The Set-up: Gena Lee Nolin vs. Paula Trickey by Samdog

Gena Lee Nolin made her way up the stairs and down the dimly lit hallway of the mansion. Reaching the last room on the corridor, a bedroom, Gena opened the door and stepped in as per her instructions. Taking off her clothes, she put on a black bikini that she'd brought her, one that fit her perfectly. Gena took time to look at herself in the mirror and flexed; every curve on her frame was perfect, she thought as she admired her amazing physique. Simply put, she looked better than ever.

The blonde walked towards the other doorway in the bedroom and walked through to a much larger room. Spacious, the room sported a couch, a table, a few chairs, and a balcony. Opposite the doorway she'd used was another, identical, door. Stepping to the center of the room, Gena pondered her situation. She'd approached the mansion's owner, a movie producer, about a part in an upcoming film. Facing opposition from another highly qualified actress, Gena had been informed that she'd have to fight for the part if she wanted the role.

Gena didn't know who this other actress was, but she was determined to win no matter what the cost. Suddenly, the opposite door opened. Gena's opponent was here. Gena glared angrily as Paula Trickey walked toward her. They were old rivals, having fought each other several times before. The first fight had been a draw and Gena won the second. Paula, however, had won the third and, although in each fight Gena had taken quite a beating, it was especially true in the last encounter. That time, Paula had left Gena a battered, sobbing wreck after completely humiliating her.

Irate, Gena shouted, "You bitch! What the hell do you think you're doing here?"

Smiling, Paula replied, "Fuck you, slut. You didn't know that the producer and I are old friends?"

Sauntering forward confidently, Paula untied the clasp of her robe and let it fall. She wore nothing but a leopard print bra and matching panties.

Paula continued, "I'm going to enjoy giving you the beating of a lifetime tonight!"

Determined not to back down, Gena removed her robe as well as the two began to circle. Both women lunged the other, grabbing and yanking hair. Stumbling back and forth, they cursed and screamed as they pulled on their foe's locks. Letting go with one hand, Gena rammed three punches to Paula's belly, digging her fist into the brunette's body until she groaned in pain.

Stumbling as a fourth punch, an uppercut to the chin, rocked her head, Paula let go of Gena's hair and began slapping her face, snapping her head back and forth with hard, open-handed cuffing blows. Grimacing, Gena chopped both hands down on Paula's neck, the brunette gagging as she staggered and dropped to her knees holding her throat.

Grabbing Paula's hair with one hand, Gena began punching her face with her other, smiling as she hammered Paula's pretty features. Raising her hands to defend herself, Paula gasped in pain as Gena rammed her knee into her chest twice, knocking the breath out of her briefly. Stepping back, Gena kicked out, slamming her foot into Paula's cleavage and knocking her onto her back.

From flat on her back, Paula lashed out with her legs, wrapping them around Gena's waist. Twisting her down to the floor, Paula squeezed on the blonde's waist, smiling when Gena groaned in pain for the first time. As Gena struggled to pry her legs apart, Paula reached out and ripped off the blonde's top, then grabbed her breasts as squeezed as Gena screamed in agony.

Gasping as the brunette increased the pressure of her scissors, Gena clawed at Paula's wrists as she frantically tried to pull the hands from her tits, desperately trying to protect them from the brunette's attack on her nipples with her fingernails.

Paula's grin was suddenly wiped away as Gena punched her in the face, snapping her head back. Ripping off Paula's top, Gena began pulling and squeezing Paula's tits with her strong hands. Paula screamed but refused to release her grip, twisting the blonde's nipples back and forth. After about half a minute of this dueling tit torture, however, Paula began to succumb to Gena's attack, her breasts were being crushed by Gena's strong grip. Letting go of Gena's nipples, Paula released her scissors and kicked the blonde away with a foot to the belly as she scrambled away. The two women made it to their knees, glaring at each other.

Wiping away some blood that was beginning to trickle from her mouth, Paula taunted, "Come on, bitch! Is that the best you've got?"

Angry, Gena rose to her feet only to be met by the brunette charging towards her and ramming her shoulder into her belly, knocking her back into the wall. Struggling to regain her senses, the blonde screamed aloud as Paula's shoulder slammed into her belly twice more. Grabbing Gena's blonde locks, Paula rammed her head back into the wall several times, stunning her. Paula then renewed her attack on the blonde's tits, relishing her screams as she pulled and twisted Gena's breasts. Reaching down with one hand, the brunette began clawing at Gena's belly, the blonde howling as Paula wreaked havoc on her stomach.

Smiling as she hurt the blonde, Paula taunted, "You're mine now, slut!" Jubilant as she tormented Gena, she continued, "When I'm done with you, I'm gonna enjoy making you my bi..."

The last word never came out of Paula's mouth. A stunned look crossed her face as Gena, desperate to break free from her grasp, rammed a fist into Paula's cunt. Even though she was stunned, the brunette shrieked in pain and let go as Gena punched her twice more in her cunt. Sending her foe stumbling backwards, Gena brought her foot up and kicked Paula in her midsection, bending her over. The blonde then grabbed the brunette's hair and nailed her in the face with her knee, dropping Paula to the floor.

Dazed and lying face down on the floor, Paula struggled to recover from the sudden turn of events. However, Gena had other ideas as she reached down and rolled the brunette onto her back. Grabbing Paula's hair, Gena began punching her repeatedly in the face as the brunette groaned with each blow. Reaching down with her free hand, Gena ripped off Paula's bikini bottoms and began clawing at her cunt, unmoved by the brunette's hysterical screams of pain.

Smiling as she let Paula fall back to the floor, Gena taunted, "What's wrong, slut? Not so tough anymore?"

Gena straddled her helpless foe and began slapping her across the face, snapping Paula's head back and forth. Shifting forward, Gena sat on Paula's chest, pinning her arms to the floor.

Struggling to free herself, Paula shouted, "Get your fat ass off of me, slut!"

Angered by the derogatory remark, the blonde cocked her fist and punched Paula hard across her jaw, snapping the brunette's head back and stunning her. The brunette groaned aloud as Gena began bouncing her ass on her chest, flattening her tits against her chest underneath her weight. Growing desperate, Paula bucked her hips, arching her body. Too far forward to maintain her perch, Gena fell forward and rolled away from the brunette. Slowly, the two women made it to their knees.

Glaring at her foe, Gena taunted, "Is that all you got, bitch? I'm really enjoying beating your pathetic little ass!"

Livid, Paula replied, "Fuck you! You're the one who's going to spend the rest of the night screaming in agony!"

Without another word, the two crashed together again, rolling around on the floor struggling for dominance. Suddenly, Gena howled in agony as Paula rammed her knee repeatedly into her cunt. On top, the brunette grabbed the blonde's tits in her hands and began squeezing them, gouging her nails in as Gena screamed in pain.

Frantically trying to fight back, Gena responded in kind, but Paula grabbed the blonde's hair and rammed her head into the floor several times, stunning her. Reaching down, Paula grabbed hold of Gena's bikini bottom and ripped it off. The blonde's cries filled the air as the brunette pulled and twisted her pussy lips. Tears welling up in her eyes, Gena sobbed loudly as Paula attacked her clit, to anguished to do anything except pull down the brunette's bikini bottom as Paula rose to her feet.

Paula smiled as she watched Gena struggle to recover and standing over her, Paula taunted, "You filthy tramp! Get up! I'm not done beating your ass yet!"

As Gena slowly pushed herself up to her hands and knees, Paula kicked her in her belly, knocking her back to the floor. Paula laughed as she kept kicking Gena while she was down, the blonde groaning with each blow. Reaching down, the brunette grabbed Gena's arm and pulled up on it while pushing down on her back with her foot at the same time. The blonde's eyes went wide as she screamed loudly, in immense agony from the strain on her arm as the brunette twisted it back. Letting up briefly, Paula grabbed Gena's other arm and put her in a surfboard hold as the blonde moaned in pain. The brunette finally let go, as the blonde again collapsed to the floor.

Gena cried softly as she lay on the floor, devastated by Paula's brutal assault. Before the blonde knew what was going on, Paula was on the floor next to her, and after a brief struggle the brunette got behind Gena and wrapped her strong legs around her waist. Gena groaned as the brunette's legs once again crushed her torso.

Laughing as she crushed the blonde's sides with her powerful legs, Paula taunted, "You lousy cunt! Scream for me!"

Gritting her teeth, Gena couldn't hold back anymore as Paula grabbed her tits and began pinching and twisting the supple flesh, shrieks of agony flowing from the blonde's mouth.

Smiling as she squeezed and pulled on the blonde's breasts, Paula continued, "You want to know something, bitch? You never had a chance at this part! It was gone long before you even heard about it! This fight was arranged entirely as a favor to me, just so I could kick your ass! And that's exactly what I'm doing..."

Visibly shaken by the revelation, tears flowed down Gena's cheeks as she began sobbing uncontrollably. Laughing, Paula dug her nails into Gena's breasts and began clawing them, as the blonde's sobs continued to fill the air. The brunette eagerly mauled the blonde's tits, relishing her cries. Wrapping her arm around the blonde's neck, Paula began choking her. Gena gagged as the brunette squeezed on her throat, the blonde desperately grabbing at Paula's forearm in a vain attempt to pull the brunette's arm away.

As Gena's struggles began to subside, Paula smiled and taunted, "That's right, bitch! Time's up. You're fucking finished!"

Suddenly, Paula screamed in agony. Out of options, Gena had reached back and grabbed hold of Paula's dark locks, yanking frantically with all of her strength. Shrieking loudly, the brunette was pulled back by the force of the blonde's jerk, letting go as she rolled off, much to Gena's relief.

Rising angrily to her feet, Paula stomped several times on Gena's midsection, eliciting groans of pain from the blonde. Grabbing her hair, the brunette pulled Gena to her feet and slammed an uppercut to her chin, knocking her back against a wall. Trapped, Gena shrieked in agony as Paula grabbed her tits and mercilessly began squeezing and clawing them. Desperate, Gena rammed her knee upwards into the brunette's belly, pausing her attack for a moment. Cocking her fist back, the blonde slammed a powerful right to the brunette's face, sending her back a step. Gena rammed an uppercut into Paula's right tit, sending it flying upwards as the brunette cried out in pain. Paula tried to protect her tit from further punishment, but in doing so gave the blonde an opening for three punches to her other tit, Gena burying her knuckles deeply in each time. Pounded backwards, the brunette cried out as Gena kicked her in her belly, sending her stumbling as she fell onto her ass.

As the blonde slowly stalked towards her, Paula lashed out with her leg, sweeping her to the floor. Quickly straddling her foe, the brunette grabbed Gena's blonde locks and began ramming her head into the floor, stunning her. Wrapping her hands around Gena's neck, Paula smiled as she gleefully began to throttle her, the blonde choking and gagging as the life was squeezed out of her. Desperate, Gena reached up and raked her nails down Paula's tits, eliciting a cry of pain from the brunette.

The blonde continued to attack in this fashion, drawing blood and more screams of agony as Paula was forced to relinquish her choke and grab Gena's wrists to try to free her tits. Smiling at the turn of events, Gena grabbed Paula's nipples and began pinching and pulling on them. The blonde then began using the hold to pull the brunette's tits apart and then slam them together hard, grinning as Paula's cries became more anguished with each blow. Finally, Gena gripped the brunette's tits fully and threw her off to her side.

Rising to her feet, Gena grabbed Paula's hair and pulled her up as well. Smiling, Gena brought her foot up as hard as she could into the brunette's cunt. Paula's eyes went wide as she screamed aloud, the force of the blow lifting her off her feet before she dropped in a heap on the floor.

Smiling as Paula lay on her back sobbing, Gena taunted, "What's wrong, bitch, did I hurt you?" In a voice dripping with undisguised sarcasm, she continued, "Can't take any more? Want me to stop?"

Not getting any response from Paula except more racking sobs, Gena shouted, "Then I guess I'll take that as a NO!"

She stomped down hard on the brunette's cunt and Paula screamed in agony, her cries intensifying as Gena ground her heel on her womanhood.

Grabbing the brunette by her hair, Gena pulled her up to her feet and slammed a powerful kick to her belly, knocking Paula back against a wall before she collapsed again to the floor. Pulling the brunette up again, the blonde put her in a reverse headlock. Grinning, the blonde began ramming her knee up into Paula's belly, smiling as she got a groan of pain with each blow. Pulling the brunette's head forward, Gena clamped her legs around Paula's neck. As the brunette desperately tried to pry her legs apart, Gena reached down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them as Paula screamed in agony. Paula's cries echoed off the walls as Gena viciously mauled her tits, squeezing and pulling them. Her tits red and raw, Paula howled in agony as the blonde mercilessly clawed at her breasts, her screams soon turning into sobs.

Finally letting go and pulling the brunette's head out from between her legs, Gena slammed a hammerfist to the back of Paula's head, dropping her face down on the floor. Smiling, she stood over the fallen brunette and planted her foot on Paula's head, pressing down and smashing her face against the carpet.

Exuberant in spite of the punishment inflicted on her in the course of the fight, Gena taunted, "Looks like I've really kicked your ass, huh, bitch? I haven't enjoyed myself like this since I beat that slut Theron."

Laughing as Paula continued to lay motionless on the floor, Gena kicked her in the belly, rolling her onto her back as the brunette stirred and moaned in pain. S

till enjoying herself, the blonde continued, "Quiet all of a sudden, Paula? Are you still with us? I have the perfect way of finding out!"

Sitting on the brunette's chest and facing her legs, Gena began punching her cunt, Paula screaming in agony as her body convulsed, trapped under the blonde's weight.

Ecstatic, Gena knew just what to do next to her helpless foe. Slipping her fingers into the Paula's pussy, stroking the brunette. Paula soon began to respond to Gena's fingering, panting and moaning as the blonde brought her closer and closer to ecstasy. Smiling as the brunette was practically begging her to get her off, Gena picked up the pace, fingering faster and harder as she focused on Paula's clit.

Unable to stop the blonde from violating her, Paula frantically pleaded, "Please... Please no... No... Stop... No... Oh... Oh my God... Oooohhhhh..."

Her protests subsided as her body took over, overwhelmed by the sensations the blonde's fingers produced. Screaming, Paula's body shuddered and convulsed as the successive waves of her orgasm wracked her body, finally collapsing lay beneath her foe, completely drained and exhausted.

Breathing heavily as she struggled vainly to recover, Paula was suddenly rocked by a powerful blow to her face that snapped her head back. The blonde had turned around and was now raining punches on her face, reducing her once pretty features into a bruised and bloody mess. Exuberant, Gena pounded on her foe, slapping Paula across the face several times as the brunette began to fade from consciousness.

Gena kept shouting, "Don't you fucking dare pass out on me, bitch! This fight's over when I say it's over!"

She began punching Paula's tits, battering them and mashing them against her ribcage while the brunette cried out with every blow. Out of options, beaten to a shell of her former self, Paula weakly sobbed out a submission, begging the blonde to stop.

Smiling as she sat triumphantly astride her beaten foe, Gena reached down, grabbed Paula's breasts and squeezed, digging her nails in as she shouted, "Who's the better woman, bitch? Say it nice and loudly for me!"

Her boobs mauled beyond belief, the proud brunette held out as long as she could, moaning, "No... no... I won't... say it... Don't make me..."

Suddenly, her pleas were cut off as she screamed in complete agony as the blonde increased the pressure of her fingers, squeezing harder.

Her spirit broken, Paula sobbed as she admitted, "You! You're the better woman! You're better than I'll ever please, let me go."

Pausing in her attack, Gena lowered her chest, draping her tits above the brunette's face and, grinning from ear to ear, she finished the conquest as she told Paula, "Prove it, you lousy whore. Show me you know I'm better by kissing my tits!"

In no position to refuse, Paula quickly complied, bringing her head up and pressing her lips against one breast and then the other, licking the blonde's nipples as she moved her mouth across Gena's breasts. Paula fervently kissed and sucked on Gena's tits, hoping that a good job would allow her to escape the blonde's wrath. Gena, however, had other ideas. Groaning in delight as the brunette pleasured her, the blonde grabbed Paula's hair and forced her face against her bosom, breast smothering her.

Smiling as she mashed her tits against Paula's face, Gena relished the brunette's muffled cries as she struggled vainly to free herself, the blonde riding her well and keeping her under complete control.

Enjoying her domination, Gena taunted, "I hope you've had fun tonight, bitch. Don't ever fuck with me again."

Any and all resistance already beaten out of her, the brunette's struggles soon subsided as she passed out in the blonde's grasp. Exuberant, Gena slid forward, planting her knees on either side of her unconscious foe's head and pressing her crotch against Paula's battered features. The blonde began gyrating her hips slowly and sensually on the brunette's face. Grabbing Paula's hair with both hands, Gena pulled the brunette's face further up as gasps of delight began to escape the blonde's lips. Groaning and moaning loudly as she humped Paula's face, the blonde grew more frenzied as she pleasured herself at the brunette's expense. Throwing her head back and looking upward at the ceiling, Gena screamed in ecstasy as she brought herself to heaven, cumming all over Paula's face.

Gena sat where she was for a few minutes, catching her breath as she slowly recovered from her earth-shattering orgasm. Finally rising to her feet, the blonde went over to Paula's room and rifled through the brunette's purse, hoping that she'd find some sort of rope or handcuffs with her. Much to her surprise, not only did Paula bring a set of handcuffs, but also a dildo, a whip, and various other sex toys. The brunette apparently had a rather lengthy humiliation and domination session in mind... but that wouldn't be happening any time soon. Gena toyed with the notion of turning Paula's instruments against her, but chose not to, as this last beating was probably enough to ensure that the brunette wouldn't want another fight anytime in the future. Handcuffing the brunette to a chair, Gena got dressed and left Paula to fend for herself, her battered and naked form for all to see. In the meantime, Gena was determined finding the producer and when she did she was going to rip his balls off for the hell he'd put her through..