A Day at the Beach by Samdog (Petra Verkaik vs. Gena Lee Nolin) 30-Jul-99

Gena Lee Nolin was enjoying a relaxing afternoon walk down a secluded beach. Stripped to a red string bikini and a matching halter top, Gena began stretching as she waited for her opponent to arrive. Off in the distance Gena heard a car come to a stop. Looking up, Gena watched as Petra Verkaik walked down to the beach. The brunette took off her clothes, stripping to a black string bikini. Walking over to Gena, Petra's tits jiggled up and down as her top struggled to contain her massive breasts.

"Well bitch," Petra exclaimed, "it's just you and me! I'm gonna love giving you a lesson in pain!"

Gena jabbed her finger into Petra's left tit.

"When I'm through with you, I'll rip those fat tits off your chest and stuff them up your ass!"

Pulling Gena's finger from her tit Petra slapped her hard across the face. The blonde responded by punching her in the face as the two of them locked into battle.

A few days earlier, Gena had heard some insulting remarks that Petra had made about her, fuming as she heard the exact words the playmate had used. That night Petra went livid as she listened to her answering machine as Gena fired back with some comments of her own. Petra called Gena as the two of them engaged in a shouting match over the phone. Eventually, they agreed to have a catfight to settle their differences. Both women were extremely skilled and were confident of their victory.

Petra slammed two punches into Gena's face, knocking her back. As Petra closed in, Gena suddenly snapped a powerful kick to Petra's head, splitting her lip. Petra's left hook plowed into Gena's right cheek. Petra cocked her arm back to deliver another blow when Gena's powerful right uppercut exploded on her chin, sending her sprawling onto the ground as the Baywatch beauty stalked forward and kicked her in the face.

Pulling Petra to her feet, Gena soon drove the brunette back with some hard tit punches, relishing in the yelps of pain from her rival's mouth as she continued to punch at her. A left to her eye staggered the blonde, allowing Petra as small breather as she rubbed her left tit. Gena resumed her attack as Petra's bigger chest got the worst of it, but she was battering the blonde's face with stiff punches each time her knockers were punched by the blonde.

Gena screamed in pain as Petra's fist slammed into her face again, bloodying her nose, the brunette turning out to be quite the fist fighter. Another punch to her eye had it almost swollen shut, Gena desperately pounding on Petra's chest and stomach. Desperate, Gena slammed her fist into Petra's cunt. As the brunette's face went white and her guard dropped, Gena slammed a punch to each tit and an uppercut to the chin, dropping her to the sand.

Straddling Petra, Gena ripped off her flimsy top, unleashing her massive tits. Gena grabbed both of Petra's tits, the hard nipples poking against the palms of her hands, as she squeezed. Petra screamed as Gena powered the squeeze on, the tits flesh oozing out from her fingers. Petra shook her head from side to side in pain and grabbed a hold of the blonde's wrists to try and get her to release the hold. Gena grinned and started bouncing her firm ass up and down on Petra's sweaty, flat, heaving stomach. Petra raved wildly at Gena as she mauled, twisted, and scratched the brunette's melons.

"Fucking stupid slut, I'm gonna rip these tits right off your chest! I'll teach you to mess with me!"

Gena screamed wildly at bombshell trapped below her. Desperate, Petra ripped off Gena's top and grabbed hold of her tits hanging down in front of her.

"Oh, no you don't," Gena said as she put all her might into crushing Petra's tits.

Petra released her chest hold and tried to rip Gena's hands from her chest. "Give up bitch!" Gena yelled at the brunette.

"Ahh! Never!" Petra cried back.

"Okay, have it your way."

Gena took a grip Petra left nipple and pulled her tit towards her. She then licked the tips of her fingers and slapped Petra's breast from her hand, as Petra lets out a glass shattering scream. Gena repeated the move as Petra cried loudly.

Petra could only look in hatred at the blonde vixen. Gena slammed her well shaped ass down onto Petra's stomach knocking the wind out of her.

"Well, bitch. You like my tits so much. How about getting a closer look," Gena said as she raised Petra's head into her chest, going for her breast smother as Petra's arms and legs were wailing all around.

Suddenly, Gena screamed in agony as Petra sank her teeth into her tit. Gena finally managed to pull Petra's head away from her tit, rolling away from her and trying to massage the pain away.

Reaching down into Gena's bikini bottom, Petra ripped out a handful of pubic hair as the blonde screamed in agony, holding her cunt.

"Bitch! I'll kill you!" Gena answered, holding back the tears in her eyes.

Standing, Petra stomped on Gena's breasts over and over again. Gena covered up her breast with her hands, leaving her wide open for the vicious stomp to her crotch. Gena's mouth opened wide, but nothing came out. Grabbing Gena's tits, Petra pulled her to her feet as the blonde screamed in pain. Still holding on to her tits, Petra slammed her knee into Gena's stomach over and over and twice to her cunt before finally letting her crumple to the ground in agony. Straddling Gena, Petra grabbing her tits in both hands and twisted it as she drove her fingers into the soft tender underside. After a half minute Gena's face was etched in pain as Petra concentrated all her effort on the left breast, adding some hard nipple pinching that soon had Gena bellowing in pain.

Her tit getting ravaged, Gena desperately sent punch after punch into each of her foe's huge jugs, an uppercut to each followed by some right and left crosses soon had Petra wincing in pain with each blow, the flesh of each huge, sweaty, swollen tit knocking the droplets of sweat flying, shaking like jello with each shot. Suddenly Gena let out a scream as Petra's right hand slipped into her panties and jammed into her cunt. Petra let out a loud yell as another of Gena's punches found their mark, plowing into the side of her swollen and over punched left tit, then driving upwards into the tender underside of each. Her tits were getting pounded beyond her endurance, but she smiled through the pain as the blonde shuddered in agony, the brunette's fingers finding her foe's clit, twisting it with her fingernails. Screams poured from Gena's mouth as Petra raked her nails along the walls of her cunt for good measure.

Petra unleashed a hard punch to Gena's mouth, mashing her lips against her teeth.

"Guess you aren't as tough as you thought, cunt? I thought you said you could fight!!!"

Petra slapped her exposed tits back and forth leaving huge red hand prints all over each one as Gena grimaced, all but spitting in her face.

"I'm going to slap these shitty old titties right off your chest as you beg for mercy, you fucking cow!!!" Petra taunted as another hard slap sending her straddled rival's left tit flying across her chest!

Petra took Gena's nipples and twisted them furiously between her fingers. Gena bucked in pain but Petra held tight. Petra then released Gena's right globe and started to punch it while still twisting her left nipple as Gena's eyes began to tear as this beating continued. Gena's right tit was now being punched by both hands as she screamed in pain as her flesh bounced into her with each blow. She knew that she was in trouble and needed to fight back. Gena picked up a handful of sand and threw it into Petra's eyes. Petra rolled off of Gena and started throwing punches at the air, unable to see.

"You Bitch!"

Gena was still recuperating after the beating her chest had taken but knew that she had to react quickly.

As Petra groped around blindly, Gena's foot socked her jaw, snapping her head back and sending her crashing back. Rising to her feet, Gena stomped repeatedly on Petra's cunt, as the brunette screamed in agony.

Pulling her to her feet, Gena taunted, "So we're really proud of these big floppy tits, are we."

The blonde sank the fingernails of her right hand into Petra's tits, taking several seconds to maul first one and then the other.

As she dug her fingers in deep, she started up again, "Nothing so special about these, honey!"

Petra howled as Gena worked her over. Petra was shocked and nearly helpless as Gena drove a fist into Petra's belly, doubling her over. A titanic knee launched Petra across the sand as she landed hard on her back. Gena rolled Petra to her back and positioned her feet on Petra's hair. Gena leaned forward and grabbed each of Petra's nipples and stood up, laughing maniacally as Petra screamed. Gena pulled up as hard as she could, stretching out Verkaik's boobs into unnatural shapes.

Sitting next to Petra, Gena wrapped her legs around her chest and began crushing her big tits.

"Oh God, NO!" Petra screamed as her tits were mercilessly crushed.

The brunette began elbowing the blonde's tits, but Gena simply ignored the pain as her thighs continued squeezing Petra. Petra got scared and tried to pull apart Gena's legs, but she couldn't. She did the only thing she could think of to escape. Petra dug her nails hard into the back of Gena's thighs and raked her nails all the way down to the knee. Screaming as she watched her shapely legs getting marred, the sexy Baywatch beauty loosened her hold, and Petra wrenched Gena's legs around as she flipped her opponent over her back and down to the sand. Petra got up relatively quickly, but Gena was already up.

Gena wrapped her arms around Petra, putting her in a breast to breast bearhug. Petra screamed as Gena's smaller tits dug into her own pair, jabbing painfully. Slowly, Gena took control from Petra. Enjoying Petra's loud groans as her tits were grinding into the brunette's softer pair, Gena shifted Petra's body back and forth, their tits mashing together as Petra's boobs were ravaged under the assault. Petra cursed and struggled weakly, her tits feeling like they were on fire. Desperate to free herself, Petra grabbed Gena's bikini bottom and pulled hard, giving the blonde a wedgie. Gena screamed as her body went limp, the string bikini digging painfully into her pussy. Finally the bottom gave, as Gena fell to the sand trying to massage the pain from her aching pussy.

Moaning in agony, Gena looked up to see Petra as her foot whipped outward and came down in an arc, the heel driving right between her legs, striking her in the pussy and ending her fighting for that night! Gena rocked back and forth moaning, trying to massage the great pain from her wounded vagina as Petra straddled her and trapped her arms under her legs, grabbing both of her generous orbs in her strong fingers, crushing and kneading it as she screamed in agony. Petra picked up a handful of sand in each hand and rubbed it harshly into Gena's breast for a minute. Soon the blonde was red faced and screaming in agony her tit rubbed raw from the abrasive sand. Reaching back, the Playmate rubbed the sand into Gena's battered cunt, the Baywatch beauty screaming as she ground it in.

The blonde was trying to blink away the tears from of her eyes as Petra gave her right breast a two handed squeeze. Her whole breast was trapped in her foes hands, the large, soft, sagging tit oozed out of the bottom and top of the brunette's hands as she started to twist it. That brought Gena out of her incoherence and screaming back into reality as her whole tit was throbbing, sending waves of pain shooting through her. Petra was blind with rage as she continued to twist and crush her foe's aching tit.

Petra attacked her nipples and was rewarded with a moan, as she ripped the tits savagely upward then downward, then twisted them by the nipple as Gena's face turned red with pain, as she sobbed in agony. Petra smashed her fist into Gena's already savaged right tit over and over. Helpless and after another minute of tit punches Gena was begging Petra to stop. Petra clamped her nails around both of Gena's nipples and ripped the tits upwards by them then tugged them sideways and then into each other again and again demanding the blonde's surrender till she finally yelled her submission in tears.

Petra jammed Gena's face into her cleavage, pressing her tits against the blonde's face. Struggling for a breath, panic set in and Gena squirmed wildly, but to no avail. The dark clouds of unconsciousness began to settle in as suffocation took its toll on her. As Gena came out of her haze, she saw Petra standing over her wearing a huge strap-on dildo and a wide grin. Rolling Gena onto her hands and knees, Petra knelt behind Gena and held onto her hips. Petra impaled Gena with the dildo and pushed the entire length of the thick shaft into poor Gena's pussy. Gena's eyes widened as Petra's hips started pumping, as Petra relentlessly pounded on her pussy. Gena climaxed quickly, throwing her head back as her howls echoed across the sand dunes. As the tremors of her orgasm subsided, Gena hung her head and began sobbing as her tears splashed against the sand.

Petra stroked Gena's hair and fondled her breasts, enjoying her domination of the violated blonde. Petra enjoyed showing Gena that she was in fact the better woman, and would soon show her the futility of thinking otherwise. Holding her hips, the brunette started to fuck her again, only more slowly this time. Tears ran down Gena's cheeks as her body was being worked over expertly by the gorgeous brunette. Gena moaned and tried to resist, but Petra slowly and deliberately began to grind her hips into Gena's, working the dildo inside her all around. Gena moaned in pleasure as she felt the dildo inside her twist until it was making strong contact with her g-spot. Gena felt the dildo begin to rub up and down, stimulating her as she could finally resist no more.

Gena's second orgasm was even more powerful than the first as her arms buckled and she collapsed on her breasts onto the sand. Petra was in total control as she rolled Gena over on her back and really began pounding on Gena's pussy. The blonde was completely spent as she gave in to the pleasure, her arms and legs wrapped around Petra as the brunette humped her for all she was worth. Gena climaxed for the third time, arching her back and lifting her pelvis as she screamed loudly.

Petra unbuckled her dildo and got off of Gena, leaving it sticking up between her legs. Getting a camera, Petra took pictures of her posing victoriously over her fallen foe, before leaving her to fend for herself. Walking away, Petra enjoyed the thought of reducing Gena to a broken shell of a woman. It took Gena half an hour just to recover enough to leave. Gena sobbed uncontrollably, vowing revenge on the brunette.