S Club 7 Catfight: Rachel Stevens vs. Jo O'Meara by Harry 1/9/01

S Club 7 are the current music phenomenon to come from the UK. The group consists of three guys and four rather attractive young ladies singing perky, unobtrusive and lightweight music accompanied by videos which are pleasing to the eye. The have two television shows to their name and two albums that have done fantastically well in countries that are only heard of on CNN on a slow news day. Inevitably the female members of the band are asked to go do photo shoots in warm and exotic locations with bundles of designer clothes. This gives half wit reporters to ask the sort of questions that even Oprhay might wince at. At a recent such shoot in Cyprus for FHM, the question turned to whether any of the girls had ever been in fights.....
The fight
Rachel Stevens was relaxing by the pool after a strenuous day attempting to satisfy a reporter and photographer. She was wearing a golden two piece bikini with a bronzed wrap around skirt soaking up the sun on a towel with her shoulder length straight brown hair cascaded about her. She was lost in a dream world when her fellow singer, Jo O'Meara came and sat down next to her. Jo, a blonde was wearing a black & white snake skin patterned two piece bikini and a matching skirt. Although the public persona of the group was that they were all friends, in reality there were tensions. Jo's recent engagement had been matched by Rachel's very public dumping by her boyfriend, and Jo's chirpy joy had started to get on Rachel's nerves.
"So Rachel, " asked Jo, "I didn't know you had gotten into fights before!"
"A while ago, nothing spectacular," replied the brunette, ignoring Jo and wishing the blonde would leave her alone. "Could have said the same about you."
"So you want to take me on then?" asked Jo sweetly.
"You heard me, I'm challenging you!"
"Have the guys put you up to this Jo with some of their kinky ideas of what they'd like us to do? Its not funny so go rag Hannah or Tina!"
"Its no joke Rachel, just you and me. You've been pissed off with me since you got dumped which was nothing to do with me, so lets go sort it out before it gets ugly like the spice slags!"
"Jo, just because you have two tattoos doesn't make you hard. I could take you any day of the week if I wanted to, and I don't suppose a fight between us would go down well with the management. I'm not sacrificing this nice little learner just to kick your butt and satisfy some bizarre craving you have."
"There's the cove. We can go down to where we did the shoot earlier; it's quiet and no one'll disturb us...'less you're frightened. I might mess up your pin-up image. Besides which, this is just between you an' me."
"You really a dumb blonde, we spend enough time denying that we are lesbians, guess how the pictures of you and me rolling around in the sand is going to look!" snapped Rachel now ready to strangle the blonde.
"Well if you are scared that I might be better than you......" said Jo realizing that she had won the argument.
"Go get the car bitch and we'll go settle this," snapped Rachel getting up.
Jo went and got one of the pool cars with the excuse that her and Rachel were off to go swim in the sea by themselves. She met Rachel who threw two bags in the back and they drove the three miles to the cliff surrounded sandy cove which had been used as a backdrop earlier on. Having satisfied themselves that there was no one watching, they walked down to the sandy beach and dropped their bags before moving to further onto the beach eyeing one another. It was a hot day and both young singers were covered in sweat and their bikini's lung to their lithe bodies.
"Well then?" said Rachel clearly wanting this to be over.
Jo sprang forward and the two woman locked hand in a struggle for supremacy trying to push the other back or bend their fingers. Rachel realized that Jo had been quite serious about wanting to fight and that this would be no gentle roll around. She broke off her right arm and hooked it round Jo's neck and pulled the blonde closer so that their bodies pressed together. Jo squealed and used her now free hand to grab hold of Rachel's longer brown hair. Now it was Rachel's turn to squeal has her head was yanked back.
"You little bitch!" snapped the brunette, so startled by this development that she allowed Jo to break free.
As the two bandmates were again standing body to body, Rachel had no hesitation taking two fistfuls of blonde hair. Jo retaliated in kind taking two handfuls of Rachel's hair. Their bodies rubbed and pressed together so that their bikini encased breasts collided and flattened momentarily. They battled with two-handed hair holds, twisting their bodies and trying to inflict more hurt than they were suffering. This was no longer a good natured romp between members of the same band, this was a full scale bitchfight.
They swayed back and forth tugging at hair whilst their bodies rubbed together, including their pierced belly buttons. Jo began to gain the upper hand pushing Rachel backwards. As they kicked up sand, their legs became tangled and they fell to the ground. Rachel landed on her back, sending up a cloud of fine sand and grunted as Jo landed on top of her and two sets of breasts were pushed back her rib cages.
Rachel tried to push the blonde off of her to get up but Jo took hold of her hair with both hands again and started to pull. To emphasize what she thought was about her imminent victory Jo began to press her body down against the brunettes in a not unpleasurable way for both of them. But the blonde was inexperienced and over confident and Rachel was able to twist them both round so that they were laying on their sides in the sand and she used one hand to grab the fringe of Jo's hair and the other to grab her black and white skirt.
Squealing and misinterpreting her opponents intentions, Jo started to kick the brunette causing little pain but emphasizing her desire to fight whilst using both hand to grab the brunettes hair. It was as Rachel pulled the black and white skirt away in her hand and threw it towards the sea that Jo let out a "Dirty bitch!" and moved her hands from the smirking Rachel's hair. With her left she grabbed the brown haired singer by the jaw and then used placed her other hand over Rachel's right breast causing the singer to gasp. The two women seemed to pause as they pondered the implications of this escalation of the fight. As she felt the blonde's fingers begin to squeeze Rachel brought her knee up into Jo's crotch, protected only by the skimpy black and white material of her bikini bottoms.
No one had ever done this to Jo before and she rolled away from her opponent with a shriek of obscenity as if shot. As the blonde lay in the sand face down, her body heaving, Rachel was tempted to leave it there but decided that she wanted to end this properly and advanced towards her fell band member on her hands and knees. Just as Jo had come to terms with the pain and was all set to get up to inflict the same on Rachel she felt the brunette position herself across the small of her back. Before she could fight back, two hands were thrust into her hair, taking a firm and cruel grip on her short blonde locks and began pulling hard.
"Give up Jo" asked Rachel, who was now rather enjoying herself. Even more so when the blonde started to buck and thrash. Rachel retaliated by starting to stand up slowly, moving backwards and pulling the blonde up with her. Jo could do nothing to prevent this and despite the pain in her scalp and still throbbing crotch she started to get up on to her knees whilst Rachel now stood up. She let go of Jo's hair with one hand and started to undo her bronze skirt intent on giving the blonde a closer view of her bikini bottoms.
But Jo wasn't giving up. She reached behind her with both hands finding Rachel's tanned calf's, grabbed them and, after pinching and scratching the skin to get the brunettes attention, grabbed her ankles and pulling hard!
Miss Stevens squealed with surprise as she landed heavily on her 'oh so delightful' butt, letting go of Jo's hair in the process. Realizing she was free (disproving the theory that all blondes have the intellectual capacity on a small rodent), Jo started to stumble away from Rachel on her knees - needing some space and probably regretting challenging Rachel. She move forward less than a meter when Rachel planted her right foot in the base of her spine and sent her flying face first into the warm sand in a heap.
Rachel got onto her knees and threw herself forward intent on pinning her blonde opponent. But Jo had just had a mouthful of sand and rolled over onto her back coughing and spluttering, with the consequence that it was the brunette's turn to eat sand. Jo turned onto her left side in time to face Rachel who was lying on her right sand spluttering. To the newcomer peering down from the cliffs above the beach could have seen this as an almost tender moment between two friends or lovers.
As it was Jo reached out with both hands, grabbed Rachel's longer hair and started to shake her head. Rachel although momentarily disorientated by what had happened as opposed to what she had wanted to happen reached out and returned the attack. The two nubile young singers struggled in the sand, their bodies making patterns. Rachel used her hold on her Jo's hair to press and rub the blondes face in the sand, making her squeal. Jo retaliated by shaking her opponents head, then letting go and slapping the brunette. When this had no effect she grabbed hold of Rachel's golden bikini top and pulled. It had been Jo's intention to pull her opponent towards her, but the bikini was designed to be looked at rather than strength and it can away in her hands. Rachel gasped as he tanned breasts were exposed, complete with perky and stiffening nipples.
"You slag!" shrieked Rachel who wasn't sure what to do now and in her indecision let go of Jo who rolled away, still clutching the bikini top. She got up onto her knees and began to wave the flimsy item about, taunting the brunette. This really pissed Rachel off as she got to her knees, and she forgot about her earlier inhibitions about being seen topless held out a hand and was rewarded with Jo's smirking face. Now thoroughly irritated, Rachel sprang forward planting her shoulder in Jo's pierced belly button and sending the blonde sprawling onto her back in the sand, in the process of which the bikini top went flying out of reach. This turn of events curtailed Jo's enjoyment of the fight. Rachel reached up and grabbed Jo's now sweaty and sandy blonde hair, using the hold to pull herself up her opponents body - an arousing sight had there be a male audience!
As Jo felt Rachel's body slide against hers, she reached down and grabbed her light brown hair and yanked.
"Come on then Rachel, lets see how tough you really are!" sneered Jo.
As the two women came face to face, Jo rolled over so she was now on top. To emphasize this, she began to press her body down against Rachel's, thrusting her crotch and pushing her bikini top against Rachel's breasts. But this didn't stop Rachel pulling her hair; indeed Jo's head was pulled back so that she was almost looking up to where the car was parked. This gave Rachel an idea!
She managed to slip her left hand further down her opponents back and pull loose her bikini top. Jo realized what was happening but there was little she could do except slam her crotch against Rachel's, causing both singers to groan and grunt. Rachel responded by taking a hand from Jo's hair, placing it under her chin and starting to push upwards. Not only did this hurt Jo who wailed and shrieked, but it caused the two combatants upper bodies to part like the pages of a book.
As a consequence Jo's bikini top fell off exposing her own firm breasts and hard nipples. As their bodies parted and Jo began to suffer more, and with a sense of desperation she let go of her brown haired opponents hair and instead placed her hands across Rachel's breasts and started to squeeze.
Rachel shuddered and as the level of pain increased she began to whimper, which in turn got louder as the blondes fingers preened harder until it became a high pitched, "NNNNOOOOOOOO!"
Now it was Rachel's turn to grow desperate and she released her hold on Jo's hair, making the blonde think that she was on the verge of victory. But as she repositioned her body so she was sat astride Rachel, the brunette reached up and grabbed her nipples and started to pull. A new sensation of pain washed through Jo's body and her expression of pain was louder than that of her opponents. Although neither woman would dare to admit it the mutual breast attacks was becoming increasingly arousing, the pain aside.
As they both struggled to come to terms with these sensations they weakened their attacks. Arches tried to wriggle free from under Jo, but the blonde was having none of this. Indeed despite her fellow band member starting to twist her nipples she fought back the urge to want to cry she managed raise her body and place her knees either side of Rachel so that she was sat astride her waist. This was no mean achievement given the intense struggling and thrashing from Rachel who was frantically trying to free herself.
This only served to make Rachel more desperate to free herself, not least because both young women's breasts were starting to show signs of the struggle. Signs that could only harm the squeaky clean image of the band. Jo raised her butt and slammed it down onto Rachel's crotch in an effort to knock the struggle out of the brunette. The blow knocked the wind out of Rachel momentarily and as she groaned aloud, she lost her grip on Jo's breasts. This encouraged Jo and she raised her herself to repeat the attack Rachel she was taken by surprise as the brunette brought both her hands up and grabbed the black and white patterned material of the bikini bottoms to expose a trimmed, but bright blonde triangle of pubic hair.
This was just too tempting a target to Rachel who was now suffering. She plunged her fingers into the mass of hair, and although inexperienced in this type of attack, began to tug, twist and pull at the hair and delicate flesh. Jo went as pale as her hair, her time in the sun of Cyprus had given her toned body a tanned hue as she experienced new and very unpleasant feelings of pain from the attack on her crotch. With her face contorted with pain, Jo reached down and took hold of Rachel's wrists and pulled the hands out of her womanhood. This didn't stop the pain as Rachel yanked out short curly hairs as her hands were pulled clear.
Jo screeched with pain as the two women tussled, her main intent now to put some space between her and her opponent, and it only took some wild swaying and flailing of arms for Rachel to manage to throw the blonde clear of her who then scrambled further away from her wanting a breather and the chance to massage herself and assess the damage.
Both women were up on their knees breathing heavily. Rachel determined that no long lasting damage had been done to her breasts and looked up to see her blonde opponent, who appeared close to tears, gingerly examining her pussy and readjusting her bikini bottoms.
"Come on Jo, I think this has gone far enough lets go back to the others," said Rachel trying to be reasonable and end this before any long term damage was done.
But Jo had suffered too much pain to want to let the matter end reasonably. This helped her fight back the tears and she looked at her brown haired opponent, her face a mask of thunder.
Rachel barely had time to prepare to defend herself before Jo threw herself forward in a fury and reached out to sink her fingers into the brunettes longer hair. Rachel squealed with surprise and pain at this attack which soon turned to sounds of anger. She reached out and grabbed Jo's blonde hair which was as in as bad a state as her own. The two women struggled and tussled eventually falling over and landing in a sweaty heap on the sand. Having recovered from the fall the women began to roll back and forth across the sand for a couple of minutes exchanging vicious hair pulling and insults unbecoming to their wholesome image.
Rachel used her hold on Jo's hair to keep the blonde close to her to prevent further painful breast squeezing. But she had not counted on the anger of the young blonde who now moved her left hand to grab at Rachel's crotch, still hidden from sight behind the skimpy bronze triangle of her bikini bottom. Rachel realized what was about to happen, and having seen the impact of her own crotch attack, and realized she didn't want it to happen to her and began to frantically move her lower body out of the way. But Jo was on top and managed, after some struggle to grasp the thin material of the brunettes skirt and pulled it open.
Out of desperation and fear Rachel adjusted her hair pulling to start attacking the fringe of Jo's fringe, allowing her to painfully yank back the blonde's head. She then used her right hand to grip Jo's neck, digging her fingers into the soft flesh in a choke hold. Jo let out a strangled gurgle as the choke hold began to take affect and relented from her attempts to pull off Rachel's bikini bottom.
"Give bitch!" whispered Rachel.
Jo responded by reasserting her hair pull with one hand and used the other hand to free her neck. When this had little affect, Jo - close to tears - put the last of her strength into trying to pull herself away from Rachel. But to her horror her fellow band member didn't want to let go. The more she struggled and perspired the more air she consumed and began to gasp like a fish out of water. To add to her growing sense of fear and desperation Rachel now managed to roll them over so that she was on top of them. This could not go on for long and Jo let go of Rachel and let her hands fall to the sand in a sign of surrender and supplication.
After making sure that her blonde opponent really had given in before adjusting her position so she was sat astride her waist in the sun rather unsure what to do. It was just as Jo thought she wasn't going to suffer any further, Rachel Stevens reached down and began to undo her bikini bottom allowing it to slide down her legs and land in the sand. Jo began to whimper and plead but was soon cut off with a mixture of sand, sweat, pubic hair and womanly juices.
Surprising as it may seem this fight strengthened the relationship between the two women, who now plotted to take on their fellow female band members Hannah and Tina, but it was always Rachel who was in charge.