Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Catherine Zeta Jones,RE: The Duggie by B.Shavlasky 30-Aug-99

Catherine Zeta Jones couldn't could not overcome the terror that had gripped her. That being the sexy thighs of Gwyneth Paltrow which, with every contraction and expansion of her hips put enormous pressure on Cat's flushed, red, face...the expansion gave her a second to breath but the next contraction put her closer to unconsciousness...her head ached from the pressure but the panic that was rising came from the fact that she knew she was about to lose and maybe suffocate in the process.

CZJ realized Gwyneth's figure four scissors was a finishing move...a death move so to speak. Gwyneth also had a Cat's free arm in a chicken wing. To tell the truth, Catherine was more stunned by how it all happened. She'd been muscling Gwyneth all over the mat...nailing throws and holds like an Olympic wrestler. Gwyneth had taken the pounding like a trooper always trying to counter but being just a second late. Then Cat got a little high going for a 3/4 nelson and Gwyneth found her opening, she "flippered" her legs up and around in a wild fling just as Cat moved to change her hold.

Ding! Gwyneth caught Cats head perfectly with her legs.

The rest of Cat's hold dissolved like a sugar cube at the beach...Gwyneth squeezed her legs around Cats head as hard as possible and then she squeezed some more, harder still...flexing her back forward and back in perfect timing with her she did do she grunted and growled. Each flex she attempted to arc her back more, like a fish trying to flipper its way back to water only each flip put wicked pressure to Cat Jones head. The move was pure punishment that had a limited life span because Gwyneth knew she could knock Jones out with this move and Duggie would pull her off of her.

This was a primeval struggle...the looser would be vanquished from the Duggie's bed forever. Gwyneth wanted to make sure that Cat felt like a looser and feared the victor. She was intent on knocking out Jones with her thighs.

The last thing Cat remembered was a weird sound, "whatzwhatwywussywakeswike" and then she entered a dark room. She floated for what seemed like a lifetime. Sometimes upside down and then sideways...she tried to find a handle to hold onto to but all she could imagine was that as she grabbed for it she heard laughing...cruel giggles coming from a woman and a second voice that she knew...and was him...

"Cathrine- Catty! C'mon, wake up!!!" pleaded Duggie.

"What a freaking lollipop! My grandmother was tuffer than that! Hell, even Cameron 'Dudely Do Nothing' Diaz was a better challenge Michael. Let her figure it out later dammit. I need to get cocked right now! I whipped her ass fair and square. Where's the big payback?"

Gwyneth rose with both fists raised defiantly in the air as she stood over her trophy...the defeated and disgraced Cat. Duggie smiled at her like he had so many times before.