Beth Ostrosky vs. Dana Lange by Black Mamba

Her loss to Beth on National TV really weighed heavily on Dana's mind to the point of animosity had built up. One day, she decided to confront Beth concerning the affair and she was looking for answers to the question of who really won and why!

Dana arriving at Beth's place in the Hamptons parked her car and walked up the driveway and rang the door bell.

Beth answered. "Oh hi Dana what are you doing here? said the blonde.

"I have to talk to you," said Dana

"Sure come in," said Beth, leading her visitor through the living room, past the den out onto the patio.

"OK...what's up" said Beth.

"You know, you guys really lost on that Newlywed game show," said Dana.

"Oh not this again...that's water under the bridge leave it alone," replied Beth.

As the two argued back and forth over who actually won and who did win.......the discussion became more heated on the patio getting to the boiling point.

Beth gloated and said, "You know I beat you in the game I was right and you know it end of discussion Dana there is nothing more to say but you lost bitch". as Dana replied "Well how about we settle this woman to woman if you have the guts if you can handle me" as she slapped Beth "ahhh"

Beth was stunned, "What the hell Dana? You think you can take me bitch? Ha, that'll be the day. C'mon let's go."

As the two started to go at right there Dana in her floral print mini dress and Beth jeans and a white half ruffle blouse as pushing, gave way to shoving and shoving turned into hair pulling to hair pulling and slapping which evolved into punching each other as they lock up grunting, gasping trying to drag one another down.

After a brief struggle Dana grabs one her shoes and hits Beth on the side of her face, land a belly punch and then throws the blonde to the ground dazing the slender busty model enough as Dana further wrestles Beth to the ground for an impromptu beating subduing the slender but tall Beth as the smaller Dana then drags the leggy blonde inside by the hair kicking and screaming and dumps her on the sofa and continues the melee.

Beth begins to rise up but she is met with a back hand slap from Dana stopping the slender blonde sending her backwards where she came from....

"Ahhhh bitch not in my house you don't I'm gonna K..." Beth was cut off as Dana Yelled...

"HOLD IT! Let’s set some ground rules FIRST!" said Dana.

"OK like when if I beat you, then..."Beth said rubbing her face as she was cut off in mid-sentence.

Dana: "Yeah, If I win you have to kiss my butt and while telling everyone you really lost on that game show as well as cook dinner for me all week. And if you win I'll admit it and never bring it up again and I'll be your personal servant for a week"

Beth smiled thinking this is easy money said "OK, you got a deal, besides I need some one to walk the dog and your the bitch for the job". You wanna fight here in the den or what?" said Beth.

"Works fine for me" replied Dana.

As the two undress down to their bikini's Beth in Red top and bottom, while Dana stripped down to a black two piece bikini both eyed each other bodies showing a mutual admiration for each other attributes.

Beth stretching displaying her lovely assets.

"You ready for your beating I'm gonna kick you sorry butt for what you just did," said Beth.

Dana rubbing herself said, "I'm ready to teach you a lesson if that’s what you mean!"

The two lock up as Beth using her height advantage hooks Dana in a head lock and starts to grind away as the brunette grunts trying to break free as she slip her hand and tries to overpower the blonde. Beth straining against Dana might is force to loosen her hold and grabs Dana right hand with her left and quickly shifts the head lock to a choke as Beth had Dana in the crease of her forearm and biceps determined to exact revenge for the earlier beat down she suffered by Dana by strangling the life out of the little brunette and it was beginning to work.

Dana hammered fist to Beth's back as the blonde groaned winced slightly with every blow that grew weaker in force as Dana wheezing and coughing drop to one knee then two as Beth followed as she got down to one of her knees threw back her head grit her teeth and poured it on. Beth rode the brunette to the floor and demanded..."Give up Dana" Beth growled grinding and holding on to the choke hold.

Dana struggling manages to turn her head just enough and bit hard on the side near Beth's right breast as the model blonde shrieked in pain and clutched her sore spot looking for broken skin. Dana clutching her neck coughing as the two looked at each other Beth rubbing her pain just smiled and said "You're dead meat little girl" as Beth moved in closer to Dana catching her by the leg as the brunette kicks at the blonde Beth punches back but Dana manages to escape and get to her feet as the blonde followed trying to take her back down. Dana blocks thwarts her attempts and counters with similar tactics as the struggle for control is renewed with some vicious face slapping and hair pulling both down to their knees.

As the two girls get to their feet and violently collided with each other, Dana using her strength picked up Beth easily in a bear hug and finally forces the slender blonde to the floor with a loud thump with Beth taking the brunt of the fall as the blonde arches her back in pain for a moment. Beth tries to fight off Dana as both combatants began rolling around on the ground Beth tires once again to assert herself on top of Dana, but she's denied by the petite brunette who lands a hard slap to the blonde models face...CRACK....stunning Beth. Dana pulls her to the side allowing the smaller brunette to gain position on top pinning the former FHM pin-up.

Dana wrestles Beth's long arms to the ground while sitting on Beth's firm abs displaying her strength and leverage advantage as Dana eventually uses her knees to secure the blonde's long arms to the ground trapping Beth and pummels the blonde with series of slaps followed by a vicious choke and then back to face slapping. Dana grabs her new found enemy by the throat squeezes, while thrust her in the air and celebrates just a little and said. "You have a butt to kiss my dear, now give up before I really do you in" smiled a confident Dana.

As Dana was mocking the blonde, Beth's long slender leg(s) reached up starts kicking wildly and manages to topple Dana off the her rolling to her side as Beth now astride the brunette applies a scissor hold as the blonde shifts around back allowing Beth to clasp her hands around Dana's into a sit up position, as the model lithe legs squeeze for all their worth.

Dana struggling quickly digs her finger nails into Beth slender legs causing the blonde to throw back her head in pain with mouth wide open. Dana pushing back began to rise up pushing Beth back further on the palm's of her hands resting now on her elbows as well. Dana prying Beth's legs loosened up enough as Dana pried the blonde's legs apart further twisting around to where she now facing Beth looking down on the blonde's mid section as the brunette fires a couple of punches to Beth's lower abs causing the blonde to relinquish the hold for Dana to break free as the smaller brunette established her dominance over the statuesque blonde by sitting back on top of her foe once again.. Beth's uses her lean athletic body by squirming, twisting and bucked wildly as the blonde managed dislodge her aggressor much to the brunette's protest.

As the two girls got back to their feet and started that old familiar pushing, shoving, slapping, punching, insulting and choking ordeal each trying to out do the other until Dana blocks one of Beth's punches, fires back a vicious back hand slap weakening the blonde enough allowing the petite brunette to pick up Beth and slam the cover girl model across her knee into a backbreaker as the blonde eyes rolled to the back of her head as she moaned in pain. Dana looking to cause her adversary more pain held Beth's chin and followed up with a few hammer fist to the blonde exposed taunt belly before she bent Beth's body further backwards trying to force a submission as the blonde groaned "unnn noooo" in pain from the agonizing experience.

All though in pain, Beth did not submit so, Dana turned up the punishment as she pulled down the models bikini top exposing Beth's pert ample breast and pinched her nipples "Ouch!" Cried Beth who grimaced at Dana as the blonde reached up and pulled Dana long dark hair causing Dana to break the hold on her neck as Beth slipped to the floor holding her back.

Dana jumped on Beth putting the blonde in a head lock as once again the blonde the brunette were going at struggling woman to woman the brunette grunting hard finally managed to pin the moaning bigger blonde to the floor grinding her entire hot curvy body into blonde's exquisite supple torso

"Damn!" said Beth as the brunette held the struggling blonde firmly grunting in the process.

Beth tried to use her flexible legs again to knock the smaller brunette off as Dana released her hold and grabbed the blonde's long lean legs and actually pining them to the ground as well attesting to the blonde's supple flexibility "Gotcha now bitch" said Dana as the blonde struggles grunting and groaning in vain knowing that smaller stronger brunette dynamo was in total control of her.

Dana reached back with one hand clawed and removed Beth's bikini panties revealing the blonde's totally shaved "private parts"(tm) leaving the blonde the half naked and hurting.

"Ahghh...Oh you little Bitch!” blonde Beth murmured.

"Such a mouth! We'll have to fix that," said the brunette as Dana stuffed Beth's panties in her mouth, choking the beautiful blonde with her own shin of her leg further attesting to the blonde's limber limbs. "This is so easy geez....Give up yet Beth?" asked Dana

However, Dana forgot that Beth now had her other leg free which the blonde brought forward and hooked around Dana eventually powering the small brunette off of her. As an irate Beth removed her panties from her month as well as her half torn top got to her knees and lands a punch to catching Dana in the kidney as Beth takes what is left of her bikini and began to choke the little brunette as she forces Dana down to the ground and wraps her up in a scissor hold across Dana's waist while still retaining a choke hold via the bikini top.

"There how do you like little witch I teach you how it feels!" said Beth as Dana gurgles trying to force Beth's hands apart unsuccessfully. "Thought you had me huh? Now do you give?" said Beth smiling as Dana eyes started to roll back and her eye lids grew heavy as Beth looked for payback for her earlier humiliation and beating. Dana, gasping and coughing, reaches back and claws at Beth inner thigh and womanhood.

"Ahhhh LET GO CUNT! AHHH..." the blonde model throws her head back trying to fight the pain but it was too much as she loosened both holds' on Dana enough for the little brunette to escape as Beth clasped her crotch that now was on fire from the abuse and rolled over in the fetal position pursing her lips in pain as her eyebrows and face cringed in pain anguish

Dana breathing hard gurgling, catching her breath while recovering from being choked, had no intention of giving her foe any compassion or chance to rest. Dana knelt over the tall slender blonde grabbed her by the arm, raised her up and delivered powerful backhand slap as Beth's snapped to the side as her gorgeous lean body twisted and turned with the blow as the blonde landed face first on the floor.

Beth moaned "Oh wow!" as Dana jammed her heel into Beth's lower back and pulled back on her arms in a surfboard hold. She squealed, "Aahhhhhhsss noooo.." as her lower back was bent at an unnatural angle but the more Beth yelled in pain, the harder Dana pulled and more pressure she put in the hold.

Abruptly, Dana released the hold and let her battered brunette rival go as Beth flopped down to the floor. Dana took her heel out of Beth's back, knelt down and rammed the blonde face first into the ground as the model gasps in horror as the sadistic little brunette babe squatted over Beth's backside, trapping Beth's arms around her own legs. Dana clasped her hands under the blonde's chin and pulled back on Beth's neck, wrenching camel clutch style at a horrible angle. Beth fighting the hold for all she worth managed to work her petite abuser's hand just enough to take a bite out of the finger of a very surprised Dana who screamed, "OW YOU BITCH!" as she let go.

Dana abruptly released the hold as she grabbed a fistful of Beth's hair rolling her to the side then eventually on her back and slammed her head down into the floor hard a few times. Beth was shaken, dazed and hurt as Dana admires her more than handy work and she taunted the lovely blonde model while messaging the broken skin of her hand from the bite wound that she received curtsey of the desperate Statuesque blonde.

Beth shaking her head NO, while trying to back away on her elbow and heels of her feet wanting very much to avoid any further direct confrontation with the petite powerhouse as Dana yells, "C'mere blondie and fight like a woman!"

She angrily jumps on the blonde but is met with a knee leaving her open mouth stunned as Beth gets a head lock on the little brunette as they rolled around on the floor. The athletic but weakened Beth is amazed at the strength of her smaller adversary as slender blonde grunts and groans trying to hold on the well built brunette as both girls continue their struggle of aggression for control and dominance. Dana managed to breaking the head lock hold as the blonde model captures the smaller brunette's wrist and tried to pin her as Beth, using all her strength and body weight held Dana down as she tried to grapevine the smaller brunette's shapely legs entwined with her long lithe ones. Dana slips one hand out of the blonde's grasp and squeezed one of Beth's boobs as the blonde threw her head back moaning in pain while enabling Dana to power out changing the advantage once again to where now smaller brunette was on top again pinning the slender blonde and started to assert her dominance by grinding her curvy firm body in to Beth's hot lean frame.

Dana, now in charge takes Beth's arms by the wrist and stretches them over the model's head then land a couple of knees to the out stretch midsection and then ram a knee to Beth's lower abs as the blonde groans sinking further into the floor. Dana releases the blonde and grabs her by the hair and says "had enough yet?" Beth, with no answer, received a slap in the face from the brunette who repeated, "had enough" slap, "had enough" slap, "had enough" slap, "had enough" slap ....Beth eyes grew weak from the abuse as she grimaced and groaned with each pop but did not give in showing remarkable constitution in the face of an superior opponent. As these sting slaps continued the left side of Beth's face grew beet red as the blonde fought back the tears of pain.

"Not bad, I'm impressed, but I'll break you yet bitch!" said Dana gloating a bit as the brunette as she turns the model on her side and dig a knee into the blonde's rib's. Beth face grew flush as she sighed in pain. Beth trying to fight being total flip over reached back and raked her fingers in to Dana's crotch as the small brunette cried, "Ohhhhhh!"

Dana ceased hostilities, allowing Beth to escape as Dana fell back holding her throbbing groin and thrashing her legs in pain. Beth laying there for a moment knowing that she damaged the little brunette luckily just in the right spot, slowly moved over to the Dana's position as the leggy blonde model attempted to get back into control applied a side waist scissor around Dana who now began to flail from the tension of Beth's athletic long legs grinding into Dana hot shapely body. Beth got a some payback as the model got a little nasty as she slapped Dana's face and pinched her ample C cup breast.

“How do you like it little girl payback is a bitch ain't it?" Beth gloated as she taunted little Dana.

A pain mask of despair came over the comely brunette from the crushing leg scissors as Dana cursing up a storm while trying to break free she started to pinch and scratch Beth's supple legs and finally got the model to loosen up enough allowing the smaller brunette to break the hold. As Dana scurried away clutching her sides as Beth grabbed her ankle pulled her back in the models direction "get over here" Beth demanded as she dragged Dana by the foot and attempted to straddle the brunette from a missionary position. However, Beth was met with a scissor hold from Dana blocking the models progress and throwing the surprised Beth to the side like rag doll.

Dana grabbed Beth by her long blonde hair "now you get over here bitch how dare you" as now the petite brunette sits behind the long legged model wraps her shapely sinewy legs around Beth's waist hook her arms and squeezed "Not this again" Beth said quietly as she tried to fight powerful legs of her brunette aggressor. Beth was amazed at the raw strength that the smaller brunette girl was able to muster as Dana applied more pressure and stretching the blonde exquisite body as Beth head slumped to the side as she began to wilt under the tension. "Do you give bitch or do I crack a rib?" asked Dana as she began to pump away grinding.

"Yes, yes I give!" cried Beth as tears ran like a broken faucet.

Dana releases the hold, grabs the blonde by the hair and whistles another SLAP to Beth's face which is already glistening with her salty tears, rousing the blonde.

" animal! No... please don't make me... I gave up already," Beth whined.

"What did you call me??" screamed Dana as she raised her hand for another slap.

"Nothing please stop!" whimpered Beth weakly.

"Shut up, bitch you lost unless you want some more!" Dana replied to the head shaking… no, tearful… Beth as the lovely brunette pulls down her bottom exposing her fine butt and face. “You know what you need to do Beth?" said Dana as she sits on Beth’s face as the little brunette smiled. “You want a rematch, just let me know Beth." As Dana gets up and puts her foot on her defeated opponent, she says, "I feel great! I told you I'd teach you a lesson and that was not to mess with me!" Dana kneels down grab Beth by the hair one more and slaps her as the blonde's mouth dropped open. "I just couldn't help myself; had to get one last one in. Damn, it just felt sooo good.. Make sure you on time tomorrow. Artie and I are expecting company you know how he likes to eat you gonna have a lot of cooking to do!" laughed the brunette.

As Dana shoves Beth's head back to the ground, she kicks her then leaves her face down in a very nice looking mess.. Beth lay sobbing, her body trembling as she cried, her exquisite body in naked splendor very disappointed, humiliated, shuddering as she thinks about the beating she'd gotten at the hands of the smaller brunette.

"Why? How?" she wondered as she looked forward to extract revenge somehow.

Beth, the statuesque blonde supermodel, had surrendered to the smaller yet stronger brunette in convincing and humiliating fashion.