Gena Lee Nolin vs. Alexandra Paul, Caroline Paul and Angie Harmon by Raccoon

It was late, very late. Gena Lee Nolin was returning home from social event/party dressed in a long, very tight, red evening dress down to her ankles. Her shoulders, back and arms were bare and despite the chilly weather she hadn't covered her arms - she liked to show off her muscular, cut, arms. Her movements were a bit erratic, partly due the high-heels, partly because the dress didn't allow a lot of leg movement, but mostly she wasn't so graceful because she was a bit tipsy! She was also tired and all she could think of was getting into sleep for the next two or three days!

Opening the door proved to be a real hurdle; she fumbled with the keys and dropped them a few times before managing to open the door. The hallway was dark and as Gena reached for the light switch she suddenly felt strong hands grab her and pull her into the house. She was thrown against a wall, on the way she knocked over something that fell down and broke. She completely lost her balance and before she could regain it, she was again grabbed by those strong hands and thrown over a couch into the living room.

Gena was partly on the floor, partly on the couch. She still didn't know what had happened. In her tight dress she wasn't able to get up so she slid down on the floor. The room was spinning; her vision was blurred and she saw everything in twos. And since she could see something, that meant that the lights were on. Slowly she began to recognize the surroundings. Two hazy figures were standing a few meters away from her.

"Who the hell are you?" she muttered sitting on the floor. The spinning abated and two became one. The person in front of her was tall and athletic...with magnificent legs. The person, the woman, was clad in jeans shorts, sneakers and a black halter top. "Alexandra Paul," Gena gasped. "What the hell are you doing?" Gena grumbled and tried to get up on her feet.

"I'm here to teach you a actually I'm here to punish you," Alexandra said, "I don't like the way you keep bullying my friends like Angie Harmon...what’d she do to earn that kind of humiliation in front of those people?"

"What are you talking about?" Gena asked. "Damned dress!" she muttered, annoyed that she couldn't get her feet under her to get up.

"Lemne give you a hand," Alexandra said. But instead, she gave a foot between her breasts. The kick knocked Gena over backward, hitting the back of her head on the floor. She cursed loudly, Alexandra’s sneaker had left a red mark on her chest. She could see Alexandra smirk so she was surprised when someone else grabbed her from behind and easily lifted her to her feet.

"I've got her," a voice said behind her back. Whoever it was, was strong.

"This is my twin sister Caroline," Alexandra said, "She wanted to help me when I told her what I was going to do today. Not that I need her help taking you down," Alexandra continued and flexed her arms indicating that she had all the muscle power needed to destroy Gena, "We see each other so rarely, I thought we’d do this together - spend some quality time."

"Hi, pleased to meet you," Caroline whispered in Gena's ear. She stood behind Gena and held her arms bent behind her back. Gena struggled to get free but for the time being Caroline kept her still.

"I will not hit your face," Alexandra said looking up and down at the struggling Gena. “But it's the *only* thing I won't hit..." Alexandra hadn't seen Gena in some time and was rather surprised how fit Gena was; her arms and shoulders showed nicely shaped muscles and clear ridges at the stomach were visible through the taut red fabric of Gena's dress. "She looks really good," Alexandra thought.

"Hurry!" Caroline grunted, "I can't hold her much longer!" Alexandra started the punishment by tentatively punching Gena's breasts. Gena gritted her teeth and cursed with every blow, but it didn't look like the blows were really hurting her.

"STOP!" Gena screamed. "If you stop now I will only hurt you. If you *don't* stop I will hurt *and* humiliate you!" The adrenaline rushing through her veins was sobering her up fast.

Alexandra smiled, "In your dreams, perhaps." She grabbed Gena's breasts, squeezed and hissed, "I guess these function as airbags? If so, I'll better move down a bit."

"At least I *have* breasts!" Gena retorted.

Alexandra let the comment pass; she was comfortable with her tiny breasts. She fisted her hands and launched a right-left-right flurry at Gena's midsection. As soon as she’d thrown the first punch, she regretted it. She hadn’t made secret her intent so Gena was prepared and tensed her abdominal muscles. When Alexandra's fists hit the stone hard abs it was Alexandra who cried out in pain. Ignoring the pain to her hands, Alexandra began pummeling the blond in earnest. After several blows Alexandra was becoming frustrated as it looked like she was causing more damage to herself than Gena.

"Was that all?" Gena grunted, making her best to hide the pain she was feeling, "Maybe you should trade places with your sister...I can’t believe she’s as weak as you!!"

Gena could feel that Caroline was strong, she could hardly move, but unless she got free soon Alexandra's blows would really start hurting her. Gena tensed her upper body and with an angry roar pulled her arms forward. This was too much for Caroline, and the former firefighter was thrown down on the floor to the right of Gena.

Gena didn't have time rejoice because she knew Alexandra was next to her. Luckily Alexandra was surprised at what had happened so Gena managed to deliver a quick blow before Alexandra reacted. The wild swing took Alexandra by surprise and knocked her. Not having time to admire her handiwork, Gena bends down and grabs the seam of her dress and rips the dress all the way to her left thigh - now she could move her legs again.

Gena looks at her opponents; Alexandra had fallen over the back of the couch which gave Gena a nice view of Alexandra's small, firm jeans clad butt...a butt she had always admired...and in fact, more than once had coped a feel in the past.

Caroline was on the floor, getting up... only now did Gena notice how similar the two sisters were...trained, athletic bodies, manners, speech pattern, even clothing style was the same... the only way to tell them apart right now was that Caroline had slightly longer hair and was wearing full length jeans while Alexandra had jeans shorts. And both were equally beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful, to her great surprise Gena sees Angie Harmon at the back of the room. She seems to be operating several video cameras that have been placed around the room.

"What lies have you been telling them?" Gena roars.

Angie flinches visibly, but responds, "I just told the truth."

She leaves the camera on its tripod and walks up to Gena and joins the twins who have warily been moving closer until all three brunettes surrounded the blond.

“Three against one - now that's fair!" Gena said. "It doesn't matter now, but just so you know, Angie has been lying to yOOOOOHHH…"

BLAM! Angie punched Gena, "Shut up!" Then as if by some unspoken agreement, both Paul twins joined her as all three began hitting and kicking Gena. The situation looked grim; Gena Lee was surrounded by three women intent on beating her to pulp! One was Alexandra Paul, a triathlete and former Baywatch star, the second woman was her twin sister, Caroline, a butch LA firefighter! Both were tall and very physical, calling them tough would be an understatement. Even the third, Angie Harmon - undeniably the scrawniest of them - was a formidable opponent. And Gena was facing three at the same time!

At first, all Gena could do was to defend herself as blows rained down from every direction. Some fended off, others she avoided, but most hit home, causing her considerable pain. She needed time and room to launch her own offence, but with her three opponents there was neither. She knew she had to act fast if she wanted to 'survive' this unprovoked attack. Time to thin the enemy forces. She decided to take down the weakest link first.

Dodging Alexandra and Caroline's blows, Gena lunged at Angie, pulling her to the floor where Gena delivered a few quick punches to the woman beneath her, hearing several satisfying screams of pain. From the corner of her eye, she saw someone approaching and without looking, swept her leg...tripping Alexandra! Before Alexandra's tight butt bounced twice, Gena was on her feet facing Caroline while Angie still lay moaning at her feet.

Gena traded a few blows with Caroline before knocking the brunette down with a Haymaker. Turning to Alexandra - who by now was getting up - Gena kicked her former Baywatch co-star in the chest, her heel piercing Alexandra's shirt and leaving a nasty mark on her skin. Alexandra crashed to the floor beside Caroline.

Gena looked around and tried to catch her breath; all her opponents were down, but not out. Angie was still crying - not a threat. Gena noted tears also in Alexandra's eyes, but the athletic brunette looked determined to continue. There was hesitation in Caroline's eyes she had had the pleasure to... The sister had borne the brunt of Gena's best punches and obviously didn't want another serving. Still, despite the tears and flagging morale, it was clear neither Paul twin would leave the other's side. The battle was hardly over!

But all in all, Gena was pleased. In a few minutes her situation had improved considerably. She knew she was a better fighter than any one of her remaining opponents. The Paul's seemed to rely on brute force more than anything else, and in that department, Gena held the advantage - or so she thought. She was stronger than either twin and one-on-one she was sure she could take one of them...and her chances to take both two on one wasn't that bad either...Angie would be the wild card!

Without a word the twins charged and Gena raised her hands in a futile attempt to stop them. Alexandra grabbed Gena’s left hand and Caroline her right hand...and a strange 2:1 Test-of-Strength ensued. Clearly, it wasn’t a futile one, because Gena wasn’t immediately pushed back - she managed to hold her own against both Paul twins! Angie watched in disbelief as the twins and the blonde battled for supremacy and for some time, it appeared to be a stalemate!

Angie stood spellbound by the sight; unable to take her eyes off the three women and their fabulous bodies. The lean muscles on Alexandra’s legs looked like they could support the weight of the world without effort while Caroline’s arms looked like they could crush the world.

And Gena? Well, Angie now understood why she’d lost every fight to the blond. Despite how powerful she looked, Angie couldn’t understand how she could stand up against the combined power of the twins! Angie’s jaw dropped when Gena slowly began to get the upper hand!

“!” Gena grunted thru clenched teeth between breaths; her body shaking with exertion; her face contorted in rage. The twins scream in pain as Gena bent their wrists back until she forced them to their knees. “You know, the Simpson sisters…hell, even the Olsen twins…were a better test than the puny Paul girls!” Gena gloated. “You two are pathetic!” The only reply she got was more screams from the twins!

Gena kneed Alexandra in the jaw and when she released her hand, Alexandra dropped dazed and disoriented. Gena turned her attention to her sister. “So... you’re Caroline!” she sneered, grabbing Caroline by the throat with her right hand. “You know, you’re as beautiful... and as weak…as Alexandra!”

Gena lifted Caroline to her feet by the throat, and not stopping, kept lifting until Caroline’s feet came off the floor, holding her aloft like a ragdoll. Using her free hand, Gena began to slap Caroline - not gentle slaps but full-on, wind up and let ‘em fly SLAPS that made both Angie and Alexandra flinch. Each slap made Caroline cry out and in seconds she was sobbing and begging Gena to stop. She looked pleadingly at Alexandra and whimpered, “…help...please…”

Without even turning her head, Gena snapped abruptly, “Don’t you DARE, Alexandra. You make a move and I’ll do THIS to YOU!”

SMACK! Gena again slapped Caroline and Alexandra froze. She looked at her sister, then at Gena...then at Gena’s strong arm holding her sister dangling in mid-air. The twins’ eyes met and Alexandra averted her gaze, too intimidated to help her own sister! Luckily for Caroline, Angie wasn’t intimidated. She’d recovered from the blows...and the shock seeing her friends being man-handled! She got up and rushed Gena, tackling the blonde - and Caroline - to the floor. As Gena went down, Alexandra’s morale returned and she jumped on the pigpile of squirming, writhing women!

All four rolled wildly around, knocking over tables and tipping chairs. Despite the 3-1 odds, the brunettes are unable to restrain the blond wildcat who kept kicking, punching and clawing everything and everyone she got her hands on! One furious kick send Angie crashing into the wall headfirst...she crumpled in a heap, unconscious.

* * *

When Angie revives a moment later she finds to her horror Gena is in full and total control! All three women are on the floor; Gena has her legs wrapped around Caroline’s chest, her arms are free and she is desperately trying pry the powerful legs apart. Caroline’s face is bright red and she’s in obvious pain. Her escape attempts seem futile and even as Angie watches she can see her attempts growing weaker and weaker. Gena has her ankles crossed and it seems Caroline is unable to free herself from her legs.

Caroline squirmed, trying to turn to see what her sister was doing. Behind her, Alexandra was in a similar predicament - except Gena’s arms were wrapped around HER torso! The look on Alexandra’s face made it clear Gena was crushing her torso using just the muscles in her arms, yet Alexandra looked as powerless to break Gena’s grip as her sister.

“PLEASE Gena…let us go,” Alexandra cried. “We’ll leave and never come back! Please let us go!”

“Shut up,” Gena snarled, “I’m not done with you yet!!”

Angie looked on in horror as her friends were slowly being crushed by her tormentor. It was an incredible sight and, to her horror…she realized it was making her aroused! She couldn’t explain why, but the sight of two athletic...extremely powerful…women being dominated and left completely helpless, excited her!

“AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh……..!” Caroline screamed when Gena increased the pressure with her legs, then her cries faded as she passed out from the pain.

Gena unwrapped her legs and positioned herself behind Alexandra. “I’ve waited so long for this...” she whispered into Alexandra’s ear as she rubbed her crotch on Alexandra tight jean covered butt; her hands massaging Alexandra’s petite little breasts.

“Aah. No, stop! Nnngh!” Alexandra pleaded weakly; she had hardly any strength remaining.

“Really?” Gena snickered. “From the sounds you’re making and the way you rub yourself on me, I think you like this... But maybe you’re right, my weak little beauty,” Gena said and wrapped her legs around Alexandra’s lower body. “Time to say good night!” Gena begun squeezing with all her might. Alexandra didn’t even scream; she just passed out.

* * * Gena hadn’t felt this good in a long, long time, not since she dominated Charlize Theron on Muscle Beach the last time. She laid the unconscious Paul twins next to each other and smiled. She hadn’t just beaten one woman today, but three! She looked at the cameras, “Nice of them to make sure my victory would be recorded for posterity...”

“Angie…” she said looking at the fearful woman cowering in the doorway. “…take those cameras to the bedroom and set them up.”

Angie nodded. She’d decided it would be best to obey Gena, especially when her “champions” had fallen. Seeing Angie obeying her, Gena took a good tight grip on Alexandra’s and Caroline’s belts and lifted them without any trouble, carrying them against either hip as she dragged the unconscious twins to her bedroom...they took a few bumps on the way...but so what! Gena tossed them unceremoniously on her bed, then stood back for a second to admire the sight.

“My first identical twins,” she thought. “I’m going to have to look at them closely, make sure they’re ‘identical’.”

When Angie arrived with the cameras and Gena made sure she set them up to cover the entire bed - from every angle!

* * *

Alexandra didn’t know how long she’d been out, but when she came to her whole body was aching...almost like she’d received the beating of her life...oh, she HAD received the beating of her life! She opened her eyes, half expecting to find herself bound, or at least naked…but to her relief she still had her clothes on and not a single limb was tied to anything!

Then she realized Caroline was beside her; her tear-filled eyes were open. Alexandra felt sorry she’d gotten Caroline involved in this...this… disaster.

A sound of movement made both women roll over and push up onto their knees. Looking around, they saw they were in the bedroom where the cameras were still running. Gena was sitting in an armchair, a glass of wine in her hand and Angie was sitting on the floor in front of her, her arms wrapped around Gena’s knees, her face resting on Gena Lee’s lap.

Angie looked like she had been crying but Gena looked calm and confident, and even had a slight smirking grin on her lips. Her pose was a Queen surveying her subjects. The Queen and Subjects analogy was quite apt since nobody in the room could, or dared, dispute her position. Her rule was iron fisted and absolute.

“Entertain me!” Gena said, looking down her nose at the beautiful twins. It took a few seconds before Alexandra and Caroline realized what she wanted them to do. They glanced nervously at one another...neither could think of another way out, so Caroline leaned over, put her hands on Alexandra’s shoulders and inched closer.

Alexandra looked into Caroline’s eyes and though, ‘Maybe this won’t be so bad. It’s like we’re in high school again.’ She put her hands on Caroline’s waist, tilted her head to the side and leaned forward, her eyes closed...then their lips met…

On the chair Gena’s sighed contentedly, parted her thighs to let Angie’s head slip between them, then stroked her hair softly as she watched her new ‘Paul Puppets’ dance to her tone. “That’s it Angie, long, slow strokes of your tongue.” Then to the furiously blushing Paul’s, “And that goes for you too! I want to see lots of tongue!”


"The Pecking Order" by Raccoon
{Saturday afternoon}

Caroline punched the man in the gut. One blow was enough to deck him. Caroline looked scornfully at the whimpering man on the floor, "What did I say, a wimp!" She took her jacket from the closet and, without even looking back, turned and left.

* * *

(flashback to earlier Saturday morning)

Alexandra and Caroline had returned home a few hours earlier. They had finally managed to escape, yes escape, from Gena's clutches when she had finally fallen asleep after hours and hours of... Neither Alexandra nor Caroline wanted to think about what had happened during the previous night.

BANG! BANG! Alexandra and Caroline froze. Someone was behind the door, someone who obviously didn't know how to use the doorbell. BANG! BANG! They exchanged terrified looks - had Gena followed them?

BANG! BANG! Alexandra tiptoed to the door and peeked through the peephole.

"It's Angie," she said exhaling in relief. She opened the door and was almost knocked down by Angie Harmon as she rushed in.

"I was on my way here to apology for getting you involved in this mess!" Angie said. "But then…sitting in the car…I mean, while I was driving…I realized. This is…was… *your* fault!" Angie was talking in short bursts. Alexandra and Caroline looked in stunned silence at the raging beauty. "*You* were supposed to HELP me!" Angie raged. "But instead, *you* just dragged me deeper into this pit of horror!"

"Calm down!" Alexandra said trying to hug the obviously distraught woman to calm her.

"Hands off!" Angie screamed and slapped Alexandra. WHAP!

Alexandra staggered, not because of the power of the slap but because of the act. Angie seemed equally surprised by what she had done. She fell silent for a moment, but then the memories returned again and the rage took control, "You and your damned sister are to blame!"

Alexandra had had enough and grabbed Angie's throat and pushed the thin woman against the wall, "Now listen, you whining little...girl! *You* got me and Caroline involved! You asked for our help! Because of you we were beaten and humiliated...and forced" Alexandra choked unable to continue.

"Is it my fault that you and your sister are wimps?" Angie said and kicked Alexandra between her legs. Alexandra grunted in pain and released Angie. Caroline had moved up behind Alexandra, ready to aid her sister.

"You're going to regret that!" Alexandra said and shook her head. Her rage at being humiliated by Gena finally erupting.

"GET HER!" Alexandra snapped. Caroline didn't need to be asked twice, she felt the same as Alexandra; Angie was to blame for their humiliating defeat last night. As one, the two sisters charged Angie...

* * *

(A few hours later)

"Honey I'm home!" Ian, Alexandra's husband, shouted from the door. No reply. "Her car is outside," he thought. "She must be outside…what the hell?"

He looked around the living room which looked like there'd been an elephant stampede; a fruit bowl was broken on the floor with apples and bananas scattered; furniture was out of place or knocked over. The curtains fluttered and the door to the backyard was open. He went to the door and looked outside.

"Shhiiiiit!" he cursed when he saw an athletic, well-muscled, naked, woman bound to the diving board at the end of the pool. "My God!" Ian shouted as he run to the pool. The brunette was on her stomach, her wrists and ankles tied with electrical cord and a banana had been stuffed in her butt!

"Alexandra!" was Ian's first though as he run up to the woman. He turned the gagged woman's head and exhaled in relief - it wasn't Alexandra! He removed the gag and tried to revive the woman, "Caroline? Caroline are you ok? What happened?"

He looked around and that was when he saw his wife Alexandra, completely naked; tied to a tree. She too had a banana stuck into her butt.

* * *

(30 minutes later)

Alexandra and Caroline had put on their jeans and shoes. Their shirts had been shredded and used to bind Alexandra to the tree. Neither had said more than a few words since Ian had untied them. Both had though stopped Ian from calling the police. Neither had given an explanation to what had happened...they just sat there, topless, glaring at each other.

Ian was out in the back yard trying to figure out what had transpired when he heard screams from inside. He rushed back in and found Alexandra and Caroline fighting on the sofa. His first reaction was to pull them apart the last moment he stopped and stepped back. He'd often fantasized about his wife and sister-in-law instead of interfering, he stood back to watch. There was no harm in that, right?

For the next half hour Ian got more than he had ever fantasized as the fight raged back and forth in the living room as the evenly matched sisters fought. It was really a feast for the eyes. Eventually, Alexandra got the advantage and with a powerful blow to Caroline's midsection, knocked her sister down. Alexandra quickly straddled her sister.

"You agreed to help," Alexandra hissed. "Don't blame me for…" She stopped in midsentence as she realized that Ian was standing next to them. She let go of Caroline and got up. "We'll never speak of this again," she said. "Ian help Caroline, I'm going to take a bath - when I come back down, I want this place back in order." She left a hurting Caroline and a confused Ian in the living room.

* * *

"She's a bitch!" Caroline muttered. She was pissed. This had to be the worst day of her life. Within the last 24 hours she'd been beaten by Gene Lee Nolin! Then by Angie Harmon!!!!! And now by her sister!

"Hey, that's my wife you're calling a bitch!" Ian said, unable to take his eyes off Caroline's bare upper body.

"So?" Caroline spat angrily. "You're no better than the bitch herself!"

"You better watch it," Ian said as he faced Caroline. "I don't know what happened here, but I'm not taking any shit from you!"

Caroline looked into Ian's eyes, "Alexandra told me what a wimp you are," she grinned and pressed her bare breasts against his chest, forcing him to step back. "She told my how she 'punishes' you if and when you 'misbehave'."

Ian's face turned red and he clenched his teeth. Caroline had hit a sore spot. He didn't like that his wife was tougher than he was. He wanted to shut Caroline's mouth, but he knew she was as tough as Alexandra...he looked down and turned around.

"Wimp." he heard Caroline mutter. That was too much! He fisted his hands and turned around taking Caroline by surprise. His fist hit her bare abdomen...but it was he who howled in pain as he crushed his hand in his sister-in-laws stone hard abs.

"Thanks, I needed this," Caroline said. She decked him with one blow. "Looks like I'm not lowest in the pecking order after all!"