Rachel Nichols vs. Charlize Theron by rutooold2

Wearing a see-thru red fishnet top and black bikini bottom, Rachel Nichols moves quickly down the narrow aisle through a throng of excited fans who shout, wave, and reach out to shake her hand; pausing several times to pose with some of them. Then she turns to bound up the steps to the ring apron where she athletically vaults the top rope, then saunters confidently around the ring, waving merrily as she waits for Theron to make her grand entrance.

With her win over Eva Amurri, Rachel Nichols was confident coming into this match with Theron; an older woman who had been dominated by Amanda Righetti in her last match. In the days since her tough match with Amurri, Rachel had studied Theron’s fight with Righetti - in which Theron suffered an embarrassingly one-sided beat-down. In fact, Theron had looked pathetic. Maybe it had simply been “one of those days” for badass Theron, but as Rachel suggested in her interviews, “Or maybe she’s just over the hill.”

The damage Righetti inflicted on Charlize’s body had been obvious but it was the psychological trauma Rachel had sensed watching the tape was what she concentrated on as she formulated her fight plan and it was what she reviewed in her mind as she awaited Theron’s arrival. A skilled boxer, Theron’s dancer’s legs were formidable weapons; but Righetti nearly broke her right knee which could slow her somewhat... With that in mind, Rachel had spent the past days working with a kick boxing coach in preparing for this fight.

The lights dim as a spotlight sweeps across the crowd toward the ramp where Charlize appears, then starts toward the ring. She wears a golden one piece, cut high at the hips to show off her butt, yet hide her sides. Rachel smiles at seeing Theron’s right knee which is heavily taped and wrapped.

“I’ll bet her ribs are still sore, too,” Nichols smirks. Slowly and deliberately, Theron moves around the ring and uses the metal stairs at one corner to climb to the ring. and steps up to the ring apron, then bends to slip in between the ropes.

Cameron Diaz, the referee for this bout, beckons both fighters to the center of the ring. Diaz is surprisingly all business and her instructions are brief. “Go to your corners. The bell will ring in sixty seconds,” Cameron instructs.

Her prefight obligation fulfilled, Diaz exits the ring, then pauses to look carefully at each fighter, mentally comparing them. Rachel is thinner than she remembered, but her tits are to die for - and hard to miss in the open netting of her suit! She looks more muscular, all sinew like coiled springs, overall in great shape. Theron is uncharacteristically subdued, not her usual out-going self. Her hips and legs are thicker than Rachel’s, muscular but mottled with black-and-blue bruises which - Cameron notes - she’s attempted to hide with body makeup. Charlize’s torso is wider and thicker than Rachel’s, her chest deeper and fuller, although with her smallish breasts, her bra size is still straining to match Rachel’s.


At the bell, Rachel moves forward and circles to test Theron’s agility. She feigns several body kicks and lunges a few times at her legs, slowly forcing Theron to back away until she’s trapped in the far corner. Charlize covers up, pawing with her left to slap away the jabs Nichols constantly throws at her. Charlize’s arms bear the brunt of Rachel’s punches as she carefully shields her body from the sizzling kicks the redhead sends her way.

Theron counters effectively with her quick hands whenever Nichols moves in close, snapping Rachel’s head when the redhead fails to retreat quickly enough after throwing a punch. Rachel hadn’t counted on this and, frustrated, she backs off…then charges, driving her shoulder into Theron’s belly, wrapping her arms around her thighs to drag her out of the corner into the ring!

But with perfect timing, Charlize lets her come to her, then raises both arms and her double ax-handle drives Rachel to her knees! Charlize lunges over her and her thighs snap shut around Rachel’s head. She wraps her right arm around and under Nichol’s waist, grabbing a fistful of the front of her suit to hold her in place as she clamps her formidable thighs tight!

Rachel’s body thrashes, her hands raking the back of her captor’s legs, trying to force the vice open. Delighted, Charlize smiles a glowing smile for the first time as her left hand reaches for the back of Rachel’s black thong, twisting and tugging at it. Apparently, Rachel isn’t the only one who studied her opponent’s last fight! Rachel’s body writhes with each tug as Charlize jerks and pulls, lifting Rachel’s butt in the air with each yank!

Enjoying herself a bit too much, Theron lets up on the pressure around Rachel’s head after Nichols manages to wedge her hands between Theron’s thighs and yank her head free. Quickly up on all fours with the agility learned in training for ‘GI Joe’, Rachel dives forward and slides out of the ring on her belly under the bottom rope. Charlize tries to pull her back using a handful of the Rachel’s bikini, but Nichol’s slithers over the ring apron and down to the arena floor - leaving a seething Theron inside the ring holding her thong in one hand.

The crowd hoots wildly as Charlize stands and twirls her trophy overhead, then flings it into a corner. She points at Rachel and taunts, “Hey, nice racing stripe there, sporty!”

Her face as red as her hair, Nichols glares back up at Theron, thinking, ‘This is NOT going to be as easy as I thought.’

She attempts to climb back in the ring, but Theron moves quickly, grabbing the top rope and jumping in the air, coming down with both feet between the middle and bottom ropes, kicking Rachel in the chest and knocking her back of the apron. Rachel tries again, but this time succeeds only in catching a foot to the side of her face. She slams the ring apron with both hands in frustration.

Charlize backs away and gestures for her to, ‘come in.’ As she leaps up on the apron, Theron rushes forward and drives her left knee into Rachel’s belly, doubling her over outside the ring. Theron grabs two handfuls of Rachel’s hair, pulls the redhead up and over the top rope, then flips her into the ring where she lands hard flat on her back! Charlize holds onto her foe’s long locks, pulls her head up and drives another knee into the back of Rachel’s head. Still holding her hair, she shakes her foe’s head violently, then twists both hands in Rachael’s hair and drags her clear around the ring!

Stopping, Theron again drives her left knee into Rachel’s back, steps close, sits down on her back; pulling Rachel’s head back into a thigh scissors. Theron rears back, cranking up the pressure while pulling Rachel’s hair as she bends her body violently.

“Slip outta THIS, Rachel darling,” Charlize purrs.

Nichols struggles, plants her feet and bridges up, but Theron slams her ass down and flattens her under her. Rachel digs her fingernails into Theron’s thighs and Theron let’s out a squeal of pain, rising up to escape the pain. Rachel twists around and makes it to her knees but Theron recovers quickly and maintains her scissors as she rolls onto her back, putting Rachel on her knees in front of her with her head still trapped.

Charlize bends forward, still jerking a handful of hair and again Rachel digs her nails into Theron’s thighs. Theron lets go of Rachel’s hair, letting her upper body flop back to the mat and bears down with her powerful legs. Rachel begins to panic and claws Theron’s inner thighs - but Theron ignores the pain to bears down even harder.

Suddenly, Theron is screaming and her legs snap open and Rachel’s flushed head pops up. She has stolen a page from Shannen Doherty’s playbook - using her long fingers to invade Theron’s pussy. Too smart to stay long between Theron’s thrashing legs, Nichols inflicts as much pain as she can before she scrambles out of harm’s way.

The women lay separated for a good thirty seconds, each trying to recover as she reconsiders her options; one rubbing her neck, the other massaging her aching crotch.

“Ladies?” Diaz queries from the ring apron. “Whenever you’re ready. The audience is getting restless.”

Nichols steps forward holding her neck. Charlize hobbles out meet her, favoring her injured leg, her legs apart to relieve pressure on her groin. Rachel plants, turns and whips a round kick toward Theron’s head. She slips it and counters with a front kick of her own. Charlize’s foot kick finds its mark as it slams up into the soft underside of Rachel’s big left boob. As Nichols spins away, Theron’s fists slam hard into the small of her back. Rachel stumbles forward into the corner turnbuckles.

Charlize follows in behind her; slamming home three more kidney punches. Theron turns back to back with Rachel, reaches back and clasps her fingers around Nichol’s chin, then smashes her ass against Nichols’s and bends forward, putting the redhead in a Hangman’s Hold. Then Theron marches slowly around the ring, Rachel stretched on her back, legs bicycling in the air.

“Give up Rachel!” Charlize demands. “Or I swear, I’ll break your neck!”

Nichols grunts and tightens her abs; concentrating for all she’s worth as she lifts her knees to her chest, making herself into a small package and shifting Theron’s center of gravity. Nichol’s full weight high on her shoulders proves to be too much for Theron and she struggles to hold on as long as she can, but finally loses her grip and Nichols slides down her back and drops to the mat behind her.

Relieved of her burden, Theron stumbles forward into the ropes where she leans on them panting heavily while Rachel again escapes out of the ring under the bottom rope. She walks round the outside of the ring, glaring at Theron who leans back and relaxes on the ropes while she catches her breath.

Rachel reenters the ring in the far corner, moves to center ring and waits as Charlize moves forward confidently, her clenched fists raised. Rachel crouches and raises her fists, appearing tentative. Once in range, Theron peppers Rachel’s arms, shoulders and upper body with a flurry of blows but she’s unable to land a clean shot on the redhead’s chin.

Nichols, long a student of boxing as well as wrestling, waits until Theron has punched herself out, then suddenly counterattacks! As Charlize comes at her, Rachel dips under an overhand right and comes up with an uppercut that cracks into her face. Stunned, Charlize’s body straightens upright and she staggers backward, her eyes glassy and unfocused!

Slipping around behind Theron, Rachel’s fists pump into her sides and lower back. Nichols throws a headlock on Theron, then bulldogs her to the mat. On her feet quickly Rachel drops a double knee drive into her foe’s back. Rolling Theron to her right side, Nichol’s slams a knee down hard, smiling at Theron’s vocal reaction. She rolls Charlize onto her left side and lands a knee. Theron screams again - even louder.

“X marks the spot,” Rachel hisses as she drives her knee twice more into Theron’s badly bruised ribs. Seizing Charlize’s right ankle, Rachel straightens her leg, twisting the ankle and forcing her onto her side. Then she starts to kick the back of her stretched out thigh. Twisting the trapped ankle outward to spread her legs, Rachel stomps down into Theron’s crotch and when Theron’s body jerks upright, Rachel kicks her square in the jaw! Theron falls onto her back, her hands holding her face as tears well in her green eyes.

Nichols drags Theron into a corner, wishboning Theron’s legs wide apart before she drops and drives her knee into her crotch. While Theron moans and writhes in pain, Rachel slips out under the ropes, reaches back into the ring to capture Theron’s ankles, then pulls Theron’s spread legs on both sides of the ring post. Charlize looks up with pleading in her eyes, raises her hands and shakes her head ‘no’ just as Rachel whips her right knee against the corner ring post. THONK!

Charlize grabs her knee and lets out a terrible scream…then collapses onto her back! Nichols is all business, and not the least bit frenzied as she coolly assesses the damage caused, then repeats it - smashing Charlize’s left knee into the hard, cold, steel upright. CLANK!

Again, Rachel studies her wounded foe. Then satisfied, she grabs Theron’s ankles, plants her own foot against the outside of the corner post and hauls back - dragging Charlize’s crotch into the unyielding upright. Theron gives a blood-curdling cry as she flops and writhes around, clutching her mashed mound with trembling, hands.

The redhead bounds up onto the ring apron, climbs the ropes to the top turnbuckle, then leaps off, landing with both knees on Theron’s chest and belly. Theron’s body is crushed by Nichol’s full weight and she gives a strangled sob as all what little air left in her after all her screaming and crying is driven from her tormented lungs.

Getting up, Rachel takes a handful of blonde hair and drags the gasping, sobbing, Charlize to the center of the ring where she kicks Theron in the belly, knocking her onto her left side. Nichols drives a knee into her ribs and Theron shrieks, cuddling her battered ribs in her crossed arms.

Diaz vaults over the top rope, waves Rachel off and kneels over the teary Theron.

“Had enough, hon?” Cam asks, leaning her hand on Charlize’s rapidly pumping belly. Unable to find the wind to speak, Theron shakes her head, slowly, ‘no.’ Rachel advances but Cameron stands up to block her way. “Give her a minute,” Diaz orders.

“Fuck off!” Nichols retorts as she grabs Cameron’s shoulders and pushes her back and away from Theron. Diaz pushes back, standing her ground…then suddenly, Diaz scoops Rachel up and body slams her to the mat. “I said ‘WAIT!’” Cameron spits, then turns and moves back out onto the ring apron.

Rachel scrambles to her feet and flips Diaz the bird. “Later,” she spits and turns her attention to Charlize who is somehow sitting up, her long legs extended in front of her, her body hunched over holding her sides.

“This is pathetic!” Rachel hisses.

Amanda Righetti comes out of her seat and climbs to the ring apron opposite from Cameron. Rachel turns to face her. “Nichols, will you please finish off that has-been! I can’t believe how long this is taking. What, do you need some help?” Amanda jeers.

Diaz moves around the ring towards Righetti to restore order while Nichols turns back to Theron. She walks behind her and kicks Charlize in the back. Charlize grunts as her head and shoulders snap backward, then she slumps forward again.

“You had a chance to give up,” Nichols reminds her. “You should’a taken it!”

Reaching down, she grabs a handful of hair and one arm, using them to pull Charlize unresisting to her feet. Theron wobbles, unable to stand on her own. Rachel drags her into a corner of the ring, shoving Charlize back hard against the turnbuckles. She drapes Theron’s limp arms over the top ropes, then lifts her long legs up over the middle strands. With the blonde spread-eagled helplessly, Rachel grabs the straps of Charlize’s suit and holds her steady as she steps in and brings her knee up and drives it deep into her belly. The South African’s body shudders from the impact and would have fallen if not for Rachel’s hands on her chest.

Stepping aback, Rachel pulls on Charlize’s suit straps and throws her face down on the mat at her feet. She kicks her in the ribs to turn her onto her back, then hair-hauls her up again and shoulder drives her back into the corner. She turns Charlize around and drapes her arms forward over the top ropes to hold her up; her chin resting on the top turnbuckle. Then she unloads a blistering attack with fists and knees to Theron’s back, butt and legs.

Grabbing Charlize by the head, Rachel slams her backward to the mat. Her body bounces hard and lays still. Nichols stops the abuse long enough to recover her thong from the corner where it lay, then straddles Theron and sits heavily on her chest. Grabbing her hair, Rachel inches forward as she pulls Theron’s face up, forcing it into her crotch, pressing in and mashing Theron’s features deep.

“Since you were so eager to expose my pussy,” she hisses. “I’ll give you a good, close-up look at it!” Then to Amanda Righetti at ringside, Rachel snorts, “Watch closely, ‘cause this nothing compared to what I have in store for YOU!”

Amanda sneers, grabs her crotch and pumps twice, “Right back at ya!” she jeers; thoroughly unimpressed.

Rachel pulls Theron’s face out of her crotch and asks, “Give up?” No reply! Holding Theron’s hair with one hand, she slaps her hard. “Hey, wake up! Do you give?” Still no reply. “Well okay then; I guess there’s still more work to do!”

Rachel looks over at Cameron. Then WHAP, slaps Theron again. She takes her thong, rubs it in her moist crotch and then forces it into Theron’s mouth. Rachel turns around and settles her hard butt down onto the beaten blonde’s blank face and leans back. She grinds down, lifts her sweaty hair and shakes her head, asking Cameron, “Hey Diaz, am I done yet?”

Cameron climbs into the ring and waves for the bell, “It’s over!” she announces, then moves quickly to Rachel. “Get off of her and let her breathe!”

Nichols looks up at her but doesn’t move. Cameron places a firm hand on the redhead’s shoulder and repeats, “I said, ‘That’s enough...’”

Diaz is so intent on Nichols she doesn’t see Righetti climb into the ring behind her. Amanda locks her fists together and slams a double ax-handle to Cameron’s back. Diaz spins around and Righetti knees her in the chin. As Diaz starts to go down, Amanda grabs her by the hair and runs her headfirst into a corner ring post. BWANG!

By now, Rachel is on her feet and she sees Amanda walking toward her with her hand extended. “Great fight there at the end. She had you going for a while, but you shut her down!”

When Nichols takes her hand, Righetti clamps down and pulls her into a knee lift! Quickly, effortlessly, Amanda scoops Rachel up and body slams her on top of Theron’s still prostrate body. Diaz has regained her feet, but is wobbly and holding her head. Righetti charges and bulldogs Diaz face first into the mat. She hauls Cameron over and body slams her on top of Rachel and Charlize.

“Talk about a pig pile,” Amanda hoots. With that, she steps back, and then launches herself, landing with her full weight on top of the pile. Righetti sits up straddling the pile of pulchritude with her legs spread and waves to the befuddled crowd. “I just love my work!” she shouts as she exits the ring to a 50-50 mix of cheers and jeers.

This almost guarantees a Righetti-Nichols title showdown. But what of Charlize Theron? Is there someone (anyone) she can beat to get her name back into title consideration…or is this the beginning of the end for the proud former champ?