Betty Page vs. Irish McCalla by Maestro

Betty Page and Irish McCalla had been fighting other women for years, but both had dreamed about defeating the other using their own signature finishing technique. Betty's finishing technique was to reverse facesit her opponents, with her asshole on the woman's nose and her pussy on the woman's mouth, the other woman's legs flipped over to her head, ankles beside her ears with Betty's own legs wrapped tightly around her opponent's back, and with her left hand deep in the woman's pussy and her right in the woman's asshole - both thrusting as deep as possible.

Betty wanted to make sure her opponent felt how deep she could be penetrated both love holes simultaneously and she knew that the combination of the woman's pussy juices around both her arms would help make the double fisting easier for her. She loved to force her opponent to multiple orgasms, enabling her to coat both her forearms which were so muscular that she needed at least several layers of pussy juices on each of her arms to enable the double fisting! In each of her victories, she needed to force her opponent to orgasm at least three times to get enough pussy juice and the fact that the ass-smothered woman would be moaning ectasy under Betty's ass, due to Betty's double fisting of her, made Betty orgasm on her mouth endlessly. Once Betty had finished her opponent off, she was always left with her face completely covered in Betty's juices, her ass and pussy dripping in her own juices and her breasts heaving deeply from her ordeal.

Women had seen this finishing technique used on many women, hence the reason why they loved seeing Betty's opponents having multiple orgasms, because they then knew that Betty's arms would soon be coated in pussy juices, which meant her erotic finishing technique would happen shortly.

Irish's finishing techniques were equally erotic! Irish always wanted to know if her opponent's hair was the same colour as her pussy, but whether it was or not made no difference as she'd shave all her opponent's hair. Her finishing technique was to first pussy smothering the woman with her legs clamped tightly around her head to steady it whilst she shaved it bald, then used her pussy juices to shine the bald head. Once that was done, she'd reverse facesit the now balded woman, forcing her asshole over her nose and her pussy covering her mouth as she flipped her legs over toward her head, her ankles next to her ears - forcing the woman's pussy as close as possible to her to be shaved bald. To end the match, Irish would continue ass and pussy smothering the completely shaved woman while forcing her to double fist herself while Irish milked the woman's breasts.

Both Betty and Irish had seen each other's finishing technique and were eager to use them on each other. They agreed the match to take place in front of a live televised arena, each hoping to humilitate the other. They arrived at the arena at the same time, Betty's black hair flowing over her firm shoulders, dressed in a pink bikini. Irish's blonde hair waved around her shoulders, she was dressed in a yellow bikini. Each woman's body was toned and tan, as a result of each other exercising in the sun, all the while dreaming of humilitating the other.

As soon as the bell rang, both women locked their bodies in tight grips, not wanting to let go. Irish was slightly more athletic, and she arched her back, lifting Betty off her feet, then swinging her around. They crashed into a corner and Irish rammed Betty's back straight back into it. The pain was too much and she let go of Irish, who drove several punches non-stop into Betty's pussy as Betty screamed in pain until she was silenced by a fist to the mouth. Irish clapped her hand up between Betty's legs and scooped her off the floor holding her at shoulder height for a bodyslam with one hand on her throat and the other applying a crotch-claw, crushing Betty’s already battered pussy.

Betty screamed for mercy, her legs thrashing widly in response to Irish's crotch-cloaw, which then changed to a coochie-claw when three fingers penetrated the brunette’s woman's pussy with her thumb and index finger probing Betty's asshole, making her panties disappear between her legs. Irish held Betty in this hold for several minutes, before slamming Betty hard to the floor. Then she pounched on the dazed woman, her plump ass flattening Betty's near-perfect breasts. She reached downa and grabbed Betty’s legs, pulling her feet up to rip off her panties.

When Betty realized what was about to happen, her hands flew up to Irish's blonde locks and she pulled her head backward. As Irish fought against Betty, the brunette let go of her hair and snapped her legs upward. Irish fell forwrd and Betty hammered her in the face with both knees. The sudden blow knocked Irish out and while she slumbered, Betty ripped off Irish's bra and panties, stuffing both in the unconscious woman's mouth.

"That should keep you quiet, bitch!" Betty laughed, as she folded Irish’s long legs back over her body, pressing down until her feet were on the floor on either side of her head, then sitting down and trapping her legs under her ass as she sat on Irish’s blank face. "I hope you have enough pussy juice dear, because my arms are gonna need an extra coating tonight," Betty smiled as she started to work her left hand into Irish's pussy, stretching it as her right hand probed the blondes asshole.

As Irish started to come to, her thighs jerked widly at the sudden double fisting and she mumbled somthing into the crevice of Betty's ass. Betty's eyes were those of a madwoman, as she gritted her teeth in a frenzy of fisting. Soon, Betty’s well-honed technique begin to pay off as she was rewarded with the first feeling of warm fluid. She pulled her hands out, allowing Irish’s juices to spurt out of the already well-stretched openings..

"That's one,” Betty announced to the watching crowd. “But still not enough juice, honey! But none of my opponents ever gave me enough pussy juice until I’ve fisted ‘em at least three times! Get ready for number two!"

But Betty was so confident that she failed to realize Irish's hands were free and she grabbed Betty’s hair, pulling her head grotesquely backwards and forcing her firm breats to jut out.

"Aaaaahhhhh!!!!" Betty wailed as Irish let go and Betty flopped forward, her head flying toward Irish’s pussy.

As soon as Irish felt Betty's nose in her pussy, she pushed up on Betty's ass and clamped her legs tight around her head. Ripping her own bra and panties out of her mouth, Irish took a deep breath and chuckled, "You want my juices, sweetie? Well, how about a close-up! Get use to it because I’ll make you sniff and lick me clean before I’m done with you!"

Betty tried to free her head by prying Irish's legs open, but her fingers were so slippery with Irish's juices they kept slipping off her thighs. Irish swung her legs back and forward, bashing Betty's head on the floor several times. Irish then released her legs and pulled Betty's face into her pussy, reclamping her legs tightl before she began fondling the brunette’s hair.

"Aaahhhh, such nice hair, all the more fun to shave it off!" Irish laughed as Betty squrimed frantically.

Irish grabbed her shaving cream and squirted a huge load onto both hands, then began rubbing it vigorously into Betty’s hair. Soon, her dark hair was a milky grey from the white foam. Irish picked up her razor and started shaving the now conscious Betty’s head. Betty's screams sounded like mumbles and the vibrations tickled Irish's pussy, making her laugh as she grabbed a handful of Betty's hair to steady her head. Suddenly, Irish laughter turned to screams of pain as Betty's sank her teeth into the big blondes clit!

"DAMMIT! Let go you slut!" Irish screamed, opening her legs.

That allowed Betty to open her mouth and then she rammed her left fist hard back into Irish's pussy. Irish toppled over backward, but Betty continued her onslaught, jumping on Irish and slamming her ass down on the blondes face.

"Where were we?” Betty chuckled. “Oh yes, fisting number two!" Again, she pumped her left fist deep into Irish's pussy. As she pumped her left fist into Irish, Betty's right hand went to her head , touching the newly bald spot that Irish had shaved. "Baby, if this is what you call a shave, you need lessons of how it’s really done. Well, don't worry, I’ll show you before I’m done with you!"

It wasn’t long before Irish's pussy rewarded Betty with a second helping of ‘girl goo’, then Betty’s right hand entered Irish’s pussy for the third time at the same time her left hand penetrated Irish's asshole, bringing a long, loud moan from the fading blonde.

"Almost there, come on, just a few more thrusts, yesssss!" Betty smiled as she felt Irish’s juices seeping past her right fist. All the while, Betty’s ass and pussy kept pounding on Irish's mouth and nose, the constant up and down pumping keeping her from being able to bite. "Now, babe,” Betty said. “Since everyone watching wanted to see BOTH our finishing techniques, it’s only right and fitting that your technique is demonstrated to - by me on you! After all, you tried shaving me but look at the mess you made of my hair. A poor job! Now, I’ll show you and everyone watching the proper way it’s done!"

Betty swung her ass around on Irish's head to face her, then pulled her head up close, cooing as he felt Irish's nose slip deep between her aroused pussy lips. Her legs clamped the blondes head tight as Betty reached for Irish’s shaving cream but she couldn’t quite reach it. "Oh hell, never mind,” Betty sighed. “I'll make this a double treat, shaving Irish using her own pussy juices instead of shaving cream; it’s so much more erotic!" Betty laughed as she massaged Irish’s hair lovingly, slathering it with her own pussy juice. Then she slowly shaved Irish’s head bald with long, slow strokes. After each stroke, Betty rubbed the shaved part tenderly before moving on to the next part. With Irish's nose wedged deep between Betty's pussy lips, Irish had to struggle to breathe which only tickled Betty, forcing her to orgasm and flush her face with her juices as well. "You are so kind, sweetie pie, breathing down there to make me release my juices. It’ll help to shave your sweet hair because I’m already running out of your pussy juices from my arms."

Betty smiled as she reached down and collected a handful of her own juices from Irish face and used it to continue shaving her head. In a while, the blondes hair had disappeared completely to leave a pussy drenched shaved head. Betty released her legs and lifted Irish's head to marvel at her defeated rival. Then she pulled Irish’s head under her ass, moaning as she felt the pussy juices squealch between her ass, pussy and Irish head, Then she pulled Irish’s unresisting legs apart and slapped her pussy a couple of times, causing her labia to swell and engorge with blood. “Now don’t move,” Betty teased as she carefully shaved Irish's pussy bald.

When she was done, Betty stood with her muscular legs staddlling Irish’s chest as she pulled her long legs up straight in the air and held them upright. "I don't want to be accused of stealing your razor, so I'm leaving where you wouldn't be likely to miss it," laughed Betty as she carefully folded the straight razor and wedged it into Irish's asshole, then dropped her legs and left the arena to a standing ovation. Irish was left sprawled semi-conscious flat on her back with both their juices smeared all over her completely bald head, while her own juices continued to trickle out of her now clean shaved pussy - her razor just barely visible between her tightly clenched asscheeks.
(Betty won the vote by 324-321!)