Beth Ostrosky vs. Kim Smith - Celebrity Boxing by “HMK Productions”

Pre-Preliminaries : This match was scheduled for the HMK complex but with “Special” guest coming to down to the beach dojo Heather wanted to make it extra special and called on Hef and he graciously consented to and gave permission to use the mansion to host the festivities as part of Fight Night at the Mansion. Joining Hef and his beautiful blonde harem Howard and crew with blonde stunner Beth Ostrosky in tow Heather, cordial playing the part of the gracious host showing the crew around while making small talk with Howard and Robin they participated recipicated in kind as Heather showed the two around introducing them to staff employees much their delight alike as they got further acquainted and saw to their comforts during the morning of the scheduled event.

Meanwhile, Kim Smith pacing nervously not sleeping too much the night before as this being her first bout out side the protection of the HMK stable was about to commence fears and apprehension combined with thoughts of failure ran through the young girls mind as she played the losing scenario over and over in her mind as she wondered “Am I cut out for this?” Beth had been at this for a while but Kim was the new kid on the block, and she feared she might not remember all of her training leading to a less than desirable outcome.

Preliminaries: Neither girl wanted to see each other before the event as both decided it was best until the start of the festivities. As the evening dawn it was and the event started and announcements made Beth comes down in a beautiful royal blue robe with gloves giving away to a blue bikini holding her curvy yet slender all lean body, blonde hair slicked back in a pony tail with white tennis shoes. Smith comes to the ring slender sleek in foregoing any robe just a plain blue/grey string bikini also with white tennis shoes and classic Ever-last Black Gloves, hair pulled tight-back ponytail - as the two shake mitts ready for action. As the ring announcements begin we turn to ring announcer Michael Buffer….

“Are you ready…Let’s get ready to RUMBLE……”

“Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Fight Night for 10 rounds of Boxing Sanctioned by the California state athletic commission Rob Lynch commissioner: In the Blue corner at 5’ 10” weighing in a 126 lbs Beth OSTROSKY And in the Red Corner at 5’ 9” weighting in at 128 Kim SMITH….Special guest referee Ute U.Werner!”

“Alright, ladies you know the rules: no elbows, rabbit, punches or hitting below the belt err… bikini line, in this case. I want a clean fight break when I tell and go to the corner, GO IT!” all nod in agreement “Good shake hands and go back to your corners wait for the bell”

As the mini conference breaks up. Both ladies match up very well Beth had the slight height advantage while Kim with a slight weight and reach about the same as the two perfect genetic specimens prepare themselves for confrontation at the sound of the bell.

Round 1: The slender blonde femme fatale’ Ostrosky making it look easy, quickly establishing her range tuning up jabs, working over the young brunette model of FHM & Maxim fame touted as the next IT girl or hit girl as far as Ostrosky is concerned, as the lean mean blonde, doing what she wants with the tenderfoot Smith. Beth, needling Kim with darting jabs, invading her with left – right combos fast and furious speed bagging the brunette – catching out of the corner of her eye Howard. Kim in a tight guard defense, lifting her gloves to her eyes in true peek-a-boo fashion, trying to stay low, picking off Ostrosky's constant flickering jab as the blonde showing grace, glides to the left. Beth not setting down on anything, just letting Smith see the blurring speed, rangy long armed snaps as Ostrosky swats up around either ear, or reaches slapping right hands between the gloves from the outside. Smith trying to pick her way in with an extended left palm out - Ostrosky landing hard fast-ball jabs measuring Smith pushing down on the top of the brunette's head for nimble sidesteps, then licking up the right uppercut to the face. Down the stretch, Beth goes right at Smith, shocking the brunette with a walking sinewy barrage of hard lefts and rights - big scooping blockbusters bombs to the midsection that rock back and overcame the younger Smith up at the bell. ALL OSTROSKY ALL THE TIME!! Beth all legs and grinning with confidence along with a affirmative nod to her people in the crowed mouthing “I got her number” bouncing around, refused the stool preferring instead to hang loose - posing against the ropes in as sassy manner working the applause of the crowed. While on the opposite end Smith strolls slowly to her corner holding her side, respectful of the first round spanking she received at the hands of the blonde speed queen, quite, humble and classy – taking a seat.

Round 2: Smith crouching low, trying to bob n’ weave timing jabs without success - Beth hanging outside looking for openings, banging - ramming lefts against Smith guard, then dropping in an axe wheeling right hand, pushing the left against Kim’s slack jawed face, to sidestep right, leaving the brunette hanging ten over her feet. Ostrosky, feeling and looking good ally oops, and slam dunks, slip n’ slide – peep and hide – side to side popping playing a tune on Kim Smith with double left jabs, crossing T’s with the rights that have the brunette with “deer in headlights” look of frozen fear in her crouch fearing to move, not wanting to risk being run over by a passing hooking left or street crossing right. Midway through, Ostrosky, “FAKE OUT” with shoulder pop, peppers Smith with trifling flurries of lefts, then two step rights, dips her shoulder leans slips a left one to Kim’s breadbasket and rises with a right hard uppercut to the mug. Smith head snapping, whip like, up and back as she starts to topple backwards as Beth, with nimble - grace skips forward, whipping punch after punch driving SMITH to the ropes, Beth’ dealing damage, cherry bombs the brunette, banging glove to chest working Kim over tenderizing the brunette, causing the ref to step in a break up the melee leaving Smith with a STANDING EIGHT COUNT. Smith, clearing cobwebs recovering after the clubbing, tires to re-establishing and set up her defenses but Ostrosky, wisely doesn't fall for the doppelganger methods as Beth rains-down on Kim with a blistering flurry of crisp combos, then backs off, leaning in out Ali style taunting Smith out teasing the young brunette to the tune musical jabs as Ostrosky owns Kim, playing sour notes on Smiths’ face and body.

Ostrosky, taking a lot of shots on goal and scoring big-time!, shuffling, feeling the grove and no pain with exuberance suddenly smacks a well place left hook up side head - landing a stone where ear meets jaw, that sends Kim to the Edge of Reality - wobbling on jelly legs to the ahhh’s and gasps of the crowed as the Bell Ringing - Sound in Kim’s head as well as ring side ends the Mercy Killing that would have taken place in this round. Beth bounding bubbles with joy, gives a smile to the crowed winking over to Howard while mouthing “it’s over baby, its over!”, as she walks back to her corner and takes the stool and bottle of water grinning, flexing lean muscle Dave Draper style and hooping it up uncharacteristically, as the normally shy blonde panders to the crowed filled with uncontained excitement!

Between Rds 2 & 3: With Carmella and Teri Harrison watching closely taking the all important mental notes meanwhile in Kim’s corner Heather watching the festivities in a pensive mood walks over for a quick consoling session for the slouching brunette woozy by the hit parade barrage played by Beth as Heather places hand on Smith shoulder and speaks as Kim rubs the side of her aching jaw - “You need to get inside. - Remember what we practiced in training, start working that straight lead jab I showed you, it has quick power to establish – snap that shoulder out extending and rotate the hips - snap, thrusting through the target just like we practiced, … just like we practiced! The same principle applies here as it did in class training ” as Kozar demonstrates a little refresher for her brunette protégé while offering words of encouragement of “STAY FOCUSED but LOOSE and watch her patterns & Keep it Simple! C’mon you can do it!” - as Heather, trying to talk Kim out of this beating she was about to receive at the hands of this well trained battle blonde. The young upstart, Kim acknowledging Heather’s words of wisdom as the Ref ask - “Can you continue?” Kim shouts a “YES” thrusting her hand in the air – “I know I can take her ..I can do this” - Kim whispers to herself, trying to re-establish confidence, personally as well as others who were watching. Ref frowning - “This going against her better judgment” and gives the “Gambare” Alight - fight”!

Round 3: Beth more grounded and confident as she now, looking for power-shots - established her range with those long arms of hers, she's got her timing, her rhythm, her pattern and she knows that Smith is hurt. Now, it is just a matter of breaking down the kids defenses before a KO or TKO would happen and the fight would be Beth’s, it has been pre-ordained . Ostrosky, still beating out a pattern on the fellow pin up girl, with annoying licking skin jabs, jamming up Smith eating away at her defenses as Kim winces - Beth leans over to her right, like a well oiled machine, twisting on hinges, that right uppercut early to force Kim out of her comfort zone or what is left. Beth batters the brunette with heavy rights and speedy lefts looking to break the ice or jaw. Smith clenching and crossing her right hand hugging her neck under her chin, with the left across her body for protection as Smith, bobbing and weaving to the beat of a different drum of punishment just to get close enough to do some street corner hooking of her own against Ostrosky taunt midsection- tenderizing her ribs, as the two tall combatants trade blows like smaller women up close and very personal as the crowed roars echoing the excitement -

Smith gets in some hasty stinging lead jab breast shots speed bagging and banging as the getting Beth’s immediate attention - grunting- blonde femme fatale finally gives up some and gets a little payback in the process. Nice comeback by Kim the blonde for the most part dominated the round although Beth gave up some - ground - and Kim was bad enough to take some, in good fashion with late popping jabs. Beth grumbling in her corner wondering where, why and how after being show up slightly by the young shapely slim brunette as Ostrosky paid no attention to her handlers or the crowed only to Smith her ring opponent as Beth pounds glove to glove repeatedly at the beginning of the fourth.

Round 4: Second verse same as the first - Ostrosky looking mean, no fooling around here, trying to hurt Smith hard and where it counts as Beth, establishing the outside perimeter, but slow in moving not as nimble on the feet as the last minutes activity in the round three by Kim took some of the wind out of the Beth’s sails or so it would appear. Ostrosky, measuring Smith occasionally taking a haughty chest poke or two, giving her a little “touch up” jab keeping Smith honest, then whipping a rising right uppercut and or deflecting broad hooks from the brunette, then rotating turning on the balls of her feet and shuffling side to side denying Smith the opportunity to land any serious punches stopping attack from walking right in patterns Kim, learning Beth’s style as she went along as Smith picking up movements and defending her self well against lethal right uppercuts, left hand jabs as both girls were doing a fine job of boxing “the sweet science” with their coordinated routines. Ostrosky fending off Smith as the bell sound and for a brief moment Kim was getting the better of the exchange but over all Ostrosky won the round but gave up a little more ground to an alert Smith at the closing seconds of the fourth. Kim walking back to her corner looks over to Heather and gets a nod of approval for her performance in the last couple of rounds for a well deserved seat.

Round 5: Smith picks up where she left off last round and keeps pecking away at the lethargic Ostrosky. Kim, springing from her front foot - straight crisp jabbing with glee vigorous stiff, hard snapping straight leads arm, shoulder popping, and hips in action the body forms a straight POWER line shocking Beth as Kim, remembering her training sessions with Heather and looking with confidence looking to take control, as she was getting into Beth’s “Soul kitchen” and baking away and popping the tart as she served up portions of a left meat hook with a right dinner plate special . Kim, lugging leather, having her moments BIG now with Ostrosky as Beth just standing there taking abuse – sloppy - hands around the outside Smith's waist clutching, trying to back up her ring opponent as the brunette cleans n’ jerks in compact hand grenade to the sullen blonde’s jaw. Smith, hasty with crisp hard hook shots sting Ostrosky's now, gasping with open mouth, then back clipping with the right hand, getting a clattering hammer upside Beth' head - Ostrosky wide eyed stunned, just standing and taking hard bricks to her chin as the brunette worked over the sleepy blonde beauty just about putting her to bed as the BELL Sounded staving off the final good Night. . At the bell – Ostrosky walking sloppy slow droops to her corner, Smith basking with fire - intense turns on a dime bearing backside, walking with head held high leaving Beth in the dust as she nestles to her corner seat.

Between rounds 5 & 6 Heather and Ute whisper to each to other, “Kim really got inside on Beth and worked her over but good almost too good!”

"Yeah Heather, what the hell did you say to her?"

“Oh I just told her to Stay focused, watch for patters and stick those lead jabs in the openings or create them as she goes along."

“I see, you mean mixing in those JKD technique moves of yours? Your finger prints are all over this one Heather, you can’t fool me, nice job!”

“Yeah, maybe too nice as far as Beth is concerned she looks weary, Ute. You call this match Ute, no need to take risks, Beth could be in trouble,” Heather said, raising her voice in hopes Beth’s handlers would overhear and take the bait.

Across the ring, Beth was looking at her corner people and at a concerned Howard Stern out of the corner of her eye. As Heather planed, Beth overheard the last part of her conversation and said in resounding fashion. “Don’t you dare call this match I’m going to finish this hook or by crook NOW” … The shoe was on the other foot with the battered Beth now being cautioned not to continue with this display of fisticuffs. So, once again, Ute lets her better judgment be over ruled with the beginning of the six round, on the horizon mounts, with newly revitalized Smith working her Kozar inspired game plan and a wilting Ostrosky in the process as Beth, in trouble losing more ground and leaking oil from her engine!

Round 6: Smith, popping up from her stool like a “Jack-in-the-Box” fresh as a daisy, looking to unravel the blonde pin girl - stripping her like a centerfold. Yep, it’s a brand new day for the brunette, leading the charge for the attack with back and forth leg work and front foot inspired quick jabs- fist being held vertically freshly popping Beth, Kim showing off, kid flash style bolo punch following up with the fist of fury with the front foot step, and then the rear snapping and twisting looking to clean and jerk Beth out of her tennis shoes. Ostrosky, dipping inside trying not to square off too much as Kim keeps pace pivoting with a misfit left inside the blonde's long arms catching Beth on the flip flop with a compact fish-hook ball and chain, low and luscious to the solar plexus, followed rising fast ball - to the upper chest uppercut jostling her possessions in the process. Ostrosky turning head with the impact, “gasping” visually “shaken not stirred “with pain arrows shooting - hurting as Ostrosky's face ashen, as she wobbles backward on jelly legs with surprise, resisting the fate tempting of being knocked out as Ostrosky’s corner handlers, – one foot on rope, ready to throw the towel in – Beth catches a glimpse and manages a grunting, “NO WAY!” as Smith closing back in, putting on the hits and raising the stakes with pops and cracks in a quick snapping mode, lavishing and loving a straight jab banking a “Q-ball” hard off the corner of Beth’s eye, weakening the blonde. Ostrosky’s guard now a broken mess as Beth watery eyed, throws lefts and rights in defense mode trying to counter with punches that had no pop in them, shooting blanks at Smith – as Kim answers back swatting flies and doing a number on Beth, faking now a bob and weaving and then PLOWING into Ostrosky's midsection with HEAVY HANDS crashing deep and follows with a rising chest pop cruising and bruising Beth as Ostrosky hugs herself in defense.

The Cerebral assassin KIM SMITH with vigor, going all out, measuring lefts and rights, slapping dukes into Beth’s ultra fit and trim midsection - beating like a tom-tom. Ostrosky, athletic body winded clinches Smith in order to stop the aggressive tactics hugging the brunette leaning on Kim as Smith carries the weight and driving short stiff pops as the blonde grunts her discomfort.. Ref- calls for a break, fighters obey, Smith works back into her routine sticking jabs opening up Ostrosky further, and tosses in a Right Hand grenade exploding flush against the face followed by a grinding left to Beth’s midriff and “JACKPOT!” ... VICIOUS mortar shell of a right cross SMOKING Ostrosky “spiting the bit” out of the blonde’s mouth as the plastic flies across the canvas out of sight and drops the blonde to one knee as Ostrosky, with great resolve, latches on to Smith clutching hugging Kim’s trim firm waist with mouth open. Beth, away, sullen in looks with glassy eye stare signaling - [no ones home right now come back later] blubbers a “oh no”- brunette looking to chastise the blonde - Ref Jumps in just after Kim peels Beth off of her and was about to un-load a bomb “STOP!!!!” TKO6 - Kim Smith!

Postfight Wrap-up: Beth shaken’ walks back over to her corner Heather comes around checking on Ostrosky’s status as the wash down Beth’s face giving the thumbs up sign signaling all clear no salts needed As the announcement are made the two girls come back to the center of the ring shake hands drawing a hug as Beth whispers, “Damn I don’t want to meet you in an ally some where!”

Kim laughs it off stating, “And you hit hard the side of my jaw still hurts!”

The two girls disengage and proceed to the showers and post-match party! Kim Smith who got off to an awkward start with the blonde barn burner Beth who owned Kim in the first two rounds as the blonde femme fatale flashed a lot of speed and buggy whipped Kim, tanning the young model fighter as the as the older Beth at 32 teaches the youngster Kim 22 a little ring lesson. But after a little encouragement and guidance Kim “The Cerebral Assassin” was able to quell the Ostrosky blaze and started the slow burn to success of her own this night in the third and fourth rounds. By the fifth round SMITH's making a name of her own against a well seasoned veteran, as the blonde Ostrosky unable to get her bonfire rekindled and was stop by the younger brunette Smith 10 years her junior. By the six round it was all over Beth out on her feet was mugged by Kim. Give Beth credit she got mad skills However, although Ostrosky refused to throw in the towel she couldn’t deny her fate!

Both girls would like a rematch

ESPN sound bites

Beth Ostrosky, post match comments:
“I had this match I could have put her away early but It’s like I ran into a dynamo at the end of the fourth, and got the crap kick out of me because I took her to lightly I won’t let that happen again the next time we meet, now I just want to relax now but I do want a re match Kim anytime anyplace, anywhere!”

Kim Smith post match comments:
Beth is a real good pressure fighter early she worked the me over with jabs, and I can still feel that crushing right on my jaw it still hurts I was just too stupid to go down that’s all. But, I have my corner people and manager to partially thank for tonight’s out come and I gave Beth a little taste of her own medicine in spades

NOTE: No dice hurt were hurt in telling of this tale we promise - but they were rolled!