Jennifer O'Dell vs. Victoria Pratt by Zach Thomas 07-Aug-2000

A Syndication Television Convention was being held, where all the fans of these shows could meet their favorite actresses and actors, all was fairly friendly except for the usual slagging between Victoria Pratt and Renee O'Connor more than once they had to be separated on this first day of the convention. At the end of the night, all people made their way to rooms, of course Renee was staying with Lucy Lawless. Victoria however had to room with Jennifer O'Dell from the Lost World.

As the two blonde beauties got everything in order in their rooms, they decided to start talking, and after a while the conversation came down to fights they had been in. Victoria sitting on the bed in just her bra and panties was telling her how she bet up Rachel Leigh Cook, and was going to humiliate her until Renee O'Connor stepped in to what was not her business. And how once she got the chance her and Renee would settle it once and for all.

Jennifer a close friend to Renee stood up in her Bra and Panties with housecoat barely containing her. She looked straight at Victoria.

"What's your problem you Canadian bimbo? Don't you know she was just protecting someone who could not defend themselves. You should be lucky security did come in to break it up before YOU got hurt," Jennifer said with her hands on her shapely hips.

Victoria then got up and in Jennifer's face their breasts touching against each other ever so much, that the excitement could be felt between the two beauties. "Before I got hurt, I had her just where I wanted her, and if you don't shut your mouth, I will put you in your place. Just as I did to Rachel and I am going to do to Renee," Victoria said as she pressed harder against Jennifer chest with her own.

Jennifer, not backing down, stepped into Victoria and let her robe slide to the ground and said, " I'd love to see you try," slapping the top of Victoria's left breast as if to say, 'CHALLENGE'

Victoria, looked down at the little hand print on her breast and looked up at Jennifer, and slapped her in the face Jennifer turned and quickly slapped her back and quickly grabbed Victoria by the hair, to which Victoria reacted by grabbing her roommates hair, in a battle for supremacy, the two went all around the room, trying to best the other kneeing each other in the sides trying to win this battle. When Finally Victoria tripped up onto the bed with Jennifer on top of her.

:"Lets see how tough you are now, Jennifer said as she started to slap Victoria in the face repeatedly. She then went to work on Victoria's Breasts squeezing them together then sitting up and punching the both of them.

"See what happens when you take on someone closer to your own size, Imagine what Renee would do to you?" Jennifer says as she starts to lick her tongue over Victoria's face. Then a sudden shriek fills the room as Victoria gives Jennifer a Wedgie. Jennifer rolls off of Victoria and Victoria rolls to the other side both still on the bed resting for a moment when they look at each other with disgust in their eyes.

"Bitch," yells Victoria

"Slut," replies Jennifer.

The two beauties continue their hostilities, each taking a handful of hair and throwing punches with the other. This continues on until Victoria starts to get the better of her opponent, and to get some revenge knees Jennifer in the stomach. Jennifer, out of breath, does not get a moments rest as Victoria puts her back down on the head board of the bed and starts to throw punches at Jennifer's breasts and stomach. Then she grabs Jennifer by the chin and starts to slam the back of her head. Jennifer thinking on retaliation and survival sends a quick knee to Victoria's pubic area and then pushes forward sending both beauties off the bed and on the floor. Victoria's panties now are off from the backward roll on the bed, she feels Jennifer's hand snaking down toward her private region.

"Lets see what we have here now shall we," Jennifer says as she starts to maul Victoria's clit.

"AHHHHHH," Victoria screams in pain but instead of giving up she returns the favor, and puts her hand down Jennifer's panties and does the same thing.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," Victoria says as her Jennifer are in the struggle of their lives.

Both stayed like at this torture until Victoria took her other hand and tried to smother Jennifer as well. Jennifer quickly retreated, letting Victoria go and backing off. As Victoria got up, she looked at Jennifer who tore off the remaining panties she had left. Both young women looked at each other, knowing they were very close to equal in every physical category, circled around each other not knowing what to do now.

Victoria started undoing her bra as she thought that the whore she was fighting could use it as a weapon, Jennifer did the same thing. They both standing completely nude, nodding their heads in approval of the others bodies decided to have a test of strength As each beauty locked their hands, and then brought their bodies together, it was clear that they also wanted to see whose breasts could stand this pressure the longest.

As the two blondes went around the room looking for supremacy they made their way back to the bed and fell onto it, Breasts upon Breasts, pussy onto pussy. They rolled around Till Victoria managed to pin Jennifer down. She then started to gyrate her entire body into Jennifer, who never felt pain and excitement like this before. But rather than give up she started returning the favor to Victoria.

Both ladies, now trying to show Sexual dominance as well as Physical, unlocked their hands and put each other in mutual bearhug. After a good time in this position it was clear both where near the end of the rope, but Jennifer started to climax sooner than Victoria. That was when Victoria stopped, and knew she could now have her way with her opponent. And fired a Knee right between Jennifer's legs putting her in a tremendous amount of pain, Victoria who also was close to Orgasm, decided she may as well have one, sat upon Jennifer's face, and started to cum all over her face.

As she got off Jennifer's face and sat onto her own bed, she looked at Jennifer who was trying to clean her face, she realized that this may of been the fight of her life, and she just beat Jennifer sexually, but never truly won the fight physically yet. She thought Jennifer had enough though so she started to walk towards the bathroom to clean herself off.

Victoria then proceeded to get in the shower when she heard the door open and Jennifer came into the shower with her.

"Did you think this was over" Jennifer said as she reached for Victoria's throat, as she slipped sending the two beauties down in a heap, continuing their struggle. Which has taken a toll on both women who have each others hair in hands, and are slamming each others heads off the porcelain in the bath tub, Victoria then changes her attack and brings Jennifer forward and slams her face in the water faucet breaking the blonde beauty's nose, and causing an even bloodier mess than before.

Jennifer whose adrenaline is going does not recognize the pain as she should, trips Victoria from having her hanging halfway out of the bathtub and slamming her head on the outside of the bathtub opening up the top of her head, she then starts to slam, Vic's body and head off the outside. Bruising Victoria's breasts as well.

She then turns her over, and surveys her work, the bloody Victoria Pratt. And then Jennifer steps out of the tub, looks in the mirror and sees that she's just as bloody as Victoria. When she goes to leave the room. Boom! Victoria is not done yet and jumps her again, Pressing both of Jennifer's breasts against the towel hangers, causing them to start bleeding.

"It ain't over just yet," Victoria whispers as she starts to ram Jen's head off the wooden oak door.

Jennifer in one last ditch to save herself, pushes with all her might backwards, sending Victoria to the ground and herself, both now stand up once again, as the blood flows from both, they grab at each others hair and go around the room slamming into everything leaving a bloody trail. But in one fell swoop with all her might, Victoria whips Jennifer as high as she can by the hair slamming the back of her head, into the mirror shattering, it. Jennifer knowing she is about to lose this fight, tries in last effort to get Victoria off of her, but it fails as she has lost to much blood, and is too weak. Victoria scratches at the open wounds on Jennifer's breasts.

"Stop it! You already won. You already won," Jennifer cried.

"I just want to make sure you know. And that you tell Renee before you leave the convention tomorrow. Right, are you going to tell her what I did to you. Then leave here."

"Yes, anything you want. Just stop this. Jus.........."

Jennifer gets out before she passes out from the pain. Victoria, almost all her energy spent, decides how she is going to finish this. She lifts up the toilet seat, puts Jennifer's face as far down as it will go. Sits on her and then flushes the toilet.

Then she threw the bloody Jennifer O'Dell down the Laundry chute along with all her clothes. She just wished it was Renee she was ridding herself of.