Jennifer O'Dell vs. Victoria Pratt by Interac

Jennifer was looking at the door and had a few people around her. "It's been too long since I seen that whore, we needed one more fight she agreed to it. Tonight I'm going to beat her worst than she's ever been beaten before. Tonight you will see Victoria Pratt on the ground and me with my foot on her flexing. Then everyone will know which one of us is strongest."

The other woman spoke up, "You really hate her don't you?"

"Yes and No. That part at the tourney I could care less about I just wanted to beat Victoria. I beat her and she won the tournament, then dodged me for this long. Now I do hate her, and tonight she and I are gonna fight whether she wants to or not. And if she doesn't want to - I win because she admits then and there who the better blonde is!"

Another person walked in front of Jennifer. It was Hudson Leick who said, "Now you listen here. I've been wanting to fight Victoria because she was on Xena but all of you from that goddam tourney for a long time. I knocked out Debbe Dunning with one punch. one punch, and why? Because she was in it and I wasn't. I would've won that thing if I were in it and you know that's true!"

Jennifer looked at Hudson and purred, "I could care less. I'm here for Victoria. If you want me some other time fine and dandy. Not tonight, tonight it's me and Victoria Pratt."

Hudson smiled, "Well then some other time both you and Victoria, and whomever else I see will get theirs."

Just outside Victoria was walking up to the door with Lauren Lee Smith and out the door came Karen Cliché. "Victoria I'm so glad to see you. Jennifer O'Dell's in there saying that tonight."

Before she could finish Victoria walked straight into the house, and Lauren stood there with a worried look. Victoria entered the house and looked around with a vicious glare and walked down the step just looking around the room. From the door Karen and Lauren entered, and from the crowd just behind Victoria, Jennifer shoved her down to the ground.

"Get up slut, I'm going to beat you in front of everyone and put my foot on your beaten body and show just how much stronger I am than you."

"Alright then in front of everyone." Victoria got up but Jennifer immediately jumped at her and grabbed her by the hair and swung her into the wall and quickly followed up with a knee to the pussy, as Victoria's head came down Jennifer hit her with an uppercut, and grabbed a hold of the front of Victoria's shirt and put her foot into Victoria's abs and did a monkey flip move sending Victoria crashing down and ripping the front of her shirt a little. As Victoria started to get up Jennifer ran in and speared her in the side, Victoria was back on the ground rolling around holding her side, and Jennifer picked her up by the hair again and lifted her face so she was looking right at Jennifer while holding her side, Jennifer slapped the teeth right out of Victoria's mouth she hit her that hard with a slap putting Victoria back down.

Jennifer then kicked Victoria towards the wall, and picked her up so much to her side with her foot and just held onto the wall and started nailing kicks to Victoria's stomach and boobs, and face. Jennifer would not let up and went back a few steps and ran in nailing Victoria in the stomach. Jennifer dropped to her knees right close to Victoria's face which had tears of pain streaming down her beautiful face, Jennifer grabbed her by the hair and started to punch her in the face over and over again before picking her back up and slamming her back against the wall, and pressing her body into Victoria's

"I fucking hate you, I worked out since the tournament just to get back at you, and I don't care about the others. I humiliated you there and you won the damn thing. ."

Jennifer then scooped up Victoria in a front body slam position showing she was quite strong and nailed her with a back breaker as she was walking her around the party. She let Victoria go down to the ground and hauled her back up to her feet and hauled Victoria's shirt over her head and hit one smack but with a surge of energy Victoria started pushing Jennifer back but Jennifer changed her feet and threw Victoria again and Victoria's back hit the wall.

Victoria started to get up the wall, her face showing great pain, and now topless. Victoria was in dire straits, Jennifer came in for a straight but Victoria moved out of the way and nailed a leg sweep on Jennifer. Victoria then got to her knees as Jennifer landed on her back and her forearm in Jennifer throat. Victoria got back to her feet, and was still the worst of the two as she struggled to stay on her feet and even fell back down on her ass. Jennifer started to get up coughing for air and finally Victoria made it back to her feet. Victoria this time got the advantage tackling Jennifer to the floor; grabbing at her hair and slamming Jennifer's head down to the ground, then hair still in hand she picked Jennifer up and turned into her lifting Jennifer up on her back, by the hair

Jennifer screamed in pain and Victoria let her down and then lifted her up again, this time Jennifer flipped over Victoria shoulder. Victoria still had Jennifer hair in her hands and now Jennifer had Victoria's hair and the two were bent down trying to win this battle when Jen started winning it twisting Victoria around, but using her own momentum and flipped Jennifer over. Jennifer not letting go took the flip and Victoria flipped over Jennifer, before Jennifer could get an advantage though, Victoria rolled her over again and was on top, and nailed a knee to Jennifer's pussy. She let out a sigh of pain just as Victoria hit a second one and her hands fell from Victoria's scalp. Victoria looked up at the people stood around and smiled and hit a third knee. Jennifer body had some spasm actions and Victoria laughed as she sat up straight and nailed three thunderous punches to Jennifer face.

Victoria felt in complete control now and stood up with Jennifer and threw her face first into the wall. On her quickly, Victoria pinned Jennifer face to the wall with her elbow and hit some kidney punches. Grabbing Jennifer by the arm, Victoria turned her around so that the two were facing one and another. Victoria ripped off Jennifer's shirt leaving only tattered remains on her arms and back. Now everyone could see how truly muscular and well conditioned Victoria was and that Jennifer was equal to the task. Victoria looked around and heard people saying such a thing and nailed a punch to Jennifer's stomach, then pulled the rest of her shirt off her body.

"Hear that they think you're up there with me, how little they know!" Victoria said that so only Jennifer could hear. Then she clamped her hands around Jennifer's throat and started to squeeze. "No matter what you do Jennifer, you'll never be anywhere near MY Equal." Victoria hauled Jennifer away from the wall a little and slammed her back into it. "You hear me never!!"

Jennifer was not giving in though and the now brunette grabbed at Victoria's wrists and attempted to pry Victoria's hands away from her neck. "You're not strong enough, to do that you'd have to be stronger than someone." Victoria screamed but started to have a worried look in her eyes.

The reason for worry became obvious as Jennifer was separating Victoria's hands from her throat, "I'm not am I?"

Jennifer had Victoria's arms completely spread to their wing span and she was trying to fight back but Jennifer was able to keep her arms were they were too, and then came in quick and hit a head but on Victoria who stumbled back a few steps holding her face.

Jennifer followed her sneering, "Not your equal; I'm your fucking better." Victoria let Jennifer come close, then threw a left handed punch. But Jennifer ducked it and slipped behind Victoria, locking her in a full nelson. "Now you're screams will prove it even more." Jennifer was strong and everyone saw it; now Victoria was feeling it too as Jennifer was pouring on full pressure.

"Nooooo!" Victoria screamed being overpowered as Jennifer forced her arms back down, breaking the full nelson. She threw her head back, knocking Jennifer back a few steps. "My better, never in a million years!"

Victoria followed in and threw a punch at Jennifer who ducked and went through and tried for her own punch, which Victoria dodged. Victoria lunged down at Jennifer who was bent downwards after the punch. Jennifer grabbed at Victoria's leg though and the two went around in a circle trying to get a position on the other, finally both were firmly on their feet with a hand behind the other's neck Jennifer nailed a knee to Victoria's firm and muscular stomach. Victoria though shot out her own knee hitting Jennifer into her equally muscular stomach. Jennifer hit another and as her foot hit the ground after the blow Victoria answered back.

Jennifer screamed "you bitch" With that Jennifer nailed another knee.

"Lousy slut." Victoria answered back and hit another knee of her own.

The two women traded more and more knees before finally Victoria hit two in a row, then a third lifting Jennifer up off her feet. Then bringing Jennifer in closer she threw Jennifer away and near the stairwell. Jennifer bounced and rolled the rest of the way near the first step, trying to push herself up but fell back down holding her stomach. Victoria still on her feet looked around at the people watching the fight, her belly red from the beating she just took. Yet Victoria was nodding and looked at her costar Lauren and flexed for all around so they could wonder at her shape.

"Now I'm going to finish her." Victoria said sauntering over to Jennifer who as she hauled her up by the hair grabbed a hold of Victoria's waist. "You're pathetic."

But suddenly Jennifer stood up straight and threw Victoria over her shoulder and onto the stairwell, then collapsed down to her hands and knees. Breathing hard Jennifer turned her head and looked at Victoria who had turned onto her belly and was crawling up the stairs.

"Who's the pathetic one now, look at you crawl away."

Jennifer got up and walked up the stairs getting to were Victoria was and lifting her up by the hair and throwing her up into the wall. Victoria bounced off the wall and came forward, but Jennifer put one hand between Victoria's breasts and the other at the back of Victoria's hair and lifted her good two feet in the air and slammed her back into the wall.

The people there started cheering that sign of strength as just about every picture on the wall shook and fell. The stairs themselves were three feet between each stair of the vast mansion so there was room, for a lot to be done between each stair.

Jennifer stepped back and hit one of the hardest and most vicious body punches anyone there had ever seen; it seemed as though Jennifer's fist had gotten lost in Victoria's now beaten abdomen. Victoria doubled over on the fist gasping for air and if she could begging for a reprieve

Jennifer brought her fist away from Victoria's stomach and put it around Victoria's throat and slammed Victoria back into the wall. She then nailed her left hand into Victoria's stomach. Then stepping back she hit a spinning heel kick that put Victoria down to her face. Even though badly hurting Victoria tried to get away crawling up the large stairs, but Jennifer kicked her in the ass bringing her flat down. Turning around for a moment Jennifer put her arms up in the air and flexed them, asking, "Just who is stronger?"

Those around clapped her, and then Jennifer pressed her breasts together getting a holler from the men.

"Who wants to see Victoria's boobs?"

The men there started to scream and some said we'd rather see yours to which Jennifer smiled as she turned.

"You'll have to settle for this slut." As Jennifer looked at Victoria, somehow the Canadian had made it to safety railing, which was completely solid. Jennifer grabbed Victoria by her hair and lifted her face up to the edge.

Wrapping her forearm around Victoria's throat she hauled back and with her free hand slid it down Victoria's back. "Now let's let everyone see what money can buy."

'Fuck you." Victoria uttered out and then grabbed at the back of both of Jennifer's knees and lifted and pushed off slamming Jennifer into the wall this time the wall's plaster started to crack. Stepping forward she jumped back with all her leg power pan caking Jennifer into the wall again.

Jennifer's forearm dropped from Victoria's throat and Victoria stumbled a few steps before getting her bearings near the stairwell. Jennifer fell to her side and crawled a few steps up. Victoria turned around and looked at the crack in the wall from what she had done to Jennifer, and then climbed the step and half that Jennifer had crawled.

Grabbing Jennifer by the back of the hair she yanked back lifting Jennifer up to her knees then up to her feet. Knowing she had to do something to regain the thought she was the stronger of the two

Putting her two hands under Jennifer's arm pits, Victoria lifted Jennifer up in the air until Jennifer's knees were up to her waist and her arms were shaking from the effort then threw Jennifer back at the wall.

Victoria then hit a right-handed punch to Jennifer's stomach. "You lousy slut, trying to make these people think you're stronger then me!" Victoria after saying that grabbed Jennifer by the top of her hair and straightened her head so she was looking right at Victoria. Then hauling back as far as she could go the left-handed Victoria buried her left hand into Jennifer's stomach.

The people there winced in pain, thinking Jennifer's body punch to Victoria was something and now this. Victoria ground her fist into Jennifer's destroyed stomach muscles. Jennifer was doubled over on the fist grasping it with both hands trying to get it away from her stomach but never had the strength to do so.

Victoria finally dropped her fist from Jennifer's stomach and threw Jennifer down face first. Nodding her head in approval, Victoria grabbed Jennifer by the back of the hair and dragged her up to the top step she lifted Jennifer up to her feet and from behind she put her two arms under Jennifer's in a reverse bear hug. That wasn't the point though as she ripped Jennifer's bra off of her, revealing Jennifer's breasts to the crowd below

"This is what you all wanted to see," Victoria said almost laughing but the laughing stopped as Jennifer drove her elbow back into Victoria’s injured stomach.

Quickly turning around and getting behind Victoria, Jennifer ripped off her bra. The crowd of men was now in frenzy down below. Jennifer pushed Victoria down to the ground, she ran her hands through her hair and stepped towards Victoria who shot out her foot kicking Jennifer in the shin and bringing her down to her hands and knees. Victoria turned around and got up to her knees and Jennifer looked up and seen Victoria swinging her fist. Somehow she moved out of the way then pushed at Victoria again knocking her down. Jennifer lunged down at Victoria and tried to roll out but Jennifer caught was her pants. Both women struggled Victoria to get away and Jennifer to bring her back in.

"Get back here, I got more to do to you?" The fabric in Victoria's pants could take no more and started to rip. As they reached down past Victoria's shapely ass. Jennifer let go and jumped again.

Victoria turned to her back and Jennifer landed on top of her getting her hands into Victoria's hair. She slammed her fist into Victoria's side then brought Victoria's head up and stood up with Victoria. She went to through Victoria into a door but was countered and was thrown into the air and into the bedroom door. Victoria looked down at Jennifer who had slid down to her ass; she made a step towards her fallen opponent but then tripped up as Jennifer had Victoria's pants hauled down near her knees.

She landed on her hands and started kicking the pants the rest of the way off. Many of those downstairs made it up and as they got to the door they seen Victoria kicking her pants off, and Jennifer walking towards her. Jennifer dropped down onto the back of Victoria's head, pinning her down. She slowly rubbed her hands down Victoria's back and cupped Victoria's breasts were she caressed them gently then squeezed just a little.

Looking up at some of the people in the doorway, "There is nowhere for her to go."

Reaching further down Jennifer grabbed at Victoria's panties with both hands and yanked upwards, in tremendous wedgies. Then letting one hand go and twisting Victoria's panties in her other hand she started spanking the Mutant X star's ass. As her hand went up she looked at Lauren Lee Smith and then smiled.

"She's been a bad girl and now she needs to be spanked."

Bringing her hand down now for the tenth time she spanked Victoria whose right ass cheek was beet red. Victoria was screaming at the humiliation as she did everything to get away from Jennifer. Jennifer though kept her grip on Victoria's panties and started bucking her torso, then smacked Victoria in the ass again.

"Calm down now Whore-say. I'll tell you what Victoria you tap out right now and I promise, I won't fuck you too hard." Victoria refused to tap out and continued to fight to get out of what Jennifer had her in. "No well don't say I never gave you a chance."

Jennifer spanked Victoria once again and this time Victoria's panties snapped in Jennifer's hands and she nearly fell back reaching back and catching her. Victoria felt Jennifer fall back a little and pushed off at the same time getting her hands up on Jennifer's stomach and finally throwing Jennifer off her head. Jennifer was pissed as she rolled backward. Victoria jumped up and the two women lunged at each other. Jennifer was quick and nailed a knee then threw Victoria onto the bed.

Victoria lay face down on the bed breathing hard, and in a great deal of pain. Jennifer looked over at her, and then at the door once again it was Lauren Lee Smith who was watching her friend getting beaten up. Jennifer took off her own slacks and threw them into the corner then made her way to the bed. All of a sudden Victoria shot her foot out and hit Jennifer in her badly hurt stomach. Jennifer doubled over and stepped back she was sure Victoria was out of it. Victoria got off the bed, and grabbed at Jennifer's hair and brought her between Victoria's strong legs. Locking her feet at the ankles, Victoria now had Jennifer in a standing head scissors and as Jennifer grabbed at Victoria's firm buttocks, Victoria dropped down to her knees. She had Jennifer in the same position that she was in just moments ago.

"Are you worried Jennifer, you shouldn't be, oh wait you should" Victoria grabbed at Jennifer's panties and yanked them hard as she could, loosened up then repeated, and now she started spanking Jennifer's ass. Jennifer though through the many spanks tried to separate Victoria's ankles

"Oh no you don't." Victoria said as she lifted her elbow and nailed Jennifer's kidneys. Victoria then got up to her feet bringing Jennifer with her. She lifted Jennifer up in the air and slammed her down onto her knee. She looked up and seen Lauren now smiling at her, and clapping along.

"Jennifer's been a very bad girl."

Victoria started spanking Jennifer's ass while she was across her knee, but Jennifer grabbed at Victoria's shin and hauled forward getting away. Victoria landed on her ass and Jennifer rolled under the bed. Victoria caught Jennifer's foot and tried to haul her back out.

"No more hiding; we're fighting and you started it!”

Victoria got Jennifer back out then lunged into another slap onto Jennifer's ass, leaving her hand print there with this one.

"You got to leave a mark, maybe I'll do something else too. "Victoria smiled devilishly while looking at some of the spectators, then grabbing at Jennifer's panties. Jennifer as she felt her panties being taken off twisted her body and Victoria got thrown down to her back right next to Jennifer.

Jennifer rolled over onto Victoria and grabbed Victoria by the hair and brought her head and slammed a head butt putting Victoria straight down again. Jennifer was a little dazed but slid down Victoria's body and took off her panties and threw them at some of the people. Putting her two hands by Victoria's head she lifted her body up and kept her bare pussy onto Victoria's and rubbed her gently causing a little stir from Victoria.

Jennifer turned her head looking at the people "She wants me so bad, I don't know if I should let her have it though."

Jennifer grabbed Victoria by the wrists and lifted her up to her feet instead, and got behind her. She caressed her hands down to Victoria's pussy and as she was about to grab and squeeze, Victoria shot her head backwards crashing it into Jennifer's face, then fell to her hands and knees and started to crawl away. Jennifer fell on the bed, her face bleeding as was Victoria's who had made it to the door and was hauling herself up on it.

Jennifer had gotten back to her feet and turned around and seen Victoria throw herself from the door and spear her. The impact of the move crashed the two of them up and broke the headboard. Victoria jumped up onto Jennifer's hips and the sweat from both bodies caused Victoria's pussy to slide down onto Jennifer's. There open pussy lips made some contact; both women groaned and fell completely on each other. Jennifer reached up at the base of Victoria's neck and hauled back hard on Victoria's hair and turned her onto her side, and put one leg on the outside of Victoria's. Victoria was quick to grab the hair at the back of Jennifer's head and hauled Jennifer into her. The two blondes had there legs opened enough and thrust there open pussies at the others and started kissing each other hard and vicious like, and they released each other and pushed the other woman to the side. Neither woman wanted it to go that far, in front of so many people but now that it did and in that quick minute or two. They looked at each other.

"Why won't you just give in?" Jennifer asked her face flushed and her body beat red, as was Victoria's who answered back

"I can't, I won't ever give in to you." Taking a moment to breathe "Not twice in a row."

"Well too bad because I'm better than you and I'll prove it." Jennifer threw her body at Victoria again with Victoria screaming while throwing herself.

"Then do it."

The two women collided and there hands went at the other's face, scratching them up. They were on the middle of the bed taking up its whole width when Jennifer twisted her torso around so her face was near Victoria's stomach and before she could do anything she realized a fatal error when fighting someone that hates you - don't leave you're breasts near their teeth! Jennifer winced as she felt Victoria's teeth biting into her titflesh, and to the other's there it looked as if Jennifer was going for a breast smother. She looked down and seen Victoria's large breasts and buried her head in them biting the side of Victoria's breast in kind.

In her mind Jennifer was saying, "I'll show you that not even my body is tougher than you but my breasts can take twice the onslaught.”

The two women wrapped their arms around the other's head and rolled back and forth and fell off the bed. Victoria on top, she threw her head up quickly and those around could see her mouth was full of blood. She buried her face in Jennifer's boobs again and bit down but was turned over by Jennifer who threw her face up and gasped for air and her mouth was full of blood. She then bit down on Victoria's other breast. Both women stopped their bites and pushed away from each other holding their chests. Tears rolled down their faces and both were completely exhausted. Their bodies were beaten and as they got up to one knee to continue they collapsed.

The people there goading them on saying we need a winner. Three women were watching the fight extra close, Lauren of course but also Hudson Leick who was cheering on Jennifer for an unknown reason and Karen Cliche who was cheering Victoria on. Victoria was on her hands and knees breathing heavy and tried to push herself up but fell back down. Jennifer had grabbed a hold of the door and was pulling herself up her arms shaking but she was on her feet and as she let go of the door and fell back down. She fell near Victoria who reached toward Jennifer grabbing her sweaty hair and brought her forehead down to rest on Jennifer's shoulder. Breathing hard as Jennifer reached up and grabbed her hair. Victoria whispered so only Jennifer could hear.

"I'll admit this " taking a breath. "We are completely" Before she said anything else she hauled Jennifer's head back, but Jen did the same and they both fell to their sides.

Hands still entrenched in the other's hair refusing to acknowledge their equality, they hauled and ripped with what ever strength they had left Both were just going through the motions til they opened there eyes and looked at the other. A scream filled the room and somehow they were both on there feet punching and kicking at each other.

“This is it, this is the finish,” someone was heard saying as Victoria pushed Jennifer forward and they went back in the hallway, and at that moment Jennifer rolled backwards putting her foot onto Victoria's stomach and flipping her.

A shriek was heard throughout the house and then a loud crashing sound and Jennifer looked up and saw Lauren Lee Smith standing by her looking down, and Jennifer could say was, "I beat her with a monkey flip, of all things." Jennifer then went to lie down for a moment and her back was on the solid banister.

Hudson Leick stood over her, "I believe you promised us something if you won."

Jennifer barely seeing who was talking to her, "You're right, time to declare who won"

She turned around and was shocked standing somehow to her feet she looked down at Victoria who had gotten flipped over the barrister and onto the couch which broke on impact. She was knocked out, and probably would wake in the hospital, and as a shocked Jennifer struggled her way to the main floor.

Proudly putting her foot on Victoria's chest she struggled to lift her arms and sang out with all her power, "I'm the top blonde of syndic..."

"I don't think so," Hudson Leick hissed as she jumped into a punch from Jennifer's side and hit her square on the jaw knocking the victor of a hard fought fight out on top of the loser. Hudson looked at all those around and left the party saying, "Let her have that victory, I'll have mine somewhere else"