Hayden Panettiere vs. Vanessa Hudgens (Bare Knuckle Boxing) by Jackflash

Vanessa Hayden's Slap Fight knockout of Hayden Panettiere had made a rematch of some sort almost inevitable. Vanessa had celebrated her triumph all over young Hollywood and Hayden been forced to endure the humiliating spectacle until she could do something to reverse it.

Finally, the opportunity had come. Nessa and Hayd once again faced off against each other in a ring surrounded by an even larger crowd of screaming fans. This time they would be going at each other with the most basic of weapons: their bare fists. Victory would come to the one who knocked out her opponent. Vanessa in red sports bra and short black satin trunks smirked confidently at Hayden. Hayden in a purple sports bra and short blue satin trunks glared back in pure hatred at Vanessa.

The bell rang and Vanessa went straight to Hayden's jaw, bouncing several hard blows off the bone, and she was gratified to see the blonde stagger back. Vanessa tried to close in but Hayden struck back with hard jabs to the tummy and ribs. Vanessa kept her distance but continued to hammer at the blonde's face. Vanessa was rewarded in round two when a particularly well-done combination sent Hayden spilling to the canvas. Vanessa raised her arms in triumph, but Hayden was back up well before the ref reached ten and as determined as ever.

For her part, Hayden kept up a dogged body attack using her jab to belabor the brunette, but Vanessa seemed to ignore it for the first three rounds as she continued to pursue a knockout. She certainly had Hayden's face swelling, but by round four Vanessa discovered that her constant banging of Hayden's facial bones was making her own knuckles swell painfully and her punching began losing power. On the other hand, Hayden's body attack was mainly to the softer regions of the brunette's body, so her knuckles were in somewhat better condition and kept their power.

By round 5, Hayden was sensing Vanessa's slackening punch power and noted as the brunette tried belatedly to switch to an easier (but crowd-pleasing) jab attack on Hayden's bulging bra cups. Hayden gritted her teeth to stifle the pain in her boobs and drove her counterpunches harder and harder into Vanessa's own rack. The brunette began to shudder and drop her guard to protect her battered breasts.

That was all Hayden needed, as round 6 opened she began pounding away to Vanessa's body. Then as Vanessa tried to block the punches, her face was left unguarded. Hayden swiftly rammed one-two's against Vanessa's cheeks, then as the brunettes fists went up, she ripped in an uppercut between them. Vanessa's head snapped back in a spray of sweat, Hayden slammed in another left-right-left-right series to Vanessa's jaw. Vanessa's legs locked and she toppled forward as Hayden deftly stepped back to let her hated rival land face-down on the canvas.

Hayden retreated to a neutral corner and watched with satisfaction as Vanessa was counted out despite a pathetically futile attempt to rise. The crowd cheered and Hayden basked in the glow of victory as the dazed Vanessa wept the bitter tears of defeat.