Booty Queens #4 (Part 1): Cori Nadine (Champion) vs. Serena Williams by Freddy Roberts

Booty Champion Cori Nadine is as hot as can be while her challenger Serena Williams is both powerful and attractive. Both have exceptional booties and this match is "made in heaven" for booty lovers! Cori and Serena agreed to the terms of the match which include a pre-fight "beauty contest" allowing them to compete in the following areas: face, mid-section, tits, legs, overall shape, sexiness and ass.

Afterward, there will be a _strip nude match_ requiring a submission for the win. The referee agreed upon for the fight is Cindy Crawford while there will be five judges for the 'beauty contest': Halle Berry, Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Lopez, Vida Guerra and Britney Spears. All have either been a finalist or Booty Queen at one point in their career.

The venue selected for the event is a villa in South Beach, Miami, Florida. It is secluded with a canvas pro-style ring. Unlike many _Booty Queen battles_ this one will only have 20 special invited guests which includes reps from newspapers and a video recording studio in addition to several top movie executives eager to check out these two powerful women for possible roles in up-coming films. Also, the match will be taped for future viewing at a cost of $250,000. It is a warm, sunny day which adds to the excitement as both girls make their way to the ring.

Both girls have pretty faces, but the votes are split 3-2 with Cori winning.
Both girls have tight hard tummies, but once Serena displays her fabulous abs she breezes to a 4-1 win!
Serena pulls off her top and her tits are huge, nice and firm very perky nipples. Cori's jugs are big and firm as well and - in a surprise - Cori wins comfortably by 4-1
Great legs on both gals. Serena's are more muscular and she tells Cori---"Your face will look nice between my thighs." Serena sails to an easy, 5-0, victory in this one
: Both girls are trim and tight. Both have excellent bodies and are in fighting form. The vote is Cori by a slight 3-2 margin
Both girls smile as they parade past the female judges. Serena with her top off slowly walks past Britney Spears and let's her rub her tits. Cori lets J-LO feel hers up as Jen softly touches them and feels them. Serena calls to Vida and Vida rubs her tits and tongue kisses her. The other judges watch as Vida and Serena make out. Vida hates Cori, who recently kicked her ass and pissed on her. This vote goes 3-2 for Serena which leaves the match tied.
The booty section. Serena peels off her leather shorts and black thong. She has a massive and muscular, protruding ass. "Hey, Cori, my big, firm and fat ass will just love being on your white face!"

Cori laughs as she has emerged the winner in many other booty match-ups. Then it happens - the vote!

Jennifer Lopez…Serena;
Halle Berry…Cori;
Anna Kournikova...Cori;
And finally, Vida Guerra! Vida, her ass still sore from her last bout with Cori, leaves no doubt as to her vote. She calls Serena to come over, then Vida bends over and slowly licks her tits as her groping hands gently rub the “Black Beauty’s” massive ass. Vida votes for Serena!!! And that means Serena wins the "beauty contest" by a narrow 4-3 score.

After a short break, it's fight time! The women and their assistants make their way to the ring. Janet Jackson, Cori's girlfriend, walks at her side and assists her into the ring. In a surprise, instead of her sister Venus who is sitting ringside, Serena has chosen none other than ex-champ Vida Guerra. They’d been linked romantically over the past weeks and had been spotted in several nightclubs in New York. One magazine even had photos of them kissing in public!

Guerra hates Cori since she lost her title to her in a massacre and Vida is believed to have joined Serena as a way to get even. It may have started like that, but now they look like a hot, _forever couple_ in the mold of Ben and J-Lo. Vida looks stunning in a shocking one piece outfit while Janet Jackson is in dungarees and a t-shirt. (Janet is also fit and in shape!)

The girls are reminded of the rules by Crawford and this most anticipated match is about to begin. The girls retrieve their outfits and head to their corners. Serena vows to Vida she will be redeemed when Cori goes down. Janet tells Cori to dump the big ass sister and to piss on her like she did Cori. The invited crowd starts to yell and the bout is about to begin. The weather is 95 degrees and the girls are sweating already as they move to the center of the ring. They punch at each other and Cori lands the first good shot with a right that snaps Serena's head back. Another left by Cori lands on the jaw of Serena.

Serena kicks Cori in the belly but it is a glancing blow. Serena grabs Cori in close and puts her in a bear hug. Cori screams as this hold is tight and she struggles with her release. Her head goes side to side as Serena has a great hold on her waist and pulls her tight. Cori finally escapes by head butting Serena in the nose. The impact bloodies Serena's nose and lip. Serena 's face is hurt as Cori lands a good open slap to her face, Serena nails Cori with a good kick to her belly. The kick hurts Cori and she doubles over. Serena wipes her bloody mouth and then knees the doubled over Cori with a knee to the ass. Cori flies forward and her head hits the ring turnbuckle. Cori is stunned but as Serena goes over to punch her, Cori nails her with a punch to her twat as she attempts to hit her. Serena is surprised by the low blow and screams at Cori, calling her a cow, a cunt and a bitch.

"Foul me, will you!" Serena screams as she kicks Cori in the cunt. The kick sends Cori to the canvas on all fours. Serena attempts to wrestle Cori on the mat while Cori tries to get up. Serena lands a very good punch to her head and Cori slumps back down on her hands and knees! Serena then gets in front of Cori and puts her head between her massive thighs in a standing head scissors.

Then Serena falls back to the mat with Cori’s head still in the scissors between her thighs. Cori and Serena are on the mat. Cori is stuck in between Serena's sweaty thighs as Serena squeezes her head and Cori needs to get out as she’s squeezed in between Serena's thighs. Cori tries to move her head but her head and neck are trapped in Serena's upper thigh area and she is in trouble.

Cori's head is being twisted in between her legs and Serena pulls on her hair and is able to reach to her tits because Cori's hands are trapped under her. Serena applies pressure to her trapped victim and reaches under Cori's bra to grab her left tit and nipple. She pulls hair with one hand as Cori cries to get off and now her nipple is pinched under her top!

Cori struggles to get released from Serena as Serena's sweaty thighs continue to pressure Cori. Serena is now able to unsnap Cori's bra from the back and she yanks it off. Cori's tits are exposed as Serena keeps the pressure on. Cori, in a desperate move, bites down on Serena's thigh, but her head is so clamped that she cannot open her mouth to bite it hard. Cori again attempts it and this time her teeth sink into Serena's thigh and Serena releases her.

Cori rolls onto her back, her tits seen by the guest. Big, firm and beautiful tits. Serena tries to go over and get on top of Cori, but Cori swings her foot and hits Serena in the head, knocking her onto her back. Serena is momentarily stunned and both girls are laying on the canvas and hurt. Cori's head is hurting but she gets on top of Serena and sits on her chest.. She pins the arms of Serena and then leans down and puts her breasts over Serena’s face in a breast smother. Serena tries to move her head, but is trapped between Cori's big sweaty titties. While on top, Cori reaches down and pulls off Serena's leather bra. Serena's ample black tits pop out. and Cori grabs both tits and squeezes them Her hands knead and pull on Serena’s tits as she covers her face with her massive tits. Serena is trapped, but she bites Cori's tit.

"AHHHHH!! AHHHHHHH!!" screams Cori as Serena bites down on her nipple. Cori is in agony and rolls off Serena, holding her severely bitten jug.

Both ladies roll away from each other. Cori holds her tit which is sore and Serena has a bitten, hurting thigh. They square off in the middle of the canvas, both on their knees as they approach each other. They meet in the center of the ring and pull each others hair and slap and punch away . Cori lands a right to Serena's jaw, knocking her head back. Cori is caught with a stiff knuckle punch to her eye. The ladies trade punches to the belly, sides and back. Cori and Serena are topless and they go for each others tits in a classic tit fight. Serena and Cori grab each other's tits as they both scream and cry. Cori gains the upper hand as Serena's grasp on her tits is difficult to maintain since Cori's tits are very firm although Serena claws at them viciously.

Serena, on the other hand, suffers as her tits are mashed and pulled. She has trouble controlling her anger as her tits are in Cori's control; in agony really.

Cori tells her, "Your tits are mine now!"

Serena's hands drop to her sides as Cori keeps a grip on her ample black tits. Her nipples are pinched by Cori and Serena falls to her back, allowing Cori to straddle her tummy, bouncing up and down on her mid-section while holding onto her tits. Serena is under Cori when she releases the hold, then bitchslaps Serena's tits, sending the big black balloons rumbling from side to side on her heaving chest. As Serena's boobs bounce from side to side, Cori slowly slides up onto her tits, sitting on them and pressing her booty into them as she begins to SLAP Serena's face.

"Stop!! Stop!!" yells Serena. "Let me up!"

"Fuck you!" says Cori as Serena cannot move her arms and is trapped. As Cori slaps Serena again, Serena is able to free her arm and lands a solid right to Cori's jaw. Cori is groggy from this vicious punch and rolls to the side landing on her tummy. Serena quickly pounces on her back and sits on her lower back, facing her feet. She reaches down and pulls off Cori's bottom, exposing her #1 Booty as she has her arms pinned and Cori is still reeling from the punch to her face. Serena punches Cori's sweet ass and slaps it repeatedly. She has stripped Cori but there is no submission yet as Cori 's ass is slapped. Serena wants a submission so she reaches down to Cori's bottom and reaches under to her cunt and pulls on her labia and then sticks four fingers into her twat as she has Cori pinned to the ground.



"Give!! Dammit!"


Serena continues to torture Cori’s pussy as the stunned crowd of guests watches.

"Get off my pussy!!!! Get your damn dirty fingers outta my twat!!!!! Pleassssse!!!" Cori is in pain and a lot of trouble as Serena fingers her twat and asks for her submission again.

But again, Cori doesn't give up. Somehow, she raises her leg as Serena reaches down to finger her and she kicks Serena in the head! Her kick knocks her onto her back, and while Serena lays holding her head, Cori recovers and jumps on Serena's belly, facing her feet. Her nude butt slams down on Serena’s chest as Cori pounds her fist into Serena's hard belly over and over! Cori jumps up and down, punishing Serena's bulging tits and making her scream in pain. Cori has Serena’s arms pinned and is working her with thumping belly punches. Serena can’t respond and her tummy is in pain. Cori traps Serena's head between her thighs as she stretches herself out over the younger Williams sisters body. Cori's thighs squeeze Serena's head as she looks down on Serena's pussy. Once Cori has Serena's arms pinned, she reaches around Serena's hips and yanks off her leather shorts and thong leaving her nude; her hairy pussy exposed to the excited crowd.

"Now for some fun," says Cori.

Cori holds Serena folded over with her huge ass exposed and her twat right in front of her. Serena can’t move her legs which are pinned with her raised ass right in front of Cori who lets her legs down, then backs up over her face, covering it with her ass. Serena tries to move her head, but Cori's ass is completely covering her face, her nose wedged tight up into Cori's crack.

Serena is having a difficult time breathing as Cori clenches her ass on her face, so Serena tries to turn her head but Cori applies her ass all over Serena's sweet face. She reaches down and pulls out a fistful of pubic hair and Serena cries out loud, her screams muffled by Cori’s ass.

"Give up yet?" screams Cori as Serena tries to get free.

Cori is in control and Serena lies quiet, only the slow sweeping of her legs showing she’s still conscious. Cori thinks Serena is KO'ed and lifts her booty to check. But as soon as she does, Serena bites her twat, her teeth digging into Cori's pussy lips as Cori screams in agony.


Serena holds onto the bite as Cori struggles to pull away from her. But finally, Serena has to release the bite and Cori covers up, holding her throbbing cunt in both hands. Serena sees an advantage and pins Cori down as she front face sits her and moves her hairy pussy onto Cori's mouth. Cori can hardly breath as Serena once again grabs her big tits and pulls on her nips. Cori is about finished, but the inexperienced Serena makes a fatal mistake, turning around to facesit Cori.

As Serena’s big, muscular ass goes down on Cori she is ready and she bites Serena's ass as it comes down. Like Serena's earlier bite, this is a vicious bite and Cori’s teeth sink deep in Serena's asscheeks. Serena can_ facesit her with her ass being bitten and so she stands up, Cori hanging on like a bulldog as she’s lifted partway up before her teeth lose their grip!

Both girls face off in the center of the ring, nude and tired. Cori hauls off and clobbers Serena with a right to the nose and then a kick to her twat. Serena is tiring as Cori backslaps her and Serena reels into the corner. Cori grabs her hair and pounds her face into the turnbuckle and Serena falls face down onto the canvas. Cori takes no chances this time and she straddles Serena by sitting on her back and pounds her head into the canvas, over and over until Serena is almost out and her face is a mess. Her nose is bleeding and her lip is cut and may need stitches.

Cori asks Serena if she quits...and Serena says no so Cori bangs her head again and once more. Then as Cori is preparing to smash her head again, Serena lifts her arms and mumbles, "I quit!!"

It's over as Serena collapses face down on the canvas and Cindy Crawford declares Cori the winner. The crowd is stunned as the seemingly unbeatable Serena Williams HAS been beaten - and by a smaller woman!

Cori stands over Serena and says, "Now the fun begins!"

Cori strips Serena nude and sits on her back facing that gorgeous, smooth black ass. Cori SPANKS the hell out of it, each CRACK heard far away from the ring as Cori works over both cheeks, then bites both cheeks, making Serena scream in pain.

"You have a great booty, but mine is so much shapelier," boasts Cori as the beaten Serena can do nothing but sob and sniffle. Cori asks for a paddle and she ass paddles Serena for five minutes, leaving Serena with a very sore - and very red - ass. "Time for you to get on all fours, bitch!!" Cori snarls and Serena kneels, gets on all fours. Cori calls for her Super Black dildo and after Janet throws it to her, she shows it to Serena. "Your ass now gets the big black dildo--a big black dildo for a big black ass mama!"

Cori puts a smear of Vaseline on Serena’s asshole, then drives the entire length of the 12 inch dildo into her! Serena cries as each inch goes in, mumbling and vowing to _kill_ Cori in the rematch she swears she will get "sooner or later." But for now, Serena takes the whole 12 inches, then falls on her face, nearly passing out from the pain. What action as Cori then pushes Serena on her back and leans over her and demands, "Kiss my ass, bitch." Serena puckers up and kisses Cori's ass. "Now lick by asshole!" Again, the beaten and cowed Serena licks Cori’s asshole. "Nice!! I’m about finished with you now."

Cori chugs down a glass of water and tells Serena to lay on her back on the floor as Cori straddles her. "I think you’re a little sweaty - how about some liquid!" Cori pees in Serena’s face, releasing a golden stream of piss onto her face, chin and then down over her heaving breasts! "HA-HA! How’s it feel to be pissed on, Ms. Big Shot Tennis Star? I’ll kick your ass again and again."

Serena wipes her face with a towel that Venus has thrown in and says, "Just you wait Nadine, I swear I’ll get your ass next time -just you wait!!!"
Cori Nadine vs. Serena Williams (Part 2 - The Rematch) by Freddy Roberts

After successfully defending her title against Beyonce Knowles, Cori signed to once more defend her title against Serena Williams whom she’d beaten in a very tough, even fight that was only decided in the waning minutes. Cori is fresh after giving a beating to Beyonce in what turned out to be a disappointingly one-sided tune-up for this rematch while Serena had rested her wounds and plotted her strategy.

The match will be held in Miami, Florida in a special ring set up on the beach. The fight will take place at 3pm in the afternoon, outdoors, in the sweltering heat.

Rules are as follows:
Referee will be Cindy Crawford;
Serena's second is her sister, Venus Williams;
Cori's second is Jessica Alba, an often mentioned top contender;
As usual in a _Booty Queen_ fight, it’s No Holds Barred;
The loser will be stripped - one way or another;
The loser must be facesat to a submission and/or knockout;
There’s no time limit;
The women will begin wearing bikini's but at least one will finish nude;
And finally, the loser WILL have sex act with winner - willingly or otherwise!

The fight is awaited with great expectation as the combatants walk towards the ring. Serena has a look of utter determination and wants revenge. Cori is super confident and strides towards the ring.

Cindy calls them to the center of the ring and the bell is rung. Serena starts quickly with a kick to Cori’s belly, knocking her back into the ropes and as she struggles to hold herself upright, Serena follows with a heavy-handed punch to Cori's unprotected face. Serena shoves Cori into the corner and delivers a whole series of hard punches to Cori's belly and breasts.

Cori's belly quickly turns deep red as punch after punch slams in. Cori desperately fights with her back on the turnbuckle, landing a jab to Serena's eye that backs her up, but Serena is quickly back on the attack and she gets in close and knees Cori in the gut. Another knee amazingly drops Cori to her hands and knees, then Serena knees her to the face.

Cori's nose bleeds and her lip is also cut as Serena hammers another knee to the head. Cori tries to stand to avoid being trapped, but Serena grabs her by the hair and pulls her back out into the center of the ring and throws her on her back. Cori screams as Serena drops on her belly, pinning her arms under her knees! Cori's face gets bitch slapped by the Black Beauty over and over!

The crowd, at first wildly cheering the brutal action, falls silent, stunned by the quick domination of the champion by Serena who rips off Cori's bikini top to bare her perfect tits.

Serena says, "Nice jugs!" Her black hands grab them and squeeze as she punishes Cori’s tits, then pulls her nipples, stretching, twisting and pinching them with cruel satisfaction. By the time Serena is finished, Cori's tits are red and bruised - then, suddenly and shockingly, white milk droplets appear at the tips of her nipples as her tits are being milked by Serena’s big, rough hands.

"Yeah!!" says Serena as her hands feel the first droplets of the oozing milk from Cori's jugs. Serena continues as Core can’t stop her abuse! Nadine is in major trouble as she lays trapped under Serena’s weight.

At ringside, Jessica Alba looks very worried in Cori’s corner, biting her lower lip nervously and wringing the towel she holds clutched in her fists. It’s clear Jessica is awed by Serena’s strength and power and is already rethinking her plans to challenge her if she wins.

Across the ring in Serena’s corner, the scene is entirely different as big sis Venus urges her younger sibling on, "Revenge!" yells Venus. "Revenge!"

As Cori is pinned and her tits destroyed, Serena unloads punch after punch to her face. Cori's right eye is almost shut as the muscular and powerful Williams uncorks shot after shot. On her back Cori tries to avoid the punches but cannot and her face is a bloody mess.

Serena gets up and stands over the topless Cori, a bloody mess and groggy. Serena picks her up and whips her into the corner, Cori landing in the middle of the ring. Serena then amazingly picks her up over her head and body slams her into the mat. The crowd is amazed at her strength and at Cori's lack of response. She is overpowered as Serena drop kicks her to the head and then drops a knee into her belly. Cori shakes on the ground and tries to cover up, but can't as Serena unloads a kick to her pussy. Serena drives five or six rapid kicks, each impact jolting Cori’s body and scooting her body across the ring. She’s in complete agony!

"Gonna kick my ass, hey Cori...your white milky ass is mine. I'm going to beat your ass silly and you will taste my black ass tonite!!!!"

Serena then kneels at Cori's feet and pulls off her thong...Cori is now nude and is headed for a very severe loss unless she can recover. Serena then pins her again by sitting on her tummy and pinning her arms. She faces Cori's feet as she grabs her twat hairs and yanks out a bunch of hairs...Cori , her pussy trimmed, is in agony again and Serena then punches her twat, over and over as Cori begs her to stop, her gash beaten to a pulp! The match has been one sided so far and Cori is getting whipped by Serena who now straddles her belly, pinning Cori's arms as she pounds punches down onto her twat and groin!

It’s desperation time for Cori and she makes her move; bucking her strong hips up wildly and Serena slips off to the side.

The flip by Cori works as Serena finally is off Cori's body. Serena turns to straddle Cori again but is met by a vicious knee to her face by Cori. Serena is knocked back onto her back and Cori drives a foot between her legs and Serena screams. Now Cori jumps on Serena's belly and straddles her!!!! Serena is hurt as Cori pulls off her top and Serena's jugs pop out. Her firm tits with nice brown nipples are exposed.

Cori screams, "Bitch, you got my titties - now I get yours!!!"

She viciously slaps Serena's tits, knocking them from side to side and then pinches her nipples. She bites Serena's tits and pulls them up and then mashes them down. As she pulls on them, milk squirts out and spills down Serena's tits, flowing onto her chest.

Cori is back in the match as Serena is in tit agony as Cori squeezes away. Cori tortures Serena's ample breasts and in a surprise move , bites the left tit so hard that Serena's body jerks under Cori. Now Cori, who is naked looks to strip Serena to equalize the situation. She stands over Serena as Serena tries to cover up from the tit torture. Cori lands several kicks to the belly of the tight stomach of Serena and knees her in the head. This dropped knee lands on Serena's face, and it cuts her lip and possibly breaks her nose. Cori knees her again to the chest and Serena is in much pain. Another knee drop lands on Serena’s groin and she WRITHES IN AGONY.

Serena is hurt badly and Cori sits on her belly and faces her feet. Serena's arms are pinned and Cori reaches down and pulls Serena's panties up into her cunt. Serena screams as the fabric tortures her pussy. Cori gives her a front wedgie until the fabric stretches and breaks and Serena is left nude on the canvas under Cori's firm body.

“You pulled my cunt hair, now I get your pussy to torture,” says Cori. She grabs Serena's pussy and sticks four fingers into her twat and yanks out much pussy hair, Serena is totally embarrassed and screaming for Cori to get her fingers out of her pussy. "No way!" says Cori as she drives her fingers deep into Serena's twat.

"AHHHHH, AHHH!! Stop..." Serena moans.

"No way, cunt!" growls Cori.

She wants to facesit Serena, but wants to make sure she is groggy to be knocked unconscious. Serena, in a desperation move with her arms pinned, raises her muscular leg and drives a knee into Cori's mid-section. Once again Serena unleashes the leg whip to Cori's middle and Cori has to release the pin and stand up holding her gut.

Serena rolls away from her and stands up also. They stare each other down and get in to boxing stances. Serena lands a right to Cori's face, that knocks her to her knees. It caught Cori moving in and almost knocked Cori out. Cori is on her knees as Serena charges her and drop kicks her to the neck, knocking Cori on her back.

Cori looks up at Serena standing over her. Her eyes are almost shut as Serena grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her feet. Cori's legs are wobbly as Serena pulls back and bitch slaps her across the face. Cori's head spins and Serena lands an uppercut that knocks Cori off her feet and down on the mat, flat on her back. Serena is dominant now!

Serena knees Cori to the face - a devastating shot that almost makes Cori pass out. Serena gets down on the canvas and pulls Cori's head between her legs, clamping it in a vicious leg lock. As her face is squeezed between Serena’s massive thighs, Cori gasps for air. Serena's legs are so powerful that Cori can’t move her head and by the time Serena lets her head go, Cori is flat out on her back, semi-conscious. Serena then drops her fabulous ass on Cori's face and the massive glutes completely cover Cori's face!

Cori tries to move her arms and head but she can’t and her head slowly rocks back and forth as Serena shakes her ass on her trapped face. Cori is in major trouble...Serena clenches her ass over Cori's face and Cori doesn’t move, just lays there until she passes out, her arms going limp; her hands slipping down off Serena‘s thighs to drop at her sides. Cori is knocked out - and she loses the title!!!

Serena stays on Cori’s face, massaging her own aroused nipples as she covers the defeated Booty Queen’s face with her huge ass as pictures are taken. Then Serena climbs off and jumps for joy as she is joined by her sister and congratulated on her win by Venus and others. It’s a great win and a surprising one for Serena. Cori’s fans are stunned as she is laid out by the athletic Serena who then goes to work as specified in the contest rules.

She kicks Cori over on her tummy and beats her ass red with her calloused hands. SMACK after SMACK sends ripples through Cori's proud booty, turning the pale triangle of flesh Cori usually has covered when she sunbathes a bright crimson! Cori is still unconscious as Serena works over her ass, laying on Cori as Serena bites Cori 's ass, leaving deep indentations in Cori's cheeks.

While Cori is humiliated by the ass beating, there is even more to come when she awakens, aware that she has lost her title and is now in for a long night.

Serena laughs, “It's dilDOOO time Cori!” Venus stands behind Serena and hands her a 12 inch hard silver dildo. Serena growls gruffly, “Up on all fours, bitch!” She walks around behind Cori, grabs her hips, then with a thrust of her hips, Serena DRIVES the dildo into Cori’s raised ass clear up to the strap. Cori groans in pain as Serena pounds the dildo in and out of her spectacular raised ass. As Serena forces it deep, Cori groans and cries at the prospect of taking in this huge dildo. Serena forces it all the way, driving it in fully.

Cori can’t scream any louder as Serena laughs and the dildo is pulled out. The proud champion is in complete torture as Serena needs now to finish up the rules of the match. Next, Serena tells Cori to crawl around behind her while Serena gets down on all fours and orders, “Lick my asshole, bitch!!” Cori licks Serena's asshole and tongues the hole. “Now, my pussy!” Serena demands, rolling onto her back. Cori licks her cunt as Serena pushes Cori onto her back, then spreads her legs and straddles Cori’s face so Cori can lick her pussy. Cori blushes as she is photographed being facesat while licking Serena's pussy. Serena enjoys the sensation and squirms happily as Cori licks her cunt until she comes on Cori's face.

“One more thing...Ms.. Big Ass,” says Serena. She is satisfied that she has vanquished Cori, but has more time to humiliate Cori. Cori was a great champ and her downfall to a very powerful woman is sudden and complete. Serena orders Cori to lay flat on her back, then tells Venus to give her shaving cream and a razor. Serena lathers up Cori’s twat, goes between her legs and proceeds to shave her pussy bald as a baby’s bottom!

Once Cori is shaved clean, Serena tells her, “You better stay that way. I’m a way lot better than you…plus I’ve got a better ass and a better pussy.”

Cori mumbles, “OK.” Then she’s forced to admit that Serena has a better ass, better pussy “…and that she beat my ass. “

Serena says, “Oh, and one more thing, Ms Nadine, I need to return a favor. Stay right there on your back.”

Cori lays there with the naked, awesome body of Serena towering over her. Serena pisses all over Cori's face and chest. Warm , golden piss all over her face, and titties. Serena then puts her foot to Cori's mouth and demands she kiss her feet. Cori does so and it's over!

Cori is helped out of the ring. A robe is quickly put on and her face is wiped off. Serena is greeted by many in the crowd as she is the new booty champ.

As soon as the match is over, many Cori Nadine fans start to try to orchestrate a third match. Each girl has won one each…and neither camp is willing to admit their girl is not the better one. The only question is whether it will be an immediate rematch or if Serena will demand a tournament to decide who faces her next.