HEAD> Subject: BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS by rdragon@ix.netcom.com

You may think that there is no casting couch in Hollywood anymore. You're wrong.

The process of selecting actresses to star in TV series is as old as the movie industry itself. If a girl wants a part on a show she has to earn it by blowing the producer. When a show is particularly popular, often times there is a brutal competition where actresses compete for the lead. This is one of those stories.

Steven Bochco was producing LAPD BLEW, a new show that would surely win Emmy awards for everyone involved. The female lead, that of a sexy and tough detective, was the most sought after role since Scarlett in GONE WITH THE WIND. Bochco had narrowed his selection process to five actresses:

Victoria Principal
Vanna White
Loni Anderson
Tanya Roberts
Heather Locklear

One of these five ladies would get the part. But which one? Bochco called them all into his office late one night. "Look girls, one of you will get this part. To make things fair, I've set up a little competition. Whoever wins gets the part."

"Fair enough," said Victoria, sizing up the competition.

She thought Loni was too old to be able to win. She ruled out both Vanna White and Tanya Roberts as being too used up to have a chance. Locklear was her competition.

"We'll have three rounds of competition," Bochco said. "Two of you will be cut after round one. Then one more after round two. Finally round three will have the two remaining ladies face off in a head-to-head competition. Literally."

Tanya Roberts nodded, and drooled about the possibility of having Bochco's dick in her mouth. If she could do that, she knew she would win. Nobody blew better than her. That's how she got her role on CHARLEE'S DEVILS.

"Round one is a lingerie contest. Pick out whatever you like from wardrobe. You'll each have five minutes to show off your wares. The two of you who don't turn me on get canned."

"Let's get on with this," said Heather Locklear.

She was impatient. She hated these competitions. But she was good at it. She had won parts on Die-Nasty, BJ Hooker and Melrows Face because of her unique sexual abilities. This would be no different. She knew she would win.

At that moment, Loni started to cry. "I'm sorry," said Loni, "but I was thinking of Bert."

Bert Reynolds. Her former husband. Everyone nodded, but no one cared.

"Let's get on with this," Bochco said.

They drew straws and Vanna White was to go first. She selected a pink camisole with a low-cut front and a zipper running down the back. She entered Bochco's office and began to dance. She moved her hips and cupped her breasts in her hands.

"You're boring me," Bochco said.

"Sorry," Vanna sighed.

She wasn't all that good at being sexy. Sure, she had a great body, but turning letters was the most sexual thing she could think of doing. She was never able to use her celebrity to become a successful actress. She just couldn't compete with actresses who knew how to ooze sex appeal.

"Show me your tits," Bochco said.

Vanna lowered the camisole and pulled out her tits. They were not as large as Bochco had hoped, and were sagging.

Knowing that she was losing the competition, Vanna unzipped the back of her camisole and slowly revealed her nude ass. She leaned over, giving Bochco a view of her labia.

"That's it?" Bochco asked, unimpressed.


"Don't call us, we'll call you."

Loni was next. She walked into the office wearing a corset, stockings, and a long opened gown.

"What are you, fucking crazy?" Bochco asked. "You're dressed like my mother."

"Bert always liked me in this."

"I don't know how you got that job on WQRZ IN WISCONSIN."

Loni slowly unbuttoned the front of her corset and whipped out her 38DD's.

"They used to be larger before the breast reduction surgery. 42DD's. Want to see a picture?"

"Aren't you going to dance around or anything?"

"No. Don't I have great tits? What else could you possibly want?"

"Loni, you have great tits. But you're too much like my mother. Maybe some other time."

With two contestants already eliminated, he hoped that the remaining ladies would be adequate to move on to the next level of competition. He was not disappointed.

Victoria Principal was outstanding for a woman her age. Her skin care cream had done wonders to keep her young looking. And her body was as good as ever. Her large breasts were just barely covered by flimsy silk fabric. When she leaned over, her large brown nipples slipped out of the lingerie. She swayed back and forth, shaking her tits in the process.

Tanya Roberts really gave Bochco a hard-on. She began wearing a cheerleaders uniform, quickly shedding pom poms and skirt for a tight satin nightie. Pantyless, she rubbed herself and slowly inserted one wet finger into her cunt. Bochco was rock hard.

And when Heather Locklear came into his office wearing the tiniest hot pink teddy, he had to pull out his pecker to give it room to grow. A real pro, Heather knew how to dance. She mounted a chair and rubbed the arm against her clit. She gyrated her hips in a sexual simulation. As Heather slid aside the fabric over her pussy and began rubbing her cute twat, Bochco jerked himself off. After he came, Heather mopped up his spunk with her teddy, and then shoved the moist fabric into her pussy. Bochco gave her extra points for creativity.

Stage two of the contest would eliminate one of these awesome girls. It took place the next day in the backyard of Bochco's estate by the pool.

Victoria, Heather, and Tanya showed up in bathing suits, ready to do whatever it takes to get the part.

"Stage two is a pussy-licking contest. Or should I say cuntest."

The three girls laughed at his joke. >

"I want you guys to eat each other out. Really have fun. I'll decide which two of you are best at it. The third girl gets the boot. Understood? Let's go!"

Victoria knew that being older than the other girls gave her a real disadvantage. She would have to be aggressive to make up the difference. Taking Heather by surprise, Victoria pushed the blonde down to the ground and yanked off her bikini. Heather had a perfectly trimmed blonde pussy. Victoria dove in and started licking, massaging Heather's clit with her tongue. Then she massaged Heather's clit with her fingers as she explored the inside of her cunt with her tongue. Heather was moaning wit h delight. Victoria knew she was scoring points. She kept at it.

Not to be outdone, Tanya snuck her head between Victoria's legs and went for her pussy. Tanya ripped the fabric of Victoria's one-piece swimsuit, revealing her very hairy dark pubes. Using her teeth, Tanya chewed on Victoria's large clit until Victoria started to scream. Then she moved to Victoria's asshole and gave her a rim job. She alternated between her asshole and her cunt until Victoria was dripping wet.

Heather was in ecstasy. On the verge of having an orgasm, she realized that while she was having the time of her life, she was losing the competition. She was being scored on pussy-licking, not having her pussy licked! So Heather shoved Victoria away from her twat just moments before coming. It was a good thing, too. No sense in using her secret weapon now. She needed to save that for the final round.

Heather dove on top on Tanya, pulling her bikini briefs down to her ankles.

"The only time I ever lost a part," Heather said to Tanya, "was when you beat me out for CHARLEE'S DEVILS. That's not going to happen this time."

Heather attacked Tanya's shave d pussy with a vengeance. She would not let this cunt beat her. Not again.

Meanwhile, Tanya discarded Victoria's pussy for Heather's. The two girls were 69'ing and really getting each other excited. Victoria tried to break them loose but she could not. It was a grudge match between these two girls, and neither was about to be the pussy licker who didn't win. Victoria desperately slipped off her ripped swimsuit and shoved her tits into Heather's ass. She shoved her erect nipples as far as she could up Heather's bung hole.

"Nice try," said Bochco, knowing that Victoria was well on her way to losing the competition.

Meanwhile, Bochco had his dick out and was stroking it. It looked like a good fight between Heather and Tanya, and he was looking forward to round three. He imagined who would be better, Heather or Tanya. Tanya looked up from her cunt licking long enough to see Bochco yanking his crank. She thought this would be her big opportunity. Once he knew how good she was at suction, she would win the contest. Tanya stood up leaving behind an annoyed Heather Locklear.

"Where are you going, you fucking cunt?" Heather asked.

"Forget her," Victoria said, moving in on the opportunity. "I bet you can't make me come."

"Bet I can!" Heather said as she let Victoria lie down on top of her.

"Oof! A little heavy, aren't you?"

"Bitch!" said Victoria as she started to lap up Heather's already wet pussy.

Heather was a little distracted having Victoria's big tits bouncing up and down on her stomach. She ignored it, though, and started to lick. Victoria had already dried up. Heather had a lot of work to do. Meanwhile, Tanya kneeled in front of Bochco and took his dick in her hand.

"I'm even better at giving head than licking cunt!" she said.

With that, she opened her moist lips and moved all the way down on Bochco's cock. He groaned as his dick was encased in her warm mouth. Then while still deep throating him she started to move her tongue up and down the shaft. This was indeed a great blow job.

Meanwhile, Heather and Victoria kept licking away. Heather was no longer afraid she'd accidentally use her secret weapon, because Victoria just wasn't that good at eating her twat. Not half as good as Tanya. Victoria, on the other hand, came three times. Each time was stronger than the first. Heather's face was coated with her juices. She hadn't had it this good since her days on Southfork Ranch. That Lucy Ewing was one good pussy licker.

Tanya's head bobbed up and down on Bochco's root. He was getting closer and closer to coming each time. Finally he couldn't last any longer. He pushed Tanya's head aside and stroked himself to orgasm. He held Tanya's head so he came directly in her face. He shot out six steady streams of goo until her face was covered with cum. Then she licked his shaft clean.

"Nice work ladies," Bochco said. "You all did good work."

"So who gets eliminated?" Victoria asked.

She had a bad feeling that it would be her.

"Tanya loses," Bochco said.

Shocked, Tanya got up of her knees.

"But I blew you like you never been blown before!"

"You forgot the rules, Tanya. It was a pussy-licking contest. You give great head, no doubt about it. But I didn't see much pussy licking. And even though you lick cunt better than Victoria, you're still disqualified."

"Shit!" Tanya shouted. "You're an asshole!"

The other ladies smiled, and then sized each other up. It was down to two. Heather was younger and cuter. And she had a secret weapon. But Victoria had two great assets. Her tits. Anything could happen.

The final phase of the competition took place on the TV show set. They would begin shooting as soon as someone won the contest. Bochco cleared the set. He was alone with Heather and Victoria.

"Girls, this is the final competition. The rules are simple. Whoever is better at giving head wins. That's it."

"There's no way I'll lose this contest," Heather said.

She made the first move by moving Bochco against a wall and unzipping his pants. She slipped down his pants and pulled his pecker out of his briefs. As she popped the pecker in her mouth, it was still soft. That didn't last long. In seconds, he was rock hard. Heather could feel it growing, filling up her mouth. She deep throated his shaft, then paused to run her lips along his dick.

Victoria shoved Heather aside and grabbed hold of the pecker. She moved it lovingly in and out of her mouth, each time hesitating to deep throat for fear of gagging.

"Come on!" said Bochco. "Take the whole thing in!"

Reluctantly, Victoria took his cock all the way in her mouth. His tip jammed against the back of her throat and she gagged.

"Amateur hour," Heather said, taking control of the cock once again. Deepthroating like a pro, Heather had Bochco right where she wanted him.

Victoria knew she had to do something, and fast. She pulled off her blouse and kneeled down alongside Bochco. She elbowed Heather aside and rubbed his dick in her cleavage. Her tits looked incredible while still trapped in her bra. Then she undid her bra and rubbed his dick in her tits.

"Nice," said Bochco, "but remember this is a blow job competition. Not a titty-fucking competition."

With that reminder, Victoria played out her last hand. She simultaneously tit-fucked and sucked off Bochco. She moved his dick in and out of her tits that she held smashed together. Then she sucked the tip of his penis during each thrust. This move was fair play, and Victoria took the lead for the first time.

"Shit," said Heather, knowing she would have to use her secret weapon.

She ripped open her mini-skirt at the front, revealing her panties. Then she ripped off the panties, squatted, and licked her finger. She massaged her clit over and over and over.

Meanwhile, Victoria moved Bochco down to the floor, making her tit-fucking and sucking much easier. Both Bochco and Victoria wondered what Heather was up to. Heather continued to rub her clit, getting deeper and deeper into ecstasy.

Finally, she made her move. Heather shoved Victoria aside just as fingering her clit triggered an orgasm. Squatting over Bochco's dick, Heather came, squirting out spurts of clear fluid over his cock. This was her secret weapon. When she came, she ejaculated. Few women on the planet could do that. Heather was one of them.

This so excited Bochco that when Heather immediately began licking her own juices off of his rod, he forgot all about the tit-boffing. Heather licked, sucked, and jacked his root, until he couldn't hold back any longer. He came with his dick in her hand, with the tip pressed against her pursed lips. His jizz shot into the air like Old Faithful, landing all over Heather's hair, in her eyes, and on her nose.

Heather had won the competition and the role on LAPD BLEW. She also won an Emmy for her role. It seems that the Emmy voters also liked her ejaculations... which she performed for each and every one.

Poor Victoria lost the role, but don't despair. She got the chance to star in MODELS PINK, in a competition with Emma Samms, Linda Carter, Markie Post, and Marilu Henner. But that's another story for another day!