One More Time For Real: Gena Lee Nolin, Pam Anderson, Alexandra Paul, Carmen Electra by TNT

"Come back here, bitch!" the tall slender beauty screamed as she reached out and grabbed a handful of wet blonde hair.

"EEEEEICK!" Gena Lee Nolin screamed as she felt her pretty head being wrenched backward. Her feet slipped out from under her and down she went into the crystal blue water.

"Let's do it again, this time for real you stupid blonde bimbo!" Alexandra Paul snarled as she jumped on Gena Lee's back and went to work in earnest pulling her hair and ripping at her tight lowcut blue dress.

"Get her, get her good!" an excited feminine voice shouted as Carmen Electra cheered Alexandra on. Like Alexandra, Carmen was sick and tired of hearing Gena Lee talk about herself and display a ‘less than pleasant’ attitude during the catfight scene they’d just finished. Both ex-Baywatch beauties wore dresses but Gena's had somehow lost a few buttons upfront during the tussle that had been a lot of fun for both actresses who had secretly wanted to go a bit further than the script called for.

Gasp. Cough. Hack.

"Get the hell away from me you crazy broad," Gena Lee rasped after she finally managed to break away from her determined attacker. She gasped for air, coughed a few more times and started to cut through the waist-deep water.

"Oh no you don't sweetie, you're not gettin' away," Alexandra shouted as she ran after her. Her long strong arms reached out as fast as greased lightning, grabbing-


"Aieeeeeee!" Gena Lee shrieked as she felt the back of the dress rip away. A hand slipped around her front, hungry fingers grabbed the front of her dress and another loud, erotic sounding "Ripppppp" filled the air as the sexy blue dress became history.

"All right, how cool," Carmen chirped as she saw the busty blondes overstuffed lace bra come into full view. Carmen loved a good catfight, especially if it involved a blonde and the blonde was on the losing end. And better yet if it was Gena Lee.

"Grrrrrrr…that does it!" The angry response came from one angry blonde who had went from screaming, fleeing wimp to furious, "I ain't gonna take any more of this crap, vixen!” She stopped so fast that her feet almost lost their footing on the slippery bottom of the pool. She quickly caught her balance, spun around and snapped a punch to Alexandra’s' chin that snapped her head back.

"Uhhhhhh," the tall beauty grunted as she dropped her rivals torn dress and took a step back to get her bearings.

"Yeah, Gena Lee pound her, she deserves it big time!" The voice was unmistably chirpy, peppy and blonde. "Hit her for me honey, and make that a really big one."

"Thanks Pam, I'll get her good, real, real good," Gena Lee promised, as she turned to her blonde friend, smiled and winked.


"I sure hate to break this cute blondie party up so rudely, but what the hell?" Alexandra shouted as she jumped up behind Gena Lee and socked her in the back, wrapped her left arm around her throat and slipped her free hand up her back to quickly unsnap her bra.

"Great move, Yeah, yeah!" Carmen chirped as she walked over to Pam, got in her face, stared daggers at her. "You and your little smartass blond friends are in for some real trouble here! Don't ya think you should run before we catch you and take you down big time?"

"My bra, my bra; first you ruined my dress, and now my bra, you rude nasty wench, what do you want next slut? My boobs, you gonna go after my boobs? Why looking at your little wannabees, I can see what the BIG deal is. Gena suddenly spun around, backhanded Alexandra so hard across the face that the normally calm relaxed lifeguard went ballistic. She swung wildly at Gena; Gena ducked, spun around and fired a double armed block squarely into her chest as hard as she could.

"UHHHHHH!" Down Alexandra went in the pool. Upon surfacing she was greeted by a smirking Gena Lee who treated her to some nasty well placed slaps and even better placed punches. "UHHHHHH! OHHHHH!" Alexandra responded rather wimpy with groans, moans and gasps.

"How wierd, how strange; Alexandra could easily pound Gena into next week; just whats going on here?" Carmen asked.

"Listen Carmen dear, today is our day; all blondes defeat their brunette enemies on this day; its in the cards; its in the stars; do you read the stars dear?" Pam continued, showing off her intellectual superiority to her costar and - by virtue of hair color - her mortal enemy.

"Oh look, they're really going at it now, listen to those screams, hear their cussing, yelping, Gena Lee’s on top now; wait, no she's not, yes she is, wait..."

"Ta hell with waiting, I'm taking you down now, you stupid blonde dingbat! Take this"

"AIIIIIIIE...MY HAIR!!" Pam screamed as Carmen viciously grabbed and pulled her hair.

The brunette had wanted to slap Pam around for years and the timing seemed perfect. The pool area was amazingly empty as everyone from the set had left for a break. The girls stayed around to relax and "talk." (Well at least that was the two blondes' intentions).

"Uhhhhh, gonna kill you!" Pam grunted and cursed at Carmen as she suddenly knocked Carmen’s arms and took a vicious swing at her. The brunette grunted as the blondes' solid blow smacked into her with force almost knocking her clean off balance. She ducked just in time to avoid a powerful punch. She grabbed for Pam’s throat as she felt fingers latch onto the front of her top.

RIPPPPPP!!! "NOOOOOOO....$#@#%$ YOU SLUT!" Carmen shouted as her halter give way and her rivals face registered a satisfied smirk.

"Nice boobs, but mine are nicer," the busty blonde chirped as she fired a fist solidly into the brunettes' full left breast.

"UHHHHHMPFH!" Carmen grunted. Then she heard another throaty groan that mimicked hers.

"Wanna fight dirty? Well, so do I!" Gena Lee snipped as she pulled down the front of Alexandra’s' satiny dress. The soaking wet material peeled as easily as a banana, revealing two small but very firm, perfect, breasts which were sporting rock-hard, perky nipples that became the target of Gena's eager, grasping fingers. "Tiny, tiny boobies! Oh, so pinchable!" Gena Lee giggled as Alexandra yelped.

Incredibly fast, the yelp turned into an angry snarl that signaled a lightning fast, perfectly executed punch that set the attackings blondes' mind into instant "lala" land. A second punch sent Gena flying back and down into the water where her wide open mouth seemed to swallow at least ten gallons of very unwelcome pool water. Two long gorgeous legs flew up quite involuntarily.

"Now you're gonna catch hell, bitch!" Alexandra shouted as she grabbed an ankle and a handful of blonde hair at the same time and used them to haul Gena half out of the water. She angrily pulled her to the side of the pool and wrestled her up against the side, leaving her half-in and half-out, bent backward in a most painful, erotic - and quite vulnerable position. A few blistering slaps put the dazed beauty in a most submissive mood. "And yours, blondie, they're so big and sooooo squeezable!" Alexandra taunted as she held up her hands, made squeezing motions and slowly moved them towards the wide-eyed blonde’s "pride and joys."

"NOOYAAHHH...ARGGGGGH!" Gena Lee groaned, squirmed and writhed as Alexandra mauled her huge melons, pinching, pulling and twisting the thick erect nipples between her fingers. To add insult to injury, the brunette pressed her knee into her rivals groin and did a most painful bump and grind.

"Oh no! Gena's in trouble, oh noooooo," Pam bemoaned as she pushed Carmen's head under water. The blondes' biceps fairly bulged in her strong arms as she held the brunette under. She smiled as she watched Carmen’s' hands break the surface of the water and flail wildly, frantically. She was quite happy having thrown Carmen in the pool and jumped in after her.

"Seeeee, blonde's do have more fun...and we win tooo, Ms Electra; Ms Big Shot," she said as she finally let Carmen up.

She looked over and watched Alexandra work over her friend. Pam's eyes' glazed a bit as she took in the strangely erotic sight. She had always admired Gena Lee's body, but until now hadn't given the tall lean, Alexandra much thought. She did look incredibly sexy as she stood topless in the waist deep water, her elegant torn dress hanging limply at her waist. Alexandra looked incredibly strong, erotic, and quite determined.

"Poor Gena Lee, I gotta go help her."

Cough. Hack. Gasp. Wheeze. Carmen gasped for air, struggled to clear her head and regain her bearings.

"Here, got one more treat for you sweetie," Pam said as she cocked her arm back and balled her fist.

"Umppppppfffh! NOOOOO..." SPLASH!

Pam's face grimaced, her full lips formed a quivering pout as the grunted out an agonized grunt, then a protest a second before a strong leg wrapped around hers and she felt herself being pulled and pushed underwater. The pain erupting in her lower back, courtesy Alexandra’s' punch signaled her presumed punch to Carmen’s whimpering face would never happen.

"Gaaaa…gosh, thanks!" Carmen muttered as she watched Alexandra hold her attacker under the water that was boiling with Pam’s bubbles.

"Don't just stand their whimpering, dummy: get ready to have some fun!" Alexandra shouted as she suddenly pulled the gasping, wheezing blonde out of the water.

"My, my, Pammie, your boobs are kinda hangin' out there a little…" Rippppp! "…er, I mean a lot!" THWAP! WHACK! Carmen chuckled as she tore the coughing blondes' soaked top off and treated her huge breasts to several stinging slaps.

"Gosh you're mean - for being a ‘good girl’ that is," Alexandra said as she held Pam tight in a powerful full nelson.

She was quite surprised at how the normally nice quiet, bubbly Carmen had turned into an angry catfighter. The brunette was now snarling out curses as she sunk her talons deep into Pam’s firm melons.

"Let her go! I want her all to myself!" Carmen shouted as she treated Pam to a nasty headbutt. "Uhhhhhhh…" Carmen groaned as she suddenly stepped back holding her forehead.

Alexandra shook her head in disbelief as she released her groaning whimpering captive; amazed at how dense her ex-costars seemed to be.

"Gonna kill you!” both busty beauties shouted through their groans and whimpers as they staggered towards each other. Their raised their hands and reached for each others throats.

Whoumppph! The sexy sound of two ample chests slamming together, the four full breasts meeting and greeting each other in a most erotic movement filled the air, and brought a smile to Alexandra’s' face.



Both combatants' determined eyes' widened as they angrily wrapped their arms around their rivals backs and began to squeeze.



Sharp nails dug deep into sensitive sleek skin.

"Gonna crush your boobs!"

"Gonna mash your tits!"



Both women groaned, grunted and moaned as they promised to do unthinkables to each other.

"Enough of this, you two dumb bimbos, geeeeezzz."

"What the hel…NOOOOO….YEOOOWWWWW!"

Alexandra laughed as both angry combatants felt a strange sensation between their legs and then instant, agonizing pain.
"How’s this feel, bimbo idiots?" the tall, lean brunette snarled as she yanked hard on the two captured "treasures," she had just latched onto. In one smooth, erotic plan of attack Alexandra had grabbed Carmen’s' and Pam’s' bottoms, grabbed hold of two patches of "silk," and went to work.



Two simultaneous pleas for relief almost shattered Alexandra’s' eardrums.

"Nuhuuuhhh…" Bonk!

Instant request, instantly fulfilled. Alexandra exchanged one excruciating hold for another as she reached up and grabbed a handful of blonde hair in one hand and a handful of brunette hair in the other. With a mighty inward pull she brought two lovely heads together and the resulting "noggin knock" that put both topless combatants in la-la land. Alexandra smiled as she watched four beautiful eyes roll, then jerked the two lovely dazed heads apart and fired off two solid punches, one to either woman snapping each's head back.

"Uhhhhhhh…umppppppfh!" Grunts and groans escaped Alexandra's lips as she pulled each dazed lovely out of the water and put them in sitting posititions, back to back. Rippppp! Ripppppp! "Now don't go anywhere," she laughed as she slipped off her own dress, tore it into two strips and bound their wrists together. "Hmmmmm, you two look great, but need something more…" she mused. "Hey, you there! Lady…" Alexandra shouted as she leaped to her feet and raced across the pool area.

"Eeeeyahhhh." Splash! Like a gorgeous, topless, pantyhose-clad linebacker, Alexandra charged toward Gena Lee, slamming into and knocking the tired, exhausted, energy-and-strength-spent blonde off her feet and into the pool.

Screams and shrieks cleared Gena Lee’s lovely, frantic throat as Alexandra quickly subdued her after a longggggg, momentous, underwater struggle and some furious thrashing and splashing.

"Shoulda learned something by now, but then you're blonde, a ditzy, busty big-boobed, little-brained, blonde," Alexandra rasped as she treated her gasping, whimpering rivals beautiful but tender chest to a few quick "love slaps" and unwanted nipple torture attention before dragging her to the side of the pool and ripping her pantyhose to shreds. "After such a harrrrrd day of filming, and valiant struggling, you deserve a little reward, a bit of sweetness," Alexandra cackled as she pulled Gena out of the pool, courtesy her lovely wet hair and hauled her towards her conquered costars.

"Noooooo….umpppppfh…" Gena Lee moaned as she felt herself fly through the air and land hard at Pam’s feet; instant fiery pain shooting through her scalp from the intense pressure on the back of her head and neck. She grunted out a loud protest before she heard her own frantic screams drowned into muffled groans, "Uhhhhh….Wha…?”

“Ohhhhhh, Gena Lee, how thoughtful! Ummmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhh, yes Gena Lee; you hot, dirty little blonde bimbo bitch! Ummmmmmmm…" Pam groaned as her blonde costars head seemed to bury a tunnel directly into her. "Continue! Move your head up and I'll take it off," the loud demanding, commanding words seemed to sear Gena Lee's head and heart. She groaned…she heard Pam’s loud groans and moans…she heard their joint groans and moans blend into one!

"Stupid wimps!" Alexandra muttered as she slipped away. Then she spotted the crew on their way back from their break. "Too bad they didn't catch the real action," she thought as she took several rapid steps, a smile curling her lips as her ears caught the first thrilling sounds of defeat. "Ummmmmmm…."