"Surprise" Alexandra Paul,. Gena Lee Nolin (w/Carmen Electra & Pam Anderson) by Raccoon
PART 1 Alexandra vs. Gena Lee

Alexandra cautiously opened the door of Gena Lee's home. She had butterflies in the stomach; she did not quite know what to expect. Had Gena complied, had she prepared a romantic dinner as Alexandra had demanded? Or would she only find an empty house? No, that didn't seem likely, knowing Gena she had probably spent her time preparing to take down Alexandra. Nevertheless Alexandra was excited, no she was more than excited, no matter what waited for her she would get another chance to be with Gena.

Soft music. Candles. Alexandra smiled - Gena had done as she had been ordered. She dropped the keys on a table, careful not to make a sound as she wanted to surprise the other woman. She quietly walked into the dimly lit living room; in the adjacent dining room she found Gena who was setting the table.

Alexandra didn't make her presence known, but eyed the athletic woman in silence. Gena was still wearing her workout outfit which consisted of a small, tight top, matching shorts and sneakers. Her long blond hair was still tied into a ponytail - just as Alexandra had insisted.

Gena looked so beautiful...so tall, so muscular. Yes, Gena was a fit and athletic woman, just like Alexandra. And Alexandra loved muscles - as long as they were not too big. Alexandra hungrily eyed the blond doing her chores. Gena made the menial task of setting a table extremely exhilarating for Alexandra because when she reached out or moved in a certain way her muscles tensed ... sending shivers through Alexandra's spine.

"I see you’ve done what you were told," Alexandra said stepping out from the shadows. Her voice was both sexy and authorative as was her posture.

Gena looked up startled and almost dropped the utensils she was holding. "Alexandra! I didn't hear you-"

"You look fantastic," Alexandra said interrupting the blond woman.

"Th-thank you," Gena replied and looked down, "Y-you look wonderful, too!" Even if she appeared a bit intimidated, the compliment wasn't a forced one, it was sincere. Gena had always admired Alexandra's athleticism...and her lean, hard body. In fact, it was Alexandra who had unknowingly inspired her to start working on her own body. Gena remembered how she had always wanted to be in scenes with Alexandra...in a cast of big-breasted blondes, standing next to a dark-haired, small breasted tomboy made you look so much better and more feminine.

Back in the days of Baywatch, Alexandra had clearly been the fitter one but today the situation was not that clear. Alexandra was still the same tomboy, hard body as back then; it was Gena who had changed - her body was firm and she had gained strength but she had still retained her feminine figure. She wasn't 'big', but she was bigger than Alexandra which made Gena feel good. Alexandra had, however, better defined muscles... but Gena thought that it was only because she was careful not to train too hard so she wouldn't loose her feminine assets.

Gena looked up...and smiled because she liked what she saw. It was true that Alexandra had humiliated her earlier today but that didn't change the fact that she found Alexandra attractive. The dark-haired woman was still wearing a black tiny dress and black high-heeled shoes...and probably nothing else. The dress looked good on her lean figure. It was quite rare for Alexandra to be dressed in such a... feminine way, jeans and sneakers was more her style.

Alexandra walked up to Gena, "May I...have this dance?" she said and without waiting for a reply pulled Gena next to her. She could feel Gena resist slightly and for a second she wondered what would happen if Gena did resist in earnest. But that didn't happen and Alexandra put her arms around Gena's waist, her hands gently grabbing her buttocks. Gena's arms went up around Alexandra's neck as the brunette pulled them hard together.

As if one, they both moaned as their bodies pressed together. If it had been a battle of chests Gena would already had won as her big firm breasts demolished Alexandra's petite ones. But Alexandra was comfortable with her small breasts and wouldn't let herself be intimidated by bigger ones. Instead, to reaffirm her dominance, Alexandra squeezed Gena's butt hard enough to force a yelp from Gena.

They swayed gently to the soft music, rubbing their bodies together. Alexandra pushed her leg between Gena's legs and pulled them even harder together. Her hands began roaming up and down Gena's strong body and she had to marvel how she had managed to overpower the blond woman earlier today.

Gena seemed to enjoy the feeling of Alexandra's hands roving her body and closed her eyes and rested her head on taller woman's shoulder. Alexandra felt Gena's hands caress her back and shoulders, feeling her muscles. Alexandra kissed lightly the blond woman's shoulder and neck. Gena looked up and their eyes met. Alexandra closed her eyes and kissed Gena gently on the lips. Gena didn't resist but returned the kiss.

"Oh, enough of this already!" a voice said, "I don't know what you did to Gena...and I *really* don't know how a beanpole like you defeated her. At least she had the sense to call me!"

Alexandra turned around, "You?!" she said in disbelief, recognizing the former Baywatch woman as...?


PART 2: Alexandra vs. Carmen

Alexandra let go of Gena, "Carmen? Carmen Electra?" She was astonished to see the woman, who she found quite attractive, here. They hardly knew each other, having only met during the filming of the Baywatch movie. Carmen was dressed in black miniskirt, a black sleeveless shirt and black high-heeled boots. Her bare arms showed toned muscles and her legs looked... simply phenomenal! Her smile was both seductive and threatening at the same time. At 5’3” she was a good 7” inches shorter than Alexandra and even heels didn't do much to even the difference...because Alexandra too wore heels.

Carmen smiled sexily, "Hello Alexandra. You look...delicious… today." She walked closer to the taller brunette, swinging her hips almost hypnotically; she stopped a few paces away, "I got excited when Gena called me and told me about what had happened - I would finally get a chance to rumble with you." She glanced at Gena. "I must admit, I was surprised when I heard what you’d done. I mean, we all know she's stronger than you! In fact, we all know you're the weakest of the entire Baywatch cast!"

"What? Are you on some reality altering medication...or haven't you taken your medication?" Alexandra sneered, "I'll admit that all of the girls were fit... but few, if any, were on my level. And I'm not bragging!" She looked at Gena who had taken a few steps back, "Gena came close…but you..." Alexandra laughed heartily.

Carmen tilted her head, "I think the only reason you defeated her was because she unconsciously wanted to be defeated by a skinny girl like you; right Gena?"

Gena didn't reply, instead she looked down and tried to avoid eye-contact with either of the women. She had spent the entire day wondering what had happened. She just couldn't understand how Alexandra had overpowered her so easily. She was more experienced. She had more muscles - bigger muscles; she really had thought that she was stronger than Alexandra and yet the thinner woman had defeated her. And intimidated her to- to...prepare 'a romantic dinner'. It was humiliating, something that Gena wasn't used to. She had pondered a long while which was more humiliating, to call for help or be Alexandra's maid.

"You really have her intimidated," Carmen said looking amused at Gena, "Oh, well."

She put her hands on her hips and slowly advanced until her breasts touched Alexandra. Being so much shorter her breasts pressed against Alexandra's abdomen. At her eye-level were Alexandra's petite breasts and it looked like the nipples had reacted to her closeness. Despite the obvious size difference Carmen didn't appear worried. She looked up, "I noticed your nipples…" she grinned. "…perky! When I shred that dress, I’ll see if I can find any breasts beneath it."

Alexandra was surprised by Carmen's audacity, "Are you sure this is what you want to do?" she asked coolly looking down at the shorter woman. She could feel Carmen's breasts press harder and harder into her abdomen. Carmen just smiled in reply and pushed harder into Alexandra. Alexandra had expected Carmen to back off so she was a bit surprised and had to step back with one foot to brace herself.

But Carmen didn't stop, with her hands still on her hips, she continued to push Alexandra with her body. Alexandra was not going to move and leaned towards the shorter woman, pushing back. But she was unable to stop Carmen's advancement and she had to take a step back. Almost unhindered, it appeared, Carmen continued to force the brunette to take a step back...and another, and another...until her back hit the wall.

"Step back," Alexandra said through clenched teeth. "I said step back!"

"Or what?" Carmen said innocently; she wanted Alexandra to do the first move - and she did! Her right hand flew up and just before it hit her face, it was caught by Carmen's hand. She forced Alexandra's hand back down. "Want to try again?" Alexandra wasn’t the only one in the room surprised by how easily Carmen forced her hand down. Alexandra put her hands on Carmen's shoulders to shove her back, but the shorter woman didn't budge. She tried again, with more strength, but again the other woman just stood there smirking. "It *must* be psychological," Carmen laughed, "that's the only explanation; there's no other way you could have defeated Gena!"

"Oh, really! I'm gonna-aaAAAHH!" Alexandra yelped as Carmen grabbed her shoulders; her fingers digging painfully into the muscles.

Carmen's bright eyes looked into Alexandra's, "Ready?"

With no time to reply, Alexandra felt her feet leave the ground as Carmen stepped to the side and threw her back into the middle of the room. She tumbled head over heels, her head barely missing the corner of a table. Before she could get up Carmen was next to her. Grabbing Alexandra under her armpits she hoisted her up again and threw her headfirst into a couch. Alexandra rolled around and on her back kicked at Carmen who was coming for her. Not taken by surprise Carmen's strong hands grabbed Alexandra's foot by the ankle.

"Nice shoes," she said, "They look expensive, wonder if they'd fit me..." Alexandra tried to pull her leg back but Carmen kept it in place. Holding the leg with one hand she caressed it with the other, "Oooh, such a beautiful leg...it's just a pity it's as feeble as the rest of the body!"

She yanked and turned the leg, forcing an earsplitting scream from Alexandra. Another twist and turn forced Alexandra down on the floor again. Carmen did not let go of the ankle, instead she dragged Alexandra around the room, crashing her into furniture. Alexandra screamed both in anger and pain as she slammed into things. She tried to kick Carmen with her free leg, but when that failed repeatedly she began trashing around with her arms and free leg.

Despite all the trash talk Carmen knew that she had to keep her advantage. She was not afraid of Alexandra who she considered physically an inferior but she did not want to take any chances...after all, she was here to 'rescue' her friend. Imagine how it would look if she failed! So far Carmen had kept Alexandra of balance, literally, and Alexandra had not had the chance to launch a single proper attack. And she would not give her a chance. She kept turning Alexandra's leg, forcing her around on her back and then again on her stomach. Again and again, all the while trying to slam the brunette against things. Preferably hard things.

After a while, when Alexandra was again on her stomach, Carmen let finally go of the ankle. She sat down on Alexandra's lower back and put her easily in a full nelson. As if that wasn't painful enough she wrapped her powerful legs around Alexandra's midsection.

[top pic at http://fightsports.lunarpages.com/hold169.htm]

Alexandra screamed as her thin waist was crushed by Carmen's thighs of steel. Usually Alexandra could have endured this kind of treatment far longer but her washboard abs was still sore from the Gena's earlier beating.

At this point Carmen knew that the fight was over and that she could end it right now but she wanted to prolong the fun. She gave one final squeeze before letting go. Alexandra just whimpered as Carmen turned her around, "Say, we didn't even hug properly..." She wrapped her arms around Alexandra's upper body, pinning her arms.

Wrapping her dancer's legs around Alexandra's runner's legs Carmen began to squeeze again. It is hard to say which pair of legs looked better. Alexandra's were longer and maybe a bit thinner, but they were equally muscled - Alexandra's from years of running, biking and swimming and Carmen's from years of dancing. But there was no doubt that right now it was Carmen's that were in control. She was pleased with the screams that her powerful thighs forced out of Alexandra. Even if she liked the feeling of domination...of Alexandra's bare legs against her own...Carmen decided to once again let go. She wanted to try something she had just seen on TV so she turned Alexandra on her stomach again. She looked at the tall woman in front of her and wondered how she was going to do this. With her right arm she grabbed Alexandra's feet and bent her legs back; her left arm went under Alexandra's chin bending her head towards her feet. A scream from Alexandra told Carmen that she had succeeded in a Double Toe Reverse Cradle Hold.


Alexandra was in so much pain she could do nothing else but scream. Even when Carmen finally released the hold she continued to scream. Carmen put Alexandra in a headlock and stood up, pulling the taller woman with her. The holds had worn out Alexandra and she couldn't even stand properly but had to be supported by Carmen. Alexandra could feel her tormentor's hard bicep press against her throat but there was nothing she could do.

“Are you just going to stand there," Carmen asked Gena who hadn't moved since Carmen appeared. "Or do you want to get even?" She twisted Alexandra's neck and presented her deep red face to Gena who stepped forward and tentatively slapped the restrained Alexandra's face.

Alexandra frantically flailed with her arms trying to grab Gena's hand but when Carmen tightened her hold she had to concentrate on trying to alleviate the pressure around her neck. Gena stepped closer and slapped her a few times now that she knew Alexandra couldn't retaliate.

"Is this how you want to do it?" Alexandra managed to say. "Two against one, you should be ashamed of yourself! Did you also have help when you beat Angie?"

"Let her go!" Gena said, realizing Alexandra was right, she couldn't brag about defeating Alexandra if in fact it was Carmen who had taken her down.

"Are you sure?" Carmen said.

"YES! Let her go!" Gena yelled. Carmen released her hold and Alexandra stumbled forward, then fell to her knees.


PART 3: Alexandra vs. Gena Lee (Rematch)

Today Alexandra awoke to the sun shining on her face. Despite a good night's sleep she was weary...her body was aching all over. She quickly forgot the pain when she remembered that she wasn't alone - she was cuddled next to Pam Anderson.

Alexandra turned to face the blond. Her body didn't like the idea and her brain received an overwhelming number of pain messages from all parts of her body instigating a loud groan which made Pam open her eyes.

"Morning," she said with a wide smile.

* * *

The day before...
"Well...?" Carmen looked impatiently at the woman down on the floor.

Alexandra breathed heavily for a moment, "Let me have a glass of water before we start."

Gena nodded and let Alexandra up. She didn't really need the water, what she needed was a breather. In the kitchen she stopped to think, 'What have I gotten myself into? I could barely deal with Gena; now there are two of them.'

The only thing Alexandra knew for sure was she wouldn't back down; she'd face Carmen and Gena at the same time if she had to! When she returned to the living room, Gena was waiting for her. Carmen had taken a seat in a large armchair in the corner.

Alexandra was still wearing heels - rather surprising considering the ride Carmen had given her. Normally, she wouldn't consider wearing heels in a situation like this, but they made her tall enough to look down at Gena and maybe intimidate her. Every advantage was important and if she could make Gena doubt herself, or even hesitate a second, it could be the differnce between absolute pleasure and utter humiliation.

Alexandra had regained her composure - she walked slowly, but determinedly towards Gena. The room was surprisingly quiet and for a time the only sound was the tapping of her heels on the hardwood floor. She tried to look as big and powerful as possible, making sure to flex her muscles as she moved.

Alexandra glanced at Carmen and said, "I'll deal with you later!" Carmen snickered but the look she got from Alexandra made her uneasy.

"I was hoping that we could have had a nice evening together," Alexandra said circling Gena. "We could've had fun, but you had to call for HER!" she said with an angry glare at Carmen.

Gena didn't know what to reply, she was still uncertain that calling her had been a wise move. "Well, this is...how it is. Are we just going to talk or..."

For the second time today Alexandra and Gena locked hands in a test of strength. Mighty muscles bulged on both women as they began their battle for supremacy. Last time Alexandra had gotten the upper hand after a thirty second struggle. Now both had something to prove, Alexandra wanted to show that it wasn't an accident that she'd won, while Gena wanted to show that that was exactly the case. Carmen didn't care either way; she just wanted to enjoy the show.

This time it was Gena who rather quickly got the upper hand and began pushing the brunette back. Instead of forcing her down on her knees, Gena pushed Alexandra against the wall...in the same spot where Carmen had pinned Alexandra earlier. Being about the same height, Gena's breasts pressed squarely into Alexandra's.

"Was *this* what you were trying to do?" Gena asked Carmen whose breasts barely reached Alexandra's tight abs.

"Hey, it's not my fault she's so tall," Carmen pouted.

Gena pinned Alexandra's hands against the wall and looked into her eyes. "I can see it in your eyes," she said. "You know *I'M* stronger. You've already lost!"

Before Alexandra could reply Gena slammed her whole body with force against Alexandra's, forcing the air out of her lungs. She did this several times in succession, each time making sure that her breasts squeezed Alexandra's. With each slam Alexandra groaned louder. Gena stopped slamming to ask, "What was it? Did you want to say something?"

"...ungh...gahungh...sstop," Alexandra mumbled.

"OK, but the way you rubbed your skinny body against me when we were dancing, I thought you liked this. Now I get it!" With an evil grin Gena began grinding her body against the other's, "You wanted me to do *THIS!*" Soon both women were moaning loudly.

"Are you serious?" Carmen commented from the sidelines rolling her eyes. "Is that your idea of a *fight*? Jeez..."

Neither Gena nor Alexandra replied, they'd forgotten she was even there. Gena was getting sexually aroused; feeling Alexandra's helpless body against her own made her feel in a way she could not even begin to describe. If possible, Alexandra was even more aroused than Gena, but with the hard wall behind her back and Gena's powerful body in the front, Alexandra felt like a grain of wheat between a bedstone and a runner stone. Every other sound that escaped her lips was a moan of pleasure and every other a scream of pain.

"Uuunngghaaahh!" Alexandra screamed as her long legs buckled. She remained upright only because Gena was holding her up. With her eyes closed, Gena continued to grind but with each passing second, lust was taking a stronger hold on her. Gena opened her eyes and saw Alexandra's head rolling around at the same rhythm she moved her body. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open. A soft moan escaping at the end of every grinding cycle. Gena couldn't take her eyes off Alexandra's lips as they accidental brushed against hers.

Gena seized the moment and kissed her and Alexandra responded instantly. Gena's body stopped moving as she concentrated on the kiss. She hadn't planned it, but when she felt Gena's hold relax, Alexandra took advantage of the situation and with a wild, throaty, roar she jerked her arms free of Gena's grip and shoved Gena away! She was screaming in pain and in indignation.

After Alexandra broke free they had exchanged punches and kicks for several minutes and eventually ended on the floor. The struggle for supremacy continued on the floor for almost ten minutes. The two women were so evenly matched that neither could get the upper hand. Until...no one in the room was quite sure how it had happened, but Gena had ended as the target of a figure-4 headscissor cradle pin.


Alexandra had only tried to wrap her legs around Gena's head but somehow the blond had managed to get her leg in-between. Alexandra didn't care what body parts were involved; as long as Gena kept screaming she knew it was working.

"This will be soon over," Alexandra said, tightened her hold. But she was wrong...

...the brawl lasted far too long and both combatants were tired; making clumsy attacks that rarely hit home. Gena had escaped her previous predicament by sinking her teeth in Alexandra's calf and Alexandra - who had returned for a romantic dinner and not *to become* dinner - had been forced to release her hold and so the combat had continued. The pain caused by the bite had Alexandra at a disadvantage and she'd been on the receiving end of Gena's attacks for a while. A red imprint on her thigh marked the place where Gena's foot struck and the pattern of her sneaker sole was clearly visible while another was visible on her forehead. But after her initial setbacks, Alexandra had managed to get in a few solid punches of her own!

The room was a shambles; not a piece of furniture was in its original place. Alexandra and Gena were gasping for air; both tired and hurting, but Alexandra did a better job of hiding her current state. She inhaled and straightened her back; fisted her hands and tightened her muscles to appear as big and imposing as possible.

"You look tired, why don't you give up already? Don't you remember endurance is my best asset? As even as we have been so far, the longer we continue the greater the difference will be - in my favor!" she said, trying to hide the fact she was running on fumes and would probably collapse from exhaustion at any second.

Alexandra flexed her arms to prove that she was still going strong and her intimidation worked as Gena gasped in astonishment. She looked miserable and for a second let her guard down - just long enough for Alexandra to step in and land a powerful slap that knocked Gena to the floor. With the speed of a (sluggish) lightning bolt, Alexandra dove on Gena and rolled her onto her back and straddled her. She slapped Gena's face several times, pinning her arms and was about to pull Gena's head between her thighs when she remembered Gena's sharp teeth and instead slid back to sit on her breasts.

"Submit!" Alexandra said through clenched teeth. "Submit!" her tone more a plea than a demand.

"NO!" Gena gasped. She tried to lift her arms but Alexandra had them pinned. "I'm NOT going to submit to you!"

Alexandra raised her tight butt and slammed it down on Gena's chest. "I don't want to hurt you, but..."

"NOOO!" Gena screamed and tried to buck the brunette off. But it was clear she no longer had the strength. "Nooo. I..." Suddenly, Alexandra was jerked up onto her feet. "NOOOOO!" Gena screamed when she saw Carmen pulling the tall brunette off her by her short hair. Gena didn't appreciate the help - although she'd been only seconds from submitting.

"Haaa!" Gena screamed as she rolled to one side while Alexandra and Carmen crashed to the floor. She crawled away but stayed on all fours; chest heaving; gasping for air; watching Carmen and Alexandra grapple but it didn't take long for Carmen to outmuscle Alexandra. Carmen was well-rested while Alexandra was exhausted.

Again Carmen put Alexandra in a headlock; the only difference from the previous time was that now they were both on the floor. Alexandra was trying to pry the headlock apart but her attempt was doomed. Her long legs flailed wildly...but that helped no more then the grunting she was doing. After several attempts, Alexandra resigned herself to her fate and just lay still.

"Had enough," Carmen said as she let her biceps press into Alexandra's chin, "Have you calmed down?"

Retaining the headlock Carmen got up on her knees. Standing up she pulled the taller woman with her. At this point Alexandra began to whimper. In the meantime, Gena had managed to get back to her feet and stood watching in fascination at the way the shorter woman had Alexandra completely under her control; the second time that Electra had subdued her! Sure, Alexandra had already fought Gena twice - and both times Carmen had used surprise to take her down, but there was no denying Carmen had surprising strength in her voluptuous little body.

Gena watched in silence as Alexandra's athletic body went limp, hanging helpless like a ragdoll in Carmen's arms. She pondered which was more erotic; the dominant Alexandra of this morning, or the helpless Alexandra in front of her right now. "Look out!" she suddenly screamed when she spotted movement behind Carmen - who shrieked as someone yanked her head back by her hair. She released Alexandra and turned around, managing to free her hair from whoever was pulling it as Alexandra slumped to the floor whimpering loudly.


PART 4: Pam Anderson vs. Carmen Electra

Carmen fell back immediately when she recognized the woman - Pamela Anderson! "What the hell are *you* doing here?"

The latest addition to this Baywatch babe reunion was dressed in simple jeans, boots and a leather jacket. "You think you were the *FIRST* one Gena called?" Pam said as she removed her jacket. "She called me and suggested I should come over and help her beat Alexandra. I thought the idea was ludicrous and wanted nothing to do with it."

All Pam had on under her jacket was a tight, sleeveless top; perfect to show off her surprisingly well-sculpted arms and equally muscular abs - not to mention her sculpted breasts.

"But later, I got worried she might do something stupid..." Pam continued as she stepped closer. "...so I decided to check out the situation…and it looks like I got here just in time!" She looked with concern at Alexandra who was still crying on the floor.

"You're here to help her?" Carmen said angrily, "Why?"

"She's a friend," Pam said. "I'm taking her home...with me."

Carmen stepped between Pam and Alexandra. "Oh no you don't!" Her hands were fisted and she took a battle stance.

"Have you already forgotten what happened the *last* time you pissed me off?" Pam said with a sweet smile.

Carmen paled visibly, opened her mouth as to reply but after a few seconds closed it without making a sound.

Pam took a step toward Carmen who immediately jumped back to let her go to Alexandra. "It's over," she said as she helped the taller brunette to her feet. Alexandra wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to regain her composure.

After a moment, she had recovered enough to walk on shaky legs over to Gena and shake her fist in front of the blonde's face. "You owe me a dinner!" she hissed. Then Alexandra glanced at Carmen who, while the little drama was playing out, had moved to the other side of the room. "And if *YOU* ever pull a stunt like this..."

Alexandra didn't finish, instead she punched Gena in the jaw. But it was a puny punch and did nothing to Gena, although it was all Alexandra could muster at the time. Gena, feeling only slightly better than Alexandra, gritted her teeth and was about to slug the brunette when she noted the look on Pamela's face...her message was clear - you'll regret it!

Gena fell back angered at not being allowed to finish Alexandra. She was certain she'd have cleaned her clock.

"I win!" Alexandra said. She took two steps towards the door and then collapsed. Pam hurried next to her and went down on her knees.

"You OK?" Alexandra mumbled something unintelligible. "Poor thing," Pam purred, gently lifting Alexandra and cradling her in her strong arms. "C'mon, I'll take you home."

* * *

"How are you feeling?" Pam asked and stroked Alexandra's shoulder.

"I'm...in pain!" Alexandra groaned, "My muscles are killing me!"

"You'll heal. It was quite a beating you took yesterday."

"Yeah, but wonder how Gena feels today - *she* was on the receiving end!"

"You beat each other pretty good," Pam agreed, "But you had also Carmen throwing you around!"

"Is it true," Alexandra hesitated for a second before continuing, "what Carmen said, that during our Baywatch time you all thought I was a weakling?"

"No, on the contrary," Pam replied, "most wouldn't have dared to challenge you physically."

"Most?" Alexandra wasn't happy with the answer.

"Well, you were not the only one in good shape..." Pam didn't elaborate more but to Alexandra it was clear she was talking about herself.

* * *

Alexandra and Pamela remained on the bed, talking. "Remember when we filmed that episode just after I joined Baywatch?" Alexandra asked. "You know, the one where Stephanie and CJ went diving - just the two of them?"

"Didn't that happen more than once?" Pam mused.

"Yes, but this was a 'girls only' thing. I think they called it, 'Island of Romance'.

"I always thought it was funny they sent us to the Island of Romance..." Pam giggled. "Yeah, I remember that; what about it?"

"Well, at one point Steph was taking photographs of CJ and suddenly she... I mean you, flexed..." Alexandra fell silent as if trying to remember exactly. "You flexed both arms...I was dumbfounded...your arms were amazing!"

Pam blushed, "I do remember. I also remember the script called for *you* to flex too at one point...but you refused. In fact, I recall you were very adamant about not doing it."

"I...I didn't..." Alexandra sighed. "Your flex caused such a commotion on the set; everybody was so impressed I simply didn't dare flex after that..." Pamela smiled. It was what she'd thought at the time. "Since then I've always wanted to arm wrestle you," Alexandra admitted. "...or just wrestle..."

"Really, why didn't you say anything?" Pam grinned.

"I didn't...I didn't know how to ask. I didn't know how you'd react. I was the new girl after all. And well, maybe I was a bit intimidated. When you flexed I think... that was the first time I felt attracted to you," Alexandra admitted, blushing. "I kept dreaming about what it would be like to...to wrestle you," she laughed. "Call me weird, but I fantasized about you...about us!"

Pamela blushed again and admitted, "There was a time I had a crush on you, too! But I dreamed about being on the Island of Romance and doing something besides wrestling..."

"What do you think the outcome would have been?" Alexandra asked. "If we'd wrestled, I mean?"

"Back then...or now?"

"Does it matter?" Alexandra said

"Back then I'd have destroyed you," Pam said without hesitation. "No question about it! Today, well, I'm not sure. I don't do strength training these days - and I do know how hard you train for those triathlons."

"'Destroyed' me? Really?" Alexandra didn't like the certainty in Pam's voice or the expression on her face.

"You were rather skinny back then," Pam said, her eyes roaming over the hard body of the naked woman next to her. "You're still skinny....maybe I should change my answer...I'd still destroy you!"

"No you wouldn't!" Alexandra protested. To emphasize her words, she flexed her right bicep. The exertion hurt like hell but the large bulge she managed to conjure brought a satisfied smile to her lips.

Pam leaned on her right arm and flexed her left. Alexandra's pupils dilated, Pam's arm looked just as good and big as she remembered from years ago. The bicep was unquestionably bigger than then hers and the definition at least as good. Awestruck, Alexandra gently touched it with her right hand. The skin was soft, but the underlying muscle hard as steel. Pam seemed to enjoy Alexandra's caress and flexed and relaxed her biceps several times.

"You wanna try it now?" Pam asked. "I'm dying to test my strength against yours."

"You know the ordeal I went through yesterday," Alexandra protested, almost panicking. "I don't think I'm up to it right now...maybe..."

"Excuses!" Pam chided. "Before I came to Gena's I'd wrestled Yasmine the whole day, so I'd say our days were equally tough. But if you're scared..." she teased, "...maybe it's better we leave it for another day - when you're up to the chalenge. After all, there's no hurry!"

"Maybe we could train together?" Alexandra suggested carefully. "We could work on some moves and other stuff; then we could go teach Gena and Carmen a thing or two about messing with us."

"That sounds...like fun!" Pamela said with a wide grin on her face as she rolled over on top of Alexandra, her big breasts covering and overwhelming Alexandra's. As Pam wiggled her hips to spread Alexandra's thighs and nestled in, Alexandra sighed happily and wrapped her arms around Pam's slender waist, her hands resting on the globes of Pam's bottom.