Louise Nurding vs. Denise Van Outen by Harry 12-21-00

Louise and Denise had never really gotten on, and it was not difficult to understand why. Louise was a successful pop singer, happily married to England footballer Jamie Redknapp who carefully cultivated a teasing sexual image without being brash. Denise was a failed pop singer turned TV presenter who was engaged to the lead singer of Jamiroquai and deliberately cultivated her brash (slutty?) blonde Essex woman image. Their mutual apathy turned nasty at an obscure TV music award presented by Denise.

Louise wore a particularly revealing outfit in which to perform her new song, only to find herself competing with Denise in a particularly minimalist outfit of her own. Denise rubbed in the humiliation with some unsubtle sexual innuendo, only to find herself cut dead by Louise (fortunately off camera) with a brisk 'bitch!' as she left the studio.

Denise was furious at being shown up in this manner and after the show stormed to Miss Nurding's changing room only to find that she had left the building. The blonde continued to stew and mull upon the over the weekend. On the Monday morning she appeared on the Big Breakfast show and aimed a surprisingly bitchy torrent of snide comments against the ex-Eternal singer. To emphasize the point, she wore a particularly revealing outfit for which there is a time and a place - but 7.15AM whilst eating ones breakfast was neither. By 8:00AM Denise was passed a message from Louise inviting her to come to the private stables she used not far away so that they could discuss a way of resolving this matter.

At the end of the show, Denise swiftly changed and drove to the appointed location. Parking her BMA next to Louise's new car (she had only recently passed her Driving Test) she accosted a stable lackey and was directed to a stable. As she entered the surprisingly warm building she was welcomed by the sound of Louise's hit song 'Two Faced'.

Snarling, Denise slammed the door closed to announce her presence and walked forward. Louise was waiting for her in an extra large stall adorned with a thick layer of artificial straw, a CD Player and heaters on full power. Mrs. Redknapp stood with one foot against a wall attired for riding. She had black knee boots, white riding breeches (Jodhpurs), a white blouse and a checkered jacket with her newly trimmed hair worn natural.

Denise, meanwhile, wore black knee boots, black leggings and a denim jacket. Her blonde hair was considerably shorter than Louise's so there was less that could be done with it. Without further ado, she slipped off her jacket that fell to the floor, revealing a short sleeved black top with a plunging v-neckline right into her cleavage. It was obvious from the shape of her top that no matter the heaters, she was feeling the chill weather outside. Louise stepped forward allowing her own jacket to fall to the ground, revealing that the cold weather was having an identical affect on her.

"You pleased to see me honey," sneered Denise in her Essex accent, "or just thinking about how I'm going to satisfy that husband of yours?"

"Blonde slut!" snapped Louise as she stepped closer still to the blonde TV hostess.

They were both in the others face but not so close enough their bodies touched. They circled ever so slowly, each dreaming of how she was going to humiliate the other. Denise thrust her chest forward so it touched Louise's and the singer responded with a right handed slap across the pale cheek of Miss van Outen's face. Denise momentarily stepped back at the blow, but recovered and turned to smile at the singer before landing her own stinging slap across Mrs. Redknapp's face.

There was a slight pause whilst the two fighters eyed each other, daring the other women to make a move first. Almost instantaneously both women went for one anothers hair taking hold of as much as they could hold between their fingers and began to pull and shake. Their bodies collided and began to rub against one another. They tried to slip their booted feet round the others ankles but to no avail. They staggered back and forth, each woman grunting with effort in a way that could not be considered musical.

Louise took an early advantage by trapping Denise's right foot between her legs and throwing the blonde to the floor. Denise landed on her back (no cheap jokes about Essex girls please) amidst a cloud of artificial straw. As she struggled to get straight back up Louise was astride her thighs aiming to resume the hair pulling. Denise defended herself with a barrage of slaps and claws, whilst simultaneously trying to move back. Alarmingly for Denise, she could get no grip or purchase on the straw with her boots so was moving no where. Louise meanwhile was trying to reach forward and grab hold of her opponent but was prevented from doing so by her desperate defense.

The ex-Eternal singer then felt a great pain in her right buttock, that felt like she had been kicked by a horse. In reality, Denise had brought her knee up and into her backside. Although not able to land a truly painful blow because of her constrained position, Denise was gratified to see the grimace of pain crossed the singers face. She followed up with a blow from her other knee and managed to slip in a sneaky punch to the brunettes stomach. Louise fearing a dead-leg tried to dismount her opponent to move back into the middle of the stable, but Miss van Outen rose up and grabbed her hair before pulling her down into the straw.

"Bet you are used to rolling in the hay like some country slut!" sneered the Essex woman.

Realizing she could not get away immediately Louise returned the hair pulling in the hope of keeping Denise away from her. Wanting to get to grips with her opponent (Denise's reputation was that of a brawler rather than a fighter) the blonde slipped a hand from Louise's hair, grabbed the blouse and began to pull. Although this did pull the two women marginally closer together, the main affect was to start to rip the article open, revealing more of the singers chest and shoulder.

Louise responded by taking a hand from Denise's bright blonde hair and grabbed hold of the neckline of the TV presenters top and began pulling. The top began to stretch out of shape but didn't rip. The two women began to roll back and forth in the straw continuing to tug at hair and clothes, whilst exchanging insults and slurs, although neither was able to achieve an advantage or a dominant position.

After several minutes of struggle in the straw Louise managed to push Denise clear from her, but at the cost of her blouse being ripped fully open and part of it being left in Denise's hand. Denise threw the rag aside and rolled onto her hands and knees in time to see that her long-haired opponent had done the same. They threw themselves at one another hair and resumed the fierce struggle.

Both women were experienced hair pullers and took a strong grip of the hair at the back of their opponents head and used the grip to pull one another upright and then yank head back so they were staring up at the ceiling. Both women groaned with pain and fought back the desire to cry out loud and show weakness. They both realized that the deadlock was getting them nowhere, but it was Louise who tried to grab the fight by the scruff of the neck as it were. She slipped her right hand down Denise's back and took hold of the blonde's butt covered in the thin material of the black leggings. Denise winced as the fingers grasped her flesh, then swore as Louise converted the grip into a ripping motion - peeling aside the thin material to reveal a black thong.

"I'm going to show Jamie what its like to fuck a real woman when I've finished with you bitch!" snarled Denise as she redoubled her hair pulling in retaliation.

Louise shrieked at the pain in her scalp, but was able to whisper back, "That'll be a laugh, given when you last saw your man!"

Louise then adjusted her grip now able to attack the flesh of Denise's backside. Denise thrashed her body, pressing it closer to Louise's in response to this attack but unwilling to break off the hair pulling to gain relief. But this only allowed Louise to use the combination of her grip on Denise's backside and hair pulling to push the blonde woman on to her back a second time, this time laying on top of her opponent. Denise struggled to throw her opponent off of her or else roll them over, but was limited in doing so by Louise having been able to adopt a stable position from which to control the fight.

"There's no point even comparing me to you," hissed Louise as she slammed her crotch against Denise's causing the blonde to groan. "I'm all woman and you're nothing but a cheap slut!"

She slammed her crotch down again for emphasis. She now had both hands in the blondes hair and began shaking her head from side to side sending up clouds of artificial straw. Denise was not submissive in this and renewed her two handed hair pulling, dragging the singers head back and stretching her neck. Both women squealed with pain and grunted with effort, but neither was willing to give first and admit that they were the weaker woman.

Denise broke the deadlock by sliding her left hand from Louise's hair and feinting to slap the ex-Eternal singer instead pushed it inside the remnants of her blouse and gripped her right breast. The combination of this surprise attack and Denise's cold hands sent a shiver down Louise's spine and she lost concentration momentarily. This soon returned as the blondes fingers began to dig into the sensitive breast flesh behind the minimal white bra. She gritted her teeth, but as sufficiently distracted that it allowed Denise to reposition herself and roll them both over.

"I've never understood what blokes see in you," sneered Denise in her bitchiest tone. She adjusted her position so she could sit astride her opponents waist and added, "With pitiful little tits like these, how could you satisfy any man?"

"Bitch!" shrieked Louise, more in frustration at having lost her position of dominance.

No longer able to maintain a real grip on Denise's hair she let go and concentrated on breaking the hold on her breast, all the while trying to throw the other woman from her. But her struggles were curtailed when Denise rose and then slammed her exposed butt into the singers waist. Louise groaned as Denise brought her right hand to bear on Louise's breasts, while with her right she grabbed her jaw and squeezed.

Louise reacted, reaching up with both hands to pull aside Denise's top, her intent clear. Denise released Louise's jaw, leaned forward and began to attack her opponents breasts with both hands, pulling at the thin bra; squeezing and pinching the exposed flesh. Louise bucked and squirmed, but could only find relief by clamping her own hands across Denise's larger breasts encased in the black bra. Although Denise winced at the attack she knew she had a head start in the breast contest and instead concentrated on hurting Louise.

As she leaned forward, Denise raised her butt up allowing the shredded material of her leggings to hang limply. Sensing an opportunity and seeking relief, Louse brought her right knee up into the now exposed womanhood of her opponent. It could have landed in a more sensitive spot, but the collision of knee and crotch still made Denise howl with pain. She fell off of her opponent to the right clutching herself. Louise rolled in the opposite direction and lay in the straw trying to take stock of the damage that had been done to her breasts.

Denise meanwhile had stopped rolling in pain and massaging herself and she managed to stand up on somewhat shaky legs, her face twisted in a mask of hatred and determination. Louise also got up and discarded the pitiful remnants of her blouse a move which Denise mirrored.

Louise moved forward intent on getting to grips with her blonde opponent but was taken by surprise when Denise swung the palm of her left hand which caught Louise and made her step back. Denise followed up, grabbing two handfuls of the singers light brown hair. Louise was defended herself taking two fistfuls of Denise's shorter blonde hair and they began to tussle, each trying to get a more painful hold.

Louise then dropped her left hand from pulling hair and instead slammed her elbow into Denise's side. The blonde TV presenter gasped with pain and slumped forward against Louise, looking down at her opponents feet. Louise used this to her advantage, forcing Denise's head further down until she was bent over double.

No longer able to pull Louise's hair, Denise instead grabbed her thighs, pressing her fingers through her thin white jodhpurs. Louise ignored the pin-prick attacks and tried to bull Denise towards the wall, but the blonde woman spread her legs to steady herself. Unable to force her opponent back, Louise went to work on the clasp of Denise's black bra. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks as her face went white. Denise, having had no discernible affect on Louise by attacking her thighs, had instead pushed her right hand upward - driving a fist into Louise's crotch.

Louise released her, but still managing to unhook her bra as she staggered back. Ignoring (or not seeing) her bra fall to the floor, Denise wrapped her arms round Louise and bulled forward. The two women stumbled and collapsed in a heap in the straw with Denise on top.

Instinctively, now that she was able to attack her opponent, Denise plunged her hands into Louise's now less-than-perfect hair before realizing the singer still had her bra on. Louise managed to reach up and grab Denise's hair despite her pain to show she wasn't out of the fight yet. Denise was able to position herself so that she was sat astride her opponent and, letting go of her hair, pulled hard on the straps of Louise's bra, which unsurprisingly gave way.

Realizing what was about to come Louise reached up and again assaulted Denise's larger breasts, squeezing the flesh and her (by now) erect nipples. Denise howled and vengefully sank her fingers into Louise's breasts squeezing and kneading her breasts. Louise screamed as the she felt her breasts in a vice like grip.

She daren't let go of Denise and managed to snarl, "Get off me you blonde slut!"

"Never you little bimbo, I'm staying here until you admit that I'm the better woman" retorted the TV presenter.

With a fury born of growing desperation, Louise dropped her right hand and started to pull at the waistband of Denise's black leggings which soon stretched and began to rip (already weakened by the holes at the rear) exposing her pale skin and the top of her black panties. Denise sensed what was to come and concentrated on twisting Louise's nipples which made the singer howl, but did not deflect her attacl. The black panties were pulled down to reveal the luxuriant bright blonde minge and she sunk her fingers in, pulling tugging and twisting.

Denise howled with pain and fell backwards between Louise's legs, leaving the singer clutching some strands of hair. Louise was meanwhile only grateful that her breasts were no longer being tortured, and now only wanted to move away from Denise's flailing boots. She had contemplated trying to scissors her opponent but decided that at this stage discretion was the better part of valor!

As Denise lay clutching her burning womanhood she tried to prevent Louise from getting away by scratching at her jodhpurs causing rends and holes to appear. She also tried to plant part of her boot in Louise's face as payment for the damage to her pussy, but only manage to land a heel on the singers shoulder, which was quite painful enough for the singer as she was at last able to roll to her left and away from the TV presenter.

They lay about two metres apart on their back in the artificial straw which clung to their sweaty and exposed skin, each breathing heavily. Denise was fired by thoughts of revenge and despite not having fully recovered, she rolled over onto her hands and knees and began to advance on her opponent. Louise saw this, but was not ready to resume the battle and started to crawl away.

"Get back here you skanky little slut!" barked Denise as she lunged forward and grabbed the ankles of Louise's riding boots.

She pulled hard which made Louise fall flat on her face. Denise now rose up onto her knees so that she towered above the singer. But in a practiced. but not often used dance routine move, Louise rolled over and in doing so was able to swing her left foot high enough to catch the Channel 4 presenter a glancing blow to the head.

Denise fell on her back in a cloud of straw, stunned by this attack. Despite wanting the chance to rest, Louise saw a chance to end this fight and scrambled towards her opponent. As Denise began to recover she felt a great weight on her chest and breasts. As she opened her eyes she was horrified to see that Louise had her in a school girl pin and that she was looking up at Louise's face. She tried to resist but her arms were pinned under the singers knees.

"Now you blonde tramp, you have a choice, this...," with that Louise raised herself and grabbing Denise by the hair pulled her face up close to her pussy.

Denise was assailed by the sweaty and womanly aroma of Louise's womanhood and she wanted to gag. Under normal circumstances she might have been tempted but not this time, she just wanted to gag. She was swept by a wave of relief when Louise released her so that her head fell down to the ground.

"Or perhaps you want something a bit more humiliating?" inquired Louise sweetly.

"Anything but that!" pleaded Denise - rather too quickly, which she soon realized to her regret.

Louise dismounted and indicated for Denise to get on her hands and knees, which she did. Louise then led (or pulled) her to the wall where she took down a short, leather, riding crop. Denise blanched and tried to back out, but the thought of her face being smothered between Louise's thighs made her bite her lip. She took 20 minutes of being soundly thrashed across the butt before she was released!