Seven of Nine [Jeri Ryan] vs. Lt. Uhura [Nichelle Nichols] by Jeremy

Seven of Nine Personal Log: Star Date 548923.1

It's been approximately seven days, two hours since I've been thrown in the brig. Seven days since everything in my life has changed.

Before I go in any further; computer, encrypt log - security code Seven of Nine 942, Charlie 2.

When I was thrown in the brig my mentor, The Doctor, suggested that I make a record of the events that transpired for his medical file. After some powerful debate, Captain Janeway reluctantly agreed. This is that record...

Seven days ago, Voyager detected a wormhole that could possibly lead to the Alpha Quadrant. Just when we were about to go through another ship appeared. It turned out that the ship was the original USS Enterprise from the 23rd century with Captain James T. Kirk and his crew. When they appeared the wormhole collapsed.

It turns out the Enterprise was pulled through when they were studying an anomaly capable of increasing their dilethium crystal's power. Both crews were then instructed to interact with each other in order to try to re-establish the wormhole and send them back. Things seemed to be going well.

B'Elanna and Montgomery Scott were working round the clock in and had come up with many solutions. The Doctor and Dr. McCoy compared their medical research ideas. I was ordered to study the effects of the anomaly when it opened to assure the Enterprise would return to the exact location without effecting the timeline. Then Lt. Uhura had to make her presence known.

As I was studying the anomaly with Ensign Harry Kim, Uhura came to astrometrics. She asked if we needed any assistance. I politely said no. Then she proceeded to interrogate me with questions about my Borg implants. At first, I answered them but the questions soon became personal. I told her, her assitance was no longer necessary.

Before she left, Lt. Uhura tried pushing some buttons on my work station. Becoming enraged, I tossed her aside. She came up ready for a fight - which I never turn down. Then Harry Kim interfered! He said if we had any problems we should talk it out. Well, I didn't want to talk, I wanted to fight. It was as if a new persona had awakened within me. I told Uhura to met me in Cargo Bay 2 at 1800 hours so we could complete our 'talk.' She nodded in acknowledgment.

I awoke form regenerating in my alcove at the appointed time. As usual, I was wearing my body suit. Looking around I noticed Uhura right in front of me.

"Now I know you didn't want to talk," she said as she punched me in the stomach.

She was right, I thought as she pulled me out of my alcove by the hair and threw me into some nearby barrels. I slowly arose staring at her hateful eyes.

I asked her what her problem was with me.

"Your bitchy attitude," she sneered. "And because your race has assimilated countless life forms and eliminated others. Including my great, great grandson's ship at Wolf 359."

"I assure you," I told her calmly, "that I am no longer apart of the Borg collective."

Uhura persisted, however, "It doesn't matter. I'll make sure you don't get that opportunity ever again."

And with that, the Lieutenant launched a massive attack upon my person. She kicked me, punched me, pulled my hair and even bit me. She then threw me about by my hair. It seems I had underestimated Lt. Uhura's fighting skill as well as her martial arts prowess. Nevertheless, I began to fight back trying not to hurt her. I just wanted to prove a point. Still, after a few seconds she pinned me against the bulkhead.

"Now I end this," she whispered and put me in a choke hold. While holding me thus, she used her other hand to strip off my uniform.

Strangely, my body was not adapting, I found myself unable to adjust to the pain. Just before my body passed out, a sudden surge went through me. A surge I haven't felt since my days in the Borg Collective. My body had finally adapted and Lt. Uhura was going to pay.

Reaching out, I pried her wrist from my throat and flung her across the cargo bay. Her body hit hard as my Borg strength took over. Normally, a blow like that might have killed a normal person but, fortunately, Lt. Uhura was more resilient then most.

The side of her head was cut, however, and I grinned at her weak efforts to get up. I smiled as I walked over to her. Her cries were like music to my ears. She struggled a little as I stripped her of her pathetic uniform. Now I was the one in control; I had the power.

"No, please, no more! I was wrong about you," she cried.

"Sorry my dear. You asked for this," I said.

With that, I stomped my foot into her crotch. I kept kicking her as her screams got louder, then I picked her up by the hair and slammed her head into a console.

She was rugged, I admit. She fought back, punching me in the stomach and grabbing my firm breasts. I screamed at this new pain but again, I quickly adapted. I grabbed her poor excuse for tits and twisted. Now it was a power struggle.

Then Ensign Kim burst in.

"Seven! Uhura! What are you doing!"

"Stay back Ensign this does not concern you," I said through my pain.

"Ensign Kim to Tuvok and The Doctor. I need you both in Cargo Bay 2 immediately."


After that, I ignored Ensign Kim's pleas to stop the fight. I kneed Uhura in her already aching cunt over and over. Finally, I let her go and let her sink to the floor.

Again she begged for me to stop but I ignored her whimpering and straddled her stomach. I began punching her face, then I wrapped my hands about her throat and began shaking her head from side to side. She was clearly unconscious, but I slapped her awake. I wanted her to know what I was about to do to her.

Pulling her up by the hair I said, "Now you hate me for who I am. What if I made you live the rest of your life the way I was. Your eternal damnation."

"No please," she cried.

I smiled, then kissed her - shoving my tongue down her throat as I caressed her full, firm, left breast. Then my assimilating cords shot out of my hand and pierced her neck.

"Now you will be assimilated," I whispered as I pinched her hard nipple.

As I assimilated her I found myself intrigued, not to mention aroused. Here I was holding her naked body powerless beneath me. I heard a noise behind me and as I turned to look back....

The next thing I knew, I awoke here in the brig. The Doctor was placing a robe over my naked form and Ensign Kim was scanning my vital signs - or so he claims now. It turned out The Doctor was downloaded into my cortical node just before I could assimilate Uhura. She was recovering in sickbay. Eventually, she went back to the Enterprise and it returned to it's own timeline.

The Doctor said my Borg implants activated again when my body was threatened with danger. He said all I could do was assimilate - which is only partly true. I also wanted to dominate her sexually; to really humiliate her. Too bad I will never get the chance. Then again there is always the holodeck...

I've been sentenced to thirty days in the brig. I'll have to work hard to regain the trust of the crew again, though several members said they liked what I did and are still my friends. Mainly, it's Captain Janeway's trust I need to regain.

Still, there's a part of me that likes what I did...that wants to do it again. Maybe to B'Elanna or Capt. Janeway.....hmmmm!

Computer, end log!

NOTE: In our vote, Ryan prevailed by 403-316.