Ellen Pompeo v Mary-Louise Parker by Puyol

At a party of a famous television show director, Ellen Pompeo met Mary-Louise Parker. Both were with their partners and it was partly due to this that they became enemies. Ellen noticed her husband kept staring at Parker and while many things annoyed Pompeo, this was one of the worst; her man looking at another woman. Ellen had tried hard to look her best that night, she had an exceedingly tight white dress, revealing at both bottom and top, and white heels, her husband's favorite. She was going to say something about it, but decided not to in the hope it would all be forgotten, they'd get home and never hear of her again.

An hour or so after Ellen had first noticed it, however, her husband said, "Look, there's Mary-Louise Parker, let's go talk to her." Ellen's jaw dropped at his audacity but before she could make a cutting reply, he was already approaching Parker. She hurried after him to keep him in check.

"Hi, you’re Mary-Louise Parker, I'm Ellen Pompeo's husband."

Mary-Louise turned to him, her big eyes widening, and asked, "Ellen… who?"

For the second time in a minute Ellen was staring open-mouthed, this time at Mary-Louise who Ellen considered far less well-known than herself. The conversation was really annoying her!

"Ha-ha, that woman there,” he said, pointing her out. “She's an actress, like you. I just had to ask when I saw you here, but I'm scared you'll think me rude."

"Shoot honey."

"Well, just looking at you, I can tell you're a very fit girl. I mean, you’ve toned arms and legs and are in very good shape. I've been wanting Ellen to be more like that, but I'm not sure how to go about it."

Standing in front of the now smirking Mary-Louise and her own husband, Ellen suddenly flushed bright red. She could do nothing but stand there in front of this older woman totally embarrassed while Mary-Louise talked about exercises, fitness regimes and healthy eating. She went on and on, seemingly there were numerous reasons for what she described at one point as her "excellent physique."

By the time Mary-Louise finally shut up, Ellen could barely contain her rage. She made an excuse and got her husband away from there as quickly as possible. They went to sit down and then Ellen saw something which very much interested her; Mary-Louise's boyfriend was getting a drink at the bar. She quickly got up, telling her husband she'd just be back.

She approached the man at the bar and said, "You know your girlfriend is a total bitch, right?"

He turned round, at first angry, but Ellen soon stopped that when she sat beside him, moved very close and forced a hand down his pants and talked as she rubbed. "How about this, you cutie? You tell her all about what I'm doing just now after you leave tonight. Then tell her you resisted and wish someone would put me straight. Hopefully she'll want a piece of me. I'll put my address in your pocket right now, you can say that I asked you to come and join me tonight. She'll come over all guns blazing and I will completely humiliate her and her fitness in front of my husband and you too."

At first he just stared, then he looked a little angry, then he smiled and said, "Yeah, I'll get her to come to your place tonight." Ellen went back to her husband, delighted and determined.
* * *
At around 1am, the doorbell went at Ellen's house. She was in bed, smiling, knowing who was coming. She reached over to her husband, told him to answer the door. "This is your birthday present in advance baby. I'm gonna wear my black bra and panties, just for you. You'll understand in a minute; now go open the door."

Confused, he went to the door and saw Mary-Louise and her partner. She didn't even acknowledge him but pushed past him and shouted, "Where are you, you whore?"

She stomped upstairs in the direction of the bedroom but had no idea what was coming her way. Ellen had been planning it, she screamed from her room, "Oh God, tell me it's not Mary-Louise, OH NO! Please, please don't let her in here."

Realising where Ellen must be, Mary-Louise went toward the bedroom door, just beating the men to it as they ran up the stairs behind her. As she threw open the door, she said in her most menacing voice, "Hello bitch!"

Ellen was sitting on her bed, looking completely terrified in her black bra and panties. Mary-Louise was delighted to see she'd seemingly already beaten Ellen without a fight and thought embarrassing her would be easy.

Ellen spoke in a shaky voice, "Wha...what are you going to do? Please leave, please. I won't go near him again."

For a few seconds Mary-Louise's anger subsided and she pitied Ellen, but she'd told her boyfriend what she had in store for Ellen and she wasn't going to change now just because it seemed so easy. With a twisted smile she said, "Well, first I'm going to hit you round that ugly face of yours, then, get on top of you. After that, I'll squeeze your tits till you're crying out for mercy. Then, and now it gets real interesting, I'm going to suck off my man and spit his cum all over you."

The two men who were looking on were hugely turned on by the thought of this and neither one was going to interfere but rather sit back and enjoy. Then however, Ellen spoke in a slightly different tone, one which suggest she wasn't as scared as it seemed at first, "OK, come on then...do it."

Surprised at Ellen's words, Mary-Louise walked towards her regardless, 100% confident of what would happen. She told Ellen, more for the benefit of the men than anything else, "You really are a pathetic, skinny little slut."

Mary-Louise was reaching for Ellen when it happened! Ellen's hand moved at great speed and she grabbed the belt of Mary-Louise's jeans, pulling her towards the bed. As Mary-Louise struggled to understand what was going on, Ellen's other hand grabbed hold lower down the jeans and quickly unzipped them before stuffing the hand which was not on Mary-Louise's belt inside and grabbing hold of her. Ellen was not going to hold back and began relentlessly squeezing her crotch.

Mary-Louise had been very much ready for a fight but hadn't dreamed it would be dirty. The pain was excruciating and as Ellen squeezed at her, Mary-Louise's mouth formed an 'o' but no sound came out as she swayed from side to side. Soon, Ellen's hand ripped a whole in Mary-Louise's panties and now her attack wasn't even a little protected. Her hands were flailing as she writhed side to side having no control of her own movement. Then, suddenly, she burst into tears as Ellen continued her cruel assault. Much to her relief, Ellen pulled her hand out of the jeans and threw her on the bed.

Ellen walked over to the men, addressing her rival's boyfriend, then her own husband. "You're dating a pathetic little baby."

Then to her husband, "As for you, you're dating one tough bitch."

Back to Mary-Louise's boyfriend she added, "Those workouts haven't helped much, huh?"

She kissed her husband then turned her attention back to Mary-Louise. "I'm going to hit you round that ugly face of yours and get on you. Then, I'll squeeze your tits till you beg for mercy. Then...hahahaha...here's where it gets real interesting, I'm going to suck off my man and spit his cum all over you. Isn't that what you said? Well, I feel it's my duty to carry out your weak threat for you."

Ellen was really enjoying herself and intended to do exactly as she'd said. However, Mary-Louise had been given some recovery time and wasn't down and out yet. As Ellen approached, Parker slapped her across the face, then, grabbing her by the arms led her away from the bed and, completely controlling the considerably weaker Pompeo, pushed her into the wall and held her against it. Much stronger though Mary-Louise was, she was no fighter compared to Ellen and had far less stamina, a lower pain threshold and - most importantly in this case - no idea how to limit attacks. As Mary-Louise squeezed Ellen's arms, she stood in front of her, her legs spread, while Ellen's legs were completely free. THUD! A swift, hard kick from Ellen left Mary-Louise in tears again and she lost her grip.


THUD! Ellen kicked her between the legs again and a similar sound came out of Mary-Louise's mouth. Ellen slapped her! WHAP! There wasn't much power behind it; Ellen didn't have much power; but the mixture of fear, embarassment and pre-established pain in Mary-Louise made her feel the slap as if it were very hard and she tumbled to the floor.

Seizing her chance, Ellen climbed onto the older woman, ripped her top off; then her bra and began to maul her tits. She squeezed, pinched and scratched as Parker, struggling miserably, babbled garbled apologies between heavy sobs.

Ellen spoke up again, "Beg for mercy!"

"Ooooo, please, please Ellen, have mercy."

"Good! Now, beg for me to suck my husband off and spit his spunk in your face - proving to your boyfriend that you're a totally pathetic loser!"

Mary-Louise didn't say it immediately, but when Ellen's knee put a little bit of pressure on Mary-Louise's crotch she whimpered what Ellen wanted to hear. "OK...OK... not that, please, not that. Please Ellen, I'm begging you...suck off your husband, cover me in his cum aaaand show my boyf...friend I'm a pathetic loser."

Ellen smiled and motioned for her husband over to her, "Oh, OK…since you insist."

It didn't take long for the man to cum, he almost had before he'd had any personal attention. Mary-Louise lay under Ellen, knowing what was in her mouth, horrified, hurting and most of all totally humiliated. Ellen leaned close toward her, then threw her head back and quickly forward before covering Mary-Louise. It was stuck in her hair, eyes, up her nose and all over her face. Ellen then stripped Mary-Louise totally naked and told her to leave immediately, without clothes or she'd kick her ass again.

Mary-Louise ran to the door and her misery was completed when her boyfriend said, “You’re not getting in my car covered in all that stuff. In fact, why don’t we just forget this whole relationship. I’ll find myself a real woman!” He got in and drove off, leaving Mary-Louise standing naked, outside Ellen's house, covered in cum.