Hayden Panettiere vs. Amanda Righetti (by Hayden Panettiere as told to TommyB)

I think, generally, there’s something you have to know when you enter a fight with a fighter who is, like, nine inches taller and twenty-thirty pounds heavier than you - and still want to win. You have to be completely, and without a doubt, confident of both yourself and your abilities. If you don’t, the fight will be over quickly. Then you mustn’t expect to accomplish such a task without taking tremendous pain yourself. If you’re the kind of fighter who likes to just dish out pain and then crumbles when she gets hit back, you can leave immediately.

If you set yourself the aim of upsetting a woman like Amanda Righetti, you have to realize it’s going to take a lot of time, and during the course of the fight she will probably dominate you for long stretches of time. You can’t be distracted by that; you have to try to keep the damage inflicted on you to a minimum.

“You also need to throw any kind of moral conscience you may or may not use in your other fights away. Be prepared to fight dirty. To cheat, if necessary. Treat the opposing girl as your worst enemy. Make her hate you for what you do to her, and then punish her more until she begs for mercy. Which you refuse until she submits.

If you cannot use the weapons of height and weight, use others - your mind, your experience, tactics, and I repeat, any trick you can think of. Never hesitate, never think twice.

But actually, there are a lot of advantages you have when you fight at such a disadvantage. The advantage of being an underdog. The girl may say that she doesn’t underrate you, but you know, she does. When she looked down at me at the start, I knew she was thinking she would kick a midget’s ass. I could see the arrogance in her eyes. Then of course, I’m also a much bigger star than her and make more money. I’m hotter, too. She wasn’t even trying to hide what she felt. I saw everything in her looks.

This was a woman who was out to destroy me and throw me around the room. It was all like a first psychology lesson. The way she swayed her hips, flaunted her legs and flexed her arms, she was trying to intimidate her. Before we went off she got really close to me and stared down at me, being all big and heavy and bad. But I ignored her. Just plain ignored her. Just didn’t care about the bitch’s antics.

I studied her. She wore this beautiful tight black dress when we arrived. She has a good body, obviously, well-built and shapely. I knew her legs would probably be quite a handful. She has these really broad shoulders, like a man, like a football player. Myself I’m more of a slender, sensual type. For the fight Mandy was wearing a skin-tight white tank-top and shorts. It really accentuated her breasts and I already thought about future fun.

Anyway, I decided about punishing her ribcage and stomach for most of the night. You know, even when I was down and controlled, I was still able to send a few fists into her meaty belly. I had noticed that on ‘The Mentalist’ her shirts are always tucked in and it looks as if she has a little belly. I figured it was just a screw-up of the wardrobe department but I wanted to test it anyway. So when I could hear her puffing and huffing every time I belly-punched her. I’d found a first weakness I could exploit later.

So then we went off and Amanda was going at me like mad. She grabbed me by the neck and sort of threw me to the carpet. I half-stumbled, got up and she put me in a headlock right away and sent me sprawling to the floor again. I got up before she came down, but she was all over me again. She stood behind me with her gorilla arms around my waist and lifted me up. I kicked and lashed out with my legs but boy, she was really strong. I was almost flying through the air. Then she had me on the carpet again. She climbed on me and lay there vertically just enjoying my squirming below her.

She just wiggled around and bumped her body into my chest, repeatedly. Then she sat down on me, her ass nearing my face and she grabbed at my legs. She pulled them up, and then went straight to the side leaving my in her legs’ grip. But she didn’t land very well, bad timing by the bitch I guess, and so, one of a sudden, her body is, like, bent awkwardly, she can’t keep her legs around my waist and now I’m there sitting on her frigging face. I heard the muffled screams. But she was strong enough to throw me off and I landed on my belly.

She simultaneously held my left arm and leg and rammed her own leg into my side. I screamed bloody mercy, but I kept my composure up and stayed in the fight. She put her fingers into my hair and pushed my head into the carpet. Then she was standing right in front of me and pulled at my arms, sat down herself and put all the pressure of her legs onto my shoulder blades.

I tell you, I was this close to giving up. But she let me go and I was able to get my first sneak attack in. When we squared off I kept my head low and grabbed her around the waist. With the right technique it doesn’t matter how heavy your foe is, I actually flipped the bitch over me and she lay on her back.

I really felt that the wind was taken out of her momentarily. I jumped on her chest and really battered those breasts of her. She clawed at my back but I killer-jumped her again, and of course, pummeled that flabby stomach of hers really good. I wasn’t strong enough to keep it up, though and so she got me off her quite easily again. She grabbed me around the neck, my arms helplessly dangling in the air, and hugged me and shoved me from side to side. Those shoulders of her are killer, great upper body strength. She twitched at my bikini top and gave me a little twist.

Then she flipped me over and I ended up on top of her, but she kept the neck hug and really took a strike at my perky breasts from below. I think she was really turned on by it. Next, she pulled me over to the side, then onto my belly and twisted my leg up into the air and folded it as far as it would go. She put my legs into some kind of a pretzel and pressured them really hard. I’m a gymnastic, athletic girl so I’m very flexible but it still hurt like hell. I tried to get up with my arms as if I was doing a push-up but I was too weak.

She shoved me over onto my back but I reacted quicker than her and used all my power to jump at her. I scissored my legs neatly around her waist and got her falling over backwards. I ended up sitting on her, my legs pushing her and I was able to open her top and got ‘the ladies’ out. Not exactly ‘melons’ but still big enough for a pleasure attack. She actually let out a ‘Lemme go’ at that point which greatly encouraged me. She grabbed my hands and used her strength to force my hands from her cleavage but I wiggled over to the side, got myself a handful of Amanda’s red mane and when she cried out it was definitely satisfying!

I got up and proceeded to stand up and pull the red devil up by her hair. She was clawing like desperately at my hands but I stomped my foot into her belly to quiet her. Now I was standing right behind her, my legs almost enclosed around her head. I stomped that fat belly again. But she somehow got hold of my leg and caught me off guard with a groin punch. I saw black for a sec and crashed down beside her. When we stood again she was really pissed off and pulled my leg to take me down again. She held my arms and pulled them up. Then she jumped on me, facing toward my feet with her legs dangerously near my head. I think she was planning to grind me into the ground with her lower body but I was stronger than she thought and buckling her off, tumbling and rolling her over. All of a sudden, I had her squirming, panting, in my scissors hold. It was just luck, but definitely not what she wanted!

This was only increasing the pressure on her waist and chest and for the first time I noticed her frustration. I mean, yeah, she was the better fighter at that point, but with luck I always got out before she could take me down really hard. I know she was expecting to dominate me easier. She did dominate me but she had to work hard for it. And it cost her enormous strength because she always used to get herself into a situation like the scissors.

This was probably my favorite leg scissors ever! I had this big tall girl with a great body TOTALLY in my control. I had all the pressure on her waist and I pummeled her boobs and belly. She was still stronger than me, but this was the moment where I realized I could actually win. But, boy, was she strong. I was unable to keep that squirming, flailing body in my hold any longer. But she was exhausted. I felt that. It wasn’t going as well as she thought it would.

When we were up she was faster than me and had already took hold of my leg and gave me a hard shove that had me sprawling to the floor face-first. She was pissed. She stood behind me her hand tightly clocked around my chin hoping to finish me off with it. But I just waited the pain out.

When she increased the pain and I still didn’t react, she was going crazy. She threw me over and lunged at my hair and just shook me from one side to the other; smashing my head on the carpet. I tell you, I was happy it was extra-soft padding! She took my ears and just swung me up and down. I got really dizzy. I was taken aback and lay there pretty helpless. I knew she thought she’d finally broken me - but far from it.

She just put her arms around me from behind and put her knee into my back. I felt small and weak then. I half-fell, half-was-shoved into the wall, I tried to grab her hand and to overpower her but she just took me over and shoved me away. When I went down, Amanda came at me all wild, swinging punches that hit out at whatever she could with me stacked against the wall.

She closed her legs around my head, then thought of something else, and lifted my legs up and just spanked my butt. Rising up I attempted to hit her with a kick but she caught the leg, hugged me from behind and I was yet again brutally brought to the ground. I was sensing that her style had become less professional and seemed more intent on destroying than on defeating me. She put her foot in my face and stretched my body by pulling my arms really as far away from my head as she could. I felt as though I was being ripped to pieces. She climbed atop of me and pummeled my chest and belly. She put her thighs around my head, held my hair and jumped up and down.

When we came up head to head again, just wildly lashing out with punches she tried to headlock me but slipped off and I was behind her and had her arms caught up over her head, giving her a boot to the back to cut her down to size. But she remained standing up and with all her power had me almost stumble backwards and double over.

She was free and head-locked me, then shoved me down yet again. She established a figure-four leg-lock around my head, hoping this would be the one thing to break my fighting will. She even fingered at my chest. But I’ve bumped up my whole body, swinging with my legs in the air and I scratched and clawed at her legs and it irritated her enough to let me go. But the girl came storming and stomping right away again. Just ramming me down, she slipped under me and scissored me from below.

I panted and started to wiggle in her hold but she controlled my arms. She mocked the easiness of the attack and stroked her hair back, wiping away some of the sweat while I was safely cradled in her legs. She pushed me over and almost carried me onto my back. She yanked my arms to the side, sitting with her knees on them.

I used up what I thought were almost my last ounces of strength to lift myself up. I was strong enough to get my arms free - the bitch seemed to be getting weaker. I got my upper body up and toppled Mandy over on her back, though I couldn’t hold her down long. Still, we were standing again, another situation escaped from. I saw Mandy enjoying a rest, although she tried to hide it from me.

We went at each other again. I was more active this time, I pummeled her stomach and this time, for the first time, Amanda doubled over from a sucker punch. My strategy was working. She stumbled backwards, held the bruised meat but remained up and charged me wildly and angry. I knew that with a couple more sting attacks, guerrilla if you want, the bitch would be mine.

Amanda wrapped her big arms around me and quickly gained control over me, her bulky shoulders dominating mine, her breasts bigger and her upper body strength crushing me up in a sort of bearhug that looked awkward because of the size difference.

I was caught pretty much helpless in her hold, too weak to get out, Amanda too big to get real resistance. The air and energy were squeezed out of me, but I had an idea. I saw it was useless to clap my arms at her bulked up, meaty back or even scratch the flesh- she had become oblivious to it - but there was another possibility.

I’ve said before that you if you can’t get anywhere with clean fighting, get there by dirty fighting. I’ve lowered my hands and they slowly crept down Amanda’s belly towards her bikini zone. Only surrounded by the tiny cloth of a tiny bikini bottom, lay my path to victory. I slipped my fingers under the panty. By that point Mandy must have realized what terrible thing I was up to.

But it was too late to prevent. I basically put all the anger and punishment of the night into a claw that only lasted barely a second and had Righetti scream for mercy. The poor broad immediately forgot about the bearhug and started whimpering. I punched her belly and kicked her back into where it was already hurting the most. Amanda almost tripled over from the pain, holding the pain zone and crawled towards the sofa.

I pulled a groggy Amandy off the sofa. She was somewhat resisting but I don’t think she’d recovered from the shock or the pain and wouldn’t - at least not soon enough! She got all teary-eyed, the bitch almost started sobbing. Her hair was chaotic, sweaty, ugly. I’ve certainly been damaged myself this night, but Mandy had to do most of the work; be the attacker; and continually she was forced to power out of my counter-attacks. It had taken its toll on her; I could see she was exhausted and over the limit.

Now the poor thing was on her belly; panting and sweating. I definitely saw another tear or two. I was riding her like a horse, sitting on her back - ‘Hayden the Bullrider on her fat cow.’ I stretched her whole body by putting my knee into the small of her back and pulling her arms all the way back. I slipped back and sat on her ass.

I wrapped my legs around the arms stretched helplessly on her back; sitting cross-legged on her back; making her arms useless. She couldn’t move because her arms were out of the game and her upper body was too weak to lift herself without them. I kept enormous pressure on her body as I held her captive with her gaping mouth almost eating the carpet as I spanked her ass with a slap or two. She cried out and so I spanked her really fine then.

She attempted a final time to buck me off. She struggled and fought, buckled, screamed and threatened, but nothing she did worked. That was the breaking point. I knew I had her. I’d done it. I’d outfought her. Against all odds, the inches and the pounds, I was going to beat her!

I rolled her over to the side, me still behind her, scissoring her arms. I could even lift off the pressure. That was when I was sure. She didn’t have the power to mount another attack. I finally let her arms go free, grabbed her legs with one hand and her hair with the other, then shifted my hand to her chin and pulled up on both ends.

“I give…” I heard it! She gave up! She couldn’t take it any longer. Me, Hayden Panettiere, all 5’1” and 113 lb., was too much for her!

Naturally, I played with her a while, you know, a few taunts, a LOT more spanking that creamy butt - and of course, booby twisting (God, I love that!) I left her flat on her back; her long legs limp and stretched out - she seemed unable to get them to move - her hands slowly rubbing her belly.

I betcha this was the biggest punishment EVER inflicted on that redheaded broad. She was naked. Her face was wet with both our sweat - and a whole lotta her tears. I’ve diminished her; used her up. I doubt she’ll never be the same now that she’s suffered the indignity of losing to ‘lil ol’ Hayden.’

It’s the truth. It all happened exactly as I’ve described it - believe it or not!

The End (but DOES anyone believe it?)