Gena Lee Nolin vs. Alexandra Paul by Raccoon

Gena Lee was dressed in her workout gear - a small, snug top that left her arms and washboard abs exposed; tight training shorts and sneakers. She was on her way to the gym with a gym bag slung over her shoulder. She slipped on sunglasses as she opened the door and…


It took a few seconds for her to recover but when she looked up and tried to focus, her eyes stared at a pair of black pumps a few feet away. Her eyes moved upward and found she’d guessed right - there were legs above the high-heels….and what legs! The bare legs were not just beautiful...they were powerful like an athlete’s…a runner Gena guessed as her eyes continued up to a pair of powerful thighs. Halfway up the thighs the legs disappeared under a black dress. Slender hips...a thin waistline, hands on the hips...wide chest - but the breasts were small, almost petite...wide shoulders…

At this point Gena realized who it was and muttered, "Alexandra?"

Gena looked up into the confidently smiling face of Alexandra Paul who stepped back another yard. Alexandra was dressed in a simple elegant short black dress which - despite an athletic build, slender hips, small breasts and short hair that usually gave her the appearance of a butch tomboy and often made many dislike her - even Paul haters would have to admit made her look stunningly beautiful.

"I'm on my way to a charity event so we don't have much time," Alexandra said, extending a hand. "On your feet!"

Gena felt herself almost jerked to her feet. "What’s this all about?" she asked, unable to take her eyes off the beauty. In some ways Alexandra reminded her of Angie Harmon, another brunette she found very attractive. Both were tall, dark and…well, frail looking. True, Angie was no weakling, but she wasn’t close to Gena's level. Alexandra was even bigger, sturdier and more muscular than Angie, yet still quite thin.

"I talked to Angie," Alexandra said as if that were explanation enough.

"Huh? What?" Gena said, obviously confused.

"She told me you ambushed her and then humiliated her," Alexandra said angrily. “Typical of a blond to use a sneak attack to beat up a brunette who’s smaller than you! Well, I'm here to teach you a lesson!"

"Oh yeah?" Gena said putting her hands on her hips, mimicking Alexandra's' pose. "I guess little Angie didn't tell you the whole story! Not that it matters – you attacked ME, so now YOU’LL have to face the consequences. I hope I get a good workout beating you so I don't have to go to the gym today," Gena smirked.

Alexandra looked at Gena and doubt began creeping into her mind. She hadn't realized how fit Gena was. Her legs looked very powerful, her abs had felt like armor plate when she slammed into her and her arms…well, her arms showed visible, well-sculpted, muscles even in her current relaxed state. Nearly as tall as Alexandra, Gena still looked so…so…big and tough! Her workout gear only enhanced her tough look making Gena look like she was ready to rumble! Alexandra looked down at her own attire and realized she really wasn't dressed for any kind of fight - OK, well, maybe a ‘pose off.’

Gena noticed her hesitation and smirked, "Well?” She reached behind her head and quickly tied her long blond hair in a messy ponytail. She knew this made the muscles in her arms pop nicely, especially when she flexed a bit at the same time. She was right, Alexandra's eyes were as glued on her bulging biceps. "I thought you were going to teach me a lesson or something." She took a step forward and smiled when Alexandra took a step back. "We both know I'm stronger!"

Gena flexed her arms and Alexandra couldn’t hide her surprise at the impressive biceps. Alexandra didn't flex, mainly because her arms were covered by the sleeves of her dress, but also because she knew Gena's biceps were bigger! They were not - however - as well-defined… but they appeared much bigger!

"I read the interview," Gena said confidently, "where you admitted you're biggest weakness is you're clumsy and although you're strong you're not *that* strong. In fact, you admitted your best asset is endurance. Well, I guarantee that this will end long before you could use that to your advantage…"

"That was several years ago," Alexandra said. “Things have changed!" She knew Gena was right, she HAD always been tall and a bit awkward and never good at sports that required quickness and agility. Due to her size, she’d often been thought to be more powerful lthan she really was.

The two tall women stepped forward and raised their arms, locked hands and initiated a Test of Strength. Neither had a height advantage although Alexandra was at most an inch taller than the 5'9" Gena. But Alexandra was disadvantaged by her high-heels, which more than made up for any possible edge in height.

Their whole bodies tensed; muscles bulged on their arms and legs. Alexandra could not believe the power she was facing. She wasn't an experienced fighter, in fact the only one she "fought" on any regular basis was her husband Ian. Ian was triathlon coach and in very good shape, but despite that Alexandra had no trouble overpowering him whenever she felt like it. The power Gena was demonstrating right now was far more than Ian had ever managed.

For almost thirty seconds the women, well you could call them amazons without exaggerating, stood almost still, putting everything into pushing the other one down. But then Gena began to falter and soon Alexandra got the upper hand and forced the blond to her knees.

Putting a knee into Gena's chin, she knocked her onto her back. Gena was dazed, but she was an experienced fighter and didn't let that disable her. Instead she whipped a sneaker clad foot around Alexandra's ankles to sweep the dark haired woman off her feet. This was easy as Alexandra wasn't used to heels; she preferred sneakers. The instant Alexandra’s butt hit the floor Gena was on her! They rolled back and forth on the floor until Gena got the upper hand and pinned Alexandra to the floor.

"Oh, this will be so much fun…" she said ominously and let out a snicker as she saw fear in Alexandra's eyes.

Alexandra tried desperately to buck Gena off … and to Gena's surprise, she succeeded! But again, experience helped Gena to minimize Alexandra's success. Before Alexandra could get up Gena had wrapped her legs around Alexandra's legs and her arms around Alexandra's torso, trapping her arms. Alexandra knew this was bad and could feel herself being crushed by the blonde, she had to break free now!

"Your muscles may be bigger," Alexandra grunted, "but it's not the size, it's the power they contain!"

In an amazing display of strength Alexandra broke Gena's hold. She jumped up on her feet, the high heels making her wobble momentarily. Gena saw this as an opportunity and kicked at Alexandra's calf. Alexandra stumbled forward and crashed against the wall. As she regained her balance and turned around Gena was already there. Alexandra raised her arms in defense but was too late - Gena's fist hit the unprotected belly. Well, unprotected isn’t exactly the right word - Alexandra had a very tin waist, but it was all pure muscle. Gena felt those muscles when her hand slammed into her abs so hard it hurt! But her reaction, the punch had hurt Alexandra even more.

Gena followed with another punch but Alexandra had her arms up to protect her face and Gena's powerful punch got through with crushing power and smashed into Alexandra's abs in almost the same spot. Alexandra grunted as Gena got several blows in before Alexandra managed to grab Gena's fists in her hands, then with a roar she drove Gena backward!

Catching her breath and holding her sore midsection, Alexandra growled, "You'll regret that!"

Alexandra tried to hide the tears welling in her eyes from the beating. She was mad - at herself. She’d underestimated Gena, who proved far stronger than she’d expected…but not strong enough! Alexandra and Gena charged at the same time and this time, Alexandra blocked Gena's punch and threw one of her own. Her fist thudded on Gena's steel abs and her knuckles broke through the underlying layer of muscle.

"Ghaaagh!" Gena yelped as she doubled over and crumpled to her knees.

"You punch pretty well," Alexandra said. “But you apparently can’t take one from someone like me!"

She grabbed Gena's ponytail, tilted her head back to lift her chin, then SMACK, slapped her with her open palm, careful not to cause any damage to Gena's pretty face. There was no fight left in Gena; the punch to her stomach had been too much. Still, Alexandra slapped Gena a few times more, just for good measure. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!

"I’ll be back in…" she tilted Gena’s head to the side as she checked her watch. “…five hours. I expect you to have a romantic dinner ready and be wearing something sexy…" Then she paused and looked at what Gena was wearing. “On second thought, wear what you're wearing now…that’s a good look on you!"

Alexandra jerked Gena’s head backward, forcing her to look up as she bent down to kiss Gena on the lips. When she let go the blonde's hair, the defeated woman’s head dropped on the floor with a dull THONK. Alexandra slowly stroked Gena's bare, muscular, thigh with the toe of her high heel and said sweetly, "Now that you’ve seen my hard side…you’ll get to know my soft side!" She pressed her heel down into the furrow of Gena's crotch. "…if you behave!!" she said menacingly. With that she turned around and left …leaving the blond weeping on the floor.

As soon as she got back in her car, Alexandra's composure broke and, holding her pummeled midriff, she begun to cry. The pain was incredible. Never, ever had she been so badly beaten. But even with that, she’d won…it was all that really mattered and later, she’d return to enjoy an evening of dominating another humbled blonde. Life didn’t get much better than THAT!!