Neighbours Catfight: Flick Scully (Holly Valance) vs. Lori Leigh (Michelle Ang) by Harry

(Note: Australian Soaps have a long tradition of wobbly sets, bad acting, but also of starting the careers of babes! One of the recent moves was gorgeous Holly Valance being replaced by Asian actress Michelle Ang. This fight assumes Holly's character returns to the suburb of Erinsborough.)
It was a hot summer night as Flick Scully stepped out of her parent's house and walked into the twilight. Having moved back recently she had been able to put behind her the past troubles with friends and family (such as sleeping with her sisters fiancé) and concentrated on her career in the hospitality and entertainment business. In the process, she'd been introduced to a local club DJ and the pair of them had fallen into lust. Six weeks later they were still together despite others comments. Flick wasn't so naive as to expect the attentions of female clubbers to go away just because of her. but she'd been sure no one could challenge her position at his side until recently when she noticed a young Asian loitering at tie DJs stand flirting with her man. At first, Flick dismissed the possible threat, but when she learned the woman's name, Lori, and that she lived on the same street as her and of her reputation, Flick suddenly became concerned. Her paranoia was heightened by her man's suspicious and evasive behaviour, strange calls to his mobile phone and Lori appearing at the club several nights in a row. The final insult was her man agreeing to DJ a night for the local colleges after he'd agreed to take Flick out.

Flick adjusted her outfit one last time - a black mesh top with "B-I-T-C-H" emblazoned in white, that showed off a pierced navel and below it her matching bra, a denim micro skirt with over-large belt, a denim jacket tied round her waist and finally black leather knee boots. Her hair was unteathered as she walked to the end of the street and stood at the bus stop positioned at the edge of the housing estate above a small grassy play area for the local children - although Flick had some definitely 'adult' experiences there! She only had to wait a couple of minutes before Lori appeared. The Chinese-Australian was also dressed for clubbing; out to catch the eyes of men. Flick caught sight of her attire, a short black leather mini, white blouse rolled up and exposing plenty of cleavage. Her raven black hair was pulled into two pigtails and she was wearing strappy heels.

Lori turned her back to the younger woman, not realising who it was. Flick heard Lori dial someone on her mobile phone and as she got closer realised that she was talking to a man called Steve - the same as her DJ and conclusive evidence that Lori was a rival. As soon as the conversation finished, she spun to face the young Asian.

"You dirty two timing slut, stay away from my man or else!" hissed Flick, her eyes narrow and full of venom.

She'd clearly take Lori by surprise for never in her wildest dreams had Lori ever expected to face Flick although she knew she'd been seeing Steve. With the older woman's reputation, she assumed it was just one of those things, nothing worth catfighting over. But Lori had long ago realised if you wanted to keep something, you didn't back away from confrontation.

"Slag off you stupid blonde bitch! From what I hear, it won't take you long to find a new man because this one is MINE!" snapped Lori, her hands planted firmly on her hips in a defiant pose.

Flick gave a sarcastic sneer at the younger hair woman before bringing up her right hand and delivering a hard open handed slap across her face with her right hand. Lori felt the stinging, burning pain of the slap as her head was snapped back and let she out an involuntary squeal. She turned back toward Flick, her face a mask of anger and hatred. As Lori reached forward to push the blonde away from her, Flick grabbed her wrists and they grappled on the pavement in the half-light from a distant streetlight. Then Flick reached up and grabbed one of Lori's pigtails and started to pull and twist.

"What's this you skanky piece of jail bait!" Lori responded by driving her free hand into Flick's stomach making solid contact just above her pierced belly button.

Flick let out a strangled grunt at the blow as she had both hands up pulling Lori's raven black hair, but she moved closer to protect herself from further punches. Lori tried to push Flick away to no avail so she reciprocated in the two-handed hair pulling, at the same time, trying to trip Flick to the floor. They staggered about like this for a minute, bouncing off he bus stop sign, then toward the grass, constantly adjusting their grip on the other's hair to maximise her pain. Flick's attention was momentarily distracted by car headlights up the road and feared of being seen in a street brawl. Her distraction allowed Lori to slide one foot behind Flick's left boot, then twisted the blonde's head in the same way. Flick didn't realise what was actually happening until she felt herself falling to the ground still holding Lori's pigtails which dragged her Asian opponent down with her.

Because of their position on the edge of the pavement neither woman landed on the concrete, instead hitting the grass before rolling and sliding down the short embankment, squealing and cursing, Flick losing her denim jacket in the process. As they rolled the final few metres, they lost their holds on one another, ending up in a heap on a dirt track used for BMX biking, stunned and dazed. It was Flick who, having landed on her back, started to get up first, looked up to seek out her opponent in the gloom. Lori was a metre or so away with her back to Flick, slowly struggling to her knees.

Before Lori realised what had happened, Flick's right boot connected with her back, sending her sprawling in the dirt. The young Asian started to get up again, wiping her face only to be roughly hauled up and dragged backward by the hair. As she struggled to break free, she felt Flick's knee and boot toe digging into her back as she was forced back up onto her knees. Lori felt these start to dig in painfully and increased her struggles to be free, initially trying to break the hold on her rapidly disintegrating pig tails but it proved to no avail she twisted round and drove her elbow back into the older woman's thigh as hard as she could. Flick squealed and screeched as her leg went numb and she collapsed to the ground.

Lori recovered her composure and, twisting round, dived on top of Flick. Using her right forearm to pin Flick to the ground., Lori used her left to grab Flick's hair, shaking her head back and forth across the loose dirt track, pausing twice to scoop up some dirt and smear it on her face. Flick squealed and thrashed about in an effort to break free, coughing and spluttering and as their breasts mashed together, Flick brought both hands up into Lori's hair and started to pull as hard as she could, forcing her head back and painfully stretching her neck. The Asian let out a strangled squeal when Flick scaped the edge of her boot across her legs, ostensibly trying to force off her heel but also scratching her smooth skin. Lori retaliated using her hand in Flick's hair to bounce her head on the dirt and when this brought little relief from her pain, she used her other hand to claw and pull at Flick's black mesh top.

"Dirty slag trying to strip me off are you?" snarled Flick in a distinctly unladylike manner.

Flick now used the leverage of her hold of Lori's hair to roll them over putting her on top and once there, she spread herself, using her booted feet to force Lori's legs open so she could nestle her hips between them. In rage and frustration, Lori pulled harder on Flick's mesh top ripping it down from one shoulder, then starting to land a wild barrage of slaps and punches to Flicks body and ass as they battled in the dust and dirt; their ample breasts pressed together almost flat.

It was Lori's hand slapping Flick's thighs and tugging her skirt that gave Lori the idea of how to get her rival despite the pain of her hair being furiously pulled and the sly blows to her body. The Asian gave Flick's thigh a stinging slap making her wince and squeal with pain, then slid her hand up under the denim mini-skirt and dug her nails into the tenderest areas of Flick's ass and crotch while also yanking her thong. Not surprisingly, Flick retaliated with the abusive foul language Australian's are justly famous for, arching her back as her womanhood was getting a thorough working over by Lori's skillful fingers.

Flick let go of Lori's hair with one hand to defend herself, but however much she tried to squirm out of the way it was hopeless. In the end, Flick's only relief was to all but throw herself off of the Asian woman and get away from her. As she lay on the ground adjusting her thong to give some relief from the assault on her crotch, Lori slowly got to her feet sneering at her.

"How's it feel then Scully, the cheapest ho in all of Erinsborough; getting your fat arse kicked?"

"You slut!" Flick hissed as she lay in what could otherwise have been considered a vaguely artistic pose, "I see you're used to fighting other nasty sluts behind the bike sheds!"

And before Lori could come up with a retort or stamp her heel on Flick's navel stud as she was thinking of, the blonde lashed out with her booted foot and swept Lori's legs away from under her, dropping her back down into the dirt. As she struggled to get up, Flick threw herself on the Asian, sinking one hand in her thoroughly disheveled hair while the other grabbed her dirty, sweaty blouse and began pulling. Now it was Lori's turn to let out a barrage of abuse and insults as she tore into Flick's equally ruined hair and mesh top. They started to roll away from the road, farther into the darkness. It was fortunate no one else wanted to catch a bus or they'd have heard them hissing and screeching the crudest of insults and slurs. The damage they managed to inflict on each other's outfits was almost equal - Lori's blouse burst open, buttons flying, to reveal a white half-cup bra that barely covered her visibly stiff nipples while Flick's mesh top was ripped away from her body and hung loose around her just below her black push up bra - which also showed her pokies.

They struggled for dominance on the ground, getting dirtier and sweatier until Flick, for whom this was a perfectly normal tactic in a bitch fight, grabbed Lori's left breast and slammed it hard back into her chest, the nipple nearly inverted as Flick's palm rammed down.. The young Asian screeched in pain as she arched her back in an instinctive attempt to pull back from the source of pain but she couldn't and she instead had to let go of Flick's hair to push her own hands down between their bodies, grasping Flicks breasts and sinking her fingers into the flesh beneath the skimpy lace bra.

Now it was Flick's turn to let out a loud, "OH SHIT!" as her breasts were assaulted. This may have been a first for Lori, but she was a quick study - as several young men previously noted - and it didn't take long for her to pull Flick's bra down and begin to pinch and twist her stiff, pink nipples. Now Flick's tried to back to seek relief for her burning breasts! She tried to roll away, but Lori clung onto her desperately, even when she was dragged along with her short nails dug into Flick's soft breast flesh and hanging on tight.

Then, in a flash of inspiration born of desperation, Flick pounded her fist up into Lori's stomach, making the Asian let out a loud groan - but still she clung tight. With growing fury and desperation, Flick began to slap and punch down on Lori's torso and head, the like of which Lori had never seen let, alone experienced before. Inevitably, she had to release her grasp to protect herself which allowed Flick to use both hands to shove her Asian adversary away with a mighty heave. Now they could both catch their breaths; Lori flat on her back sucking in air to replace that driven out by Flick's belly punches and Flick gasping oxygen while tenderly tending to her bruised and battered breasts.

"You fucking whore, I'll kill you for this!" Flick screeched as she got to her feet.

"Ha, no way skank!" hissed Lori, feeling a good deal more confident than when she'd first been slapped. "After I've done with you, slut, I'll be riding Danny and telling him how I kicked your whorin' arse!"

Lori got to her feet and defiantly and provocatively flipped Flick the finger before reaching down to take off the high heels she now realised were something of a disadvantage in the circumstances. But taking her eyes off a veteran fighter like Flick was a mistake and Lori paid for it! No sooner had Lori removed one shoe than a shoulder charge by Flick sent her sprawling backward on the ground. As she struggled to get to her feet, she was jerked around by what was left of her top. But as she started thrashing about to defend herself, the tattered remnants of her ruined blouse gave way and she tumbled into the dirt again leaving Flick on her feet holding a rag which she quickly discarded.

In desperation, Lori reached up to claw Flick's bare thighs and flat stomach, trying to use Flick to drag herself up and for one awful moment Flick thought the Asian woman was going to try and rip the gold navel stud from her belly button. She fought frantically to push Lori away while Lori clung on to Flick's denim micro skirt with one hand to prevent it while using the other to painfully claw at her soft pale breasts as Flick squealed and screeched with pain. Flick took a firm two-handed hold on the Asian's raven hair and started to drag her down, shaking Lori's head about from side to side. The disorientation of being whiplashed back and forth and her growing desperation, made Lori claw at Flick's crotch, covered as it was by only a skimpy red thong, something Lori had never considered doing before but which now became an entirely instinctive reaction.

In shock and pain at the crotch attack, Flick let out a stream of obscenity and hardened her desire to hurt Lori. As Lori was forced down, her frantic tugging at the blonde's denim skirt finally caused it to give way and it slide down her legs preventing Flick from properly pinning her as her legs were now constrained by her skirt around her ankles. She reached down with one hand to push it off but Lori, frantic to break free and feeling the grip on her scalp ease, twisted herself around on all fours and began to crawl away, conceding that she’d likely to loose some hair to Flick in the bargain. Lori thought she’d made good her escape when she felt the grip on her hair slacken, but she advanced no more than a slight shuffle when she felt herself again caught, dragged and pulled back by the waist of her leather skirt which Flick was holding in both hands!

"Get back here you little slut!" snarled Flick, pulling hard at Lori’s skirt, undeterred by Lori’s weak, barefoot kicks, to her legs.

On the tenth or eleventh pull, Lori’s skirt gave way and started to peel off down her legs, the sudden release of tension sending her sprawling forward in the dirt, slamming down on her still-tender breasts. As she struggled to get up, Lori felt a hand slap up into her crotch hard, the impact sending a wave of fear through her as she felt the thin material of her thong pulled up hard, slipping into the crevice of her pussy as it was jerked and nd pulled from side to side, up and down. Feeling like she was being sawed in two, Lori started to scream but instead of sound coming out of her mouth, there was only a strangled gurgle of shock and pain.

That was when Lori felt her head snap back, pulled harshly by the hair as she was dragged upward. The hour was late and all the busses were long gone so no one heard her first loud, plaintive scream. But what finally broke Lori's will to fight on was Flick’s fingers grabbing her left nipple and twisting while her other hand continuing assaulting her womanhood. Lori had never experienced such pain or humiliation and she stopped fighting back and started to sob, and broke completely and her body shook as she cried uncontrollably.

Flick had been a school bitch and in plenty of fights, she knew enough to keep hurting an opponent long after she began begging for mercy and pleading to be released. After five long, agonizing minutes of this tit and pussy torture, which had turned Lori’s usually brown nipple a vivid red and left her labia swollen and raw as they bulged obscenely out on either side of the thin sliver of panty that Flick continually sawed back and forth, Lori was more than willing - she was almost eager - to surrender both her shoes and thong to the grinning flick. But Lori’s agony was prolonged for another five humiliating minutes before Flick left the Asian a sobbing heap, face down in the dirt.

Flick hadn't been in a fight like this for some years, but was well-satisfied that she’d exacted full revenge on her rival. Sneaking back home with her trophies, she changed her clothes and then attended to her looks without being disturbed or seen. In the darkness of the club later that night, only her now ex-boyfriend saw what had happened and it didn't take the brains of the Archbishop of Sydney to guess who she’d been with - especially as he got smacked in the face with Lori's shoes which Flick left on the floor.

Lori, meanwhile, after being left crying in the dirt, sneaked home in the wee hours, unseen - clutching the few articles of her clothing she could find that hadn’t been completely ruined to protect he modesty. She locked herself in her room for almost a week, afraid to come out fearing what people would say and scared she’d bump into Flick again!.