A Long Day at the Office (Part One): Ashley Scott vs. Neve Campbell by The Walkin' Dude

"This is starting to look hopeless," Richard Fannin muttered to himself. Looking up from his desk on the top floor of The Yellow Sign Tavern, the promoter signed again and cracked his knuckles. Spread before him was a massive pile of papers, mostly requests from talent, staff and other folks. Not used to being visible in the day to day running of the promotion, he was beginning to regret his decision to make himself a more public figure. But ever he'd witnessed the vicious last battle between Elisha and Kristen a few weeks ago, the young man had started feeling more and more responsible for the talent in his fledging league. The image of Elisha being rammed against the fin of his Plymouth had been etched into his mind and it had been principally responsible for his new "in front of the camera" attitude. Thusly, over the last few days he had had seemingly endless meetings with various wrestlers, discussing matches, gimmicks and a host of other things that he'd mostly handled on his own prior to last month. All the attention was beginning to wear on him, and he was contemplating just hopping in the Fury and taking off for a few days.

"But that's not very sporting," he mused. "Oh well, it's not like this job is all drudge and toil. It does have certain benefits over the typical nine to five." He was just about to continue when there was a knock at the door and he called, "Come in!"

The door opened, and a hulking giant of a man stepped through, "A word boss?"

"Sure George, what's up?" The giant was George Stark, a menacing looking guy who was actually quite harmless. Fannin wouldn't really call him a body guard, he'd hired Stark to hang around and serve as an intermediary when Fannin didn't feel like dealing with others. George cut an intimidating figure and for Rich he'd already proved his worth, helping break up several scuffles between the talent that had broken out in the promoters office in the last couple weeks. Stark could separate two furious women faster than most folks could blink and for Fannin that talent was a godsend. Even with George hanging around, Rich had had to replace several pieces of furniture in his sanctum sanctorum when they'd been smashed by tumbling feminine gladiators. This line of thought passed through his head before Stark had said anything else.

"Just two things really. Can I take my break? I'm starved and wanna get lunch."

"No problem. Just do me a favor, when you're done, get the kitchen to make me on of those Porn Star Fight Club sandwiches, you know, that's the one with two huge chicken breasts, a hot slice of loin and some of that 'PSFC Secret Sauce' from the bottle in the fridge. Hell, you're not the only one starving!"

"OK!" grinned Stark. "Oh yeah, another thing, there's a young lady to see you, name of Erica Durance; you know her?"

Fannin's eyes lit up, "Indeed, she's the newest acquisition to our talent department. Send her right in!"

"All right, I'll be back in a bit!"

Stark turned and left the doorway, speaking softly to someone outside. Moments later, Fannin heard him go clomping down the stairs. In the same instant, Erica Durance stepped into his office. As she walked toward his desk, Fannin stood and extended a hand, "Ms. Durance, nice to meet you."

"Nice to met you too. Thanks for seeing me with no notice," the lovely brunette said as she sat down.

"Not a problem," Fannin replied as he settled back into hid chair and observed the new hire. The brunette was dressed warmly, her trim figure clad in jeans and a heavy jacket to stave off the cold of late October. Her shoulder length hair was tied back in a simple ponytail. Meeting her gaze, Fannin said, "So, what can I do for you?"

"I was hoping you could set up my debut match. I know I'm technically a rookie in this promotion, but you know that I've had more than my fair share of matches. I want to face the best you've got. Maybe Kat Heigl, Rose McGowan or Kristen Kreuk. Maybe even Charlize Theron or Neve Campbell."

Richard smiled slightly as he responded, "I admire your desire to face the best, but I can't just throw you in against our top names right off to bat. For one Charlize would take it as an insult and though Neve will take on anyone, between thee and me, I hear she's stalking around today in a state of utmost piss off, and apparently just looking for someone to twist. But you're right, I didn't hire you to sit on the sidelines, just give me a week or so to find a suitable opponent for your debut. If you make an impression, the audience will start to talk and they'll want to see more of you, not to mention suggest other suitable opposition."

Erica looked crestfallen, but didn't give up, "Isn't there anybody you could pair me with for tonight's card? I don't care if it's the first match, I'll face anybody you've got."

Fannin was just about to reply when there was a loud, insistent knocking at his door. Looking at his guest, he said, "Hold on a second, there's my sandwich." Turning toward the door he said, "Come in!"

Expecting to see Stark with his lunch, Fannin looked a little crestfallen himself when Natalie Portman pushed through his door and stalked toward his desk. Before he could say anything, the brunette slammed a piece of paper on Fannin's desk and said, "What the hell is this Fannin?"

Totally deadpan, Richard looked up and replied "Well Natalie, judging from opacity and relative thickness, I'm guessing it's a piece of paper. Why do you ask?" Erica snickered quietly, but Natalie looked furious.

"Don't give me that shit. It's a fine! Why am I getting fined for my match with Lohan? I won that match fair and square!"

Sighing, Fannin replied " True enough, but when you keep the poor girl locked in that bizarre Crossface STF you're using these days for a whole minute after she taps, you're gonna get fined. You could've seriously injured her. And I've had enough problems with injures this year. Just pay the fine, Natalie it's no big deal."

"It is too a big deal! I won't be punished because Lindsay's frail little neck couldn't hold up worth a damn. I'm not paying this!"

"Fine; don't pay it. But until you do, you won't wrestle another match," Fannin countered.

Natalie erupted, "That's BULLSHIT! You can't DO that!"

"Oh, I can and, in fact, I just did!" he said quietly.

Nearly choking on her rage, Natalie finally realized that Erica was in the room. Fixing the rookie with a withering glare, she looked back at Fannin and hissed "Who the hell is she? You looking to get the early bird discount from the escort service Fannin?" Rich was about to reply when Erica rose to her feet and stood nose to nose with the other brunette.

Speaking clearly and coldly Durance said, "WHAT did you just say?"

Spoiling for a fight, Natalie didn't back down. Grinning nastily, she responded "I was just wondering why Rich was dialing out for a send a slut this early in the afternoon."

Erica flushed a furious crimson "I think you need to be taught a lesson in respect," she threatened, advancing on Portman.

Natalie dropped into a wrestlers crouch and fired a response "Go ahead and try bitch. We'll see who's left standing."

Erica was just about to lunge when Fannin interrupted, "Ladies PLEASE! For the sake of my furniture please put it in check. I believe I have a common solution for both of your problems. Erica, meet your opponent for your debut match, Natalie Portman. And Natalie, if you win this match I'll drop the fine and won't bother you about it again"

Erica looked to Rich, then back to Natalie, "Looks like you get to be the first example I make Natalie."

Portman wasn't fazed "I'll love making you squeal rookie. You're gonna beg me to let you go. And maybe I will.....eventually. The first and only impression you make in this league will be the one your sobbing face makes as it presses against my ass." She smiled with a cruel certainty as she made this proclamation.

"You'll find out what kind of impression I'll make Nat. Just meet me in the ring," Erica said flatly.

Portman chose not to answer, instead turning on her heel and exiting the office before slinking down the stairs, conveniently leaving the fine on Fannin's desk. A few moments passed and the rookie turned back to look at the promoter, "Thanks a lot Mr. Fannin. I won't disappoint you."

"No problem Ms. Durance. Just call me Rich would ya? Mr. Fannin makes me feel old."

"Sure, but you have to call me Erica?" she replied with a coy grin.

"All right…Erica…I suggest you go and prepare for your match. The show starts in three hours and Natalie is no joke; she means what she says."

"I know, but I mean what I say too! Just watch Rich, after tonight everybody's gonna know who I am. Thanks again for seeing me."

She turned and started to leave as Rich settled back in his chair, contemplating his new hire's first match, but mostly wondering where the hell Stark was with his Porn Star Fight Club Sandwich! He was lost in thought for almost five minutes when he heard someone coming up the stairs.

Ravenous, he shouted, "That had better be my freaking sandwich George!"

Staring expectantly toward the heavy wooden door, the young promoter was disappointed a second time when Sarah Michelle Gellar slipped into the office. The short blonde smiled as she saw Fannin's glum expression.

Sitting down in the chair opposite him, the Slayer said, "Hell, if I'd known you were going to greet me THAT way, I'd have brought fries or something!"

Fannin cracked a smile and leaned back, "Wish you had Sarah, I'm starved and Stark seems to have disappeared on his way to the kitchen. But that’s MY problem, what can I do for YOU?"

The blonde's smile fell away like a veil and she suddenly looked very serious, "It's not a favor for ME; it's for the safety of the whole league - you've gotta do something about Katie."

Rich's pained expression only got more pained when he realized what Sarah was talking about. With a grimace of distaste he said, "I'm assuming you mean Holmes?"

"None other! You've gotta stop her, Richard, she's put a half dozen girls on the shelf and attacked twice as many. She's gone off the deep end!"

"Don't you think I've tried? I mean who knew she'd do what she did? I thought the attack on Tara Reid was a one time thing, but then she went and did the same thing to Laura Prepon, Mena Suvari, and Mandy Moore. And then there were those that tried to stop her. Trying to prove the new Katie was no different from the old Katie. She smashed Mila with a chair, drove Alicia through a table and well.... You saw what she did to Britney. The doctor said her knee was absolutely trashed. Everybody Katei's fought this summer has been beaten very badly."

"Spare me the history lesson," Sarah said. "What're you gonna DO about it?"

"What can I do?" Richard said with an exasperated shrug. "I suspended her until further notice, but even that hasn't done anything. She just stalks around the back and takes out random folks. There's nobody who's willing to get in ring with her anymore and of course, that just pisses her off even more."

Sarah met the promoter's gaze, "Let ME fight her. I'll make her see reason even if I have to do to her what she's done to everyone else." When Fannin hesitated, she spoke again, this time more sharply, "What's the matter Rich? You don't think I can beat her?"

He responded carefully, "It's not that, Slayer. A year ago, even six months ago, I'd have said you'd walk all over Kate Holmes. But she's different now; there's a ruthlessness and a cruelty that's totally different from her previous style. And given her penchant for rule breaking, even someone as talented as you might find herself beaten soundly. To be honest, I don't want to risk losing another high level talent right now."

Sarah mulled this over and said, "Look Rich, I know it's a risk but if nobody puts her down soon, nobody ever will. I know I can beat her. More importantly, I know I can BREAK her. If you're still not convinced, think about this; wouldn't it be better to take her out now before she can hurt anyone else!?

Richard ran a hand through his hair and sighed (something he'd been doing a lot of!) "Alright, I'll sign the match. But not tonight; in a few weeks. I need time to hype it - and give you time to prepare. Don't take this one lying down Sarah, Katie could really hurt you."

"Not if I hurt her first!" The Slayer said grimly. "Don't worry Rich, I'll take care of myself and solve your Katie problem. You can reward me with a title shot later," she smiled.

"Fannin smiled too, "Think you're ready to take on Theron, huh?"

A competitive gleam was shining in the Slayer's eye. "Won't know 'til I try!" she said confidently. "I gotta go, but thanks again RF!"

"Just don't make me regret this!" he called after her as she headed out the door. Then a thought dawned on him and he got up and loped to the door, calling after her, "And if you see Stark with my ‘Porn Star Fight’ Club Sandwich, tell him to get his ass the hell up here!"

Hearing her voice some inarticulate reply, Fannin grinned and closed the door. Again sitting behind the desk. He reached into one drawer and pulled out a pair of trick handcuffs. The promoter fancied himself an amateur escape artist and had recently taken to escaping the cuffs as a way to kill some free time. Mulling over his decision to let Sarah fight Katie, Fannin killed almost fifteen minutes in this fashion, just messing with the cuffs. He was pulled from his thoughts by another spat of knocking at the door. Out of his mind with hunger, Richard leapt from his chair and sped toward the door. Throwing the door open, his question to Stark died on his lips as he instead found himself staring into the furious brown eyes of Neve Campbell.

"Oh hi Neve, what can I do for yo....."

The Scream Queen stepped forward so abruptly that Fannin had to step back several paces just to keep from falling over.

Before he could say anything else, she said angrily, "Don't start that you sunnovabitch! All I want to know is how much she paid you. How much did she pay you to help her set me up?"

Mind racing, Richard tried to figure out what was the brunette was talking about, finally seizing on a possible answer, he said, "I set matches up Neve, not people. Is this about the apartment match with Avril Lavigne? Did she do something to you? I would've thought that'd be cake for you."

As he was speaking, Fannin moved ever so slowly around behind his desk and sat down, then motioned for the brunette to sit also.

Instead Neve just stalked forward again and glared at him, "Of course it was cake. It was over in ten minutes, but right after I'd dumped that little poser out the front door, Ashley Scott comes out of nowhere and ..."

The Huntress?" Fannin said incredulously. "How'd she get in?"

"That's what I want to know!" Neve hissed. "Regardless of how she got in, she proceeded to crack me over the head with a wine bottle, then she beat the living shit out of me."

"What'd she do?" Rich asked incredulously.

"What part of 'beat the shit out of me' didn't you understand?" Neve snarled softly.

"That bad huh?" he muttered, hoping for the juicy details.

But when the Scream Queen didn't respond, he just sat, waiting for Neve to make the next move. Truth be told, the beating Ashley had laid on her HAD been that bad! The Huntress tore into Neve for almost half an hour - and the last fifteen minutes had been the longest of Campbell's life with the dazed brunette being subjected to an agonizingly slow facesit under the damp furnace of her nemesis's snatch. The feel of Ashley's wiry thatch grinding on her gasping face was something Neve would never forget (or forgive), in this lifetime or the next! Finally working off the outermost vestige of her rage, Neve finally sat down.

Looking squarely at Fannin, Neve said, "You swear you didn't have anything to do with that?"

Relieved, Rich answered, "You think I want you pissed off at ME? Not likely. You know how I loathe sneak attacks; hell, they take all the fun out of singles competition."

Maintaining her gaze, Neve replied, "Then you wouldn't mind giving me a match with Ashley? A match where I can name the stipulation?"

"Of course. I've been trying to get you two in the ring ever since I found out you used the storeroom of this very building as your private fight club. As for the stip, as long as it doesn't stack the deck in your favor, consider it a done deal."

Neve smiled coldly, " How about an 'I quit' match? I'll make that bitch SCREAM for mercy."

"Perfect!" Fannin said simply. "But you realize this could backfire? YOU could end up begging HER for mercy."

Neve's voice dripped hatred, "Ashley knows deep down in her heart she can't beat me one on one. It'll be close, but in the end I'll finish her off once and for all." Her tone suggesting there was no other possible outcome.

"It's not that I don't believe you," Fannin began...but he was interrupted when someone knocked at the door.

Cursing his luck, Fannin motioned for Campbell to hold on for a second while he went to the door. It was probably Stark, but given the events of the afternoon it was better to be safe than sorry. Opening the door partway, he observed his newest visitor and groaned inwardly. Things were about to go to hell because standing at his door was none other than the aforementioned Ashley Scott!

Hoping desperately to avert disaster, Richard said, "Ashley; I'm kinda busy right now would you mind coming back a little later?"

Much to his chagrin, the brunette didn't budge, she simply said, "Don't worry Richard, this won't take long. I want you make a match betwe...."

She'd almost finished the sentence when Neve came barreling out of the office and hit the Huntress like a freight train. Taken totally by surprise, Ashley crumpled to the carpet with Neve straddling her; raining down punches!


To her credit, Ashley recovered quickly and bucked Neve off. Getting to her feet, the Huntress squared off with the Scream Queen just outside Fannin's office. Hissing at the other brunette, Ashley taunted "I'll get away with more than that Neve! What I do tonight will make last time look like nothing! And this time I've got the pleasure of having an audience!" Sneering this last part, Ashley charged Neve and tackled her around the middle, driving both ladies back into the office, their force carrying them all the way to the edge of Fannin's desk. Grabbing a handful of black hair, Ashley slammed Neve's forehead into the top of the desk. Smiling at her foe's cry. Ashley repeated the maneuver, all the while taunting "Can you still feel me Neve? I can still feel your tears on my thighs, your cheeks on my mush and your nose buried between my cheeks! Most of all I can feel your screams reverberating against my ass. Did you like being my prey you overrated bitch?"

She had pulled Neve up for more abuse when the Scream Queen brought her foot up and down, smashing Ashley's toes. The Huntress cried out and released her grip, trying to stagger away. Neve was on the attack though and grabbed a dual handful of short dark hair. Wheeling Ashley around, Neve slammed her face into the desk top once, twice, three times. After the third impact, she pulled Ashley's head in between her thighs, before inverting her foe in the Sit-out Pile-Driver. Holding her grip for just a second, Neve hissed " I can still feel you Ashley. Can you feel this?" Then she sat out driving the Huntress's head into the carpet. Ashley hit with a heavy thud and lay dazed and moaning while Neve stood over her with Fannin watching from just inside the door.

Looking down, Neve realized she needed to humiliate Ashley thoroughly if she was to regain the psychological advantage in their war. She realized that preferred revenge, a very long, grinding destruction of Ashley's face under her damp groin was out simply because she wanted their to be a larger audience to hear Ashley sob a muffled, "I QUIT!" through the stifling furnace of her crotch. Spying something on Fannin's desk, she found a suitable placeholder. Grabbing the handcuffs, she snapped one around Ashley's wrist before looping the chain around the leg of the desk and snapping in the Huntress's other hand, effectively pinning her to the floor. Kneeling beside her dazed nemesis, Neve looked over her shoulder at Fannin, "Feel free to hang around. It is your office after all."

"Fannin just shook his head "I can see everything I need from here thanks."

Turning back to Ashley, she slapped her victim several times across the face. When the Huntress woke up, she lunged at Neve and immediately started thrashing when she realized she was trapped. Looking up at the Scream Queen, she demanded, "LET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Neve responded by slowly straddling Ashley's waist, scooting up so that her butt was resting comfortably on Ashley's stomach. Without saying a word, Neve worked her hands under the bottom of Ashley's tank-top and pulled it slowly up, baring the smooth curve of her stomach and the swell of her breasts. Locking eyes with Ashley, Neve placed her hands on her victims chest and peeled Ashley's bra up. That done, Neve ran her palms up and down Ashley's bounty, savoring the minute tremors in her foe's chest. Taking a nipple in each hand, Neve finally spoke " You'll scream for me tonight Huntress."

Ashley spat her reply "You're gonna be the only one screaming when I get out of this Neve."

"You're not getting out," Neve said simply and then pinched the captive areolas between her thumbs and forefinger as hard as she could.

Ashley's face tensed with pain, but she suffered in silence and Neve was glad. She'd enjoy breaking down Ashley's seemingly impenetrable defense. Keeping her grip, Neve began to slowly twist the Ashley's nipples one way while rolling them between her fingers. Ashley gritted her teeth and stayed silent. Neve continued her torture, twisting them to their limits in one direction, then the other. Taking a deep breath, she began to pull, slowly stretching the abused flesh to its elastic limit. Neve smiled when she saw the tears at the corner's of Ashley's eyes but still the Huntress wouldn't cry out. Finally letting her hold go, Neve cupped Ashley's chest and rubbed the tortured nipples with the balls of her thumbs.

Looking into Ashley's eyes, she said, "I'm impressed; most women would be sobbing by now."

The Huntress's gaze was filled with contempt, "Is that the best you've got?"

Neve grinned, "No it's not!"

Taking her hands off Ashley's tits, Neve slid down Ashley's frame until she was sitting on her thighs. Moving with nimble sureness, she undid the button Ashley's jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down, exposing the front of her victim's panties. Neve placed her hand on Ashley's stomach and slid it downward, until the tips of her fingers were resting just under the elastic of the underwear. Locking eyes with Ashley again, Neve slid her hand down further and latched a tight, short grip on the Huntress's thatch.

Knowing what was going to happen, Ashley hissed, "Do your worst!"

Neve chuckled, "Oh, I intend to!"

With a sudden tensing of her fist, she yanked, clawed and worried at her opponent's thatch, torturing the most sensitive region on Ashley's anatomy, but still not drawing a cry from her victim. (Although she was quite pleased with the tears that were flowing freely.) Reaching a bit lower, Neve curled three fingers and stopped.

Looking at the Huntress, Neve said, "You've held off for a remarkably long time. But now you're going to shred the air with your cries. Not even the great Charlize Theron could resist when I subjected her to this. She's a Goddess in the ring, but she finally submitted once I forced an orgasm out of her. If she screamed, you will too."

Looking up, Ashley muttered, "Go to hell."

Neve replied, "Fine! But I'll take YOU to hell by way of heaven."

She slipped her claw into the Huntress's mound and went to work. Thrusting deep, Neve was soon in utter control of every one of her rivals senses, save one. The Huntress would not cry out. Getting angry, Neve quickened her pace, working the Huntress as expertly as she could. She manipulated her victim for a long as physically possible, but in the end, Ashley exploded in silence, soaking Neve's claw, without uttering a sound.

Panting and exhausted, the Huntress looked into Neve's eyes and said four words, "YOU...CAN'T...DO...IT!" before slumping back to the carpet.

Amazed by, and furious at, Ashley's resilience, Neve pondered her next move. Slowly removing the claw, Neve realized that to achieve her goal, she might have to change her attack. Instead of hurting the Huntress physically, the Scream Queen would assault her foe's pride. A cold light burned in her eyes as she slid back up the Huntress's sweating frame. Sitting on Ashley's chest, Neve used her clean hand to grab a handful of hair and press her foe's head back against the floor. Still holding her other hand in the glistening claw, Neve held it in front of Ashley's face.

In a voice colder than ice, Neve said just three little words, "Lick...em...clean!"

Ashley's face was equal parts incredulity and hate, "NEVER!"

The Scream Queen moved her clean hand so that her thumb was resting on Ashley's eye socket. Pressing down painfully into the eyelid, she said, "Do it, or I'll gouge your fucking eye out. See if I'm kidding."

When Ashley didn't respond, Neve pressed down hard on the eye. The Huntress opened her mouth in a silent cry and Neve thrust her fingers into Ashley's maw. Before she could bite down, Neve said, "Bite me and you lose BOTH EYES!"

For the first time, real fear crossed the Huntress's face. She didn't really believe Neve, but she didn't want to find out how far she could go. Choking down shame and revulsion, she began to lick the fingers in her mouth, cleaning her own slime from her captor's cruel claw. Finally, after several passes over each digit, Neve pulled her fingers free and proceeded to rub them slowly along Ashley's face.

Humiliated and disgusted, the Huntress said, "You still haven't won. You know deep down that my will to win is stronger than yours. I made you scream, but you can't do the same to me. Neve smiled, and leaned down far, until she was laying on her stomach, almost belly to belly with her tortured captive. Brushing aside, a damp lock of hair, Neve leaned placed her lips next to Ashley's ear. Seeking one more way to demean her victim, Neve darted her tongue out and slowly licked up and down the length of Ashley's earlobe.

Feeling her opponent's disgusted shiver, Neve whispered, "Your will is strong Ashley, but no match for mine. I can make you scream anytime I want. It's just a matter of doing things to you you've never had done before."

Then she moved forward and bit down as hard as she could, seemingly intent on chewing the Huntress's ear off. Shocked by the blinding agony in her ear, Ashley was shocked into a loud, pained shriek. When Ashley finally screamed, Neve bit harder, savoring the increase in pitch and volume of her opponent's cry. Holding her grip one more second, Neve finally released her grip and stood up.

Looking down at her, Neve said, "There; that wasn't so hard! But we're not done yet Huntress, not even close to. Tonight I finally was able to find a chink in your armor, but when we're finally done, I'll have completely destroyed it!"

Ashley panted through gritted teeth, "When this is really OVER, I won't be handcuffed to a desk; I'll be riding your face and savoring YOUR SCREAMS. And that'll be even better than the first time."

"Oh no little girl. Everyone's going to see the Huntress brought to ground and humbled like never before. If you even want to have a hope of beating me, you better toughen up!"

With that she spun around and headed for the door. On her way out, she stopped to look at Richard Fannin who looked a tad shell-shocked by the events.

"That match still on?" she asked.

Rich responded in the tones of someone not quite there, "Yeah sure."

"Good!" was all she said before she went out the door and down the stairs.

Shaking off his haze, he went to the Huntress and undid the cuffs, allowing her as much modesty as possible. Watching Ashley slowly stand and rearrange her clothes, Fannin was amazed at how single minded each woman was when it came to the destruction of the other.

Collecting herself, Ashley looked at him and asked, "What kind of match?"

"I quit!" he responded.

"Fitting!" she replied, then followed her nemesis out the door and down the stairs.

Looking around his suddenly silent office, Fannin walked to his desk and sat down. Exhausted, he leaned back and put his feet up.

"What a day..," he mumbled just as Stark appeared at the door carrying a giant sandwich and a "Porn Star Fight Club Soda."

Remembering his appetite, Fannin sat and said, "Dammit Stark; where the hell have you been, there's all sorts of crazy shit going on up here!"

Stark looked apologetic as he explained, "Sorry boss! Theron's girls got into it with Doherty's crew downstairs; it took the better part of an hour to get everyone squared away. Why, I miss somethin'?"

Fannin looked at him, then grabbed the sandwich and holding it up said, "Nah, nothing much. Just business as usual."

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