Renee O'Connor vs. Victoria Pratt III by Interac 3/14/01

A while has passed since Victoria Pratt was beaten by Renee O'Connor, handcuffed, bound and destroyed. Victoria was not one to be looking for revenge but every time she went to a open a dresser she remembered Renee slamming her boobs. Victoria wanted revenge and felt certain she could beat Renee again as she already had. Their previous two fights had gone back and forth with Victoria on top for most of them; yet they had two very different outcomes. Now that Victoria had recovered, she was trying to goad Renee into one more fight - but Renee had refused all invitations.

Then one day Victoria went to the cabin of Sam Raimis, producer of both of their shows. His cabin had been the Location of the first fight. Victoria walked the grounds, seeing the spot where she'd left Renee with a vibrator. She made her way into the house where the fight had started. As she went upstairs, she walked through the few rooms. In one was the door to the control room where the fight had been taped. This was the first time she ever knew about this. She turned on the cameras and watched all areas around the cabin. There was a camera in every room and outside. Victoria then found a tape with the date of her and Renee's fight.

She put it in and watched the tape of the fight.

"Oh My God," whispered Victoria as she watched.

When it was over, Victoria made a copy of the tape and put it in her bag. After putting the original back where it had been, she left the cabin as she found it.

A week later Renee was in a coffee house with her publicist and a few friends. Victoria walked in with a couple of her friends. She sat at the counter, looked over at Renee then she smiled, nodded, stood up and walked away with her friends. A few minutes later, a waiter brought a package to Renee's table and handed it to her.

Renee asked, "What is this?"

The waiter replied, "I don't know. Ms. Pratt just gave me $20 and asked me to give it to you."

There was a note on the package:


I realize the difference now. This a tape of me apologizing to you. Please watch it alone unless you feel the need to humiliate me even more than you already have and want to watch it with your friends. There's a phone number on the tape for you to call me after you've watched it.


"What do you say girls," Renee giggled. "Should we watch it?"

All the women went, "YEAH!"

An hour later in her hotel room, Renee and her friends put in the video. What they saw was the video of Victoria beating up Renee in every possible way. Including Victoria having Renee's breasts trapped in the window of her car. Renee turned it off before they could see the end. All Renee's friends left without saying a word but she could hear their snide remarks about Victoria beating her.

Once they were gone Renee picked up the phone and called Victoria.

"When and Where? This time is it! One camera and it tapes everything. The tape is shown at the next party."

Victoria laughed confidently.

"I couldn't agree more. I already made arrangements for a cameraman to follow us. The fight's as soon as you get to.... Oh Hell, forget that! I'll be at your ..... No, god knows what you got there! Look, I'm in a room right next door. Come over when your ready. Oh and Renee, no matter what happens, the fight's not over 'til one of us admits the other is the better woman. Deal?"

"Deal!" Renee said as she hung up the phone.

Renee quickly made her way to Victoria's room where she found the door open. Victoria was waiting for her.

"Lock the door will you," Victoria said as she stepped out of the bedroom.

Before Renee could shut the door behind her, a camera man appeared in the hall and followed her in. Renee locked the door behind them and looked at Victoria who let her robe slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor. She was wearing just a bra and panties.

Renee took of her shirt and pants, stripping down to her own bra and panties. Standing tall, she exposed her toned and shapely body, tight but nowhere near that of her opponent. Victoria walked over to Renee and Renee clinched her fists and got into a fighting stance.

Renee charged Victoria who was expecting as much and just moved aside. She sent a kick to Renee's stomach doubling her over but Renee did a double leg take down and ripped off Victoria's bra. But before she could mount any further attack, Victoria grabbed her by the hair and rolled her over. Pinning her, Victoria got to Renee's bra and ripped it off too.

Victoria sent two quick knees to Renee's pussy eliciting a scream, then while she was writhing in pain, Victoria slowly started pulling down Renee's panties.

Renee fought back, kicking Victoria away and knocking her back onto the couch. Renee got to her feet, ignoring the pain as best she could and jumped on the couch with Victoria, driving her knee into Victoria's crotch. Victoria let out a grunt as Renee started choking her and banging her head of the arm of the couch.

Renee rose up on her knees and sent two punches on Victoria's face, causing a trickle of blood to start to flow from above her eye. Victoria blocked the third blow as it was coming down and held onto Renee's wrist, pulling and throwing Renee off of her down on the floor.

Victoria sat up on the couch while Renee got to her hands and knees and looked up. Renee ran back at Victoria and tried to tackle her but as she slammed into her, the couch flipped over. Renee went monkey flipping over Victoria down on the floor behind the sofa.

Victoria rolled over and landed on top of Renee then slammed her head into the floor - twice. Victoria started nailing Renee with punch after punch. When she felt she'd done enough damage, Victoria stood up and started kicking down onto Renee's entire body, but focusing mostly on her perky boobs.

"God, leave my boobs alone you whore!" Renee screamed as she tried to catch Victoria's foot.

She finally got enough of one to get Victoria off balance.

Renee started to get up and said, "Now it's my . . . Ahhhhhrrrggg!"

Victoria had got up first, run toward Renee and hit her with a jumping knee in the face, crushing poor Renee's nose. Victoria sprang into a fighters stance as she waited for Renee to get up. When Renee finally got to her feet, she was nailed with a spinning heel kick to the jaw that sent her crashing right back down to the floor, again. Her face was a bloody mess; her nose was broken and she'd lost some teeth from the last kick.

Renee felt herself being dragged back up to her feet and thrown facefirst into the wall. Victoria rubbed Renee's face into the wall until her blood was smeared all over her face, then Victoria started kidney punching. Victoria took both hands and dug into Renee's hair, turned her around and slammed the back of her head into the wall! Then she did it again!

"I heard you were telling everybody, at least whoever would listen, that you're better than me," Victoria screamed into Renee's ear. "A better fighter, in better shape. Is that true? You bragged about your workout routine. Is all this true? You think you're better than me?"

Victoria rammed her knee into Renee's stomach before she could answer her, doubling her over. Not letting Renee fall, Victoria grabbed her up in a bearhug and started to squeeze with all her might, even ramming Renee's back against the wall for added pressure on her spine.

Renee was running out of options when she heard Victoria say over and over again, "Just say it. Say I'm better than you. Say I'm the better woman. Admit to it and the pain is over. You won't be in pain no more. I won't hurt you any longer."

As she talked, Victoria kept up the pressure on Renee's lower back.

"Never!" Renee screamed as she slammed Victoria's ears with both palms.

Victoria collapsed to the floor, still holding Renee in her arms. Victoria dazed, her head wobbly, knew Renee was on top of her but before she could do anything. Renee started to bite her face.

Finally free from Victoria's grasp, Renee rolled off her and started to get to her feet. In pain, her face bloodied, Renee looked over at Victoria who was still down on her back holding her face. Renee, although still in pain, knew she wanted to take the battle to Victoria.

Just as Victoria started to haul herself up on the bed, she was tackled from behind. Renee knew she couldn't let Victoria get her wits back so she pressed Victoria's face into the pillow with all her weight behind it. But instead of knocking Victoria out from this, Renee eased up. Instead, she sat on Victoria's back and punched her in the back of the neck. Then Renee jumped up and slammed both knees into Victoria's kidneys.

Renee held Victoria by the hair at the back of her neck as she lifted her head, bent down and started to talk to her while scratching at her open wound.

"You know. I AM better than you. And you know the one thing you always had you could brag about? Your conditioning? Well, I'm much better at that than you too. My body is twice what you have. Now why don't you just admit it already!"

"Renee, why don't you just shut the fuck up!" Victoria screamed.

Victoria sent her elbow backward, knocking Renee off of her and off the bed. Renee tried to get up but Victoria grabbed the lamp by the bed and smashed it into her head dropping her on her belly on the carpet.

As the cameraman scrambled around the bed to get a better view, Victoria scrambled off the bed and picked Renee up by the hair. Holding Renee's body against the wall, Victoria punched her twice in the stomach. She then picked Renee up in the air in a body slam position - but instead ran her headfirst into the wall!

Victoria held her in that position as she posed for the camera, then threw Renee's limp, unconscious body on the bed. Renee lay there knocked out cold while Victoria caught her breath. When she started to stir around a little bit, her face and head were covered in blood; her gold hair had turned crimson.

Victoria took a moment to consider what to do, then she sat on Renee's legs and leaned forward to pin her arms down.

"Wakey Wakey Renee. You can't admit to nothing when your knocked out cold."

Victoria rolled her chin down onto and lowered herself onto Renee's body until she got her mouth on Renee's left boob. She sucked the nipple in and then bit down on it just as hard as she could!

Renee awoke with a blood curdling scream as she writhed, squirmed and glared down at Victoria. Renee tried desperately to move her arms but Victoria, especially in the position she was in, was just too strong.

"Oh God! That's enough Victoria!" Renee cried. "Stop, please! Just leave me alone, OK? You win!"

Renee got her arms up a little bit but they were slammed back down by Victoria proving she was stronger then Renee.

"Say the words," Victoria said as she looked up with blood at the corners of her mouth like some 'B movie' vampire. "The only way I stop is when you say the words we agreed on."

Victoria was also grinding her knee into Renee's pussy; grinding continually and biting down on Renee's tit. Blood started to flow from it until Renee finally cried out the words Victoria wanted to hear.

"Stop it, dammit! Stop!" Renee moaned. "Alright, you're the better woman. You are better looking. A better fighter, in better shape, just sto...."

Before she could finish, Renee passed out from the pain.

Victoria sat up on Renee's chest, looking down at her and knowing she is not only the better fighter but that she has a tape of this that'll be shown at the next party to prove it to everyone.

Victoria felt she couldn't just leave Renee on the bed like that, especially since it's her room. While the cameraman rewinds the tape and puts it in a plastic box, Victoria puts on her robe and picks up Renee's limp body in her powerful arms. She carries Renee to the elevator, sits her nude body against the rear wall and pushes the button that will send the elevator to the lobby. When it arrives, all the people coming in will see Renee O'Connor, beaten, battered and dishonor. As she returns to her room, Victoria wishes she'd thought of sending the cameraman ahead to tape the scene in the lobby when Renee is discovered.