt had burst from the shock.

Cori straddled Jeri and dug her fingers into the blonde's tits, as Jeri was too weak to respond. Cori pulled Jeri's tits upwards, as the blonde screamed in rage. Jeri was trying to catch her breath and defend herself from this bitch's onslaught, grabbing at both wrists, but only succeeding in freeing her left tit. She screamed in agony as Cori twisted her right tit around and then smashed her now empty left hand into the tender underside of the boob, driving her knuckles in like a line drive and eliciting another scream of anguish from Jeri's lips. Jeri was in trouble now and knew it, so she started doing some punching of her own. She drove her fist repeatedly into Cori's tits as she continued to struggle with her free hand to free at least one of her boobs from Cori's grasp. Cori screamed in pain as the blows started to turn her tits black and blue and now crushed both tits in her hands, the flesh oozing out from between her fingers as the muscles stood out on her arms from the great exertion. Jeri's face was flushed with pain as she continued her pummeling of the huge tits hanging down on top of her.

Using Jeri's tits as handholds, Cori bounced her ass on the blonde's tits and stomach, as Jeri screamed in pain. Suddenly, Jeri raised her knee and nailed Cori's cunt. The brunette screamed in agony as Jeri used her knee to throw Cori off her. On their feet, Jeri and Cori traded kicks and punches, as Jeri scored a blow to Cori's left tit that sent a pained look shooting through her pretty features! Capitalizing on her good fortune Jeri pounded Cori to the ground with punches to the face till she was on the ground shaking her head as she tried valiantly not to pass out! Dragging her up roughly by her hair, Jeri put Cori in a full nelson from behind, slapping the outside of each tit till they were both bright red then crushed them between her fingers while Cori went teary eyed with pain at the attack on her pretty boobs. Jeri grabbed a piece of each of the trapped brunette's large round tits and tore them around Cori's chest as tears began to pool around the her bruised eyes.

Turning Cori around to face her, Jeri drove her fist deeply into Cori's stomach. As Cori bent over in pain from the hard punch, Jeri grabbed her head by the hair and brought her knee crashing into Cori's tits, ramming her knee across them both from the side as a loud bellow escaped Cori's mouth as she moaned in pain. Jeri took Cori to the carpeted floor and introduced her tits to her fingers as she buried them in the soft titflesh, much to the displeasure of Cori as her mouth twisted in anguish as her tits were pulled like taffy by her rival. Jeri turned the tables quickly, straddling the hurt beauty and ramming her fist into the tender underside of Cori's right breast, enjoying her yell as it echoed from the walls. Jeri grabbed Cori's tits and twisted mercilessly as Cori's face broke into a look of utter anguish! Cori reached out desperately and clamped onto her foe's breasts and sinks her talons in deeply as they now engaged in tit tugging and twisting war, Cori crying out first then Jeri as they struggled to rip the other's tits right off each other's chests!

Getting nowhere with her constant abusive breast assaults, Jeri lowered her attack to the brunette's crotch, ripping open the lycra shorts and jerking on her short hairs much to Cori's displeasure. Cori was in agony as Jeri ravaged her cunt, pulling brutally on her pussy lips. Reaching up Cori clasped the left tit as it hung down and ripped it to the left hard, almost pulling Jeri off of her who grimaced in pain as she discontinued her crotch attack for a few seconds. Seeing the effect, she grabbed the other and tugged at them as Jeri screeched in torment. On the next tug she was able to drag the blonde off her screaming as Jeri pulled at her wrists trying to free her now ravaged tits as she fell at Cori's side.

Desperate, Jeri quickly clamped her teeth around onto Cori's left tit as the brunette screamed out and tried to pull the blonde off her by the hair. While she was distracted Jeri drew her arm all the way back and brought her hand around in an arc and slammed it into Cori's cunt with all the strength she had left. Cori's eyes went glassy as her pussy exploded in agony, then she shrieked as Jeri captured her clit between her nails and began squeezing it savagely. Releasing Cori's tit, Jeri twisted her hand around inside her cunt, as the brunette went wild with pain and struggled to remove the blonde's hand. Removing her hand, Jeri slammed her knee into Cori's cunt, stunning her.

Before Cori knew what was happening Jeri was astride her stomach, raining punches down on her face and chest. Jeri grabbed Cori's tits and began mauling them with her hands, twisting and pulling as Cori bellowed at this indignity she was being subjected to. With a cruel smile on her face Jeri continued her torture, only pausing long enough to punch Cori in the face when she seemed about to come to her senses. In desperation Cori reached between Jeri's legs and began pulling at Jeri's cunt hair. Jeri refused to release her tit hold despite the pain in her cunt, and began to pummel Cori's tits with slaps and punches. Cori scratched at Jeri's cunt as Jeri began slamming and crushing her tits together, howling at the pain she felt in her cunt from Cori's scratching, as they both tried to ignore the pain as they mauled each other. Reaching up with her free hand, Cori latched onto Jeri's right nipple with her nails, squeezing it and causing new cuts as she ground her nails in and almost severed the nipple in half, as Jeri wailed twisted her body to try and escape from Cori's nails.

Seeing a way out of the tit mauling she is suffering from that would soon cause her to surrender to the bitch if it went unchecked, Cori released Jeri's cunt hair and reaching up grabbed the left nipple, as she twisted and turned her nipples like old TV tuner knobs. Jeri finally released her breasts and grabbed her wrists to try and free her bruised and bleeding nipples from the brunette hellcat's clutches, as Cori pulled Jeri off her to side by her nipples.

As both women rose to their feet, Cori lunged forward with her claws out, but Jeri brought a knee up and caught her in the crotch. Cori doubled over and met a hard right fist to the cheek. She grabbed Jeri around the waist to keep from going down, as Jeri was punching her in the head and back and kneeing her in the tits and stomach. In desperation Cori fell forward taking Jeri down on her back, throwing punches that were landing on Jeri's ribs and the sides of her tits. Jeri tried to pull her off by grabbing her hair, and when she got her pulled back far enough she dropped her hands down to Cori's big boobs, clawing at them. Cori was crying from the pain but she clamped on Jeri's jugs and dug her nails in, as they were both enduring about all the pain they could take. At one point it was like a tug of war with tit flesh. Each was pulling as hard has she could on the others tits literally trying to pull them off, as Jeri final broke free and jumped up. As she stood she got hold of Cori's bush and ripped out a handful causing her to scream in pain.

Jeri immediately jumped back onto Cori, not letting up for a moment. Cori tried to protect her battered boobs and cunt but Jeri was blasting her with wicked punches to her most delicate areas. Jeri grabbed Cori's tits and dragged her around the room, before finally letting her fall to the floor. Jeri knelt down beside Cori and pulled her head up, punching her pretty face that up till now had received little damage. After a series of blows, Cori's face was bruised, her left eye swollen closed, her left nostril dripping droplets of blood, her lips mashed and bleeding, trying desperately to come to her senses before the blonde attacked anew. When she was satisfied with her "makeover" Jeri lifted Cori to her feet and wrapped her in a bearhug.

Cori moaned in pain as Jeri's nipples dug into her tits. Jeri started to turn herself side to side continually engulfing Cori's tits as the brunette grimaced at the pain in her now throbbing nipples as the constant rubbing began to have its effect on her. Cori's breasts started to overcome Jeri's, engulfing them, but Jeri's blood engorged nipples speared painfully into the soft flesh of her foe again and again. Cori relished Jeri's cries of pain as her breasts overwhelmed Jeri's. Releasing her, Cori trapped Jeri in a corner and slammed her tits over and over into the blonde's, crying in agony from the power of each blow. Jeri felt her tits numb and began slamming Cori's tits silly, pressing her advantage. Cori desperately swung her tits into her foe's, wincing in pain from the blow, bewildered at Jeri's lack of pain as she is again battered back by two hard swung tit blows from her foe that had her tits in agony as she staggered back cupping them in her hands. Jeri wrapped her up in a bearhug again, driving her now rock hard nipples roughly into Cori's tits. Cori finally went limp, too hurt to fight back as Jeri pinned her against a wall. Slowly she stopped her efforts and just allowed Jeri to dominate her, as she passed out from the pain.

Jeri released Cori and let her fall to the floor. Jeri wiped her blood off on Cori's clothes and got dressed. As Cori came to, Jeri walked over and stomped her tits till she curled in a ball sobbing for Jeri to leave her alone! A cruel smile on her face, Jeri added one good kick to her right tit, leaving the brunette cupping it tenderly as she moaned in pain and rocked back and forth on her back as Jeri left triumphantly.