Louise Nurding vs. Melanie Sykes by Harry 13-Aug-2000

Louise Nurding marked the release of her new album and single with a very up market do in London. They only disappointment was that her loving husband, Liverpool footballer Jamie Redknapp was in the US have surgery on an injury. She had no real feelings towards the supermodel Melanie Sykes other than indifference. Mel by and large felt the same, except for a twinge of jealousy over her husband. She had been invited to the do as another 'celebrity name' to fill the establishment, rather than for her musical knowledge.

As it was all free, Melanie imbibed freely and it wasn't long before she was loudly proclaiming how she'd help keep Jamie's strength up. Louise asked tactfully in the Ladies room that Melanie shut up or leave. Mel responded by challenging Louise to a catfight more out of bravado than expectation. Thus she was stunned when Louise accepted the challenge and stated that the following Saturday evening in London would be convenient. Melanie was unable to do anything than accept.

The following morning, Mel realised what she had done and somewhat half-heartedly tried to back out. Louise realised that she had never organised a catfight before, and didn't want to do it through her own people for fear that word would get back to Jamie. So she turned to her 'friend' Cat Deeley, who told her not to worry and that she would sort it all out. After appearing on Cat's Saturday morning show, Cat approached Louise and asked whether she minded a small audience. As an added incentive, Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham wanted to attend and fight with her husband and would agree to fight the winner: Louise was a long standing rival and Mel had done something similar at a Spice Girls do. Louise agreed wearily, but her dislike of Posh Spice persuaded her. Melanie, who had only ever fought against other models (aside from the odd drunken brawl) agreed, sensing seeing an opportunity to raise her profile.

Thus it was that Saturday night in North London that Louise Nurding and Melanie Sykes were in separate bedrooms of a conveniently available flat owned by one of Cat's fellow VJ's, who had rushed back from Ibizia to watch. As payment for their attendance and in revenge for making her fight, Melissa Joan Hart, her Saturday Morning co-presenters (A pair of northern buffoons called Ant & Dec) had had to fight privately for Cat and Victoria (who didn't really like one another). This set the tone for the event (and fueled Cat's desire to take on Mrs. Beckham) as the music started to play for the entry of the fighters from opposite side of the room.

First to enter the room was Louise Nurding, with her long light brown hair with subtle blonde highlights. The ex Eternal star wore white leather trousers and a white, one shouldered T-shirt style crop top. Louise was no stranger to catfighting, especially after the break up of Eternal and a loss to Mrs. Beckham and she immediately took to parading herself in front of an avid Beckham. Meanwhile the Melanie entered attired in black suit trousers and a matching jacket buttoned up in such a way that her oft lusted after cleavage and black bra were clearly on view. By prior agreement both women were barefoot.

Mel had expected that there would be some formal announcement and start to the fight, but there was none and her opponent seemed more intent on limbering up in front of an ever more irate Victoria. It was a warm evening, and it had been a long day for both women and they were already covered in a sheen of sweat. Growing bored of hanging around for Louise, Mel stepped forward and was able to grab hold of the singer's hair from behind. Mrs. Redknapp squealed with surprise and pain as she was pulled backwards. But no matter how much she struggled there was very little that she could practically do. Mel brought her right knee up sharply into Louise's backside, causing her to squeal louder (which brought a murmur of approval from the crowd), before spinning and throwing her opponent to the floor on the other side of the arena.

Louise opened her eyes to see that she was staring at the feet of a spectator, and wasn't entirely clear as to how she arrived in this situation. She got up onto one knee to see Melanie Sykes walking towards her, strutting for the benefit of the audience. Before Louise could stand up Mel was in front of her and had taken hold of her hair with both hands, pulling the singers head back so that she was looking up at her. But this was new territory for Mel who was used to brief explosions of cattiness in dressing rooms with lots of noise and flapping, but little substance.

Her ideas of a quick win were shattered when Louise reached down and grabbed hold of the model's ankles and pulled hard. Mel landed hard on her arse and squealed with pain as she fell, letting go of her opponents hair. Louise leapt forward landing on top of Mel so that the two women were almost face to face. The ex-Eternal singer then tried to spread her slender weight to as to pin her dark skinned opponent. Mel started to buck and struggle in an attempt to free herself. It didn't take more than a few seconds for both pin ups to grab hold of each others hair (at which Louise had a disadvantage having longer hair) and start pulling. As the pain in their scalps manifested itself into vocal expressions, so the audiences excitement and enthusiasm grew.

The two women started to roll back and forth across the carpet pulling hair and trying to grind their bodies against their opponents for an advantage. The light and dark colours of their hair, skin and outfits contrasted sharply, so that as they rolled about struggling for dominance they became a blur of colour. As Louise resumed her upper position, Melanie moved one hand from her hair to start pulling on the singer's T-shirt. As the thin cotton material started to give way, Louise retaliated by starting to pull on the lapel of Mel's jacket.

Almost simultaneously Louise's T-shirt was rent aside revealing a white bra and the two buttons on Mel's jacket were pulled open to reveal her dark skinned body and black bra As the audience cheered with delight, Louise was able to drive a fist into Melanie's body just underneath her breasts. Miss Sykes groaned with pain and tried to push the singer from off of her, while Mrs Redknapp struggled to prevent this. After some struggle, sweat and effort, Mel managed to push the singer off of her, and the two women rolled in opposite directions. But as a parting shot, Louise was able to swivel her body and plant her foot in the back of her opponent her only regret being that she wasn't wearing shoes. Mel just moaned as the blow hit her spine.

Louise was more quickly to her feet, and saw that Melanie Sykes had only managed to raise herself up onto her hands and knees. Not needing a second invitation Louise sprang forward so that she was stood above and behind her Asian opponent. She reached down and sank both her hands into the model's hair and used this grip to slowly stand her up.

"Fucking bitch!" squealed Mel, which brought a swift knee in the thigh from Louise.

Having achieved her position of dominance, Louise man-handled her opponent, despite her struggles, so that she was facing Mr. & Mrs. Beckham. She then moved one hand down from Mel's hair to the fly of her trousers.

"Well Vicki you two faced bitch, lets see how well you compare to this skanky slag shall we?" sneered Louise.

That brought a smile to David's face and a scowl and elbow to his ribs from Posh. But before any more could be revealed, Mel managed to twist her body and drive an elbow back into her opponents upper stomach. Being more intent on ragging her rival, this totally took Louise by surprise and she let out a strangled cry of pain and staggered backwards, letting go of the model.

With a sweet smile at David Beckham (which brought him another blow to the ribs), Mel spun round and advanced on Louise. Before the singer could recover, Mel delivered and open handed slap across her face sending her staggering back further. Mel then tried to follow up by showing off with a swinging kick to the stomach as she had seen people do in the gym. But her technique was lousy and Louise was able to grab her ankle with both hands before contact was made. They both paused for a moment, before Louise stepped backwards causing Melanie to hop in pursuit, and an evil smile crossed the singers face.

Suddenly Mrs. Redknapp twisted Miss Sykes ankle painfully to the right, and as Mel screeched with pain she over balanced and collapsed to the floor in a heap. Before Mel could react, and still holding onto her ankle, Louise stepped forward and landed a kick in the model's crotch, causing her to gurgle with pain. Mel's only crumb of comfort was that Louise wasn't wearing any type of footwear. The singer planned on following up by grinding her heel into Melanie's crotch and then doing the same to Victoria Beckham, when Melanie made a scything attack with her free leg. This took the singers feet from underneath of her so that she collapsed to the floor on her arse, and in doing do let go of Melanie.

Still hurting from the assault on her crotch Mel was more concerned in putting some carpet between her and Louise, despite the shouts from the crowd. But Louise wasn't hurt by her fall, and having instinctively rolled away from the model for fear of being kicked, she was up onto her hands and knees and was after her opponent. Melanie was at a real disadvantage her and had neither the room nor speed to out manoeuvre the British singer. Louise leapt forward like after prey and landed squarely on top of her opponent sinking both hands into her short black hair.

Although momentarily winded, Melanie responded by pulling Louise's longer hair from the back of her head, which can as an unpleasant surprise to Mrs. Redknapp. Even more of a surprise was that Melanie Sykes managed to roll the pair of them over so that she was on top, and rather than secure a pin she was trying to sit astride Louise. Despite the pain in her scalp and Louise's struggles, Melanie managed to raise her lower body up onto her knees.

Just as she was about to drive a knee into the singer's crotch, Louise shrieked "No!" and closed her legs round the knee protectively.

Mel could have shrieked with frustration at this development, and moved a hand down from her opponents long hair and drove it into Mrs Redknapp's stomach. Louise let out a strangled grunt of pain and released her hold on Mel's hair This enabled Mel to clamp both hands over Louise's breasts and use this to push herself up so that she was kneeling. Louise screamed, and the audience gasped, as she felt her nipples almost pushed bake into her chest cavity.

But Melanie was unaffected by these screams and instead reached down and picked up the singer by her T-shirt so that she could almost look Louise in the eye. At which point the sweat dampened cotton of the white T-shirt gave way and Louise fell back to the floor, with a soft thud as the plush carpet cushioned the landing. The supermodel looked around the audience in triumph; Louise's T-shirt had been ripped open to reveal a lacy white bra encasing her lusted after breasts.

But this triumph was premature as Louise brought her right knee up sharply into the base of her opponents spine (a manoeuvre she learnt from fitness training with her husband). Melanie Sykes howled with pain as she was thrown forward landing heavily on Louise, which wasn't quite what the singing star had planned on happening. Even worse was the realisation that her face was inside the model's jacket and her face distressingly (how ever much the majority of the male population would want to see Louise and Melanie engaged in such a romp, it was a prospect that did not excite either woman!) close to her swelled breasts.

Mel, meanwhile, had no idea of the distress she was causing Louise, but being on top she decided to emphasise this by raising her backside and slamming her groin down into the ex-Eternal singer's body. Mrs. Redknapp's expression of pain, although muffled was still audible to the audience, who had now become very vocal in their support and encouragement. What they could see or realise was the sense of panic that was threatening to overwhelm Louise, with her face pressed against Melanie's body. Instinctively Louise opened her mouth to gulp down more air from the fetid atmosphere within Mel's jacket. In doing so she sensed an opportunity, and moved her head so that it was closer to Mel's breasts.

"Stop squirming you slapper!" said Mel, reaching down with a hand to take hold of Louise's hair.

But before she could do so, she felt a burning sensation in her right breast. There was a sharp, gasping intake of air from the Asian model before a stream of obscenity poured forth, stunning the audience. Mel leapt off of her opponent like a cat that had landed on a hot tin roof, putting some clear carpet between the two fighters. Louise rolled in the opposite direction to her opponent, while Mel raised herself up onto her knees and began to check herself, in front of the audience, for any serious or lasting damage. To give herself a better view she slipped off her jacket. Louise hand managed to get to her feet and discarded the tattered shreds of her T-shirt. Melanie having determined that the skin had not been broken and that her bra was wet.

But before Melanie could turn to resume the fight Louise grabbed her roughly by her short black hair and started to pull her up off her knees. As much as Miss Sykes tried to struggle and fight back, she actually had very little chance to meaningfully do so.

"Surprised you've still got your clothes, you scabby whore!" snarled Louise in her opponents ear.

This brought a succinct "Slut!" from the model.

In response, Louise moved a hand from Mel's hair, down the front of her body and started to squeeze a breast. To add to Mel's sense of humiliation, she pulled her round so that she was facing Mr. & Mrs. Beckham, the former of whom was growing ever more excited by the spectacle unfolding in front of him. To up the ante, she slipped her hand round and unhooked Mel's black bra that tumbled to the floor to reveal pert breasts wit prominent nipples. Melanie started to struggle free with even more intensity to which Louise responded by resuming her one handed breast mauling, squeezing and kneading the malleable but tender flesh. Melanie moaned with pain and embarrassment, and David Beckham started to squirm as if he wanted to be in another room.

Louise moved her hand down to the fly buttons of Melanie's trousers, whilst saying loudly, "So Mel shall we show the audience that over used pussy of yours - maybe you and Victoria Slut can compare notes!"

Victoria's face was thunder, not helped by David's obvious enjoyment. But now Mel was worried about the level of humiliation that she was about to be exposed to, and moved a hand down to defend her womanhood. Louise became with that struggle, which allowed the model to twist slightly and, using a move never normally seen on the catwalk, drive her left elbow back into the singer's stomach. The first two such blows had little apparent affect, but with an effort born of anger and frustration, Melanie Sykes kept up the attacks. The third blow caused Louise to howl unmelodiously and she released her hold on Melanie, and instead used her hands to push the darker skinned

woman away from her. Mel turned to face Louise who was still holding onto her stomach with one hand.

Melanie charged forward planting both hands in Louise's longer hair and pushing her backwards. Mrs. Redknapp responded in kind with her own double handed hair pulling which did slow down Melanie. They tussled for a few moments inconclusively, before Mel was able to throw Louise onto a sofa, causing the two male audience members to leap out of the way.

But although Melanie was on top, she wasn't able to exploit this advantage: a sly punch to the stomach missed and hit a cushion. Louise was able to roll them over so that she was now in the upper berth and she started to bang Mel's head into the back of the settee. Melanie snaked a hand up and took hold of Louise's left breast and started to squeeze causing the singer to throw back her head, despite the painful hair pulling she was suffering and screamed. This enabled Mel to roll them back again so that she was on top, trying to press Louise into the soft furnishing with her body.

But there was still fight left in Louise and she resumed her one handed assault on Mel's breasts, paying particular attention to the large nipples that brought the Asian model close to tears. But this didn't stop Mel managing to straddle Louise, albeit with some difficulty, pinning her on the sofa. In desperation Louise stopped squeezing and pinching Mel's nipple (to the disappointment of the audience who were gathered round like school children watching a playground fight) and instead took hold of the waistband of her trousers. When she then pulled them up sharply it did not cause the desired pain, but did enable the two of them to roll over again. Except that there was no more sofa left (nor was there an arm to block their progress) with the affect that Mel fell off the edge and landed heavily on the floor with Louise on top of her.

Mel was stunned by the fall, whereas Louise landed on her knee's that although painful did not cloud her senses. She quickly scrambled to sit astride Mel's chest, pinning her arms with her knees and the crotch of her leather trousers centimetre's from her face. What brought Mel to was Louise's fumbling with the front of her trousers. She tried to get up and fight back, but could do nothing. Louise was to close to her head to be effectively kicked or kneed. By squirming her lower body she realised that she could delay but not stop Louise.

Bowing to the inevitable, she shouted her surrender. To the disappointment of the crowd Louise accepted it and stopped her attacks. But in getting up she did take the opportunity to press the crotch of her leather trousers into Mel's face to emphasise her superiority.

When she finally got up she was the centre of attention, whereas Mel was treated as if she were a drunk in Leicester Square. Her first job was to saunter towards Victoria Beckham.

"Your next bitch, unless you want to find another excuse to duck out. Cat here will sort out a time and a place, you just have to bring your skanky body there, with or without your vacant headed husband!"

Victoria just smiled but before she could come up with a witty and stinging retort, Louise had walked away to change.

Cat Deeley walked over to Mrs. Beckham with a filofax in hand and asked, "Shall we swap dates?"