Jennifer O'Dell vs. Jamie Pressly by Interac on 3/19/01

With the movie 'Tomcats' soon opening, Jamie Pressly and her costar Shannon Elizabeth were enjoying a coffee. The two hit it off very well on the set, disappointing the male cast who were always trying to get the two into a fight. Shannon was talking to Jamie about who they would want to fight. Shannon told Jamie of how she defeated Jodie-Lynn O'Keefe but would really like to get her hands on Katherine Heigl or Charisma Carpenter.

"Katherine you'd destroy," Jamie said. "I mean, how many ways could you humiliate her. I'm friends with Charisma so I'm not too sure about her. You two are pretty equal, but I wouldn't fight her."

"What about you," Shannon asked. "Who would you like to fight?",

Jamie shook her head, "I'm always getting confused with Jennifer O'Dell. I sure wouldn't mind fighting her. I'd make sure nobody ever confused us again."

Shannon started to laugh

"Why are you laughing? I don't see it's funny. I'm a much bigger actress but people still say we look alike. God, I bet I could knock her out as easily as I knocked out that tramp in a bar a few years ago. Did you hear what Victoria Pratt did to her at the Syndi.....Why are you still laughing?"

Shannon nods and says, "Look behind you."

Jennifer O'Dell was standing right behind Jamie Pressly and she wasn't smiling.

"So, you think you can take me Jamie? Well, how'd you like to try to prove it?"

Jennifer grabs Jamie by the back of the hair and sends her too the coffee house floor as a crowd quickly surrounds them. Jennifer goes down on top of Jamie and grabs her hair while Jamie does the same thing. The two beauties roll around the coffee house floor until they roll up against the counter. Jennifer has Jamie's back pinned against the counter as she starts to punch Jamie in the face repeatedly. Some of their workers come over and break it up much to the crowds dismay. One of the men hauls Jennifer off of Jamie who by now has a bloody nose.

Jamie gets up and people are pointing at her face and making snide comments. Jennifer is subdued and calm, her hair a little out of place and bit of dirt on her clothing, but she doesn't look any the worse for wear. Jamie goes and gets her wallet and glares at a surprised Shannon, who has started to laugh again.

Furious at this, Jamie snarls, "You don't want us fighting where you work? Who cares, you let us fight and I'll pay your salary for the next month - doubled. Even if I lose which I won't."

Jennifer chuckles, "You really want to do this? Well OK. Whoever loses pays the others salary then."

All the workers stepped aside and the two women ran at each other, grabbing each other by the hair. They went around the room with their hair entangled in each others hands until they tripped over a table and went crashing to the floor as the table fell on top of them.

Jamie ended up on top and banged Jennifer's head on the floor, then she sat on her chest and punched her in the face repeatedly till Jennifer finally blocked one and threw her to the side Jennifer got up first and, as Jamie was getting up, Jennifer kneed her straight in the face. Jamie went headfirst into a chair with her nose now a cascade of blood.

Jamie, feeling the blood flow, flips out and runs into Jennifer and sends her reeling back into the counter. She hits it with her back and screams in pain, but her cry is cut off as Jamie sends a knee into Jennifer's crotch. Jamie grabs the doubled over Jennifer by the hair and tosses her over a table. Jennifer lands on a male patron who is rather excited.

Jamie grabs Jennifer by the back of the head, lifts her head up and punches her in the face sending her sprawling flat on her back to the floor. On her back, Jennifer leg sweeps Jamie who drops straight down on her ass. Jennifer jumps on top of her but Jamie quickly rolls her off.

Jennifer reaches her hand up and rips Jamie's shirt off causing all the men to cheer seeing Jamie in her bra. Not bothering to cover up, Jamie smiles at the people but Jennifer, still on her back, fires two punches to Jamie's rock hard abs. They have little effect, so before Jamie can do anything, Jennifer grabs both of Jamie's boobs and squeezes with all her might. Mounds of soft, pale titflesh start oozing out of her hands.

Jamie screams in pain and tries to pry Jennifer's hands away from her boobs, but Jennifer won't let her. She has a vise grip on them and rolls Jamie off of her.

Jamie screams, "Leave my boobs alone!"

Jennifer retorts, "I thought you were proud of your body. Well, you won't be for long."

Jennifer continued to squeeze and twist Jamie's tits until Jamie was crying from the pain. But refusing to give up, Jamie got her foot between her and Jennifer and kicked Jennifer away from her.

Jamie started to crawl away to get some breathing room and to force the pain out of her mind. Jennifer casually walked back to Jamie and grabbed her, but Jamie spun around and nailed her in the head with a coffee mug. Jennifer collapsed to the floor moaning and holding her skull.

Jamie picked her up and pulled Jennifer's shirt over her head and twisted it so her arms and head were trapped inside. Jamie started kicking Jennifer's head and boobs and then, still having her shirt in her hands, she ran Jennifer back to the wall. Jamie drove two knees straight up into Jennifer's stomach. After the second, she held her knee pressed into Jennifer's stomach, pushing it deep. Jamie pulled off Jennifer's shirt and let it fall to the floor so everyone one could see Jennifer crying and begging Jamie to stop. Jamie refused and added more pressure, grabbing Jennifer by the hair and used it as leverage as she leaned back.

Jennifer screaming in pain, back kicked Jamie's support leg, sending them both to the floor. Jennifer landed on Jamie and tried to mount an offensive, but Jamie still held her by the hair and shook her head side to side. All the people standing around cheered her on!

Jamie finally pushed Jennifer off of her and rolled over to straddle her, squeezing and mauling Jennifer's tits just the way Jennifer had squeezed hers. Jennifer brought her hands up and grabbed onto Jamie's as well. Both women gritted their teeth and squeezed as hard as they could. Jennifer pushed with her legs and they started to roll around on the floor; one moment Jamie on top, then Jennifer.

When they stopped rolling Jennifer stayed atop Jamie and Jamie tried to pry her hands from her breasts.. Jennifer twisted and squeezed with all her might while Jamie even popped one of Jennifer's breasts right out of her bra. Jennifer kept telling Jamie to say this was over and quit as she kept squeezing and squeezing while Jamie was banging her knees into the small of Jennifer's back.

Jennifer ended her attack on Jamie tits and got off of her, then picked Jamie up by the hair. But as she was lifting her, Jamie bit down onto Jennifer's pert exposed breast. Jennifer pushed Jamie away from her and turned around holding her breast which was bleeding a little. Just as she turned around, Jamie used her kickboxing knowledge, and whacked Jennifer with a side kick to her jaw. Jennifer when flying all the way back to the counter again. Jamie lifted Jennifer up and threw her on the counter then, like a classic movie with a barroom brawl, she slid Jennifer the length of the counter. When she reached the end, Jamie sent Jennifer flying off onto the floor in a heap.

Jamie, who always told people how proud she was of her body, slowly released the clasp on her bra and let it fall to the floor, freeing her bruised tits. As Jennifer tried to get up, Jamie she kicked her back down, then sat down on Jennifer's chest and lowered her breasts onto Jennifer's face. Jennifer's legs kicked for a while, but slowly her struggles started to fade until, finally, she was completely out.

Jamie looked up, the blood dried to her beautiful face and gave that devilish grin as she looked up at Shannon Elizabeth.

Jamie smirked, "I won mine. You think you will win yours?"

Jamie got off Jennifer and removed the unconscious girls bra. She stuffed it in her purse as a souvenir, then she picked up Jennifer's purse. She dumped out the money for the staff of the coffee house. While they scrambled trying to recoup their damages and lost wages, Jamie put on her jacket and picked up her ripped shirt and bra. On her way out, Jamie kicked Jennifer one last time before left arm in arm with Shannon.