Rachel Nichols vs. Eva Amurri by rutooold2

Eva stands at ringside, attired in a pink bikini that makes no attempt to conceal her abundant assets. With her electric nude scene just hitting cable TV’s “Californication” Eva has become an instant internet download queen. Her twenty four year old body is about as naturally curvy as they come (props to mom Susan Sarandon!). The young woman is new to the celebrity fight scene, but this former tomboy is confident of both her strength and her skills.

Across the ring, larger than life Rachel Nichols bounds over the top rope and strides around the ring acknowledging her cheering fans. She wears a cut off t-shirt that barely covers her boobs, and a black leather thong while her long red hair glistens under the harsh ring lights.

The guest referee, Peta Wilson, enters and calls the two women together at center ring. Wilson, nearly forty, is still lean and athletic and forms an interesting threesome as she stands between the two fighters. All three are the same height and two of them are downright voluptuous. Wilson’s role is largely ceremonial, as the rules are anything goes - she is there only to ensure there are no foreign objects used; to watch for a submission or count a knockout.

Wilson inspects each woman’s body closely, running her hands over both their luscious bodies as she issues instructions. “Over here, next to each other - face the ropes, grab the top one with both hands. Lean forward, butt up, legs spread wide...” At this point, Wilson proceeds to carefully pat down? No, not pat, perhaps more like slowly finger every part of the two youthful Amazonian bodies in the ring.

As she inspects Eva’s boobs, Peta observes, “Damn, no foreign objects in this bra...didn’t know real ones grew this big...firm, wide...Wait, what’s this?” Peta’s fingers slide under Eva’s bra to tweak a nipple. “Oh, never mind, those are definitely legal!” She slowly works her hands down Eva’s belly and then around to her buttocks. As if testing melons for freshness, Wilson considers both full cheeks, then gives them a squeeze nods her head as she straightens up. Watching all of this, Nichols can barely contain herself and starts to laugh heartily. Wilson spins around and grabs her by the hair. “Assume the position and stay there ‘till I’m done,” she scolds. “You’re next.”

Wilson steps behind Rachel presses her groin up against the red head’s ass and reaches her hands around her hips. Nichols knows how to play this game and tightens her gluts as Wilson leans in. Peta’s hands slip down into her leather thong, move around a little, then run up over Rachel’s flat abs. Slipping her hands under the redheads’ t-shirt, the blonde gives Nichols’ boobs a double squeeze.

“Damn! What holds these things up?” Peta muses as she hefts Rachel’s boobs up off her rib cage, then lets them drop. They bounce several times before finally coming to a stop. Stepping between the two women, Peta reaches around their backs to grab one boob of each woman. “Gotta say, Nichols, while your melons are outstanding, I give the edge to Eva. Maybe you should wear a bra more often!”

The crowd boos loudly. Taking a step back, Peta shouts, “Tighten up” and proceeds to exercise both women’s behinds at once, vigorously... “Oh, Eva baby, you need more time in the gym to match the quality of this ass!” Wilson steps away, hops over the top rope and announces, “Ladies, remember, it ain’t over until I say it’s over. I’m here if you need me, but stop clowning around. These people came to see a fight.”

Rachel, smart, tough and not used to coming in second in a boob judging contest, immediately turns to Eva, jerks down her bra and grabs both of Eva’s tits with clawed fingers. “You’re proud of these big soft melons?” she screams. “Hell, they’re just big ‘ol targets, hon!”

Nichols digs her fingers in and Eva, thrown off by Wilson’s antics and Rachel’s sudden attack, takes a moment before she realizes the fight is on! But Nichol’s assault on her ‘girls’ snaps Eva back to reality and she recovers quickly. Eva raises her left arm and slaps Rachel while at the same time, she grabs Rachel’s hair and pulls at it hard enough to bring tears to Rachel’s eyes. Rachel finds herself being twisted around and loses her grip on Amurri’s tits.

Eva continues to slap and backhand Rachel’s face as she drives her back into the corner where she grabs Rachel’s head with both hands and slams it back into a turnbuckle several times, stunning her.

Wilson leans over the top rope to announce to observe and tells the crowd, “Looks like the youngster with the enormous chest apparently knows how to fight. Will our way smart math major be able to solve for this problem?”

Nichols fights to clear her head, but Eva drives her knee up into Rachel’s crotch, then grabs her by the hair and delivers gives her a crushing head butt! Nichols falls back against the turnbuckle and Eva delivers a double ear clap. While Rachel’s ears are ringing, Eva rips off Rachel’s t-shirt and tosses it in Wilson’s face. Peta uses it to wipe her forehead before tossing it into the crowd where several women fight for the souvenir.

Eva drives her shoulder into Rachel’s left tit, then backs up and rams it into her right tit. Nichols slumps holding on to the top ropes, trying to remain upright. Amurri steps forward to thunder a knee into Rachel’s right tit, buckling her knees.

“The girl’s an equal opportunity abuser!” Wilson interjects with a chuckle.

Rachel’s face turns white with agony as her breast is crushed back against her chest. Grabbing a handful of hair, Eva jerks Rachel to her feet and pulls face forward for another series of stinging slaps and backhands that bruise the redhead’s cheeks. Eva smiles broadly, confident she can quickly finish her off - hard ass or not. Amurri delivers another ear clap, then pulls Nichols to her. Leaning in chest to chest, Eva wraps her arms around Rachel’s back, then lifts her onto her toes as she applies a bearhug! Four huge boobs mushroom as Eva begins to bend the struggling Rachel backward; then lifts her off her feet, smiling as she foe groans.

Eva shakes Rachel from side to side, flattening her boobs, but she hasn’t secured Rachel’s arms. Nichols wraps her legs around Eva’s ample hips as Eva lifts her higher, bending her own head forward onto Rachel’s chest. Rachel grabs a fistful of Eva’s hair pulls hard - but Eva is locked in and holds tight even when Rachel claws her face. Her hand under Eva’s chin, Rachel slowly forces Eva’s head back.

Eva bounces Rachel as she tries to adjust and re-secure her grip, lifting Rachel higher. Nichols immediately moves her legs up higher, clamping them tight about Eva’s waist. Amurri grunts and her grip slackens; Nichols scissors is torture! Rachel leans her upper body back away from Eva and hammers an elbow smash across her clavicle. Eva staggers, then falls over onto her back, pulling Rachel down on top of her. Rachel’s full weight smashes down onto Eva and Nichols quickly grapevines Eva’s legs, wraps her arms around her head, and forces her breasts down over Eva’s ruddy face.

“I’ve often wondered what those were good for,” Wilson considers loudly, “I may have to get a pair of those supersized boobs myself!” Amurri tries to bridge up, to free her legs - or at least give her face enough to draw a breath - but she can’t beat the redhead’s legs so instead she digs her claws into Rachel’s ass. But even that has little effect. “Don’t bother,” laughs Peta as she watches Eva‘s mounting frustration. “Those things’re like freakin’ rocks...”

Still struggling, Eva moves her hands up to grasp each side of Rachel’s leather thong and when she jerks it hard, Rachel howls and lets go of her to prevent the leather from digging any deeper into her pussy.

“Now me, personally I believe you should always wear something that will give quickly, ‘cause nothing’s worse than a leather wedgie!” Wilson consoles as Eva continues to pull and yank on Rachel’s thong. Eva then grapevines Rachel’s legs and rolls her over, delighted to hear Rachel curse like a sailor. Rachel grabs a handful of Eva’s hair, jerks her head back and smashes her fist into Eva’s cheek. Stunned, Amurri can’t keep Nichols from shoving her over onto her back where she and slams her fist into Eva’s belly as she tries to move away.

Both women stand slowly, panting as they take a moment to recover. Peta Wilson leans over the top rope and kibitzes, “Hey Rachel, I gotta tell you; good fight so far, but young Eva here’s ahead on points... oh, and do yourself a favor, lose that leather before she saws you in half with it...”

Nichols glares at Wilson for a moment, but before she can act on her advice, Eva advances with her claws extended. Rachel raises her arms, locks fingers with her and they engage in a test of strength. Eva puts everything into her initial assault, thrusting her chest forward, her boobs smashing into Rachel’s chest as she pushes Rachel back several steps. But Nichols plants her feet, tightens her finger grip and slowly regains control; overpowering her younger foe. She forces Eva down onto her haunches, nearly breaking her fingers. Eva lets out an anguished murmur that rises to a howl as every sinew of Rachel’s body flexes as she bears down. Nichols squats and pulls her arms down, forcing Amurri face down to the mat.

“Oh, ouch, you lose that one, Eva, lots of points for the redhead,” Wilson hoots.

Rachel lets one hand go, twists and steps over her opponent, then squats down heavily on Eva’s back, twisting Amurri’s left arm behind her back in a hammerlock. Rachel clamps her other arm around Eva’s neck and pulls her back into a modified Camel Clutch, stressing Eva’s lower back. Rachel slowly repositions herself, rising onto her knees, then dropping down again so that she gets more leverage on the Camel Clutch as she hammerlocks and chokes Eva whose wonderous juggs heave and sway while her tormentor brutally works her over.

“Damn! Lookit those things move!” Wilson howls, “I’ve gotta give Eva points for that just ‘cause they look so tasty!”

“Points for her! Hell, I own those sorry tits!” Rachel protests. She lets go of her hammerlock, jerks back hard on Eva’s neck, reaches down to seize Eva’s right tit and crush it in her hand. “Ladies and gentlemen, big tits need big hands, what a match!” Peta hoots.

Eva howls as Rachel - all business - works over one tit...then changes hands to squeeze the other...then she returns to the first one for more abuse. Peta leans forward over the rope and tells Eva, “A word of advice...thong.”

Desperate, Eva gets it immediately and reaches back, grabs onto Rachel’s thong and pulls for all she’s worth! Nichols wails in agony as pain surges through her, radiating outward from the wedgie in her already bruised pussy. Eva manages to pull Rachel’s upper body down, relieving the pressure on her back, then plants one knee forward and shoves up, unseating Rachel.

They disengage and Nichols quickly slips out of her thong which is down to mid-thigh. Glaring at Peta, she spits, “When this match if over, I’m going to stuff this in your damn mouth!”

Then she turns her attention back to Amurri, charges and quickly slips around behind her. Her fists hammer Eva’s bruised low back, driving her to her knees. Still behind her, Rachel reaches around to rake her fingers over Eva’s eyes, temporary blinding her. Using a handful of hair, Rachel turns Eva around and drives a knee under Amurri’s chin, knocking Eva flat onto her back.

Rachel lands a double knee drop to Eva’s belly and as her body jackknifes in response, Eva gasps and gurgles in breathless pain. Nichols hair-hauls her to her feet, then bends the younger woman backward with her left arm around Eva’s neck in a choking reverse headlock. The redhead slams a knee up into Eva’s back and Amurri groans as she struggles to break free of Rachel’s choke.

But Rachel is too strong and Eva has been badly weakened by Rachel’s pummeling. Rachel drives her right elbow down into Eva’s right tit, pancaking the heavy fleshy orb, then repeats the move on her left tit, smashing it flat against her breastbone! Ignoring Eva’s screams, Nichols continues to hammer knees into Eva’s back while choking her and pounding her massive tits flat.

Finally, Rachel spins Eva around and brings another knee lift up under the point of her chin! Eva collapses like she was shot! Rachel drags her to her feet and clamps her in a crushing bearhug; lifting her nearly dead weight off her feet and carrying her around the ring like a limp ragdoll.

Peta Wilson hops over the top rope, waving her arms and screaming, “It’s over, it’s over!”

Rachel bounces Eva one last time and tightens her grip, demanding, “Who has the best tits?” She keeps shaking Eva like a rag doll and screaming, “Answer me, bitch!”

Finally, unable to take any more, Eva whimpers, “Yuh...you do...”

Rachel drops the thoroughly defeated Eva to the mat and stands over her with one foot on the beaten woman’s heaving breasts, flattening them in a dramatic demonstration of the superiority of her own chest.

“Well nice match, you kicked her ass... but her tits are STILL better,” Peta pipes up as she struggles to raise Rachel’s arm.

Nichols whirls on the older blonde and delivers a double ax-handle across the startled referee’s chest. Then she traps Peta’s head between her thighs, rips off her black and white striped shirt, and uses it to bind the blonde’s arms behind her back! Rachel drops and drives Peta’s face into the mat. Rachel drops a knee across the back of Peta’s neck, then retrieves her thong and, after rolling Wilson onto her back, pinches Wilson’s nose closed, cutting off her air and forcing the Aussie to open her mouth for air. When Peta gulps in air, Rachel shoves her sweaty thong in Peta’s gaping mouth.

Standing, Rachel moves to the ropes, looks out into the crowd and shouts, “Hey Applesaucey, tell Righetti I’m ready anytime she is...”
* * * * * *
With Nichols-Righetti looming as the next title tilt, Theron has been effectively shouldered aside in her quest to regain the title - and she’s clearly not happy! Even before Amurri’s battered body is removed from the ring, Charlize is closeted with her advisors (Cat Bell and Sunny McKay) plotting strategy for another title attempt.

Later, in her locker room, Eva admits, “I may have been a little overly optimistic, challenging Rachel Nichols so soon.” She ruefully concedes, “Maybe I need to lower my sights until I get more experience. I see Theron needs a match to regain some of her lost luster and momentum...maybe she’d be interested in getting together with me?”