Pam Anderson vs. Julie Strain, Lucy Lawless & Cat Bell by TNT

"Get your butt outta here now, MOVE!" the gorgeous blonde snarled raising her fist and stepping forward her eyes blazing.

"Aaaannnd cut!"

Pamela Anderson's angry face quickly turned into a sickening sweet smile as she turned to face the director with inquiring wistful eyes. She tugged at the front of her tight low-cut leather top, trying to act nonchalant.

"I got the part easy; a piece of cake! Just lookit his eyes tryin' hard not to stare at my huge beautiful boobs," she mused as she studied the mans face for the slightest hint that she had made the cut.

"OK ladies, take a breather and relax a bit. I'm gonna be back in just a bit and you'll know our decision. You were all very, very good."

The harried but dignified gentleman glanced at the four beautiful women each dressed in their sexy unique and most favorite costumes of choice. He quickly brushed past the lone beautiful busty blonde and the three drop dead gorgeous brunette's and disappeared into a conference room. Tension was so thick it couldn't be sliced with a samurai sword, even a mystical magical blade. The three brunette's eyes each other suspiciously, then shot fiery, angry jealous darts at the blonde who seemed to be as conceited as she was contemptuous. Pam began to pace then prance her body back and forth.


"What a bimbo!"

"Blondie's a real class act, huh?"

"Wonder how many of the guys she did already?"

Julie Strain, Lucy Lawless and Cat Bell exchanged observations and began to tell 'blonde jokes' as they waited out the seemingly longggggg time-warp they found themselves in. The film was to definitely start out as 'B' featuring a sexy superheroine. It would be specially re-cut into two versions, one (MA) for adults and a second (PG-13) version for the younger crowd. Anticipating huge success - and attracting several low profile but big-time players in the writing, producing, promoting arenas - it promised big bucks to the lucky actress chosen for the lead.

"You all look quite funny, well maybe I should say just plain dorky," Pam chirped as she glared at her competition. Pam was proving her ditzy discernment; Cat Bell looked fantastic in a tight, sexy colorful Wonder Woman uniform; her ample cleavage, long sexy perfectly muscular legs in those high boots…even the golden lasso on her luscious hip made Pam secretly worry just a little.

"You'd better keep your smart mouth shut, blondie," Lucy Lawless warned.

Pam stared into her beautiful blue eyes. She couldn't believe how 'Xena, Warrior Princess' stayed in such great shape. How she wished she was wearing that old half-way modest uniform of her hit series, but alas the tall busty brunette Amazon now wore a short, tight leather mini-skirt and a sexy tight top; the style falling somewhere between a halter and a crop top. It looked like some kind of leather or animal skin.

'EWWWWW! How could she?' Pam thought. 'If that's REAL animal hide, I'd be honor bound to relieve her of that top and punish her really, really hard in my most professional, PETA-friendly way!"

"Don't you dare threaten me, I mean Lucy; I'll come over there and punch your lights out, how'd you like that, huh?"

"Yeah Pammie, wiggle your sexy little ass over here!" Julie Strain snapped as she slipped off the sofa and got to her feet. "I'd LOVE to pound you!" She took a step towards Pam and gestured for her to 'come on'.

"Sorry, no can do honey…by the way I didn't catch your name. But I can see you're the bimbo type from that 'thingie' you're wearing. And what the HELL is it? Its like totally ugly…kinda like you."

Pam was trying hard to convince herself that Julie wasn't real stiff competition in the beauty, boobs and body department. The gorgeous brunette wore a skintight one-piece 'Vampirella' outfit that displayed her beautiful cleavage through the triangular cut-out between her full firm breasts that plunged all the way to the edge of her neatly shaved pubic region. Julie stared at the smart-alecky Pam and kept reminding herself to 'cool off' and not give in to a growing, sizzling, white-hot rage. She figured if Pam got the part she would only have it for a second because she was going to strangle the blonde bitch - now THAT would be quite a movie.

CreEEEEak. The slow almost creepy sound signaled the opening of a door and possibly a career. The sound of footsteps, several distinguished men stepped out into the room. "Well ladies, I know you're all anxious to know; BUT, we got a realllll problem; you are all soooooo good, great in fact. We can't decide. We're in a pickle, so to speak.

"We all thought YOU should decide; we're gonna go to an urgent lunch meeting; its up to you to decide, but gotta tell you, we are leaning towards you, Pam, you seem the most talented!"

"Hey girls, should we start to put a little pressure on Miss Would-be Smartass Winner?" Cat said as she leaned over and nudged Lucy.

"Yeah, that'd be smart and a little fun too; whaddya think Vampie?" Lucy answered as she walked up behind Julie; she placed her hand on Julie's shoulder, leaned around and whispered in her ear, "Work together with us now okay?" Julie nodded her approval; she really wanted to kick Pam's ass but at the time she felt a little shiver down her spine. She winced as Lucy squeezed her shoulder painfully hard. Lucy winced in turn as she felt Julie twist backwards and slowly thrust her elbow back crushing into her firm breast. She squeezed Julie's shoulder harder digging her thumb expertly into a nerve.

"Stop it you two, lets go have a talk with Pammie, er, I mean the ferocious blonde bruiser," Cat said as she playfully gave both gals a push from behind.

Pam smiled at the gorgeous reflection staring back at her in the full-length mirror; her short attention span even with her own loveliness proved to be lucky as she suddenly spun around and said, "Ladies, what's going on, what are you doing? Why are you looking at me like that? You heard the guy, I'm the best; what, do you have a problem with that; hey, you look mad. I don't like the way you're acting; hey, stop right there in your tracks; I mean it, STOP, or else."

"We're gonna kick your butt Pam honey," Julie said as she moved quickly towards the now quite nervous and irritated blonde.

"Why, why do you wanna hurt me? Oh, cause your just jealous; Sorry, I'm the one with the real talent; Face it, I'm the best actress, you see I'm the one who ca...IIIEEEEE!"

Julie lunged at Pam grabbed her by the hair and pulled hard jerking her off balance. Wham. Cat snaked in and fired a punch to her stomach. The thick top lessened the impact a bit, Pam's tight abs provided quite helpful. She grunted a bit, slapped Cat's hand away and swung. The punch barely missed the fast approaching Lucy's face; Lucy grabbed Pam's top and pulled her forward. "Lets get her girls," Cat yelled as all three grabbed at their now screaming rival. Eager fingers grabbed at Pam's long blonde hair, hands tugged at her skimpy leather outfit. She screamed angrily as her tight abs felt an attacking stomach claw.

" boobs! You're hurting my boobs!" she bawled as a hand grabbed one breast squeezing it through her top; strong fingers slipped inside her top and sunk deep into the other huge mound. She screamed again as she felt someone reach up under her skirt and dig their nails into both tight "sweet cheeks." She felt a double attack at her outfit; someone was unsnapping her skirt, another was yanking at her top.

Damn you, you're not fighting fair, you're cheating...grrrrrrrrr! Her protests fell on deaf ears; her laughing, giggling attackers seemed to care less about fairness.

"Lets see those big boobs! WHAM! "AACCKKKK...look it...AIIEEEE! She's crazy!"

Pam now desperate, her temper and energy firing up as she was triple-teamed went ballistic. One gorgeous solid blonde in tiptop condition, not the experienced fighter by a long shot (but definitely the most talented actress?!) lost it; started firing punches, blows and kicks at random. Several found targets; a couple found very sensitive targets.

Cat's right breast suddenly exploded in pain and was knocked clean out of her uniform. Lucy being most observant latched onto the beautiful breast and pinched it hard; the erect nipple felt a noticeable pinch as well. A flying blonde foot connected with Julie's crotch; she groaned in agony, ceased her attack on Pam and sucked air. WHACK! Getting a brief but welcomed reprieve from pain and domination Pam fired a hard punch to Lucy's nose. A swift kick to Cat's chest, an energetic roll and twist and she made it to her hands and knees.

"Get her, somebody get her," all three seemed to shout at once. Scared and yes quite mad, Pam made it to her feet; her lovely breasts had found freedom earlier. As Julie and Lucy jumped to her feet to start the pursuit Pam bolted across the room. She threw open a door, ran inside. Wham. The door slammed shut; the sound of metal tumblers. Two angry frustrated brunette's screeched to a halt, then banged their fists on the door angrily.

"Ha-ha, ya missed me; now you know who's the BEST and who's the worst; I'm gonna get that part cause I've got talent!"

"Why the hell didn't you two get her; you stupid dumb broads."

"Why you arrogant bit....AIEEEEEE!"

"How dare you call US stupid Bell! You couldn't even get off your ass, let alone chase her like we did. And by the way, you're kinda hangin' out a bit," Julie's angry verbal assault ended with a chuckle as Cat sheepishly leaned over and tucked her exposed breast back into her top. Like her two cohorts, she was angry they hadn't caught Pam. They were all frustrated and anxious to find out who would be picked but they distrusted each other and were intensely jealous - plus more than a bit excited; ready for some hair-pulling, face-slapping.

"Yeah that was rude calling us stupid, Cat. I've always said Xena would've had an easy time with Wonder Woman," Lucy said.

"AAAWCCKK!" Lucy's hand shot up hard and fast, grabbed Cat by the hair and jerked her forward. "ARGGGGGH!" Cat groaned as Julie reached around and grabbed her full breasts to squeeze and twist the firm mounds through her clothing.

"Hmmmmmmm! Wonderful wonders, Wonder Woman," Julie giggled; then Cat screamed as her uniform was abruptly yanked down around her waist.

"Hey you idiots out there; don't ya wish you could come in here and kick my butt. Sorrrrry, ya can't; but if you could I'd kick your ass, 'cause I'm the best!"

The highly irritating voice shouted from the 'safe' side of the door. Cat groaned a sigh of relief as Lucy and Julie released their torturous holds on her.

"That does it! We need to get in there and silence that bitch once and for all," Lucy snarled. "We need a plan."

The three walked around the room; thinking, brainstorming.

"Hey look what I found!" Julie shouted as she held up a key. "Think this'll work?"

"Go for it." Julie walked to the door and everyone felt Pam's taunts and idiotic babbling were getting to be too much to stand.

"Ladies, just one thing," Julie said. "Since I found the key, if it works I get first shot at her, understand?"

Julie's loud confident announcement caused an almost instant silence from the adjacent room. Lucy and Cat smiled at Julie, then each other. Suddenly, Cat blushed as she realized Lucy wasn't staring at her face and she tucked her twin treasures back in, trying hard to ignore Lucy's lustful look. They held their collective breathes as Julie inserted the key and turned. Tumblers tumbled and Julie murmured, "OK Pammie; Ms Barb Wire. I'm comin' to get y...AIEEEEEE!" Julie's scalp exploded in fiery pain and she screamed as she was jerked forward and... "Uhhhhhhh!" ...a hard knee slammed into her chin and then the beautiful brunette's head throbbed as it was slammed into a table. 'Vampirella' felt herself airborne briefly before she slammed into a nearby wall!

"Why Miss Julie....or should I call you the evil ready to kick my butt yet, huh?"

Pam seemed to be all business as she grabbed the front of Julie's costume, jerked down ripping it clean open and fired her knee up hard into her crotch. CRUNCH! The unmistakable sound of bone on bone followed by the shriek of a lovely woman receiving injury to her womanhood - and fast becoming a true victim - filled the room.

"Nice tits, but nowhere near as nice as mine," Pam taunted as she grabbed her topless rival's nipples.

Julie's beautiful eyes filled with tears as her chest erupted in fire. Pam twisted the captured nipples viciously before releasing them, then spread her fingers wide and dug into her victims full firm titflesh.

"AIEEEEEE! YEOWWWWW! boobs! God my boobs....ohhhhhh, pleeeeeze...leggoooooo a my boobs!"

Her loud shrill shrieks of agony send shivers through Lucy and Cat's bodies.

"That's not good, huh?" Cat said, shaking her head solemnly.

"Yeah, its not good, and amazingly it's not pretty pain-in-the-ass Pam, either," Lucy said. "Too bad the door's still locked!"

"Yeah, right, but not to worry Warrior Princess," Cat chirped as she smilingly held up a second key.

"What the hell; but why?" Lucy asked her face turning from surprise to anger.

"Cause I don't like Pammie or Julie! I figured 'Barbie Wire' and 'Vampirella' just might take each other out; then I could… well, er, you know…"

Lucy looked suspiciously at Cat, stared into her beautiful eyes, drank in her beauty. "Can't wait to wonderfully work over Wonder Woman! I'm gonna wrap that golden lasso around her....YIEEEEEEE!" The bloodcurdling "wake-the-dead" scream blasted Lucy's catfighting strategy out of her mind and startled Wonder Woman so bad that she almost dropped her key.

"You see I am the BEST, don't you agree Miss Julie, evil Vampirella, huh speak up?" Pam sneered.

"Uhhhhhh...." came the low, barely audible reply.

Pam smiled as she pulled her lovely now completely naked and defeated opponent over to a big plush soft rug; she lay the gorgeous brunette out spread-eagled.

"Darn, maybe I should put some of this back," Pam giggled as she placed her clenched fist near Julie's pubic mound; she opened her fingers dropping the dark "silk" letting the curly wisps float downward.

"Uhhhhhhh," Julie moaned again, her hands involuntarily covering her groin.

Another low moan escaped "Vampirella's" beautiful crimson lips as "Barb Wire" enjoyed a double-handed victory squeeze of her conquests beautiful firm breasts.

"Thanks for the memories, loser" Pam snarled as she jumped to her feet.

"Hey you two losers out there, I just defeated the loser you sent in, when are you gonna come in and get your pretty little butts kicked, hu...What the hel....oh...AIEEEEE!"

Pam's teasing screeched to a halt as she found herself flying across the room courtesy a full frontal block from Lucy. The busty blondes shriek turned into a pained guttural grunt as a fist slammed into her stomach, the knuckles determined to introduce her naval to her spine.

"Good punch, nice solid, perfect thrust," Lucy said matter-of-factly as she saw Cat's face burst into a smile from the complement.

"OPPFFFH...UHHHHHH!" The recipient of the twin attack lay several feet away, her legs sprawled out, her back against a table that had made its own presence known in a most painful way to Pam's backside. As Pam sucked air, her huge breasts bulged out of the front of her top. Both Lucy and Cat stared at their gorgeous rival each wanting to give her an asswhoopin' single-handedly; they really didn't want to share, but each knew that double teaming another lovely could be lots of fun.

"Gosh, look over there," Cat said pointing to Julie who was still out.

"Guess Pam can fight - at least a little."

"Yeah, and dirty too."

"Doesn't look pretty but it does give me some ideas."

The two women giggled and then Cat turned and moved towards Pam. "Best get up, feisty, mean ol' 'Barbie Wire' dear," Cat taunted.

"I can't; you hurt me baaaaad," Pam gasped.

"Well then, I'll help you, you stupid blonde cunt," Cat snapped as she stepped forward, extended her hand; with a hard pull she brought Pam to her feet.

"How nice of you Wonder Woman," Pam chirped. She smiled. WHOOSH!. Pam ducked the rocketing fist, fired her foot out kicking Cat in the shin.

"UHHHHH..." Cat yelped, swung again. Pam ducked again successfully, smiled at her success then sucked air. Another fist slammed into her ribs courtesy a wily Lucy.

"AIEEEEEE...ARGGGGGH!" Pam screamed as Cat grabbed her hair; she groaned as Lucy grabbed her around the waist and squeezed lifting her up off her feet. "Leggo of me, now, hey two against one isn't fair," Pam protested.

"Right you are, but it sure is fun," Cat snarled as she moved in and delivered two stinging blows to the blondes face and a hard punch square to Pam's full left breast.

"AIEEEEEE. ARGGGGGH!' Pam screamed as Cat's fist slammed into her breast; she grabbed wildly for Cat's chest; Bingo; her fingers latched onto the brunette's full breasts and Cat's eyes widened as Pam’s fingers dug deep.


"Squeeze her Lucy, squeeze harder!" Cat rasped, angry that Lucy hadn't crushed Pam's breath away yet and furious and in sheer agony up-front thanks to the angry blondes boob crushing grip. She held Pam's wrists and dug her nails in tenaciously; slowly forcing Pam to loosen her powerful grip.

"AHHHHH..." Cat gasped a sigh as Pam finally let go; releasing her wrist attack she jerked her arm back, balled her fist, took aim and cut loose.

CRAAAAACK! "Uhhhhhhh. NOOOOooooo...ohhh noooo! Lucy... I'm sorry!!"

The punch missed its intended target and plowed into Lucy's chin snapping her head back. The brunette Amazons eyes rolled back, her eyelids fluttered, her knees buckled and downward she swooned. Pam's split-second head turn had eluded a most devastating blow and she tasted freedom. As she watched Cat's face blanch white and felt Lucy release her waist and slowly slump down she almost burst into song; (well at least giggly silly blonde humor).

"That was a mistake huh, kind of stupid, now Lucy's gonna kill you; well, er, uh WHEN she wakes up, if she isn't dead, you might have killed her." Pam's runaway mouth and funky logic did little to comfort Cat. Both brunette and blonde suddenly snapped out of their trance, realizing that now was no time to slow down, action-wise.

"You bitch," the mutual accusation was accompanied by mutual hair pulling. The two yanked at each others hair viciously as they pulled each other around the room.

"UMPFHHHH!" Pam grunted as twisted her ankle and began to fall. WHAM! Cat fired a kick to her ribs, a punch to her face, then grabbed two handfuls of long platinum blonde hair.

"You need a different hairstyle Pammie" she hissed as she jerked her to her feet, took a few minutes pulling and twisting her hair then sent her flying face and chest-first into a large file cabinet. Pam's arms spread high and wide as her breasts slammed into the cold metal and pancaked out the sides. "UMPPFFFH!"

"Gosh Miss terrifying 'Barbie Wire', tryin' to be a secretary?" Cat chirped as she grabbed the mussed blonde rats nest.

"ARGGGGGGH!" Cat's surprised pained look was matched by Pam's gleeful arrogant taunt. "No Wonder Woman, I think you should be the secretary!" she snarled as she tossed aside the heavy paperweight her desperate fingers had found hen she hit the desk.

"Noooooo, please..." Cat screamed as she found her head rapidly descending toward a typewriter. CLANG!

RIPPPPPPP... "ARGGGGGH!" RIIIIIIPPPP! WHUMP! Cat's head slammed into the typewriter she felt the back of her uniform ripped downward. Pam grabbed a handful of her hair, jerked her to her feet, spun her around ripped her uniform clean down to her waist exposing her beautiful breasts and smashed her forearm hard across her treasures. Her chest ablaze, vision blurred Cat tried to focus on the large apparition moving toward her.

"Hey Miss Pammie, whatcha doin'?"

"Y...Yo...You? I thought you were deaaaddd," Pam gasped, her eyes desperately trying not to show fear. "Well, good its good that you're not dead, 'cause now I get to kill you, right?" the blonde butcher snarled as she turned her back on Cat and raised her fists, taking up a defensive boxing stance.

Lucy smiled, raised her fists and winked. "Well come on tough girl," she giggled. Pam cocked her arm; YEOW...OUCH! Strong hands grabbed her arm. WHAP! A hard slap greeted Pam's face. Cat grabbed her chin as she wrenched an arm backwards painfully. WHUMP! Lucy's fist smashed into Pam's full right breast.

"Unnnnnhhhhh..." Pam grunted surprised that her thick top didn't provide more protection for her 'assets'.

"Nice! Very, very nice!" Lucy cackled as she placed her hands on Pam's exposed midriff and slid them slowly up under her captives top; she felt the thick nipples stiffen against her palms; Pam grunted as she felt Lucy's knee crush into her crotch and begin to grind. "So Miss Tuffy, wanna fight us, we're gonna give you that chance? Will you fight or run, huh hon?" Lucy rasped. She suddenly leaned forward. pressed her lips against Pam's and gave her a rough kiss. The blonde moaned and squirmed. "Let her go Wonder Woman," Lucy ordered obviously getting into the mood of the moment.

"But why? UHHHHHH..." Cat's inquiry went unanswered as her the top of her foot exploded in pain courtesy Pam's heel that seemed to find a weak spot in her boot. "Duck!" Lucy whispered. Pam obeyed and was rewarded by the sickening crunch of Lucy's fist smashing into Cat's chin. "Payback time!" Lucy said as she watched Cat begin to wobble.

"For me too, then," Pam giggled as she turned to face the groaning Wonder Woman. "Nice, not as big as mine but better than Vampirella's," Pam noted as she grabbed the busty brunette's beautiful breasts and squeezed viciously. Cat shrieked as Pam dug her nails into her areola, then pinched and twisted her erect nipples. "Gosh, you look like you actually wanna help me, well I guess if you really want to," Pam cackled as she yanked Cat to her feet.

"Stop it....OUCH! HEY, that hurts....pleasssse stop!" Cat whimpered.

"You, you little wimp, you're supposed to be a Wonder Woman, a Superheroine, you sure as heck don't deserve the role, wimpy" Lucy snarled as she grabbed for Cat's torn uniform. RIIIIPPPPPPP. "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" RIIIIPPPPPPP. "Arggggggh!" Pam and Lucy grabbed Cat and together they slowly ripped her uniform to shreds before stripping her.

"Let me tie her up, OK? Huh? Huh?" Pam pleaded and after a heated discussion Lucy gave in and watched delighted as Pam tied her lovely naked rival to a chair with the conquered gals own golden lasso. "Since you can't be a hero; maybe you can be a sexy-tary;" she laughed, bouncing Cat's big boobs in her hands. "Maybe you can type with THESE!" Pam giggled, tweaking the long, stiff, nipples.

"OK, that's quite enough for now," Lucy snarled.

"And just who says, you? Think you can take me? I whipped two so far and I'll gladly kick your wimpy butt, got ... AIEEEEEEEE!" Pam's arrogance short-circuited as Lucy leaped towards her with the energy strength and precision of a jaguar. A sledgehammer fist fired into the blondes jaw as she felt her top being torn open; Lucy's right third knuckle plowed into a thick pink nipple inverting it backwards into its large pleasure mound.

"You sure are proud of these, huh Miss tough 'Barbie Doll Wire' girl?" Lucy sneered as she jerked Pam to her feet and fired a second punch to her other breast.

"OUCCCCH! Oh gawwwwwd.... my boobs, please... nooooooo!" Pam groaned.

"Yeah right boobs! You mean your TALENT don't you?" Lucy laughed.

Pam's face turned red, her eyes blazed burning anger; now she was hurtin' but now she was insulted. "Her boobs were her only talent?" How awful! What a lie; what an untruth! Now the beautiful bodacious bad 'Barb Wire' was furious and rightly so. WHAP! The fist came out of nowhere and smacked Lucy hard on her already sore chin snapping her head back.

RIIIIPPPPPPP! Lucy's top ripped ever so slowly, gradually yielding to the fierce downward strength of a furious Pamela Anderson; the blondes biceps, shoulder and back muscles bulged as she put her remaining strength into the pull. Lucy screamed realizing she was now topless. She shot a karate chop to Pam's throat; Gurgle, gasp. Pam choked and squirmed as Lucy grabbed her loosened top and pulled it clean off. THWOCK! A vicious head butt dazed the blonde. WHOMP! Lucy grabbed her topless rival in a bearhug and four magnificent breasts slapped together with such force each woman gasped in pain. Two dark nipples began to battle their pink rivals and Pam groaned, then whimpered as Lucy seemed to be crushing her magnificent boobs as she slowly took control of the contest.

"My tits, my big, beautiful, precious tits....uhhhhhh!" Pam's mind strained trying to focus; to make her 'talent' work for her; to win the epic battle. Pam looked up into Lucy's beautiful eyes, gasped as she felt herself slowly weakening.

"Guess who's losing; guess who's gonna WIN?" Lucy snarled as every muscle in her luscious body tightened, strained. She watched the sweat begin to bead on her rivals forehead. She felt Pam's nipples slowly signal retreat. WHAM! Another headbutt; a low guttural groan as Lucy tightened her grip and squeezed mightily.

"UMPFFH!" Pam grunted, her body spasmed, she began to go. "AIEEEEEeeee!" The blonde shrieked in agony as her sexy butt cheeks burst into flame courtesy hard sharp fingernails. A painful twin cheek squeeze. More fiery pain. Another mighty squeeze.

"Sorry blondie, guess your 'talents' just weren't up to the job!" Lucy cackled as she laid her unconscious and defeated rival on her back spread-eagled. RIPPPP....RIIIIIIIIIPPPP! "Still, you ARE quite the beautiful LOSER!" she laughed as she stared down at the gorgeous, stark-naked blonde's body. WHUMPPPP! THUD!

"Stupid arrogant bitch! Now I win! Gosh I feel weak...uhhhhh!" THUD! Julie's moment of victory after she knocked Lucy unconscious was short-lived and she passed out, still weak from her valiant fight.


"What the heck? Guess they were ALL worthy. Too bad there was no clear winner, but we're sure lucky to have another babe to play the part!"

"Well good. It's finally clear that somebody has some good sense around here. Look at these stupid big-boob professional warrior bimbos. The idiots took each other down. Wanna see MY skills? Take a look at a real winner doing this right."

Sybil Danning finished her confident speech, then pressed herself against the head director's arm as she rudely brushed passed him and the other exec's that had suddenly appeared after the battle was over. She adjusted her skimpy top making sure her lovely cleavage was in full view. WHAAACK! WHHHAAACK! WHAAAACK! She lightly slapped Julie's face bringing her back to consciousness. Then she pulled her down, straddled her, slapped her several times in the face and across her huge breasts before leaning forward clamping her hand over mouth and watching her eyes flutter shut.

"Number one're number two!" Sybil shouted as she lunged toward Pam who was slowly standing up and starting to leave. Grabbing a handful of platinum blonde hair she jerked the busty 'Barb Wire' beauty off balance, spun her around, treated her to a smashing hard double breast forearm smash, knocking Pam's upper body backward as she hooked her leg and sent her crashing onto a desk.

"Nice tits!" Sybil sneered as she latched onto Pam's huge breasts and dug her nails in deep. Three hard knee shots to the blonde's groin brought shrieks that roused the two remaining brunette's. A solid punch to the jaw put Pam out cold. She slipped limply off the desk to the floor in a pile of defeated lusciousness. Sybil spun around, smiled at the spellbound smiling directors and leaped at Cat Bell.

"A bit of Wonder left to appreciate; to destroy," Sybil chirped as she ducked a wild but weak punch, sunk a hard fist into the brunette's solar plexus, then her naval. A solid punch to each beautiful breast square on the erect nipple brought two pained groans.

"Number three goin' down," Sybil smirked as she grabbed two rock hard nipples, jerked them forward, shot her knee up hard, shifted her weight perfectly, and sent "Wonder Woman" to the floor. Long strong fingers grabbed a lovely vulnerable throat and squeezed hard. Two beautiful full eyes opened wide, glazed, then shut slowly, surely.

"Don't you dare walk away from me number four, I mean Xena; fearless, unbeatable Warrior Princess," Sybil sneered as she leaped on Lucy with the ferocity and precision of a jungle cat. She took the busty brunette down, scissored her waist, latched onto her two huge firm breasts and began to squeeze, pinch and twist the captured treasures. Soon Lucy was breathless and almost out. A rude quite unwelcome hand clamped on Lucy's mouth as fingers pinched her nostrils shut.

"Nightie-night warrior babe, I'm the new and latest and most perfect heroine," Sybil laughed as she bid her last victim goodnight.

"OK, Miss Toughie, sign here!" Sybil gleefully signed the papers making her the star of the new production. She was glad that she kept herself in such great shape for so many years.

"Oh and one more thing Boss man; I wanna keep the late great 'Barb Wire' for the night! I've been away from the set a while; maybe she can 'bring me up to speed'."

"Ouch! Leggo my hair, you're hurting me!" the barely-conscious lovely Pam groaned as Sybil jerked her towards the door.

"But Pam dearie, the night is still young; so many perils await."


The End