Playmate Catfight Copyright 2001 by John J. All rights reserved.
Crista Nicole 34C-25-35 5'9" 125 lbs. 22 yrs vs. Jennifer Walcott 32C-22-32 5'3" 105 lbs. 24 yrs

Jennifer Walcott was the newest of the Playmates at the Playboy mansion having just been named Miss August 2001. She was still working on her video and photo shoots. Crista Nicole was also relatively new Playmate, she was Miss May 2001 and Crista had just returned to the mansion to work on a new photo shoot.

Early on a beautiful Saturday morning, Jennifer got her things together and went outside. She hadn't slept particularly well and wanted to get a bit more sleep. She laid a big blanket out on the lawn of the Playboy mansion, untied her bikini top and lay down to work on her tan. She had just drifted off to sleep when she was startled awake by loud blaring music.

Turning, Jennifer saw Crista Nicole with a large radio not far away. Crista was dancing around and jumping to her aerobics routine. Jennifer walked over to the blonde and asked, "Do you mind turning that down? I'm trying to sleep over here."

Crista turned the radio down a bit and Jennifer went back to her nap. It was still loud, but tolerable. But soon the movement of the sun and the relative positions of the girls created another problem. Crista's movements were blocking Jennifer's sun and Jennifer was getting pissed. She went over to the blonde again and said, "I'm still having trouble sleeping. I asked you before to turn down the radio and now you're blocking my sun, too."

Crista fumed, "Well, I'm a guest here, just like you. I want to do my exercises."

Jennifer got angry, "And you're more than welcome to do them. Just do them a little more quietly, or perhaps elsewhere. I was here first, you know!"

Crista crossed her arms, "This lawn isn't your private property the last time I checked. What if I don't want to move?"

Jennifer's look turned to absolute rage and she said, "Then I guess I'll just have to make you move!"

Crista laughed, "Oh, really? I'd like to see your scrawny little brunette ass try!"

Jennifer's anger took over and she charged at the blonde. She caught Crista off guard and tackled her to the grass. Jennifer tried to pin Crista down, but with her size advantage, the blonde easily dislodged her. Both Playmates quickly scrambled to their feet. Crista rushed in and trapped Jennifer in a bearhug. Jennifer struggled as Crista crushed her ribs. Jennifer managed to escape after a headbutt to Crista's chin. The blonde staggered back, seeing stars.

Jennifer gathered some speed and charged at Crista. She jumped and nailed Crista with a perfect dropkick to the tits. Crista moaned in pain as she fell to the grass with a thud. Jennifer moved in fast, hoping to end the fight quickly. She flipped the blonde over and applied a brutal Boston Crab. Crista yelped in pain as Jennifer bent her back at a nasty angle. Jennifer pulled back a little further, adding more pain to the hold. Just at that moment, Crista reached up and grabbed a fistful of brunette hair. With a hard tug, she pulled Jennifer off her.

Jennifer kicked Crista in the ribs. She tried for another hard kick, but Crista blocked the kick and caught her leg. Crista gave the leg a wicked twist that took the brunette off her feet. Both beauties scrambled to get to their feet but Crista was a bit faster. She grabbed Jennifer in a side headlock and, before Jennifer could react, Crista put her down hard with a bulldog. Jennifer groaned as she hit the grass facefirst. Crista remained on the attack, twisting Jennifer's legs together to apply a painful double-toed leglock. Crista pinned the brunette's legs under her body and added a camel clutch to the leglock. Jennifer moaned as her back and legs filled with pain but she refused to surrender.

Seeing that her hold was not forcing a surrender from the brunette, Crista released the hold but resumed her attack using a different hold. Crista grabbed both of Jennifer's arms from behind, dug a high-heel into Jennifer's lower back and pulled hard on her arms, applying a nasty surfboard hold.

Jennifer struggled and wiggled in the hold until she managed to dislodge Crista's foot from her back. With a burst of speed, Jennifer twisted in Crista's grip and kicked her in the thigh. Crista was shocked by the kick and lost her hold which gave Jennifer a chance to fully turn round. Turning over on to her back, Jennifer lashed out with both feet and kicked Crista hard, right in the pussy. The big blonde squealed in pain as she dropped to her knees.

Jennifer pulled herself to her feet and grabbed Crista's hair. She put the blonde back down with a hard knee lift to the face, then she tore off Crista's tiny bikini top. Then Jennifer positioned herself behind Crista, grabbed a fistful of blonde hair and pulled Crista's head back into a choke hold. Jennifer tried desperately to choke the blonde out as she dug her forearm into Crista's windpipe but she was forced to release choke when Crista stomped down on her foot and then snapped her head back, whacking Jennifer in the nose.

Jennifer stumbled back, dazed and Crista whirled around to face her. Crista grabbed Jennifer's nipples and pulled and twisted, then dug her nails into the tender feminine orbs. Jennifer pulled away and looked down at the red scratches Crista's nails had left on her flawless flesh. Her distraction gave Crista ample time to ready herself and she plowed a hard left hook to Jennifer's jaw. Jennifer's head snapped to the side as the punch landed solidly. Though the brunette wobbled, she didn't go down. Crista followed up with a right to the belly that doubled Jennifer over, then finally put her down with a double ax-handle to the back.

Crista roughly grabbed a handful of Jennifer's hair and pulled her into a standing headscissors. She held Jennifer there a short while before she reached around her waist and hoisted her legs up until she Jennifer was upside down with her feet in the air. Then Crista put her down hard with a piledriver. Jennifer groaned as her head slammed the hard ground. Crista rolled Jennifer over on to her back with a hard kick to the gut. Jennifer coughed and gasped in pain as Crista nailed her with an elbow drop to the tits, then got back up and set herself for a big splash. Just as Crista leaped at her, however, Jennifer raised her knees and Crista came down hard on Jennifer's raised knees.

Crista crumpled to the grass with a gasp of pain where Jennifer was able to straddle her midriff and grab hold of her tits. Jennifer squeezed, pulled and twisted the blonde's nipples until Crista screamed in pain. Next, Jennifer moved her hands to the blonde's throat and she began to choke her. With Jennifer leaning forward over her, Crista shifted her weight and, with a sudden bucking of her hips, she dislodged the brunette.

Both gorgeous Playmates scrambled trying to get to their feet before the other woman could. Jennifer made it up first and went right at Crista. She grabbed a handful of blonde hair with one hand while with the other she punched. Jennifer went for a pussy punch, but Crista turned her leg and deflected the punch with her thigh. Then Crista retaliated with a punch to the pussy of her own that landed and Jennifer shrieked in pain, then dropped to the grass.

Crista picked up the brunette's legs and spread them apart. She nailed Jennifer with two vicious pussy stomps that left Jennifer in tears. Crista twisted Jennifer's legs to flip her over, then applied the surfboard hold again as Jennifer sobbed in pain. Crista released the surfboard after a couple of minutes and when Jennifer rolled on her side, Crista punched her in the side and her previously injured lower back. Crista then flipped Jennifer back on her stomach and put her in a nasty Boston Crab. Jennifer struggled to pull free, but couldn't. She tried to grab Crista's hair, but couldn't reach her. With all her options exhausted, Jennifer tearfully submitted.

Jennifer cried, "OK, I give! Please stop!"

Crista sneered, "What was that?"

Jennifer sobbed, "You heard me. I quit. No more!"

Crista released the Boston Crab and let Jennifer's body drop. She just lay there, in tears, motionless.

Crista grabbed Jennifer's hair and pulled her into a figure-4 headlock as she hissed, "A word of advice, bitch! Next time you go running off your damn mouth, think twice. You may just get your ass kicked again!"

Crista poured the pressure into the figure-4 headlock until Jennifer passed out, then picked up her stuff and walked off, leaving the beaten brunette on the grass wearing only her panties.

The end.