Mary Louise Parker vs. Parker Posey by Catfight Contributor

If the tournament had proven anything thus far, it was to expect the unexpected. And with two slightly older women taking to the ring next, there was no telling what would unfold. First in was Parker Posey, who reveled in the hoots and hollers that greeted her revealing black bikini, accompanied only by black ankle boots. With her thong showing off her tight butt, she gladly twirled around and drank in the cheers, confident that she'd easily have the crowd on her side over her underwhelming opponent.

Suddenly, though, Parker was greeted by an unexpected roar, and noticed all heads turning elsewhere. Entering the ring across from her was Mary Louise Parker - and she was stark naked!! Though undeniably breathtaking, the small-breasted, pale-skinned actress certainly didn’t have the best body in the tournament but she'd upped the ante by leaving her clothes in her dressing room - and the crowd loved her for it!! As she bounced on her bare feet, smiling giddily, the cheers continued - and Parker fumed.

"What a slut!" Parker screamed at her, furious. "You had to put your pathetic body on display to upstage me, huh? Well it won't look so nice to them when I'm finished with it!"

"All's fair, love," Mary Louise responded, smile intact. “Though I doubt very strongly anyone wants to see any more of your body than you're already subjecting them to!"

It required all of Parker's restraint not to attack the insolent bitch prematurely but as soon as the bell rang, she charged the naked woman with a ferocity rarely seen in the proceedings so far. Fists up, the furious brunette wasted no time flailing wildly at her rapidly back-pedaling opponent. But Mary Louise managed, barely, to stay clear, and she surprised Parker by suddenly thrusting out her leg and tripping her face-first to the ground. Parker scampered back up, angrier than ever, and lunged toward Mary Louise' midsection but, again, the slender actress avoided her headlong rush; darting backward and laughing as Parker nearly went down a second time.

Bouncing toward her, Mary Louise grabbed her hair and landed a hard slap to her face, then another, until the rapidly reddening Parker yanked herself free. Putting her hand to her stinging cheek for a moment, Parker glared at her infuriating opponent. Her hand clenched into a fist. She was sizing Mary Louise up when she remembered the organizers' request for no closed-fist punches (many of the combatants weren't too keen about going to work the next day with noticeable battle scars) so she did the next best thing and, stepping forward, cocked back her right arm and delivered one of the hardest slaps anyone in the audience had seen. As soon as the ear-ringing slap had been delivered, Mary-Louise started to teeter, stunned at its impact, and how much more powerful it had been than her own.

But she didn't have much time to think, as a slightly softer left-handed slap dazed her further, then a right equal to the first slap sent her sprawling face-first to the mat. Mary-Louise lay on her stomach, moaning slightly but Parker didn't give her much time, grabbing her by the hair, yanking her to her feet and flinging her into the ropes. With Mary-Louise cornered, Parker unleashed another series of backhand and forehand slaps, then grabbed each breast in one hand and threw her back to the mat.

Mary Louise trying to slither away on her stomach, Parker grabbed hold of her ankles and managed to force her onto her back. With the naked actress unable to escape, she suddenly tugged her legs into the air as high as she could, almost at a ninety degree angle from her body. Plantng a foot on Mary Louise’ bare crotch, Parker pressed down until the startled woman gasped - then ground it in some more! To her surprise, Mary Louise’ gasps suggested she wasn't entirely hating this experience. But before long, Parker moved her foot down slightly so that it was pressing against her opponent's bare butt cheeks...and as she simultaneously released her ankles, she booted her raised ass so hard that Mary Louise somersaulted backward until she was lying on her stomach again.

Stunned, the slender actress barely made an effort to get up, and it was becoming increasingly obvious to Parker that she wasn't going to pose much of a challenge. Still pissed off at Mary Louise for having tried to steal the spotlight with her body, and intrigued by the fact that she seemed to be a bit turned on at being dominated, she decided to have a bit of fun.

Taking a seat on the naked woman's back, facing her feet, Parker heard Mary Louise emit a pained gasp as her weight pressed down. Mary-Louise tried to squirm loose, but after raising up slightly she flopped back down again - and gasped in shock as she felt Parker's palm lay into her bare behind.

Slowly, methodically, Parker continued to spank her opponent, and delighted in what she saw. Though she at first squealed and kicked her legs in protest, the naked actress slowly began to grind her lower body to the rhythm of the slaps, almost as though she was humping the ground. Her breathing quickened, her resistance faded, and reaching her right hand slightly further to between her legs, Parker noticed a pronounced moistening.

Doing her part, Parker began to work Mary Louise over with her hand, still landing the occasional smack with her left. Never one to look past a beautiful woman herself, Parker delighted in the moans her opponent was now emitting in spite of herself. Letting up for a moment, she raised herself up, grabbed Mary Louise’ hair to forcibly flip her over, and straddled her midsection once more.

Seemingly forgetting herself, much to the crowd's delight, Parker lay nearly flat upon her opponent and, using both hands to pin her wrists, nibbled lightly on her neck. Sliding downward, she took each of Mary Louise’ modest breasts in her mouth, the naked actress squirming but doing little to resist. Slowly, she slid further down her body, her tongue tracing a path down the shivering woman's body...until suddenly, she stopped full-force and got to her feet.

"This is a fight, you prissy little bitch!" Parker cruelly informed her as she got to her feet. “So get up and fight!"

At first, Mary Louise didn't move...she just closed her eyes and groaned. But with a kick to her side, Parker left her little choice but to oblige. Slowly, she got to her feet, and it was plain for all to see that she was badly off-balance. Still turned on from Parker working over her body, Mary-Louise stumbled around a couple of steps, unable to focus properly as her body tingled.

Since Parker was doing little more than looking on with bemused detachment, Mary Louise made her move, stepping close to her opponent and flailing a punch in her direction. But it was a poorly aimed blow that Parker easily avoided, and she responded with a clean, crisp shot to Mary Louise’ unguarded stomach.

Instead of following through, Parker taunted a little more, "C'mon, take your best shot."

Parker was smirking when Mary Louise straightened up again and this time, the naked woman's punch was even less impressive. The brunette actually managed to catch her wrist in midair, then twisting her arm behind her back as Mary Louise struggled weakly. Soon, she was being paraded around the ring, unable to escape and hurting more with every step. As if that weren't enough, Parker switched tactics to something equally taxing. Standing behind her opponent, she placed both arms around the squirming woman's midsection and squeezed her into the tightest bearhug she could manage. She lifted Mary Louise’ feet off the mat and then put her down, repeatedly… over and over! Each time, Mary Louise’ sighs and moans sounded more defeated than the last.

Finally, she'd had enough and moaned, "No more! more."

Parker, though, wasn't done just yet. Backing up, she dragged Mary Louise with her until she felt her own back touch the corner, then slowly took a seat with the beaten woman still in front of her. They wound up with Parker sitting upright, her back against the ropes, as the captive actress lay stretched out on her back propped up on her tormentor. Thinking quickly, Parker wrapped her legs around Mary Louise’ midsection to keep her in place, then reached down with one arm to just the place she'd left off earlier.

As the naked actress shivered once more, Parker placed her hand on her pussy and began to rub, her other hand cupping a bare breast.

"No more?" she asked cruelly as Mary Louise responded to her touch. "NO more...or MORE?"

When no answer was forthcoming, Parker started to withdraw her hand.

"Mooooore!" came the weak response from the beaten woman who was now at the point where she needed Parker to finish her off.

"Glad you asked," the brunette said sweetly, and picked right back up again.

Soon, Mary Louise had very nearly forgotten where she was, her body gyrating in rhythm and finally shuddering in a full-fledged orgasm. Proud of her conquest, Piper just sat there for another moment, stroking her hair and grinning. Finally, she relaxed her legs, dumped Mary Louise onto the mat, and stood up.

"I've seen some beating here tonight," she announced to anyone who would listen. “But nobody topped that...and nobody will, either, till the next pitiful little girl who steps into the ring with me! As for you," she said, pointing disdainfully at Mary Louise, "I hope you've learned your lesson about trying to show up women who are superior to you in every possible way. Now go buy yourself some clothes, you sorry little skank!"