A "Neighbours" Catfight: Rachel+Libby vs. Donna+Elle by Puyol

Rachel ran back to her house in tears. She had just been dumped by her boyfriend. She blamed it wholly on Donna and thought that she had probably slept with him. When she ran through the door she saw Libby there and immediately began to cry about what had happened to her.

Libby immediately hugged her and asked, "What the hell is wrong Rachel?"

"Ty broke up with me. I don't know why, I think that he might have been sleeping with Donna behind my back."

"He what? Have you talked to the bitch?"

"No, I might be wrong after all."

Libby was now furious at the situation and had made up her mind. "Of course you're not wrong, that would be typical of someone in Elle Robinson's care. I'd be surprised if Elle didn't encourage it. Let's go over there and demand an explanation."

Rachel looked up at Libby with tearful eyes and said, "They'll just deny it."

"If they do, we'll beat the truth out of them. I'd love to wring that skinny neck of Elle's and you'll get to have your way with Donna."

Rachel looked a little worried and asked Libby, "What if it doesn't go well?"

Libby flexed her muscles and said, "Against them, us? Come on. It's a foregone conclusion. In fact, I hope that they deny it, then we'll get to deal with them properly, huh?" Libby smiled and hugged Rachel again. Rachel nodded and they set off across the road.

When the doorbell rang Elle answered it and seeing Libby and Rachel, sneered. She disliked Libby intensely. Then Elle asked, "What is it then?"

Libby pushed the door fully open and barged past Elle before saying, "We'd rather talk in here. Now Elle, when Ty was here the other night what were he and Donna getting up to? And if you don't tell me, I'll make you."

Elle was taken aback by this approach and said, "They weren't doing anything, just talking. Now, leave."

Libby smirked, "No, I said I'd make you if you didn't tell me what happened."

"I did tell you. Besides, what do you mean you'll make me? Donna will be home any minute and then she'll call the police if you have got violent."

Libby turned to Rachel and gave her a big smile which Rachel returned, then Libby spoke, "OK, we'll take a seat. We were hoping to see Donna."

The two then sat down. Libby lay across the sofa with her muddy boots dripping all over it. This incensed Elle who shouted,

"Get out you two, out now!"

Libby laughed and pretended to think about it before saying, "No."

Elle grabbed Libby's arm much to the shock of Miss Kennedy and attempted to pull her up. Rachel though who had been waiting for an opportunity pushed Elle away and then both her and Libby began walking towards Elle. Elle ran to the front door and opened it quickly. Rachel though caught up with her and slammed it shut before she could escape. Rachel dragged Elle back into the middle of the living room. Libby was getting ready to attack Elle when Donna walked through the door.

Elle shouted, "Donna, help me! These two are going to hurt me!"

Donna came over and asked, "What's going on? What're you doing?"

Rachel answered quickly, "You made Ty break up with me, you slut!"

Donna screwed up her face in a bewildered fashion but Libby said, "Yes. So unless you admit it, me and Rachel are gonna kick the crap outta you and this bitch."

Donna laughed, "I didn't do anything to - or with - Ty. So, come on, I want to see you kick the crap out of us."

Rachel immediately lunged at Donna and both girls fell and began rolling around on the floor. Libby smiled at Elle before running at her. Elle turned and ran into the dining room with Libby in hot pursuit. Elle stood at one side of the dining room table with Libby on the other side.

Elle spoke, "Leave us alone."

"No way. You had it coming!"

* * * *

Meanwhile, Donna had overpowered Rachel and was now on top of her, holding her in place. Rachel was struggling but didn't have the strength to even move. Donna spoke to her,

"I didn't do anything with Ty, I promise. You always react stupidly like this. I'll let you up if you promise to leave me alone, ok."

Rachel nodded. When she got up she smiled at Donna. Donna smiled back and said, "Friends?"

Rachel though rather than accept Donna's kind gesture said, "No bitch."

She kicked the stunned Donna in the stomach brining her down to her knees before grabbing her boobs with her hands and squeezing them with her sharp nails. Donna squealed in pain. Rachel was beginning to take control and while still squeezing Donna she delivered a few more kicks to her stomach.

On hearing Donna's squeals Libby grinned with delight and said, "I'm sick of this table getting in the way. Rachel's dealing with that whore, now it's my turn to deal with you."

Libby then attempted to vault over the table to where Elle was. However, the clumsy woman hit her knee on the underside of the table and ended up falling on the table. Elle rushed towards her and held the back of Libby's head and began pushing her face into the table. Libby could barely breath and her hands were moving around uselessly as Elle continued the assault.

Elle, though she hated Libby, like Donna before her let go of Libby and as she picked herself off the table said, "Get the hell out, now!"

Rachel was now starting to enjoy herself. She ripped Donna's shirt open and continued her boob assault. After about a minute of that she slapped Donna and climbed on top of her body. She stripped her down to her bra and pants, then suddenly getting turned on, decided to facesit her enemy.

She took Donna's hands in hers and took them over her head before lowering her panties (which were under her skirt) onto Donna's face. Donna though was much more powerful than Rachel and before Rachel could even begin she began to twist her fingers with speed. Rachel was not used to pain at all, no-one had ever even slapped her before and her fingers being twisted like this really hurt. She tried to get up, to untangle the fingers but Donna held her tight. Then suddenly Donna shifted her bodyweight and was on top of Rachel. Rachel was terrified and burst into tears. This time though Donna was not going to be so forgiving.

She reached down, up Rachel's skirt and in her pants and was shocked to find a lot of pubic hair, she smiled and said, "A lot of hair down there for such a girly girl. I don't want to hear your screams, so..."

Donna lowered her boobs onto Rachel's face soon engulfing her under them. She then began to rip clumps of Rachel's pubic hair out. Rachel's cries, sobs and pleas were drowned out under Donna's huge chest.

As this was going on, oblivious to it, Libby had turned as if to go towards the door. Then though, she changed her mind and looked back at Elle saying, "I've decided to stay. You got lucky, I slipped on the table, you want me out cos you know what will happen in a fair fight."

Again Libby rushed towards Elle and went to slap her. Elle saw it coming and grabbed Libby's hand before twisting it behind her back. The screaming teacher was in a world of hurt and could do nothing to stop Elle. Elle then led her out the back door holding her in check and down into the street. Tears were streaming down Libby's face but things were to get much worse. Elle threw Libby down in the mud which just a few minutes before Libby had been smearing on Elle's sofa.

Then Elle again grabbed the back of Libby's head and rubbed her face in the mud. She then ripped off Libby's top and, unzipped her trousers before pulling them down to. Libby scrambled to her feet in an attempt to get away but slipped in the mud and fell again. Elle then undid Libby's bra and pulled down her pants. As Libby cried and screamed a crowd gathered.

Elle bent down to Libby and said, "Never mess with me again, understand?"

Snivelling Libby nodded but it didn't satisfy Elle. "That's not good enough, stand up and announce to all these people that you are a pathetic little slut and that me beating you up turned you on."

Libby was disgusted but so scared of the possible pain that Elle could make her feel that she stood up, in the mud, totally naked in front of many people and said through her tears, "I'm a pathetic little slut. Elle beating me up and stripping me really turned me on."

As everyone laughed, Libby ran for her parent's house, where a few minutes later, Rachel for the second time that day ran, crying in also.